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Happy 5th Anniversary NU'EST!!!

It’s been a long road in these 5 years.
Thank you because even with all the adversities you have gone through, you’ve continued by our side.
We owe you the whole world but even though we haven’t managed to give it to you, you still manage to give it all for us just to make us happy.
Thanks for the laughter, the tears, the good times and also thanks for sharing with us the bad times.

The last days have been sweet-bitter for all of us, but in the end, we are and will continue to be a small but close family in which we fill ourselves with love every day.

Thank you for being my light at the end of the tunnel, thank you for being my sun, my air, my moon and my stars.
Thank you for being my whole life and for letting me be part of yours even in the smllest way.

We will stand and fight for you until the end.

Now it’s time for the Queen to protect the knights!

Thank you NU'EST!
♡ 뉴이스트 + ㄴㅇㅅㅌ♡

the fall

Sirius Black knew what stunning felt like. He had been stunned several times by the likes of Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and even James Potter when he didn’t behave as he should. He knew what it felt like ever since he was 9 years old because sometimes he just didn’t know when to shut up. So when Bellatrix’ spell hit him, he felt that familiar tingle all over his body, soon he’d fall to the marble floors of the Department of Mysteries, he would feel the cold of the marble all over his skin and Harry would continue duelling for him, he was as good as James was, he could handle that git Malfoy himself.

When he lost his balance, he heard familiar voices that didn’t belong to anyone in the room with him, calling his name, telling him to be careful. They sounded like.. James? 

Sirius felt his body become weightless as he fell backwards, the last thing he heard was Harry’s piercing scream and Bellatrix’ chanting.

I killed Sirius Black. I killed Sirius Black. I killed Sirius Black.

He was falling like you would fall in your nightmares and wake up suddenly from the pull but this time he didn’t wake up. He kept falling like he threw himself from a tall building, it was like the time stood still but he kept falling. When he finally reached the ground he didn’t crash as he should have but he landed gracefully, which didn’t sound very much like him. Sirius felt hard ground behind his back but it wasn’t cold like the marble would have been. He couldn’t really be dead, could he? Bella liked to exaggerate things and Harry could have screamed about something else. Sirius was almost completely sure Bella hit him with a stunning curse, was he weak enough to die from a stunning curse?

Sirius didn’t dare open his eyes as the reality settled in, he didn’t hear Harry or the others in the room, not Moody’s orders nor Tonks’ rapid duelling, he didn’t hear Remus’ strong curses either. For the first time in his life, or his existence was a better choice of words now, he wanted to hear Bella’s screeching voice.


Sirius felt like he was shot in the head. His eyes flew open as he heard the familiar voice of his little brother. Regulus was extending a hand for Sirius to take but Sirius ignored it and pushed himself up. Second shot, this time through his heart. James Potter was standing right there, in flesh and blood. Was this his heaven? As he was thinking about what was going on, Sirius saw the taller boy running to him as his wife slowly walked behind him.

James looked the same as Sirius had left him on the floor that October night, his hair perfectly messy and glasses still crooked. Lily glowed the way she did before the war, the beauty of her heart somehow always reached the surface. They were as Sirius had left them and they were not real. How could they be? When had Sirius been that lucky?

James threw himself at Sirius and Sirius felt himself melt because the way James hugged him hadn’t changed in all those years either and Sirius could feel the warmth radiating from him. If this was a dream, how did he feel that? James kept mumbling “I’m sorry” quietly as he held Sirius tighter. He had replayed James’ hugs millions of times in his head when he was locked up, they always made him feel safe and of all the things that could have happened to him, he never expected this. When James finally pulled back, Sirius could see the warm honey eyes of his brother looking back at him glistening with the tears he was trying to hold back.

“I’m sorry,” whispered James once more. “I’m so sorry you had to live like that and it’s all because of us.”

Sirius didn’t know what to say, did it even matter if he was a part of his imagination? He then stared at Lily who had his hand on her mouth as she always did when she was about to cry, he could see her chin trembling as she tried to keep it in.

“You should see this,” she murmured and pulled Sirius by the hand and now Sirius was looking at Harry who was running after an ecstatic Bellatrix for revenge leaving Remus behind. “I don’t know how he will heal after this.”

“He will Lils, he has so much of you in him.”

Sirius had no idea what was going on, if this was real or not but seeing Harry like that was the second most hardest thing he had to endure. He was so broken, almost as broken as his Moony was, Sirius could feel it from wherever he was. He could hear the way is heart shattered into sand sized pieces but he knew, he knew Harry would get better. He knew his godson. In the two short years he got to share with him, he had seen him grow more and more like James with a heart of gold and he was sure, Harry was strong enough to get over him, too. 

Sirius finally looked away from his godson, seeing that Dumbledore was there and he would be alright, he fixed his gaze on James who was standing right next to him.

“Are you real?” asked Sirius, he couldn’t help but touch James’ face and shoulders and all of them a proof that his brother was standing right in front of him after all these years.


It was Sirius’ time to hold on tight, it could be a lie but he didn’t care, he might be dead but he didn’t give a shit because he had his Prongs back. As stupid as it may sound, Sirius didn’t feel like he was dead, he even felt alive because he had already died on 31st of October fifteen years ago when he had seen James lying on the floor life drained from his eyes. 

“I tried so hard to take him, Lils,” said Sirius as he was staring at Lily Evans’ green eyes and smiling at the thought of how they were the exact same of the boy downstairs. “I never wanted him to be taken to Petunia’s and I’m so–”

Lily hugged Sirius so genuinely, Sirius knew it was her way of telling him that it wasn’t his fault. 

“We should be the ones apologising to you,” said Lily in between her hiccups.

“For what exactly?” challenged Sirius because he really couldn’t see any reason for them to be sorry for. It was all his fault.

“You had to live in Azkaban for twelve years because of us Pads, you lived with those creatures and I watched you, how you lost your senses and your soul–” James began but Sirius raised his hand to shut him up.

“What are you on about?” asked Sirius angrily. “I am the reason you two are– are- are here.” He wouldn’t say the other word, it had been almost fifteen years and Sirius never used that word when it came to James.

“But you were-”

“Nothing makes up for the fact that I was a coward for backing out of being the Secret Keeper,” confessed Sirius as he took a deep breath, he had never said that out loud before. He was a coward and he got his brother and his wife killed because he couldn’t just step up for once. “It should have been me and I should have died for you after all the things you had done for me.”

“I didn’t do those things for you to die for me Pads, I did them because you deserved them. Just like you deserved a happy life, with or without us,” argued James as he pushed his glasses up to rub his eyes softly. James Potter didn’t like crying, Sirius remembered clearly.

“We can play the blame game forever Jamie, just for once in your life, let me take the fall for you because this time, I need to,” begged Sirius. “Also we forget who the real culprit is because we are like that, we never let another take the fall.”

James smiled warmly at him and Sirius tipped his head to the right to look at Regulus who was now hiding behind Lily, there was no point in avoiding him anymore.

“And may I ask what the hell you are doing here, Reggie?” demanded Sirius angrily. Regulus didn’t belong where James and Lily were, he didn’t deserve to be in the same place as them.

All three of them went silent, Lily and James were most possibly communicating telepathically and Regulus was just staring at his pale hands.

“He died so maybe someday someone might defeat Voldemort,” said Lily quietly and Sirius felt his world come crashing down around him, Lily wouldn’t have lied to make him better but how was that possible? The last time he checked Regulus was a Death Eater. He walked straight to Regulus to look into the identical grey eyes as his, it was almost like looking in a mirror.

“You did what?”

“I never planned it to be a suicide mission Siri but it was. He had-– I still can’t say his fucking name.” Regulus steadied his breathing and picked up from where he left off. “Voldemort had tortured Kreacher and left him to die. I just– I couldn’t find you anywhere so I took the matter in my own hands and ended up here.”

Sirius just gaped at his little brother. The boy he had blamed for being a pawn to his mother had died because of the small possibility that someday someone might defeat Voldemort and Sirius just assumed he died miserably.

“I am so proud of you, Reggie.”

Sirius saw the smile on Regulus’ face widen as he smiled back at him but he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders.

“I am sorry because I wasn’t there for you and because I didn’t protect you from them,” apologised Sirius. “I wasn’t a good brother to you because I was busy being a good brother to Jamie. It never occurred to me that I could do both and I am sorry for that.”

“You were what kept me here Siri, you were the reason I never moved on because I wanted you to know that I didn’t disappoint you,” babbled Regulus as he played with the loose strings of his clothes. “I did that to make you proud and to make up for all the things I did.”

“You are not leaving, are you?”

“No, I won’t leave before I see that man defeated,” replied Regulus with disgust in his voice.

Sirius pulled his brother in to bone crushing hug like he did when they were around 10 years old Walburga was having a particularly cruel day, Sirius hadn’t hugged Regulus like that since he was 12 and Merlin, it felt good.


Sirius could hear the panic in Lily’s voice, not a lot of people knew that but Sirius knew Lily like the back of his hand, okay maybe his left hand but he did nevertheless. Sirius walked with James and Regulus to where Lily was standing rigidly and he saw Harry was now in the Headmaster’s room. Sirius and James had spent considerable time in that place.

Sirius looked down at his godson, he was wreaking havoc in Dumbledore’s room and yelling at the Headmaster with so much anger that Sirius felt like Harry got his temper from him, Sirius had never been subtle about showing his anger however this was different. Harry was yelling because of him and how he had had enough because apparently Sirius’ absence was the last drop for him and Sirius felt his heart drop to his stomach, he still had his heart after all, albeit not beating.

“Can I, um, see Moony from here?”

One question was all it took and before others could reply, Sirius could see Remus, Merlin knows where, with a good supply of Firewhiskey by his side as he stared into oblivion. Sirius slowly realised he was in the room where he kept Buckbeak, why would he shut himself up in that miserable place? Remus was rocking back and forth, Sirius hadn’t seen him do that since he was thirteen, he did that when he couldn’t handle everything going on around him.

He’s gone, he’s gone again. He’s gone.

It felt like all Sirius did was disappoint. The black sheep of the family, the coward that got James and Lily killed, the useless brother and constantly absent lover. Sirius hadn’t realised up until now that being with James meant that he would be without Remus. He had disappointed the man who loved him yet again, he never could do right by Remus and he had left him alone, again

I’m here. I am here now and tomorrow and next week and next month and forever. I am not leaving. I will not let you deal with this alone, I won’t let you feel this alone. You have me now and forever. If you need to talk, I’m here. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here. If you need someone to kiss your forehead or hold you until the sun comes up or someone to scream at, just to let it all out, I am here. I don’t care how hard you try, you can not push me away. I will not let you self destruct. I love you too much to let you ruin the masterpiece you’ve created out of yourself. You can tell me that you’re unworthy of being loved, you can tell me you’re broken. You can tell me every awful thing you feel and you can tell me all about how much you hate the person you are. But it will never change the truth. It will never change what I’ve come to learn about you. You are so much more.
—  What I need to hear//An excerpt from a book I’ll never write #10

unikitty-03  asked:

Could you do a thing where BTS reacts to finding out about your cutting/depression? I'm sorry if this is to much to ask and it's to much of a sensitive topic to write about. Thank you in advance if you decide to write it☺️

Hi there! Sorry this was so late, school has been absolute hell and I really wanted to sit down and write this properly since it’s such an important issue. I didn’t wanna do it in a rush or half-heartedly. But I’ve finally done it, so I hope it meets your expectations. Remember you can always inbox me if you wanna talk <3 I’ll listen to you if you need someone to vent to.

BTS Reaction to their s/o having depression

Seokjin’s motherly instincts would kick in and he would be instantly concerned. He’d always be asking how you felt so he could make sure he was doing whatever he could at any given moment. He’d just want to make it so that you were okay because he’d hate every second where you didn’t feel up to scratch.

“What can I do for you to make this stop?”

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Yoongi would really care about the way you felt at any time, and would constantly say things to build you up so that you could see the wonderful person you truly are. In contrast to his usual uncaring nature, for you he’d be willing to go to the end of the Earth if it meant that you would feel better again.

“You’re stronger than anything – we can make it through this together.”

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Seeing you upset would make Hoseok upset too since he cares for you so much. He would go to whatever lengths necessary just to see your beautiful smile again. He’d love seeing you happy more than anything else so seeing you in any lower state would be almost unbearable for him.

“I just want you to be smiling more.”

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would realise immediately that you would feel worthless and stressed so would always be reminding you of your importance. He’d know the true strength you had trapped under the weight of your depression and would strive for you to see that for yourself.

“There are millions of stars in the darkness of the night sky and only the brightest of stars struggle in that darkness. But those bright stars can grow to shoot through the night and amaze people everywhere with their beauty and strength.”

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Similar to Namjoon, Jimin would be worried you didn’t see the amazing you that he and everyone else sees. He’d be showing his love whenever possible and would always keep up with the way you were feeling so he could always be ready to make you feel better.

“You do know how much I love you, right?”

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Taehyung would want to fully understand how you feel and would be on call 24/7 if you wanted him for literally anything. He’d always be there to remind you of all the things you’d done for him, how happy he is to have you by his side and how he’s willing to stay with you forever no matter what.

“You help me out all the time, but now I want to help you.”

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Jungkook would be as helpful and willing as anyone else and would shower you in compliments if it meant you would feel better, but he would try not to bring it up too much so you wouldn’t feel sad about it. He would do things for you without needing to say a word, like being your shoulder to cry on when you needed to or support whenever you wanted it.

“I’m always here for you. Just let me know when you want me and I’ll always be here.”

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Note: The reason all the gifs are of Not Today is because that song makes me feel stronger whenever I’m feeling upset. It reminds me that I don’t have to let “this” get to me today or tomorrow or the day after that. That I’m strong enough to get through anything :)


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Questions for the idiots in love! Domestic style? who uses all the hot water in the shower? who’s stuff is taking over the bathroom counter?

Oh, man, that is not even a close call.

HANNIBAL, for god’s sake, how many hair products does one man need, are you sure these even ARE hair products, this smells like food, are you putting food in my hair? 

HANNIBAL, I think small nations have risen and fallen in the time we’ve been in this shower, and I’m not complaining, I’m really not, you are VERY pretty soaking wet, but shouldn’t we be out of hot water by now?  Just what kind of water heater did you have them install, anyway?

HANNIBAL. I thought we’d reached an agreement about my aftershave.  Where did you hide it this time.  WHERE.  WHERE IS IT.  I JUST WANT TO KEEP ONE BOTTLE ON THE VANITY. YOU HAVE TWELVE BOTTLES AND THREE JARS. LET ME HAVE THIS ONE THING.

HANNIBAL. I concede that we need to keep lube in the bathroom, given past history, but one bottle is enough.  Three strategically stashed around the room is overkill.  Yes, it is. Stop making that face, you know I’m right about this.

HANNIBAL. I need to say something, okay?  You, ugh, okay, you were right about the towels.  These are really good towels.  I feel like I just dried myself off on angels’ wings.  I still think it’s obscene for towels to cost that much, but I get it now.  You are officially in charge of towel choices for the rest of our lives.

…Hannibal?  Hannibal, are you crying?

Fuck’s sake, you can’t cry every time I say “the rest of our lives.”  Try to remember our lives aren’t worth the paper our fake IDs are printed on.  Our lives might be very, very short.  We may not live long enough to ever need to buy another set of towels.  These might be the last towels. 

…ugh.  Come here.  Let me dry your ridiculous tears with this giant fluffy towel.  Maybe we’ll live to be a hundred, it happens.  We’ll get old and cranky together and Jack will retire and they’ll stop looking for us, and you can pick out the towels forever, okay? 

Shhh, c’mere.  It’s okay. The towel is very absorbent, cry all you want.  Might as well get our money’s worth.

Support Group

Summary: Struggling with minor depression and anxiety, you attend a weekly support group to cope with these issues while Bucky finally takes the chance to attend one too and discuss his troubled mind and daily nightmares. 

Word Count: 1,741.

A/N: This idea randomly came to mind for me the other night. It’s different than what I usually write but I wanted to switch the gears up this once. A few mentionings of an anxiety attack are mentioned but it’s nothing too intense. My personal thoughts were also brought out into the fic so I hope you don’t mind I did that. Hope you enjoy and if any of you are struggling with anything, I’m always happy to be here and help.

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“Camping” Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,071

Sam Winchester x Reader

Request: Can you do a Sam x Reader where she’s sad because she see’s people camping and she’s always wanted to go camping before but since she grew up a hunter she never got to. And Sam feels bad for her and takes her camping. Just like super fluffy and maybe ending in a kiss?

Warnings: Fluff, like one swear word, making out (is that a warning?)

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Road trips through Kansas were the worst.

There was a case in Colorado that you and the boys were going to, somewhere up in the Rocky Mountains. You were excited to get there, but man, was Kansas just absolutely boring to drive through. You love the state and you’d never want to live anywhere else, but there was just a lot of fields.

You’re currently sitting in the back of the impala, playing a game with Sam that you always did while on road trips. 20 questions. It seems childish, but it passes the time.

“What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never could?” Sam asked as he turned around to face you from the front seat of the impala.

“Well, you know how we drove past that campground earlier? And all those families were walking around, looking like they were having the time of their lives?” You ask. Sam nods. “I’ve always wanted to go camping. It just looks so much fun- I love being outside and being around nature, I always have. I was never allowed to go when I was younger. Dad would always say that there’s too many monsters lurking out in the woods.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. My dad kept us from doing a lot of stuff when we were younger. We definitely didn’t grow up the most normal of lifestyles. Most of our childhood was spent in and out of different motel rooms and schools.”

“So it was like being an army brat without the actual army part?” You asked. You’ve known Sam and Dean for a few years now, and you’d call yourselves pretty close, but their childhood was one thing they never really talked about.

“Yeah, except way worse.” Sam laughed. You could see the hurt in his eyes despite his laughter, and it made you frown.

“Eh, it wasn’t all bad.” Dean says. “We wouldn’t be the people we are today if our dad didn’t put us through that.”

“That’s what my mom always used to tell me.” You laugh. “She would always insist that despite how much his rules sucked, it was what would keep me alive in the long run.”

“But camping? I mean, come on. That’s not fair for you.” Sam frowned.

“It’s okay, honestly. I used to get upset about these things, but I’ve learned to get over them.” You shrug.

“You guys feel like stoppin’ for some food?” Dean changes the conversation. “There’s a burger place up here.”


The rest of the drive was uneventful and boring. Sam was unusually quiet the entire time, and you tried to get some sleep. By the time you finally reached the small town in the Rocky Mountains that you were going to work a case on, it was almost two in the morning and you were burnt out.

“Please just find a motel and get us a room. I’m exhausted.” You complain to Dean. He’d just been driving around the town for a while, trying to find a ‘good’ motel, but at this point none of you cared anymore.

“Okay, princess.” Dean says sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Dean, just shut up and find a freakin’ motel.” Sam grumbled, waking up from his sleep. “And don’t be rude to Y/N. Not her fault you’re so indecisive.”

“So we’ve got two grumpy gills in the car. Fantastic. You two were made for each other.”

Dean finally finds a place a few minutes later, pulling into the parking lot. While he went inside to check in, Sam helped you get your bags out of the car.

“They only had one room available. So, you’re gonna have to sleep with Sam. Sorry.” Dean doesn’t sound apologetic at all.

“That’s fine.” You shrugged. You’ve shared a bed with Sam several times before back at the bunker. Both of you get nightmares, and you’ve found that sleeping next to someone at night helps drastically.

As soon as you get into the hotel room, you throw yourself on the bed and curl up under the blankets. It wasn’t the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept it, but it was better than the impala.

You’re almost asleep when you feel Sam get in bed next to you. He pulls your waist closer to him and you two are basically in a spooning position, which would look very un-friendly to anyone else, but it was completely normal with you two. Even though you admittedly did have feelings for him.

“Night, Y/N.” He whispered in your ear.

“G’night, Sammy.”


The case was a bust. Another hunter had gotten to it first, so by the time you got there, the vampire nest was cleared out and there was nothing for you guys to do. On the bright side, you were literally in the Rocky Mountains in a tourist town, and you had your motel room for another night.

“Where’s Sam?” You ask Dean as you come out of the bathroom from your shower.

“I don’t know. He left right after you got in the shower and didn’t say where he was going.”

“That’s weird.” You frown, sitting on the bed to brush your wet hair. You were hoping to convince Sam to go with you around town.

“You know Sam likes you, right?” Dean turns around to face you.

“Well I would hope he likes me, I am his best friend and all.” You joke.

“No, Y/N. He likes you.”

“And how do you know that?” You peer at Dean.

“I can tell by the way he looks at you. I know my brother.”

“Why are you telling me this?” You question.

“Because I know how you feel about him, too. I’m getting real tired of you two basically eye-fucking each other all the time. Just please get together already.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You dismiss him. Were your feelings about Sam really that obvious? Even if they were, you were not about to discuss that with Dean.

“Whatever, Y/N.”

“Yeah, whatever.” You tried to cut off the conversation quickly.

You decided to go on a little walk, hoping to pass the time before Sam got home. You slide on your sandals, letting the warm, summer air hit your face as you slipped out the door. It really was beautiful out here. Some of the mountains in the distance still had snow at their peaks, despite it being mid-July. The sky was clear as it could be and the sun was shining down, not too hot but not too cold, either. It really was perfect out here.

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The town was insanely cute. It had about every kind of shop you could imagine, from homemade candy shops, to soda shops, to apparel boutiques. You decide to stop inside of a small coffee shop, and you order an iced coffee. You’re sitting at one of the tables near the windows, admiring the nice day when you see the impala driving down the street.

Sam parks the car directly outside of the shop. He walks into the shop and comes straight to your table.

“How’d you know I was here?” You ask, taking a sip of your coffee.

“I texted Dean. I was going to go pick you up from the motel. I have a surprise for you.”

“Well, okay.” You smile, blush creeping onto your cheeks. “Is that why you’ve been gone for a few hours?”

“Yeah, it took some work.” He laughs. “You ready?”

“I am, but I would like to know what I’m getting myself into.” You laugh, finishing up your coffee and grabbing your purse.

“Too bad, it’s a surprise. I guarantee you’re going to like it, though.”

“I better.” You joke. “I’m surprised Dean let you take the car.”

“It took a lot of convincing.”

You two drove for what felt like forever, but the pretty scenery made up for it. You could feel his hand on your knee throughout the drive, but you didn’t think much of it.

“We’re almost there.” Sam tells you.

“Are you sure? It looks like we’re in the middle of nowhere. Are you taking me out here to kill me?” You fake being scared, putting your hand on your chest. This earns a laugh from Sam.

“We’re here.”

You look out of the window, and you want to cry.

“Sam…” You whisper.

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You were at a campground, but there weren’t any other campers around. There was a tent set up in the grass, next to a blanket with a picnic basket beside it. To the right, there was a fire pit and stuff for s’mores beside it.

“You like it?” Sam asks nervously.

“I love it.” You gush. “This is… Jesus, Sam. This is amazing. You did this all for me?”

“You mentioned you hadn’t ever gone camping and how much you wanted to. I thought you might like this. It’s our last night here, and since we don’t have to do that hunt anymore… I figured this might be your only chance.”

“Thank you so much.” You give him a big hug. The hug goes on a little longer than needed, but neither of you care.

You step out of the car, and walk over to the tent. It’s fairly big, and inside there were two sleeping bags along with blankets and pillows.

You have no idea how you were blessed with Sam.

“Looks like the sun is going down, we probably should start the fire.” Sam comments. The fire pit already had wood in it, so Sam put some lighter fluid over the wood to make the fire start.

You’ve never felt happier in your life than you do at this moment.

“What’s for dinner, Chef Sam?”

“Oh, I’m giving you the full camping experience. We’re eating hot dogs and s’mores for dinner.”

“I’ve never had a s’more.” You confess, walking over to the picnic basket and pulling out the package of hot dogs.

“Your world is about to change.”


“Remember that one time that we all got really drunk and you kept making those really terrible jokes? That was hilarious.” Sam laughs. It was dark outside now, and you and Sam were near the fire on a blanket, talking about anything and everything.

“God, yes, don’t remind me. I was so sick the next day.” You groan. You yawn, getting slightly tired.

“Do you want to go to bed?” Sam asks.

“I don’t want to force you go to bed if you’re not tired.”

“This night is all about you. We’re going to bed.” Sam picks you up bridal style, making you giggle, and he takes you over to the tent. You get under your sleeping bag, which admittedly wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but who cares?

“Sam, this was probably the best day of my life.” You admit. “Thank you so much.”

You scoot your sleeping bag closer to him and he begins to play with your hair. You can tell that he’s staring at you, even though it’s basically pitch black inside the tent.

“You’re welcome.” He presses his lips to your forehead.

You don’t know what came over you, but when he did that, you grabbed his head and kissed him. You almost pulled away when you noticed what you had just done, but he kissed you back almost immediately. The kiss was long and sweet, him obviously not wanting to push you further than you wanted.

“Sam-“ you pulled away, but he cut you off.

“I’m in love with you.” He says quietly.



“I love you too.” You press your lips to his again. This time he kisses you a little harder, and he climbs on top of you. You tangle your hands in his hair as you two kiss.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Sam pulls away, rolling off of you.

“Goodnight, Sam.” You lay on his chest, feeling his heartbeat underneath you.

You fall asleep like this, in his arms, feeling content and happy with the world.

I Can’t Believe He’s Gone

To say that Y/N and her father were close would be the understatement of the century. Everyone, fans included, knew Y/N was a daddy’s little girl. So, when her dad was diagnosed with lymphoma Sebastian’s girl began to lose it. Shooting became a hard process, with her mind constantly somewhere else. With a set full of support she eventually made it through it. But as promotional interviews came around her father worsened, leaving her in a constant state of anxiety and fear as to when she would get the dreaded call.

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I really could not have picked such an amazing man myself. The way we met and ended up together honestly had so many moving parts it felt like we were pushed together, especially because neither one of us was searching and seeking for anything
But here we are. Together and strong. Today in church I was crying and he was there, holding my hand, rubbing my back, praying over me. After church we talked about what was on my heart and he listened and held my hand and let me know how I felt was valid and that my pain is mine, but wouldn’t last forever
And that ride to his parents place, holding hands, tears brushed away and replaced with peace and comfort, I had to thank God. For this. For us. For His divine hand that knew what and who I needed way before I could ever articulate it

The Girl on the Bridge

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Pre-Serum Steve x Reader

The Girl on the Bridge

Prompt: Pre Serum Steve in modern times and is self-conscious of what his significant other will think of him. Cute fluffiness please please please!

Note: This is suuuuper cute omg. I decided to put a bit of a soulmate twist on it, if that’s okay. Very cute.

Warnings: Precious baby Steve. Fluff. Very fluff.

Steve stared at the timer at his wrist and sighed, sitting on his bed in he and Bucky’s shared apartment in New York. Tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day. Or to be exact: 0 years, 0 months, 0 weeks, 0 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes, and 14…13…12 seconds remained. That meant tomorrow after lunch.

“Nervous?” Bucky asked, poking his head into Steve’s room.

“You think?” Steve chuckled softly. He pointed to the outfit hanging on the knob of his dresser. It was a light blue polo shirt and khakis with a pair of nice brown dress shoes. “Too dressy? Should I go casual?”

“Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be dressed up just as much, if not more, than you.” Bucky assured him. He pulled out his phone and checked the weather for the next day. “Should be nice and sunny.”



“Do you think she’ll be okay with…me? You know, being the way I am?”

“She’s your soulmate, Stevie. She doesn’t have a choice.” He laughed. Steve went quiet, suddenly very serious. “Steve, lighten up. Of course she’ll love you. Who wouldn’t?”

“What if she’s taller than me? What if she doesn’t find me? What if we miss eachother?”

“Don’t worry about it, Steve.” Bucky smiled. “She’ll love you. I know it.”

“Okay.” Steve nodded. He laid down in his bed. “Night Buck.”

“Get some sleep, punk. God knows you’re going to need it,”


Steve didn’t get a wink of sleep that night. Every time he dozed off, he ended up having a nightmare about how horribly things could go the next day. When he finally got out of bed, he drank three cups of coffee to wake him up and then brushed his teeth four times to make sure his breath was minty and fresh.


“Buck, I can’t breathe.” Steve sighed, his heart racing. He checked the timer on his wrist. There was only an hour left.

“We’re going to the park. That’s the best place to meet people. Right on the bridge. Real romantic.” Bucky said. “Plus, it’s a nice day.”

“Okay,” he nodded. The park wasn’t that far away. Only a short walk. They could get there in no time. “Let’s get going. I don’t want to be late.”

“You can’t be late. She’s your soulmate.”

“I know,” he nodded. “I know.”


“(Y/N), you’re going to be fine,” your best friend, Sarah, told you for the fortieth time. You were strolling through the park, waiting in bated breath for your timer to run out. 5 minutes. You had five minutes. Your heart raced at the speed of light, and you felt like you might pass out. You were wearing a dress, a cute short lacy blue dress and black flats. Your hair was curled, thanks to Sarah, and your makeup was perfect.

“He’s going to love you.” she reassured you, rubbing your back. “I’ll wait for you over there by that tree,” she pointed to the tree near the base of the bridge. “And good luck. But it’s not like you’ll need it.”

Sarah walked away, her long curly red hair bouncing with every step. You glanced at your wrist, staring at the glowing numbers. You got chills. Any minute now.


Steve looked up to the bridge and swallowed nervously. He adjusted his collar and gripped the bouquet of flowers he had brought tight. A red-haired girl sitting under a tree looked up from her book.

“Are you here to meet a soulmate?” she asked excitedly. Steve nodded nervously. Bucky smiled softly. “My friend (Y/N)’s up there on the bridge. She only has a few minutes left.”

“So does he,” Bucky nudged him forward. “Go on, buddy.”

“O-okay,” he nodded and started walking towards you hesitantly. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears. He was shaking, blushing, nervous. He felt like he was going to throw up, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. Not now.

Once he was standing beside you, he tapped your shoulder. In that instant, both of your timers dinged together as they reached zero simultaneously.

“H-hi,” you greeted shyly, smiling brightly as you met his eyes. He smiled back.

“I’m Steve. Steve Rogers,” He introduced.

“(Y/N) (L/N),” you replied. He held out his hand to shake yours but you pulled him into a hug instead, holding him tightly. His eyes widened, not expecting to be accepted by you so quickly, but he embraced you nonetheless, his heart racing. “I was worried I would never meet you,” You admitted, beginning to cry tears of relief. “So, so worried something would go wrong. I didn’t get a minute of sleep last night.”

“Neither did I,” he admitted softly, burying his head in your hair. He couldn’t believe you were here. He couldn’t believe you were real and in his arms and so soft and warm. He held onto you like he would never get another chance. “I can’t believe you’re real. And you’re so, so beautiful,”

“Thank you,” You smiled, still not letting go. “Can I just hug you forever?”

“That’s fine with me.”

“Come on, lovebirds,” Bucky called from the tree. “Do you want to go out for lunch, or what?”

“That’s Bucky,” Steve explained. You finally stopped hugging him and just took a good long look at him. He was adorable. You didn’t care that he was kind of short or kind of skinny. He was your soulmate, and there was no one on earth you’d rather spend the rest of your life with.

Habits - Kai

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A/n: Triggering, au. Based on MGK’s Merry Go Round.

You laughed at your boyfriend as he balanced on the armrest of the couch. The living room of your small apartment was filled with beer, whiskey, drugs, friends and empty pizza boxes.

You looked around at the people who scattered around the room and smiled. 

“Aish jagiya!” You heard your boyfriend yell as he tried to maintain his balance, you ran over to him and held your arms out.

“I got you babe!” You giggled up at him. He looked down at you and smiled, you felt the world stop until you felt his body fall onto yours which caused you to fall backwards on the beanbag chair.

You both laughed so hard tears began to fall from your eyes.

You heard yelling and looked over at your friend who was standing on the coffee table with a bottle of whiskey.

“Cheers to us! For never being sober enough to realize how fucked up we are!” 

Everyone roared and clinked their cans and bottles. 

Kai looked at you and pulled out a joint, “Want some baby?” 

You nodded, he got off you and sat on the couch, pulling you on to his lap. He lit the cigarette and drew your mouth to his. 

He exhaled the smoke and you inhaled it. 

His eyes gleamed with happiness while he watched you take the joint in between your own lips and inhale.

“You look so sexy like this.” He said, hands gripping your waist.

You looked at him curiously and blew the smoke out, “High?” 

He chuckled and took it back, hitting it, “No, broken. I love how you crave everything I do. I’ve broken you and I love it.”

You looked at him and got off his lap, “Fuck off Jongin. I’m not broken.” 

“Yeah, okay.’’ He threw his arms over the back of the couch and watched you. 

You shook your head and grabbed your keys from the table, “You know I hate that! I’m my own person, I make my own decisions and I’m damn sure not broken,” you growled at him, storming out.

“Go ahead and walk out! You’ll be back.” He mumbled, snatching a bottle from his friend and took a swig, “They always come back.”

You slammed your car door and laid your head on the steering wheel. 

“Fuck!” You screamed, punching and pulling at the wheel. 

You looked back at the door of the apartment, hoping that it’ll open and Jongin would be running to find you, to tell you he loves you and that you’re not broken. That you’re perfect the way you are.

But that never happened. 

You sat out there in your car for 3 hours waiting, the only company you found was in a bottle of Jack.

You yelled and threw the bottle down after finishing more than half of it. Hot tears rolled down your cheeks as you struggled to put the key in the hole to start the car. 

The lights started to blur together as you gripped the wheel tighter, hoping that it would help your vision. 

You wiped your eyes with your sleeve and sniffled, you kept driving.

Until you stopped. 


“Where is she?!” He screamed at the lady at the front desk. She frantically looked at the computer but Kai couldn’t wait that long. 

He ran down the hall and made a few turns and saw some doctors leaving a room. His heart dropped, he knew that was your room, he just knew.

His feet pulled him to the door, his cries startled the doctors that surrounded your body.

“You can’t be here.” One said, ushering the other two to escort you out. 

He screamed and tried to get passed them, ‘’Please let me see her!” 

They pushed him back harder, he peered over them and saw your body. 


Blood and tubes and tape and wires ran from your body to machines. The only thing that was left of you was the memories he had. 

He let the doctors escort him to the waiting room where he sat for what seemed like forever crying. 

“Excuse me, are you Ms. Y/L/N’s boyfriend?” The doctor asked, looking down at him.

He nodded and stood up, “What’s going on?” 

“I’m sorry. The impact of the crash killed her. She died 3 minutes ago, but it was peaceful. We put her to sleep, she didn’t feel any pain anymore.” 

Kai’s hearing was filled with ringing, the only thing he could hear was a dull, ongoing ring.

He ran out of the hospital and got into his car. He sped home and grabbed a bag before leaving again.

He followed the path that he knew you always took and at the intersection he saw the cars. 

Your car was completely smashed, a truck was in the middle of your car, it was a miracle that you didn’t die at the scene. 

He kept driving until he reached the yellow tape that marked off the crash. 

He pushed past the crowds of people and made his way under the tape to your car. 

“You need to get back!” The policeman yelled at him. 

He sat down next to your car and opened the bag. He pulled out a gun, pointed it at his head, and pulled the trigger.

                                              “Summer day,
                          An entire family died on that summer day.”

To Megs-ILS,


I want to thank you so very much for that comic where Marinette says to Adrien, “It’s okay to be sad sometimes.”. This is such an important and powerful thing to say.

I know that the world revolves around positivity… and I personally feel it revolves around it too much sometimes; in that any time anyone shows any sort of sadness/unhappiness and/or negativity, those they come in contact end up disgusted/uncomfortable with that person (the unhappy one).

People get way too uncomfortable with sadness. Granted, too much sadness, for too long, is a bad thing.. but to make one feel like shit for feeling legitimately sad, just makes me upset in far too many ways.

That’s why having Marinette telling him that, “It’s okay to be sad sometimes.”, is really important for her to say to Adrien. He likely gets disgusted/disappointed looks from his Father (whom he’s trying to win his love [but that’s a whole bag of worms I won’t get into here]).
He probably gets much the same looks from Chloe (his problematic childhood ‘friend’), who likely says something to the effect of, “Get over it!”.
Even Nino, his best friend (who is actually a good guy and wants to help.), would probably be like, “Cheer up, bro.”, which is meant to supportive and is well intentioned, but ultimately can invalidate Adrien’s immediate feelings of sadness, forcing him to unconsciously internalize that invalidatization. (I AM NOT trying to villainize Nino here, so don’t get me wrong!) Which is why Adrien makes an extreme effort to put forth a smile even when he’s certainly breaking inside.

So, when Marinette tells him that, “It’s okay to be sad sometimes.”, it’s a huge relief, and weight off his shoulders/heart. She validates his feelings, offers comfort, and doesn’t judge him for his breakdown. She simply lets him cry as much as he feel he needs, and will try to help him work whatever got him into that state in the first place.
Marinette knows that sadness doesn’t need to last forever, but sometimes sadness happens, and people need someone to feel safe and comfortable to be around for those times. She offers Adrien sanctuary for such moments when the burdens of his life get too much.

So, again, thank you for drawing such a lovely comic about sadness and comfort. You truly ARE a gift to this fandom.


Vixen T. Fox

Hi Love,

What’s up? Nothing much here. I’m just hanging around here thinking about you like always and of course wishing you were here right now. You know I could use one of your bear hugs right this very minute.

I just wish that you would talk or open up to me a little more, but I guess that it is my fault for always getting upset for something and I’m sorry babe. I guess sometimes I can be selfish and I realized that because I know that I’m used to getting what I want most of the time! Which is not too good cause I know that it’s the same for you. I guess I just have to learn to be more mature about our relationship in order for it to grow stronger.

I’m sorry for freaking you out about wanting to get married, but I guess I’m feeling you out, trying to figure out… how much you love me. It’s kinda stupid, but ever since you’ve been gone from the band and I don’t talk to you as much cause of my phone being disconnected, I feel like you don’t want me as much as I still want you! Does that make sense to you? It scares me that I’m gonna fight to be with you and in the end you are going to wind up telling me you no longer want to be with me and you’ve found someone new. It would devastate (I don’t know if that’s spelled right!) me if that were to happen. I know I couldn’t handle it. I need you in my life Chris. I love you so much that it hurts for me to be apart from you. I can’t run to you cause you’re not here to hold me.

But I better let you go cause I’m gonna start crying again. But I do love you despite all the confusion I feel right now, so please bear with me, love…

Remember I’ll always and forever love you and I miss you, more as every second goes by.

I love you always,

—  a letter Selena wrote to Chris in late 1991 (from To Selena, With Love)

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23, Kyungsoo... ceo!au 😳

 23.“You were supposed to be mine”

“Kyungsoo, let me go!” you tried to get out of his tight grip but it wasn’t working. He was way more stronger than you.

“(Y/N), you need to listen to me! It’s not like that?!”

“What’s not like that?! You’re getting married next month! When were you going to tell me? Your own girlfriend! I can’t believe you!” You tried hard not to cry.

“It’s not that I want to marry! My father’s making me! You don’t understand how hard this is for me! Being the CEO of-”

“Yeah, I can’t understand because I’m not like a rich spoiled brat like you.You’re an adult, you can make your own decision. Why are you listening to your father?! You- Ughhhh you make me so furious, I don’t even know why am I wasting my time here.”

Kyungsoo was also trying so hard not to cry, You were his everything, the love of his life and now, he was watching you slip away from him, forever. 

“You were supposed to be mine.” you said, finally letting your tears fall. “Not hers.”


“It’s time for me to go now, I hope you’re happy Kyungsoo.” 

And like that, he watched you walk out from his life. Oh, how much he wanted to chase after you but it was impossible for him to do.


BLURBS (organized by boy then by oldest to newest)


Best friend Michael (he confesses his feelings for you)

Angsty Michael (he is partying too much and acting out and you can’t take it anymore)

Best friend Michael (how you two met in elementary school and where you are now)

Single Dad Michael  (he is raising his son on his own with the help of you, his best friend)

Angsty Michael  part two part three part four (distance starts causing a strain on your relationship)

Boyfriend Michael (this is about you having an anxiety attack, i wrote this from my own personal experience not to romanticize mental health issues, TW)

Drunk Best Friend Michael (you give his drunk ass a ride home)

Another Single Dad Michael (you are his little girls kindergarten teacher)


Best friend Calum (your teasing fun friendship turns into something more)

Visiting Calum on tour (same as the title lol you are visiting him on tour)

Neighbor Calum  (you meet your neighbor for the first time on the floor of your apartments hallway)

Spicy Self Love (plus size au)

High School Calum (Calum is a soccer star at your high school and you aren’t a fan of him, pretty much as cliche as it gets lmao) 

Best Friend Calum (Fluffy cute tour blurb)

Friends With Benefits Calum (when someone catches feelings, lowkey inspired by a scene from gilmore girls)


Frat Boy Luke (you are his tutor that he now has feelings for)

Best friend Luke (you are visiting him on tour)

Jealous Luke (after you break up he is upset to see you on a date)

Angsty Ass Luke part two part three (you go to visit luke on a break between tours and are shocked with what you find when you arrive, also has bestfriend!michael in there)

Married Luke (getting in an argument about the future for the two of you) 



“I hate you! You’re everywhere, and I can’t escape you! I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of you”

“Do you even love me?”

“Just tell me you still love me”


He wants to cuddle, but you are busy

“I know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me one more time”

“Leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do”

“Hi, my name is (Y/N), and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me”

“Can I hold your hand?”

“Prove me wrong.” Part 2

“Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?” and  “Don’t cry, don’t fucking cry”


“Mommy ate the baby?!”

“You never let anyone in, and that’s why everyone leaves”

“I just love looking at you.”


“It hurts to look at you” 

“If I’d known you’d be here I wouldn’t have come”

“Let me braid your hair, sweetie.”

“I wish I could capture this moment in a bottle and keep it forever”

RANTS (just me ranting about the boys) 

Fan Fiction Rant 

Jet Black Heart Music Video Rant  

Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 5

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] | [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9] [Pt 10]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,590

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: earlier I said that this was likely gonna be around 6000 words but I lied–if I had finished writing everything I had planned it probably would’ve been around 7000-8000, and that’s kind of outrageous imo, so. I trimmed it down :p enjoy

A few days go past but your life never seems as it used to.

Meeting Namjoon the second time had messed up your flow for a while, but you’d managed to sink back into it. This time, however…everything feels out of place. You walk to class mindlessly and don’t pay attention. At lunch you pick at your food, antsy—and walking to work is a nightmare. You keep wondering if you’ll see Jimin again when you step in through the front doors.

He’s yet to come back, but…but you’re still paranoid.

You want to know who he is—what’s going on.

Namjoon has your answers. You have Namjoon’s contact information, and yet…you’re not ready to make the call. You’re not ready to accept the changes that are lying ahead of you.

You want to stay in your quaint, boring world. You want to live your life without problems—without fearing for your safety. But you also realize that every day you wait to make the call your security diminishes. You want Namjoon to protect you—but you’re not even sure if he will. He never promised you protection, after all, only answers.

He could easily throw you to the wind. You have no real connection with him—just 2 sexcapades and a coincidental meeting. That’s it.

So you don’t call. Because despite that you’re scared of potential outside threats—you’re also scared of what Namjoon might say.

To sum it up—your life is just one big ball of anxiety.

“Hey,” a male voice speaks up, sliding into the seat beside you. You’re in your psychology lecture, and honestly you don’t even remember walking in or sitting down. But you’re here, apparently, because now there’s someone talking to you.

“Hi,” you say back, uninterested. There’s silence for a few seconds.

“Y/N…hey, are you alright?” the same voice speaks up, a hand gently pressing against your shoulder, and finally you snap out of it, the voice registering in your mind.

It’s Jungkook.

“Oh! Hi!” you say a bit too loud, feeling your face flush with embarrassment. You hurriedly turn to face Jungkook and find him frowning at you, eyebrows creased with worry.

“I…,” he starts, eyes locking with yours, and you can see the seriousness reflected in them. However, before he can speak his mind the door to the room clicks shut and your professor walks in.

“Can we talk after class?” he whispers, cautiously eyeing the professor as the man makes his way to the front of the room, and you nod.

Satisfied with your response, Jungkook moves to grab his notebook and you do the same. You’re not sure what it is Jungkook is planning to talk to you about, but you have a sneaking suspicion that it’s nothing good.

Namjoon had gone to meet with Jungkook’s father, and if Namjoon is involved in shady business then that likely means Mr. Jeon is too. And, therefore, Jungkook is connected as well.

You’re trapped in a web of men who dabble in illegal activities. Just great.

Class goes by achingly slow. Your professor drones on about the bystander effect, and your upcoming test, and a million other topics that you don’t pay attention to. You just tap your pencil against your notebook the entire lecture, and by the time your professor releases you there’s an army of tick marks littering the previously blank page.

“You good?” Jungkook asks quietly as your classmates all hurry from the room, rushing to get to their next classes. He still looks worried for you, and you suppose it doesn’t help that earlier you had never answered him.

“I—yeah…I’m fine,” you say, yet the smile you pull is anything but convincing.

“C’mon,” Jungkook mumbles, still frowning as he eyes over you, and you follow his lead as he stands from his chair and starts towards the exit of the room. You both enter the hall together, walking towards the stairs, but just as you’re approaching the double doors they open, and 4 men walk through. 3 are dressed in police uniform, and the other dressed in a suit.

Discussing amongst each other quietly, they scan the hall with narrowed eyes, and your blood runs cold when their gazes stop on you.

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The Real Frozen Fever Ending

“Best birthday present ever.” Anna said.

Elsa questioned Anna’s response. All of the wonderful gifts Elsa has given her, the bracelet, there portrait, the wonderful flowers, all of those Elsa found equally special for Anna. But there was one thing Elsa could have not seen that was ‘the best birthday present ever’.

“Which one?” Elsa questioned. Anna smiled, closed her eyes and veered down towards her lap. She focused back on Elsa. Anna’s heart was steadily beating faster.

“You letting me taking care of you.”

Elsa smiled. She did not worry anymore. Her eyes glimmered. “Anna…” Her throat swelled just a bit. “Can you… give me a hug?”

“Well of course I can Elsa.”

The girls embraced each other. It seemed like forever. Arms crossed from each others backs. “Thank you for everything Anna.” Elsa whispered to Anna’s ear.

“I will always, and forever be here for you Elsa, no matter what happens” Anna said gracefully.

Elsa’s eyes could not hold her tears. One single tear ran down her cheek, It feel upon Anna’s hand. Anna noticed, and knew Elsa was crying. Anna embraced Elsa even more.

It seemed like the longest time in their lives as they held each other. Anna gently let go of the embrace, still holding hands, gazing into each others eyes. Elsa looked though out the room.

“What is it Elsa?” Elsa focused back on Anna.

“Its just… I still feel something I cannot explain. As if its rushing to me, calling my heart out.”

Anna did not understand. She smiled, caressing Elsa’s cheek. “I think I know what it is sister.”

“You do?”

“Kiss me.” Anna said with a stern voice. Looking heavily into Elsa’s eyes.

Elsa’s heart pounded like it never did before. Her breathing became heavier. “What?” Elsa was perplexed. Her cheeks fluttered red.

“Elsa, we know what we want. All of those past thirteen years we have been separated. I would sometimes well… fondle with myself as I heard you do the same deed. I felt a strong connection. And I cannot hide it anymore. So please Elsa, just kiss me.”

Anna touched Elsa’s cheek gracefully. Elsa’s eyes closed. Slowly coming in, they accidentally bumped noses. With a light laughter in the air, they tried again.

Both girls hearts fluttered, syncing in harmony, cheeks turning rose red. Anna’s memories flashed backed from her days growing up, as did Elsa’s. Every passing major moment in their life, racing through their minds.

They embarked from their first true kiss. Everything seemed to changed for the better.

“Well… what do you feel?” Anna asked.

“So many things Anna. Its like this is a dream of sorts. But I can see you here, feel your skin, even upon my lips.” Elsa smiled and chuckled.

“So you are OK with this?” Anna felt that Elsa might have still held back. Anna wanted Elsa’s love more than anything in the world.

Elsa closed her eyes, thinking of the trouble they might have to endure if everyone found out. She remembered Olaf in that moment. ‘Love will thaw’. She looked upon Anna.

“I want to spend every moment with you Anna. You have saved my own life. You have shown unconditional love. You have given me true happiness.”

Photo credit:

“Frozen Fever Kiss” by  Yellow_Icicle .