let me go cool down

  • Me, a D&E stan: Oppa, Oppa is a stupid song
  • *Oppa Oppa plays*
  • Me, a D&E stan: ah ah AH! hanah, dul, set! Welcome to the Super Show! (OOH OOOH OOOOH OOH YEAH) Let's go! My name is Donghae! Let's PARTY TONIGHT!

so I was strolling around the mall today and guESS WHAT I FUCKING GOT FOR JUST $20


***shoutout to the cashier at too cool who’s also a fellow army and told me not to get a bag bc I should stare at these all day u da real mvp

Patrick, Are You Jealous?

I wipe the sweat from my forehead before I pull  my tank top over my head, cringing at the way it sticks to my sweaty skin, leaving me in only my leggings and sports bra. It seems no matter how much we turn down the AC before we start rehearsing, it still feels a thousand degrees in here at the end of the day. My dance partner, Josh, takes a swig from his water, and tosses a bottle to me, straight from the cooler. I voice my thanks before taking a long sip, letting the cool water go down my throat and cool me off.

“ Should we run it one more time, then call it a day ?” Josh asks me hopefully.

“Sounds good to me, i’m exhausted” I reply, finally breathing at a normal pace, not that it will last long.

I move away from the table that holds all of our stuff and towards the middle of the room, taking my starting position for our routine. Josh pushes a button, tosses down the remote, and jogs over to position himself next to me. In a few seconds the music starts and we begin our routine - a dramatic hip hop couples dance that we choreographed for the musical that’s going to be  running downtown. As the music picks up its pace, I focus everything I have on performing my moves right. The dance is intense no doubt, and will probably be a pain in the ass to teach to the cast, but it’s also fun, with lots of awesome moves, individual and couple combined together, moving to the fast, fun music. Finally, at the end of the roughly three and a half minute song, we end in the final position, our faces extremely close together, which will end in a kiss in the actual musical. The music stops and we break apart, grinning widely.

“ That was amazing! I think that was the first time we got it perfect!” I say excitedly, pulling Josh into a hug. All of a sudden I hear someone clear their throat, and I turn round to see Patrick, here to pick me up.

“ Hey babe, I didn’t see you come in, what’d you think?” I ask him, walking over and grabbing my water

“ Oh, yeah it was great” He replied, unenthusiastically.

I give him a puzzled frown, but shake it off and turn to Josh.

“Ok well we’re gonna go, but i’ll see you next week at rehearsals” I throw him one more smile as he waves goodbye, before grabbing my bag and following Patrick out of the door. As we walk I pull the tank top out of my bag and pull it on.

“ So how’d it go at the studio today?” I ask Patrick, still rummaging around my bag.

“Good, I guess. We finished the song” he answered dully, pulling out his keys as we approach the car.

“That’s great, how were the guys?”

“Fine” he answered curtly.

“What’s the matter?”


“Are you sure? You seem angry” I push

“I’m fine (Y/N)” he snaps.

I’m shocked by his tone, so I don’t reply. For the half hour it takes us to get home, we both sit in a long, awkward silence. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, we pull into the driveway, but even though Patrick’s puts the car in park and turns it off, he makes no move to get out.

“ Patrick, seriously, what is going on?” I ask, now irritated myself.

“ Why aren’t you wearing your engagement ring?” he asks me angrily

“Huh?” I glance down at my left hand, realizing I never put my ring back on after rehearsal. “I never wear it during rehearsal, you know that, I don’t want to get it caught on anything and rip my finger off”

“Yea im sure thats it” he replies shortly, and gets out of the car, slamming the door behind him and walking into the house.

Still confused, I follow him into the house. “ What is wrong with you? I forgot to put it back on after we were done okay? It’s only been an hour what’s the big deal?” I say, now getting angry at him.

“What’s the big deal? Seriously?” He yells at me “ Maybe its that you never wear your engagement ring to dance, where you spend hours and hours with Josh wearing nothing but a fucking sports bra and shorts! Maybe its that you enjoy your couples dance with him a little too much! Maybe it’s that lately you’ve been spending twice as much time with him as you have with me, your fiance! “ he finishes his rant, face red with anger, and realization dawns on me.

“Patrick,” I say softly, “ are you really that jealous of Josh?”

He turns his face away from me, refusing to answer.

“ Oh no Trick, you don’t have to be!” I say, pulling his chin so he looks at me. “ Josh is my coworker and dance partner, nothing more! He knows I’m engaged, in fact he probably gets annoyed about how much I talk about you. And I know these few weeks have been hectic, but choreographing these dances haven’t been easy, and it takes a lot of time to plan everything out. Once the musical starts, I’ll be on a regular schedule again, I promise.”

His face softens, his anger diffused after my speech, and he wraps his hands around my waist when I hug him. “I’m sorry babe,” he whispers in my ear, “ I trust you it’s just, imagining you, dancing with perfect Josh all day drives me crazy”

I pull away from his hug and lean my forehead on his. “ Patrick listen to me, you don’t need to be jealous of any guy, for anything. It doesn’t matter if they’re taller or more muscular, or they have to dance with me, because you’re the perfect one Trick. You’re handsome and adorable, you make me laugh, and your passion in everything you do makes me fall harder for you each and every day. I’m marrying you, not Josh, because I love you, and you’re the only one that matters to me, don’t you know that?” I plead.

A smile appears on his face, and he tips his head forward, lips pressing into mine. He pulls away and runs his thumbs over my cheeks, “ Yes I know that, and i’m sorry for forgetting it. You’re the only one that matters to me, and I don’t want to lose you” he whispers, staring into my eyes.

I smile, and turn my head, pressing my lips into the pad of his thumb before leaning into him, wrapping my arms around him in another hug.

“I’m not going anywhere, Trick, I love you”I feel him smile into my hair.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”