let me hug them please

//slides 20 dollars @ YOI episode 6  

please let them hug each other next episode like a couple reuniting in a drama/soap opera at an airport or something please 

Please don’t trace, copy, or distribute. Thank you !



Yato is letting Hiyori go?? This can’t be happening?? HELP? Look at his face. HE LOVES HIYORI SO MUCH.

things I want/wish they would have included

an option where I can hug my companions or somethin’. And their reaction is based on your affinity level. I just wanna hug and kiss them please let me live. idk make it like the sims interaction option 

more dialogue. just..I can never get enough of their comments. 

I wish I could respond more often too like “I love you so much” “that was all I had” let me say something sweet. 

also..let me respond when they are rude..like there’s a serious, ignore, sarcastic/hilarious and annoyed option. “don’t make me carry your worthless crap” “fuck off Mac”

“and I thought you had a head on your shoulders” “eat my fucking ass, danse” “SOLDIER” (I am still so salty) 

okay but why can’t I breed Dogmeat and get puppies. What about future deathclaws? what if I want deathclaw babs? (that inherit traits from their parents and basically are…deathclaw mutts. Just all the variations! have you ever played the creatures game series? Like that) 

let me pet my lovely pointy children and puppies and give them treats (a pokemon like mini thing where you can pet them ahahahaha. okay that is mostly a joke) 

Let Mac bring Duncan to the Commonwealth. I want to interact with the mini Maccready, love him and keep him safe. 


Maxson. I am Maxson trash and I wanna romance him. Please. At least make him an available companion. I wanna wander the wastelands with the biggest asshole in the Commonwealth while he bitches about everything and anything. (and anyone). Bonus Points if he just randomly starts promoting the Brotherhood to people. He’s the anti-preston.  

Also characters who should be romanceable Glory, Fahrenheit, Haylen, Edward Deegan, Holly, X6, Deacon for those who are thirsty for mr. ginger brows. Hm…Sturges maybe? I’d romance Desdemona tbh. I know a lot of people want Drummer boy too. I’d romance Ingram too. I love her. 

Pickman because I am a sick fuck

Companions are my favorite part of the game tbh. Getting to know their backstories, hear their dialogue, and basically get to know them. its so much fun and adds a lot to the game. I definitely wouldn’t be even a little bit as interested in the game as I am now without them. And getting more companions to romance/get to highest affinity would be super fun (and keep your players busy.while you pop out more DLC’s..) 

also more questlines that come with said companions so you’re really keeping us busy heh

what else…

option where I can make all these asshole factions work together and I don’t have to kill any of the factions. it hurts me so much. i want a pacifist run..and then a run where you KILL E V E R Y O N E. Just fucking destroy the Commonwealth.

why are the hair options so limited and why can’t they have wild hair colors and shit (i still want the saints row character creator in fallout..what if I want a fucking alien lookin motherfucker who grabs his junk when pissed)

more creatures. gimme sea creatures, flying things (not just bugs ugh). more variations too. FLYING DEATHCLAWS (basically..dragons *skyrim battle music plays*)