let me explain to u a thing

RFA+Saeran & V Give Valentines Day Cards to MC


  • It’s basically him on a card
  • Inside he still writes “I LOVE YOU” in big letters 
  • “Yoosung we live together now…” 
  • Yoosung: *intense blush*
  • “Come here…” you give him a kiss. 
  • He’s so relieved he didn’t verbally babble again. 


  • Simple and to the point
  • There’s a map to the bedroom inside
  • When you walk in the room Zen’s naked on the bed with a red bow on his head
  • Zen: *wink*  (*^∀゜)


  • She’s new to the Valentines Day thing
  • She hands you a card, flowers, and chocolates
  • It’s simple but it still makes you blush
  • “What are you checking off?” you ask as she pulls out a clipboard. 
  • Jaehee puts it down and takes her clothes off. 
  • “Step 3 in the Valentines Day plan,” she states firmly. 
  • “Jaehee!!!”  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 


Version 1:

  • Inside he writes “I love you kitten” in beautiful script
  • There is also a paw print in ink from Elizabeth the 3rd
  • “Oh my goodness Jumin! I love it, thank you!” 
  • You hug him tight. 
  • He feels accomplished and proud. 

Version 2

  • You hold the card up. “Who the hell is Katie???”
  • “Wait…that must be a printing error,” Jumin tries to explain. 


Version 1

  • “Aw Saeyoung. This means so much.”
  • He grins proudly. 
  • “So you would even let me see it now?” (◕‿◕✿) 
  • “Right now?”  (⌐■.■)
  • “Yeah, sweety!”  (◕u◕✿)
  • “Sure…right after I use the bathroom” he sprints to his computer.  (⌐■_■)

Version 2

  • “Aw Saeyoung. This means so much.” 
  • “I know deep in my heart you would let me see yours too, right MC?”
  • You sweat nervously. “Mhm.” (ʘ‿ʘ)
  • Right?” (¬_¬)
  • *Shady side eyes* “I’ll be right back.” You run to your computer. 


  • This is not his kind of Holiday
  • He’s super awkward but this poor thing is trying really hard
  • He couldn’t find a card that didn’t make him cringe 
  • You smile sweetly and hug him. “I love you too!” 
  • “That’s not what that says…” 
  • “I know, but it means more that you’re trying.”
  • He grimaces but hugs you back. 
  • He’s happy your satisfied but more than anything he could cry knowing how much you accept him. 

  • Everyone thinks he’s too sweet for his own good
  • But his game is slick
  • You were not expecting this. 
  • Your looking around the house and you find him naked in the bathtub with some slow jazz playing. 
  • There’s romantic lighting from candles and rose petals scattered about. 
  • “V…” you’re at a loss for words. 
  • “They say when you lose one sense your other senses are heightened. Let’s put it to the test shall we?” 
  • You smooth blind motherf*cker. 

BONUS: Vanderwood 

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hiii!! i ADORE how u draw ur head and faces!! would you ever consider doing a tutorial for it? it's okay if ur busy with other things! sorry to bother!!


Um, I really don’t know how to explain this but let me try:

i really don’t do that circle the head first and then draw the jaw thing because I’m really unstable with that so I just go with my feeling Hahha

though mostly for hamilton I draw different shapes to start, like this:

as for faces:

I really don’t have a distinct way to do anything I’m just lazy as FUCK and since most of the time I’m drawing irl people honestly just get their feature right.

This is what I care A LOT about when i draw real people:

I hope this helps ahhahaha tell me if you need anything else

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Thank you for the very well thought out answer. I really enjoyed it. I did have another question (if I may), in general, how do we as a base know what is unreliable information or not when it comes to our narrators because from what I've always gathered, they have the earnest desire to convey the truth as they can see it. Armand sure, cannon liar, but Louis in IWTV had nothing but genuine intention and no reason to lie. Thank you for your time, you're awesome ^^

You’re so welcome, glad you enjoyed it! Answering asks is so much fun for me, it makes me consider my own current and previous thoughts, sometimes I even ask around privately for more ideas… and try to write it out as best I can, it gives me an excuse to make fresh gifs/memes, sometimes it inspires others to make fanworks… and I always like to hear back from the original asker that the effort was appreciated *u* ((No, you only get one question per quarter. Pffft. Of course you can ask more!))

“in general, how do we as a base know what is unreliable information or not when it comes to our narrators because from what I’ve always gathered, they have the earnest desire to convey the truth as they can see it.”

You would think that, but just like in real life, people can narrate a story for their own motivations.

TL;DR: The characters telling their stories don’t always have the earnest desire to convey the truth, so it’s not always clear what the reliable information is! When we have accounts of the same event where the details align, that seems to be the best way to confirm it’s canon, bc even Anne Rice can’t always answer fan’s questions about canon stuff to everyone’s satisfaction.  When there’s conflicting details, we have to rely on headcanons, which ppl can choose to agree on or not, hence the fandom phrase, #Your Headcanon May Vary.

For example of facts aligning: I think we can all agree that Armand was the unspoken leader at the Theatre des Vampires bc Lestat left him there in a position of authority in TVL, which is where Louis found him some 80 years later in IWTV, confirming that that was Armand’s role there.

In the scene above, IDK at that point in canon whether Lestat believes in a God, but if not, he’s deliberately lying to Claudia, bc she’s never going to see her mother again. Even if he does believe in God, he still doesn’t know where his dead go! He’s trying to answer her in a way that will keep her calm and complacent. He knows Claudia’s mother is dead, he saw the corpse in the movie. But she is still a child and he doesn’t want to scare her or depress her, or make her feel guilty about killing, which she just did! 

I also think he’s a little taken aback bc she’s asking him for the whereabouts of her biological mother just minutes after he turned her into a vampire, a process that’s been compared to birth. It’s the most intimate act a vampire can experience. His smile falls right after she asks bc in a way it seems like he’s a deflated that she wants her biological mother, it’s like she’s already saying, “You’re not my REAL dad!” It might also remind him of his own mother who abandoned him ;A;

Re: Lestat P.1: In TVL, Lestat tells Armand: 

“I never lie,” I said offhand. “At least not to those I don’t love.” 

I’m still not 100% clear on this, bc of the double negatives. Can we translate it to “I’m honest with those I don’t love.” –>  “I lie to those I love.” ? He spent some 65 years lying by omission to Louis and Claudia about the other vampires, and all the secrets he knew. So who’s to say he doesn’t also lie to his readers, “those I don’t love” ? How much does he really love his readers? 

Re: Louis: I’ve always felt, and there are others who share this opinion, who gave me this opinion, that IWTV was dictated to Daniel from Louis with the intention of pissing Lestat off enough that he would rise from wherever he was hiding and find Louis. While I don’t think Louis intentionally LIED, I do think he might have embellished some things, exaggerated here and there, left out certain things, in order to achieve his goal. And it WORKED because…

Re: Lestat P.2: The Vampire Lestat was Lestat’s rebuttal to IWTV, containing all the secrets he couldn’t tell Louis during their time together, so I’m inclined to believe that Lestat earnestly wanted to correct the record and win Louis back, since he still loved Louis.

Re: Armand: TBH, I don’t know Armand’s story well enough, what I believe and what I don’t, in all of canon, to say that he’s a liar. I think, like Louis and Lestat, he embellishes, he lies by omission, and he tells people things when he wants a certain reaction out of them. He lied to his coven when he was a leader all those years since he never really believed in serving Satan. Or did he? It seems like he didn’t. 

There is a particular scene that Armand describes in TVA that is questionable, as to whether it happened. How he tried to “help” Claudia the night she died (fanart by @sheepskeleton here, if you dare, it’s gorey). Personally, I sometimes believe it’s the truth bc Armand does like… experiments! But then I also remember how David was flirting excessively with Armand in that book, and so it’s possible that “this story was just something that Armand made up; somehow trying to intimidate the others, displaying the cruelty he could be capable of.” (quote from @annabellioncourt​)


get to know me moodboard!!!
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thanx for taggin me @boocreek ♡♡♡♡!!!! :’-) so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! i tag every1 if u c this n u wanna do this consider urself #tagged by bratsim ok ily

anyway full offence but the fact that the Riverdale tv show has decided not to make Jughead asexual like he canonly is in the comics is so fucking ugly and y’all won’t ever convince me otherwise like let me just  explain it to y’all

  1. as I stated: he is canonly ace in the comics!!! openly ace!! a confirmed ace!!! so they’re basically erasing a characters canon sexuality. And before y’all @ me with the whole “the comic and tv show are 2 different things!!!!” remember I don’t give a flying fuck. If this was another sexuality people wouldn’t be saying that. i don’t give a fuck that the comic and the show aren’t gonna be identical ofc they’re not but honestly changing something like this is so dumb and ugly and there’s no point to it if u deny that then ur also  annoying as Fuck
  2. referring to the point above: changing his sexuality is so fucking pointless like,, boy wtf would making him ace do in relation to the plot?? he can still have a relationship or romance if they Need him too?? hell asexual can still have sex  if they desperately thought lmao jughead needs a sex scene they could have still made him ace and have sex??? all they needed to do was maybe have him mention the word and explain what it means for people to be happy. it would take what… 5 minutes of screen time?? and would change the plot in no way at all?? so What The Fuck was the point in not adding what the hell has erasing his asexuality done other then Piss people off
  4. they have no Reason for doing it. there’s no explanation as to why they did it. like don’t we at least deserve that.
  5. the actor of the character was prepared to play an ace character. seemed happy to do so.  like… they can’t even use him not wanting to play him that way as an excuse.
  6. also bonus point the way all the articles are saying “lmao jughead ain’t ace he’ll have romance in the show!!” is so ugly bc it shows people still don’t get the difference between asexual and aromantic and the show had such a good platform to show what asexuality actually is and had a chance to show the difference between aro and ace to people But! They! Wasted! It!

anyway in conclusion the cw riverdale is Cancelled to me after this and y’all can call me petty all u want but if this happened to a character of ur sexuality half of y’all would act in the exact same way so don’t even try with me goodbye

EDIT: anyway I’ve been informed that he the character is aro ace so I’d like to also mention how it’s ugly that they’re ignoring both parts of his orientation and would also like to apologize for my unawareness on this fact as it’s resulted in some ignorant and incorrect information in this post. I’d like to apologize to anyone who may have been upset or angry by this post and thought I was ignoring the fact he was also aro, I was simply not aware of this as I haven’t read the comics and was only gather facts from what I know from tumblr and twitter. I’d never intentionally ignore or erase a character’s sexuality or romantic orientation and I’d hate to think people assumed that’s what I was aiming to do in this post. My last point still stands in some ways as the articles keep saying the fact he’s getting romance means he’s no longer ACE when in reality it means he’s no longer aromantic and it still shows how people can’t understand the difference. Yet the article is still relevant as the fact he is going have romance is a valid point and is still ugly towards his character considering he is also aromantic and me completely dismising that point and saying it was wrong without full knowledge was rude and disrespectful. Also my point in relationships could still be valid as I know some aros do still get in relationships but I’ve crossed it so it’s still included in the post bit isn’t something that’s erasing he’s aro. Again sorry for any upset this may have caused, I hope this apology sort of thing makes sense and thank you to the people who helped me become aware of the mistake I had made.

anyways i know this is UnrealisticTM but i am like. always and eternally laughing abt the concept of the entire extended family slowly coming to learn about the Family Treason over the years? like already in canon the fact that aramis SLEPT with the QUEEN is like the worst-kept most dangerous secret in france for majority of the show, so why not expand that and for good measure make it even more comedically inclined?

i just keep thinking like esp now that hes first minister and him and anne get to RAISE THEIR KID TOGETHER AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, more and more people harbor suspicions abt it bc like. they have very little chill. but ofc anne is smart enough to surround herself only with people she trusts, and, also, shes just a really lit queen regent so most people like her, and as such its not nearly as big of a problem as it might have once been. instead of stress, it just causes general hilarity? like? imagine sylvie and elodie finding out? one day athos is like ‘okay if u are part of this family i should probably tell you this’ and sylvies like what u mean that the king is aramis’s kid and athos nearly passes out right there before sylvie’s like ‘yeah that was pretty obvious but dont worry babe im just supremely perceptive’

elodie on the other hand is asked by anne to educate her on the finer points of cooking edible food and always brings marie cessette w her, as she should, and ofc aramis always makes time to come coo at his niece and elodie has to be like ‘ur majesty ur letting the food burn again’ bc anne keeps getting distracted looking at aramis holding a baby (anne continues to be so embarrassing but so relatable) and ofc, i feel like elodie is one of those women who is like [eye emoji] about these things in other women (u know how some women are just Perceptive like that) so she goes home and is like porthos not that this family isnt wild enough as it is but do u want to explain this to me maybe?

even more pure is the idea that the kids slowly one by one find out – louis himself first when hes sixteen (lmao tfw i wrote a whole fic about this) and then marie cessette, and raoul, and alexandre, etc etc, like u know when ur kids and ur not really in on the hot family gossip but the older u get the more privy u become to ur family’s dirty laundry and WILD HISTORY? (this family has some very wild history, i mean,) so yeah i just imagine all the kids chilling in some private place (theyre not RECKLESS, just unchill) and someone mentions louis’s paternity and like alexandre, being the youngest, practically falls off his chair like Ww H A T;;

(and marie cessette is like “u didnt KNOW?” and alexandre is very shook. it takes him a few days to wrap his head around it and marie cessette keeps laughing like ‘alexandre its so OBVIOUS’)

anyways. most dangerous yet most badly kept secret in france should be a continuing trend, is what im saying here

notes to the types, from an INTJ.

DISCLAIMER: All of this is subjective, obviously.

-Stop pretending you’re an aloof ninja. You’re just a nerd. Calm down.
-Okay I know you want to learn how to throw and spin knives and that is a-okay, just don’t point it at me, seriously.
-STOP PRETENDING YOU DON’T HAVE EMOTIONS. What’s up with you and not wanting to admit that you feel things? It’s not a bad thing!
-Such nerds. succchhh nerds.
-Remember to do that thing that’s due tomorrow NOW, bc I know you’ll do it in 2 minutes before class tomorrow.
-keep track of time. Why are you so bad at this?
-Yes, what you said offended that person. Yes, they will probably accept your apology.
-You make so many noises
-Maybe make more facial expressions? You look like you want to kill someone when you’re not doing anything. But I can totally relate. Others might not get it though, so try to be a bit more expressive.

-Stop being an asshole.
-literally no one asked you to make everything a metaphor for suffering.
-you are NOT the nicest person I know. Don’t delude yourself. You may be understanding, but niceness is usually measured by external things, like compassion and emotion. Which you basically NEVER express.
-why do u make so many puns dear god
-??? You speak perfectly. I don’t know how. #NotAllINTJs
-yes, you’re charismatic, but it’s in an awkward way. You aren’t “the suave master”, you’re just the cute nerd. Got it?
-next time you repeatedly ask me the same question I will throw you off a cliff

-how do you do so many things? I don’t have that energy.
-also, stop reading Wattpad instead of studying. You know that your grades matter more to you.
-don’t be afraid to speak your opinion just because other people won’t accept it or because you think it may disrupt the balance. Most things need to be verbalized.
-sometimes perspectives need to shift and things just arent a useful supply of information anymore.
-get some sleep.
-grades don’t mean everything just because you were told they always mean everything.
-my cute timid sunflowers 💕

-you’ll never be happy if you don’t pursue something you love. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t want you to. You matter most, in your world. Okay?
-worry about yourself more
-if you’re so worried about being organized, organize yourself. I’ll help you. It only takes 2 weeks to develop a habit, after all.
-DO. NOT. DATE. MANIPULATIVE. PEOPLE! Why??? Bbg! You always love the underdogs, but sometimes the underdogs are literal psychopaths! That is not healthy! You don’t need that kind of manipulation. Use some reasoning!
-you guys have so much creativity. Express it! People love that shit, trust me. I know I do.
-go on adventures if you want to! Might as well, yeah? It’s not going to HURT if you take a hike and draw some trees. Philosophize. It’s what makes self-realization.

-how. So much. So much energy. Why do you always want to go to the mall or to a party?
-no, i dont want to go anywhere, and no, it’s not because I’m being lazy.
-we should build a shed. You can keep your various stray animals there.
-why. Why are you so dependent. You don’t need to talk to your boyfriend for every minute of everyday AND update him on your status every hour.
-stop making so many “fake” friends. Just because someone compliments your shirt doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be a terrible person.
-it’s just project-project-project with you, isnt it? You don’t even finish 1/3rd of them. …i’ll still help you, though.

-you don’t need to base your being on making others feel better. Or on making yourself fit into a ridiculously ideal image. People like you imagine just don’t exist.
-pretentious w books
-many pretentious books
-also a weeb. It goes hand-in-hand.
-find a good outlet to express your emotions.
-don’t look at the floor all the time, just because you don’t want to meet anyone’s gaze or because you want to think. Look ahead. Show some confidence, darling. You could take the world if you wanted to.
-if you don’t want life to be meaningless, find your meaning. Pursue it.

-you would be cool, if you didnt have such a bias towards things you don’t even know you HAVE A BIAS towards. Yes, that’s biased. Oooh, how do I know? Let me explain.
-what society taught you isnt always what you will believe. You need to stop deluding yourself.
-i gotta admit your logic is pretty solid but your BIASES, oh god the biases.
-why do u have a literal army of followers

ENFJ: *sorry! I hate the two ENFJs i know. They’re underdeveloped.*
-you make me cry. Feelings aren’t to be used in logic-fueled arguments. Don’t think they are facts.
-i dont like you for reasons. Those reasons not being “oh did i offend you”, like??? Who you trying to fight here, me, or your suppressed emotional biases??
-the amount of people who like you doesn’t equal your value! What were you thinking?
-speaking of thinking: you should THINK a lot more! Please? Think something through before you ask me an emotionally-barbed question.

-my little fluster nerds
-always developing new things
-I always happen to get into a love-hate relationship with you; because I regard you with fascination and you feel like you’re being studied (you are, btw), and you hate feeling like you’re under a microscope. It’s okay, ill keep teasing you. Your reactions are so adorable!
-inf Fe is so cute. The responses to the stimuli. Ugh. I wanna hug you and tell you how adorable. How puppy.
-nah, nah! I don’t hate you. I’d never hate you. You’re just so INTERESTING. Tell me all about your conspiracy theories! You’re making a language? Ooh, can you teach it to me? That’s so cool! Let me contribute my ideas, too!
-YES, let’s build a sculpture. YES, let’s make english more efficient. Have you heard of that meme?-yeah, that one!
-every conversation is like a make-a-story with the contributions from both sides.
-TEAM CRINGE when people make logical fallacies

-high quality memers.
-most of the people I’ve had crushes on are ENTPs, un-miraculously.
-i could listen to you make up sarcastic stories for hours and never get bored
-TEAM USELESS FACTS that no one will ever use but you still have because of Wikipedia searches.
-you are hilarious. And also, very cute when flustered. Less-so than INTP, but that’s only because they only ever wanna talk about history or chemistry or their poison of choice. You will actually talk to people.
-you all have a distinct walk. It’s so odd. It’s a pattern I’m seeing, though.

stripperanakin replied to your post “stripperanakin replied to your post “alien: covenant a summary: …”

WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS THERE TWO OF THEM IM SO CONFUSED ok i clearly need to watch this film

SMDJDSH  SPOILER ALERT BUT LONG STORY SHORT he plays two androids, one of which has major daddy issues and is scarily human. the other is less human but is stronger. Daddy Issues Ver. is Disappointed™ in his successor’s less-human-state and tries to reform him. Cue the 90 minute long recorder lesson session??

and then they kiss and fight

if i havent convinced u to watch this yet…

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Okay so I am 13 and I recently just asked my mom about the sims 4 and she told me no. I asked her why and she said something along the lines of " you can't have a boyfriend". I think she is under the impression that you play with other people and other things like that. How should I explain to her? (I am buying this game with my own money.)

???? my mom wouldnt let me woohoo or get late night with the juice and such just tell her u wont do that but secretly will 

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Hello ! :D I am wondering if you could do a scenario where MC is depressed because of school and she is too stressed out, how the RFA would comfort her ? :) Thank you.


I’m so sorry, this probably is so late, but I hadn’t realised anyone sent in an ask to me, so thank you, dear nonny!


  • This dumpling knows all about the hardships of school and being stressed about it all, so he’s probably one of the first to notice  
  • He’d probably offer to tutor you if he can (he was an A* student in high school after all)
  • It’d help him study too if he’s helping you!
  • Yoosung would probably make cute lil flashcards to help you remember different things  
  • Since you’re feeling so down, he’d probably give you a TONNE of love and affection, just random hugs here and there
  • Would probably get distracted when studying b/c how cute you look
  • Both of your grades would increase  
  • Power couple !!!


  • this poor angel would probably feel reallly bad that he couldn’t help you
  • since he dropped out of school / didn’t pay much attention to it  
  • so he’d probably try to make it up to you in different ways!  
  • he’d remind you to take breaks while studying  
  • when he first realised you were depressed he got dramatically sad and flung himself over you  
  • he’d probably drag you out to get goldfish bread to cheer you up & try to come up w/ study plans  


  • probably the best person to ask for help with your studies tbh
  • he’d probably hire a tutor to help you w/ subjects you’re struggling with  
  • or
  • go to the school, make it rain & there will be no more problems  
  • who says money can’t solve everything


  • my sweet potato angel baby
  • probably kept her notes from her time in education  
  • she let yoosung borrow them for an exam and he passed with the highest mark he’d had since high school
  • has the neatest notes e v e r
  • she’d be such a mother hen, insisting on making a timetable on when to study and giving so many study tips
  • And if she catches you procrastinating when you’re supposed to be studying
  • boi u dead  
  • she’d be really worried about you tho!!  
  • constant phone calls  
  • ring ring “MC are you studying?” ring ring “MC have you had a break yet” ring ring “MC have you ate/slept today?”  
  • She just cares so much okay let her help u


  • this boi is a genius, so I’m pretty sure you could go to him with ANYTHING you need help with and he’d know how to do it
  • but when it comes to teaching,,
  • he’s used to working alone / with vanderwood watching over him, so he’s never really taught anyone before??
  • he’d probably explain in such a complicated way and make you more confused at first
  • as time goes on he can explain things better tho
  • probably puts on a lab coat and dresses up really goofy whenever he has to teach you stuff
  • “Call me Mr. Choi! I’m your new substitute teacher!”  
  • ok but he makes learning really fun and has a lot of terrible jokes  
  • makes up a really dumb rap for each topic to help you remember  
  • “what’s a hug without you? toxic ‘cause mercury (Hg) is poisonous”  

I didn’t know if you wanted V/Saeran included in this so I just left them out, but if you do, feel free to send another ask! i am s o sorry for the long wait tho, aa ;(

Also sorry if some of these are really short- I’ll try get better at them ;;;;;

Hope you enjoyed tho!! ❤️❤️

Me: doesn’t even mention the terms “aphobia” let alone “oppression” except maybe the former for tagging purposes, literally just talks about ppl hating and harming aces/aros

Anti-ace/aro crowd: “ummm aphobia doesn’t exist. Us saying (thing I never spoke of) is not us hating u, no one hates u omg be quiet”

Like I swear when pressed they’ll explain how ppl saying bad things about(/do to) aces/aros is not a form of systematic oppression, but what most of them literally believe is that the damaging things someone might call aphobia don’t exist either. Which is why they after everything still hold that no one in their crowd hates us for being ace/aro and that hurting us or trivializing harm we experience in general is no big deal, and act like if we think otherwise, clearly we’re very clueless and have everything wrong, or are lying.

The crapcourse is so toxic it’s unbelievable

Story #3

There’s this guy I just recently got to meet we have been chatting along time over the net but we never met in person.. Anyway we finally met we went out for coffee and movies all the usual things but I could tell there was something different with this guy so one night I asked him and he said he doesn’t think I could handle knowing.. Well of course that made me even more curious so I kept bugging him about it then one night he finally said ok and said come with me he took me back to this big house he lived in and took me to the basement when I walked in I didn’t know what to think it was all done up like a barn with the cow pumps and everything I wasn’t sure what to think I asked if he had cows and he said not right now but I’m in the search for one hucow and I didn’t know what that was so he explained and I thought he was crazy so I left them later that night I did some research on it and it actually sounded kinda interesting so I went to his house one late night and said can u train me?… He just moved to the said so I could come in we went to the basement and he hooked me up to the chains and the pumps it felt different but I think I like it and he said just let me do my thing and I promise ull like it.. He started to kneel down behind me and he slowly pulled my panties to one side he started to lick my clit as I got wetter and wetter I started to moaned then he pulled out his big hard cock and rammed it deep inside my tight pink cunnie and kept pounding me hard from behind has my udders where pumping hard from the pump my body was getting weaker and weaker I started spraying outa my nipples and then I melted around his big hard cock as I felt him cum deep inside me and he whispered in my ear I’m going to bred my lil cum cow.. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before when we where done he asked if I wanted to be his cum cow And with no hesitation I said yes and from that day on he is my master and he breds me and milkes me day in and day out



Sabrina’s phone buzzes about fifteen minutes into her sociology lecture. She ignores it, and it buzzes again.

And again.

And again.

She’s starting to get worried that it’s something important (though why they wouldn’t just call her she can’t fathom), so she takes a peek at her screen. She sighs and makes a face. It’s Puck.

This significantly decreases the likelihood that it’s something important, but not so much that she can afford to ignore the texts. Puck’s been known to text her from across town because he needs help hiding from the hobgoblin mafia.

He’s also been known to text her incessantly until she laughs at a picture of someone particularly hilarious he saw on the streets of Prague, but still. She can’t risk it, so she opens the conversation.




Answer ur texts before I call u in the middle of whatever boring adult thing ur ignoring me for


Come on u know im more important than whatever ur doing

Im definitely more fun


Talk to me

Sabrina sighs and stuffs her phone back in her pocket. He’s not dying, and that’s all she needs to know.

Her phone buzzes again. She manages to ignore it for almost a minute before she gives in and looks at it.

Don’t u want to know what im doing

Sabrina sighs and texts back, Fine stinkbaby. Tell me what youre doing and ill answer you when I get out of class ok? Youre gonna get me in trouble.

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anonymous asked:

Hi could you please do an a reaction where exo reacts to finding your notebook that is filled with different colours and patterns. And they ask u what it is, you explain that the pattern and colours was a destraction from wanting to selfharm. Basically a reaction to that explanation 😊

Of course! I’ve had this request for some time now and I’ve decided I’m going to do something different… I feel like certain members would react the same way and I don’t want to bore you by repeating things… Please let me know if it’s not what you wanted!

He would nod silently and not push the issue. Later, you’d find colorful pens and other types of stationary placed in your backpack courtesy of him because he would want to make sure you knew he supported you and that he wanted you to be safe - Kai, Suho, D.O., Lay, Chen, Luhan

He would pull you closer and ask if he could look through your notebook because the idea fascinated him. The intricate patterns would amaze him and he’d secretly keep tabs on how full your notebook was getting… - Xiumin, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kris 

He would nod and let the subject drop. He’d keep tabs on how full your notebook was getting because he’d want to make sure you were safe but he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable by breathing down your neck about your notebook - Sehun, Tao


Primary Colors
with Vegeta~


Basically: I love Dragonball since I have memories.
I grew playing “dragon ball” with my sister, we were basically fooling around pretending to be goku (her) and vegetal (me), just doing stuff, doing our own “show”… I always said: the best times of my life xD

Dbz is the best anime/manga I’ve ever seen and Vegeta & Bulma were my very first otp and ship before knowing what a ship was ;w;
I have a deep affection for this anime and… knowing that they are gonna release a new series is… is… I mean I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THA WORLD <3 They are erasing the GT saga (thank you) and replacing it with a new one, Dragonball Super, finally that shit won’t be canon anymore >8D


Now, if you are not a db lover let me explain this idiotic thing >u>
Useless to explain the super saiyan form, the blonde one, but the other two are also a real thing: the red one is the “god” form, and appear in the movie “DBZ the battle of Gods” and the blue one is from the last movie, not released yet (I can’t find it and I am going MAD) and I don’t frankly know what it is, but it does exist xD
So… because I deeply love the Brief family I thought about some family moments with Vegeta trying to be a good dad… and… oh the primary colors.
Saiyans now have all the primary colors in their hair.
So, here we go .w.

I know I am an idiot, but I can’t help it .w.’

Exo fanfics

EXO fanfics

1:★ 10080 (9.7/10) 😭 “Baekyeol”
2:★ anterograde tomorrow (11/10)😭😱"Kaisoo"
3:again and again (5/10)😢"Hunhan"
4:★make a day feel like a minute (9/10)😚 “Baekyeol”
5:beautiful (5/10)😚"beakyeol"
6:two points of a line (6/10) 😚😥 “Kaisoo”
7:take your heart and add it to mine (8/10) 😚"Kaisoo"
8:sweet tooth (7/10) 😚" Kaisoo “
9:★absolute chanyeol (9/10) 😭 "Baekyeol ”
10:★6 month and 6 days (9.5/10) 😭😱"Kaisoo"
11:arbitrage ( ) “ Kaisoo”
12:scintilla (7/10) “Kaisoo” 😚
13:★countdown (10/10) “Kaisoo"😭
14:you can’t remember much (4/10) 😕'too short’ "Kaisoo”
15:★our way home (9/10)“ Kaisoo"😢'happy end’
16:I can only live in our memories (8/10) 😢 "huhan”
17✪it began with a bet (8.5/10 ) “Baekyeol"😚😢😚
18:playing with fire (6/10) "Kaisoo "😞
19:it’s all a game (7/10) "Hunan” 😶
20:✪and miles to go (before I sleep) (9/10) “lukai” 😢
21:my pet (7/10) “hunhan”(looong)
22:★October 27th (9/10) “Baekyeol"😭🔫
23:★bad boy (9/10)” you&kai"😍
24:the contract (7/10) “you & Baek 😘
25:that empty bus seat (7/10) "u & lay” 😯
26:★paper mâché (9/10) “Kaisoo"😌
27:amnesia (7/10) "Kaisoo"😌
28:✪nostalgia( 8.3/10) "Kaisoo”[10,2nd]
29:★baby’s breath (10/10) “Baekyeol"😢😊
30:86400 (10080’s end) "Baekyeol"😢
31:★then came you (9/10) "Baekyeol"😘
32:★(forevermore) things you’ve left behind (9/10) "Baekyeol” 😭
33:★I couldn’t care less (9/10) “hunhan"😚😚😚
34: akward ( 7/10 ) "beakyeol” 😊
35:let me explain (7/10) “Baekyeol” 😚
36:marry you?! (7/10) “Kaisoo"😚
37:✪jumping off a cliff (8.5/10) "Kaisoo"😔😚
38:✪bad romance (8.5/10) "Kaisoo” 😚😔(happy end )
39:it’s all gone (7/10) “Kaisoo” 😞
40:how to tame your player (7.5/10) “Kaisoo” 😚 (long)
41:lullabye (7.5/10) “sekai” 😢
42:I sing better than the snow (8/10) “Baekyeol” 😞😚
43:baby,don’t cry (7.5/10) “Kaisoo”
44:into your world (8/10) “Baekyeol"😢
45:★don’t fall in love with me (9/10) "you & Baek” 😭😭
46:is it alright for me to believe ? (8/10) “Kaisoo"😚😳
47:✪his favourite receipt (8.5/10) "Kaisoo” 😚
48 because it’s better this way (7/10) “hunhan"😔😚
49:✪all I care about (8.5/10) "hunhan” 😚😚 ‘2nd 33 ’
50:memories (8/10) 😢😩"hunhan"
51:sillage (6/10) 😦😶 'did not understand ’“Kaisoo”
52: so I cry and I pray and I beg (5/10) “sekai” 😔
53:without you ( 5/10) 😚 “hunhan”
54: let me explain (7/10) “Baekyeol” 😚
55;I’ll never let you go (8/10) “Kaisoo” 😚😘
56:✪the colour of love (8.5/10) “Kaisoo"😚😚
57:how to completely disappear (5/10) "Kaisoo” 😒
58:Sakura tears (4/10) “Kaisoo” 😒
59;don’t say ugly (4/10) “zehun"😘
60:✪broken doll (8.5/10) "hunhan , Kaisoo,krisuho” ❤️😚😔
61:date me (just say you do ) (8/10) “Kaisoo” 😚😚
62:take a bite (of my heart ) (7/10) “Kaisoo"😚
63:★irreversible (9/10) "Kaisoo” 😶❤️
64:you (6/10) “hunhan ” 😚😚
65:the guardian (7/10) “Kaisoo"😚😚
66:accidentally in love (8/10) "Kaisoo"😚😚
67:✪moonbows (8/10) "Hunan” 😚😔😚
68:shine a light (8/10) “Kaisoo"😞😚❤️
69:beautiful stranger (5/10) "u & Baek ) 😚
70:someone else (7/10) "Kaisoo"😚
71:atonement (7/10) "Kaisoo” 😢😞
72: ✪shine like stars (8.5/10) “Kaisoo” 😚😚❤️
73:I’ve got you (8.5/10) “Kaisoo”. (72.SLS side story) 😔😚😚
74: I will never jump (this ship) (7/10) “KS” (72.sidestory) 💋
75:let love in (7.5/10) “Kaisoo"😚
76:like a Disney movie (8/10) "Kaisoo” 😚
77: it’s better this way (6/10) “hunhan"😞😢
78:✪the boy with the blues (8.5/10) "Kaisoo"😞😚😚
79:why am I even alive ? (6/10) "hunhan” 😔
80:★Revolution (9.5/10) “hunhan ” 😢❤️
81im only his brother (7.5/10) “hunhan” 😞❤️
82:★Nocturna Suppressio (10/10) “Kaisoo” 😞😍❤️😴
83:serendipity (8/10) “hunhan"😚
84:kill me (8/10) "Kaisoo” 😢
85:★ Kastrating Kai (9/10) “Kaisoo"😚😂
86:Eden’s morning (7.5/10) "Baekyeol"😢
87: let her go (6/10) "Kaisoo” 😗
88:The Implications of Telepathy ( 7/10) “Kaisoo"😢
89:exo meets AFF (8/10) "exo” 😂😂
90:you’re like a very far shooting star (5/10) “kaisoo” 😚
91:first day of my life (6.5/10) “Kaisoo” 😚
92:★Inevitable (9/10) “Kaisoo” 😭( 2 personality)
93:green apples (8.2/10) “Kaisoo"😚😚
94:to sir with love (6/10) "Kaisoo"😚
95:✪stationary sidewalks (8.5/10) "Baekyeol+Tao” 😢
96:Not So Cliché After All (7/10) “Baekyeol” 😚
97:★A Beast In Repose (9.2/10) “Kaisoo"😢😚😚
98:I’m yours (7.5/10) "Baekyeol"😚
99:a taste of compulsion (6/10) "Kaisoo” 😶(didn’t understand )
100:exit strategies (7/10) “Baekyeol ” 😚
101:✪finest thing in history(8.7/10)“Kaisoo"😚😘
102:First Kisses And All That Jazz (6/10)"hunhan” 😚
103:★station n (10/10) “Kaisoo” 😢😘❤️
104:I realise this is loneliness (6.5/10) “hunhan” 😚
105:12.12.12 (8/10)“Kaisoo” 😚😚
106:open when…(8/10)“Baekyeol ” 😚😚
107:★the 7th demon (9/10) “baek&oc” 😭
108:✪Moments Like These(8.5/10) “Baekyeol"😚
109:★the area of our hearts (9.3/10) "Kaisoo"😚😚emy
110:breathe me (8/10) "hunhan ” (romance,fluff)😔😚
111:summer boys (8/10) “Kaisoo"😚
112:★Wrong Number (9.4/10) "kaisoo"😚😚
113:playing nurse(5/10) "Kaisoo"😚
114:回家 (3/10) "hunhan"😶
115:I Need To Stop, but I Can’t (5/10) "Baekyeol ” 😢
116:✪gone (no longer with you ) (8.6/10) “hunhan” 😚
117:sympathy in the form of you (crawling into bed with me.)(8/10) “Kaisoo"😚
118:★touch of fear (9/10) "sehun & oc” 😚❤️
119:✪sketched into storybooks (8/10)『Kaisoo 』😢😚❤️Emy
120:the right to love you (7/10)’ less than 500〔Kaisoo〕😚
121:✪So we meet again (8.8/10) 《Kaisoo》😚😚emy
122:✪from here to home (8.5/10) “Kaisoo” 😚emy
123:✪worthless words you waste on me (8.5/10) “Kaisoo” 😚emy
124:pinch me (8/10) “Baekyeol’ 😚😚
125:✪my arranged marriage with exo-k sehun (8.5/10) "sehun & oc ” 😚 😄
126:✪a song we left unsung (8.4/10) “Baekyeol” 😚
127: why am I alive ?(7/10) “hunhan” 😚
128:✪Halcyon (8.3/10)“Baekyeol” 😭
129:★sex slave (9/10) “hunhan” 😔😚[M]
130:。true beauty ( ) incomplete
131: die young (4/10) “hunhan” 😢
132:★Venus (9/10)“Kaisoo” 😚☕️
133:reborn (5/10) “Kaisoo” 😚🐱
134:★queer and proud (9/10) “hunhan” 😚
135:The faller , the catcher (8/10) “hunhan” 😚
136:★ten seconds of autumn (9/10) “Kaisoo” 😢 '1shot’
137: I can see your empty lies (7/10) “Kaisoo” 😢
138:✪Alliosis (8.3/10)'hunhan’ 😢
139:✪The Red Letter (8/10) [hunhan] 😚
140:I sing better than the snow (7/10) “Baekyeol” 😚
141:✪default state of being (8.7/10) “Kaisoo” [M] 😚
142:default days (8/10) 😚
143:unwanted (6/10) “baekhyun +oc” [M]
144:his barcode tattoo (7/10) “sehun+oc” 😢😚
145:✪Iris (8.5/10) “kiasoo” 😢😚😚
146:★interrobang (10/10) “Kaisoo” 😭😚(happy end )
147:could I leave you (8/10) “Kaisoo” 😢😚
148:thin air (5/10) “Kaisoo” [1shot short ] 😚
149:I’m sorry (5/10) “Kaisoo” 😢😚
150:★paint with me (9.7/10) “Kaisoo"😭😭
151:sleep well jongin (7/10) "Kaisoo” [M]
152:✪lifeless (9/10) “Baekyeol "😢😚
153:safe and sound (6/10) "Kaisoo"😢
154:Secret Admirer (7/10) "Kaisoo"😚
155:to daddy , with love (8.3/10) "kai & oc ” 😚😢
156:Catch the Rebound (8/10) “kai+0c ” {155 2nd ]
157:。✪kitten (9/10) “hunhan ” 😚😚
158: words unheard (8.4/10)“Kaisoo” [will not be continued ]
159:✪ he’s mine (8.9/10) “Kaisoo"😚
160:★the dairy of a broken family (9/10) "Kaisoo+child"😢😚❤️
161:✪clubrooms and weirdos (8.5/10) "Kaisoo” 😂😚
162: 60 seconds (6/10) “Kaisoo” 😢
163:✪My Slave (8.5/10) “sekai ” 😚😶❤️ ( long over 400+)
164:Miscalculation (8/10) “kaisoo” 😡😚 ( loooong 868 pages )
165:★perfectly imbalanced (9/10) “ Baekyeol ” 😂😚❤️
166:Embers and Blood ( 8/10) “hunhan” 🔪😢😚
167:I’m sorry hyung (7/10) “hunhan” 😢
168:don’t wake me up ( 7.5/10) “ Kaisoo ” 😚
169:she’s a he ? ( 7/10) “hunhan "😚
170:summer vacation with a jerk ( 7/10) "luhan & oc ” [oc annoying as hell]
171:✪Tootles (8.3/10) “Kaisoo” 😿
172:knocked up (8/10) “Kaisoo ” [ mpreg ] 😚
173:back to square one (7/10) “Kaisoo”
174: ★Where the Daisies Grow (9.5/10) “hunhan” 😚😭😚
175:The Porcelain Dolls (8.3/10)“ hunhan , Kaisoo , Baekyeol "😚
176:The Replacement Doll (8/10) "Kaisoo” 😚
177:Progressive Education (8.2/10) “Kaisoo” 😚
178:✪don’t forget me (8.4/10) “ kaisoo” 😢
179:★summer 21 (10/10) “ Kaisoo” 😭😭
180:struggle (8/10) “Kaisoo” 😞
181:my 12th brother luhan ( 7.9/10) “luhan+oc” 😚
182:my pet (5/10) “kaisoo” 😚
183:★Blue (9.8/10) “Kaisoo ” 😚
184:the fag situation (7.5/10) “Kaisoo"😚
185:✪caught between dreams and secret loves (8.9/10)"Kaisoo"😚😞[has msg]
186:in my dreams (you’re there with me) (8.5/10) "Kaisoo"😚 [2nd 0f 185)
187:★street rats(9.8/10)” Kaisoo" 😶😶[dream au ]
188:✪ silent G (8.7/10) “krisho” 😂😚
189:✪not a word ( 8.4/10) “hunhan” 😔😚
190:this forced marriage ( 8.5/10) “ Baek & oc ”
191:✪Captivated (8.4/10) “hunhan . Mpreg ” 😚
192:✪ ?(8.5/10) “ot12 ” M
193:★zodiac (10/10) “ ot12” ❤️ fantasy , mama AU
194:✪Night dancer ( 8.9/10) “Kaisoo” 'ballet au ’ 😚
195:✪let love in (8.7/10) “Kaisoo” [amy] 😡😚
196:✪Red Riding Hood’s First Love (8.9/10) “Kaisoo"😚😔 [bittersweet]
197:✪The Bottom line ( 8.9/10) "Kaisoo” 😚😭😡😚 [ multiply ending ]
198:hands up ( 8/10) “Kaisoo ” 1shot M
199:Down On Your Knees (8.4/10) “Kaisoo” [198 2nd ]
200:★Purging Kim Jongin (9.8/10) “Kaisoo” 😔😚
201:Magic, and Other Curious Things (8.8/10) “Kaisoo” 😚😞😚
202:Not the One You Deserve (7/10) “Baekyeol"😔😚
203:House of pain (8.2/10) "Baekyeol ” [abuse , rape ]😞😭
204:✪No more bloodstains (8.7/10) “hunhan ” 😞😚
205:★En Pointe (9/10) “ baekai ” [ ballet AU ]😢
206: A little bit rough (8/10)“Kaisoo"😚 M
207: arabesque ( 7/10)” kaisoo “ [ballet AU , top!soo ] M
208:★senpai noticed me ( 10/10 ) "Kaisoo ” 😚😂
209:✪when children fall ( 8.7/10) “ Kaisoo” 😚😚 [kid!kaisoo]
300:★overlapping worlds ( 9/10) “sekai” 😶
301:The Principles of (Modern) Dance (8/10)“Kaisoo” [ballet au] 😊
302:★sleep with the window open (9/10) 😶 [confusing kinda ]
303:★bubbletea and tears ( 9/10) “kai&OC” [arraigned marriage AU]
304:Arranged Marriage with Luhan ( 7/10) “luhan & oc ” [AM au]
305:✪black and white (8.5/10)“Kaisoo” 😞 [pencil au o.0]
306:✪bite me (8.3/10) “Kaisoo” v_v vmpr
307:Echo (8/10)“Baekyeol” 😔
308:Make Me Submissive “Kaisoo” M
309:✪Winded (8.5/10) “Kaisoo"😏 M
400:★and the history books forgot about us(10/10) "ot12” 😭😶
401: shadows (7/10)“Kaisoo"😦
402:beautiful creature ( 8/10)"Baekyeol ” 😏 [vampire au]
403:✪comes and goes (8.7/10)“Kaisoo” 😔😚 [amy]
404:✪feeling this is like to fall awake (8.7/10)“Kaisoo” 👻
405:✪damp (8.6/10) “ Kaisoo” [sina interview ] 🚿
406:✪networking chaos (8.7/10)“0t12"😂
407:✪The Paranomals (8.8/10)"baek&oc” 😚 [fantasy]
408:Drench (8.2/10) “Kaisoo” [sina interview ] M 🚿
409:✪Flame (8.8/10)“baek&oc” [407 2nd]
410:✪Beat ( 8.9/10) “Kaisoo” [zombie au ]
411:pulse (8.4/10)“Kaisoo+ot12” [2nd 410]
412:A+++ (8/10)“hunhan” M
413:everything doesn’t go as planned ( 7/10)“Kaisoo” mpreg
414:✪emergency (8.3/10)“Kaisoo” 😚
415:★nightfall (9/10) “hunhan” 😚[82’s sequel ]
416:✪invisible (8.7/10)“Kaisoo” 😔😚😶
417:✪Now You See Me (8.7/10)“Kaisoo”[416 sequel ]
418:✪fallen (8.4/10)“Kaisoo"😇 😚 M
419:lifted [418 sequel ] M
420:hover [418 sequel’s sequel ] M
421:melt me (8/10)"hunhan"❄️ M
422:burn me [2nd 421]M
423:✪remember me (8.9/10)"Baekyeol” 😢😢
424:Not Their Fault (8/10)“Kaisoo” 😔M
425:★melting (9/10)“Kaisoo” 😚😚
426:✪7 seas too far (8.9/10)“Kaisoo” 🌊⚓️ [ksp:Kaisoo project]
427:★thanks for the memories (10/10)“Kaisoo” 😭😭[ksp]
428:✪promise me forever (8.4/10)“Kaisoo"😚 [ksp]
429:Idon’t want to set the world on fire (8.3/10)"Kaisoo” 😚 [ksp]
430:✪read for me (8.7/10)“Kaisoo” 😚 [ksp]
431:✪alarm o'clock (8.4/10)“hunhan” 😚
432:just a claim to the heart (8/10)“Kaisoo” wolf!au [ksp]M
433:second chance (8/10)“Kaisoo"😚Teacher!au [ksp]
434:slice of heart (8/10)"Kaisoo” 😔😚
435:his little one (7/10)“Baekyeol” master!au M
436:slayer of my heart (8/10)“Kaisoo” dragonslayer!au [ksp]
437:✪Innocent (8.3/0)“Kaisoo” age gap !au 😚
438:✪paper cut (10/10)“Kaisoo” 😂😚😚 [ksp]
439:★Baek in a box (9/10)“Baekyeol” 😚😚😚
440:✪the middle of December (8.5/10)“Baekyeol” 😚
441:★never let me go (9/10)“kai&OC” 😚
442:★Lured (9/10)“sehun&oc” M
443:✪daddy’s boy (8.5/10)“hunhan” bdsm,dady!kink M
444:。we’re brothers , right ?
445: love and lust ( 6/10)“BY,HH,KS” v_vampire!au
446: ( kai box)
447:。PurgaTorio for Two
448:★last January (10/10)“Kaisoo"😢
449:✪With You(8.8/10)"Kaisoo” parent!au
450:Hospital Blues (7.5/10)“Kaisoo” very short Drugged!kai
451:★Audiation (9/10)“Kaisoo” ballet!au 😚
452:Genie (8/10)“Kaisoo”[451 2nd]
453:。daddy’s boy drabbles (8.7/10) bdsm “hunhan”
454:✪I’m a freak show you can’t look away from (8.3/10)“Kaisoo” 😚
455:★challenge excepted (9/10)“Kaisoo” M
456:✪I me myself mine (8.9/10)“hunhan” model lu !au 😚
457:✪I me myself yours (8.6/10)“hunhan” [2nd 456]
458:don’t you know (I’m not pretty ) (7/10)“hunhan”
459:Ink Yourself On Me(7/10)“Kaisoo"stepbro!au
460:claim your love (6/10)"Kaisoo” [2nd 459]
461:jongin got served (7/10)“Kaisoo” M
462:★autumn (9.4/10)“Kaisoo” age gap&abusivekai!au😭😭
463:Little Love Song(8.4/10)“hunhan” 😚
464:Melted (7/10)“hunhan” 😔😚
465:special girl (8.1/10)“hunhan” 😚
466:angel (8.4/10)“hunhan” 👻
467:✪OPPA is not my style (8.5/10)“baekhyun” 😚
468:✪through the years (8.5/10)“hunhan” 😚
469:✪even after loosing 99 (8.8/10)“hunhan” deaf!sehun, bitterSWeeT
470:A Cup of Noodles (8/10)“hunhan"😚
471:you can’t change me (7.5/10)"Kaisoo” 😚
472:The Neurosurgeon (8.4/10)“Kaisoo"😚
473:✪request prompts (8.8/10)"ot12 mainly Kaisoo”
474:✪aegis (8.8/10)“Kaisoo” mama!au
475:★tame the prince (9/10)“hunhan” cinderella!au
476:is loving you a curse?(7.9/10)“Baekyeol”
477:★An-te-ro-gu-rey-du? (9/10)“Kaisoo"😂
478:★I Have Died Every Day, Waiting For You (9/10)"Baekyeol”
479: All the Way to the Stairway(8.3/10)“Kaisoo” elevator!kasioo
480:✪Joie De Vivre (8.8/10)“sekai” imaginary!kai 😡😢
481:i can show you i’ll be the one [480’s epilogue :)]
482:wake(8/10)“Kaisoo” M oneshot
484:light shadows (9/10)“kaisoo” blind!soo
485: 7th demon: forever. (7/10)
486: Hello Chibi: Demo Version (7/10) chibi-soulmate!au. Kaisoo Valentine project
487:Song of Sirens (10/10)merman!kai, myth!au. kvp bittersweet
488: fix you (10/10) “ Baekyeol ” 😭 heart disease! Chanyeol
489: baby, I’ve got you ( 7/10) “Kaisoo” mpre

hello it me dani here to be bitter as always :)

its no secret that i dont like s2. and theres a multitude of reasons why. but, im gonna explain to u the thing abt s2 that pisses me off the most. if u like s2, then whatever, good for u. but i have a right to be bitter so let me be bitter mk :) im not telling u that u arent allowed to like it just cause i dont. i respect u liking it, u can respect me disliking it, thanks.

alright so.. to explain this efficiently, i want to first talk abt s1. i love s1. s1 still stands as one of the best things ive watched and i still love it to pieces. imo, s1 did a great job setting everyone and everything up. not a lot of development was given, but it was enough that i felt like the characters were all v complex and well-written. s1 also did a great job with the large cast it had. two characters got their own little arcs in s1: pidge and hunk. pidge’s backstory was explained while the fall of the castle was taking place, and hunk’s arc was the balmera arc. even though it was clear that they were the focus of these episodes, no one was tossed aside for their development. everyone got a good amount of screentime to where i never felt like anyone was getting the short end of the stick. so s1 showed that the writers know how to efficiently work with their large cast, and still give focus to one characters’ development without taking screentime away from the other characters.

s2 i just.. i dont get it. i dont understand why keith was given so much focus that the rest of the cast felt like side characters for most of the season, when they have given characters their own arcs and done fine with it? i dont understand how u can go from s1, which has mini arcs dedicated to two characters, that dont sacrifice the other characters’ development and screentime for their sake, but then in s2, everyone was reduced to side characters and shitty character tropes. the characters didnt even feel like themselves! including keith! and i know, everyone who likes s2 has their arguments for it, but im sorry. i just cant register how bad s2 is in comparison to s1. the writers established that they can give a character development without tossing everyone else aside, and then they just… said “fuck that!” and the best part is even keith felt out of character! even keith was reduced to a shitty character trope, despite season 1 showing he was more than the character trope u think he is at first glance. i just… i dont understand, and honestly? theres nothing thats gonna make me understand, so dont even try. i hope we get the type of greatness we got in s1 in s3. where no matter whose arc is happening, no one else is put on the back burner for their sake.