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Suga Daddy: Part Two

Suga Daddy: Part 2

Word count: 6.9k

Genre: smut

Okay, I’m glad that some people liked this because I want to turn this into a series. This is pretty dirty so be warned. Anyway, on to the next part :)

part one

You were over at Taehyung’s, on the couch with him and Jimin watching a movie. Sadly, you weren’t paying too much attention to it because tomorrow you were trying out for a seniors dance showcase. It was a big deal for seniors, it was what they worked for all four years. This would be what they would perform for tons of people and entertainment scouters. Your school was known for helping dancers get jobs after this showcase at the end of the year.

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For You

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Prompt: “Instead of the reader getting hurt, Bones does? Maybe he protects the reader from getting hurt or something?” -Anon

Warnings: Trashy science stuff that, for the most part, is made up. Angst if you squint

Word Count: 2,099

A/n: This fic is way, WAY overdue, but don’t worry, I’m getting back to writing again. I have been horribly busy. The facts in this story are everywhere, so if you really have the dying desire to know what’s real and what’s not, message me and I’ll let ya know :P

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Late Nights

Summary: After having to spend countless late nights in the office with a coworker, James begins questioning what’s going on between the two of you. (John is your coworker.)

Word Count: 2,205

Pairings: James Barnes x f!reader, mentions of Steve Rogers

Warnings: none

A/N: hey! so i’m a terrible person and write in the perspective of a female reader so if you’d like to you can specify you’d like female or male reader! i’ll do both! if this isn’t what you wanted anon, i’m so sorry. (also another unnecessarily long one. this is i suppose a normal au where everything with hydra never happened, no one turned into super soldiers. just normal ole bucky and steve)


“I’m sorry, babe. I have to stay late again, there’s a ton of stuff John and I have to finish for tomorrow.”

The words ring through James’ ears, his head dropping forward to avoid looking at the candles and plates of food he’d laid out for dinner. He doesn’t say anything but gives a noise of frustration so you know he heard you before hanging up.

This was the third time this week and it was only Wednesday. The act of staying late at work had come up before this but you always told him you were finishing papers alone instead of with another man. It was now becoming a regular and the fact you worked a seven to eight job and were now staying as late as midnight, he never got to see you.

James tried so hard to not be the typical overbearing fiancé that many believed him to be simply so you didn’t feel trapped. Of course he got protective at times but he managed to maintain a steady view on how you decided to live. The change in your lifestyle was taking a drastic toll on him emotionally and mentally and he couldn’t remain calm about this.

He’d gone to Steve many times, nearly crying and voicing his fear of you falling for another man. It was an honest thing he dreaded to find out and with you spending so much time with another guy, he knew he could slowly be losing you.

Steve told his friend each and every time that you’re loyal, you’re his best girl and there was no one who could change that. James’ insecurities got the best of him and the repeated reassurances were becoming nothing but wasted air.


You looked to your phone with furrowed brows, the abrupt ending making you feel a little uneasy but you brush it off when John is coming back with a cup of water for you. This was out of character for your future husband and it worried you.

The worry was evident on your face as John settled across from you, giving you a gentle nudge. “Everything alright?” He asks softly and you look to him with a heavy sigh.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to stay late tonight, I’m so sorry. It’s just- I’m worried about James and I have a feeling things aren’t okay.” You tell your coworker truthfully. It couldn’t even cross your mind that James could be thinking you were cheating, you knew John was happily married with a beautiful child and another on the way.

John gives a soft chuckle and a shake of his head, beginning to sort out your papers from his. “Don’t apologize, Y/N, I understand. Family is more important than work and you should check on him.” He tells you honestly and the guilt of leaving him there to work alone leaves your chest. You carefully slide your papers into the laptop case you carry around, giving John another soft ‘thank you’ before leaving the office in a hurry.


“She’s working late again, isn’t she?”

“..Uh huh.”

“Buck, you know she loves you and she’s never going to leave, right? She’s a loyal girl, the best one to ever grace your life. You won’t lose her to some guy at work.”

“But what if he has things I don’t? Like emotional stability? She can’t work late without me overreacting and thinking something’s going on. I shouldn’t be thinking of her like that. She’s better than that.”

“You’re emotionally stable because of her, James. And you’re only thinking like this because of the self hatred you have buried so deeply. If you’d let those problems uproot themselves then you’d get over them and be okay.”

“I can’t let that happen. It’ll ruin me and my relationship with her. You know that.”

“There are things you have to do for your own sake. And hers.”


When you come into the front door, your keys jingling as you wiggle the house key from the lock, you see most of the lights are off, the kitchen cleaned spotless and no sight of James. Shutting the door behind yourself and making sure you lock it back, you make your way into the kitchen, assuming he’s either showering or already in bed.

You run a hand through your hair, settling your case on the kitchen counter, tossing your keys down before making your way down the hall to your shared bedroom.

“James?” You call softly, hearing the shower shut off just as you step into the bedroom and he emerges from the bathroom seconds later, a towel wrapped around his waist.

It’s a breathtaking sight, the water droplets that fall down James’ muscled chest and stomach catching your eye before you look back up to his face quickly. His brows are furrowed together, watching you confusedly as you toe off your heels.

“What are you doing home?” His voice is soft, like most times he talked with you, and you smile. “I told John I was coming home. Figured I’d rather be home than at work.” It’s not an exact lie, you’re just not telling him everything.

Every time you voiced your worry about him, he locked up, shut down on you and promised there was no reason for you to be so worrisome over him. He insisted he was man enough to take care of himself but Steve thought otherwise and Steve voiced his opinions to you.

You’re thankful James has someone like Steve, someone to go to and talk to when he couldn’t confide in you even if the thought of your fiancé not being able to open up to you is terrifying. You’re also thankful that Steve has half the mind to come to you, to fill you in one some of the small things. Steve would also tell you he’ll only tell you what he thinks you should hear simply so he didn’t lose James’ trust in him. And for that you’re ever grateful for Steve.

The confused look doesn’t leave James’ face, his grip noticeably tightening on the towel around his waist. “You’re sure you didn’t want to stay and work with him?” The words come out harsher than James intended for them to, a bite behind them and you’re taken aback.

There had only been two fights before this and they were quickly resolved but the look James is giving you has you wondering if this is fixable.

“I’m sure, babe. I’m home, aren’t I? What’s wrong, James?” You ask, stepping to him though he holds up a hand for you to stop and you do.

“You couldn’t have fucking decided that when you called me to say you’re staying after? You couldn’t have decided that before I threw away the extravagant dinner I put together for us?” He snaps, water dripping from his hair and down onto his shoulders as he moves back.

He really doesn’t mean to get so defensive so quickly but you seem very nervous, skeptical almost and he doesn’t like it at all. His mind is running a thousand thoughts a mile, wondering if you only came home because you were scared he was catching onto your affair.

The thought strikes him like a brick and he has to step back from you, chest rising and falling heavily with the deep breaths. His eyes are blown wide, pupils dilated as he glances over your body.

“I-I didn’t know. You didn’t say anything about dinner.” You speak up meekly. The fear coursing through your veins is becoming more evident by each flicker of his gaze over you. This was new.

He gives a scoff and nods his head, free hand coming up to rub over the slight stubble on his jaw. He didn’t shave it often after you’d told him you liked how he looked with it.

“Whatever, Y/N. Just forget it.” He breathes, moving passed you and grabbing a pair of boxer briefs, quickly pulling them on under the towel before letting it drop to the ground. He slips on a pair of sweats as well, his pillow being the next thing he grabs.

Your eyes widen, quickly following after him as he heads down the hallway for the living room.

“James, James! What are-” You’re cut off by him turning around, the grip on his pillow tight enough his knuckles are white.

“I can’t lay beside a cheater! I can’t lay beside you knowing you’re seeing, being touched by another man! I can’t do it!” He’d never meant to let those words leave his lips but the adrenaline and anger is bubbling so high in his chest and throat that he can’t stop himself. “It makes me sick inside! While I’m here waiting at home for you like a good little fiancé and you’re out there getting fucked by some other man! I’m done!” He shouts, his face going red, the vein in his neck prominent along with one in his temple.

You’re completely taken aback, stopping in your tracks before you can get to him. You notice the glimmer of tears in his eyes, his entire body nearly trembling and you know he’s been overthinking things again.

It’d happened once before, he let his insecurities and fears get the best of him and he took it out on you. He accused you of cheating, he even thought you’d sleep with Steve and you tried to reassure him each and everyday that he was the one you loved. You’d apparently failed with the amount of work you had piled on here lately.

Your lips part and you let out a little noise, shaking your head, holding back your own because you know the situation will just escalate.

“James Buchanan Barnes, I would never cheat on you.” You whisper, your own voice shaking and trying to keep your composure. All you want to do is crumble down onto your knees and cry. “I would never cheat on you and you should know that. I’ve told you time and time again that you’re the one I’m in love with. I’ve devoted my entire life to you. I’ve given you everything that I can. For Christ’s sake, you were the first man I’d ever laid with, my first kiss, the one who took my virginity. I said yes to spending the rest of my life by your side; why would I throw that away?”

Your words seem to strike something in him, his angry resolve dissolving almost immediately and his shoulders slump down. He leans against the wall, sliding down it until he’s sitting and using the heel of his palms to rub at his eyes roughly, tears smearing along the way.

His shoulders begin to shake and you hear the familiar sniffle and hiccup of crying coming from him. Your chest tightens and you immediately step forward, crouching down to his level, hands resting gently on his knees.

“James,” you whisper, settling down onto the floor completely in front of him, your arms opening as an invitation. The moment he catches a glimpse of you, he moves forward, arms circling around your waist and burying into your neck with a sob that shakes his body.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you, baby. I’ve got you.” You whisper into his ear, arms wrapping around him and one hand rubbing circles over his back, the other smoothing his drying hair down and kissing at his exposed skin.

The sobs continue for several moments, racking his body and leaving your chest aching at his hurt until the sobs are hiccups and then sniffles. Even once he’s settled down, he keeps his arms tightly wrapped around your waist and face nuzzles into your neck. He settles down so much so you’re worried he’s fallen asleep there in the hallway and you know you’ll never be able to carry him.

But he’s moving a little to wipe at his cheeks completely, one hand still on you to make sure you don’t leave. You don’t, watching him and cupping his cheeks after a moment, pressing a kiss to his lips.

“I love you with every fiber in my body, James Barnes. There is no one who will ever compare to you.” You whisper to him, his forehead gently knocking against yours as he nods and his nose nudges yours gently.

“I love you too, future Mrs. Barnes.” He whispers to you and you smile, brushing his hair back from his face. “I’m so sorry I overreact. My thoughts just get the best of me and I can’t stop them and then it’s too late and I’ve already blown up.” He murmurs, tears stinging at his eyes again, quickly trying to blink them away.

You shake your head, taking one of his hands in yours and intertwining your fingers. “Just talk to me next time, tell me what’s going on. I need to know these things.” You tell him, another nod being his response before you push yourself up and hold a hand out to him.

He takes the extended hand, letting you help him up before grabbing his pillow and guiding him back to your shared room.

“How’s a nice cuddle and a movie sound?”

“Sounds fantastic, doll.”

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ok i propose an idea remus lupin, albeit vanilla ass baby that he is, is so fucking rough and dominant before a full moon hit me w some headcanons & do your worst girl

yes omg I almost forgot about the full moon 

  • he literally growls and whines if you turn him on
  • like he gets so embarrassed by it but if you walk by with a low cut top or a short skirt he just can’t help himself
  • he warns you to keep away from him if you don’t want to be fucked
  • because although he’d never take you without consent, it’s literally agonising to hold back and he hates going through it
  • his senses are so heightened during the time
  • if you’re simply caressing his arm or sucking on a lollipop he gets horny
  • and holy heck, he can even smell when you get aroused
  • like if you’re admiring his body or thinking about what those beautiful hands could do to you, he just turns and stares at you intensely in warning
  • so much biting - on your tits, hips, inner thighs
  • and scratching too!! sometimes he gets so rough that it leaves trails of red
  • normally he’s not very loud during sex, but when he’s in this mood he can’t stop running his mouth 
  • it’s so fucking hot too because the way he dirty talks is just delicious
  • “let me see that pretty little pussy, that’s it” “so tight, babe, tell me how big my cock feels inside you”
  • and the rest of the boys are forced to listen to your sounds as they keep guard outside
  • and you stay with him during his transformation if he’s had wolfsbane, just to watch over him as he sleeps
  • giving him a plethora of kisses and cuddles in the morning as he cries on your shoulder - calming him down by making him coffee and breakfast
Sleep Is Overrated Anyway

Summary:  Keith can’t sleep - between the Lion swapping, Lotor problem and Shiro coming back, there’s just too much going on in his head to relax. On top of all that, the Castle of Lions won’t stop this incessant humming…. He only wanted to go and train for a bit and blow off some steam, but he bumps into a certain someone who can’t seem to sleep either. Who needs sleep when you can awkwardly flirt in the middle of the night?

Word Count: 3,602

Genre: Klance Fluff  (So much fluff) (And lots of awkward flirting)

AO3 Link: [xxXXxx]

The Castle of Lions hummed at night. It was a stupid thing to suddenly fixate on, but lying there not being able to sleep made it more noticeable, and now it was all Keith could think about. He supposed it hummed all through the day too, but there was always something going on in the ship that drowned it out; Pidge tapping away on keyboards, Hunk working hard in the kitchen, Shiro and Allura discussing the recent Lotor problem, Coran reminiscing loudly and Lance chatting or singing songs while he kept everyone company. There was a certain energy to the team that made the ship feel smaller than it really was - more lived in. It never felt like they were rattling around inside, even though there were only seven of them (plus the space mice). But at night….

At night, there was just stillness and silence.

And the humming.

Keith already knew the low hum wasn’t caused by engines, since the ship was powered by crystals and energy, but the familiar sound did remind him of his brief time in the Garrison. It always managed to stir up old feelings of discord and unrest from that time too; back when he didn’t believe he belonged anywhere and was angry at the world.

He rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling through the darkness, though admittedly it was never actually pitch black in the castle, since so much of it was covered in panels designed to glow softly all the time, and Keith had excellent night vision anyway. But it was still dark and he was alone. He clenched his hands in the thin blanket covering him.

At night, the castle felt… empty.

It felt like it had been a few hours since they’d all gone to their rooms, though Keith had no way of measuring the exact time, and sleep had eluded him so far. There were so many things rattling through his brain that he just couldn’t switch it off and relax. Mostly he was anxious about their continuing fight against the Galra (Lotor in particular troubled him), his unhappy Garrison memories didn’t seem to be able to leave him alone tonight, and the ever-present stress of being the Team Leader now, over Shiro apparently, since the Black Lion was still claiming him as its Paladin, continued to lie thickly in his mind. And then there was Lance. Keith sat up suddenly and the blanket slid off his bare torso. Fuck. He had promised himself to stop thinking about Lance.

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Addictively Forbidden

Addictively Forbidden

Summary: It’s forbidden but so tempting and really who could resist.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean,

Setting: season 11

Rating: M, (here be smut no one under 18 please), NSFW

Warnings: smut, (first time writing Sam smut so I’m very sorry if it’s crap.)

Word count: 2,335 (with lyrics)

Notes: This request has been sitting in my inbox for a long while sadly, I’m so bad at this. At first I couldn’t think of what to do besides PWP, aka all smut. But then @thing-you-do-with-that-thing brought forth her #Kari’s favorite things challenge and boom baby an idea came to me. I do hope everyone enjoys.

Tag list:

Forever: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @marvel-lucy@aquabrie @fandommaniacx @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @supernaturallymarvellous @feelmyroarrrr

Supernatural: @smoothdogsgirl@aprofoundbondwithdean @ruprecht0420

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A Crazy Summer Romance - 2

Pairing: peter x reader

Summary: meeting this cute boy named peter was a lovely, you finally had something to do in queens. your grandmother seemed be like herself again and everything seemed to be getting back to normal. little did you know that your perspective of normal was going to change very soon.

A/N: hey! sorry I died for a while but I am back, baby! I had to write it directly on tumblr and didn’t have any time to edit so please ignore any errors. wont say much, hope you like it! 

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: find out!


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your grandmother being the determined lady she was, was stirring a bright purple liquid in a cauldron. she couldn’t make a mistake, even after years of practice, strong potions like this one took time.

the room filled with various aromas and a sparkling dust floating around as the early morning sunshine seeped through the lacy curtains, looked as beautiful as ever. sorcerers had a thing for beauty and calm.

‘fuck me with an amethyst dildo!’ Elizabeth cried in frustration. the potion just wouldn’t come out right. she had to do it, the potion was the only thing that could supress it.

‘mind your tongue, Ell.’ the black cat’s calm voice said in her head. Cheshire lay on the chair and was watching her failed attempts without loosing patience.

‘mind my tongue? mind your stank mouth, Ches. or i’ll make you into a tennis racket.’ she threatened as she started over again. a smile appeared on her lips as the potion started to look clear. she took a deep breath of relief.

‘you know, you should just tell (y/n) already.’ Cheshire turned over and lied on his back, purring in the process.

‘oh, tell her? yeah of course. I will surely tell her just like that.’ she took the pot of the stove and poured the clear liquid in a teacup with a tea bag. she turned to the cat with a huff. ‘ I will just give her this tea and say “hey, (y/n)! here’s your breakfast and by the way you are a sorceress. oh and that’s not it! you are way too powerful and it’s scaring me a little. oh, and that’s not all I am actually giving you some potions and elixirs to supress it”’ she mimicked sarcastically and the cat sat up again. it looked at her with a condescending look. ‘don’t you fucking-’

‘damn it, gran.’ you rubbed your eyes and padded into the kitchen. ‘Cheshire is finally back and that’s how you talk to him.’ you picked up the black cat and scratched it’s ear. he snuggled into your chest lovingly.

‘that cat’s a pain in the ass.’ she muttered as she fixed the table. the table was set for two, bowl of yogurt with cut up fruits, two toasts and a tea fixed for you and a cup of tea with a sandwich for your grandmother. the room was quite and cool. the smell of breakfast and the fresh flowers in the vase added to your appetite.

‘I just love you.’ you sat down in one of the chair with Ches in your lap. the cat made itself comfortable as you took the first bite of your breakfast. ‘I just love you with all this good breakfast, this lovely house and your filthy ass mouth.’ you smiled at her as. ‘you’re swearing so it means you are finally feeling better.’

‘oh, heavens yes.’ Elizabeth took a seat. ‘and don’t complain young lady, you are a potty mouth too.’ she pointed.

‘I get it from you!’ you playfully argued back. you both carried on to have your usual conversation, things seemed better now, you didn’t like seeing your beloved grandmother sick. you had finished your breakfast and got up after keeping Cheshire down.

‘oh, don’t forget you tea, sweets.’ she got up hastily with the cup in her hands. you had to drink it, or god knew what would happen.

‘i’m  not in the mood for it, gran.’ you frowned.

‘no-no, a girl must always finish her tea.’ she insisted. you were going to refuse again but your phone buzzed in your pocket. you checked and found it was a message from peter, you smiled. “meet me at the park again in a bit? :) “ it read.

‘sorry, gran! but I gotta go!” you rushed off before Elizabeth could have the chance to make you drink the tea.

‘and then Ned slapped me across the face real hard.’ peter looked at you with a straight face after finishing the whole story. you busted in laughter, almost falling of the building but peter caught you.

‘why would you wanna see how many redbulls he can down before he goes full on crazy?!’ you asked still laughing.

‘I don’t know,’ he shrugged. ‘we’re nerds, crazy nerds we did it for science.’

‘well, you’re the cutest nerd out there.’ you pulled his cheek and he blushed slightly.

peter was starting to develop feelings for you, he so badly didn’t want it to happen after all, his identity always messed up things for him. also, it wasn’t helpful that you will leave too, just like liz….

so for now, he decided to enjoy whatever had. that calm moment that you were sharing on the tall building, sitting on it’s edge, close to each other, looking at the city as the sun set, was beautiful. it was his now, and he wanted to live it fully.

while he was calm you could feel a certain buzzing energy growing inside you, you wanted to do something. something fun, you had a feeling like you could do anything right now, something was calling your name and inviting you to do some mischief.

‘peter?’ you asked looking down at an alley. he hummed in response and looked at you. ‘you ever tried graffiti?’ you asked and he furrowed his brows.

‘um, no, you know if you get caught-’

‘always with the ifs and buts.’ you stood up. ‘it’s summer, we’re young, let’s do something crazy.’ you offered him your hand. he thought for a while before finally taking your hand and standing up.

‘let’s do something crazy.’ he grinned.

‘it doesn’t look like a giraffe it looks! it looks like a-’

‘it looks like a penis.’ peter stated with his hands on his hips as he examined his creation.

‘you are so not made for graffiti.’ you shook your can. your picture was coming out perfect, the bleeding moth looked fantastic.

‘yours looks great.’ he looked at both of yours graffiti before frowning at his.

‘oh your dick-giraffe looks lovely.’ you scoffed and he playfully rolled his eyes.

‘why a moth?’ he asked.

‘they are unloved,’ you looked at him before continuing to spray. ‘unappreciated, butterflies get all the credit, peter. they are beautiful. but that’s the thing they are just beautiful while moths, they are strong and determined. they don’t mind if getting to their goals consume them. they are not ‘pretty’, they are so much more.’ 

peter didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t one to read poetry and those deep meaning texts but he could see some sadness in your eyes. He was about to speak before the guard shouted at you two.

‘you punks! you will cost me my job!’ the security guard came running towards you two. you stuck your tongue out at him before grabbing peter’s hand and running on full speed.

‘oh my god!’ peter looked behind him and saw that two guards were following you now. he was scared but it was also…. fun. he felt guilty though, Spiderman shouldn’t go around making graffiti on walls.

you were running like anything, you were high on adrenaline. you felt so alive, you felt unstoppable. you turned around and saw them closing up. ‘shit if only those-’ before you could think it the heavy trash cans out of nowhere moved by themselves and blocked their way. your eyes widened and you stopped for a while, how could have this happen? you couldn’t think much before peter grabbed your hand and dragged you along.

you both slumped against the wall of a nearby narrow alley way. chests heaving you took a moment before looking at peter. the sun had set now, it was dark and the streetlight illuminated his face glistening in sweat. 

‘that was..’ you were panted.

‘so fun!’ he breathed before a grin a appeared on his lips. ‘I-I never did something like this before, but it felt so adventures!’ his eyes twinkled as he spoke. he looked more handsome as ever bubbling up as he spoke, his hair messed up and that great smile, made you wanted to kiss him ‘it was wrong but-’ you kept a hand on his cheek and pushed yourself of the wall. he tensed for a second but loosened up quickly, your eyes were getting him drunk. you cupped his face now, running your thumbs on his cheekbones, taking in his appearance because after you would have kissed him, it wold all change, he would never look the same. he took a rugged breath and kept a hand on yours. you inched closer to him and his hands automatically fell to your waist. you closed your eyes and were just about to capture his lips before a strong hand grabbed you.

‘finally got you girly.’ the familiar guard smiled at you. you jerked your hand but his grip was rather tight. rage was growing inside you, the bubbling mischief was turning into something ferocious.

‘let go of me!’ you growled.

‘leave her alone.’ peter stepped up.

‘oh I will, at the police station. Gert will be here too if he can get his fat ass to climb over those cans.’ he nodded. that was enough, it was the last straw. you took a swing and punched square in the jaw. ‘ what the hell!’ he cried in pain.

He recovered and glared at you ‘you are in big trouble now-’ the anger soon washed of his face as he saw the colour of your eyes had changed, they were totally black. ‘oh my-’

peter didn’t know what was going on, your back was turned to him. he watched, confused.

‘go back.’ your voice a command he couldn’t disobey. ‘and don’t turn back, just keep running, if you disturb us, I will fuck you up so bad you will never walk straight.’ he nodded and ran away almost robotically.

your eyes changed back to normal and you gasped. you couldn’t understand, you felt dizzy, you felt like you had used a big part of your energy. you kept a hand on the wall to steady yourself.

 Peter furrowed his brows, he couldn’t understand what had happened. he moved closer to you and kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘(y/n), you okay?’ he asked with concern. you shook your hand in a ‘no’. ‘okay, I will get you in a cab and leave you home.’ you nodded to that.

‘ and we’re here!’ peter exclaimed in hopes of getting a reaction from you. the whole ride you had no spoken a word, you just stared out of the window lost in your thoughts. he got out of the cab and opened the door for you.

‘such a gentleman.’ you gave him a quick, small smile. you got out and stood next to him. ‘thank you.’ you kissed his cheek and walked away. kept a hand on his cheek to preserve the moist imprint. he got in the cab after throwing  fist in the air and saying ‘YES!’

with the click of the lock opening you got in the dark house. you furrowed your brows, this was weird, but whatever that had been happening lately was normal? you hust wanted to hug your gran, you wanted her to tell you funny stories so that you could feel at peace but instead she wasn’t in sight, and the lights were out. did something happen to her? you gulped, you were scared. you throat dried out with fear, did something happen to her?

‘gran?’ you called. ‘where are you?’ your eyes started to sting, she wasn’t well. what if… ‘granny where are you!?’ you stood in the living room afraid to take another step because you were scared that you might see something you didn’t want to.

a meow caught your attention, Cheshire looked at you as it wagged it’s tail.

‘ches!’ you were about to pick up the cat but it started moving to the library. you followed it there and found your grandmother seated in a chair flipping through a book. you took a sigh of relief. ‘gran!’ you smiled.

‘hey, sweetie.’ she got up with a smile.

‘you-’ you were about to speak but Elizabeth made a purple orb in her hand and threw it in your direction. you held both your hand up in order to protect you.

‘open your eyes.’ she said calmly and you obeyed. you found a black smokey shield had formed in front of you with t=had protected from that orb. your eyes widened.

this couldn’t be real. it was all a lie. magic didn’t exist, you mist be dreaming. it was nothing but one of those weird dreams that feel very real until you wake up.

‘it’s not a dream (y/n)’ a male voice said. you looked in every direction to find it’s owner.

‘that’s Ches.it’s how he communicates.’ you grandmother said. you opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out.

‘it’s not true!’ you shouted. ‘you’re crazy! it’s all just a weird dream.’ tears welled up in your eyes. you couldn’t control anything, why was all this happening to you? ‘and I just wanna wake up.’ you looked down letting the tears fall. you wrapped your arms around yourself. you wanted it all to be over.

‘sorry, sweetheart.’ she kept walked closer to you and kept her hands on your shoulder. ‘you cant wake up from reality.’

‘no…’ you looked at her. you wished she was joking but her eyes said the opposite. she looked as serious as she looked on the funeral of her lifelong friend.

‘yes, (y/n) you are like me. you are like us. you’re a child of great power. you’re a sorceress.’ she smiled.

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Back (Murphy x Reader)

Request\s: #20 with John Murphy \ 11 with Murphy please

A\N: Sorry this took so long to upload! Thanks so much for your patience I really hope you like this, I decided to add in another request I had for prompt 11 I hope that’s okay!! Xx (also let’s pretend the gif is set in arkadia ok)

Prompt: 20 “If we get caught, we’re dead.” & 11 “Midnight. Behind the drop ship. Come alone.”

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Your legs were shaking with anticipation; you hadn’t seen Murphy in a week. You were sent off with another group to meet with Lexa and had to prolong your stay there in order to make Skaikru the 13th clan and today you were on your way back to Arkadia, where he was waiting for you. Needless to say, you missed him like crazy. You were so used to spending every moment with your boyfriend and bestfriend that whenever you were away from him, you felt incomplete like you weren’t whole unless he was there by your side. In conclusion, you were completely, unquestionably dependent on John Murphy. 

As the car came to a loud stop, you opened the door letting the sunlight stream in before you stepped outside. So far there’s no sight of him. You begin to worry about him as you walk inside the drop ship. But then you hear something that gets rid of all those worries.

“Y\N?” He mutters breathlessly. His eyes widen as if he can’t believe you’re actually here, standing in front of him. In an instant he races towards you, encasing you in a tight hug and you hope it can last forever. Feeling him so close to you, your eyes flutter shut and you smile.

“Did you miss me?” You ask, your mouth next to his ear. When he pulls back after a good amount of time, he places his hands on your hips and looks at you happily.

“Oh, you left?” He asks sarcastically and you let out a laugh, “Didn’t even notice you were gone.”

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Where You Belong.

Sergio had been lying in bed resting for all morning. The fact he was sidelined due to his hamstring injury had him a bit sullen over the past few days. I knew all he wanted to do was be out on the pitch supporting and helping his teammates every match but unfortunately, he would be forced to rest himself.

I wanted to do any and everything I could to cheer him up. I cooked his favorite meals, we watched his favorite childhood movies. I just wanted to keep a smile on his face for longer than a few minutes.

Which was why I was now hiding in the bathroom changing into this ridiculously short ‘nurse’ outfit. I  had never done roleplay in my life, far too shy and a bit too insecure to even think of throwing myself out there for my boyfriend even if I knew Sergio would never judge me. I guess that was what gave me the courage to slide into this skin tight, short white outfit. I could feel the breeze of cool air hitting the bottom of my exposed butt.

I tossed my messy curls from the ponytail they were once in and shook my hands through the waves. The makeup on my face was light and coupled with a light pink gloss on my lips. The only final touch I needed was my tall black heels which I was now sliding my feet into.

I took one final look into the mirror, tossed my hair over my shoulder and began to walk out, calling for my boyfriend to make sure he was still lying in bed. “Sergio?”

“Hm?” I heard in response as I finally emerged from behind the door and into full view. My eyes immediately drifted to the still figure, the television remote in his right hand and his feet propped up on a few pillows. He was still hitting channels, not looking my way, until I cleared my throat for his attention.

His jaw dropped for a brief moment before he was chuckling, realizing exactly what I was up to. “You cannot be serious,” he said amidst laughter.

“Does it look bad?” I immediately grew self-conscious, twisting my body to look at the nurse’s costume as much as I could.

“No, no. Not at all,” he quickly corrected. “You look sexy as hell.” His reassurance drew a smile to my face and I began to walk over to him slowly, attempting to move sexily or at least what I thought would be sexy.

“Hurry up, woman,” he playfully commanded.

And so I did. I paced my steps quicker and kneeled over the bed, inching closer until I was positioned right over him. “Mmm,” he let out in a satisfied hum. His eyes immediately dropped to my hovering cleavage while his strong hands slid along the back of my thighs and up towards my ass. His nails found comfort briefly deep in my skin aggressively.

There was always fireworks in the bedroom between the two of us. Sergio represented a more aggressive, controlling, dominating position while I remained the reserved one, afraid to try new things until he coaxed me into it with his words dripping of lust and promise of satisfaction.

He provided it every time.

“Can I make you feel better?”

He eagerly nodded yes in agreement and dropped my hips on top of him, placed perfectly against his still constricted member. “Do you mind being on top?” Rather than providing an answer I simply drew back and began sliding his pants down to around his ankles which was just enough for me. I bit my lip at the sight of his growing member now being uncovered from his boxers and I drew those down as well.

I took it within my hands tightly, massaging and coaxing my hand up and down to get him to full growth. Satisfied with how he felt in my hand, I lowered myself down on him. His head immediately went back in satisfaction, his eyes dropping closed with pleasure. “Fuck,” he let out as he found solace in the tight grip of my love.

Usually, Sergio wanted to be the one working during sex. He would have me pinned in every place of the bedroom, stroking inside and out of me with the quickest pace possible but this time I settled on being the one in charge and moving my hips slowly so he could truly enjoy the feeling.

I rotated my hips in a circular motion, watching Sergio who laid under me in bliss. It was just the sight I wanted to see to keep me moving. “Yeah. Like that,” he breathed out, his eyes still directed to the ceiling.

But I still couldn’t help but worry he may be facing more pain with me on top of him so I had to ask, “Is your leg okay?”

“Fuck my hamstring,” he immediately answered which let me know he didn’t give a damn how it was feeling. He didn’t plan on stopping me regardless.

I drew myself up his length and dropped back down, coating him with the wetness of my warmth until I slid back down to meet contact with his body again. He always enjoyed the teasing movements of my body and that was apparent while he now bit down on his bottom lip in ecstasy.

Satisfied with my work so far, I picked up the pace of my rotation. Sergio’s hands gripped possessively on my hips to hold me in place. His nails accidentally found a home in my skin as he dragged them down the lower portion of my back but I didn’t mind. I knew Sergio was close to his climax by the way his breathing hitched and the way his eyes now darted open and dared me to continue.

And so I did until he finally released inside of me. It wasn’t often that he didn’t make me cum first but I made it a point this time to withhold my own pleasure until he reached his. He ran his digits along my back soothingly while I bucked my hips on top of him, now reaching my own peak. “Ugh,” I moaned out until I finally released myself over him.

Too tired to withdraw just yet, I simply stayed where I was while Sergio leaned forward to repeatedly kiss my lips.

“Shit. I gotta get hurt more often.”

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the gardener one with westallen

full prompt (x)

“There’s no way he has a good ass,” Linda scoffs as she lies back against the lounge chair, putting on her sunglasses. “It’s a white boy ass. You’re just attracted to the fact that he’s some type of forbidden fruit.” 

“Oh my god, Linda!” Iris laughs from the lounge chair right besides her friend, swatting at Linda’s arm with her magazine. “No, really–it’s a good ass for a white boy, that’s the point. And I don’t like him because he’s…forbidden fruit.” 

Linda lifts her sunglasses up slightly to give Iris a look. “What was Eddie, then?” she asks, and the corner of her mouth turns into a grin.

Iris swats at her arm again and–that’s when the gardener appears, wearing a form-fitting, white t-shirt and jeans, coming in through the side gate with his supplies and a wide smile on his face. 

“Are you giving Miss West some trouble, Miss Park?” the gardener, Barry, asks in a rather teasing tone when he walks toward them. “Am I going to have to whip out the snips?” 

Iris giggles, a little more high-pitch than usual. “Not today, Barry,” she tells him with a smile. “Although, you’re going to need them if my dad catches you hanging with us and not tending to the tulips.” 

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Jan 24th, 2016

He had made sure to only jostle Dean from his sleep to tell him happy birthday with a chaste kiss to his brother’s dry, confused lips. All he got was a grumbling sound and more snoring. Sam got dressed and tip-toed out of the dark room to escape fiery wrath if Dean woke up to see him leaving.

There was a freshly baked apple pie waiting for him at a bakery in town and steaks marinating in the fridge, along with a placebo pie in the oven. If he was taught anything about food, it was about how to cook a good steak. If he happened to lie to Dean about baking the pie himself with a dollop of flour purposefully plopped on his nose and a sheepish smile, then he wasn’t hurting anyone.

He jogs out the bunker door, Dean’s keys in hand, and feels like a teenage girl on her first joyride in daddy’s car.

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the signs as lyrics from midnight memories (album)

aries: and if he feels my traces in your hair, i’m sorry, love, but i don’t really care

taurus: you will see it’s easy to be loved, i know you wanna be loved

gemini: we gotta live before we get older, do what we like, we got nothing to lose

cancer: i’m sorry if i say i need you, but i don’t care, i’m not scared of love

leo: i don’t know how else to sum it up, cause words ain’t good enough

virgo: the way that i’ve been holding on too tight with nothing in between

libra: is it too much to ask for something great?

scorpio: let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes

sagittarius: lights go down and the night is calling to me

capricorn: tell me that i’m wrong but i do what i please

aquarius: made a lot of changes, but not forgetting who i was

pisces: your secret tattoo, the way you change moods, the songs that you sing when you’re all alone

Hidden pt 13

Only one more part to go after this…! Hopefully you like it! i apologize if the story seems to be dragging along :D  




She still didn’t know how she was going to pull tonight off, the crowd was buzzing in their seats and the acts that she is about to follow were just remarkable. She was the only solo singer of the night; all eyes would be on her as she tries not to choke. She still hasn’t talked Finn since the Archie debacle, he had stayed late in the studio, crawling into bed past 3am and she was out the door for school before he woke. She knew that he was going to be here tonight, that he could be someone that she could focus on in the audience or maybe everyone might just concentrate on him and not even worry about her piss poor performance to come.

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50 Shades of Matthew Espinosa

matt spin based off of 50shades

I knew that look. His brown eyes were so dark, they appeared black. His jaw was clenched so tightly, I could see the blue veins in his neck pulsing. Matt was pissed, and we still had an hour left of this car ride.

I decided to at least try to talk to him about this. 

“Driver, partition, please.” His chauffeur nodded at me and rolled up the divider between us. I reached for Matt’s hand, and sighed when he jerked it away from me. “Are we gonna talk about this?”

“Talk about what, Y/N?” His voice was low and gruff. It sent a shock through my whole body. He was so sexy.

“Talk about why you’re so pissed off right now,” I answered simply. His body turned towards me and sarcasm crept into his tone. 

“I don’t know, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that you wore the dress I told you not to, and you were all over Jack at that party.” I rolled my eyes at his jealousy.

“Matt, that’s ridiculous! Why the hell would I be all over Jack when i have you all to myself?! And as far as this dress goes yo-” I was cut off by his lips forcefully on mine. His hand was on my hip, roughly pulling me into his lap and rubbing me continually against his belt. His lips pulled away and moved to the skin of my neck.

“I told you not to wear that dress because I didn’t want to deal with this hard on all damned night, but you wore it anyway. And then flirting with Jack right in front of me? You know better, princess. You’re mine.” I shuddered at the intensity of every word he spoke against me. His teeth nipped harshly at my skin, and i winced. He chuckled darkly. “Punishment, baby. Or, what punishment I can give without all my toys…….maybe we’ll use the whips when we get home. Or the handcuffs. Mmmmm, what about that blindfold, Y/N? You know how exciting that one is.”

My body was trembling. His hands were traveling over my body, and had made their way to my heat. His fingers were cold and calloused as they blindly explored my folds. His breathing was heavy in my ear as he continued his adventure. “You’re so wet, baby,” he murmured against the shell of my ear. My breathing hitched as he slid two digits roughly into me. The heel of his hand was scraping against my clit as he pumped his fingers faster. His mouth sucked and bit at my skin, light purple bruises already forming. I whimpered as he spoke, his voice raspy.

“It seems you’ve forgotten who you belong to, princess. Let me remind you. You’re mine,” his lips kissed at the hollow of my throat. His free hand traveled to cup my chest, “this is mine.” His hand traced my waist and hips before lightly swatting my backside. His lips curved into a smile as he stated, “This ass and all those curves are definitely mine.” He slid his fingers out of me, gave my heat a harsh slap, causing me to yelp out loud and then began pumping again. “And this pussy is definitely mine. I’m the one one who gets to touch it, feel how tight it is inside, make you writhe beneath me. Only me, baby girl. Remember that.”

All I could do was moan and nod my head into his shoulder. His fingers kept pumping as I ground my hips on his hand. He groaned into my ear before he spoke.

“Come on, princess, I can feel you. Let it go, I give you permission. Do this for me.” And at that I let go. I sat on top of him after he removed himself from me, trying to catch my breath. He laughed into my hair.“Don’t get too comfy, baby, there’s so much more punishment where that came from. I hope you’re ready, naughty girl.”

1k Special - #5 - Vampire

Character: Sousuke Yamazaki
Series: (belated) 1k Specials (seriously i’m nearly at 1750 now)
Word Count: 1719
AU: Vampire
Warnings: Vampires I guess??

A/N: Ok so look I’ve been struggling with this for ages but I just saw this one day and I kind of had an epiphany (and also changed it up a little). This kind of reads as an introductory chapter for a longer fic - which, by the way, I would be really, really interested in doing for this story. So, give me a shout if you’d be interested in that! For now, enjoy!

Sousuke had lived this way for years. He’d never really needed a home, simply rushing from place to place as it suited him. Sure, there had been times in the past where there had been resistance, but resistance wasn’t hard to deal with when you’re a vampire. Posing as a salesperson might sound ridiculous in today’s more modern age, but hey, it worked a treat in older times, and he saw absolutely no reason to stop taking advantage of human’s gullibility any time soon.

His current situation was nothing out of the ordinary: He was in a suit, sauntering around the neighbourhood, keen eyes observing every house in the vicinity. He loathed having children in the house, so there was no way that number twenty would be viable – not with their people-carrier fuel-guzzling car for a family of five – a shame, really. Their house was rather huge, and that was always an upside. But really, having to kill children was against his life policy, so there was no way that was viable.

He had been hanging about for quite some time, whittling down his ‘potential living quarters’ list for quite some time, before it happened. He had just been observing a house; one of the smaller ones – but nice, nonetheless – when you had opened the door.

Sousuke could swear his heart almost started to beat once more.

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