let me explain to you how awkward i feel saying i will teach people art stuff

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These works are all completed and multi chaptered.
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  • The Comments Below 
    Isak is a notoriously lazy gamer living with lgbt icon Eskild. When they invite youtube sensation Even Bech Naesheim over for a collaboration, #Evak is born. But it is not only their viewers who are falling in love.
  • Life is Now
    Two years have passed since the events of s3. Even returns to Norway. Isak has a new boyfriend.
  • That’s Not My Name
    “Isak.” Even smiled, then licked his lips. “Wanna go back to my place?”
    aka: Isak is an exchange student in new york city where he meets a very forward and bewitching Even. Or: The one-night stand AU some of you asked for.


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Thoughts and Theories of the Overwatch's Ship, Meihem

I’ve recently became a Meihem Shipper due to the amazing fan art and fiction. And I’m glad. 👍 However, it took me quite a few handful of artworks to get me to fall for it cuz when I played the game first and then joined the fandom, I didn’t get it. A environmentalist and a crazy demolitionist? But the points people made were great! I’ve also seen blogs of people saying “leave shippers alone” and “Don’t hate on this ship” and personally have not found a hater of the ship. Yet. Maybe I’m not deep enough in it to find the hate. But I don’t doubt it exist. So here’s my observation on why I think Meihem is legit and other theories:

1. In-game Interactions
From the game, its obvious that Mei calls Junkrat a bully and said as one of the interactions, “I hate bullies like you” with Jamison replying “that’s cold.” Yeah. I totally get why haters or trolls would say “that’s not a ship; that’s abuse!”

But there is no abuse. Junkrat may have said “I get cold just lookin at cha” first to Mei, but to me, that’s someone teasing. Not bullying. From experience in real life, someone teasing you like that is like awkward flirting in middle school. And for someone to say “Mei hates him,” just means to me that she doesn’t understand him. From the fact she calls him a bully, probably means she knows he blows stuff up. Which means there’s knowledge or HISTORY of why Mei knows this. Like why?

Plus Bullying would be like “Ya think you’re gonna save the world with a little ice?” and Mei saying “Leave me alone” or “It’s better than destroying it.” or something like that. But I don’t see abuse; I hear: a man awkwardly flirting with a shy girl (“Brr! I get cold just lookin at cha” … “Then look somewhere else then.”) and Mei disliking/misunderstanding Junkrat (“You’re a Bully! How do you look at yourself in the mirror?” … “That’s cooold.”). But what I’m really fascinated by these interactions is:


Outta all the characters that could say something, like Widowmaker to Tracer and Soldier: 76 to Reaper, (which makes sense cuz they have a canon comic of WHY they do), why these two? And it fascinates me. Like, I hope they explain why or how these two even say something to each other.

2. Lunar New Years Special
Why??? Why does Junkrat have “Gong Xi Fa Cai” as a voice line? Why does he have a similar theme to Mei? Did Blizzard do this for the fans or cuz Junkrat likes explosives and fireworks and that’s what Lunar New Years uses for celebration? Here’s what I think and would LIKE to think:

Considering Junkrat likes blowing stuff up makes sense, but according to Michael Chu, he taught himself Mandarin. Cool. But WHY?? Cuz he likes to teach himself different things or to get in the celebration? Or… To impress Mei??? In the comics and game, they never show him interact with people unless it for personal gain or for Roadhog’s sake (read the comic “Legit” and if you have, you know what I mean. If not, Junkrat gets offended that a cop calls Roadhog “a pig.”) So… Question is WHY??? Why would he want to learn this phrase unless he was doing it for a plotted crime in the future or… Did it cuz he has a crush on Mei??? Idk.

3. “Opposites Attract”
Here we have a woman trying to save the world with climate change in the palm of her hand and a man destroying everything in the palm of his hand let alone saw his home destroyed. One’s clean and neat (you can tell by her animation that she brushes her coat off) and one’s filthy (just look at the soot the man’s wearing; he has a skin that’s called “TOASTED” for Overwatch sake). But even though people say “opposites don’t always attract”, SOMETIMES they do. Mei may not see Junkrat as her ideal man, but he’s smart enough to make his own inventions, he’s goofy and makes his own pun jokes, and probably is really a loving man under his insanity. If I was Mei, I could see a broken man. And want Character Development. I think that’s why a lot of people like myself like Meihem cuz they can see potential. Potential doesn’t mean to change the man, but to better himself as a man.

If you’re a fellow Meihem shipper, 💖 this! 04/07/17: Adding more thoughts cuz I can and just thought of them.

4. This Australian likes Oriental Stuff? It’s confirmed by Jeff Kaplan that Junkrat has Milk Tea with Boba in his canteen. Boba Tea is … an ASIAN drink. Why??? I mean, I’m sure a lot of people like Boba Tea (I do too myself, with preference to Extra Boba), but it feels a little too coincidental that they chose this drink compared to, hell, it could have been just water or vodka. Idk.

Hale of an artist

Okay so what IF Stiles is taking an art class at Beacon Hills Community College during the summer, to pick up some extra credits. 

There’s a gen requirement he needs to knock out of the way so he can take a university class he actually wants - something important for his major; he hates the idea of wasting an entire semester and expensive tuition on an intro class he can breeze through at reduced community college prices. When he’s registering he ends up signing up for an art class too (either because it sounds fun or because he’d somehow caught a glimpse of the teacher; it depends on how shocked and awed you want him to be on the first day). 

It’s a life drawing class, which Stiles possibly hadn’t really noticed when he’d signed up, but that’s cool, he’s been doodling in notebooks for years. Back in high school, he used to regularly get sent to detention for caricatures he drew of Harris. (Finstock thought his were funny and pinned them to the board but also gave him detention because rules are rules, Bilinski.) 

He probably ran an anonymous comic strip for the school paper, mercilessly lampooning anyone around campus who caught his attention. Senior Editor Lydia Martin, bless her beautiful soul, refused to reveal her sources every time angry teachers stormed the principal’s office to demand retribution. She even defended him against her boyfriend, the attractive but douchey Jackson Whittemore, who threatened to have his dad sue the school after one particularly blistering comic about his Porsche and lacrosse prowess.

But anyway that’s getting off track because the point is, Stiles shows up to his first day at BHCC, ready to do some Serious Drawing, yup. 

But when Professor Hale makes a circuit of the room to see which students need help, Stiles has to rapidly flip his sheet to a new one. He’s made Very Little progress, and Hale spends some extra time with him, guiding him through ways to quickly sketch the model’s shifting poses. He shows Stiles how to get a rough outline down on paper, using broad strokes to give the impression of movement, only adding details if there’s enough time before the model changes to a new pose. 

Once he moves on, equally patient with every student, but not always pausing with them for quite as long, Stiles flips back to his far more detailed drawing and begins shading in the beard he’d had so blissfully close to his face for those sweetly extended minutes. 

It’s actually more of a challenge than he’d expected! He’s always been good at capturing eccentricities and exaggerating features, but this is new. And the sharp cheekbones, the perfect pattern of Hale’s beard…he breaks two pencils trying to get the hair sleek and dark (yet effortlessly soft) enough, before he moves into charcoal.

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anonymous asked:

hi miya! i'm curious about something. there's something i noticed about the way you about v and jimin. that their relationship wasn't as easy as a lot of people make it to be? most fans would refer to them as 'soulmates' or 'friendship goals' but you also said they could've easily hated each other. the fanservice these days too! is it a glimpse of real life? lol i'm not hatin (lay the shippers off me pls) i love them to bits but i'm a little skeptical because of how you read their r/s? thoughts?

Hi, anon! I’ll try to be brief, I swear.

But well! They mentioned it themselves how at first, during predebut, they fought a lot. They didn’t exactly get along at first, but never said why it was like that. So comparing their charts and taking what I’ve seen of them I’d say it could’ve been because they were very different in the beginning. I mean, they still are, but back then… Can you imagine how Jimin must have felt only having BigHit as an option (he said he tried more than one company but only got chosen by BH) while Taehyung wasn’t even supposed to be there that day, just went to cheer for his friend and got accepted? lmao Jimin is a very prideful guy, so it could be that only by seeing that happen already made him kinda have a different opinion of Taehyung than the one he has nowadays.

Another thing is that Jimin is a perfeccionist with his Arts, takes hours praticing, is known to practice even during his free time. The guy is very harsh and demanding with himself. Taehyung, however… I’m not saying he’s not great at his job, he definitely is - but I’m not sure to what extent he truly is dedicated to it like Jimin is. Now, please don’t get me wrong, Taehyung is amazing and definitely has awesome skills - but I’ve mentioned many times how I’ve always thought that he’s secretly a rebel that hates what the entertainment world involves. So that could mean that while he shows up to practices and does his things the way he should, he’s not as dedicated as Jimin is - at least, not in a submissive manner. Jimin is more likely to be obedient while Taehyung isn’t like that all… Not from what I can tell of his chart, anyway. Moon in Aries, Venus in Aquarius, basically everything else in Capricorn… Guy is stubborn af. And probably outright says what he’s feeling and how against he is about whatever it is that he’s being against of. Will do it, but will make faces while doing it. lol Jimin, in the other hand, has the hardest time communicating - not only is his Mercury retrograde but it’s also in Libra, a sign that yearns for recognition and praise, mostly wanting to be nice and diplomatic instead of fighting for what it wants. So this definitely made them clash. And don’t even get me started on the amount of feelings that Jimin has, guy is intense af while Taehyung can be quite cold (at least, from what I can see without his birth time). Totally opposites regarding that, Jimin is constantly worried about others while Taehyung does love the people he loves but has a harder time identifying how to take care of them, etc. These characteristics were definitely stronger when they were younger.

Having all these differences could’ve easily made them hate each other, being opposites in the way they are. However, they instead somehow realized that they had a lot to learn from each other - one helps the other managing the amount of feelings the other has, one helps the other being more aware of something, etc. It probably happened when one relied on the other at a time of pain or stuff like that, and suddenly they realized they actually needed each other. I can’t really tell exactly how it works in their daily routine without the birth times, but I know this need of teaching the other what one is good at is a constant thing in their lives. 

To be honest, to me… They’re the ones that least do fanservice, mostly because they’re so close in real life that it just shows naturally. And normally they don’t force a romantic kind of way fanservice too, they’re mostly bickering here and there - which I bet is something that they just do on a daily basis. lol All members always mention them as the 95 brats and stuff like that, they wouldn’t do it as frequently as they do it if it weren’t true. Although they do some fanservice now and then because at the end of the day it is their job… I honestly feel like most of their interactions are genuine, their charts go quite well together and makes it seem to me that they have a really strong bond that involves a lot of growth for both. I bet they still fight a lot to this day. lmao But mostly silly fights, one loves bothering the other, etc. And they easily make up on the same day. Could also involve some more serious fights since both can be quite stubborn and quick to react, but still - they end up forgiving each other ‘cause their love is bigger than their prides. Anyway, that’s what I think of it without the birth times… Could be totally wrong, though.

Originally posted by jxnhyungs

(this scene right here shows a lot to me of how close they actually are - they’re so close that this type of fanservice can get kinda of awkward since it’s based in something fake but what they have is actually real?? not sure how to explain this lol)