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August’s Featured Game: Land, Sea, Entropy

GENRE: RPG, Fantasy, Adventure
SUMMARY: Land, Sea, Entropy, is a story-heavy action role-playing game with elements of mystery and horror. You live beneath the sea in a small village called Tidemoor. To the North is a labyrinth inhabited by strange monsters… and their numbers are only growing. So as one of Tidemoor’s warriors, your job is to thin the beast’s numbers and protect your town. But you get too greedy, go too far, and reach a point of no return.
You find yourself in a world far different from your own, but it isn’t all full of monsters. There are peaceful places too, areas that are completely safe and untouched by any beasts. As you come to meet the inhabitants of this new land, and seek to return to your own, strange phenomena begins to occur and a mystery surrounding the unknown world unfolds. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Mob High School hc

lately I’ve had a MP100 hc that I just love, and it’s that Mob ends up going to high school with another member of the body improvement club and they keep working out together until they graduate.  I’ve just really been wanting to draw older Mob, probably because of all the quality ageswap AUs I’ve been seeing.

This is what I have so far and I’m definitely going to redo it as a finished color piece.  The perspective really kicked my ass so I’m going to change that up a bit.  If anyone has any critiques or things they would like to see in a Mob HS AU let me know and I’ll add to it!

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Hi there~ do you think you can maybe do protective Jin/Jimin?

Of course I can love! I’m super excited to get this blog started! OMG

I finished writing Jimin’s scenario and I’m now working on Jin’s but I thought why let you wait for this when it’s already done? SO here you go! (Jin’s will follow soon promise!) I hope this is kind of what you meant by protective?

It’s my first ever fanfiction so it’s probably crap (especially the dialogue) but I still really hope you like it! If not send me another ask and I’ll redo it <3

Back off 

Jimin x Reader
Words: ~1,400
Keywords: Jelous Jimin

Trigger warning: sexual harrassment (which should never be tolerated in any setting so- you go jimin)

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Geez, do you ever shut up?! you thought as the lighting assistant intern kept telling you about his oh so important work on set. You didn’t even remember his name, but you had noticed how he kept eying you from across the room during the set up for a v-live show BTS was about to do. 

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hey just letting you know that your resources link isn't working? it just takes me back to your posts

i didn’t think anyone actually checked my resources page *eye emoji*….. i’m in the middle of updating it but i fixed the link…… only the links in the genetics and mods tabs work, everything else is a wip!

Give Up For The Night

“Right. Yup. Thanks.” Joe huffs into the phone, ending the phone call a moment later.

I glance up from my computer as he lets out a frustrated groan.

“Bad phone call?”

“Yes.” He runs a tired hand across his face before walking over to the couch where he falls onto it on his back. “I thought Sugg Life was supposed to be fun, and exciting.”

“It is.”

“Not really.”

“No luck with the stock problem then?” I ask, looking back down at my computer as I continue to edit.

“Not at all. I hate this. I feel like we’re letting everyone down because there was a glitch!”

“It’ll work out, Joe. Don’t worry.” I reassure him. “Give it some time. The team is working on it.”

“Yeah, I know.” He sighs, and the room falls into a comfortable silence, only broken by the occasional clicking from me dragging clips over.

I had been working on this video for the better part of an hour, and was getting worried because it was meant to be uploaded pretty quick, and time was running out.

My plan was to have it edited last night, but then other work had popped up and it was nearing one in the morning by time that was all done. I knew it would be too much to edit it last night, so I had put it off for today. Except then Joe and I had gone into the office to deal with both Sugg Life merchandise and for an impromptu meeting for myself.

Since we got home, Joe had been on and off the phone, while I had been doing my best to finish editing.

I was getting close, I just had to finish another section. And that was when the program I was using froze.

I wait a minute, hoping the spinning wheel of death will disappear and I’ll be able to continue, glancing up at the time quickly as I waited.

Then I blink, and everything is gone.

“No.” I breathe, my eyes growing wide.

“Hm?” Joe tilts his head back, looking at me.

“No. No. No.” I mutter, ignoring him as I click on a few keys. The program is running, but my video, the one that I was almost done editing for my channel is gone.

“Y/N?” Joe ask again, and I finally glanced over at him.

“It’s gone.”

“What’s gone?”

“My video. It’s just…gone.” My gaze lands back on the computer screen, and I can feel the tears fill my eyes.

“Shit.” I can hear him push himself up into a sitting position, taking the computer from me gently. “Let me see if I can get it.”

“I can’t believe it. I was so close. And now I’m going to be late uploading, that’s if my clips aren’t corrupted. Or gone. And I have to redo everything. Oh gods. I don’t have time to do that. I was supposed to be answering emails, and calling back that lady to make a meeting. And I have yet to plan another video.”

“Hey, hey.” Suddenly Joe’s arms are around me, and I lean into his embrace, my body still tense. “Relax, love. It’ll work out. Right?”

“What am I going to do?” I mumble, burying my face into his shoulder as he pulls my legs over his lap, his fingers running up and down my arm.

“I think,” Joe replies, settling back against the couch. “That we just give up for the night. No more Sugg Life stuff. No more editing. No phone calls. Emails. Nothing. Just the two of us. And some good.”

“And wine?”

“And wine.” He laughs softly.

“But my video…” I glance over at my computer, which is sitting on the couch beside us.

“I’m sure I can retrieve it, Y/N. But just let your viewers know you won’t be getting it up tonight. We both need to just take a step back and breathe.”

“Yeah. I think you’re right.” I sigh, relaxing into him.

“I do have those moments one in a while.” He jokes, and I can’t help but giggle.

Within minutes, we are both breathless from laughter, all the tension and stress leaving us until we slumped into the couch and each other.

“There,” Joe says, kissing the top of my head. “Much better.”

“Much better.” I echo in agreement.

Better In Time 6

Finally! It’s here and I’m sorry for the wait. Maybe 2 more parts and it’ll be over. I really want to share the ending and tbh it doesn’t seem like it’s really going anywhere. Hopefully you guys enjoy.

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They were everywhere.

Being a part of the boys lives was tough sometimes because people always were on the look out for me or the boys when they had the chance. Today, it was the biggest bump in the road I’d experienced since being friends with them. Some fans spotted Michael and I in LA, more specifically, the kiss we shared underneath the lamp posts. They had spread through Twitter, people were tagging Michael and I on Instagram, and post after post was nothing but negativity towards both of us. But more for me. Some say I forced Michael into the kiss because I’m a homie hopper, others say I’m just a slut and want the boys all to myself.

How could you! My own best friend and girlfriend kissing! Did you think I was stupid and you’d get away with this? Jesus Y/N what were you thinking!

I knew in this moment, this is when things change for good. Nothing of what happened the first time, would have a chance of happening again. It was bound to be worst.

You betrayed me! I give everything I have to you, and you throw it all away for someone else who, by the way, could and would never treat you the way I do!

Yeah, that’s real nice coming from the boy who’s been boning his front bands drummer for months!” His end of the phone ran silent, so silent that I could hear that distant annoying ring in the air. I heard a shallow breathe and then a small cry. Calum was never one to cry, over anything. Not for death, not for life, not for heartbreak. He only cried when it was something that struck a chord in him like his fans, his family, his bandmates…and me. I let out a shaky sigh before continuing.

Michael told me Calum. Why…you talk about giving everything but I literally gave you all I had. After hearing that, I don’t have anything or anyone to fall back on. How could you talk so highly of yourself being the angel of our relationship when you were the one betraying me.” I spat. How dare he? He has no right to be putting himself on a pedestal when he was banging his new lover in any space big enough. I was disgusted at his sense of pride.

I’m flying back to you guys with Michael tonight. I’m seeing you there and we’re talking this out and that’s final.” He laughed a solid laugh and then the background went silent before he spoke.

Oh no you’re not. I don’t want to see any part of you right now. I don’t see you, I don’t want to be around you, I don’t want to even hear you voice anymore!

Well too fucking bad Calum, I’m coming back. We need to talk whether you like it or not if you want to fix us.

Well I don’t. And we can’t after what you did.” and the sound of two beeps indicating the call ended rang. It felt like a bullet shot through my chest and I was paralyzed. My body, without even thinking, sank into the couch behind me, and I was brought my knees up to my face, letting all the tears fall where they may. The second time around, and I still was not the girl Calum truly wanted to spend his life with. After fixing everything, after trusting him, after giving him all the love someone could ever want and hope for in life, and I still wasn’t enough. What made the tears fall faster was the gut wrenching reality that Calum and I were maybe just…not meant to be. If it didn’t work out a second time, then maybe it was never meant to work out at all. I felt a pair of arms grab me up off of the couch and slide into their arms. His chin laid on my head rubbing my back as I continued to let out hard and short sobs in his chest.

“Once we get back home everything will be okay. He’s just in shock and angry, same as you. Once you guys see each other it’s going to get better.”

“No Michael it’s not! He doesn’t want to see me! He doesn’t want any part of me anymore! God, I get to redo this a second time with him and it blows up in my face again, I’m such an idiot!” I whispered the last part softer as my own realization, but even Michael could hear it.

“What? A second time? What are you talking about?”


“Nothing nothing I’m just babbling. Look Michael, Calum is furious with me. I can’t face him the way I am right now. He’ll tower over me, and I’ll cave in just like I always do and fall at his feet asking for forgiveness when it’s him who should be begging for it!” I started pacing the room, becoming aware that our flight was in 2 hours and that would mean facing my unfaithful boyfriend again. And after hearing the tight anger in his voice, I definitely was scared to.

“Ok ok ok. Then we won’t go see Calum. We could go to a different hotel and you don’t have to go to our concert tonight. Just come back with me, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I left you here in a sad ball of tears. I need to make sure you’re okay.” I sighed as he grab my hand, and I tugged it back holding in tears as I looked away.

“Nothing can happen between you know that right?” I said in a low voice, becoming choked up again. “I love Calum, your best friend. And I wouldn’t give him up for anything or anyone, even someone who could treat me better right now. That’s just how love works. You don’t get to pick and chose Michael, it just happens.”

“I know because it happened with you.” He played with a loose thread on his jean jacket avoiding eye contact. “I didn’t get to choose to look at you whenever you walked into a room, or smile every time you laughed, or have a fire burn in my heart when you hug me. It all just happened. I didn’t get to choose to fall in love with somebody who was already in love with someone else.” I swallowed trying to find anything more interesting to take my mind away from his uncomfortable situation. I shook my duffle bag a few times making a shuffle noise, and hoisted it over my shoulder.

“Let’s get to our plane.”

After landing and getting to our hotel, Michael immediately had to leave for soundcheck. I was left with some books I brought, my laptop, and a few snacks we picked up at a near by 7-11 since  he was bound to be gone for a good 6 hours and I didn’t had to guts to go outside for anything knowing I could bump into Calum at any time.

A book with propped up on my chest with my hair all over my face, I heard the door click open and looked to find a blonde haired sweaty boy. He ran a hand through his hair before smiling at me and sitting beside me on the bed I was sleeping on. I drew circles on the comforter as I continued to read, and I slammed my book down before looking at him.

“Ok Michael, what’s up. You want something from me, so what is it?” I asked with a slight serious tone.

He laughed nervously, and avoided eye contact again. “W-what are you talking about? Maybe I was just sad because you missed a great show tonight starring your best friends and I wanted to be near you.” I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders, picking up my book again, but then hearing him whine and get up from the bed.

“Ok ok, I wanted to see if you’d come to a party with me and the guys tonight because you look like a total kill joy right now.” He talked fast, and pointed at my book referring to me being a ‘kill joy’. I gasped and threw my book at him, he shielded himself with his arms but I could hear the impact.

“By boys you mean…” I gulped.

“Yeah…But you won’t even see him! I promise. There’s so may people going to this thing, there’s no way that if you stay near me you’ll see him. It’s a big place too, so please? Just for a few hours and if you’re really having a bad time then we can leave.” He pleaded with clasped hands, and I huffed before going over to my bag to grab another book.

“Nope, sorry Michael. Not a chance. And plus, I don’t even have anything to wear to a party.” And just as I grabbed out a book, a piece of fabric came out with it, and flopped onto the floor. A black, sparkly over the shoulder dress popped out, and Michael gave me a stern look and cocked his head to the piece of clothing.

“T-That’s not suppose to be there.” I quickly scrambled to pick it up and shove it in my bag again but he beat me to it, holding it high above his head. My shoulders slumped and I accepted defeat. He smirked at me before throwing it in my face.

“Get ready Cinderella.”

The party was already filled with drunk people with red cups trailing every inch of the house, and even clothing pieces were flung over railings and scattered around the huge living room and stairs. It was very apparent many people were getting it on. I shuttered at the scene, and slightly clung close behind Michael.

“Ugh, you go to these things for fun?” I asked disgusted.

“Once you get into the kitchen is when the real fun starts.” And he lead me to the place of people puking, drinks sliding off the counters and girls doing body shots off each other.

Within a second a beer was lodged into my hand, and shoved into my mouth by a random guy who saw me without one. I spit it out and pushed his hand away, making the bottle drop to the ground and shattering.

“Hey! I was only trying to let you hang loose. You’re the only one who doesn’t have one!” He drunkenly slurred. I scuffed and pushed past him. I don’t know how it happened, but I had lost Michael in all the craziness of drinking and sex. I looked all around me and above a few hands to find that bright blonde hair, but to no success, I could never find him. I began to get scared being by myself and couldn’t find Luke or Ashton and god knows where Calum is. I backed up into the cold granite counter top near the red cups, and closed my eyes breathing in and out trying to stay calm. In this mindset, being by myself and only wanting to leave but having no way to, I angrily grabbed a red cup and filled it with the closest alcohol I could reach. I filled the cup half way and chugged a fourth of it right there. It burned like shit, and went down in my stomach like a brick. I winced and looked at the clear liquid questioningly. I turned the bottle of alcohol I grabbed before and saw it was god damn Everclear. I almost gagged. The one alcohol I promised myself to drink and it was the one I grabbed. I mentally face palmed myself for this, but right now I needed something to forget the growing pain from Calum and anxiety from Michael leaving me.

Three more half cups of Everclear and I was sitting on the countertop like those girls I saw as I walked in. I had become one of them. Cups of different liquor surrounded me and I drank from each one earning a lot of cheers around. Still no sign of any of the guys, just people who I was going to know for a night and never again. I was tipsy I will admit, almost to the point of not being in control of my body and actions, but I was sober enough to know what was going on. Another man who was around 6 foot and had perfectly shaved scruff with the first three buttons of his shirt undone came and stood in between my legs, immediately running his hands on my thighs. With a cup full of some type of vodka, I pushed him away roughly, letting him know I wasn’t interested. He continued to smile smugly and proceed into my legs. I pulled the cup away from my lips and yelled at him pushing him away once more.

“Aw c’mon princess, you seem lonely. I know you want someone to make you feel good.” His lips lundged for my neck but before he could attach them, I threw my drink into his face and over his head in an instinct, and saw him cover his eyes from the burning sensation. Everybody saw and heard his yell out, all turning to us. He wiped away the alcohol from his now red eyes looking straight at me, and I started to tremble at the new attention I was recieving.

“Oh no. You’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that princess.” He took two strides toward me and I sat with fear not moving, just watching his smug eyes stare down at me. But his body was flung away from me and was pushed back into the counter of liquor, spilling and crushed all the bottles. The man fell and laid on the floor covered in glass and tequila, while the body who saved me from possible physical harm stood with his back to me. I jumped down from the counter, the silence and shock from people still in the air. I put a hand on the mystery boys shoulder to turn him around, but his face turned back to me before I could, and my hand fell over my mouth instead of his shoulder.

“Cal…” I said under my breathe. His jaw tensed up, and walked toward the boy leaning down so they were the same level.

“You don’t ever touch her again. Next time, you won’t have the strength to get up.” And Calum flicked a piece of glass on his forehead before straightening up and walked out towards the backyard past a huddled group of people. Everyone began talking again, but mostly about what just happened, and I bolted out towards the backyard following Calum. I pushed past a big group of people smelling like sex and shame before reaching the surprisingly empty back part of the house. Calum’s back was facing me again as he pulled out his cigarette and lighter, completely unphased by what just happened. I heard the flick of the lighter, and his breathe inhale before speaking.

“What the hell was that about Calum?” He exhaled the smoke and continued to turn away from me, but I could see his side profile. His eyes trying their hardest not to look at me.

“You can’t keep ignoring me for forever Calum. We both did some pretty screwed up things to each other. But how do you expect us to get better if we don’t talk it out.” Still, nothing. I stepped closer, almost close enough to that he could see my body heat radiating onto his.

“Calum, I love you. And I’ve missed you so much. I’m so sorry about lying to you, but you also did something that is unforgivable. And for so long too Cal. Please just talk to me.” The same actions were repeated. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. I began to get really frustrated and walked closer to Calum.

“God damn it Calum talk to me.” And a splash was heard after. I was so angry I pushed Calum into the pool, putting out his cig and finally getting his attention. He came up for air pushing his hair out of his face and giving the death stare. I immediately started stammering thinking of what to say, looking everywhere for an explanation.

He pulled himself out the pool and slowly stood up to his feet. His hands wringed his shirt of water, and ran another hand threw his hair that was beginning to return to its natural curls. I walked towards him and his feet found mine, and we met in the middle. Before I could even say a word, his hands grabbed my cheeks and pulled my lips in on his. I could taste the cigarette smoke and slight beer flavor come through, molding onto my vodka tasting ones. His clothes were starting to soak through mine, and his wet hands dampened my face. And even through the hatred and anger I had towards Calum right now, kissing him and feeling the passion flow between both of us felt right to me, and I didn’t want to stop.

“Calum…?” A small shrill voice asked behind us at the backyard enterance.

But it looks like someone else did.

callout @geometry

math itself can personally fight me outside of a denny’s

INFJ Stereotypes

Warm and affirming by nature: Well, if and only if you warm up to me too. I don’t do good with strangers or even acquaintances. It’s an automatic response to care for people. It’s a drive to help everyone in need and to assure them to make them feel good inside. And that makes me feel good inside.

All about the “perfect” relationship: Depending on your definition of perfect, my perfect is just simply loving someone for who they are no matter the circumstances and your S.O. to love you the same in return. Easier said than done I suppose. But a good blog post once said, that in the end of the day everyone will hurt you, you just got to know who is worth the pain. But yes I have high standards when it comes to this especially when I have actual ideal relationship goals (that are actually pretty realistic if you ask me).

Sensitive to others feelings: In a way, I can feel other people’s feelings. I can tell how they are feeling at a given situation, better so if you are close to me. When the mood of the whole atmosphere changes, you can bet on it that I feel it at maximum level and I’ll do my very best to keep it at its equilibrium form. I always watch the words I use and how I say them to make everyone feel comfortable.  

Good communication skills: To me, it takes a lot of effort to express myself verbally in a very orderly and easy to understand manner since that requires careful thinking. My colleague once told me that I have really good writing skills and I can explain my ideas better on my reports. Sometimes I wish I could speak better though.

Take their commitments very seriously: When I commit to something or someone, I will give my all, no exceptions. I do things with heart, and if I have enough heart to do something, I can make it happen. The only drawback that if I lose that drive, I will falter so it’s important for me to keep it consistent and alive.

Have high expectations for themselves and others: I have high expectations for myself, and sometimes, it’s too unrealistic. So when I under perform, it stresses me out greatly that I always want a redo but that’s not how life works. I try to keep my expectations for myself realistic to keep myself sane. But for others, I don’t really expect anything from anyone as I think that their life expectations is clearly their own. 

Able to move on after a relationship: This really depends on how important that relationship was for me. Bad relationships are easily forgettable. I just door slam them and keep them there. But some relationships that I think are savable are the ones that are hard to let go. Eventually I’ll get over it because time heals all.

Tend to hold back; keep secrets: Yes, your secret is safe with me. Because usually, I’ll forget them if they are not of concern. But when it comes to myself, I try not to tell anything about myself or at least keep it to the minimum. Usually not a lot of people know me for who I am, actually, there is only two people alive that know me as I am. But I will tell the truth when people ask me personally if they really want to know. Sometimes keeping people in the dark unnecessarily will have its consequences.

Not good with money or daily necessities: Yes, this is sadly true. I suck big time when it comes to keeping my money in check. I suck at keeping stuff too so I lose a lot of money by replacing those stuff back, hah.

Extreme dislike of conflict/criticism: Extreme is such a strong word. I think conflict and criticism is good in making the best decision, provided that all parties are in the same page of things and is more concerned of the greater good. I don’t mind getting criticized even if it would kill me a little inside but that’s the only way we can truly improve. 

Possesses deep complexity: To me, life itself is a great paradox. I tend to overthink the most minor of details to the greatest depth of human understanding of things. I find it enjoyable and liberating. But does that make me deep? Hmm. Debatable.

Creative: If I collected every plot I can think of since I was a kid, I would have a library filled with amazing adventures for all of us to enjoy. I love theorizing and therefore, I love stories. I used to write poetry too. But in all practicality of life, I am good in thinking of new ideas for a lot of stuff if needed be especially in thinking of game ideas (yes, I love being a gamemaster, it saves my soul).

Future-oriented: “Always have the end in mind”. This is a mantra I strive on because what is the freaking point if you don’t have the end in mind. I have goals, like those #goals you see on instagram (but the realistic and meaningful kinds, okay.) I live for the future but at the same time, it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the present because if you think about it, your present is the foundation of your future. Remember this well my friends.

Intuitively understand people and situations: To follow your intuition is to follow your GUT. And damn, it is usually right. I think the mind and heart has this algorithm that synchronizes everything around you in a split second that will give you an AHA! moment. You just seem to know what’s up even when you don’t understand it yet, that my friend, is your psychic powers. Use it wisely. Ps. It works. (Okay, what I mean is, you understand people. That is your psychic powers. SEE THE TRENDS MY CHILD, SEE IT IN YOUR CRYSTAL BALL.)

Let Pompeii Go

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and I finally worked up the courage so here it is. I love this mashup that I did for one of my performance finals, and I might even redo it in better quality (and without that huge fucking pause). I fucked up a lot, and I was nervous as crap but it was my first time preforming in ages, sue me.

Why Revolution 60's Body Proportions are Changing

When I founded Giant Spacekat in 2010, I could have never guessed where we’d be in 2014. We released a successful, well-reviewed game. We’re grown as a studio in size and experience, and I’m one of the industry’s better known game developers.

I’m also much richer in experience. The opinions I have today are not the opinions I had in 2010.

These are books I learned to draw from. The moment I saw a cell of Sailor Moon, I was obsessed, thinking it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I spent an inordinate amount of time in my teens and early 20s drawing and redrawing the characters.

But the truth is, having learned to draw from anime is not a great basis for running a studio that’s held up as a poster child of feminism. To say it bluntly, I screwed up. My consciousness has been raised watching Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency videos, along with many other people’s. 

No one feminist can speak for all of us. Even today, I don’t find sexualized women in videogames inherently problematic. I much prefer the Maddy Myers Test for acceptable videogame women, which is a single question. “Is she a person?” The problem is, we only see a single type of woman in games, not a range - and we’re very guilty of this. 

The women in Revolution 60 are extraordinarily well fleshed-out people. They are characters with a fully human range of traits, and I’m extremely proud of telling a story that lets women be the heroes. That said, I think we can do better portraying body types going forward.

I feel compelled to point out, we cannot radically alter the character’s height, joint position, weight, or other things without completely redoing the game cameras and animations. Most people have no concept of how 3D works or the engineering limitations, so trust me - this is a non-trivial change. But we’ll do what we can within practical constraints.

It’s my hope that, in being open, honest and humble about mistakes - other people in the industry will follow my lead. The problem is not sexiness, it’s that it’s the only way we see women portrayed. I have a part in changing that, and so do you.

Look for us to take these changes further with the R60 sequel. 

Preference: A different type of couple

Calum: Random Vacation

When being in a relationship with Calum for more than five years now you both develop a routine. You would wake up first, tap the light sleeper Calum awake as he grunts wanting to get off the bed but not going back to sleep. You would go to the bathroom brush your teeth, taking a shower, and once you were done you would unlock the bathroom door just in time for Calum to get up to take a shower while you blow dry, and fix your head. Once Calum was done taking a shower you start to do your makeup, but then Calum suddenly tips your arm to mess up your eyeliner, “The Hell! Calum!” you yelled. “Do you ever feel like one day we were staying up until 4 a.m. with friends, but now we go to bed early because of a show that has to be recorded at 4 a.m.” Calum asked as he reached for his shaver. “Well somebody is being philosophical this morning. Are you okay? Are you high?” you joked turning to him. “No what I’m saying maybe we need a little vacation to remember who we are. London is pretty this time a year.” “When?” you asked, “Today.” he answered grabbing the shaving cream. “Today?” and he nodded. “So you missed up my makeup to tell me that you wanted to go on vacation… the same day?” you said incredulously. “Uh. Yes?” he said carefully with puppy-like eyes, and the more you looked the more you fell for his eyes. “Fine. Just let me go buy the tickets.” you said leaving the bathroom before realization hit you, “But first let me redo my makeup.”

Luke: Stress-Reliever

Work is really getting to you lately making you lash out, but as much as you do it’s never at Luke. You would get a call to come into work early or on the weekend, and you would end the call throwing whatever was near you to the floor. This time it was a mug you shattered into pieces, “Are you okay?” Luke asked running into the room seeing your distressed state. “Yes. I will just clean it up don’t worry.” you whispered getting up from the chair. Once you were done picking up the pieces Luke gently grabbed your wrist. “I have something for you.” Luke says as he leads you into the hallway towards the bedroom. “Is it a song?” you asked slightly excited. “Better.” he says opening the door to your room turned pillow fort, “What’s this?” you asked beaming at Luke. “I thought maybe we should something fun. Come on.” he says crawling in and you follow. Next thing you knew you know you were playing Mario Kart, singing bad karaoke, and dancing around the room. “Now for the grand finale, you get to hit me with a pillow.” he said handing you a pillow. “What?” “I want you know that you can talk to me about work. But for right now just hit me with a pillow.” he answered smiling at his great plan. “Are you sure?” you asked and to which he nodded. “Okay well I feel under-appreciated at work.” you said hitting him with the pillow, “Everybody looks down at me.” again hitting him with the pillow. “My boss is a jerk, guys pee on the seat all time, and I’m tired of getting coffee.” you said hitting him each time. “And!” “And Luke stop wearing the same damn shirt all the time!” you scream hitting him with the pillow, and started laughing after a while. “Thank you.” you said once you calm down pecking his lips. “No problem and about that shirt thing-” but before he could even finish you quickly kiss him as he pulls you into the bed.

Ashton: Surprise Visit

Ashton birthday was coming up, but every time you tried buying a gift for him Ashton always showed up. Finally Ashton was out of the house for the day so you thought you can finally search for some ideas online. All of a sudden you hear, “Surprise!” which then your many self-defense tactics kicked in, you immediately scream and with every force you elbowed you thought was an intruder. Then you hear a faint ‘fuck’ and you realized it was Ashton, and also you might have just broken his noise. “Ashton! What are you doing here!?” you screamed immediately checking if he was alright. “I was going to surprise you, but I guess you surprised me instead. When did you get so strong?” he says still lying on the floor holding his nose. “I usually don’t tell boyfriends that my father taught me everything about defense tactics that he learned in the Army, because it makes them feel inferior and just in case I have to us it on them.” you answered trying to help him off the floor. “Also what the fuck Ashton, you could have given me a heart attack.” you said hitting his arm, “I thought you would be happy to hang out with me.” He says glumly. “You could have asked.” you chuckled at him for being such a child sometimes. “You’ve busy, and sometimes I felt like you didn’t want to.” he explains. “Of course I do…” you really didn’t want to tell him why you kept blowing him off, but he looked so sad you couldn’t see him like this anymore. “I was looking for your birthday gift.” You said defeated, “O! What are you getting me?” his eyes lit up with excitement. “Not until your birthday, now let’s take you to the doctors.” you said grabbing your purse. “No fun.” he whines as puts on his shoes still trying to hold his nose.

Michael: Not too Young

Both you and Michael are twenty three, and are living in the big city of New York. You work as a kindergarten teacher while Michael was in a band, which did get you weird looks because you two were an unlikely couple that nobody saw coming. Even though Michael is this supposed hard core rock god he always treats you like a princess, and you couldn’t be more grateful to have him in your life. You were walking towards your elementary school which is only a block away from Michael’s studio, “So after school don’t wait just go straight to my studio, and call me when you get there.” he says giving you money for lunch. “I’m not a child Michael.” you said putting the money away. “I know you’re my baby.” Michael says grabbing you by the cheeks squishing them. “Michael!” you said fighting his hands off of you. “Your father still gives me shit bringing you here with me, so if something happens to you it would be my fault. Even if nobody says it is.” he exhales forcing a smiling trying not to think about as he pushes a hair back from your face. “I know I’m sorry about my dad, but it was my choice coming with you. I’m an adult I make my own decisions.” you smiled giving him a big hug. “Now have a good first day at school. Make lots of friends.” he purrs moving another piece of hair out of your face. You twist his ends of his hair, “Shut up.” you nudge him and turn walking to your workplace. “Love you!” he yells as you start walking faster getting a bit embarrassed which he notice and laughs

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anonymous asked:

i'm oddly disappointed you went for the lifestyle place, you could've interned at a graphic design joint and done real work

Alright let me clarify, first of all assuming that real design work can only be done at a design only place is dumb, this is a pr firm with over 50 big clients that works on rebranding and putting products out there. From events to magazine articles to ads to completely redoing the corporate design. It’s not a less valid place to intern at because they do more than design. Second here I get to intern for WAY longer than the other place. The other would only be 8 weeks, I am going to continue working here even throughout my entire summer holiday. And I also noticed that the network for the lifestyle pr firm was WAY bigger and would give me more chances to establish professional relationships. Not to mention the more flexible work hours which is great because I have another job and freelance work to balance at the same time. They work in communication and PR and it just so happens that I studied that before I went to art school. And I"ll get to be involved with way more aspects of working with a company than design alone. Which I love because I have always had a thing for commercial work and marketing. Writing research papers on that stuff during my minor. They should be able to teach me plenty, not only design but a lot of other things. Which is what I want.

tl;dr I’m not stupid

Plus I thought that this place had a way better and more fun vibe and is more outside of my confort zone with the style they favor. I’m giving up my entire summer so it better feel like I’m going to have fun.

The choice doesn’t matter to anyone but me but you got some wrong assumptions there.