let me follow all of you beautiful people

this morning i had 993 followers… and i just got home from school to see that i’ve got 1,043! thank you guys so much for following me! i can’t actually believe this many people follow my blog. let’s all unite with our love of the beauty and art that is La La Land. and again, thank you all so, so much!!!!

weird crappy preview for my 500 follower gift!!
let me just say thank you all so much for bringing me halfway to 1,000! I honestly can’t believe that so many people actually pay attention to my shitty blog :)

& now for my crappy gift! modeling it is the beautiful zara by @johnnyzest so thank you for her!!!

  • basegame compatible
  • 16? swatches (I think)
  • 1.4 mb file size
  • teen-elder
  • custom thumbnail
  • enjooooy! tag me! :^)


So, I still can’t believe it. I got to 2k ♥
I could go on and on about how happy this makes me, but I will spare you all that cheesiness and just say a very very big thank you to all of you for being awesome, and making me feel so comfortable and happy when online! I wouldn’t have gotten to 2k without you guys!

I know when some people see follow forever’s they can feel lonely; but don’t you worry.
Let’s become mutuals and you can get on my next follow forever ♥. 

Don’t forget you’re beautiful, perfect and wonderful just the way you are, never give up and have a very very wonderful day, year, and forever !!

blogs listed below (if you aren’t linked im so sorry, tumblr is being a pain)

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If I get 4 assholes calling me names within 12 hours, do I count that as one new gender post I need to make? Or is it 4?

How about I say it 4 different ways.

1. Gender is not binary.

2. Non-binary genders are real and valid. There aren’t even two biological sexes, let alone genders. Don’t fucking “but biology” at me. I’m a biologist.

3. Not believing in non-binary identities will not make those identities not exist. Non-binary followers, y'all definitely exist and are valid.

4. Your gender identity is personal and nobody else’s fucking business, unless you choose to discuss it with them.

Additionally: I am here to positively affirm people who need it, not argue with people or educate them about gender. If you want to know about gender, fucking google it or go to a blog that invites questions.


- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

All Love Project

In response to our current social status in the United States, All Love Project aims to comfort and connect all people by offering FREE postcards to ANYONE. Whether what your identities are, please remember that you are loved and cherished, and you deserve all the goodness in life. 

Keep living, Don’t Stop Believing.

Fill out this form with your address for free postcards: ALL LOVE PROJECT
(all personal information will be kept strictly confidential)

Thank you, my beautiful babies, for joining me on this wonderful journey of putting good and positivity into this world, your support meant a lot. I have ONE simple favor to ask from you: please SHARE these postcards with other people in need (online or in real life, use hashtag #AllLoveProject), reach out to them, and let them know they’re not alone.

Help spread the love.

►Postcards will go out on the week of November 21st
►Follow me on Twitter & Instagram for realtime updates

Hello !

I finally hit a milestone and I wanted to do what everyone else does to appreciate all of the loving people around me ( I’m very grateful for every one of you ).  When I first started this account I would have never imagined making it to 100, let alone 1000+. Therefore I’ve decided to celebrate with a follow forever and  hopefully this wouldn’t be the last since I’m quite eager to interact with more people. This is a long list of  ‘thank you’ to those who made my life better. For the past years, I made some amazing and beautiful friends. There are a lot of people that I adore, I wish to speak to and there are also people who made not just a huge impact in my life but also changed me into a better person. So, without further ado, let me get started!

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blog rates

hello all you beautiful people!

i am very bored, so lets do some blog rates !

heres the scale:

url- i dont get it | okay | good | great | amazing | hOW DID YOU GET THIS 

icon- selfie | okay | good | great | dude,, how | g i v e  i t  t o  m e 

desktop theme- okay | good | great | amAZING | gIVE ME THE CODE 

content-  okay | good | great | amazing | i love your blog

following- no, im sorry !! | just did | yes, of course | you cant get rid of me lets be best friends


how to get one:

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask telling me your favourite song

(if you dont want these showing up on your dash, blacklist ‘ky does blog rates’)

if this gets 0 notes pretend this ever happened

me????? 1k?????? i’m shook????? thank you guys sososo much, i never thought i would pass 100 followers, let alone 1k!! i appreciate you all loads and these are just a few people who make my dash a better place, ily💕

-mutuals are italicized

-lit people are bolded

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Haha. Did you guys seriously think that I, Leo, wouldn’t get mushy and sentimental on New Years? Not a chance! Since I knew I wouldn’t be here on New Years itself, I got up extra early to do something before I left, and trust me, it is ridiculously long. So I hope you’ll forgive my sentimental mush and simply enjoy it for yourself and for everyone else. Now since I run two active bagels with a variety of folks, I’m going to smoosh this into one thing for both since welp, the other is a side bagel [ @nyota-sungura ] and I follow you all from here anyways! Shh shh I know its an excuse, just let me love you okay? Now granted, it hasn’t been the best year, we can all agree that 2016 has p much sucked– But the people on the other hand, are brilliantly beautiful and lovely.

So what I’ve done isn’t a bias list, its an appreciation note. Will everyone be listed here? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean I appreciate you any less than I do someone that is. It only means that I know these people, so take this as your chance to kick the door to my inbox down and say hello so I can get to know you too! Lets get started, shall we? Cracks knuckles, I hope y’all are ready f’er a real long list of reasons as to why I love y’all, because it is 4am and I have coffee and no hesitation!

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Hello everyone, it’s Paige, your favorite Jongin stan and all-caps tag-writer!😂🙈 2016 is almost to a close and I am filled with gratitude as this blog continues to receive followers and support. The EXO/kpop community has brought me so many wonderful people who I now consider to be good friends of mine. In the spirit of the holidays, I simply can’t let 2016 end without thanking some of the very special people who have helped me and loved me through the craziness of this past year. These people put a smile on my face without fail and are always there if I need someone to talk to. Thank you to all my followers and mutuals from the bottom of my heart. If you ever need anything, I’m always here. Let’s love!❤
-Paige (dazedjongin)


Catarina: Thank you for always being a kind soul on this site and for tagging me in things, for making me emo about EXO singing at my wedding, and for just being you. Thank you for asking me how my day was and for fangirling over performances with me. You truly are a light in the world, thank you for letting me get to know you, I love you❤️

Macy you adorable thing! Thank you for always being such a sweet person to me. Thank you for initiating conversations and for being open and real with me. You are such a genuine person and I so adore you💜 Always be you, because it’s a beautiful you.

Nicole, you are one of the brightest people I have ever met. You are a natural beauty (inside and out) with no shortage of humor along the way. You are giving and sweet, and know just when someone might need words of encouragement or a little laugh. I love you so much and am so lucky to have the privilege to know you and call you a friend💕

Liv, your beautiful face always makes me happy and your sweet messages never fail to make me smile. Keep being the wonderful and genuine person you are. Much love to you💜

FEI FEI THE SWEETEST THING ON EARTH. Thank you for loving our Yixing, I’m continuously thankful to have a Yixing bias to tag when that man gets too sexy for his own good (aka always). Thank you for being one of the first welcoming people to help me navigate my blog, you mean so much to me ilysm💕

Jess! Firstly, you are so gorgeous inside and out and I hope you always know that. Secondly, thank you for being such an easy person to communicate with and such a friendly face on tumblr. You are a ray of sunshine, so keep shining!☀️

KASSY MY BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for so many things this year. Firstly, for being a friendly and accessible person in this fandom, your kindness is a true light. Secondly, for bringing me into the softexonet and for making me feel included. You’ve helped to make my blog a place I feel happy and a space I have genuine friends and you are a huge part of what made that happen. I love you to the moon and back❤ SHIP KASSMYEON!

Juliana, thank you. Just thank you. Thank you for being such a soft and loving person. Thank you for being approachable and kind. Your spirit is a beautiful one and I’m incredibly thankful to know you💕

Naya. You are such a pure and sweet person. I don’t know how I got lucky enough to cross paths with you but I’m so incredibly glad I did. Keep being you, and lovely things will keep coming to you. I always have your back💜

My sweet sweet Ksoo stan😊 Phuong you are through and through, such a wonderful person to know. Thank you for tagging me in things and for letting me spam your dash with tags for you. You are a gem and I’m so lucky to know you. Thank you for being such a friend to me💛

Sam. Funny, glorious Sam. Thank you for always being a good laugh and for Photoshopping yourself in that Ksoo picture from Fiji (I’m pretty sure I’m still laughing about that😂). I’m so glad I crossed paths with you and that you think of me in tags and other things. Let’s continue to become closer💕

JOANN. My beautiful Krystal-loving goddess. Thank you for being such a fast friend to me. Honestly I feel like we were those kids that instantly became friends in kindergarten and just never looked back. Thank you for never looking back with me and for constantly supporting me. It means the world and I love you. Forever your cloud 9💕

Kadi, thank you for being honest and open with me. You are such a strong person and someone I admire deeply. Thank you for carrying on and for inspiring me. You are so loved❤️

JAE. Where do I even begin? Thank you for being a forever friendly face for me on this site. Thanking you for helping to birth the Kaige ship (I am forever in your debt). Thank you for always tagging me in RUDE daily Jongin pics, it is appreciated (even if I “tag yell” at you😘). You were welcoming from the start, and I’m so beyond grateful to consider you a good friend now💜 You can come to me for anything. I love you so very much. Softexonet for life!

Halie. Did you know you were one of my first followers on this blog? Well you were, and that means you hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you for fangirling over GOT7 with me, and for just being you. You are a beautiful soul❤️

JADE. You are honestly one of the sweetest people I have met in my experience on this site so far. Before I even knew you or talked to you, you were willing to write me an encouraging message filled with genuine love that I really needed at the time. Instantly, I knew you were someone who would be a friend to me. Thank you for always being true and honest and real. It’s meant the world to me (and to others I’m sure)❤

Oh Sophia…thank you for being such a dear friend to me. Thank you for putting up with my “I love Kim Jongin more than anything” rants and for sticking with me. Thank you for our texts and our conversations. Even though I know I drive you a bit crazy sometimes, know how much I love and cherish you. You are an energetic and naturally hilarious person who has such a bright spot in my heart. Thank you for being my friend and for being fearlessly true to yourself, you’re forever 21 to me, I have so much love for you💜

Bhavya, you are so beautiful and so loved. Thank you for being someone I feel comfortable talking to and someone who truly embodies the spirit of a genuine person. Thank you for being chill and open. Those qualities will serve you well far into the future💕

Haley, do you know how much I love you? (Correct answer: a lot)💜 You have always been such so kind to me, and have always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. You are so incredibly beautiful and I consider myself so lucky to have met you. Thank you for always having my back. I love you so much💛

ANYI. You know how much I love and adore you right? Oh well, I’m gonna say it anyway💁🏻 I LOVE AND ADORE YOU TO PIECES😘😘 You are one of my very favorite friends I have made here. Your tags and humor always make me laugh, your sweet words always make me smile. You are such a lovely person and presence in my life and I feel genuinely blessed to know you. Thank you for being a friend to me and for supporting me. I love you to death❤️

Claudia, my favorite SM hateblog😂 Thank you for being a friend to me through the crazy month of November. Politics here took a really awful turn and I’m so glad I had you to talk to. Thank you for your prayers and for your thoughts. Thank you for being a kind soul in a world full of insanity. Let’s keep getting closer💛 ilysm.

Anastasia my darling, how I love you. Thank you for all of our stimulating and interesting conversations about anything and everything (and for letting me help you name your adorable kitty). You are a beautiful person inside and out, please never forget that. You always have a shoulder to lean on in me. Let’s continue to become better friends❤️

M. I have so many things I could tell you about how much you mean to me. You were one of the first people to really engage me in conversation outside of simply blogging. You asked the good questions and made the effort to get to know me. Your kind words on a day-to-day basis can make all the difference in my day. You have so many amazing ideas and so much love to give. Thank you for offering up your house if I ever want to move across the pond😂 and thank you for being my friend. I love you dearly💕

Amira my adorable Minho stan: Thank you for everything, honestly. Thank you for reaching out to me, for asking me how my day was, and for being a kind friend to me. You are hilarious without even knowing it and ridiculously real. You are a glowing soul with an even brighter heart. I feel so privileged to know you and I love you so much💜

Soojung my beautiful, thank you for being you. Thank you for your funny tags and your self-depreciating humor. Know that you are so loved and adored and that your beautiful face could light up any dark room. I am truly so lucky to know you. Let’s continue to become closer in the future💕


i’ve had this account for almost five months now and all i want to say is thank you. i made great friends here, i met people from whom i’ve learnt a lot of things and understood that there is nothing more beautiful than creating and that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and letting them know when something is wrong. all of you have made this experience soul touching. you’ve all helped me develop kristoph and connect to him.  under the cut there are special thank you’s to the people whom i hold dearly to my heart & mentions of the ones that i admire and love seeing on the dasboard.  ( aka ari gets emotional )

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anonymous asked:

I want to be honest, sometimes I have moments of doubt and discouragement, saying that maybe I was wrong about everything. But then rechecking the chronology of events and what happened that give me confirmation. In addition to watching all their photos and videos, and I think I am in the exact place. And unfortunately that Hollywood works very differently from what is to our knowledge, there are things very slowly and need to follow a system. (1 part)

(+part2)                                                                                                                So to all damie in moments of doubts,  don’t worry, relax and follow your instinct, but above all let us enjoy these two wonderful people who deserve everything beautiful! like my mother says “how it will go, will go,the important is enjoy the present and what it give to you,"😍😍❤️❤️  thank so much girls that you hear us, reassured us, you give us smiles and laughter, and all you do for us!😘


Thank you everyone!!

To all of my followers, I want to thank you for joining me in the crazy ride on this hell site. I never thought I would hit 50 followers, let alone get over 400!! You are all beautiful and lovely people.

To commemorate this special occasion, I, Kait, am going to start accepting commissions for ficlets. Any prompts that you send that I find interesting and engaging, I will write you a ficlet.

Please spread the news. I am eager to do this. You guys apparently enjoy my writing and I love all of the awesome comments that I have been getting on them. So to thank you, and for putting up with my nonsense, I will now let you choose the fic content that you want to see! It’s excellent practice for me, and you get your requests. It’s a win-win, my loves.

Special shout outs to the people who got me this far. Y'all are amazing. @shag-me-senseless-watson @sherlockprettydamngayholmes @love-in-mind-palace @defectivedetective


Hey guys. This is gonna be a pretty long post so yeah. Anyways, since 2016 is coming to an end(at least where I live)I wanted to thank all of you guys for being with me for however long you’ve been with me.😊 Also I wanted to announce that we now have 1000 followers!!!!! (1,053 to be exact😉) Thank you all so so so very much for letting me reach 1000 followers before the new year. This is amazing and I still can’t believe 1000 of you beautiful, amazing people thought my content was worthy enough to follow. So thank you all so much for that. Literally words cannot express how thankful I am, but here I am, trying to express it in words. I’m proud of how far this account has gone and how I have improved when it comes to making wallpapers. (I mean seriously, when you compare my old posts to my new ones, I would say I have improved😂)(Also, sometimes, I’m so proud of my wallpapers, that I end up using them as my phone wallpaper) Anyways there are 2 people in particular that I want to thank. First off, thank you to @xoxnecromancerxox for being my first follower. The first person who decided to follow this blog, thank you so much. And thank you to all the new people following my blog! You’re all loved. Also, thank you to @dinoisbae for pretty much liking or rebloging all my posts.(Yes, I do notice) Even when it’s just me answering an ask or a request, or for all the times I’ve thanked you guys, @dinoisbae has pretty much always liked or rebloged so thank you very much. Also, thank you to the wonderful people who leave those sweet messages in my inbox, where you say that you like my wallpapers. Thank you so much. And most of all, thank you to the people who leave requests. I love it when I get requests. I will admit some of the requests are a bit challenging, but I love to take on a challenge, so thank you to those who leave requests. I want all 1053 of you to know that I love you all and I thank you all very much. I hope you guys will continue to stick with me and I hope to make better wallpapers for you guys in the new year. With that said, Have a Happy New Year! Once again thank you all so much.

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╰☆╮Hello beautiful people, seeing since I have hit 25k, I am excited to announce that I am hosting my first ever favourites to give back to you all! I am so excited to discover some new blogs and to show my appreciation to all my beautiful followers. I would also like to thank all my close tumblr friends who have been with me throughout my 1 and half year journey! So please let me present to you Ksubiea’s Favourites First Edition!╰☆╮


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dally winston mood board // wow guys, it feels good to be posting again! I’ve been so busy with traveling, cheer, and just all of my plans! I’ll never spend that much time away again! I have a few hundred of you beautiful people following me, and it means a lot you’ve all stuck around! We’re almost to 400, so let’s see if we can reach it! I’m currently in Indonesia but when I get home, I’ll be working on video edits for this account! I can’t wait and I love you all


Thanks to everyone who has been with me this year! I’m so glad I’ve meet so many beautiful people. Thank you so much for appreciating me and my art. Thank you so much for being a happy part of my 2016. I wish you all the best in the world and please never forget to be yourself and smile, smile, smile!!!
Love y'all!

kagekii~ 💙