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Hit Me Like A Ray Of Sun

“Bitty. Holy fuck.”

Bitty’s eyes fly open.

Ransom is only an inch from his face.

“Wake up, Bits.”

Bitty groans and holds onto the blankets but Ransom gets a good grip on them and rips them all off at once.

“Justin Oluransi I swear if you don’t let me sleep I’m never making pie for you again. I mean it. I need my rest. I was up late studying.”

Ransom snorts.

“I was to studying.” He only talked to Jack for ten minutes. Fifteen tops. “And if you don’t let me sleep for the remaining 25 minutes that I am allowed I am taking every single piece of dessert that I make here and bringing it to the LAX house. You’re going to ruin it for everyone.”

“Jeeze,” Ransom says with a roll of his eyes. “So dramatic. Just like your boyfriend.”

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Sakumo/Orochimaru random idea thing

So there’s this place in Konoha, okay? Building/street corner/whatever–where people can leave stuff they don’t want anymore. Once it’s left, it’s fair game to anyone who wants it. No take-backsies. If it’s in the room and you want it, and you get to it before anyone else, it’s yours.

And Orochimaru is digging through the stuff one day, because idiots keep donating things he needs/wants/can use in an experiment as if they’re worthless, after getting back from a long mission.

Kakashi wanders in, grabs ahold of Orochimaru’s leg, and says, “I’m keeping you. I found you here. I want you. You’re pack now. Let’s go home. Dad’s making dinner and he says I have to feed the living things that belong to me.”

person of any age: *calls me sir*

me: must..not…let… the power…corrup-

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Zoe I love you thank you so much!!! I think that’s what’s great about the fandom is we all have different interpretations of the characters and for me it’s fun to see different versions than the one I have in my head.
Anyway thank you for your kind words darling I appreciate this so much!!!

I’ve been visiting the post office nearly every other day for the past two weeks, and I was finally able to send the last batch of postcards today!! I’m excited for everyone to receive their card 💖 It should take anywhere around two to five business weeks for the card to reach international addresses ^_^

As for the reason why I asked everyone who their favourite in tkym was — those who answered Yamaguchi got a sort of motivational quote written at the back, whereas those who answered Tsukishima had a scientific fun fact. 😂 No two cards have the same thing written at the back, so everyone gets a different quote/fact ✨ Those who answered neither got a small and quick tsukyam doodle from me instead ✌️ Due to supplier limitations at the time I had these made, the cards are printed on thinner paper stock than I wanted, so I’m crossing my fingers that they ship safely!!! T~T Please do let me know once you’ve already received your card! 🌷

Ex To See

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words: ~520
Warnings: kinda angsty but also not at all
Summary: Based on Ex To See by Sam Hunt for @impalaimagining ‘s 1k Gif Challenge (finally)! Gif’s in the fic (:
A/N: I’m sorry that it took so long and that it’s short and shitty but I hope you like it! Also, please let me know if you’re getting notifications if you’re tagged.
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Tonight was date night, which meant you and Jared were finally taking time away from work and focusing on each other. You had been waiting for what felt like forever. You bought a new dress, bought some sexy new lingerie, and you even got your hair touched up. You doubted that he’d notice, it was a barely noticeable difference.

You slipped into your lingerie and stepped in front of the mirror. It did wonders for your breasts. You pulled your red dress on and stepped into your heels before heading into the living room where Jared had been patiently waiting.

“Wow. Baby, you look so… just… wow.”

You giggled as you came down the stairs, draping your arms over his shoulders as you pulled him into a kiss. “You ready?”

“You sure you don’t wanna just stay home?” he bit his lip as his hands running down your back.

You smiled, your fingers twisting in the hair at the base of his neck. “I spent way too much on this dress for it to end up on the floor in less than twenty minutes. We’re going out.”

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 — { heyo everyone, I’m making a  Permanent PLOTTING Call  bc I’m a nervous bean who feels very self conscious when approaching people. What liking this means is basically this:

  • It’s ok for me to yell headcanons at you ( for my muse, for yours, or their relationship )
  • It’s ok to randomly come into your IM / social media ( should I have it ) to chat
  • It’s ok to send you thread / plot ideas
  • It’s ok to send you ‘what if’ or ‘imagine this’ scenarios 
  • It’s ok to spam you with ideas, should the inspo be strong
  • It’s ok to advance our characters relationship through ooc discussion
  • It’s ok to start up small rps in IM / on social media ( if you’re comfortable w/ that )

If this is ACCEPTABLE ( or preferably, encouraged ) for me to do with you, PLEASE give this a like ! ! It would mean a lot to me }


Speedpaint of this image~ (x)


Almost Original (Instrumental) by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud

Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/r20_9c0fzGk


I’m so afraid

afraid of what I’ve done

all the words I never said

Quitting before I’ve begun

Would you just…

hold me please, just for now

tell me it will be alright

someway, somehow

I’m afraid of this night

every wrong coming to get me

All my lies and hurtful words

come back, can’t you see

Everything counts,

it all matters-

every thought and deed

This tide has risen again

never to recede

In over my head, over my heart

drowning, sinking like a stone

the end before the start

as we’re born, we die alone

It’s alright, accept my fate

time now to go home

let this pain finally abate


Aoi Shouta - Voice Animage Plus 2017

Fun fact: Today is Shoutan’s 6th year anniversary from his debut as a seiyuu, and today I also finally received this mag (with another mag that features Shouta; I’ll post some snaps later) which I purchased early this month. So this will serve as my commemorative post for Shouta’s seiyuu debut anniversary :)

I’m kinda emo coz whenever I look back at how much Shoutan has struggled and grown into the fine artist that he is now, I can’t help but be amazed and fall more in love with him. I’m just so happy that he’s getting all the success he has now, and I am so proud of him. :)

These are personal snaps from my own copy. Please don’t reupload or redistribute as your own. You may use them for layouts, profile pictures, but please credit back to me or this post and let me know. Thank you!

The one thing I know for sure is that feelings are rarely mutual, so when they are, drop everything, forget belongings and expectations, forget the games, the two days between texts, the hard to gets because this is it, this is what the entire world is after and you’ve stumbled upon it by chance, by accident––so take a deep breath, take a step forward, now run, collide like planets in the system of a dying sun, embrace each other with both arms and let all the rules, the opinions and common sense crash down around you. Because this is love kid, and it’s all yours. Believe me, you’re in for one hell of a ride, after all––this is the one thing I know for sure.
—  Beau Taplin

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Hey Jab, what do you think of the drama going on in the Let's Play YouTuber fandom?

i’ve never been a follower of any of those people, mostly because i don’t really “get” youtube culture. like i can see the appeal of doing a Let’s Play and stuff, but the rest of it honestly sorta confuses me, i guess it’s a bit after my time

i will say that i’m pretty disappointed in their reactions from a general standpoint, especially in the face of how the fandom seemed to handle it. the gaming community at large (if it could be said to have one) has been gradually infected by this really nasty undercurrent of white nationalism over the past decade or so, and it’s really ramped up in the face of the last election. when a prominent youtube personality lost several lucrative endorsement deals because of his antisemitic content, i was not at all surprised to see the gaming community rally around him, crying “censorship”, “SJW” and “special snowflake” like they always do- regrettably, this has become the new normal, i no longer expect anything else from people that self-identify as gamers

if other prominent personalities in the youtube circle had been more willing to openly condemn their disgraced peer, specifically doing so WITHOUT attempting to justify or defend him, it might have been shifted the tide somewhat. instead, they largely pulled their punches, trotting out the old feeble “oh he isn’t a bad person, i know him personally and he isn’t like that, this was just a joke that got out of hand/was taken out of context, he made a mistake but you all should take it easy on him” song and dance. whether this happened because it was genuinely how they felt, or because they wished to address an unavoidable issue without risking the loss of income that would come with an exodus of subscribers, is really a non-issue, because in so doing, they sent a very clear message: propagating hatred is both acceptable and defensible, as long as there’s profit to be had

extremely disappointing, especially considering how young some of these guys’ fans are. you’d think they’d want to set a better example by showing a little backbone. but then again, like i said, the hateful element has been building in the gaming community for years, the pressure to pick the “correct” side must be enormous for these gaming celebrity types. it happened to that GameGrumps guy, after all, i guess no public figure is immune anymore

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So let me get this straight, Luke does understand why we don't like arz, but he doesn't like it when people hate for no reason is that correct? And he doesn't hate us?

I will tell you his, those boys could not ever hate you guys they can be unhappy at times with certain things but they love you guys more than you can even imagine they consider you friends and family

I’m so scared because you never shut up about how much you love me, but my brother’s best friend couldn’t shut up either about how much he loved his girlfriend, and now 2 years later he finds himself looking at other girls in nightclubs. He’s getting tired of her eventually, and the saddest part is that she’s still into him.
For now you never let go of my hand when we’re in nightclubs, and you don’t want to dance with anyone but me, but I’m so scared that one day, 2 years from now, you’ll leave me alone on a seat, and your eyes will imperceptibly scan the crowd in search of other prettier, skinnier, funnier girls.
You will get tired of me eventually, and the saddest part is that, I’ll still be into you.
—  Let’s not end up like this
Let’s talk about anon hate.

I think that if you are in tumblr, you already got or you know someone who have to deal with it.

This disgusting thing.

I can say from my personal experience that I know how someone feels when they get anon hate. I’m totally against anon hate, so who knows me, knows it. Who even look at any of my blogs, knows it.

I really try to understand why someone would ever wish death to someone for no reason, or for a really small reason. No one deserves it. 

I don’t think we can just make them stop with anon hate, but you all need to know this:

1. This person is empty, so what they think don’t matter. So please, don’t ever listen to them.

2. You don’t deserve it. You are not a terrible person. You are amazing.

3. We all love you and you are not alone.

If you ever sent anon hate, stay away. Just stay away. I don’t want you here, no one wants you here. Because no one wants hate, no one wants to feel bad. No one HAVE to deal with it.

I don’t care if you are empty, if you feel happy sending bad asks, I can just tell that you are terrible and we don’t want you here. If you feel happy with sadness, with making people feel sad, you need help. YOU NEED HELP. This is not a normal thing, this is not a good thing.

The world is bad, yes, it’s bad. That’s why we all need to stay together and have empathy. And if you need, you can also take your time, take care of yourself, you are allowed to take care of yourself. You are allowed to love yourself.

I love you all, you are more than what a sick person thinks of you. You are strong, lovely and loved by a lot of people.

I’m here to make sure that I’ll fight every single person who do something bad at you. 

me on a dating site:
*fills out literally hundreds of questions so the site knows who i agree with on important issues like religion and women’s rights*
*puts a basic description of my interests & what i’m looking for in my bio*
*as an afterthought adds that i’m making an rpg*

men who see my profile:

Daily Motivational Astrid #5

“Remember, this too shall pass. You are so loved. Love, Astrid.”

“When going through hardships, it’s easy to get in a dark place and in a habit of thinking dark thoughts. It’s easy to think that nobody cares about you or would miss you. Believe me, I know that more than I’d like to admit. I don’t know what you’re going through, but believe me when I say things will get better. These hard, dark times, will pass. It may not be immediately, but it will happen. But while you’re going through this rough patch of your life, I want to remind you. You are SO loved. So much more than you know. And by so many more than you’ll ever know. Don’t give up. You have so much life to live and so many things to do. Don’t let the darkness consume you. And please, I want you to also remember this: Crying, asking for help, and talking to others about how you feel and what you’re going through is NOT WEAKNESS. It’s just the opposite. You were given these emotions to express your feelings.  You were meant to cry in times of grief and hurt. You were meant to confide in others. Please, don’t think it’s weak to do these things. It takes so much strength to admit your sadness and cry. It takes so much strength to reach out to others for help or just to vent about what you’re going through. So please. Cry. Cry like there’s no end to your tears. Let all your emotions out. You need it darling. And please. Talk to others. I know it can be hard, but it’s so wonderful to have someone to talk to that understands what you’ve been through, especially when going through such a dark place. You are so loved, and there are so many people that would be more than willing to be there for you in your time of need. I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you for having this strength in you to keep fighting and to show your emotions. I’m so proud of you darling.

I want to take a moment now and say, please. If you’re going through hard times right now and contemplating suicide or self harm or just have dark thoughts in general, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would be more than willing to stay up all night if I had to to console one of you beautiful, beautiful people. I know I don’t show it now, but I used to go through some of this stuff myself. I won’t put it here, but just know, I have been through a lot, and I am here to help anyone going through anything I have been through and more.

I love you so much. SO much. Don’t forget that I love you. And I’m always here for you. This too shall pass my lovely. I’m so proud of you. Keep fighting. Love, Ask-Astrid Mod.