let me here to die

  • Hermione: [groaning] The day after St Patrick's Day needs its own name...
  • Ginny: Like 'Let me lay here and die' day..
  • Harry: Is it not already 'Walk of Shame' Day?
  • Ginny: Isn't that the day after Halloween?
  • Ron: Your Halloweens clearly go WAY differently than mine...
Hook Quotes, as explained by Lemony Snicket:

“Let me die a hero!”
( “hero”, a word which here means, “an exceptionally nasty person who has just put all his companions through a terrifying ordeal that he does not want to be held responsible for”.)

I’m a man of honor.”
(in a tone adults use when they do not want children to question them, even though both the adult and child are perfectly aware of how ridiculous the situation in question is.)

That’s why you’ll always be an orphan…”
(It was a very unkind thing to say, given the circumstances. “No decent person,” Mr. Poe would have said, “treats tragedy with ease.” And Mr. Poe would have been right: no decent person would have. But, as the Captain was hardly a decent person, there was no point in bringing that up.)

Joker Imagine - Not Strong Enough *part 2*


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Your P.O.V.

For some reason I was still alive. It was a fucking miracle. After being in coma for two weeks, I woke up even tho people had given up on me. The worst part was that even Joker did that. Now I was awake, back at home and supposed to take it easy. My bullet wound was recovering and it still hurt. I survived a bullet in my stomach which wasn’t supposed to be possible for me. But J hadn’t let me die that easily. He made some doctors come here to help me and it worked.

But now it seemed like he didn’t even acknowledge my existence. It was evening now and I was alone in the penthouse. Yes I was supposed to lay down and relax, but that wasn’t really fun, not at all. So I set up a fake Christmas tree and I started decorating it. It’s not like J would help me anyway since apparently I was just air for him now. It hurt in my heart that he ignored me, but I didn’t want to be clingy either. So I just let him be by himself, hoping that things would sort out by time.

As I was putting the big golden star on the tip of the tree, I started to feel a stinging pain. My wound didn’t like all this stretching. ‘’Fuck you’’ I hissed to myself and placed the star on the tree. Done! Everything was finished now. The tree was beautiful! Just as I was trying to step down the chair I stood on, I lost my balance and fell down on the edge of the couch. My knees hit the floor and my stomach hit the corner of the couch, making me feel sick in my stomach. I held onto the cushions as air escaped my lungs. Tears stung my eyes and I felt how the wound tore open or something.

‘’Ow..’’ I whimpered and started trembling. My knees were bruising, but I didn’t care. The wound hurt like a motherfucking bitch. ‘’J..’’ I whispered, but I knew he couldn’t hear me. Suddenly I felt something wet on my shirt and I knew I was bleeding. I grunted in pain and stood up, kneeling forward a little bit while holding my stomach with my right arm. I wasn’t bleeding that much, but the pain was sickening. That’s so typical my luck!

I walked into the bathroom and then took off my shirt. I looked down at the ugly wound that would leave a scar for sure. The stitches were holding it together, but the impact made one of the four stitches rip the skin and it was bleeding. It looked disgusting, but I had to help myself. So I grabbed the first aid kit and then sat down on the edge of the bathtub. It would be so much better if someone could help me. Just then J came up to the penthouse.

‘’J!’’ I called out for him sadly, holding back tears. I didn’t want to cry again because I felt weak enough already. I heard footsteps coming closer and soon he was by the bathroom door. ‘’Yeah?’’ I muttered bluntly and leaned against it. ‘’Can you help me?’’ I dared to ask him and looked up to him. His blue eyes scanned my body and he looked at the bleeding wound. ‘’Fine’’ He sighed like it irritated him and then he came back. ‘’What do you want me to do?’’ J questioned me with such a lazy voice, with no hint of worry. 

‘’Can you just check it and then put a plaster on top?’’ I whimpered a little quietly. ‘’Can’t you do it yourself?’’ He groaned and looked into my eyes. My heart skipped a beat and I felt so puny. He really didn’t give a fuck. He didn’t even ask what happened! ‘’Fine! Get out’’ I sighed and blinked a tear away. I grabbed a wipe from the kit, but then it fell into the tub because of the bad balance. ‘’Fuck’’ I breathed out, but then ignored it. I tried to wipe the wound, but my shaking hand made it hard.

‘’Why are you just standing there? Go away J’’ I told him angrily, being hurt because he was a dickhead towards me. ‘’Why are you so mad?’’ He asked me, completely ignoring what I told him. That’s when I lost it. I stood up, ignoring the bleeding wound that could actually kill me if I had inner bleedings. ‘’Because ever since I woke up, you have been ignoring me! You’ve acted like I don’t even exist or like I’m just air’’ I screamed at him and felt tears of frustration ruining my makeup. My breathing got heavy and I clenched my jaw.

Something weird was going on with him, but I wasn’t sure what. ‘’It’s like there’s no love left..like it bled away when I was shot’’ I tried to say strongly, but my voice cracked and a lump formed in my throat. ‘’Oh Y/N..I’m not someone who is…’’ J started calmly, like my words didn’t move him at all. He stepped closer to me before continuing his sentence ‘’..loved’’. He was really messing with my mind now. It felt like my world was shattered all over again. ‘’What the fuck is that supposed to mean J? We’ve been together for two nearly three years’’ I whimpered and started to feel bad. Really bad.

‘’If you can’t deal with it, then leave’’ he snarled and stepped aside, pointing to the open door. My heart started beating faster in my chest and I felt like this was a bad nightmare. ‘’J-’’ I started, but he cut me off. ‘’The door is open Y/N!*’ He yelled, making me scared. Tears blurred my vision until they fell down my face. I didn’t want to go. ‘’No..I’m not leaving you’’ I sobbed and then sat back down. My head ached a lot. Then I rested my face in my hands and cried silently. J would probably just walk away anyway.

‘’What happened?’’ I whispered, too scared to speak out loud. I heard him growling and walking a little in the room. I peeked at him through my fingers and saw that he seemed frustrated. ‘’Don’t you see Y/N? I’m just bad for you. I’m only putting your life in danger’’ He started to open up. I shook my head no. ‘’No..No you’re not Puddin. It’s the shooting at Arkham right?’’ I tilted my head a little. He ran his hand through his hair and nodded.

‘’Well J you should know that my life has become so much better with you. I’m sure it won’t happen again..Just let me in again’’ I pleaded and forced myself to stand. I was in pain, but saving our relationship was worth it. J looked at me rather sadly. ‘’I’d still be a criminal with or without you. Let’s just be like we were before, okay ?’’ I suggested and then grabbed his hand. J looked at me weirdly, but didn’t pull his hand back.

‘’King and queen of Gotham city, forever together to commit crimes, right?’’ I whispered and smiled even tho I was crying. Our eyes met and I knew he was struggling with his feelings. J was never good with his feelings, but he tried. That’s what mattered. ‘’I don’t want to lose you’’ He admitted quietly and looked at my wound. Suddenly he walked away and grabbed something from the first aid kit. ‘’I thought I lost you Y/N’’ J let me know with sorrow obvious in his voice. Then he came back to me and wiped the wound with something and kept the wipe on it. ‘’But you didn’t’’ I reminded him, wincing because the wipe stung. But it did good.

‘’I never let anyone in Y/N but you’re different. I don’t want to hurt you or lose you..’’ He explained and sounded very hurt.All this time he had been hiding from his feelings, but now he was letting it out. I put my hand on his chest and tried to smile again. ‘’Shh baby..I’m here..’’ I whispered softly. He nodded and then pulled me close to him. ‘’I’m not going anywhere’’ I promised him and let him hide his face in the crook of my neck. He just had to try and open up a little. Everyone had to deal with their feelings, criminal or not, psychopath or not..everyone.

everyone: woahh so nice yoongi really loves all his dongsaengs, but clearly jhope is not the first in line, have u seen him with the others???????

me, an intellectual: wtf wtf wtf “SOUL PARTNER” as in “SOULMATE” wtf yoongi is so whipped i cant believe it today february 18 of 2017 in korea sope was confirmed just on the day the sun was born 23 years ago. today is a day of celebration, of joy and happiness, i feel like i was born again wow this day will be marked in history as the day the powercouple out of powercouples took the throne!!!!!! SOPE is as real as it gets dont fucking dare tell me otherwise just let me here alone to die this boy just dont care about my health he wants me dead wtf watch me use soul partner as their tag for the rest of my life