let me explain it to you

Dear Vettel fans,

this is not going to be hate in any way. 

I adore Seb but here is something to you:

 You all are like “Omg Lewis has the better car, he is sandbagging, he get’s the title handed! Mercedes dominates since four years!”

Let me tell you something: There was a time, when Seb wasn’t at Ferrari.  You remember? The time, he drove with RedBull, when he became world champion for 4 FUCKING YEARS in a row. So, explain to me. WHO was dominating in that years? WHO had the fastest car? WHO was the one who won by teamorder incidents (’multi 21′) ?? Let me think for a minute…oh wait right, it was Sebastian Vettel himself. 

This is how Formula One is, has been and always will be. The winning team will always have the better car.

You guys wonder, why people on here start to hate him. I can tell you why: You guys make the people do it. You all by yourselfes. You make people hate Seb because you’re downtalking other drivers because of him. This needs to stop.

So stop bullshitting against Lewis or Mercedes or fans who like other drivers in general.

Thanks a lot,

A Formula One Fan who does not like bullshit


inktober writing prompts #21


Fingertips (this explains, I hope, previous prompts 17, 18 & 20)

“Marry me.”

Sherlock turned off the kitchen faucet and reached for a towel. “Alright. Let me get my jacket.”

Joan leaned against the counter. “I’m serious.”

“So am I,” Sherlock assured her. He rolled down his shirt sleeves. “Is this an urgent need? Have I left you with child?” He buttoned the cuff and glanced up at her.

Joan smirked, “No. I think we’ve been sufficiently careful…”

“Yes, well … there was that supply room incident.” He arched his brows and quirked his mouth, happy to get an embarrassed headshake and eye roll from her. Sherlock was reasonably sure he knew what this was about. Both sleeves rolled down and buttoned he moved to stand before her. “It’s your surgery, isn’t it?”

Joan’s face confirmed his suspicions.

He said for her the words he repeated to himself whenever fear overcame him. “The tumor is isolated. The cancer appears to not have spread. The procedure is simple …”

“Mr. Castoro’s procedure was a simple one as well.” She challenged him with her eyes.

“Watson, don’t….”

“I was a surgeon, Sherlock. I know the risks. I want you by my side. I want you and no one else making decisions. And if we are married, there will be no questioning your authority to make those decisions.”

The weight of her words fell about his shoulders, rooting him to the spot, forcing possibilities on him he did not want consider.

Joan continued, “I’m not telling anyone about this. I don’t want questions or sympathy from family or friends.”

Sherlock nodded. “I understand.”

“I know this is a horrible burden I’m placing on you,” her eyes brimmed with tears, “but I just need you to do this for me, please.”

He moved closer to her, fingertips reaching for her, needing to touch and keep her with him. “Of course. Whatever you want. You know I’d do anything for you.”

Tears ran down her cheeks as she embraced him.

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The batfamily has a group picture of them in full costume hanging in the middle of the living room of Wayne Manor just to freak out guests

“Uh, Mister Wayne, is that you and your children… dressed as Batman and his affiliated vigilantes?”

“Mm? Oh, yes. Yes it is. Last Halloween, to be exact. Jason begged me to let him use a real gun as a prop, but I shut that down.”

“That explains the water gun.”

“Over here you can see us all dressed as the Superfamily. Dick was very adamant about being Power Girl.”

the mania singles

traveling through time

breaking news in Pete Wentz’s incredibly recursive, self-referential relationship with himself:


CRYSTAL BALLS ALWAYS CLOUDY EXCEPT WHEN THEY LOOK INTO THE PAST AND CALLING YOU FROM THE FUTURE: the themes are laid out for us to infer that this album is a jumble, a retrospective, an out-of-order examination of the same thing from different times, angles, and selves

Is Mania is peterick retrospective album????? uh, probably

……let me explain……

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October 21, 2017

7:55 pm

You changed your name

Pretty sure you changed your number too

Nothing really is the same

It’s like everything we were you outgrew

I think about you everyday

I type your name in the search bar

After admitting that I don’t know what to say

I’m the most embarrassed person on earth by far

I feel like part of you wants us again

And I know that’s selfish to think

But if you would just talk to me and explain

Why you let our relationship sink

Then maybe thoughts of you wouldn’t drive me insane

But I have to write more honestly

And the truth is you’ll always be a part of me

These thoughts are a beautiful insanity

I just hate that this feels like a tragedy

PSA: I had to divide the “Evidence Against the Ship” post into two parts because Tumblr was not able to accommodate that much information without acting up🙄

I noticed the other day that the links on the “Evidence” post weren’t working. And yet when I went into edit mode, they were still all there. So I googled the problem looking for an answer and found a POST that explained that when a tumblr post has too many links, suddenly the links won’t work.

So I divided the “Evidence” post into two parts: PART I and PART II. Dividing the post worked. The links are back! Yeah!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been paying much attention to what has been happening with Sam and Cait during October. If any of you noticed any recent “receipts” that I left out of PART II of this post, please let me know. Thanks!

Public Raid and Lair Signups!

Hey everyone! Me again! (You’ll get sick of me tag, I promise). Your Weekly Reminder that Apiary hosts public raid and lair nights is here! We enjoy showing people who are new how to do things, so if you’ve never done a lair or raid before come check it out. Just let us know you’re new to it so we can explain things to you.

Sign up for Lairs here and Raids here. Friday night lairs with return on 11/03. Also, we’re starting a public dungeon night in November  so check that out too!


Anton looked into the crowd of people decked out in their blue jumpsuits. Vault dwellers, or so his father, chief executive of Vault Consultation, had affectionately called them. Anton was now one of them, despite his protests to stay in the family’s designated local Vault: 214 where he would know if his sister was safe or not. “We need you,” his old man had said, placing a firm hand on his back. “to take notes, gather research.”

“Sure,” Anton had agreed, brushing his father off. Never did he think that the bombs would actually fall. War had broken out.   “Thank you for all putting your suits on. I’m sure you have some questions…” Anton took in a large gulp. “But let me explain some things first. I uh…this terminal here says I’m overseer and it’s assigned you all to random jobs based on the profiles you had filled out and sent in to Vault Consult. The rules of the vault are all posted on the-”

“A bomb just fucking dropped, and you want us to talk about rules?” Chris shouted. 

“Yes, agree,” The black haired beauty said, stepping forward. Her Russian accent was thick but attractive. “We make sure first people are safe. Then, talk rules.”

“She’s right,” A pale freckled girl said. “Is everyone alright? Some of you just barely made it inside.”

“I can handle it,” Anton said angrily. “I’m the overseer. Now…is everyone all right?”


Today I went to Six Flags! We parked in the Robin parking lot (my sister and I argued over wether it was Tim or Dick, and I won because I KNOW my Timmy when I see him. Shes a Dick girl), I got a Batman sweatshirt and tapestry for my wall, a poison ivy shirt (gotta represent my namesake, yo 😎🤘), and won a stuffed batfleck from the rigged claw machines at the arcade. In line for Superman (hmu if you dont know that ride and ill explain) I got an idea for a very reccomended part two for the story “Rumors”.


It doesn’t end.

Being singled out doesn’t stop after the mikvah. Having rudimentary things explained continues day in and day out, every time someone knows you came from a non-jewish womb.

Never mind that many in my congregation have never thought of these topics, let alone studied them. Never mind that I just had great insights, that the Rabbi specifically said that I’d helped him understand this text better. Never mind that a child was also in the room, a child who might need the explanation.

Those looks and whispered explainations will always be directed at me.

Never mind that I pray three times a day. Never mind that I keep kosher. Never mind that I’m shomer Shabbat, no phones, no cars, no pushing buttons for walk signals. Never mind that a Beit din decided I knew enough to dunk, that I come to most programs, that I’m more present and engaged than most of our born Jewish congregation.

A man will always lock eyes with me, decide that I’m confused, and then explain basic things to me in front of whoever might be there.

And as a woman, I get to tease out how much was mansplaining and how much was because I’m a ger.

And as a woman, I get to smile and nod and pretend that I’m not blushing, that there aren’t tears in my eyes, that I’m not furious and heartbroken at the reminder that I will never be Jewish enough.

And as a woman, I get to know that my children will suffer because I will never be Jewish enough.

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Who's marshmallow?

((you must be new to this blog, so welcome and let me explain: Marshmellow is a chinchilla oc pet that assistant got via anons. said anons also gave her a few magical abilities, including sentience (but I try to keep her childish). Marshmellow is just what Assistant named her when the black chinchilla was gifted to her. as such, Marshmellow has become something of a sidemuse here (just like khoshekh on @askmadampresident ) who’s there for when i don’t have a response with Assistant, and just to be cute. here’s the one drawing i got of her-))

((i hope this explains well enough!))

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hey in ur bio u have "he/hym" and I was wondering if u could explain what hym is? I've never seen or heard it before

oh! it’s not really a reference to anything in particular tbh, it’s just sort of how i express my relationship to my gender with my pronouns–it’s meant to have a proximity to he / him pronouns without actually being them so that it lets you know there’s more going on than that, in the same way i seemingly have a proximity to binary masculinity through my gender presentation when upon closer inspection there’s more to me than just being a girl or a boy.

i don’t like using he / him pronouns because i don’t like people assuming that i’m a man, but i don’t like using she / her either because it’s traumatic, so exchanging the “i” for a “y” in he / him / his is sort of how i reclaim my womanhood on my terms from a society that seeks to enforce gender conformity and heterosexuality on me in a way that has been very traumatic for my whole life, esp as a two-spirit person and as a lesbian

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Everything supergirl and wynonna earp for me but tagging every post is just common courtesy

Honestly I thought that when you reblog from someone it keeps the tags that the original poster put there, but I guess it doesn’t. (actually can someone explain why? It feels like the tags from an OP should stick and then you delete the ones not pertinent instead of readding a bunch?)

Never thought I had to readd, but I will from now on. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and will make sure to tag from now on.

Thank you for letting me know and again I apologize.

I hate this notion that universities need to let literally anyone speak or else you’re stifling knowledge. Here’s something that stifles knowledge: having to explain very basic things over and over. If you let someone barge into a medical laboratory and yell “everyone stop what you’re doing and prove to me that germs exist”, that’s stifling knowledge. Shutting everything down so that a neo-nazi can calmly ask whether black people are people does not enrich a learning environment in any way, It drags everything down and exhausts everyone. Free speech absolutism is crude and unsophisticated, we need to acknowledge that sometimes speech has deleterious effects on the free speech of others.

About Omegaverse


·Alphas are the dominant or “masculine” ones in omegaverse

·They are generally large and at least slightly intimidating in appearance

·They possess what is commonly referred to as an “Alpha Voice” which is basically a very commanding tone that Omegas, and sometimes Betas, feel compelled to obey

·Alphas also have a “Croon” which is like a deep rumbling sound (basically a purr) that helps to calm or comfort their Omega or their pups

·"Ruts" are a biological thing that Alphas go through and during a rut they will be easily agitated and extremely horny because their body wants them to knot and breed

·A “Knot” is kind of like a bulb type thing in an Alpha’s penis that swells when they are aroused and keeps them locked inside their Omega during sex to increase chances of getting the Omega pregnant, this is called “Knotting”

·All Alphas are able to impregnate people, but only a female Alpha can get pregnant because male Alphas don’t have a womb

·Female Alphas are often described as having both a penis and a vagina or having a clitoris that extends into one when they are aroused so they can impregnate people


·Omegas are the submissive or “feminine” ones of the dynamics

·They are generally small, maybe delicate, and feminine in appearance

·Omegas can use their pheromones to effect others, whether it be by calming their child or arousing their Alpha

·"Heats" are a biological thing that Omegas go through and during a heat an Omega will self lubricate (usually referred to as “Slick”) in order to prepare to take an Alphas knot

·Omegas are most fertile during heats and they crave an Alpha’s knot because their body is demanding for them to breed

·When an Omega is in heat is usually the best time for an Alpha to “Bond” with them

·"Bonding" is achieved by biting into a scent gland hard enough to draw blood and eventually scar, it ties two people together mentally, physically, and emotionally. Like, a really extreme marriage

·During heats, pregnancies or any other stressful times, an Omega will “Nest”

·"Nesting" is a process in which an Omega craves warmth and comfort so they will choose a small space, like a closet, and gather blankets, pillows, clothing, anything soft really and especially anything with their Alpha’s scent on it and build a nest to cuddle up in

·"Scenting" is the process of someone spreading their own unique scent onto things or people in an act of comfort or possession

·People in omegaverse usually have four “Scent Glands” two on the neck and one on each wrist. When the glands are stimulated their scent becomes more potent and sticks to whatever or whoever is closest

·Both male and female Omegas can get pregnant and while it is possible for a male Omega to get a female Omega pregnant, a female Omega can’t impregnate anyone

·"Mpreg" male pregnancy, the only males that can pregnant in omegaverse though are Omegas


·Betas are basically like normal humans, in omegaverse they are below Alphas but still above Omegas

·Betas can have any kind of appearance, there isn’t really a set expectation for them

·They don’t go through ruts or heats but they can still bond

·They tend to mate with other Betas

·Betas usually have a better sense of smell than the other dynamics

·Like normal humans, male Betas cannot get pregnant and female Betas cannot impregnate anyone

can we stop treating buying albums like a mandatory and a way to “proof” your love for your faves? some people like to buy digital versions or specific songs and others can’t afford albums or just DON’T.WANT.TO.BUY.THEM. gtfo of other people’s wallets and worry about yourself. you bought yourself an album with your own money? cool, now let people do what they want with their own money