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Return to the Isle: Part 2

Request: Can I have a harry hook x reader where the reader is carlos’s twin sister and goes to auradon with them and then also comes back to rescue Ben. When they’re on the isle she is captured with ben by harry because they know how much Carlos loves her and that will help convince the vks to bring the wand. Then can you do fluff where she ends up falling for harry eventually. I hope this makes sense haha. Also, I love your writing!!

Warnings: Fluff, kidnapping, fluff, mentions of abuse, and did I mention fluff?

Words: 1,587

A/N: Due to much demand, here is Part 2 of Return to the Isle! And since she asked, @chloe-skywalker  you have been tagged!

‘Oh no.’ [Y/N] thought to herself as Harry Hook, the only son of Captain Hook, grabbed her by her arm and began to forcefully pull [Y/N] towards Uma’s ship, him being far too strong for her to be able for her to pull herself free of his grip.

“Hook, let me go!” [Y/N] pleaded, doing her best to pull herself free of his grip, which only seemed to cause him to tighten his grip even further before he got annoyed and picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as though she were nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

“Love, quit struggling. You’re seriously making this difficult.” Harry said nonchalantly, as though he wasn’t completely kidnapping you. “Uma!” Harry called when he stepped onto the ship, the turquoise haired girl turning around upon hearing her name and grinning when she saw what Harry had brought.

“Perfect!” She shouted happily, coming over to Harry and [Y/N] as Harry sat her down, grabbing some rope to tie her to a pole. “Now they’ll have no choice but to bring the wand. Mal will want her little boyfriend back, and Carlos will be willing to do anything to get his sister back safely. Hook, you are a genius!” Uma said, bouncing up and down similar to a child who just learned she got what she wanted for Christmas.

“He’ll never hand over the wand!” [Y/N] argued, although she already knew that they would. With it being a fake wand, there was no reason for them not to hand it over right away. Although she had to make it seem as though it were going to be the real one.

Uma rolled her eyes at [Y/N]’s argument, laughing as she tapped her on the cheek. “But he will. Your brother has always been soft when it comes to you. It’s pathetic, really…Hook, make sure she doesn’t cut herself free somehow. You know how the De Vil kids are.” Uma said before leaving to go attend to some final details.

After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Harry spoke first, which surprised [Y/N]. “You look good.” He said simply, polishing his hook, to which [Y/N] scoffed.

“Like you knew what I looked like before I left.” She said, looking away and towards the inner part of the Isle, her wondering if Carlos has noticed her absence yet. Surely he had. Carlos always noticed when something was wrong when it came to [Y/N].

This time it was Harry’s turn to scoff. “Please, of course I did. You and I had every class together up until high school, remember? We used to play together until your mother got angry at you that one day.” Harry said, letting out a small sigh after he thought a little bit. “I’m surprised you came back. I thought you hated it here.”

“I do.” [Y/N] said, looking at him. “But I love Carlos. If he comes back, so do I. He’s all I have. Wherever he goes, I go.” She said, sighing some as she looked down at her feet, then Harry sighed and stood up, looking over the water before looking back at [Y/N], something else in his eyes that she couldn’t quite name, although it was there for just a moment before the same cold look went back to his eyes.

“Whatever, [Y/N]… whatever.” He said, going behind her and tightening the ropes before leaving, and [Y/N] laid her head back against the pole to think, her eyes closing since that would help.

A million thoughts raced through her mind. A lot of them involved trying to escape, trying to find a way to warn Carlos and the others, or even just a way to convince Uma and the others to just let them go. But no matter what she thought about, her mind drifted back to Harry, trying to decipher the look in his eyes.

Disdain? No, that wasn’t it…[Y/N] knew Harry’s look of disdain. Anger? That definitely wasn’t it, Harry’s angry look could cause even a mummy to drop dead. It seemed more…hurt? Yeah, that was it. But why would he be hurt? They never were friends, not since they were small children, when their bond was rivaled only by the bond [Y/N] had with Carlos.


“Harry!” A young [Y/N] screamed with laughter, Harry standing above her with his hand forming a hook with his index finger.

“Aye! I got ye now, lassie! Prepare to walk the plank!” A six-year-old Harry said with an overly exaggerated pirate accent, even for him. Although Harry didn’t look threatening, his hair was in his eyes and the fake eye patch he wore was too big for his face so it kept sliding down.

“Please no, Captain Harry! I’ll do anything! I’ll join your pirate crew if you’ll let me live!” [Y/N] laughed loudly as she pretended to try to shield herself, laughing as she tried to ‘plead’ with the young pirate.

“A girl can’t be a pirate!” Harry said, still pretending to be a pirate just like his dad, grinning as he stood tall, one of his front teeth missing from an accident he had had while trying to play with a sword too heavy for him.

“Yes a girl can!” She argued, looking around and picking up a stick and holding it like a sword, which made Harry laugh again so he joined her, the two of them starting their own little sword battle, jumping around and chasing each other through the streets of the Isle, their laughter echoing through the crowd.

Suddenly when [Y/N] turned around, he wasn’t there. “Harry?” She called out to him, looking around and lowering her imaginary sword. “Harry!” She yelled again, jumping when suddenly someone grabbed her, turning around and seeing Harry standing there, a mischievous grin on his face, as per usual. “Harry Hook! Don’t do that, you scared me! I was worried!” [Y/N] scolded, hitting his arm with the stick and crossing her arms as he laughed.

“Oh come on, [Y/N], it’s just a bit of fun! Why were you worried? Do you looooooove me?” Harry teased with a laugh, grinning a wide grin before he looked over when the shrill voice of Cruella De Vil rang through the crowd.

“[Y/N] DE VIL!” Cruella screamed, and fear immediately went through her young body as she watched her mother approach her, fury in her eyes. “You didn’t take the trash out again! This is the third time this month!” Cruella screamed, grabbing her young daughter before looking at Harry, realizing what had happened. [Y/N] ditched chores to play.

“Momma, I swear I-” [Y/N] began to say, her imaginary fear replaced with the all too real version, her mother being the one person she was truly afraid of.

“You are never to see this boy again, do you hear me? You’ll be sorry if I ever catch you with him again!” Cruella shouted, shoving her young daughter away from the young pirate, who watched on in shock as his only friend at the time was taken away.

~End of Flashback~

In that moment, she realized just why Harry was hurt with what she had said. [Y/N] had Harry along with Carlos. He was her friend. The memory had even jogged a little something else… [Y/N] remembered that she had a crush on the son of Captain Hook during her childhood. The years of isolation from him having caused her to forget her feelings. But now, along with the memory of a dear friend, they have returned.

But [Y/N] knew she wouldn’t be able to talk to Harry, not yet…not now. She had to buy her time.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur. While she was glad to be reunited with her brother again, she stopped to look at Harry before she ran after the VK’s. “You guys go ahead…I have some business to take care of.” [Y/N] said to her friends, looking up at them and then looking at Carlos, who had a clear expression of worry. “Seriously…I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you at the limo in five minutes.” She assured him before going to find Harry.

It took less than thirty seconds to find the sopping wet pirate, he was feverishly trying to dry off his vest. “Hook!” [Y/N] said as she approached him, and he looked at her in confusion, opening his mouth to say something when she, for the first time in her life, was bold about something. She pressed her hands to his cheeks and kissed him, pulling away after a moment. “I remember…I remember.” She said softly as she looked at him.

Harry at first was confused, then it hit him like a ton of bricks; giving her the all too familiar grin from their childhood as he put his hands on her waist, pulling her close and returning her kiss. “I was beginning to wonder, love.” He breathed against her lips.

The pair stood like that as long as possible, before she had to pull herself away. “Come to Auradon with me…please. You can be so much more than this.” She whispered as she looked up into his ocean blue eyes, able to see the wheels turning in his head before he grinned.

“The Isle was getting boring anyway.”

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Would you ever join a different pirate crew is given the opportunity? What if if the Whitebeard pirates broke up?


    |     ♪     The concept had been one which brought the musician great anxiety yet to say the thought had never crossed her mind would have been a lie; fears of abandonment often coursed through innocent thoughts and summoned nightmares — at the core of them had been the idea of losing the family she fought hard to become a part of.

    ❝ No~ ❞ the answer slipped easily, saddened tone still managing to keep a singsong tune to the one worded response. 

    To her, it had never really been about piracy or merely becoming a pirate, rather to Rosa, it had always been simply about joining the Whitebeard Pirates. Her hopes and dreams revolved around them and her decision to become a pirate wasn’t sought after for a life of crime or being on the run rather because the hummingbird longed to become a member of the family she so admired. 

    ❝ We won’t break up. No matter what, we’re family.
        and family are forever. ❞

Dean: Get out of Cas, Lucifer.

Lucifer: No can do, Dean.

Dean: Come on Lucifer, you’re being a tool!

Lucifer: There’s no tool in this vessel, but I might get out if you…let me join your crew?

Dean: You can’t be in the crew, Lucifer, you don’t do anything.

Lucifer: Oh, DON’T I?

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spirou and fantasio (platonic) , pirate AU

“I want to join your crew!”

Fantasio was surprised to hear those words coming from the young stowaway they’d found hiding aboard his ship, the Captain was even more surprised by the fact it was the boy that had helped save his life earlier. “Tell me boy, why would you want to throw away your life just to join a band of second rate pirates?”

The boy looked away, clearly contemplating what he was going to say, but with a definite steely resolve.

“I don’t have a life back home, there’s nothing for me there. Please let me join your crew, I want to see the world.”

  • Young Law: Let me join your crew
  • Doflamingo: Hell yes, you've seen some traumatic shit and you look insane, you're in. I'm going to train you to be one of my right hand and I'll give you a good devil fruit and could cure you
  • Young Bellamy: Can I join your crew
  • Doflamingo: *sigh* Whatever you can use my flag, that's all
New Crew Member/Closed/Pirate AU

Levy sighs heavily as she walks through town with her old nursemaid. The old bitter woman never lets her out of her sights and is constantly monitoring her and telling her to act like a proper lady. She doesn’t even let her look in the book store stating that she shouldn’t be spending so much time reaing. She and Levy’s father both disapprove of Levy’s love of studying languages and navigation, along with numerous other subjects. It’s not proper for a lady to spend so much time studying when she should be spending it, preparing to be a good housewife to whatever man her father chooses for her. 

She’s brought out of her mental rant for a moment, when she hears some people nearby mention needing a new navigator. Looking over she sees a beautiful woman with blue hair and a tall man covered in piercings with wild black hair that falls down his back. her eyes widen a moment as she realizes that this could be a chance for her to get away. 

Her nursemaid grabs her wrist and pulls her away saying, “How dare those pirates come to our port. We’re going home. Your father will want you to stay there so you’ll be safe until those ruffians leave.” Levy glances over her shoulder longingly as she’s pulled in the opposite direction. She’ll need to escape somehow and get back here. She can’t let this chance slip away from her.

As soon as she and the nursemaid are back at her father’s mansion, she excuses herself, claiming that she’s tired from their trip into town and would like to lay down for a bit. Once she’s out of sight, she races to her room. She locks the door and puts the key on her desk. She needs to work quickly, before they come and check on her.

She pulls a large bag out from beneath her bed. She works quickly, pulling out two of her simpler gowns. She changes into one of them after removing her dreaded corset and packs the other. From her small bookshelf she pulls several books on navigation and languages. Going to her desk, she pulls out a box containing her writing tools, packing it as well as her private journal and a bag of the spending money her father allows her that she’s been saving up.

She takes out a brown cloak and puts it on, making sure all her hair is hidden beneath the hood. She writes a note which she leaves behind on the desk as she escapes out the window with her bag slung over her shoulder.

I can live in this gilded cage you’ve build for me no longer. I must spread my wings and find my own path. Goodbye.

She makes her way back in town, making sure to stay out of sight of anyone who could tell her father where she is and ruin her chances of escaping. Thankfully the two she’d seen before are still there and she takes a deep breath, approaching them. 

“Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but overhear you have need of a new navigator. I can navigate as well as speak numerous languages, so I could translate anything you may need as well. I wish for you to let me join your crew,” She says, keeping her voice calm and resolute. She cannot waver, not now.

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