let me hear the waves

Take me far, far away from this world. This universe. Take me to a place where only us exist in time. I’m merely convinced that whenever I’m with you, time never slows down. And with every day passing quickly, I fear a lot of that time won’t be spent with you. And that’s all I ever really want, is unlimited time with you.

Take me to a sandy beach with a lilac sky, and a breathtaking view of the blue-green ocean cuffing our ankles. Let me hear your laugh echo in the waves, and feel your fingertips on my skin as the water dances below our hips. Promise me something like that one day. Only time could be our predictor.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram


He catches you in the crowd, behind the ocean of female fans, screaming for attention, there he sees you, quietly smiling to yourself, chatting a bit with what he suppose is your friend. You don’t look at him, so he takes his time looking at you unnoticed. You hair, your cute nose. How your eyes wrinkle slightly when you smile with your entire face. Then your eyes meet his. He keeps the connection for a second, before biting his lip, looking down in embarrassment. 
When the crowd rotates, and you end up in the front line, he looks at you closely, and you feel your face heating up.
“Hi. Do you have anything I should sign?” He is so polite you think, handing him a photocard of the whole BTS group.
“Am I your favorite?” He teasingly asks, and as you nod he grins wide.
“Thank you.” You say, taking the photocard back, smiling like an idiot.

“Before I leave, do you have anything you can sign on?”
“Me?”, you asked surprised, not really connecting the dots.
“Yeah, I would like your phone number if you’ll let me have it.” This boy had some game, and of course you gave the number to him, your hand shaking while writing it down on a piece of torn paper from your notebook.

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He is fully occupied doing a silly dance for the photographers in the crowd, aorund you the other fans are cheering and covering their faces .The second hand embarrassment comes easily with the young member. He is cheerful, dancing around, doing a little goofy face for the camera and then he stops. He suddenly looks dumbfounded, and you notice he stares at you. Others are stating to notice too. You go completely blank too, and your face is probably red as a tomato at this point. 
BTs thanks the cameramen and starting to go through the crowd, as they pass by, some stop to wave at fans, maybe sign something and soon enough, V stops in front of you, taking the paper in your hand. You don’t even have time to stop him.

“Here you go” He says proudly with a smile.. you look at the paper.. his signature is in solid black, all over the small letters.
“That.. was actually my presentation for a school project..” You said, smiling vaguely, not really wanting to embarrass him more, but it was worth pointing out, also because that presentation was due today, and you had worked your butt off on it. Cheerishing it so much, you kept a hold of it during the whole day.
“Oh.” He mouths, looking down on the signature.
“It’s fine though, really. I think my teacher is a fan of BTS, maybe this will higher my grade.” You laugh, and he laughs with you.

“Maybe I can make it up to you some day? Can I have your number?”
Now it was your turn to stand there dumbfounded, blinking at the boy in disbelief.

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It was weird watching the usually happy man be at loss for words. But he just mouthed something, looking at you smiling when he came up to the crowd to sign whatever it was you held in your hand. Jimin creeped up on to him, on his side but his eyes were still locked onto yours.
“Yaah.” Jimin came in for a side hug, but J-hope just gently pushed on the other man.
“Wah, go away.” He said with a smile, wanting the orangehaired man to leave.
“Hi” He said to you in the next sentence, taking the paper in your hand, and the pen. Signing the paper.
“Hi.” You said back with an equally huge grin.
“C-could I also have a selca?” he nods and moves to your side. He smells delicious.
“If you get this picture, then can I have your number?” You already had your phone up, snapping a picture, and it caught you looking like a surprised fish, while Hoseok were stunningly flashing a smile at the small camera on your phone.

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You held your phone up, filimg the boys as they made an exit from a building. They came close, waving to their fans. Jimin came up the closest, saying hi to your phone and waving.
You were ready to just die on the spot. He was so close. 
“Helloo¨” He said, bright eyes on you, damn he was fine.
“H-hi.” You managed to get out.
“You are really pretty.” He said casually, “Do you have something you want me to sign?” You nodded, and put the phone down, and pulled up paper and pen from your pocket. 

“This please.” You said, he took it, and signed it quickly, giving it back. You also managed to take a picture with him, and when he was about to leave he stopped, backtracked and appeared in front of you again.
“Actually.. Do you want to add me on kakaotalk?”

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BTS was leaving the building, walking by the fans and some cameras. You filmed it with your phone. Some members waved, and walked by, just like he did, your bias, Min Yoongi. But soon his face popped up before you again, 
“Oh!” You said in suprise, and he smiled a bit, tilting his head.
“Can I have your number?” He casually said, as you almost choked on spot.

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He was actually clingin on V as he looked in your direction. You smiled at the sight, and he looked closely at you, realising V with a smile. 
You managed to get it on camera, and as you took some more pictures, the leader approached you, seeing that you held a pen and paper in your hand as well. You handed it out as he was near.
“What’s your name?”
“Y/N” you answered happily. 
“Pretty.” He said as he signed, and ended it with a smiley face.
“Hey, Y/N, I know this sounds weird, but maybe, I could have your phone number?” 
You choked on your words, stuttering out something inaudible.
He smiled, dimples showing.
“Is that a yes?”
You nodded, he took the notepad from you once again, but switched page from his autograph, took the pen from your hand and wrote down some numbers.
“Actually, here is mine. Be sure to write!” And he gave it back, and left before you could say anything more.

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As Jin walked by, you asked him if he could wave to the camera. He stopped, looked at you, smiled and nodded.
“Sure, anything!”
He said, and you held up your phone, he waved happily, pen in hand.”
“Was that good?” he asked, and you replied positivly.
“What’s your name?” He asked, still with a smile.
“Y/N” You said, trying to put your phoen down in your pocket, but being very distracted by the handsome man before you.
“Actually, Can I see that?” He asked, nodding his head in the direction of your phone.
“This?” You said, holding up the phone, and thinking why not, what could he possibly do with it.. not stealing it that was for sure. So you handed it to him.
“Thanks.” He said, sliding it open, tilted it so you couldn’t see the screen, and then handed it back.
“I put in my number… Sssh.” He did a sch, motion, putting his finger up to his plump lips and smiling.
“Please let me hear from you.” He left the phone in your hands again, waved, and then went on his way. You stood there silently, wondering if you were dead and actually in heaven?

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Writing prompt: the stillness of the sea.

A moonless night,
cool breeze.
Feet buried beneath
damp sands;
I sit by the stillness of the sea,
letting the light of a thousand stars
wash over me.
I hear gentle waves
that I cannot see
washing in and out,
dancing with the shore, slowly;
the tides are taking their time.
I breathe with them,
lungs expanding and deflating.
I use the rhythm
to gradually calm my mind -
It feels so tranquil,
I am the ocean tonight.

Imagine having a fight with Legolas, when he apologises you don't believe him until he begins to cry

For dreamingofbroadway1 :)


The king was holding a feast in the palace as he did every month, it was mainly just an excuse to eat a lot of good food and get drunk off sweet wine but no one was complaining. You sat next to your love, Legolas, holding his hand under the table as you all waited for the King to arrive so you could start to eat. When Thranduil did arrive, the room went silent and everyone bowed their head towards him in respect.

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“hello is this working? hatchin if you can hear me wave once to let me know you can hear me?” effie waved at her screen happily, “you should come over. lately i haven’t had anyone to talk to except for boring and stupid mino. he’s been a lot meaner lately and he’s being a horrible servant. please come and play video games with me? isn’t school out already?” 


Should I continue or no?

An excerpt from the first chapter of my breakdance!AU story. Should I continue to write and post?

Her muscles twitched in anticipation at the sound of the increasing beat. Invisible waves vibrated her skin and soaked down to her core only elevating her adrenaline more. The voices of the cheering crowd were nothing compared to the overwhelming blast of the bass blaring from the speakers and rattling the crowded arena. At her side, Alya gripped Marinette’s forearm like the clutch of an eagle with talons that refused to let go of its prey. Amber eyes remained fixed on the dance floor in mixed forms of awe while sapphire orbs scanned the surrounding patrons for anything to calm her frantic nerves.

This wasn’t her scene. How Alya managed to convince her to tag along still baffled her, yet, this was her best friend she was talking about. This woman could talk her way into meeting the Queen of England without even trying. All the half-Chinese girl can do is sigh and pray that she doesn’t decide to do something stupid or crazy.

With a mocking gesture towards his opponent, the taller, red-clad man on the dance floor waves his arms upward, earning a boisterous whoop from the crowd. On queue, the music dies to end the match, and the DJ plucks the microphone from its stand and points towards the dancers from his perch on the second floor. 

“All in favor of our local boy, Le Dislocœur, let me hear you holler,” the dark-skinned man cheers, creating a wave of fist bumps and shouts. “And what of our new challenger, Mirage?”

A chorus of boos erupted from the crowd, causing Marinette to shrink under the noise. Despite the prestigious school she attended, never had she even considered this sort of criticism from her peers. This wasn’t the harsh stares and sharp words exchanged between student and teacher, this was the real world telling a person whether they were worth the stage or not. Although she only tagged along to support Alya, Marinette’s stomach knots in anxiety nonetheless at the thought of her best friend being jeered from the stage. The dark-haired teen knows her friend has skin thicker than steel, but all her hard work and passion she put into her routines would be for not if the people here put the vote against her.

“With an overwhelming amount of applause, Dislocœur, wins the match,” the DJ announces, signaling for another round of cheers. Leaning over to grab the slip of paper resting on the table next to his set up, he brings the crumpled note in front of his face and squints at the illegible handwriting. “Next up, we have returning favorite, Climatika-” The room bursts with energy at the name before being lowered once more by the man at the mic. “-and our new contender, Lady Wifi!”

Although not as joyous, the crowd still whooped in anticipation at Alya’s alias. Turning back towards her friend, amber irises slid shut as the bronze-skinned woman gave a thumbs up with a wicked grin spreading across her cheeks. “Wish me luck!”

Bon chance…” 

It took all of Marinette’s will to mutter the statement as she watched Alya’s hip-swaying strut to the stage before turning to catch the DJ smiling widely at her friend’s dominating entrance. If there was one thing her purple-garbed companion would win tonight, it would be the attention of the male populace. She glided around the outer edge of the dance floor before raising her hand towards the teen at the mic.  

“Let’s make this match a little more interesting,” Lady Wifi announces, silencing the room. 

Oh no… 

Marinette knew that tone all too well; her friend was about to do something stupid crazy.

“A two versus two battle,” the bronze-skinned woman continued before scanning the crowd. “Who wants to see that?”

Amber and sapphire irises locked, and in that span of three seconds, Marinette knew she was fucked. 


“Crystal” Stevie Nicks Practical Magic (by phoebejparker)

Then I knew
In the crystalline knowledge of you
Drove me thru the mountains
Thru the crystal-like clear water fountain
Drove me like a magnet
To the sea

33. Life Now


*Year and A Half Later*

“What’s wrong with mommy pops?” Jayden asked me.

“She’s real sick Jay,” I said he nodded

“She has a fever?” he asked me

“Yup, you ready to take care of her everyday?” he nodded

“Yea, she always takes care of me when my stomach hurts,” he said I chuckled running my fingers through his hair and grabbed his hand as we went to pick up Sev’s medicine.

“Can I help you?” I looked up too see Jenay standing behind the counter

“Jenay?” I questioned in a shocked tone she chuckled nodding.

“Hey August,” she smiled slightly

“Wussup,” I mumbled handing the paper to her.

“Hi Jayden,” she said looking down at him.

“Hi,” he mumbled going back to his game.

“How you been?” she asked me

“I’m straight, you?”

“I’m clean 5 months strong so that’s something,” she said

“That’s good,” I sent her a small smile.

“Dad can we buy mommy some food too? She has to eat,” he looked up at me.

“Yea we’ll get her something,” I watched as the smile dropped from Jenays face after hearing him call Sevyn mommy.

We’re not even about to get into that, it’s been a year and I’ve moved on from everything. We’re doing good, everyone is so why go back and relive the past?

Cole & Tae had their baby girl Kamryn who just turned one and Jayden is crazy protective over. Nicki and Rocky had their baby boy Prince. Take that up with Rocky man.

Chris & Ciara went ahead and got engaged and we’re expecting babies in a few months. Vash and Sev are expecting. Yes I said Sev, she just hit three months and I ain’t the only one excited about it either. Jayden is ecstatic and swears he’s having a little sister, he’s also mad at Rocky a little cause he wanted to give Nicki a baby first. I don’t know where they found this little boy at but hey that’s my boy.

“Thanks,” I said to her as I grabbed the bag and walked out the pharmacy.

“What you do you want to eat Jay?” I asked looking through the rear view mirror.

“Chipotle,” he said I chuckled nodding driving off.

“Pops,” Jay called out

“Yea,” I answered

“Is she still my mom?” he asked me I sighed shaking my head.

“Yes she’s still your mom Jay. She gave birth to you,” I answered honestly.

“But I want Sevyn to be my mom,” he pouted.

“She is Jay,” I paused I really have no way explaining this.

“She will always be your mom, for the rest of your life,” I stated he placed a smile on his face and nodded. For the past month Jayden has had his questions about Jenay he’s growing and he wants to know things. He’s starting to have dreams about her and Tristan again and that shit is real upsetting. The fact that he will never forget these things annoys me, but as long as he knows me, Sev or anyone else for that matter won’t do him like they did I’m good.

As far as everything with Tristan goes, after him dying no one has ever spoke his name again and I also feel as though a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

“Uncle Brandon,” Jay yelled as we walked in the house.

“Wussup boy,” he smiled picking up I walked over and dapped him.

“Where Tiff at?” I asked him

“Upstairs,” he said I nodded

“Sev what’s wrong?” I heard Tiff ask while I walked in the room.

“There’s blood Tiff where is Aug at?” Sev cried I ran in the bathroom too see Sev sitting on the floor by the toilet.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked kneeling down beside her.

“I threw up a clump of blood babe. I don’t know if something is wrong with the baby or not,” she cried

“Calm down, c'mon,” I coached as I helped her up.

“You want me too come Aug?” Tiff asked I shook my head no.

“Stay here with Jayden,” I said she nodded. Sev and I then walked downstairs and out of our apartment.

“Everything will be fine Ms. Mayers and your baby is as healthy as ever,” the doctor said I smiled looking down at her stomach.

“Thanks Doc,” I said shaking his hand he smiled leaving the room.

“How you feeling babe?” I asked her.

“Better after hearing that, but really I just don’t want to be sick anymore and I’m hungry,” she said I laughed a bit shaking my head.

“Well Jay is ready to take care of you and we got you some chipotle at the house,” I said she shook her head no.

“I want some vanilla chocolate chip ice cream, with double stuff Oreos and chips ahoy,” she whined I sucked my teeth driving off.

“I’m not buying you that shit Sevyn,” I said she smacked me upside my head.

“Fine, I’ll just ask Brandon to get it for me,” she said as tears formed in her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” I asked she wiped her eyes before the tears fell.

“Because you won’t buy my snacks and I’m going to get fat and you or Jay won’t love me anymore,” she sighed wiping her eyes. It’s fucked up that I wanted to laugh but Sev and her damn hormones are hilarious to watch play out. Cole and Rocky warned me when she first got pregnant but I thought they were over exaggerating.

While it was annoying for them to go through it with Tae and Nicki I find it entertaining. All except for when she gets real upset that shit blows.

“Sev would you calm down. You are not going to get fat and even if that was too happen me or Jayden ain’t going no where so chill,” I paused looking over at her.

“I’m only buying you ice cream,” I said she smiled big and began clapping once I drove off from the green light. What am I going to do with this girl man.


*2 Days Later*

“You have to stretch that Sev,” Chris called out I looked at him through the thick glass and nodded.

With me feeling slightly better I managed to find myself back in the studio working. It’s been like a year and a half since everything went down and I’m happy to say that he’s out of our lives for good.

Everything for me and my family has been great. Working in the boys and girls club has been one of the best things to happen in my life but I’ve moved on to bigger things in life.

Making music for the world to hear is where I’m at now and ‘It Won’t Stop’ did it for me. In the past year I’ve wrote songs for some amazing artist and now it’s my time to shine outside of behind the scenes life.

With that and other great aspects of my life there really is one that stands out to me the most. Aug and I are expecting our first child together and I’m so happy for this. I’m hoping for another boy but Aug & Jay is hoping for a girl so we’ll see.

“Let me come hear it,” I said he nodded waving for me to come out. Placing the headphones over the mic I walked out the booth and over to the seat next to Chris.

After listening to the song full out we were satisfied with the outcome along with the small changes made with the song.

“So preggo how you feeling?” Chris asked me.

“I’m just happy that I’m getting over this damn fever, but don’t question me Chris what about you and my baby. I would of never thought you and Ci would be the first to get married out of all of us,” I chuckled he shrugged.

“Me either, it still feels like we met the other day at the club but it’s really about to be two years I’ve been with her. She’s everything,” he confessed

“Aww,” I cooed pinching his cheeks

“C'mon Sev,” he waved me off I bust out laughing as I grabbed my bag.

“You bout to head out to the center?” he asked me I nodded as we left the studio and got in my car.

Rocky and Aug decided to open a 'Youth Center’ along with a sneaker and clothing store that’s being worked on right now. In no way was this Mob and Sinners life about to be apart of them for the rest of their lives especially while Nicki & I have a say so in it. I’m just proud they’re doing something smart with their time.

“Where are my babies?” I asked as soon as I saw Nicki and Tae.

“Prince is sleeping,” Nicki pointed to the stroller. Of course Rocky would give his child some type of royal name, I like it though. Prince Joyde Lamar Mayers. Nicki may have birthed him but this is really aunties baby, I indeed treat him like the Prince he is.

“Kamryn is over there with her dad,” Tae said rubbing my stomach.

“How is my baby girl?” she asked me I waved her off.

“My baby boy has mommy all sick,” I said shaking my head.

“Well Kamryn had me the same way except I got real sick in my last stages with her. It was real bad,” Tae said I huffed taking a seat.

“I hate being sick so hopefully there won’t be anymore,” I said.

“Hi Mama,” Jayden smiled kissing my cheek. There are days where I feel like I actually gave birth to Jayden especially since we’re so close. This is my baby.

“Hi baby,” I said running my fingers through his rough curls.

“Come watch me beat uncle Rocky in basketball!” he exclaimed

“Auntie Tae where is Kam?” I chuckled shaking my head he is very protective over her.

“With her dad Jay,” she answered he nodded and grabbed my hand pulling me inside the gym.

As of right now kids were waiting to be picked up, while some parents waited for their kids to come out whatever after school activity they participated in.

“Jayden you beat me man,” Rocky said as they sat down.

“Told you, you owe me a hundred bucks Unc,” he said.

“I ain’t got it man, ask your mom she the one with all the money,” Rocky smirked I nudged his head just as Jayden jumped on his back. I bust out laughing watching these two go at it.

“Jay is your dad here?” he shrugged

“I came with Uncle Rocky & Uncle Trey” he answered.

To see that Rocky and the boys have grown a brotherhood made me so happy and to see how close Aug & Rocky has gotten led me to rub it in their face. I told them they’d learn to love each other but they didn’t believe me talking about being cordial.

I made my way towards the office not knowing if he’d be here or not. Opening the door I was shocked yet amused at the sight before me. A face I hadn’t seen in awhile wore a shocked but scared expression. That’s the amusing part about it. But here is the shock.

I’m not trying to jump to conclusions here but would you if you walked in your boyfriends office too see him and his ex-crack head baby mama sitting way too close for my comfort and her hand on his knee. Let me know if I’m over reacting right now.

I looked up at the ceiling and smiled. Now lord you know I’m happy with this blessing of being with child but something like this would happen at a time like this right. Jenay is so lucky I’m pregnant right now.


“In The Sea” - Ingrid Michaelson

No no don’t rescue me
I like the salt water sting
It feels so good to feel
It feels so good just to feel something
In the sea in the sea in the sea in the sea