let me go to new orleans

How VICE media’s new platform Broadly STOLE my Caramel Curves project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Broadly is supposed to be a station that VICE created to empower women. Broadly was allegedly created for women, by women and about women. They proudly boast about how they are feminists and are bringing women together. Don’t let this camouflage fool you like it fooled me. Broadly is a vulture. A soul sucking parasite that can only survive by leaching every ounce of original content from it’s host.
I am a victim that Broadly chose as a host and extracted it’s ideas and original content from. A few months ago I shared with a friend that I wanted to turn my photo project about the Caramel Curves into a doc. This friend started working for Broadly, pitched my idea and in May they asked me if I would make a short doc about the Caramel Curves for them. They explained that it would be a celebration of my photographs and that I would have creative control over almost everything. We discussed my role as the co director over and over again. At a meeting with some of the Caramel Curves, Broadly assured them that I was co directing this project. The leader of the Curves told Broadly that the only reason why she was going to let Broadly make a documentary about the group was because she trusted me. She also told them that If I was not directing the film her and the gang were out. VICE promised me and the Curves that we would be shown the footage that was shot, weigh in on the editing, and approve of the final cut before the piece was published.
I pushed for a crew from New Orleans but Broadly insisted on sending me a crew that was already VICE staff. After all they were facilitating the budget, so I agreed. After sending me a crew from New York City and a camera man from hell we spent a few days shooting this project. The conditions were incredibly stressful. It was a daunting task to get the dp to listen to anything that I told him. He refused all direction regarding his camera work, but was happy to have me direct the Curves.
I should have trusted my gut and been more assertive but since one of the people that I was working with was a friend that I’ve known for over 5 years I decided to just roll with the punches. At one point my lovely subjects - smart and amazing Caramel Curves became very suspicious of VICE and Broadly and wouldn’t sign release forms. They also wanted a guarantee that they could have copies of the footage for their personal use. The crew and I discussed this obstacle and the camera man from hell came up with an idea. He callously said, verbatim “I just got back from Ghana where we were shooting a doc about boxing. You should just do what I did when I was there - just lie to them and tell them they are going to get what ever it is that they want. I mean, we are never going to see these people again.” I was absolutely appalled. That pretty much set the mood of the entire shoot. I felt pitted between my subjects who I much respect and the dubious Broadly crew.
The Curves came out of the shoot unenthusiastic. They didn’t send their release forms to VICE. My “friend” at VICE put pressure on me to get them. I told her that we wanted to see the footage. She kept stalling… She would apologize and tell me it was coming. The pay check also never showed up, same story. I sent the releases, trusting my friend", and also VICE as a normal law abiding media outlet, to finish the project according to our contract. I was paid when they received the releases, but was never sent the dailies. No rough cuts, no outlines, no paper edits. Then, an email with a link to a rough cut, and a second email a day later saying sorry the piece is online! I was never able to show the Curves the edit, nor give my input. For this, and many other reasons, the piece is shallow. It kind of sucks compared to the real story of the Caramel Curves, which is beautiful. None of us in New Orleans are happy about the process at all. Vice doesn’t mind if we are deceived exploited and disposed then of.
Last week Broadly launched their awful site and kicked it off with my Caramel Curves project. This is a project that I have spent 2 years working on. That friend that I was telling you about earlier, well she took most of the credit, and her little minions that got sent down from New York with her got whatever credit was left over.
I complained to Hannah Gregg. She left me a voicemail and a text that apologised for what had been done and basically said that she knew they fucked up, but it was too late to do anything about it. I posted this story on my instagram and Tracie Morrissey, the creator of Broadly left me a few comments. She told me that I didn’t actually do anything for them and that I should be ashamed of myself for trying to claim this project as mine.
VICE didn’t know what to do with creative women so they made a ghetto for them called Broadly. Please spread the word that VICE and Broadly are vultures and will do anything they can to steal original content from independent artists. Don’t let them take advantage of you or anyone that you know.



He does meet her in person one day.

It’s been decades, not that their faces show it. But there’s contentment in her eyes, a sense of purpose, the light that he admired for the first time all those years ago still there, still shining. Once he’d thought that it would dull with time, sharpen into something vicious if she truly embraced her inner monster.

Klaus finds he’s actually quite pleased to be proven wrong.

Not that she is still the same girl though, the girl who would let others take and take and take from her until she had no more tears to give them. No, this Caroline standing on his doorstep has a spine of steel and will not bend for anyone so unworthy.

“Are you going to stare at me or invite me in?”

Klaus smirks (the same arrogant smirk), she smiles (that same radiant smile), and he steps back to allow her through. The compound is quiet that night, his family left to their own pursuits, some very far away indeed. He’s absurdly grateful for that at the moment.

“What brings you to New Orleans, love?” he asks casually, too casually for the way his mind races with possibilities. But he’s never been one to lose his upper hand, though she might be the rare exception.

“I received the cheque you sent last month.”

“I’ve donated generously to your school for years Caroline, I don’t recall this being the standard thank-you protocol.” Anyone else and it might be a rebuke but there’s a twinkle in his eye and he’s all mirth. He’d never sent the money as a bribe to bring her here, even if he had allowed himself to hope that this might one day happen.

Looks like one day had arrived.

Caroline matches his casualness, admiring the art on the walls, looking over the decorating with a critical eye, though she’s unable to fully hide her admiration. “You’re our biggest benefactor. Thought it was time to say thank you in person.”

Klaus raises an eyebrow and strolls closer, clasping his hands behind his back because it’s all he can do not to reach for her waist and pull her close, see if the taste of her matches his memory. Instead he stops a hair’s breadth away from her back, letting his breath wash over the shell of her ear. “If I remember correctly sweetheart, I was the one who promised to thank you.

Caroline turns, and for the first time one of them breaks. Her breath stutters from how close he is and in a moment she’s seventeen again and they’re standing on a field before he says goodbye.

But that was then and this is now, and Caroline does not intend to say goodbye to him tonight.

There’s no point in playing with pretense, they’ve had decades of coy flirtations through handwritten notes, the barest of communications still managing to covey a wealth of possibilities for a future that would only come if one of them took the first step. Klaus had promised her that she would be the one on his doorstep and it’s nearly been a century since that dance…Caroline finds she’s actually quite willing to compromise her pride, just a little, if it means they can finally see if long-ago promises are capable of becoming something real.

“I had to come here,” Caroline explains, and she lets the neutral façade slip and forces herself to look him in the eye with the bravery he’s always admired in her. “You kept your promise to never come back.”

“I regretted making that promise several times.”

“But I’m glad you did. Things happened…maybe they had to happen the way they did.”

Klaus very much disagrees, but she’s here now and that’s what matters in the end. But now they were inches apart and the possibility of a beautiful future is right there in front of them – only neither knows what to do with it.

“What now?”

Caroline smiles and raises herself just a bit, enough to brush her lips against his. She does taste the same, and then some, sweeter and richer and nothing his memory could possibly do justice. She doesn’t press further though, and it’s not a kiss, not really. It’s a promise. A possibility.

“Champagne,” she whispers against him, so softly he barely catches it. “It’s our thing.”

Klaus pulls away, staring into those eyes he’s painted a hundred times over. “And then?”

“And then…Rome. I need a vacation.”


“My French is perfect.”


She laughs, and Klaus swears this is the heaven he never thought a bastard would find.

“Pour that drink first. We’ve got time.”


Babies please SIGNAL BOOST THIS!

BLACKLIST him nowwwwww!!!
I just saw him this weekend and since classes resumed Monday I’ve been to busy and traumatized by what this disgusting man has done to me to even write about it.

I’ve been speaking to him on and off for awhile because he’s just so flakey and I should’ve gone with my gut instinct about him. Something always never felt right. He is the master at manipulating you into thinking he will pay.

Seriously considered checking into the hospital and filing a rape report to the police… But sadly he knows my real name… I never ever give out any personal info. But he convinced me into thinking he’s this incredibly trustworthy guy and that HE had to be the one to schedule my travels not I, so of course he needed my name and DOB. I’m afraid if I say or do something he can fire back at me by contacting my parents. And my parents are incredibly strict conservative small business owners who already have enough on their plate as it is.

Before meeting up with him on New Orleans he kept telling me how I’m not a real SB because I didn’t know how it worked… That I’m not suppose to accept allowance until the arrangement is “finalized” and by that he meant until I let him fuck me. Which of course I was completely against and told him I will not get on a plane unless he has my allowance for the first month ready in full which was 7k what we agreed to. And as soon as I got to New Orleans he let me know that we were going to be staying in a room TOGETHER he didn’t have my suite separate at a diff hotel or room like he promised. And kept talking and talking about how this is how it’s going to go down and that it’s completely normal and it would be abnormal of I were to stay elsewhere and not with him so he can keep me safe?? TF. The only thing I needed protection from was him.

He later pressured me into staying in the hotel no matter how badly I wanted to leave but I was scared because he could easily hurt me or rape me or something I was already in the suite with him and he was following me and looking at my every move.

I tried to make the best of it and keep my cool and tell myself that maybe I was just overreacting but things for intense after that, he walked over to where I was in the suite and forced himself on me. I just layed there looking away with tears streaming down my face. No words can describe the disgust he gave me. After I politely declined and told him now is not the time he proceeded to onto he anyway despite my comments and feelings.

He is a scam!!! A liar and a fake!!!!

After it was done and I went in the shower to cry I went out there and told myself I will not be empty handed after what I just went through so I will collect what he owes me and leave. Getting a dollar out of him was basically prying it off his cold dead fingers. He said 7k was too large of a sum of money to carry in his person while he travels so it would have to be a wire transfer from his offshore account.

I was so fed up with ALL HIS FUCKING EXCUSES it was excuse after excuse after excuse and everything needed and explanation and he was just so full of shit!

I told him to log onto his account and I will put my info in it and make the transfer myself and I did and guess what three business days have gone by and NOTHING the asshole didn’t even have fucking funds!

I left after the transfer by bus back home because I did NOT want to wait out the weekend with him in the same hotel until my flight so I left right away.

I just can’t believe how badly he manipulated me. He is dangerous!!!!!! Please please stay away from him!
He has a lose wallet when it comes to the travels with reserving he best hotels and picking a beautiful city to meet in etc but has NO intention on paying you for your time or giving you an allowance and basically only invests on the travel to get you alone and take advantage of a much younger girl.

BY THE WAY he lied about his age he’s fucking old and that picture is from like 10 years ago.

He’s from Houston, TX. He works at UTCoverseas. He’s about 50. Stalky 5'7 an just fucking disgusting I hate him and I hate what he fucking did to me.


PS I sent him a message yesterday about my transfer not coming though and that he is not a man of his word and is a tasteless businessman and grotesque predator. His only response was that due to the market collapsing he won’t be able to follow through on his end of the deal and wishes me a good life and that I was a good fuck……. This man is fucking sick. BLACKLIST fuck

I Miss the Misery: A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

So this is based off the song I Miss the Misery by Halestorm. Hope you guys like it!

Part Two

I’ve been a mess since you stayed,
I’ve been a wreck since you changed,

Kol wasn’t expecting her letters to be among Klaus’. 

Any other time, he probably would’ve thrown his brother across the room for going through his things, but when he saw the familiar cursive handwriting, he remembered that he had in fact been dead, so it probably didn’t matter. 

He sat on the bed, knowing he had to hide these from Davina if their relationship was to work. 

She wouldn’t like knowing that there had been someone else in the picture. 

She definitely wouldn’t like knowing the heartbreak this person had caused. 

She most certainly wouldn’t like knowing that she was the first person he had ever turned all those centuries ago. 

Y/N Y/L/N. The first girl Kol Mikaelson had ever loved. 

And so, checking no-one was around first, he began to read, reminding himself of all the reasons she had been a part of his life.

Don’t let me get in your way,
I miss the lies and the pain,

He was reminded of the night she left, the night he practically threw her out. 


One night before he was daggered and his family whisked him off to New Orleans. 

“Well, you made a right mess of that!”

“I’m sorry?”

She and Kol faced each other, emotions rising. They had just come back from a hunt, and she, in a supposed moment of weakness, had  let someone go. Which would result in them telling the whole of Cadiz that vampires lived among them. 

After 600 years of being with the Mikaelsons, you would think that mistakes like that would go unpunished. 

Apparently not. 

The two continued to fight about it. Normally, it probably would have ended in sex of some kind, that was how these two made up, but not this time. 

This time it was her who changed. 

”I can’t, I can’t keep doing this anymore Kol. I can’t keep worrying about whether or not we’re going to get caught. I thought the whole point of this was being carefree.”

”Well, if that’s how you feel, love, maybe you should just go.”

So she did, and never looked back. 

I miss the bad things,
The way you hate me,
I miss the screaming,
The way that you blame me!

Kol missed the fights with her.

He missed how they would always blame each other, and then Elijah would run in, call them both idiotic, how they were both as stubborn and as reckless as each other. 

It was what made them a perfect match. 

When the dagger was pulled out of Kol’s chest a century later, he did make an effort to try and find her. 

To apologise. 

To tell her he loved her. After all, it was why he had turned her.

Of course, now she would be dead. After he had died back at the hands of the Gilbert boy, his entire sire line perished. Including her. 

Miss the phone calls
When it’s your fault,
I miss the late nights,
Don’t miss you at all!

More than anything, Kol missed the times when she accepted that she was to blame. 

How she would show up, tears streaming, begging for his forgiveness. 

How he would pick her up, spin her around, attaching his lips to hers, her hands in his hair as he carried her to the bedroom. 

How, that night, all that would exist would be those two, their bodies merging as one. 

He tried to pretend that it was the sex that he missed, after she left, but anyone with a brain would know that it was really her. 

Her eyes, her hair, her smile, the way his name would roll off her tongue. 

Things he would now never experience again. 

I like the kick in the face,
And the things you do to me!
I love the way that it hurts!
I don’t miss you, I miss the misery!

Of course, Kol had Davina now. 

A sweet girl, whom he loved. He really did. 

But he would never have the things he had with Y/N, with her. He would never turn her, he knew that. 

He would never be with her for centuries. He just had to make do with the time he had now. 

Folding away the letters, prepared to go and see his current girlfriend, Kol was somewhat surprised to hear shouting from downstairs. 

So he followed it. 

He saw his two older brothers towering over another, almost in an attempt to hide this new person. 

“What’s going on?”

As if on cue, Elijah and Klaus were pushed aside to reveal the new arrival. 

Kol was taken aback. Confused. This wasn’t possible. 

The same eyes. The same hair. The same smile. 

The same feeling when his name rolled off her tongue. 

“Hello, Kol. Miss me?”


Virgin Mary 2.0//Elijah Mikaelson

A/N: I’m probably gonna make multiple parts for this, also reader is Hayley’s sister and the story starts at the end of episode 1 of season 1. 

Part 1!      Part 2!       Part 3!

“WHAT?” You screamed into the phone.

“Hayley you can’t be serious! How did this even happen? And most importantly why am I being punished for shit that you did?!” You angrily asked. 

“Don’t get mad at me! Get mad at the witch who did this to you. Be glad I told you!” Hayley argued. 

“You need to come to New Orleans so that your Jesus baby daddy can take care of you.” Hayley said. 

“Right, and who’s baby am I carying? I atleast want to know his name.” You said.

“His name is Elijah Mikealson, he-”

“I know who he is, he’s an Original, he’s my roomate’s brother.” You said, looking around for Rebeckah. 

“Well she’s supposed to coming here for Elijah or something.” Hayley said. 

“I’m gonna go pack, I’ll see you tomorrow with her.” You said before hanging up. 

“So let me get this straight, your brother, Elijah, the guy who’s baby is in my stomach. Called you and told you that I was in danger because of his baby?” You asked Rebeckah, as you were driving to New Orleans. 

“Basically, he just told me that some witch named Sophie linked herself to Klaus’ baby mama and told her that Elijah’s baby was in your stomach. But I know you never met him and you’re a virgin so… think of yourself as Virgin Mary two point oh.” Rebeckah said, laughing. 

“Oh great, I’m pregnant with some guys baby that I never met.” You sighed. 

“Don’t worry, your sister got the worst brother. Elijah’s the noble sibling, he’ll do anything for you and Hayley, protect the babies.” Rebeckah said trying comforting you.  

“Whatever, you’ll be there so I know for sure that I’ll be okay.” You said looking at her through the pale moonlight. “I’m scared Rebeckah.”

“It’ll be fine, we just have to let my brothers do whatever while you and your sister are babysat by me.” Rebeckah rolled her eyes. 

“But you realize that I have no superhuman powers, I’m human until I kill someone. And what does that make the baby? Half-human half-vampire or half-werewolf half-vampire?” You asked.

“We won’t know until that baby is out of your stomach. Time will tell. Oh! What are you hoping the baby will be? A boy? A girl? A vampire? A hybrid?” She asked, taking her eyes off the road to look at you.

“I don’t know what I’m hoping for, I guess I’ve always wanted a boy and a girl, but definitely no supernatural powers for my children, not if I could help it. But I don’t think that’s gonna be possible with an Original vampire’s baby in my stomach.” You said, eyebrow quirked up. 

“Don’t be so mad about it, as soon as you have the baby and we figure what it is, we can, I-I don’t know, leave all the problems that Klaus will cause. You and I could raise the far, far away from the problems my family bring.” Rebeckah said.

“Oh! Maybe you’ll fall in love with Elijah, I can see you two together. You guys would be so cute together! Maybe that’s what’ll happen, then we can all be a happy family!” Rebeckah exclaimed. 

“That’d be like the happy ever after, after the pregnancy.” You smiled, before dozing off. 

The feeling of someone shaking you was what woke you up. You also recognized Rebeckah’s voice telling you to wake up, her voice sounding all most panicked.

“Ugh, are you okay? You sound panicked.” You said, rubbing your eyes.

“That’s because your baby daddy has been daggered and handed off to someone dangerous.” Rebeckah said, motioning for you to follow her into the house. 

“So this is Hayley’s sister? The non-werewolf, werewolf?” A male voice said behind you. 

A loud smack was echoing around the house as you whipped around to smack whoever was behind you. 

“Wow, for someone who’s almost a foot smaller than me you’ve got bite.” He said. 

“Hardy har har.” 

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Shutting the door, your mind was trying to make sense of it all. You came across a startling discovery, the Mikealson’s held an ancient secret. One that you just uncovered - vampires were here, alive, well technically dead and walking around New Orleans.

Attempting to take steady breaths you ran from the compound to your city view apartment. You suspected Elijah was hiding a secret, but not even your inner child would have ever imagined vampires.

The apartment door opened, magically by itself. There stood Elijah wearing his signature suit. “I can only imagine how much your mind is spinning right now. but if you allow me, I’ll tell you whatever it is you wish to know”.

He was so calm. It wasn’t like you expected him to scream or shout, that was your job. But comparing your body language to his, calm was an emotion that seemed so non-existent.

“I don’t want to know anything, I just want you to leave”.

You weren’t familiar with vampires, not like most people. But the little information you did know allowed you to remember that vampires had to be invited into homes, and Elijah hadn’t been invited into yours.

Unbuttoning his suit, he used the doorway threshold as a leaning post for his hand. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Y/N. You see, despite this new found information you’ve obtained my job is to keep you safe. Enemies lurk in the shadows even hide in plain sight, and I can’t let you roam around New Orleans alone. Now please, invite me in so we can talk”.

“I’m not going to invite you in Elijah, because this conversation is about to be over. I just need to know one thing”.

He looked at you intently, studying your emotions. “And what’s that?”.

Lip trembling, you stared at the original vampire. “Was any of it real? The fancy dinners, taking me to your favourite spots in New Orleans, the expensive gifts, telling me about your family…sleeping with me. Or were they just ploys, distractions so I wouldn’t find out who you really are?”.

Elijah stepped as far as the barrier from not being invited in would allow him too. “I assure you Y/N, none of that was a lie. Not for a moment, not even for a second. I care about you, I lov-”.

Putting your hand up to stop him from finishing his sentence, you took two steps forward. “No, don’t! Please do not say it”. Voice cracking, forcing you to whisper the last few words.

“I love you”.

Closing your eyes, a single tear rolled down. Re-opening them, Elijah came back into view. “I told you not to say it, why did you have to say it?”.

Elijah frustratingly banged on the invisible barrier. “Because it’s the truth. I need you to know that this version of me, the 1,000 year old vampire, is the same Elijah Mikealson that you meet that day at Rousseau’s. I’m begging you Y/N, invite me in”.

Reaching for the door you took a brief pause. “No. I’m sorry Elijah. I’ll keep your secret, but I never want to see you again”. Slamming it shut, you rushed over and made sure the locks were tightly secure.

Snooping around the compound was now a decision you deeply regretted.



Warnings: Possessive Roman, Klaus x Reader dirty flirting

“Roman…” You muttered wearily.


“Who?” he spat out and jerked the car to a stop without looking at you.


“Why does it matter Roman I’ve made my mind up.” You sighed and lent further away from him while gazing out of the red roadster.


“Is it Tyler, you were staying in Mystic Falls all summer?” Roman asked.


“Roman just take me home.” You sighed and avoided meeting his cold gaze.

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Kol Mikaelson- Why not?

Originally posted by imaginary-desires

The bell rang out signalling the end of the school day, being a senior was annoying because I was so close to freedom, yet not quite there. I walked outside with a few of my friends, promising to see them at cheer practice later on.

I looked onward to see a tall figure leaning against a black car. Grinning, I said goodbye to the group and rushed forward. I leapt into Kol’s arms, it felt like a life time since I’d seen him, but he’d only been gone a week, staying in New Orleans with his family.

“I missed you” I mumbled, sniffing in his intoxicating cologne,

“Wouldn’t have been gone so long if I knew this would be the reaction darling” came the sass filled reply, “C’mon lets go home” He let me down and gestured for me to get in the car.

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anonymous asked:

The twins + Hope going full Parent Trap after they meet at Caroline's School For Gifted Youngsters.

Okay, so this drabble is semi-canonish, and I know this won’t be many people’s cup of tea since it involves the magical babies. This is how the future of Klaroline is looking (ONLY ON THE SHOW) but I did have fun writing this drabble. It’s kind of cracky, but I’d been asked a couple times to write this scenario so I hope you guys like it :)


It took Caroline only three months to regret admitting Hope Mikaelson as a student at the School for the Young and Gifted.

She blamed Klaus.

It was nothing against the 8 year old girl. Hope was one of the most talented students the school had ever encountered, and that was including Caroline’s own magical daughters. She was sweet, thoughtful, and always eager to learn from her teachers. But ever since the arrival of Hope, Caroline’s life turned upside down in so many different ways.

First of all, she was up to her elbows in Mikaelsons.

Freya joined the school as an teacher for three classes a week. Lizzie struggled the most with controlling her powers, so she soon grew closest to the oldest Mikaelson witch, much to Caroline’s surprise and exasperation Rebekah was constantly sending Caroline links of school uniforms and how her niece desperately needed a wardrobe upgrade. She didn’t know how she was supposed to handle that, and would always forward those messages to Hayley. Kol popped in every few months to check on his ‘favorite niece’ and crack jokes about when the twins would become Hope’s sisters.

Josie overheard one time and was not happy when Caroline shot that idea down.

After that, Kol was no longer allowed on school grounds without supervision.

Josie and Lizzie immediately took to Hope when she visited the School for the Young and Gifted in the Mystic Falls chapter that Alaric headed up. Their bedroom in New Orleans, where they spent the majority part of the school year, was littered with artwork down by the youngest Mikaelson who had inherited her father’s artistic talent. Josie was constantly begging Caroline to allow Hope to be their third roommate.

Caroline prided herself on being able to compartmentalize her life. When she was working at the school, she was focused, driven. When she left work, her nights were spent with the girls unless they were with Alaric for that time of the year, and then she stayed on the couch, stuffing her face with beignets.

But of course, Klaus found his way to weasel his way back into her thoughts.

Annoyingly enough, Klaus was one of those parents. He sent daily emails with suggestions for the school (Caroline regretted including him in the parent suggestion email chain), sent random checks once a month whenever there was a minor incident (Lizzie felt so bad about setting the sink on fire and when Klaus saw he cry, he bought the twin a new bathroom practically), asked about field trip chaperones, and made himself impossible to ignore.

As annoying as the daily emails were from Klaus, Caroline secretly loved them. Whenever he not so subtly mentioned parent teacher conferences, or how he wanted to fund a PTA, she found herself amused and stuck grinning like an idiot at her computer more often than not.

He was not at all coy in reminding her that his affections remain unchanged throughout the years. After Klaus and Hope visited the school in Mystic Falls for the first time, Caroline found a few sketches of her and the twins on her armoire in her house along with a rectangle shaped black velvet box that contained the infinity bracelet that she threw back in his face nearly ten years with a simple “thank you” note.

When she didn’t respond, he sent a 3 million dollar check and letter.

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Klaus’ Girl

Words Count: 1506

Warning: None



Requested by @mellacharmed

2 and 23 with Klaus Mikaelson <3

2) “Let go of me! You’re a monster.”

23) “This isn’t a fantasy world, this isn’t Narnia.”

You’re a bartender in one of New Orleans’ many bars, the bar you worked in is located near the French Quarter. You weren’t stupid you knew something was going on in the night, but you just never knew what.

“Hello, again.” You greeted one of the new regulars, which didn’t happen often, with the place being filled with tourists you rarely saw the same person more than three times. The British blond, a man with the name of Klaus Mikaelson, sat in front of you. As he did every night now. He always sat in the middle of the bar, so he’d be able to talk to you. And you’d both talk fir house on end. He’s a very intelligent man, you found that out after a few conversations about life and your beliefs and what not.

“Hello (y/n).” Klaus said giving you one of his charming smiles. “How are you this fine evening?”

“I’m fine thank you, how are you?” You poured him a glass of bourbon, his usual drink. Klaus gave you a smile.

“I’m quite alright.” He said taking a sip from his drink. “I saw you at the festival today.”

You frowned. “Then why didn’t you come and say hello? Or am I talk-able to only in bars?”

“No love, I was going to talk to you, but I saw you were occupied with… your friends and I didn’t want to intrude.”

“It would’ve been alright, you could’ve met my friends.” You said and served a man his requested drink with a smile, before turning back to Klaus. “I know you met a few of them already, but one my best friends was there you would’ve liked him, his name is Marcel. I think I mentioned him before.”

“You did mention him before, which one was he?” Klaus asked already knowing the answer. He knew you know Marcel, but he didn’t know your relationship was that strong as to call him a best friend.

“I’ll show you.” You took out your phone from your pocket, put in the password then clicked on the photos icon and looked in your most resent pictures to find one of you and Marcel, it was from today at the festival. You took a selfie with the two of you, both smiling wide at the camera.

“I think I’ve seen him before.” Klaus said while trying to hide his jealousy, of how close and happy you and Marcel looked.

“He used to own of those big houses in the Quarter, he threw the best parties, some were so fancy.” You told Klaus who only nodded.

It was around 1 AM that Klaus left. But un-known to you he always came back and followed you home to make sure that you were safe.

You finished work around 3:30. Your flat wasn’t that far from the bar only three blocks away. The streets were calm and quite, but you could hear parties from some hoses as you walked. You had your ear-phone in, blocking everything around you.

Suddenly you were pushed to a wall, you let out a scream that was muffled by a hand.

“What is a cute little thing, like you doing out alone at a time like this?” The man asked, he sniffed and even licked it. You struggled and tried to push him of you, but he’s grip was like iron, you couldn’t shake him of you. He then flashed you a smiled before he moved his head back to your neck, before out of nowhere he was pushed of you. You let out a cream when you saw Klaus in front of you. The man was on the floor un-moving and his heart in Klaus’ hand. He let the heart go and you flinched as it touched the floor with a small thud.

Klaus took a hold of your shoulder as he tried to calm you, you were shaking still in shock. But when he touched you, you creamed and pushed him away.

Let go of me! You’re a monster!” you exclaimed. “Don’t you touch me.”

Klaus let go at once these words left your mouth.

“I know your scared and confused, but love you have to listen to me.” Klaus said calmly. He understood what you’re feeling and tried to cover how your words hurt him. You stayed silent so Klaus continued. “He’s a vampire, he was going to drain you of blood and kill you, I had to stop him… I am a hybrid both a vampire and a werewolf.”

You looked at him as if he was crazy. “Stop laying, it isn’t funny!” you shouted. “This isn’t a fantasy world, this isn’t Narnia. Where everything is possible.”

“How about you call Marcel?” Klaus suggested and took and took out his phone, he unlocked it opened his contacts and gave you the phone. You cautiously took the phone, and saw Marcel’s name that got you even more confused. You pressed on his name none the less. It rang for a few moments before the line came alive.

“What do you want Klaus?” Your best friends voice was loud and clear in your ear, you looked wide eyed at Klaus wide eyed who gave you a nod.

“I-it’s me Marcel.” You said quietly and shaky.

“(y/n)? What happened?” why are you calling me from Klaus’ phone?” You didn’t know what to say, so you thrust the phone who took the phone from you and explained everything to Marcel.

“He’s on his way.” Klaus said once he finished talking to Marcel, you were sitting on the ground with your head in your hands, you looked up at Klaus and nodded. Your eyes trailed down to the heartless which caused tears to run down your face. It wasn’t every day that you see a dead body, mind you a heartless one, with the heart laying next the body.

In no time Marcel arrived, he was with two of his men, they quickly took the body and were gone in a flash, but you didn’t even notice them as Marcel couched down in front of you, and pulled you to him your head hiding in his chest, as you cried. His hand ran through your hair, making you feel safe.

“It’s okay (y/n), it’s going to be okay.” Marcel told you softly. It wasn’t often that Klaus saw this side of Marcel, usually only with Davina.

“B-but he killed h-him, h-he took o-out his heart, with…” “I know baby, I know.” Marcel said calmly, he took a hold of your face looking at you. “You always knew that there’s something going on in New Orleans, everything Klaus told you is trye.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’m a vampire too.” Marcel said, his eyes turned red with vines around them and fangs extended from his mouth. You shook your head and whimpered. “I should have told you, but I just didn’t want to lose our friendship. You’re the normal in my life.”

You let Marcel hug you once more.

“Let’s get out of here.” Klaus said looking around at the dark street, before returning back to you. “You must have a lot of questions.”

They both led you to Marcel’s old house. You looked at them weirdly.

“It belongs to Klaus and his family.” Marcel answered your un-asked question. And that’s how the night was spent, both Klaus and Marcel explaining and answering all your questions about the supernatural. Some of their answered got you to ask even more, but they didn’t once get annoyed or refused to answer.

You stood alone looking at New Orleans from one of the balconies in the house. The sun was rising, people were beginning to rise and get ready for a new day.

“I hope that now you understand why I did what I did.” Klaus said from behind you, you sighed.

“I do, I understand.” You said not turning to look at him. “I just don’t understand why’d protect me. I’m nothing special, you must have met and seen all kinds of women, so why did you protect me? Or even befriend me?”

You turned sideways so you’d be able you look at Klaus. Klaus was already looking at you, your eyes met and you almost got lost in his blue eyes as he was lost in yours.

“I fancy you.” Klaus said softly. “I like you.” You smiled and shook your head, giggling. “What are you laughing about?”

“It’s just funny for one of the eldest creatures alive to ‘fancy me’.” You said and your smile fell, before you looked at Klaus again. “And for me to feel the same is even funnier and crazy at the same time.”

Klaus said his dimples making an appearance, before he laughed. You joined him, and like the crazy people you were you smiled and laughed. Maybe it was because you stayed up all night and didn’t get much sleep, but you truly felt happy and safe with Klaus. You thought maybe this is the start of something extraordinary.



Notes- The countess wants to speak you when she sees you at the bar one day. James comes to get you and this leads to a sexual encounter. There is some swearing and sexual scenes. 

Words-  1,652

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You walked down the familiar halls of the Cortez in only your robe. It was early in the morning, your husband wasn’t in your room when you woke up and you decided you needed to get out. You headed for the bar hoping the Liz was already there waiting to serve those that need a little pick-me-up. As you walked down the staircase you saw the workers of the hotel trying to get everything dusted, vacuumed, and mopped before ten o’clock. Tristan was sitting at the bar when you got there, so you knew that Liz was somewhere nearby. Tristan gave you a small smile as you sat down a couple chairs away from him at the bar.

It was weird that in little over a year ago you hadn’t even thought about ghosts truly being real. After a day out of partying you and your friends had stumbled into the hotel in desperate need of somewhere to sleep. You woke up at exactly 2:25 A.M. and made your way down to this bar. You chatted with Liz for awhile before James had approached you.  

He started flirting with you and took you back to his room. He told you everything, starting with he didn’t want to hurt you because you were far more beautiful than anyone he’s met. James told you about Elizabeth and that even compared to her he thought you were something special. He told you he was a ghost and you immediately asked for proof. James Patrick March became both the most frightening man and the most intriguing man you had ever met. You stayed at the hotel because you wanted to learn more about all of the permanent residents. One thing led to another and eventually you had married James.

When Liz walked up to the counter of the bar she interrupted your thinking when she asked,”What can I get you this early?’’

“A shot or two of whiskey is all,” you answered.

“And where’s your lover at?”

“I don’t know he wasn’t in bed when I woke up.”

“Interesting,” Liz said as she pour you two shots of whisky.

She moved over to Tristan and they began having what appeared to be a deep conversation. As you finished the second shot you felt a small hand on your shoulder. You slowly turned around to see the countess standing behind you. Her platinum blonde hair was laying perfectly on the right side of her and drifted past her shoulder. She was wearing a tight gold gown that showed plenty of skin. “ I would like to have a word with you my darling,” she said sweetly to you.

“Are you sure about that,” you questioned. You noticed that Liz and Tristan were watching you out of the corner of your eye.

“Yes, please come with me to my room so we can speak more privately. “

You followed the countess through the hallway up to her room. She seemed to glide across with ease. Of course, she knew the exact way to her room and easily could have done it blindfolded. You honestly didn’t know what to expect from her once you entered the room. “Have a seat anywhere you like,” she told you as she pushed open the door. Her room was both dark and bright. The dark walls were bathed in neon from the signs hanging on them and the simple white furniture surprised you. You figured everything would be as grand as possible and that everything would be covered in the most expensive material possible.

When the countess came back she was carrying a wine glass full of a deep red liquid.

“I don’t have to drink blood anymore, but sometimes I crave the flavor,” Elizabeth licked her bottom lip.

“ I don’t mean to be rude, but why did you want me up here,” you questioned.

“James is a waste of your time.”

“I have to disagree with that actually.”

“You could do much better than him. You could be with someone who is actually alive.”

“Why do you want me to leave him so badly all of the sudden?”

The countess pause as if she were thinking of everything in the world all at once before she spoke,” I may not have liked him, but he was mine. People don’t take what was mine.”

“ I didn’t really take him from you,” you said,” he went after me more than I went after him.”

“Darling, if I can’t have him I would love to have you.”

“No, you can’t just claim me or whatever. I’m not a toy or a pet, especially not for you.”

The conversation stopped when there was a loud bang at the door. The countess moved to answer it and waved to you to stay where you were. You looked to see who it was and noticed the broad shoulders only your husband had.

“Elizabeth, I have come for my wife and I suggest you let me in. I would to have to enter on my own.”

“How do you know she doesn’t want to be here,” the words left the countess’s mouth more as a statement than a question.

“Because I don’t, so please move out of the way so I can leave.”

The countess just glared at you as you made your way to the door. She didn’t budge until James pushed the door open. You reached your hand out making sure that James was grasping it incase Elizabeth tried to pull any tricks.  The door slammed shut behind you just as you had gotten into the hallway. James wrapped one of his arms around you and you rested your head on him as you walked to your shared room. “ I think she was trying to make me scared or horny or both,” you said.

“Intriguing,” James spoke.

“ I don’t think she wants us to be together and wants me gone but by gone I mean her’s.”

“That’s seems to be a typical act she performs. This time she’s not going to reap any awards.”

You leaned your head and quickly kissed James jaw as you entered the elevator. As the doors opened James hands moved around your waist. You punched in the buttons as he pushed your against the elevator wall. You had made sure you pressed a few extra before the stop at your floor. His lips pressed harshly against your neck and you could feel him begin to suck at your skin. You threw your head back to make sure James had full range. James moved lower making sure to kiss every spot of kiss before he moved down. You pulled at his dark hair and made a total mess of it. His lips made their way back up to yours. You bit down and his lip and heard a low moan come from his throat. You could faintly taste alcohol in his mouth with a dash of cigarette. To your dismay, the elevator parted open for your stop. James moved to pick you up in his arms and keep the deep kiss going, but the countess was already waiting.

“Isn’t this a lovely sight,” she spoke.  You walked in front of James and felt his hand pull at your wrist for you not to. You did anyway, you knew the faster you could get rid of her the better.

“Bitch, I don’t know why you think you’re so great. I don’t want to be with you neither does James. If one us wanted to be with you don’t you think we would? Anyway, you need to just back the hell off now. I’m not scared to call for someone to get rid of you. You’re a ghost, I’d just have to find someone to banish you. I could probably find a witch in New Orleans who could help me with that.

The countess stared at you in disbelief after the words left your mouth. You don’t ever recall speaking to anyone like that before, however you did feel better after letting the words out into the open air.

“If you feel that strongly about it, I guess I will be going,” she said and faded away into nothingness.  You walked to your room and pushed open the door with James behind you.

“My queen, I’ve never heard you speak like that before.”

“It’s because I never do.”

“I found it to be quite exhilarating,” he lifted an eyebrow at you before continuing what you began on the elevator. His tongue moved across your body as your nails dug into his. He began teasing you more and more. You felt him push into you, which only made you dig your nails into his skin deeper. You both were moaning as James began to thrust harder and faster. You pushed your body as close as his as you could. You wanted to take as much of him as possible. You felt yourself moving to the verge of being finished and could tell it was the same for James. As one last, loud moan escaped your bodies you pulled his head down to yours. You pushed your lips against his and just left them there. You didn’t have to make out with James or even have sex with him to feel him. Just being with him gave you every feeling in the world you needed.

James rolled over onto his side and you curled up against his chest.

“ (Y/N), I think every time just gets better,” James said after catching a much needed breath.

“ I love you,” you said with all of your passion behind it.

“I love you too and no one is going to be able to stop me from that,” James said as he kissed your head. He wrapped both of his arms protectively around you. You drifted asleep taking in his scent and the feeling of love beaming off of him.  

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A rescue mission - simple, clear as day instructions on the sole purpose of coming back to New Orleans. 5 years had gone, you had been living in a lake house overlooking nothing but trees and water. It was beautiful, it was home. It was meant for you and Kol. Unfortunately the only piece missing of the puzzle was Kol.

3 days ago Hayley dropped by unannounced but that didn’t matter when you saw Kol standing on the porch. The world froze, stopped at the sight of him. Running into his arms, no other feeling could have ever matched being in his embrace. They told you of the plan to rescue Klaus and save Hope, he had suffered enough and it was time to reunite the family - to make it whole.

Kol didn’t like the idea of you tagging along. He wanted you safe, away from Marcel’s grip, out of reach from any danger. But, you argued intensely that Klaus was your family too. Just because your last name wasn’t Mikelason, it didn’t mean you cared about him any less. Reluctantly and with much, much convincing Kol had no choice in the matter. You were going and that was that.

Returning to New Orleans an eerie feeling. Everything still looked the same, however nothing felt the same.

“Tell me again why I have to stay behind?”. You asked for the millionth time. Elijah along with Freya had already entered the tunnels leading to where Klaus spend the last 5 years. Kol was keeping watch over Josh, but found out that Rebekah could be in danger.

Cupping your cheeks, he was always gently with you. Even if his mood didn’t reflect that emotion. But Kol tried his hardest to not let you see him lash out, to not witness his unstable vampire side. “Because, darling. It’s too dangerous out there in those streets. I need you to remain here for my own peace of mind. I’ll come back for you as quickly as I can. I’ll always come back to you, Y/N”.

His touch, oh his touch. How you waited 5 long, excruciating years to feel it. “Be safe and hurry back”. Kissing him, it felt like the first time. He returned the kiss with such deep passion. “I love you, Kol Mikaelson”.

Smiling at those words, ones he hadn’t heard in a long time. “I love you too”.

Taking a seat at one of the chairs closet to you. Here you were again - waiting for the man you love to return to you.

Kol grabbed Josh and pulled him to the side. Listen very carefully. If Y/N so much gets a paper cut on her finger while under your watch, things won’t end well for you. I’m trusting you Josh, which is very hard for me to do right now, to protect the girl I love while I go help my family. Do you understand me?”

Josh frantically nodded. “Loud and clear”.

“Good. I sincerely hope you don’t make me regret my decision, Josh”. Kol vamp sped away.

And he didn’t.

Once Klaus was safe and more important free. Rebekah and Kol decided to go their separate ways from the family. Rebekah went wherever her heart desired, she sent postcards and the two of you spoke on the phone often. You and Kol? Ended up back at the lake house, back home to how it should have been all along.



Reader x Klaus

Kings Masterlist

“Roman what’re you doing here?” Tyler asked when he stepped through the front door and found him waiting.


“(Y/N) where is she?” He snapped, not answering his friends question or even acknowledging his mother.


“Did you try calling her?” Tyler’s mother went to fuss over Roman who shrugged.


“She won’t answer her phone.” He spat and Tyler let out a snort of laughter.


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Virgin Mary 2.0 PT.II//Elijah Mikaelson

Part 1!     Part 2!     Part 3!

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“Hardy har har.” You said sarcastically, looking up at who you assumed was Klaus.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Hayley shout. 

Turning around you say her running towards you at full force, arms wide open. She ran into you full force, her face buried in the crook of your neck. 

“I haven’t seen you in, what, 10 years?” You said, smiling at your sister. 

“I can’t believe it’s been that long.” She said. 

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Klaus Mikaelson

I sighed contently as I felt the warm sweet taste of blood run over my tongue and down my throat into my favorite, quenching my hunger. I drank and drank until I felt the body in my arms fall limp. As I throw him to the ground I looked around at the floor full of almost lifeless bodies. “Well, that was fun. But I am all too sure that there is a reason you’re here. So other than dinner, what are you doing here Rebekah?” I asked, standing up and walking over to my best friend for over 900 years.

“Who said I wanted something, Y/N? Maybe I just wanted to see my best friend.” Rebekah pouted at my accusation. I looked over at her raising an eyebrow, making her roll her eyes at me in response.

I rolled my eyes back and turned to look at all the bodies lying on the floor. I snapped my fingers and raised my hand, willing the heads of our latest meal to look my way, into my eyes. “You will leave this bar after a shot of our blood and go home. Sleep this off and when you wake you will only remember a good night of drinking, dancing and loud music.” I said compelling them all. Rebekah handed them each a shot glass of blood and we both watched as they downed the shot and left the building, tired and seemingly hung over.

After everybody had left I grabbed a bottle of bourbon and walked over to a booth where Rebekah Sat with two glasses. “OK, so, maybe there is a reason I came here.” Rebekah smiled as she took the bottle from my hand and poured two drinks.

“I know this is, We have been best friends since before you turned me all those years ago.  Bekah, I’m the only one knows you that well.” I laughed as I took a glass and drank from it. “So, what is it?” I asked, a little serious now, placing the glass on my lips and shifting in my seat.

“Well, I want you to come back to New Orleans with me.” She said quickly, making me choke a little on my drink. “Look I know it’s not the greatest place on Earth but I could really use you there with me.” She explained, standing up, and moving to sit by me. I just watched her as she made her case.

“Look, I don’t know about this Rebekah. I like it here.” I replied, but I had lied and I could see she knew that. Moving to New Orleans was something I could never do in the past, too many bad memories there. “Bekah, the last time I was there, I was captured and used for my never ending supply of hybrid magic. Going back there, It would just bring back too many memories…especially of me and…”

“I understand that Y/N, but I need you. HE needs you. Plus you’re always telling me that I’m about how much you’re always wanted a family. but you already have one. Me, I have always treated you like a sister, and I hope that’s enough.” Rebekah said truthfully. I nodded and smiled.

“I know that Bekah and of course it’s enough. You’re my sister, not by blood but by heart and choice. In my eyes that’s the best kind of family. It’s just what if i’m not wanted.” I sighed, I knew it wasn’t true, I was loved by the Mikaelson family, but that was a long time ago.

“Y/N, you and I both know that won’t happen, my family love you. besides, Elijah is quite excited to see you again and Kol…well, Kol is the same annoying arse you know and love.” She told me.

 "And Niklaus?“ I asked.

"Well, to be honest, he is still the same old narcissistic, back stabbing wanker, who will do anything for you.” she laughed, a small smile appeared on my face. But it quickly vanished once I remembered the last time I saw him.

“I just can’t Bekah, the last time Nik saw me I was being held captive by Mikael and was forced to use my magic to find him. I don’t think he will ever forgive me for that and even if he did, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for betraying him.” I whispered sadly as the memories came flooding back.

“Look, Mikael is dead, not coming back. You did nothing wrong. Nik knows that and he always understood why you did it. Y/N you did it to save me from my father. After you left with him we knew there had to be a good reason for you to go. Elijah found out about my fathers threat to hurt me. we all did everything we could to get you away from him.” She spoke soft and comforting. I know she was right after Mikael found out about me being half vampire, half witch hybrid, he caught me and used the once I loved against me to make sure I did what I was told and use my magic to find Nik.

It was quiet for a while, so I used this time to think about the pros and cons of going back with Rebekah.

First the pros: I wouldn’t be alone anymore and I’d have my family back, which is all I ever wanted. I’d get to speak with Rebekah more and see Elijah and Kol. I could start over, maybe even get back to the old, adventurous, fun loving me.

Cons: Nik may very well have not forgiven me and throw me on the streets. I might not be able to handle being around him, it’s been a long time and I really don’t like the thought of being around him and not being happy.

I thought for a little longer and soon enough I came to a decision. I turned to Rebekah and smiled, “OK, I’ll come home with you. But, first, we need to make a stop a my flat to pick up a few essentials, the rest I’ll just buy new I guess. Most of it is out of date anyway.” I laughed, grabbing my jacket and standing up. Rebekah Let out a small squeal and dove at me wrapping her arms around me.

“OK, come let’s go.” She shouted excitedly.

*Two hours later*

After a few hours of shopping and Rebekah telling me stories of the Mikaelson family adventures since I left, we finally reached my apartment building. “OK, come on, I’ll get what I need and we can get on the road.” I told her as I unlocked the door and walking inside my small apartment.

“Wow, this is quite cozy, isn’t it?” Rebekah laughed as she looked around my tiny one bed apartment.

“It’s not much but it’s only for when I’m bored for the big city and need a bit of peace.” I told her. I lived in New York most of the time, but every now and the I like to stay in this tiny apartment, just me, where I can get some peace.

I walked into my bedroom and grabbed  small travel case and opened it, placing it on my bed. I packed a few things that I couldn’t but anywhere. My photo albums and a few bits from over the years. “Bekah from in the an you grab that box from on that shelf, please.” I asked her, rearranging a few things so the box could fit in.

“Crap.” I heard her mutter as the box landed on the floor at her feet, “Sorry Y/N,”

“It’s fine really.” I laughed as I walked over to help her pick it up.

“What is this stuff anyway?” she asked rummaging through the old paintings Klaus had given me and letter he had sent me. She soon stopped when she found a small black box. she opened it and I watched as her face dropped a little once she saw the ox was empty, which of course made me laugh.

“Do you really think I would keep a ring and not wear it? Really Rebekah, I thought you knew me better than that.” I asked, pouting a little. She gave me a confused look and lifted my hands up.

“I don’t see any ring,” she retorted. I nodded and rolled my eyes.

“I never said I wore it on my hand.” I replied, as I smiled, pulling the ring that hung on a chain around my neck. “It hurt to wear it all the time, but I couldn’t part with it so I came up with this alternative.” I explained. She took it into her hand to get a closer look. It was a very old and very beautiful diamond ring.

“Who gave it to you?” She asked, letting the ring fall against my chest. I raised an eyebrow and gave her a look as if to say ‘Really’. “Oh, well why not wear it?” she asked.

“I didn’t feel I deserved to. He gave me the ring as a promise of his love and I didn’t feel I deserved his love.You know after everything that happened. But I also couldn’t let it go. It always felt like if I were to part with it, I would be parting with Nik forever and I guess I still had hope he would still love me.” I explained as I absentmindedly played with the ring. “Right, I got everything, lets go.” I said bringing myself back to reality.

*The next day*

The car ride here was enjoyable, music playing, us singing along with it. It took us a little longer because we ended up spending the night in a hotel because we got tired and its like an 19 hour drive from NYC to New Orleans and we both got tired of driving. The nerves set in when we were about an hour away but Rebekah help by taking my mind off of things. Once I saw the lights of New Orleans, where I had been trying to avoid for many years, I suddenly felt like I was coming home. I was so excited but nervous at the same time. it felt really good to know I still get a funny tummy when I am close to my family.

“Welcome home Y/N!” Rebekah cheered as she pulled up to a big house. I smiled and laughed as I looked around, taking it all in. “Well, Well, Well. If it isn’t Y/N Y/L/N.” I heard someone shout. I turned to see my other best friend standing at the top of a set of stairs. A young woman, holding a little girl was standing behind him.

“Elijah Mikaelson. How lovely to see you again.” I laughed as he 'ran’ down the stairs and over to me into a tight hug and spinning me around. “God I’ve missed you Elijah.” I sighed burying my head in his shoulder.

“As have I.” He replied kindly.

As we hugged a little longer I heard a low growl and a clearing of a throat. I looked up to see the young woman holding the baby starring at me. “Easy there little wolf, I’m just saying hello to an old friend.” I smirked at her as she made her way down to Elijah’s side. “Besides, he’s not my type.” I smiled.

“Yeah, you prefer the Psychotic murdering type, right?” Rebekah called from the car. I turned and smiled.

“Exactly.” I called back.

“Y/n this is Haley and her daughter Hope.” Elijah introduced, I nodded and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Haley.”

“You too…So how do you know the Mikaelsons?” she asked, shaking my hand.

“Oh she used to date Niklaus.” Rebekah answered, now standing by my side.

“Oh nice. you weren’t kidding about the psychotic Murderers being her type.” she scoffed.

“Easy there little wolf, I might not be with him anymore but you say anything bad about him I will not take it lightly.” I snarled, slight.y raising my hand as if you harm her.

“Y/N, don’t, I doubt she knows about the two of you. It’s not like we tell her every family secret.” Elijah reasoned.

“ OK, you’re right. Besides, if I recall correctly he was your type at one point too.” I replied pointing at hope.

“You know about Hope?” Elijah asked confused.

I smiled and nodded. “What, you didn’t think I would not keep tabs on you all. besides, when Rebekah was hiding her a while back she came to stay with me for a bit.” I explained, waving my hand towards hope to which she just smiled at.

“You took my daughter to stay with her.” Haley retorted. I raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Don’t mess with me pup, I have been around for a hell of a lot longer that you and I can do things you have never dreamed of seeing. I have power beyond your tiny little wolf brain can handle.” I sneered. I watched as she handed Elijah the baby and turned to me.

“Haley, don’t.” Elijah warned.

“What’s she gonna do? Because honey, I’m not someone you want to mess with. I’m a hybrid, you know what that means. Half vampire, half Wolf. One bite could kill you.” She snarled. I nodded and looked to Bekah and Elijah. Before I flicked my hand up and Haley began to lift into the air.

“ I’m not sure you understood me when I told you I was powerful.” I spoke calmly. I put her back on her feet and smiled. “I am the most powerful being on the planet, half vampire half witch. so I wouldn’t brag about you being a wolf/vampire hybrid, because I can take that away from you just as easily as it was given to you.” I laughed before walking off to pick up my bags and walk towards the house.

“Wow, not even back in town for five minutes and already you’re starting trouble with the wolves.” I heard Kol laugh from the top of the stairs were he had been watching.

“Kol, Hey.” I smiled wrapping my arms around him the best I could. As I pulled away my eyes looked about, looking for someone in particular I guess.

“He wanted to keep his distance. Didn’t think you wanted to see him.” He smiled, know who I was looking for. I nodded and shrugged before following Kol, making my way to my room, which was, by some accident I’m sure, opposite Nik’s room.

I spent a couple of hours unpacking the clothes I had bought while out shopping with Rebekah. I put my photo frames and albums on the shelves. Then I pulled out the 'Nik’ box. I sat on the now made bed and began reading the letters, smiling as I could almost hear his voice read every word in my head. It was a voice that could make even the most bravest man shiver with fear. nut me, it made me shiver for a whole other reason.

Klaus Mikaelson was thought to be the most feared man in the whole world. He was thought to be evil, psychotic and a monster. But me, I knew him better than that. He was kind, thoughtful and would do just about anything for the ones he loves most. That was the man I loved, and he still is the same man today.

Back when I first met the Mikaelsons, I quickly became close to Nik and Rebekah. Rebekah treated me like a sister from the start and Nik…well he treated me like a princess. protecting me, caring for me and loving me the best he could, with his whole heart and I loved him just as much as he loved me. Rebekah turned me so Nik and I could be together forever because she always believed he deserved to be loved, even if he didn’t believe it because Mikael always told him otherwise. After everything with Mikael happened I ran away. The only person I told my whereabouts to was Rebekah. Of course she told Nik who sent me letters, he first told me I knew I needed space so he wasn’t gonna come after me unless I wanted him to.  

“I see you kept his gifts and letters” I heard Elijah speak.

“Every single one.” I smiled up at him, putting down the letter I was reading.“ I missed him El. Everyday I would come home from what ever I was doing and for a second I’d be so excited to tell him about my day, then I would remember and the pain felt bad all over again.” I sighed as he made his way over to my bed. He sat next to me and nodded.

“He missed you too, just as much, i’m sure.” I reassured me. I nodded and he picked up a few of the painting Nik had sent me. “ You want help putting them up?” He asked. I nodded and stood up picking up the hammer.

“Let’s do it.” I replied.

It took about 30 minutes to get the drawings and painting up on the wall. We sat and admired hem for a little. I liked how Nik sent me picture of his memories. It felt like I was with him through out his adventures. I had a few favorites. One was of Rebekah and I, One was of Hope as a baby and the third was what he thought our wedding day would look like.

Elijah soon left, being called away by Haley so I was once again left with my thoughts so I sat on my bed and just looked at all the paintings and drawing he had sent me.

“Has anyone ever told you, you should be thinking so hard…Dangerous things happen when you hatch a plan.” A voice I knew all to well spoke throw my closed door.

“It’s only dangerous for those involved.” I laughed softly. “Usually ends well for me though.”

“Yes if I recall correctly the last time you plotted something dangerous we ended up killing a whole lot of people. You almost died in the process.” He spoke sadly. “Then you left.”

“Are you gonna stay out there or are you gonna co me in here and speak to me Nik? I don’t wanna speak through a door.” I told him. I didn’t move from my bed because if he waned to see me, he would come in. I didn’t wanna force him to see me if he wasn’t ready.

The door swung open and there stood the breathtakingly handsome Niklaus Mikaelson. “Hello love.” He smiled as he entered my room. I sat up a little and smiled subconsciously reaching for the ring that hung around my neck.

“Hi.” I whispered.

It was quiet fora while, we just looked at each other, not knowing what to say. I say thee on my bed as he looked around my room, looking at the art work on my wall, the photos of us ans the box of letters. then he found the ring box. He opened it and I could see the hurt in his face as he saw it empty. “You didn’t keep it?” He asked sadly. I shook my head and smiled.

“No, I wear it, all the time. see.” I told him taking the chain from around my neck and handing it to him.

He took and and smiled a smile that still left you breathless. “I remember the day I gave this for you. I had finally gotten you back from my father. I told you that if you had to leave, you had to promise to let me know you were safe.” He reminded me. I replayed the day in my head.

“Yeah and I promised you that when I was ready, I would find you again. I would do all I could to win your heart again.” I remembered.

“And  told you my heart would always belong to you. I swore that when you came back I would never let you go again.” He smiled down at the ring. “And that I would marry you.”

“Yeah, I remember. I took the ring and promised the same.” I nodded, taking a deep breath.

“So, are you back?” He asked hopefully.I looked around and it was then I noticed Rebekah, Elijah and Kol stood by my bedroom door, waiting for my answer.

“I never stopped loving you, you know. I left because I couldn’t bare the thought you didn’t love me anymore. I wanted you to know that.” I told him.

“Do know that, and I love you, I have everyday since you left. You are the only person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with, so..are you back?”

I nodded and smiled, “I am.” I laughed. I had never felt so happy than right now.I was back, with my family, the family who, even though I abandoned them, they still love me and seeing them all smile at me gave me an overwhelming sense of Joy. “I’m back for good, to win back the heart of the man I gave everything to."I said calmly. declaring my intentions.

I watched as Klaus took the ring from my chain and knelt on the floor. "You have always owned my heart Y/N. Nothing has changed that, even after all this those years and I do intend on keeping my promise. So once you had said yes to forever, But I’m asking you again, will you do me the honor of being mine forever. Will you marry me?” Nik asked taking my hand in his.

“I would love nothing more than to marry you Niklaus Mikaelson.” I whispered, to happy for words. Tears began forming in my eyes as Klaus slipped the ring onto my finger and kissed my hand.

“Forever and always.” He smiled up at me.

“ Maybe even longer.” I replied pulling him to his feet and bringing his lips to mine.

“I love you Y/N” Rebekah called over to me.

“I love you too Bex” I called back laughing, as everyone ran into my room and they all wrapped their arms around me.

“We all love you Y/N” Elijah smiled.

“I love you all too.” I smiled as we stayed like this for a while. I just wanted to stay like this forever.

“I love you Y/N” Klaus smiled over at me.

“I love you too Nik” I smiled back. this is the happiest I’ve ever been and I have a feeling things are only going to get better.

Marcel Gerard: Mrs. Gerard

Words count: 1086

Warning: None

Summery: You’re married to Marcel, and Klaus likes you and causes a scene. So Marcel gets jealous. (season 1 of the Originals) 

A/N: A bit shorter than I would’ve liked, but I’m so proud of it, so show it some love. Also I have trouble with the internet so the gif won’t upload so i’ll add it later.

You’re the queen of New Orleans. You have been the queen for a bit over a hundred years. Well since the day you married Marcel Gerard that is. You met him right before the Mikaelsons fled New Orleans, leaving it burning.

You haven’t met any of the originals, all you know about them is from Marcel. That is all changed when Klaus Mikaelson came to town. He’s the first original you’ve met, but he certainly wasn’t the last. you then met Elijah and lastly a jealous Rebekah.

You knew Klaus is smitten with you, about the third time you met him. Thus making Marcel is more protective than ever.

Tonight you were having your annual masquerade party, on Halloween. You were wearing one of your sexy dresses, you dolled up putting more makeup than you usually do and to finish it you had a mask on.

You finished getting ready, the masquerade had already started. You slowly walked down the stairs the dress trailing behind you. Marcel suddenly was at the bottom of the stairs, holding a hand out for you.

“Thank you for finally joining us.” You slipped your hand in his and gave him a flirty smile. Marcel bowed his head lightly to you and pulled you to his side, just as you took the last step. “Mrs. Gerard.”

“Why thank you Mr. Gerard.” You smiled at your husband. “Noe let’s go greet our guests.”

You and Marcel walked around and talked to some of your friends. Everything was going well until the Mikaelsons showed up. You and Marcel both eyes them, before one of your girlfriends mentioned for you to join them.

“Go enjoy your time.” Marcel said when he saw how hesitated you are. Marcel leaned in and kissed you on the corner of your mouth, he then let go of your waist.

You walked to your friends and all started conversing for a while, you were laughing and having a good time.

Unknown to you that you have a secret admire watching you from afar. Klaus is standing at the bar admiring you as you laugh your face lighting up, he admired how your hair fell down your back gracefully and moved as you shook your head.

Klaus finished the drink he had and put a smirk on his face as he walked up to you. He was full of arrogance and cockiness. Klaus tapped you on your shoulder, you turned to see who it was only for your smile to fall when you saw the hybrid in front of you.

“Can I help you?”  You asked the vampire.

“Yes, would you mind giving me this dance?” Just as he said that a slow music started, you rolled your eyes.

“I do mind.” You said and turned around to your friends who were awkwardly watching the scene unfold in front of them.

“Come on love, just one dance.” Klaus insisted and moved so he was again in front of you. You huffed and said no as you once again turned away from him, this time you went to the bar.

“Is it because of Marcel? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me dancing with you.”  Klaus said and followed you.

“A) Marcel wouldn’t like it B) Even if he did I don’t want to dance with you C) I don’t like you so go away.” You listed to him and signaled for the bartender to get you a drink.

“Now love you don’t know mw.” Klaus said and you sighed, annoyed.

“I know enough.”

“Well I don’t, so tell me how old are you?” Klaus leaned into the bar to look at you.

“Older than I look.” You gave him a smirk and got drank your drink in one go and left the glass on the bar and turned to leave Klaus, but before you could he got a hold on your wrist. Your head whipped around and you glare at him, he was shocked. You had that glare that made people cower in fear.

“Let. Go. Of. Me.” You hiss taking a breath between each word. The music suddenly stopped and you were the center of attention, all New Orleans vampires took a step closer ready to defend you if needed be.

“You heard her let go of her Klaus.” Marcel’s voice echoed in the silence. Rebekah and Elijah were by Nik’s (it’s so hard not to write Nik instead of Klaus)  Klaus’s side, as Marcel was by yours.

“Niklaus let go of (y/n).” Elijah said looking at the vampires around him and his siblings.

“Why? They’re just baby vampires to us.” Klaus said not taking his eyes off you. “And Marcel doesn’t deserve her.”

You growled and vines appeared under your eyes and your eyes turned red.

“NIK! She’s their queen, they’ll do anything to protect her.” Rebekah said to her idiot of a brother. “And stop pissing everyone of.”

“Klaus, let go of my wife.” Marcel said taking a step forward Klaus. Klaus slowly let go of your hand and in a blink of an eye he was gone.

“I’m sorry for what my brother has done.” Elijah said to you sincerely. “He doesn’t know when to stop.”

“It’s not your fault Elijah, and thank you.” You told the older Original and turned to your loyal vampires. “Now, why did the music stop?!”

As the music started again you took a hold of Marcel’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor. You wrapped your hands around his neck and pulled him close. His hands were around your waist in an instant, it was like a reflex.

“I’m okay Marcel.” You told Marcel looking at his stressed face.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Marcel told you pulling you even closer.

“And nothing will.” You told him your hand caressed his cheek. “I love you and only you, you know that right? And no one will ever be as good for me as you are.”

“I love you too, just as much.” Marcel said his face getting closer.

“Not possible.” You breathed out, as Marcel’s hand ran up and down your back ever so slowly.

“You’re right, I love you more than you love me.” You giggled and closed the distance between the two of you. Your lips met in a passionate sync. You didn’t care who was watching, you were declaring you love to each other for everyone to see. Even though everyone could already see how much you two loved each other, and one doesn’t exists without the other. Your love was truly pure.

My love is stronger than my fear
Jeanne/Aveline de Grandpré
My love is stronger than my fear

Jeanne: Aveline, you have returned.

Aveline: Maman! You are not afraid of me.

Jeanne: Aveline, I have passed more years missing you than mothering you. If I cannot know you now that you are returned to me, then why have I waited all this time? My love is stronger than my fear.

Will you ever understand why I had to leave?

Aveline: Oui (yes). You thought your life was in danger.

Jeanne: Your father made me free but I could never be free in Nouvelle Orleans (New Orleans). Not with the Assassins watching.

Aveline: Are you free here?

Jeanne: No. I traded one enemy for another. And they will not rest until they have what they seek.

Aveline: The missing shard of the disk.

Jeanne: As long as it is here, I will always feel their eyes on me. But if someone were to remove it… Someone strong, and resourceful…

Aveline: I might know someone like that.

Jeanne: If you see her, please give her this map, and let her know about the old canoe that remained in the cenote after our last expedition. Tell her to go quickly. Somehow, they are watching. If she was to be discovered, we would both…

Aveline: Fear not, Maman.


I’m Falling for you again

The first time you met them was in 1817. The Mikaelson arrived in your town when you were just 18 years old. They stayed at your parents compound. They become friends of the family and they even helped around the house. That time you became very close to Klaus. He was your partner in crime and well if you had something to do, he helped you out.  Both of you spend hours and hours together talking about everything and nothing. The time passed and the much you been together how more you got feelings for him. But he was falling for someone else, one of the town girls. Ignoring your feelings you stayed friend with him, you even helped him ask the other girl out. 

A morning you woke up and they had disappeared. Without telling someone something they left. 

A few years later you left home with one of your brothers. You made your way towards one of the big cities. When were found one of the Mikaelson’s.

“Kol?” My brother said towards a man behind us. I looked back and saw Kol walking towards us with a smile on his face. He gave me a hug and my brother a handshake. 

“What are both of you doing here?” He asks with an arm around my shoulder.

“Well you know Y/N.,” my brother says looking towards me. “She wants to see the world and till she finds a husband, I’m the one who she is stuck too.” 

Kol gives me a little smile. “My girl,” he says. “Let me show you guys the city.” 

Both of you walked with Kol. The week in the city past by fast. I had a few times alone with Kol and after a few talks, we left together living my brother behind. 

Since then I traveled with him around the world.When I hit my 28 birthday, he asks me the question that changed my life.  

You rode into the city of New Orleans, You were happy to be arriving into town to go see Kol. You missed him. It has been so long since you last saw him. A day he left to help his brother Niklaus and never came back till a few months ago we had contact again and well you were happy to see the rest of the Mikaelson again. It has been 200 years since you last saw them. 

You arrived at your hotel just outside the centrum. It was like a little apartment with a kitchen, a little living room, and a bedroom. You put your bags in the bedroom and texted Kol you arrived. You walked towards one of the windows of the hotel room. The view was amazing. It was already dark outside, but the city lights illuminated made the view beautiful.Your phone ringed, you took it out of your bag and saw Kol’s name on the caller ID. 

“Hi Kol,” You said with a smile. 

“Hi, we’re drinking something at a bar just outside your hotel.”

“I’m pretty tired from the ride and I still didn’t eat anything.”

“Y/n come on. I will take care of you. I see you in 5.” And he hangs up the phone. You went back to the bedroom where you settle your bag and you took a blood bag from it. You drank it empty and made your way downstairs towards Kol. 

You were standing outside the hotel you remembered Kol didn’t say how the bar was called. You texted him and in just a few seconds you got the name of the bar. As he said it was just outside the hotel. Well, it was in front of the hotel. You walked in and you spot Klaus at the bar right away with Kol next to him. You took a deep breath and made your way towards them. 

Klaus POV 

The night was young and to celebrate Kol’s arrival at New Orleans,  we’re at the bar drinking something and laughing with each other. When in just seconds I notice her. I couldn’t believe it. Is it really Y/n?That’s impossible she can’t be alive. The woman walks towards us when in the corner of my eyes I see Kol with a smile on his face. He begins walking towards her and gives her hug. They talk for a bit as the woman touches his arm. She looks exactly like Y/n but a little older. They both look towards me and begin walking my way. 

“Klaus, you remember Y/N,” Kol says showing the woman I didn’t see in years. 

“I can’t believe your standing in front of me,” I said to her. 

“Well, it’s nice to see you too.” She says to me. I reach for her hand and give her a kiss on the hand. 

“It’s a great surprise to see you here,”I said towards her with a smile on my face. I looked towards Kol. “I didn’t know both of you were so close?”

“Wel brother, Y/N is my travel partner.” He says looking towards her. “The moments you didn’t dagger me I was traveling around Earth with her.”

She was looking at me with this sweet smile on her face. She was so grown up. The last time I saw her she was 18 years old. We were so close to each other. I always missed the connection I head with her and now here she is in front of me. Smiling towards me. 


There he was Klaus, his smile brought feelings back you thought ÿou had forgotten. It’s been so long since you saw him. He looks handsome and the haircut did him good. 

“I will get you a drink,” Kol says towards you and walks away, letting you and Klaus alone behind. 

You looked towards him and he has this smile on his face. “So how have you been?” you asked him. 

“I’m sorry..” He says. “I still can’t believe your standing in front of me.” I laughed at him. “You look amazing!”

“Thank you.” You said smiling at his words. “You look amazing too.” 

He gets closer to you and gives you a hug. “I can tell you I missed this. You fit perfectly in my arms.” He says and your heart just dropped. This couldn’t be happening again. I could not fall for him again. 

Kol was walking towards both of us with 2 drinks in his hands. Klaus breaks the hug and just looks towards you. Kol handles you a drink and without thinking, You drank it in one time.  

Both men were staring at you… “Someone want to dance?” You ask them, trying to get out of this situation. Trying to forget Klaus words. 

“I’m good.” both of them said at the same time. 

You gave both men a smile and you walk towards the dance floor. You began dancing with a few people one the dance floor. 

Klaus POV 

I couldn’t stop watching her. She looks so different. Her body moved so perfectly. She wasn’t the 18 year old he remembered. She was a woman. The girl he missed the most and the girl he was now falling for by just seeing her move. 

“Klaus?” He hears Kol’s voice. He looks towards him. “Are you still here with me?” 

I give him a smile and we went back to our conversation. My eyes not leaving her for more than a few seconds. 

Kol and I were laughing when my eyesight falls on Y/n again and I see a man getting a little too close to her. I watch them carefully. He was getting closer and closer to her. Their body’s almost touching. She gives him a little smile and stops dancing and tried to make her way towards us. When the man grabs her arm. She looks back at him. 

“Let me go.”Y/n says towards the man. 

“Come on honey… You know you like it.” The man says

Before thinking I was standing next to her. I looked the man in the eyes and made him leave. I look towards her. 

“Klaus, you don’t have to save me anymore.” and she walks away towards Kol. I walked behind her not knowing what just went through me. 

“Kol I’m gonna leave. I’m tired and having a little of jet lag.”  She says towards him. Kol gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

“Bye Klaus, nice to see you again.” She says walking away from us. 

The rest of the night went by fast and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was so different. 


The sun hit your face and you opened my eyes. You get out of bed when you hear a knock on your door. You dressed in a long shirt that just covers your butt and you walked towards the door. 

You opened the door and you saw Klaus looking towards you. 

“Hi..’ He says looking at you from head to toe. 

“Hi, come in.” You said to him. 

He walks into the room and you close the door behind him.

“What are you doing here?” You ask him. 

“I wanted to show you the town.” He says with a smile on his face. 

“Okay, just let me get dressed and we can go.” you smiled towards him and you made your way towards the bedroom. 

You had an amazing day with Klaus. He showed you the town and you drink and eat together. The smile he gave you and how he looks at you made you have butterflies and you knew that wasn’t good you couldn’t fell for him again. He didn’t like you then why would he like you now.  

You reached your door with Klaus behind you. “Want to something to drink?” You asked him. 

“Yes, I would like to,” He says and both of you entered the hotel room. 

A drink after another and both of you ’re beginning to touch each other. 

His hand was on your face. Stroking your cheek up and down. “I’m happy you came to New Orleans.” He says towards you. You gave him a smile. His thumb strokes your lips. 

“Klaus…” You said to him in a soft voice and before you could end your sentence. His lips were touching yours. 

Sweet Child Of Woe

Part Two  Part Three

“Camille I have something I need to tell you.” Davina muttered as she walked into the bar.


“Davina… what’re you doing here if Klaus finds you out of hiding!” Camille fussed and froze when she saw what Davina was holding.


“You have to help me hide her.” She whispered through a sob.


“Davina where did you get the baby?” Camille asked nervously, knowing the only person who had been with Davina was Kol, he’d been killed by Klaus and Davina vanished, seeming to be planning Klaus’ downfall.


“She’s… mine, and Kol’s.” Davina whispered and gazed down at the child with a warm but broken smile.


“How is that even possible?” Camille hurried to shut all the doors and windows as if they could shield the sound of the hunted witch from the hybrid.

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Dating Kol Would Include:

- Him calling you love or darling any chance he gets
- Kol protecting you
- Stopping Klaus from daggering him time and time again
- Sex literally anywhere. At your place, his bedroom, kitchen counter, car, couch, by the fireplace, etc
- “Let me make you feel good, darling”
- No-one dare touches you unless they want to experience hell from Kol
- Love bites all over
- When he needs to feed, you sometimes allow him to feel on you which he protests, but you tell him that you trust he won’t go too far
- Cuddling in each other arms talking about life
- “Are you trying to seduce me Kol Mikaelson?”….“Always love, I mean how can you resist this handsome face?”
- Him smirking just to send you wild
- Lots of PDA
- Going to Rebekah or Freya for advice
- Causing mischief together in New Orleans
- Being sassy around each other 24/7
- “Your my always and forever Y/N’
- When arguments occur they can get quite heated, but after Kol will come back and apologize because he hates when you two are apart and fighting
- Kol teasing you even at the most appropriate times, like at the dinner table or during social events/parties
- Sharing secrets with one another