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B you have to listen to leaving on a jet plane by john denver could totally picture H singing that to his girlfriend when they have to be away for a while.

Oh I loooove that song. And he’s sing in the most obnoxious of voices, with big gestures and dance moves just to make his girls stop crying.

“ So kiss me and smile for me!” He’d sing, voice deep and a smirk on his face when he sees you giggle through your tears, closing the zipper to the last one of his bags. “Tell me that you’ll wait for me and hold me like you’ll never let me gooooooo!” 

“You’re such a knob!” You exclaim, sniffling and wiping away a stray tear with your fingers, fighting tooth and nail to keep from crying again. You had already made a mess of his t-shirt, you can see the wet spots on it from where you stand, on the opposite side of the bed, as you watch him making jazz hands and moving his hips from side to side, to try and get a smile on your lips.

“Cause I’m leeeeeeeaving on a Jet Plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again!
Oh babe I hate to go!” Even through your tears, he just keeps on going, crawling on top of the mattress towards you and crumpling all of the clothes he’s decided to leave behind, only to stop in front of you, big smile on his face while both his hands cup your cheeks. “C’mon, gimme a smile, angel.”

“I don’t want to.” You sniff, sobbing once when he presses a kiss to your temple with a sigh.

“Thought you’d be used to it by now.” He frowns, thumb rubbing gently against your cheekbone, wiping your hot tears away at the same time he tries to soothe you. You didn’t usually react so strongly to him leaving for tour and he’s right, you were supposed to be used to it by now, but this time your emotions are all over the place and you’re already missing him even before he’d stepped one foot out the door. 

“I just miss you, ‘s all.” You shrug, hands wrapping around his wrists when he leans in, mouth pressing against yours in a sweet and gentle kiss. You’re still shaking a bit, small sobs making their way up your chest and even while you kiss him, your mouth pressing tighter to his when his tongue licks against yours, you feel hot tears sliding down your cheeks.

“Everyplace I go I’ll think of you.” He mumbles as he breaks the kiss and you nuzzle against him, face hiding into the crook of his neck while your arms wrap tightly around his shoulders. “Every song I sing I’ll sing for you…” His arms wrap around your waist, squeezing you against him so close there’s no space between your bodies, in an attempt to mold you two together so that he won’t have to leave you.

He’s playing it cool and making a joke out of it because he knows this is the hardest part of being with him and you never took lightly to it. Ever since the two of you started dating, every goodbye was peppered with a few tears and extra tight hugs and the nights before he actually had to go were the worst - he’d catch you sniffling quietly as you cooked him dinner (something you always did because you knew he wouldn’t be getting a good home-cooked meal in a while) and when the two of you headed to bed, you’d seek his touch almost immediately, your bodies intertwining in a slow, sensual and desperate dance that only proved to him how much you wanted him close. 

What you didn’t know is how hard it hit him - seeing you cry broke his heart every time and being the reason for the tears just made it that much harder. Touring was the best part of his job and, at the same time, the worst, because it deprived him of your presence. He missed being in bed with you and waking up to the smell of your hair every morning, he missed your kisses and the way you’d play with his hair, lulling him back to sleep when you knew he’d had a rough night. He missed cooking dinner and just being around you but most of all, he missed you. Your support, your love, your understanding… that’s what he missed the most.

You press quick and tight kisses to his neck and he feels you inhaling sharply, committing the smell of him to memory as you squeeze around him once before you pull back. 

“Ok, ok, you have to go…” You tell him, voice quivering and eyes brimming with tears, your teeth biting your bottom lip to avoid pouting in front of him. “The car is almost here an-”

“When I come back I’ll bring your wedding ring.” He sings, eyes glued to yours.

Silence takes over the room as you look at him, stunned. Before he was full of mischief and playfulness, his way of disguising his feelings and trying to make this easier for you, but now, there’s not a hint of a joke in the green of his eyes. He’s staring at you intently, face serious and you can detect a hint of something sparkling in his eyes… hope, maybe?

“Harry…” You say his name in a warning tone, hands suddenly shaking at the implications of his words. 

“When I come back I’ll bring your wedding ring.” He repeats, this time not singing and you inhale, new tears, for a completely different reason swell in your eyes and he smiles, pulling you closer. “‘S that okay? ‘S that good for you?”

Nodding fervently, you press your mouth to his, fighting against both your smiles as your kiss him over and over again, your hands diving into his curls and pulling him as close to you as possible. “I love you.”

Smiling, his eyes map your face, trying to remember just how happy he made you before he left. “Love you too, angel.”


It’s always bothered me when I wondered how they first got Grey Wardens. You need the blood of the archdemon, darkspawn and a crap load of magic. SO my question is, how did the first Grey Wardens figure out the ritual or get the Archdemons blood? Did they just casually walk up to the thing and nicked its ankle while holding a chalice under it? Oh not to mention them even thinking ‘Let’s drink this’.

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What did you do that Taylor called you an idiot? 😂 lol

Okay so I’m at her house for a secret session. We go to take a photo and she asks me how I want to pose. “I want to do something no one else has done,” I say. She turns around to her shelf. “Let’s hold these lanterns!” she says. And I’m all okay so we take the picture and in my mind I’m thinking yes what a cute thing I just held Taylor’s lantern we are so precious. She had other thoughts, which she expressed to me by yelling, “We’re idiots!” To everyone else that night she was all, “You’re so beautiful! Wow, you’re so cute!” I, however, was called an idiot, a true honor given to me by Taylor Swift herself.

Can I Crash With You?

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: 2x02 AU
Genre: Fluff/comfort & smut (specially for @twentyfirstdistrict)

A/N: I am quite proud of how this came out, so I hope you like it. It’s a bit more lengthy than the rest of my one-shots (sorry!).

Please let me know what you think, because I tried really hard to make this perfect!

Dedicated to @allenting cause she brainstormed this with me so many times. Thanks babe!

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What are your favourite Mclennon gifs?

this one because  in a place full of people I’d still stare at you

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this one because mind conversations

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this one because mind conversations pt.2 

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this one because please fucking help me i don’t know what i am doing

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this one because let’s pretend it’s the first time we’re lying down holding hands:

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this one because i know you love hating me

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and this one because secret code ways to say i love you

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Dream A Little Dream

A.N - My first what will be a smutty Crowley x Reader fic. Let me know what you think :) 

Warnings - Smut, mentions of BDSM and swearing.

The second you heard the damn accent flood the room you stiffened, Sam and Dean thought it was because you still harboured ill feelings towards the demon after he kidnapped you a few months back and used you as bait to make the Winchester’s more compliant. That was partly true, but that wasn’t the whole story.

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A You.

i need a You tonight

two strong arms

holding me

i need a You tonight

to fend of the fear

my mind tricks me into
i need a You tonight

let me relax

in two strong arms

around me

i need a You tonight

so secure

to hear another’s heart

and breath

and warmth
yeah i need a You tonight

but probably also tomorrow

so i can find peace

when sleeping
come to me baby

come to me

and stay


“Did you have fun at ‘daycare’ (aka work) today sweetie? Let’s get you in a nice clean diaper and ready for Bed.”


“My goodness. You are such the little super soaker. Time for a much needed diaper change.”


“Hold still mister. I need to make sure you’re all clean and smelling fresh.”


“Almost done, SNAP…SNAP…SNAP.”


“Goodnight. Sleep tight. I’ll see you in the Morning. Another fun day awaits. Nini.”

i follow a trail of pennies and meet you
at the crest of the hill, you holding
a four-leaf clover in each hand
and one between your lips, and i
wonder what liquid luck must taste like
see, i know myself; i know all the selves
spaced evenly across the branching worlds
and it is only this world where the tumbling dice
led me to stand before you
(basic probability is taught with cards
and i know nothing about them
but this i have always known to be true:
if you let hearts drop from your willing hands
too often, they will come fewer
and farther apart) and i
have no intention of pressing my luck
—  fail to reject (hypothesis)

i am sitting on my bedroom floor at 2:17 in the morning and you are laughing sleepily on my bed and i am wondering if you can see the adoration in my eyes when i look at you. i am wondering if you felt the flashes of white heat skimming down your back too, felt the electricity coursing through your veins when you run your fingertips up my back and hold onto my waist.

i want to write you all the poems no one has written for you. my hands are shaking with how much i want to hold you against me and never let go. as long as i am holding onto you, i forget that i have been damaged. i forget that on bad days i flinch if people move too quickly around me.

your voice drowns out the screaming in my head.

Seven minutes in heaven with BTS

You and BTS would be at a party and you would be drunk playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with BTS


Kim seokjin: TBH I feel like Jin wouldn’t want to do anything, being the responsible man he his, he would probably just sit there and tell you dad jokes. You would probably try to make a move on his but he would stop you because one, you were drunk, two, h didn’t want you to do anything you would regret in the morning.

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1 Are there any other small girls like me(I’m 5'1") who want to dominate the heck out of 6 foot tall beefy bucky? As much as I’d love to submit to the guy, be pinned down by his large body and get fucked hard, sometimes I’d love to see that alpha male begs and writhes under me. So imagine bending him over and pegging him. he moans and praises your name as you fuck him with your strap on. you stroke his cock occasionally to tease him. he groans and begs for your touch.

2 he’s being a really good sub for you tonight so when he begs you to let him cum almost whimpering, you kiss his back and your hands starts to pump his cock. and he cums screaming your name. his whole body shakes and you hold him tight whispering how beautiful he is. he flips over and wraps his hands around your torso and kisses you hard. you break kiss first because you’re not done with him yet. you tell him you’re gonna ride his face until he also makes you scream his name.

The sinful family is going to love this - Gen 

Sinful Sunday™

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Chansaw with 2 for the prompt thingy :D

2. With a hoarse voice, under the blankets

Veronica sat on her couch, flipping through the channels on her tv, bored out of her mind. She sighed, about to turn in for the night, when she heard a tap at the door. Well, it started as a tap, but then it got louder and louder until it turned into harsh knocking.
“Yo hold up, whoever it is, I’m coming!” Veronica looked though the peephole in the door, and only saw a mess of ginger hair, and a red bow. She rolled her eyes. Only one. She’s the only one. Already knowing who it was, she unlocked the door and let the guest in.

“wOOOW RONNIE!” They slurred.
“that’s just- just-just perfect! I wass lookkin for you!”

“Well, you found me. In my own home. Good job Chandler.”

Heather looked confused for a second. “Your home? Oh ‘ronica -hic- this is MY home! What’re you talkin’ ‘bout?”

“C'mon queen, let’s let you stay here for the night. You obviously partied too hard and there’s no way I’m letting you drive yourself.” Veronica took Heather by the hand and guided her to her room.

“Ver-Veronica.” Heather whispered

“Yes Heather.”

“Wanna smash-heheheaha.”

“God, you can’t even finish your sentence you’re so drunk. There’s no way I’m having sex with you while you’re like this.”

“Aww ronnieee!” Heather pouted as Veronica practically dragged her onto the bed.

“Ok stay here, I’m going to get something to take off your damn makeup and then get you changed into proper sleepwear.” As Veronica left the room, Heather laid flat on the bed, occasionally telling a joke and laughing about it to herself.

After about three hours of struggling, tears and sweat and all, Veronica finally got Heather tucked into bed. As she slipped into her pajamas, she heard Heather from underneath the blanket, her voice hoarse from all the partying: “mmmiloveyouVeronica”

She chuckled. She’s going to enjoy watching Heather struggle without her voice tomorrow.


“Ok sweetie, time for a butt change.”


“Crawl over to wear your diapers are and pick out which one you want to wear. Only one this time.”

“Lay down little one here on your changing pad. Let’s take this soggy wet diaper off of you.”


“Lay still Baby while I get you clean. Hold up you big wet diapee. You really had to go huh?”


“Good job baby boy. What cha wanna do next? Are you hungry? Wanna play? Take a nap?”

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i let my past hold me back and it makes me feel sad all the time , I constantly think about it , any advice for how to move on? love your blog 💕💕💕

hello rosemary
moving on is rather difficult, for it requires a total deconstruction of thought in order to reach an epiphany/revelation which allows letting go to be possible. however, here are small things that may help :—)

♡ hibernate (spend a few midnights alone, turn your thoughts to paper, release pain you once feared to face)
♡ speak (once your thoughts have been articulated well enough in your head spill them on the floor…*psst best to do this with a professional*, allow others to listen and allow yourself to listen to their advice, perhaps you may need reconciliation with those who hurt you to understand yourself further…perhaps you may need to let go another way)
♡ return to girlhood (visit a time before, return to chocolate milk and dirt stained palms, keep windows open and make wishes on candles)
♡ it will be ok (repeat phrases like this when you feel overwhelmed in the moment: “I feel safest when…the phrase ‘I don’t want to stop trying repeats in my head’”

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I saw that one of your answers mentioned that 76 has to take some kind of medicine to stop the transformations from happening suddenly. Was there any time that he forgot or is he very good at taking it? Does he have to fight to hold it back if he doesn't? I'm so glad I get to see more werewolf/76 art again :D