let me eat your face

“Let Me Eat You Out” (M) (request)

You flipped the page to your book as you tried to teach yourself how to cook Korean cuisine. You were leaning on the counter in your kitchen as you at a pretzel, humming your favourite song. You were wearing Jimin’s favourite outfit, black tight booty short, a skinny strap white crop top, and black thigh socks. You were basically going to be his cuisine tonight, if he saw you in that.
Today was your 2 year anniversary and you two would normally go out, see the sites, because Jimin was afraid you’d burn down the house like a mad man. But today was special. As you flipped through another page, Jimin walked in getting the cup beside the sink and filling it up with tap water.
“Hey jagiya-ah,” he whispered. You raised a brow, not paying much attention. Jimin pressed a kiss on your cheek as he walked over and leaned on the counter on the opposite side, sipping his water. You felt his eyes roaming your body as you read, distracting you a little.

“need some, babe?” You asked and looked at him through your glasses. You saw his eyes traveling down your thighs when he snapped his head up and looked at your face and gave a small smile. “Whatcha doin’?” he asked. “I’m thinking about what cuisine I should make for our anniversary tonight,” you smiled and went back to reading the ingredients. Jimin perked up by the sound of food. “Ooh! I know what you could do! It’s my favourite!” he said. You looked at him, waiting for answer. “Your legs opened up, as I eat you out on the bed,” he smirked.. You rolled your eyes. “That’s not even a desert to be honest-” “its my kind of desert.” You chuckled and he moved towards you, towering you. You looked up into his eyes and he placed his hands on your hips and swayed you side to side, as he lined your bodies up. He pulled the book out of your hand and threw it somewhere around the room. The room got intense and you could feel your core dripping and screaming to be touched as Jimin’s large hand were pressed on your hips and his lustful stare. You looked at his lips and back into his eyes.

“And you know what I’d appreciate?” he hummed and leaned down a bit. “Hmm?” you hummed as your eyes shut. “If I got my desert right now.” You felt his lips press against yours roughly as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into him. You moaned against his lips, his favourite thing you do. It send a vibration through his body. You pulled away to push him away for a moment, but he quickly attacked your neck, making your legs trembled a bit.

“J-jimin,” you gasped. He smirked and put his leg between yours, knowing you loved that, you started grinding your core against his thigh, making him groan.

“J-jimin!” You tried to push him off you. Jimin grabbed your ass harshly and pulled them apart for a minute. “Jimin,” you whispered. Jimin pulled away and cupped your face.

“Let me eat you,” he caressed your cheek. You stared at him before nodding. he smiled before bringing your face back into his. You wrapped your hands around his neck as you pulled him deeper into the kiss. He slipped his tongue into your mouth and you happily accepted. He dipped down a bit and pulled you up onto the counter, making you giggle. You two smiled against the kiss as he started pulling your shorts down. He connected his lips quickly to your neck. “As much as I like these shorts, they must come off,” he groaned. He kissed your neck a couple of times before pulling my shorts off and throwing them somewhere. He smiled when he saw his favourite lace panties you wore. You bit you bottom lip as he kissed your inners thighs down to your core. He looked up at you for permission and you opened your legs. He smiled and wrapped his fingers around the hem and pulled it down,taking time to kiss your thighs and calling you beautiful. Just the way you liked it.

He tore it off your ankles and you rested your feet on the counter as Jimin stared at the sight. “Fuck,” he hissed. He smacked his lips and you felt his cold finger stroke your heated core. He smiled and looked up at you. “Looks who’s dripping for her daddy.” You whimpered and felt his finger slowly push inside you folds harshly making you scream. He slowly pulled his finger out and shoved it harshly back in. You started moving your hips to the pace of his finger, but slightly faster. “Eager? Want me to go fast?” he asked. you nodded your head quickly. He pressed his tongue against you slit and quickly tease your slit. You moaned and grabbed his head. He started licking and lazily burying his nose. You thrusted your hips into his face making you moan. He started to tease and bit your clit sending a wave of pleasure through your body. You fisted the counter as your legs trembled on the counter. Jimin sucked on your lips and quickly did a long lick up your slit to your clit. He sucked onto your clit and stared at your sensual expression. You felt a strong feeling in your stomach.

“Jimin,” you gasped. “I’m cumming!” He smiled and bit on your clit, tugging it in the process. You slipped a second finger inside and pulled away from your core. You could see your wetness on the corner of his lips. You weren’t moaning, just panting. 

“Cum for me,” he whispered. You started to curl his fingers inside of you making you cum harshly. All you remember was letting go. Everything.

When you came down from your high, Jimin was laughing. 

“Baby! You squirted!” he smiled. You looked at his shirt and laughed a bit. “Come on, let’s go get washed up and I’ll help you with dinner”



Surprise (Part 2/ Epilogue)

Prompt: Part 2 of Surprise where you find out you’re pregnant with Washington’s kid. This is set a few months later and super fluffy :)               *Part 1 not needed to understand content*

Pairing: George Washington x Reader

A/N: An anon asked for a part 2 of Surprise. I usually post every weekend so I’m glad I caught this request before my 4 day weekend ended. Remember my requests are always open! I hope you guys enjoy this! I love to hear feedback. This one is super fluffy and adorable so I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Surprise - Part 1

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You let out a loud relieved sigh and sag back onto the bed. Sweat matted on your skin and your head was throbbing. “You did amazing, sweetheart. Absolutely amazing.” Your husband hushed in your ear. A loud piercing cry filled the room making you wince. “Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Washington. You have one healthy baby boy.”

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Why is this so hard ATL? I’m a bi curious pillow princess wanting someone to eat my pussy/ass real good,let me ride your face then I lay back and you grind your pussy on mine until we cum…

Serious ladies msg, me only!!! If we ’re going to conversate for a day or a few days …don t bother….Just want to have fun with someone for a night or ongoing….

They like to wear skirts and makeup together sometimes (*´▽`*)

  ¸ .  . ¸ . ✩ I have no idea what is going on but I’m super tired today, so I’m going to lay on my face like a lump and replenish my stores of ( unholy ) energy. But I love you all, and I hope you are having a great start to your week!

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I desperately want you to sit on my face and let me eat your bloody cunt out, I'll grab your hips, hold you down onto my tongue and shove it as deep into you as possible, force my tongue agaisnt your sweet spot and while you wiggle on me and smear blood on my face, I'll just slip my hands underneath you and force my fingers in with my messy tongue, curl them into your deepest walls over and over again, pull away just to bite down on that little clit and make every part of you bleed. ❤


really turned on by this jfc/// messy eater///

After Straight White Boys: A Found Language Sonnet

After Straight White Boys

in Anonymous, straightwhiteboystexting.tumblr.com

by Gabrielle García

Hello darling. I want sex.

i want to see you naked

I wanna play with that pussy

Happy thanksgivin. I wanna fuck

Wanna play 20 questions?

r u into white guys? lol

Want some cock?

You think your better than me bitch?

Come on send me a picture or something

Why don’t you sit on my face and let me eat my way to your heart! ;)

Rate my dick?

Show me your boobs now please ;)

How about I buy you a drink and dance with my dick in your ass, dirty hippie bitch

I didn’t trim my pubes for no reason ;)

#1: Upon First Meeting

Mark: You cut through a park to get home after a long day and trip over a toy left behind by a child, spilling your brand new coffee all over you. Groaning and trying dab your shirt dry, you suddenly hear a low chuckle behind you. “Need some help?” Turning around you see a handsome boy with reddish hair. Does anyone even have hair like that anymore? you ask yourself. “I’m alright,” you reply. “Just a stupid toy.” The boy smiles an infectious smile and your head spins and offers his hand to help you up. Is anyone even good looking like this anymore? "You don’t look alright,“ he laughs again, looking at your shirt which is stained brown from the coffee. "Well, okay. Maybe a little alright.” And you know he’s talking about you and not the condition of your shirt. “Let me buy you a new coffee,” he says shyly. He looks down at the ground “And maybe a new shirt, too?” This time you laugh, knowing it’s true. “Okay,” you agree. 

JR: You run into the first music store you see, hoping to get a copy of the CD you have been dying to get since you heard of its release. Problem is, you forgot that today was the day it was coming out, and knowing how popular the band is, you’re not even sure that you can get a copy. You grin widely as you see the last copy on the stand and reach our your hand to get it — until someone else’s hand beats you to it. You turn around and see a surprisingly good looking boy looking at you. His hat is on backwards and he’s chewing gum in the most annoying but cute way. “Hey!” You say, frustrated. “I saw that first, you can’t just butt your hand in and get it!” “Ah,” he begins, “but the CD doesn’t belong to you until you get it, right? So it’s technically mine.” He flashes you an incredible smile, his teeth so perfectly arranged. You scowl as he walks away with it to the cash register. “But you put your hand in front of mine! It was supposed to be mine!” you whine, but the boy is already paying. “Ha,” he says triumphantly, but you’re already walking out of the store, defeated, until you hear footsteps behind you and turn around. It’s the boy. “Look, I’m sorry,” he starts, “I just bought the CD because I wanted to buy it for you. Here,” he hands it to you, and a smile creeps over your face. “Let me buy you something to eat! And you can tell me why you love that band so much.” He winks. “Okay,” you agree. 

JB: You groan as you see a crowd of highschoolers walk into the cafe. Weren’t cafes supposed to be quiet? And relaxed? Not a hang out place for a bunch of kids to gossip and scream in. It was just getting to the interesting part of the book you were reading until another group of young teenagers barge in. You almost leave, until you see a boy standing in line with jet black hair and a dangling earring, and decide to sit back down. Wow, was he ever cute. He seemed to think you were too, because as soon as you caught his eye, he headed straight for the line and couldn’t take his eyes off you. You try and play it cool and sit back down at your table, throwing away your empty coffee cup and trying to concentrate on the book, until someone approaches your table. “Is anyone sitting here?” You look up and see the cute boy standing right next to you, holding two coffees. “No,” you say politely, still trying to play it cool. “You can sit down.” He sits down across from you and and says, “I got you this. I saw you were running low. Also couldn’t pass up the chance to say hi to a pretty girl like you.” You blush, accepting the coffee he’s bought for you without you even asking. You’re automatically impressed. “Thank you,” you say. “Let me take you on a walk,” he suddenly says. “I know a really great trail we can go on to get to the park and maybe we can chat there instead of this noisy place.” He smiles the cutest smile you have ever seen. “Okay,” you agree. 

Jackson: You are so annoyed with the man playing the violin in the street that you throw a rock at him, hoping for him to get the message to stop. And he does. “Who threw that?!??!?!” he screams, searching through the crowd. He sees you so frustrated and angry, and he automatically recognizes you from earlier when you asked him to stop playing. You can almost see the steam coming from his ears. “It was you, wasn’t it?!” He grabs your wrist. “You can’t be throwing rocks at people!!! You’re coming with me to see the police!!!” “It wasn’t me!” you try to get him to let go of your wrist. “Hey, let her go!” you hear a voice say, who’s grabbed your other wrist. “Let go of my girlfriend!” You don’t recognize this person at all as you turn around to see who’s got hold of you. “Your girlfriend is an annoying brat, and she shouldn’t be throwing rocks at people!” “HEY! Don’t say that about my girlfriend! She didn’t throw anything at you, it was me!” The man suddenly lets go of you and glares at the boy, who has suddenly come to your rescue. You’re not complaining, though, he is so good looking that you’d let him hold onto your wrist all day if he wanted to. He lets go to argue with the man.“Your violin playing is annoying everyone! I just wanted you to stop!” The man gives up arguing with the good looking boy and packs up his violin and leaves. “You’re not very smart throwing rocks at people!! Next time I’m going to have to let him take you to the police,” the boy jokes. You laugh, not really knowing what to say, but wanting the conversation to continue. “Hey, do you maybe want to get something to eat?” he suddenly asks. You’re surprised by how confident he is. “Maybe if we eat together you can become my actual girlfriend,” he jokes. “Your choice.” he winks and you can’t help buy laugh. “Okay,” you agree. 

BamBam: You’re sitting on a bench in one of the nicest parts in the city, and all you can do is cry at how upset you are. Nothing seems to be going right, and you wish you were closer to home to cry there, but this will have to do. “Are you okay?” you hear a voice approach you. You don’t answer, hoping the person will feel awkward enough to leave. “What’s wrong?” the person sits next to you and you look up to see what seems to be a cute boy through your tears. “Is there anything I can do to help? Hello? I’m BamBam! Can I get you something? Maybe some water? Food? HELLO?” He seems very worried and very demanding, so I just nod, not really sure what to say. Is something going right? "I’m just upset,“ you manage to croak. "That’s okay. Can I get you something? Hey! Let’s get something sweet. Then you can tell me what’s wrong? Okay?” You look up and can’t help but smile at his attempt to make you feel better. “Okay,” you agree. 

Yugyeom: You’re browsing in a store, feeling satisfied after getting your pay check that you can finally get that shirt you wanted to buy. Smiling, you pick it up and head right to the cash register, not even noticing the cute boy who’s come up behind you in line. You’re beaming, so excited to get this shirt, until someone taps you on the shoulder and you whip around, seeing a boy with silver hair and a little crooked smile. “Nice shirt,” he says. “Where did you get it? My sister really wanted it but I couldn’t find it.” He smiles, and you’re already smitten. “It’s just over there,” I point. “But I think I might have gotten the last one.” “Oh. Thanks anyway,” he says, also smiling. There was too much smiling going on in this conversation. “Maybe I’ll look at a different store and find something else for her.” You’re not sure why he’s still talking to you, but you don’t want it to stop as he keeps blushing and smiling at you. Right before it’s your turn to pay, he taps you on the shoulder again. “Do you want to come shopping with me? Let’s look for some more cute t shirts for you to wear.” You’re taken aback with the question, but there’s only one way for you to continue your conversation with the cute guy: “Okay,” you agree. 

Youngjae: You’re having a conversation with a nice guy on the bus. He’s nice, but he won’t stop talking and you’re getting annoyed because the conversation is going nowhere but he’s pushing it. Finally! He’s getting off the bus. “Nice talking to you,” he says, smiling. “Maybe I can see you again soon.” He hands me a sheet of paper with a number on it. I give him a weak smile. Yeah, right. He gets off, and you’re so happy that you can finally have a minute to yourself. You rip up the number and throw it on the ground of the bus, hoping no one notices. Of course, someone does. “Really didn’t like him?” another boy sits down next to you. You don’t want to be rude, but you almost groan, disliking him already. You don’t reply, hoping that he’ll stop talking to you. “Nice keychain,” he says, pointing at the Sailor Moon one you have hanging off your phone. “Um, thanks,” you say, “Do you watch Sailor Moon?” “Of course, I’ve seen all the seasons,” he says, nonchalantly. The boy then precedes to impress you with his vast Sailor Moon knowledge and you both argue about your favourite Sailor Scout. “I’m impressed,” you say, happy with the conversation with this boy a lot more than the first. “You’re a lot better than the jerk I was talking to earlier.” “I’m also a lot better looking,” the boy says and winks. “Let me take you out for lunch. I know this great spot right up ahead,” he motions to the restaurant the next stop away. You’re supposed to meet up with a friend, but suddenly this seems so much more important. “Okay,” you agree. 

RFA members + how they kiss you (Headcanon /w gifs)


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With Yoosung, you were mostly the one who went first for the kiss, but It’s not like he didn’t enjoy kissing you, he’s a smol bean, he’s just … THE CUTE, SHY LITTLE LOLOL PLAYER YOOSUNG THAT WE ALL LOVE. He’s just not the “let me eat your face off type of guy.


Since this guy is an actor I feel like he loves those cliche, dramatic romantic movie kisses. Like if it’s raining outside you already know what’s coming. You both look into each others eyes and slowly lean in.. and bam! You always comment how cheesy all the kissing in the rain is but he doesn’t care because he knows that you lowkey love it.


dis boyyyy, dis lil troll. As serious and romantic you try to be, he always makes kissing and all those stuff rather funny than romantic. I’m not saying it’s not romantic, oh hell it is, but you both exchange a laugh here and there, and it’s just all cute and fluffy, okay?


ohhh maaaaaaan. He loves kissing you. All. The. Time. It’s like he can never get enough.  His kisses are passionate. The after work kisses are his favorite though, ya feel? He comes home all tired but hey ;) MC is always there to greet him with a “welcome home” kiss which SOMETIMES can lead to something more.

i’m sorry i didnt do baehee, pls don’t be mad at me ily sm.

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(Eroticxecstasy) Lex wrapped his arms around Jess' waist. "Babe..I know youre working but I really want you right now.." He said, kissing the back of her neck. (They dont hate eachother after all! :3)

“Babe, I got get these new drink recipes made for tomorrow.” She said before blushing, letting out a small moan. “One round, okay babe? I really have to finish this. Or you could eat me out, let me sit on your face.”

eat acid with me and let me paint stars across your face. kiss me and stop. tell me why i make you so angry. let me step on your toes while we dance around my kitchen. tell me how i hurt you, don’t sugarcoat anything. hold my hand and look at me between drags of your cigarette. let me be soft with you, i’ll trace your hands until you feel champagne bubbles under your skin. listen to what slips out of my mouth when i drink. correct me when i’m wrong. do not be embarrassed when your tears stain my floor. touch me when you’re ready. tell me if you’re not. let your guard down. fall apart. trust that i will do my best to put you back together. sit with me in the street while we’re high enough to taste the clouds. tell me about your future while cars go by and the sun slips behind the trees. lie on the floor with me. giggle into my chest while my hands are in your hair. tell me why you’re scared. yell at me when you’re burning up inside. i’ll yell back until you’ve had enough. i’ll kiss your knuckles until your fists unclench. tell me this isn’t love. paint over your thoughts of us until all you can see is a new canvas. start over, and let me. grow. become familiar with yourself. be able to look in the mirror and feel nothing but absolute wonder. love yourself the way i loved you. i’ll do the same. fuck a few more girls. create a brand new world, one where i don’t exist. make your life something to be proud of. breathe alone. call me when you’re tired. when i’m ready i will answer. tell me who you’ve become. tell me who you want to be. i’ll listen until you’re finished. say something about the stars. tell me you’ve missed me painting them on your cheeks. don’t talk to me while you organize your thoughts. fill your bones with sunshine and walk by me with a smile. treat me as your friend. know there is something more hiding behind the curtains of your heart. be ashamed of me. feel as though you would rather die than meet my eyes. push that aside. say my name. let it echo through your brain. take every minute, second, day, you need to understand how that makes you feel. let me touch your hand. be unsure. be curious. come over. wonder what could happen. let me paint a garden across your wrists. i’ll water it with kisses. take a breath, take a breath, take a breath. i will litter your mind with a constellation of kind words, everything i say will drip with honesty. tell me we can make this work. don’t rush. daydream about all we could possibly do. let me take you out when it snows. i’ll watch the snowflakes dance around you. open your heart. do not be afraid to love me when you can. we can rebuild. we can take time. we can fall apart and that can be it. but if and when you want it, there is always a clean slate. there is always a tomorrow. there is always time for us to grow. and when it comes to you,

there is always something left to love.