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Yoonmin Tinder AU


When Taehyung and Jungkook sign Jimin up for Tinder as a joke, they never thought they’d find the Agust D’s account. Jimin is not as impressed. He’s been through enough heartbreaks in the past to know it’s too good to be true. There’s no way his idol likes him, especially with that profile picture. Will Jimin’s messy relationship history get in the way of his happiness?

But why does it matter? He’s not actually talking to Min Yoongi.

…and the drama begins muhahaha

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Two can play at that game...

I have a horrible neighbor. I live in a house that is next to a condo complex, he lives in a condo that overlooks my backyard. My house was recently broken into and all of my tools were stolen along with a guitar and some camping gear.  The next day my neighbor sees me and tells me that he was outside smoking at 3am and saw a man wearing all black run into my yard from the street and hide in a dark corner.  My neighbor didn’t call the police he simply went inside his condo because, “it was none of my business”, as he said.  

A few days later I am outside in my front yard and he parks in my driveway so he can run inside his condo because he would “only be a minute”.  I told him my wife would be home any second and that I had just spoken with her, please do not park there.  He waved his finger at me and advised me again that it will “just be a minute”, and runs inside.  As expected, not 30 seconds later my wife rolls up, assesses the situation, and then has to park 3 blocks away where she finally found a spot.  As I mentioned we were recently robbed and having our second most valuable item multiple blocks away wasn’t where we wanted our car.  He comes out and doesn’t apologize, he gets in his car and leaves.

That brings me to today.  Here in San Diego they are working on the street plumbing; upgrading from old lead pipes to newer piping.  There are signs posted every 20 feet saying do not park from 7:30am to 5pm.  I am working at my computer desk which looks out to the street and I see a car pull up and park.  I get up and head for the front door but I notice that it’s the same horrible neighbor so I let it go.

His car was ticketed and towed within the hour.

I patiently waited for him to come out and watched him lose his shit on the construction workers who were just out doing their jobs.  I guess he thought that it was somehow their fault.  So after I let him get good and mad I walked outside and said, “so I saw the cop come and give you a ticket, I was going to come get you but…it’s none of my business”

The Way Home (Part 7 - End!)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,017 (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!)

Warnings: language, angst, FLUFF, would you like some wine for the cheese?

A/N: I am excited to end a series on seven parts because that’s my favorite number. ANYWAYS! Happy New Year. I hope 2017 sees all of you healthy and happy. Thanks for reading my little stories and sending me so much kindness. PS - Go get your girl, Bucky.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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anonymous asked:

2 people stuck in a horror-movie type setting and one of them keeps doing things that usually get you killed in horror movies and the other is like nO YOU IDIOT DON'T DO THAT because they're Genre Savvy(TM)?

Oh man, I love these. It’s like, my favorite joke. I make them all them all the time. My friends and I used to talk about weird horror movie scenarios all the time too. I think I got this one. 

1. “Hey! I heard about this old haunted house on the edge of town! I think we should go check it out!” 

“Im sorry, you want to do what now?”

2.”Did you hear that? Let’s go see what that was” 

“Uh, yeah, I don’t think so.”

3. “Did you know you had a basement?”

“I didn’t? Let’s go see what’s down there.” 

“No way. I’ll tell you what’s down there from up here; Demons,That’s what’s down there. Demons.

4. “Look at how cute this house is! It’s so quaint and vintage! I think it’s the one for you!”

“I don’t know about that…”
“Oh come on, I know it’s a little out dated but I think-”

“Stop using ‘out-dated’ as a cute way to say haunted, I am not buying it, or this creepy house” 

5. “It was probably just the wind” 

“The windchimes seem to disagree with that” 

6. “Stop, Im not trying to be sexy, I am literally home alone right now and it’s seriously starting to creep me out, just come over already.” 

7. “I thought I told you to lock the door!” 

“You told me not to lock the door?” 

“No, I told you to always lock the door, unless you’ve noticed the classic signs of the killer already being in your house, then you never lock the door” 

8. “Dude, come on, didnt anyone ever tell you that having sex during times like this is like literally begging for the killer to come for you?” 

9. “Check it out! I found this really cool antiqu-”

“Im gonna stop you right there. Put it back; It’s haunted.” 

10.”Let me get this straight? You want to go camping in the woods; where there is no one around for miles, no cell phone reception, and where three people went missing last year, with no camping or wilderness experience, camping gear that hasn’t been touched in over twenty years, and your car that has had the engine light on since you bought it? “ 

“Yeah, Some guy told me about it on my home right now” 

“So, some random guy came up to you while you were walking, at 10 o’clock at night, and told you about an abandoned campground in the middle of the woods,a campground that is infamous for missing people, and you thought that it was a good idea?”  

“It sounded fun at the time?” 

11. “Where are you going?” 

“To see what fell in the kitchen?” 

“Im sorry, I love you, but are you trying to die?” 

I really hope you like them! If you need anything else, feel free to ask! 

Send Me Numbers And Let's Get Personal!
  • 1: Full name.
  • 2: Zodiac sign.
  • 3: 3 fears.
  • 4: 3 things I love.
  • 5: My best friend?
  • 6: Sexual orientation?
  • 7: How tall am I?
  • 8: What do I miss?
  • 9: Favorite color?
  • 10: Do I have a crush?
  • 11: Favorite quote?
  • 12: Favorite place?
  • 13: Do I use sarcasm?
  • 14: What am I listening to right now?
  • 15: First thing I notice in new person?
  • 16: Shoe size?
  • 17: Eye color?
  • 18: Hair color?
  • 19: Favorite style of clothing?
  • 10: What color of underwear I’m wearing now?
  • 21: Favorite movie?
  • 22: How I feel right now?
  • 23: Someone I love.
  • 24: My current relationship status.
  • 25: My relationship with my parents.
  • 26: Favorite holiday.
  • 27: Tattoos and piercing I have.
  • 28: Tattoos and piercing I want.
  • 29: The reason I joined Tumblr.
  • 30: When did I last hold hands?
  • 31: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning
  • 32: Have I shaved my legs in the past three days?
  • 33: Where am I right now?
  • 34: If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?
  • 35: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
  • 36: Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
  • 37: Am I excited for anything?
  • 38: When was the last time I hugged someone?
  • 39: What is something I disliked about today?
  • 40: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • 41: What do I think about most?
  • 42: What’s my strangest talent?
  • 43: Do I have any strange phobias?
  • 44: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
  • 45: What was the last lie I told?
  • 46: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
  • 47: Do I believe in luck?
  • 48: What’s the weather like right now?
  • 49: What was the last book I’ve read?
  • 50: Do I like the smell of gasoline?
  • 51: Do I have any nicknames?
  • 52: What was the worst injury I’ve ever had?
  • 53: Do I spend money or save it?
  • 54: Can I touch my nose with a tongue?
  • 55: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?
  • 56: Favorite animal?
  • 57: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
  • 58: What do I think Satan’s last name is?
  • 59: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
  • 60: How can you win my heart?
  • 61: What would I want to be written on my tombstone?
  • 62: What is my favorite word?
  • 63: My top 5 blogs on tumblr?
  • 64: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
  • 65: Do I have any relatives in jail?
  • 66: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • 67: What is my current desktop picture?
  • 68: Failed a class?
  • 69: Kissed a boy?
  • 70: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
  • 71: Had job?
  • 72: Left the house without my wallet?
  • 73: Played on a sports team?
  • 74: Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 75: Been overweight?
  • 76: Been to a wedding?
  • 77: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
  • 78: Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
  • 79: Been outside my home country?
  • 80: Been to a professional sports game?
  • 81: Broken a bone?
  • 82: Cut myself?
  • 83: Been in airplane?
  • 84: What concerts have I been to?
  • 85: Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
  • 86: Learned another language?
  • 87: Wore make up?
  • 88: Dyed my hair?
  • 89: Met someone famous?
  • 90: Stalked someone on a social network?
  • 91: Peed outside?
  • 92: Been fishing?
  • 93: Helped with charity?
  • 94: Been rejected by a crush?
  • 95: What do I want for birthday?
  • 96: How many kids do I want and what will be their names?
  • 97: Was I named after anyone?
  • 98: Do I like my handwriting?
  • 99: Where do I want to live when older?
  • 100: Play any musical instrument?
  • 101: One of my scars, how did I get it?
  • 102: Am I afraid of the dark?
  • 103: Am I afraid of heights?
  • 104: Have I ever tried my hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?
  • 105: What I’m really bad at.
  • 106: What my greatest achievements are.
  • 107: The meanest thing somebody has ever said to me.
  • 108: What I’d do if I won in a lottery.
  • 109: What do I like about myself?
  • 110: My closest Tumblr friend.
  • 111: Something I fantasies about.
  • 112: Any question you’d like
Let Me Love You pt. 6

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Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Description: You finally understand why Baekhyun acted so guilty.

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request

It hadn’t been long after your meeting with Baekhyun that you found yourself sitting at the bar of your hotel; the place where it all started. You couldn’t get the image of your new face out of your head and you weren’t sure if it was a good thing or bad.

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Right. Now that I’m in my room and Lea is asleep and the husband’s putting Ezra to sleep I can elaborate on my day so far. Bobby’s photo op was at 10.30, autographs about an hour after that, then the Bobby/Emilie duo was an hour after that. Which is why he saw my kids quite a few times in that short space of time.

Anyway - we get there and Ezra goes “Bobby!” and walks over to him. Bobby’s loving the outfits on the kids. I’m holding Lea, and there had been mention that nobody would be carrying kids so I start to crouch down because there’s no way I can carry Ezra as well. Bobby goes “come on up here” and just lifts Ezra. He then starts like talking into his ear to get him to look at the camera and stuff and it’s super adorable. We get the photo done and head out.

About an hour after this we head to get autographs. Lea’s sleeping so it’s just me and Ezra. I got 7 things signed so I knew I’d have quite a bit of time with it so I figured I’d ask him OUAT questions then. We had been told no handshakes etc and we get to the front and Bobby goes “Here he is!” and Ezra goes “Bobby!” and they just start talking?????? Ezra gets two high fives and I’m like alright I’m not about to interrupt this so I just let them babble on. Just as Bobby signs my last item, the fire alarm goes off (AGAIN) and we all have to evacuate.

About an hour after that, we get called for the Bobby/Emilie duos. Lea’s just woken up so she comes along, and Ezra has literally been screaming “BOBBYYYYYY” the entire hour he hasn’t been around him so he’s obviously coming as well. We line up and again the queue moves pretty quick and we get to the front and Ezra goes “BOBBY!” who at the same time goes “There’s my little man!” then sticks his arms out and goes “Do you want to come up?” So Ezra goes over and Emilie is just cooing over Lea and saying “Hello again little one” in her baby voice and we pose for the picture. We end up taking quite a while because the cameraman was so nice and trying to take one with Lea looking but every time she did look Emilie wasn’t looking because she was trying to get Lea to look and this entire time Bobby and Ezra were just going “say cheeeeeeeese” and IT WAS SO CUTE. So we’re done and we go and Ezra goes “byeeeeee” and they wave at him and say bye and Emilie goes “look at his little suit!”

And finally Bobby walked past me in the lobby as I was making kissy noises at Lea to make her smile and he freaking smirked and I basically died.

That’s my story! Now I’m just waiting for his panel - then we’re having dinner, then driving back home!

Huuuuuuge thank you to my husband @julienoora for saving up to surprise me with the pass and extras and watching the kids while I’m off doing stuff while they’re grumpy even though you have an assignment due in a few hours. You are the actual best.

Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge

 So get this! Y’all cause I am a weirdo I have been thinking about doing this for months. I did a celebration thingy for 666 so off course I wanted one for 6666 aswell :D

This one is gonna be a challenge and since the number 6666 is wicked cool and sorta a fav thing of mine the prompts are gonna reflect that. There are gonna be 66 prompts (and 66 spots for people to sign up for). There are gonna be 6 different categories amongst those prompts and there will be 6 different characters you can chose from to write for.

Sign ups end when I run out of prompts. No more will be added. Only one person for each prompt but no limit on characters. 


1. You have to send me an ask telling me your pairing (and if the pairing is two of the characters on the list please let me know which one you wanna focus on). The ask also has to say which prompt you choose (state the NUMBER not just the prompt. Send a backup prompt in case the one you want is taken. IMs, reblogs and replies will be ignore

2. I am fine with most pairings but please no dealistar, wincest (of any kind) or samifer. I wanna read all these fics and I can’t stomach those pairings. No hate if you ship it I just don’t. No male readers or OMCs are allowed either. Again no offense I just don’t read them.

3. You can write fluff, angst smut -  if you write smut please no non-con, A/B/O or daddy/mommy kinks. Again no shaming. I just can’t bring myself to read those.

4. Word min: 500 and word max: 6000 words.

5. It can be the start of a series or a one shot. Please don’t make it the middle part of a series - I don’t have time to catch up on 66 series for this one.

6. The fic is due June 15th. If you have to drop out or need an extension that is cool - just let me know a week ahead of time. People signing up and not completing the challenge without getting back to me that they need to drop out will be banned from my future challenges.

7. All are allowed to sign up, the tags are only for signal boost, but one person can only sign up once.

8. Tag me @thing-you-do-with-that-thing in the A/N and use the # Kari’s favorite things challenge within the first five tags. 

9. Have FUN :D

Characters you can write for:

It is TFW and J2M - I know but they are the ones I read the most and this is my challenge.

You can however pair them with any other character you like (again not any form of wincest, samifer or dealistar), you can pair them with a female reader or a OFC (no male readers or OMCs please), or you can write a general fic. You just have to let me know which and which guy you will focus on.


1. Dean

2. Jensen

3. Sam

4. Jared

5. Cas

6. Misha

Examples of an Ask:

Hey I would like to join your challenge and write for Destiel (with focus on Cas). I would like prompt 66 with prompt 5 as back up


Hey can I join your challenge and write for Jared x reader with prompt 10 and 9 as back up please?

Prompts are under the cut

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Get to Know Yixing (Lay)

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(7 October 1991, Changsha (Hunan))

Our precious Libra prince♕

I’ve never seen a more libra person, almost all of the sign’s qualities apply to him. And if you ever have to give a Libra example just say Yixing without a doubt.

Okay, he might not express all these amazing libra qualities on screen as he (the same as Jongdae) doesn’t have too good television placements but trust me, irl he’s the most lovable person.

A few key libra qualities:

  • beautiful communication
  • real charmer with words
  • the sign of fairness and justice

Now let’s get into more details with Libra Sun, Moon, Mercury & Mars (Ego, Feelings, Brain, Communication and Energy/Aggression ) Everything mixed and matched for a more organized read

  • libra gives him an expensive taste be it art, food, clothing or about anything literally
  • a very diplomatic nature, a natural conflict solver and strives to maintain peace in his daily life
  • all aspects in life must be in harmony
  • gets along with absolutely everyone
  • that usually compromises his personality as he tries too hard to keep the peace and everybody happy
  • tries to understand other person’s point of view, often compromising, at his cost, to keep relationship happy

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

  • quite ambitious (but doesn’t like to show it)
  • a real charmer when he wants to be
  • libras are the funniest and most likeable people and he’s straight up a libra prince
  • usually well-liked by friends, loves to socialize
  • loyal and truly interested in your life~
  • does well in situations where surrounded by admirers
  • may be passive-aggressive, instead of being openly upset or mean
  • you usually don’t even realize when he’s mad at you, but his anger is terrifying so watch your back
  • gets stressed out by the tinniest little shits… like ugh
  • if he messes up, pls don’t point it out, he’s already beating himself over it
  • needs motivation, does best when paired w/ someone they admire

Originally posted by lullabyun

  • even though he may act spontaneous, he spends a great deal of time formulating his thoughts and opinions
  • also tends to keep his thoughts and worries to himself and not to tell others
  • which often results into increased anxiety and being misunderstood
  • happiest when in relationship and is especially sensitive to his lover’s needs
  • rudeness, violence and conflict drives this man crazy
  • will most likely get triggered by injustice and unfair behavior
  • likes arts, enjoys literature
  • culture and intelligent people are very important to him
  • he really likes women and is so romantic that often comes off as sentimental

Originally posted by chiuyixing

  • probably has a great network of people as he’s talented at bringing people together
  • detail oriented and a dedicated planner
  • works hard but dislikes dirty work, prefers giving out orders
  • procrastinator
  • likes to have his way and will accomplish his goals with the support of others
  • can change his personality to fit who he’s spending time with, this makes others feel comfortable around him
  • will never try to force it and try to prove something

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

  • despite a lot of positive traits libra people tend to be quite flighty, shallow and flirtatious
  • rather indecisive and change their opinions every other day
  • lacks spine, is timid and too easy going to stand up for himself
  • often anxious, very high expectations on himself, critical thinking
  • this guy must work on his self-worth, he just puts too much focus on others and is too picky and hard on himself ;-; pls love him 

  • often uncertain, doesn’t adapt very fast
  • must weight each side of the decision over and over even if he’s just trying to decide what to have for breakfast
  • this lack of decisiveness makes him miss some opportunities
  • moods change constantly yet manages to stay even-tempered throughout all that (usually cheerful and positive)
  • you’re basically his decision-maker
  • but if he feels like he doesn’t like your opinion will try to manipulate you into changing it (ofc you won’t notice with his libra sweet-talking and tact)
  • and after he’s FINALLY made up his mind becomes extremely single-minded

Originally posted by soofflay

  • just don’t point out his physical flaws pls
  • really dislikes being alone
  • hates being alone SO much that would take somebody with him even for the little trip to the shop around the corner
  • he kind of expects his partner to read his mind about what he likes/needs
  • will hold a grudge if the need won’t be met
  • can be a bit forgetful

Originally posted by softrains-qy

Now about his tiny virgo moon part, as his moon is on a cusp between virgo and libra

  • it would make it kind of hard for him to receive love as he feels like he doesn’t deserve it
  • even less likely to show his feelings (he already has such a hard time with them)
  • it also makes him a bit more down-to-earth
  • appears more logical/mental than emotional
  • even bigger perfection seeker and never-good-enough-for-himself

Originally posted by r-velvets


  • People with a lot of earth placements (including Yixing) tend to be great dancers
  • Mars in 2nd house usually makes one protective of his possessions. May come across as selfish or stingy. (I doubt he ever shares his clothes or any of his belongings, well at least he doesn’t want to)
  • as he has very strong air placements that’s a red flag that the person wears masks in public
  • Venus conjunction with Jupiter blesses with great beauty and wealth
  • now one of the biggest problems I see is lack of water in his chart
  • so even though he’s sociable and is all about others as a libra dominant
  • he doesn’t seem to have satisfying relationships with others and doesn’t really understand why
  • he just doesn’t know how to convey his emotions and finds it extremely difficult to feel genuine sympathy for others
  • that’s why he might come off as fake but trust me, he just isn’t very in touch with his feelings and prefers to listen to his justice seeking libra brain
  • lacks “tv star” placements (just like Jongdae) so is not as noticeable and attention seeking on screen
  • he actually is extremely creative!
  • the softest and most talkative member in exo FOR SURE
  • he could literally talk for days
  • This guy is your typical social butterfly


It's Best to Forget; Doyoung

Part 1; Your Presence

Part 2,Part 3,Part 4

Genre: Angst/Supernatural

Summary: He’s already left you but he’s always by your side watching over you and making sure things go well for you. But you don’t know he’s there, for you’ve already forgotten everything.

A/N: heavily inspired by Day6’s “When you love someone” so check the song and lyrics out if you havent, it may help in better understanding

Note: This part is in Y/N’s point of view

Word Count; 3,378


“Whenever something goes wrong, miraculously, in someway or another, there always seem to haveo a solution to it and it’s thanks to these coincidences that i’ve managed to overcome such days.”

“I always seem to feel a presence beside me, be it in my dreams or in reality. But i just can’t figure out what that is.”

Day 74

My heart feels empty, but i don’t know the reason why.

It’s been like that ever since i woke up to the touch of Mother on this very bed a few months back. The expression of shock and relief that appeared on her face remains vivid in my mind, as i remember how she immediately wrapped me in her two arms with her bursting out words of gratitude.

I’d been in a car accident, she told me

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Harry Styles Birthday Blurb

Hey Lovelies,

So I know this is like extremely late, but I wanted to write somethign fro Harry’s Birthday. I’m calling it a blurb, but its kind of long. Anyway its really sweet and I hopr you guys like it! Like I said its a blurb so this is it, there won’t be a part two. Fair warning it is NSFW, so be careful where you read. Thats all I have to say for now, happy reading and I’ll ttyl! 


- M

Just because I love you…

Harry Styles Birthday Blurb

 Being with Harry was unlike anything I had ever experienced. He made me feel so alive, yet so calm and relaxed at the same time. I felt safe in the thrilling moments and thrilled in the safe moments. He encouraged me to be brave while simultaneously protecting me. In our quiet, private moments he was sensitive and warm and in our loud, excited moments he was like a little kid, so full of energy and life! I was so broken when we found each other, I was shy and fragile, but he fixed me, built me back up, and brought me back to myself. And for that I could never thank him enough. When we have our bad moments, when we’re yelling and throwing things at each other, he always comes back to me… and when I ask him why he never gives up he says “Just because I love you.” That soon became his catch phrase in our relationship. He would do little things all the time, bring me flowers, make me dinners, and even leaving cute little notes all over the house for me… and he always said he did it “just because I love you.” One of the cute things he always did was every year on his birthday he would give everyone he cared about gifts. Just because he loved them, to thank them for another year together. I thought that was the most selfless thing I had ever seen… On his 23rd birthday he really went all out. There was this little cove we discovered one day at the beach. It was the perfect spot for two lovebirds. There was a little pond type of thing that led to the ocean from underneath and up top there was a small opening where you could see the moon. On a really clear night it was almost magical… the moonlight sparkling on the water… We had talked about maybe doing something there, but we never got the chance… Anyway, this year I had to work, but I promised we would do something the next night. Little did I know Harry already had something planned for his birthday night… 

 One might think working at Build- a- Bear is the most fun job in the world, but one would be wrong. It’s been almost 9 hours and I’m losing it. In the morning its ok, one or two little kids come in and it’s relatively quiet. But as the day goes on it gets crazier and crazier. The screaming kids, background music and annoying parents were enough to drive a girl mad! The only thing getting me through was the thought of going home to Harry. Just to lie in bed, snuggled up to him, enjoying the peace and quiet… that was all I could think about it. I watched the clock as the minutes ticked by agonizingly slow. Finally it was 7:00, closing time! I couldn’t have gotten out of there faster! I threw my apron off, signed out and rushed to my car as fast as my feet would take me. As soon as I got out of the car park I called Harry to let him know I was on my way home.

 "Hey birthday boy… I’m on my way home, can’t wait to wrap my arms around you all night…“ 

 "I’m here, patiently waiting… half naked…”

 "Oh… and why is that…“ I ask, voice going shaky at the thought of a half-naked Harry.

 "I can’t say… it’s a surprise… better hurry home if you want to find out what it is…”

 "Wait a-“

 "Gotta go, see you soon, bye!” Harry says and abruptly hangs up on me.

 Real mature. Now I really wanna get home. I drive as fast as I can and within half an hour I’m pulling into our driveway. I rush inside to find the lights off and the house silent.

 "Harry? Babe you here?“ I call out. No response. I look around the house and don’t find him anywhere. The kitchen, the living room, the basement, even the den. Finally I get up to our bedroom. And there sits Harry on our bed, in his swim trunks. Laying out next to him is my lilac strapless bikini and matching floral cover up. His favourite one of mine of course. 

 "Baby what’s all this? I have something planned for tomorrow night.”

 "Yes, and I have something planned for tonight.“ He says smiling his million dollar smile, the one that makes me melt, the one that he can flash and get pretty much anything he wants.

 "Harry it’s your birthday! I’m supposed to do something for you!” I say sitting on his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck. He looks me in the eyes deeply and then kisses me softly. 

 "Believe me, tonight is as much for me as it is for you…“ he whispers huskily in my ear as he breaks the kiss.

 "Well… I can’t say no to that…” I say standing up and picking up my suit. “Give me a few minutes to change ok? 

 "Oh don’t mind me.” He replies cheekily

 "Ha ha very funny.“ I say going into the walk in closet to change, I leave the door open just a little so Harry can get a peek of me… hey might as well tease him a bit. 

 I start slowly taking off my work close until I’m standing in the closet naked. I then slip the bikini bottom on. Before putting the top on I decide to take the teasing to the next level. I flex my back and begin rubbing my aching shoulders. I know Harry goes crazy when I flex my back! God knows why, but hey I get to use it against him, so no objections here. I know my little game has worked when I hear footsteps approaching the closet. The door opens fully and Harry’s arms wrap around me from behind as he peppers my neck with sweet kisses.

 "Let me help you with that babe…” he whispers as he brings the bikini top around me and clasps it at the back.

 "We don’t have to leave right away do we baby?“ I say turning around and running my hands up and down his chest.

 He takes my hands in his and kisses them "I’m afraid so love." 

 "Ok Baby…” I say kissing his nose “But it’s your loss…” I say letting go of his hands and sauntering away.

 "Trust me it’s not…“ he says following me. 

 "So where is it that you’re taking me Harry?” I say picking up my wrap from the bed. I toss it over my shoulders and suddenly a blind fold goes over my eyes! “Hey!”

 "It’s a surprise babe, trust me… I’ve got you.“ He says picking me up bridal style and carrying me out of our room. I could get used to this I think, resting my head on his chest. Soon the sound of his heartbeat lulled me into a much needed sleep. Until I was shaken awake by Harry picking me up again.

 “Rise and shine love! We’re here!” he says excitedly, almost running, he walking so fast I’m bouncing around in his arms!

 “Harry where are we? How long have we been driving?”

 “Details details, just be patient we’re almost there!” he squeals

 I can’t help but laugh at his childish demeanor. It’s one of the thigs I love most about him… Finally we stop and Harry gently sets me down.

 “We’re here!” Harry says undoing my blindfold.

 “Final-“I’m short by what I see. We’re standing in the little cove we found. The sun set shining through the opening in the roof. It’s so beautiful, Harry has set a little candlelight picnic and the water is sparkling, he’s even sprinkled pink rose petals on the surface!

 “So what do you think?” he asks laying a hand on my shoulder.

 “Oh Harry it’s incredible! You did this all for me, but it’s your day!”

 “I know, and I want to spend it with you, just because I love you…”

 “I don’t know what to say… I love you so much…” I say turning to face him, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. “I really wanted to do something for you this year baby…” I say breaking the kiss without letting go of him.

 “I know, but don’t you see, you are. This is as much for me as it for you. I get to spend the whole night here with you. I decided this year I would do something for both of us…”

 “Well I love it! I love all of it! This place is so beautiful! You’re sure we’re allowed to be here right?”

 “Yeah, pretty sure. I mean the beach is a public place right?”

 “I guess.”

 “So, you hungry?”

 “Are you kidding? I’m starved!”

 “Then you’re really going to love this!” He says opening the picnic basket and taking out two takeout boxes from Shalimar Gardens.

“No way! Biryani and chicken kabobs from Shalimar Gardens!”

 “The one and only!”

 What? We love Indian food!

 “If it’s possible I think I love you more!”

 We enjoy the dinner and talk for a while before we decide to get in the water. We clean up the picnic and I toss by wrap off before we step in together.

 “Woah, the water is so warm!”

 “Yeah, it’s because of the biological-“

 I cut him off by placing my finger to his lips “Shh just shut up and kiss me!” He smiles and pulls me close, connecting our lips in a gentle kiss. Suddenly his hand slip down to my bum and the kiss gets heated. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, pressing our bodies impossibly close.

 “You sure you want to do this in here?” he says between kisses.

 “Why not? Haven’t you ever thought of what it would be like?” I reply.

 “Surprisingly, no.”

 “Huh, well I have!” I say with a devilish smirk. I slide off him and he leans against the wall of the cove. I reattach our lips and my hands wander all over him. I graze his chest until my hands land on his special place. I start massaging him and he groans. His hands slide behind me and he unclasps my bikini tossing it somewhere behind us. He massage my breasts and I continue massaging him until he’s hard. Then I slide my hand into his boxer and massage him more. Finally he losses it and rips them off, along with my bikini bottoms.

 “Such a tease tonight aye…” he whispers huskily.

 “Are you going to punish me… Daddy?” I knew that drove him insane… without saying a word he pushes two of his long fingers deep inside me, I almost scream from the pleasure. He pumps his fingers in me mercilessly until I can’t take it anymore, I need him in me. I can feel he’s close to, so he finally pulls his fingers out of me. Without warning his thrusts into me hard. Suddenly everything goes blurry. The cove is filled with mixed profanities and the sound skin against skin. I get that familiar feeling and in an instance we finish together. He slowly pulls out of me and pulls us out of the water. We wrap ourselves in towels and lie on our picnic blanket, gazing up at the stars.

 “That was amazing…” I finally manage to say

 “The best it’s ever been I think…” he replies

 “Thank you for all of this Harry…” I say facing him.

 “My pleasure… I do have one more surprise for you though…”

 “What are talking about?” I say sitting up.

 He sits up too and reaches into the picnic basket.

 “Not more food, babe I’m totally stuffed!”

 “Nope, not food…” He says producing a small Tiffany box.


 He faces me and takes my hand in his. “Y/N… This year, the thing that I wanted most for my birthday was you. I want you to be mine forever. You’re the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing before I sleep. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. I know in heart that we belong together. So I’m asking you, will you marry me?”

 Tears stream down my face as I shakily answer “Yes! Yes of course! Oh my god Harry I love you so much!” he slips the ring on my finger and kisses me passionately.

 “Oh its gorgeous! I love it! And I love you more!” I say breaking the kiss and looking at the ring.

 “I’m glad, I was stressing out about you not liking it.”

 “Aww, its perfect… we’re perfect…” I say grazing the side of his face.

 “You’re perfect…” he says kissing me again.

 “So, should we get dressed and head home?” I say breaking the kiss

 “We could… or we could stay the night…”


 “Why not, we could sleep on the picnic blanket, and watch the sunrise.”

 “Sounds perfect.” I say laying back down and snuggling into Harry.

 “Goodnight Love…” Harry Whispers.

 “Goodnight Harry…” I whisper back kissing his chest softly and drifting off to the sound of his heartbeat.

Jordan’s 2k Fluff Challenge

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That was supposed to be a fluff gif but whatever! You get the point! This is a fluff challenge. There is a lot of angst going around (from what I’ve seen) and plus, fluff is my favorite genre to write so I want YOU guys to write fluff!

Some things that you might like to know before signing up: 

1. I will reblog all fics that are submitted AND give feedback on them all
2. The only exception to the rule above is if you don’t have a “keep reading” break for fics over 500 words, then I will not reblog. I’ll still give feedback, but no reblog.
3. Your fic doesn’t have to be a winter/Christmas theme story but I will include some prompts that you can use.


1. I would appreciate it if you were following me, but I want anyone who wants to join, to join, so you don’t have to. 

2. Must be female or gender neutral pairings. As for the pairings, you can choose Jared/Sam, Jensen/Dean, Misha/Castiel, Jack or Jensen x Danneel and Jared x Genevieve. The pairing can be romantic or platonic, daughter, or sister, it’s up to you!

3. The theme is fluff but you can also write smut if you wish. I wouldn’t like to see angst but if it’s required for your story, let me know and everything is all good. 

4. Your fic can be a stand alone or the FIRST part of a series (RPF or not)! It makes it easier for me to read the first part instead of a whole series just to get to your submission fic, you know. 

5. The due date will be my birthday, February 19th, 2018. (I turn 21, guys)

6. Please tag me (queen-of-deans-booty) in your A/N along with the tag “Jordan’s 2k Fluff Challenge” within your first 5 tags. If I don’t like your fic within 24 hours, just give me a heads up. I know Tumblr always acts up. 

7. There is a list of prompts you can choose from AND/OR get a secret gif. You don’t have to do both, but if you want, then you can. Please, send in your prompt with the pairing or ask for a secret gif with the pairing. Because there are also secret gifs and you feel like you want to write another story for this challenge, I won’t be putting a limit on those. You can do however many you want, as long as you turn in separate fics for however many gifs you chose. 

8. THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF THEM ALL: If you sign up and do not post your fic before the due date without contacting me first, I will not let you participate in other challenges. I’ve had a few people sign up for my last challenge and not post their stories and this takes a lot of time and effort to construct. Just let me know you need an extension and I’ll be happy to give you one. If you need to drop out, no hard feelings, I know things get in the way. Just talk to me first.

Prompts are below the cut!

Keep reading

Prompt list

1. A: You shoud have let me sleep.

  B: It’s been 18 hours.

2. I think I’m having a feeling. How do I make it stop?

3. A: You’re not you when you’re hungry.

  B: Then … who am I?

4. A: It’s raining men!

  B : Thank God I have an umbrella.

5. Sharing a single strand of spaghetti is not romantic. Let me eat

6. A: *makes a shitty joke*

  B: Would you like 10 cents?

7. That’s a terrible idea. There’s no way it’s gonna work. Where do I sign?

8. A: Hello

  B : Fine and you

  B : This is where I die now.

9. A: Stop that

  B: Stop what?

  A: That thing you do with your face when you’re happy. It’s creepy.

10. A : Did you get my message?

   B : Yeah, I was ignoring it on purpose

11. A: I’m a princess and I demand you treat me as such!

   B : I don’t see a tiara, Your Highness, so I’m calling bullshit.

12. A: I fucked up. Big time

   B : I’ve known you for years, you’re going to have to be more specific.

13. A : I can’t think straight with you this close.

   B: Darling, no one was asking you to think.

14. Look, being an adult is overrated. You have to pay taxes and people frown at you for watching cartoons in your PJs all Saturday and eating chips for breakfast.

15. I was so cool, and then this happened. Like, why the fuck do I have feelings? That shit sucks!

16. Oh no, don’t stop. I quite liked where you were going with this.

17. Okay listen, I’m not saying that I’m awesome and that you should definetly love me, but… yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

18. They offered me what I couldn’t refuse : money.

19. A: Tomorrow is another day.

   B: Yeah, but it might be worse.

20. Oh, I know a thing or two about being a jerk.

21. For you to be angry, this is a serious matter

22. I’m sorry I called you stupid. I honestly thought you already knew.

23. Oh yeah? Why don’t you come over and make me? 

24. Starring at your coffee is not going to make it magically give you the answer.

25. Don’t be fooled. I’m the epitome of mess.

26. Hey, I just wanted to check if you’re okay. You’ve been listening to SexyBack on repeat for an hour.

27. Morning, lovely. I see you got out of bed… I’m proud of you.

28. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

29. Don’t bring my financial status into this.

30. You definitely said that much too quickly for me to believe you.

31. Being single is great. I get the whole bed to myself.

32. The best part about not wearing makeup is being able to rub your eyes.

33. Oh well, I always knew I would die of sadness.

34. Hmmmm watcha saay

35. Well, this has been sufficiently awkward.

36. Please get out of that pillow fort. We’re supposed to have dinner with friends.

37. Kissing in the rain is not romantic. You just get to catch the flu before anyone else.

38. And this, is why we can’t have nice things.

39. A : *knocking on person B’s door before entering* Are you decent?

   B : not morally, but I’m wearing pants if that’s what you’re asking.

40. Can we switch seats? If I sit backwards, I’ll get sick.

41. You watch that pretty little mouth of yours.

42. It’s very rude of you to make me fall in love with you. Inconsiderate, really.

43. Dude, it’s like, romantic as fuck.

44. Some of you may die… But that’s a sacrifice I am willing to offer.

45. Hey guys, I’m here and ready to bitch.

46. That’s what she said.

47. You can’t live by quoting emo bands for the rest of your life.

48. Now now, you have to at least buy me dinner first.

49. I can’t even take care of myself, how do you expect me to take care of a plant?

50. So… you wanna… hot chocolate and chill?

51. Are you reenacting Bet on It from HSM as a way of making a decision?

52. You can’t just use ‘I have problems’ as an excuse for everything.

53. I’ve probably already met the man of my dreams and told him to fuck off.

54. You kind of just confirmed that you’re the person of my dreams, but other than that…

55. This isn’t what it looks like.

Help! Not Just Anybody - Five

Another month passed by and soon the warm spring turned into early summer. Y/N came home one Sunday afternoon from lunch with friends to find Spencer, Ella and Ellie having an impromptu water fight in the garden, Dr Reid running around in shorts and a t-shirt, a surprising combination for him. For the first few months of her employment it seemed that all she’d ever seen him wear was suits, or a neat slacks, shirt and cardigan combination. The first time she’d seen him dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt, her jaw had dropped and he’d laughed at her.

Y/N watched through the kitchen window for a while, a smile on her face at the sight of Spencer and his two girls running around, them attacking him with water pistols. The sounds of laughter coming from the garden were infectious and Y/N glanced over to the garden shed, spotting that the hose they used for watering the plants was still hooked up to the outside tap. Dumping her bag she quickly snuck outside, the family not noticing her. Grabbing the hose’s end, she set it to spray and turned the tap on. She swivelled around with her weapon in hand just in time, Ella had crept up behind her, her super soaker aimed and ready for action.

“Nooooo!!!” the child squealed and ran off as Y/N joined in the fun, her much more powerful weapon unravelling behind her as she chased the two girls. So far she was still dry apart from the odd splash and she cornered Ella and Ellie, soaking them even more, their laughter filling the garden.

“Y/N… ”

She swung around at the sound of her employer behind her, regretting it immediately when she saw the bucket in his hand. She braced herself for the shock of the cold water drenching her but still surprised herself with the girlish squeal she let out as the water seeped through her flimsy clothing.

“Not fair!!” She attacked him back, aiming the nozzle at him and chasing him as he fled.

The fight continued for another fifteen minutes or so until the adults could no longer take it.

“Girls…. Enough now please!” their father begged them as they relented, dropping their pistols onto the grass which was already littered with various buckets and vessels that they’d used to soak each other. They linked arms and scurried off into the house to dry off and get changed.

Y/N started the pick the toys up, emptying them out and stacking them by the back door ready to be put away. She didn’t notice Dr Reid’s eyes drawn to her.

Reid knew he shouldn’t look but he couldn’t help it. His little crush that he’d pushed to the back of his mind had been reignited again. The water had turned Y/N’s flimsy top almost see through, it clinging to the swell of her breasts. Droplets of liquids were dripping from her soaked hair and running down her body. Spencer was having very obscene and definitely not appropriate at all thoughts as he watched her bending over to pick up the various items that had been scattered and tidying them away.


He shook his head as if trying to shake the thoughts away, adjusting his shorts as discreetly as he could before joining her to set the garden right again.

Over the next week Spencer was called away on a case, taking him out for seven full days, the longest the team had had in a while. He felt terrible that he was leaving Ella for so long and even found himself missing Y/N.

“Is Ella okay?” he asked her one night on the phone, it was late by the time he’d got chance to call and she’d not been able to keep his daughter up any longer.

“She’s fine. She’s misses her dad but she knows he’s off saving the world so that kinda makes up for it in her eyes. Georgia took her today whilst I was at college so I think being with her sister distracted her. You say you’ll be home tomorrow?”

“Should be. We have the unsub in custody, it’s just paperwork now, and then to get a flight window to fly home. Thank you for this week, for looking after her.”

“Hey, it’s what you pay me for, right?”

“Yeah but not to watch her 24/7…..”

“Dr Reid,” Y/N interrupted him. “I knew this could happen when I signed up to be Ella’s nanny. Sure, up until now the most you’ve been away is a few nights but we both knew it could happen. It’s what you pay me for.”

“If you say so. At least…. At least let me take you out for dinner to say thank you the next time Ella is with Georgia for the weekend.”

What was meant to be a gesture of thanks suddenly sounded so wrong to him. Perhaps because of the obscene thoughts of her that still popped into his head every so often.

“Erm…. Sure, okay. That could be nice,” Y/N herself sounded unsure, wondering whether somehow that was a step too far in their professional relationship.

They ended the phone call a few moments later and Spencer turned around to find JJ stood behind him, a curious look on her face.

“So you’re taking the nanny out to dinner now?”

“Apparently so. Should I, should I not be?”

Jennifer cocked her head to one side thoughtfully. “Just… Be careful Spence.”

“I am. It’s just dinner to say thank you. She’s a nice girl, and I enjoy her company. What’s wrong with taking her out?” His back was suddenly up and he could feel his friend trying to read him.

“There’s nothing wrong with it Spence, chill. If it’s just to say thank you, then that’s fine.”

“It is. That’s all it is.”

Jen sighed as she watched her friend stalk away. She’d been to the Reid household a few times since Y/N had started work there, Y/N had even watched Henry for her when an emergency had come up. She could see how much happier Ella and Spencer were with this woman in their lives, it was a massive change to how things had been this time last year. JJ couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t more to it though. And whilst that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for her friend and his daughters, Spencer needed to make sure he went about it the right way. And he had a track record in the past of not doing that, at least when it came to relationships. She liked Y/N a lot, she just prayed that if what she thought she was possibly sensing was happening or at least going to happen, that Reid wouldn’t fuck it up.

For everyone’s sakes.

Saving Grace

@daydreamingintheimpala requested: Soldier dean and reader is the nurse who always attends to him when hes injured in combat they grow closer and stuff. U can decide if its a one shot or short series.

I hope you like it love!!

Characters: Dean x Reader

One shot

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anonymous asked:

Taylor's an adult, with a good head on her shoulders, and is earning a living for herself. Why are people so obsessed with who she may or may not be with? They need to get a life since her personal life doesn't affect them in the slightest. Like damn, let her live and be in peace. She deserves privacy and respect, and I get she signed up for the artist life but she didn't sign up for the 24/7 coverage of her love life. Everyone needs to know boundaries as well.

honestly though, people have got to let taylor live her own goddamn life and focus on their own lives rather than sticking their noses into hers. her dating life? none of your business, especially when she hasn’t said anything about it. where she travels? none of your business, and don’t even get me started with the people who try to track her plane. who she does and doesn’t wish a happy birthday to on her instagram? none of your business, if your friendships have to be validated on social media then they really aren’t very genuine. i am so beyond tired of watching media outlets and fans alike concern themselves so much with aspects of her life that are private, and then argue over whose theory is the best. theorize over her music, theorize over her next tour, theorize over her next street style… but please for the love of god leave her private life her own.

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we hit 2k!! I am SHOOK honestly I’m so grateful I never thought I’d ever get 1 follower let alone this many holy moly~~ thank you so much <33

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NAME: rosie

GENDER: female

STAR SIGN: sagittarius 

HEIGHT: 173 cm / 5′7″


Put your iTunes on shuffle, what are the first six songs that popped up?

  • Wildfire - Seafret
  • Take You Home - Baekhyun
  • Spirit Cold - Tall Heights
  • Saturn - Sleeping at Last
  • Time and Fallen Leaves - AKMU
  • You - dodie

Grab the nearest book, turn to page 23, what’s line 17?

‘He tottered a little and blinked, he looked at me and through me, no one had ever looked at me like that before.’ - Dispatches, Michael Herr

Ever had a poem/song written about you?

I have had both a song and a poem written about me!! wow privileged

When was the last time you played air guitar?

literally never lol (I play the real guitar)

Who is your celebrity crush?

Sebastian Stan could roundhouse kick me in the face and I’d thank him

What’s a sound you love? Hate?

love - fire crackling, rain hitting a window, cats purring

hate - excessive chewing, out of tune instruments, anything too loud

Do you believe in ghosts/aliens?


Can you drive? If so have you ever wrecked?

I can start learning soon but I’m not sure I will I cba

What was the last book you read?

One Summer - Bill Bryson

Do you like the smell of gasoline?


What was the last movie you saw?

I watched La La Land for the third time on Friday and CRIED MY EYES OUT AGAIN

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

I fractured the bottom of my leg bone and tore some ligaments in my ankle during the summer by jumping off a playground, because I’m responsible AND mature

Do you have any obsessions right now?

bts always, but right now I’m really into Merlin and Got7 my babies

Do you tend to hold grudges on those who have wronged you?

nope I’m far too submissive I just apologise for everything 

Are you in a relationship?


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sorry if any of you have already been tagged! these are all just people I really admire and whose writing I love <3

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My Studyblr

hey guys! i’m Paulie and this is the beginning of my studyblr journey! here is some basic info about me :
•i’m 12 years old
•i’m starting grade 7 in august
•born and raised in Brazil
*what classes am i taking ?
…i haven’t gotten my schedule yet, but these are all the classes I’ll be taking:
•World social studies
•Brazilian social studies
•Sign Language
*What club am I focusing on joining?
•STU.CO. (Student council)
*what should you expect on my account ? •pictures of my notes / homework
•bullet journal / planner spreads (when my mom lets me get one)
•advice (I’ll answer your questions)
*Studyblrs that inspire me:
@studyquill| @studyblr | @studyign | @theorganizedstudent | @studywithinspo [ layout inspired by : @studycal and @c0lettestudies ]