let me drown in your voice

I need to be yours, even just for once. Even for just a minute, give ‘us’ a chance. Let me be under your touch, let me taste your lips, drown in your eyes and listen to your voice endlessly. Even just for once, for a day, for an hour, for a minute. Just please be mine.
—  P.G.G
“Us”, it wasn’t meant to last but it was meant to be felt. I may be drowning in your memories but I still have a lot to thank for. Your red hair and freckles, how deep your voice sounds during our midnight phone calls, your devilish smile and how you say my name. I’ll surely miss everything about you. Thank you for loving my insecurities and imperfections, for coming into my life and for giving me reasons to love life more. I’m letting you go now but this is not the end yet. I love you. Until our paths cross again..
—  (d.g)

AN: I had a hard time writing Junkrat’s part, so I decided to take him out. I hope that’s alright.


You were buried beneath a thick layer of bubbles, the warmth of the bath soothing the aches in your body. A night of scaring and entertaining had left you exhausted, and you needed to relax.

“You’re lucky you can’t drown,” a gruff voice said.

You turned to see Reaper standing by the sink, his cloak and mask removed. It wasn’t often he let you see his face, but it was clear he didn’t care at that moment. You wished he had been there with you, but his job came first before fun.

“You saying you want me to drown?” You asked, teasing him. He glanced at you, his eyes harsh yet slightly amused. “Come here.”

He crossed the room and stared down at you, waiting. Before you could grab him, he was in the bedroom, clearly knowing what you had planned.

“You’ve done that to me before,” he said. Though he seemed annoyed, he clearly enjoyed seeing you so frustrated.

“Yeah, and you fell for it, jerk.” You pouted, and he chuckled, not falling for any of your tricks. He returned to his place by the sink, not looking at you. “And I can’t just climb out of here.”

You slapped your fin against the side of the tub, and he shrugged.

“Doesn’t mean I’ll let you drag me into the water,” he said with a teasing grin on his face.

You stuck your tongue out at him before sinking down, letting the water surround you.


You dove underneath the water, a sneaky grin teasing the corners of your lips. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Zenyatta moving about, his body coated in cobwebs and a strange goo.

A few teenagers waltzed by, and you poked your head up, keeping only your eyes and hair above the water. They were quick to notice you, more curious than scared.

“Come here,” you purred, and the teenagers inched closer. When they were standing by the edge of the pool, you lifted yourself and approached them, a devious grin on your face. “Can you swim?”

One of them bravely nodded his head, and you swiftly took hold of him, dragging him into the water. He cried out, his friends laughing at his mistake. Only a moment later, he was hurrying to climb out of the water, only to have Zenyatta frighten him.

The teen stumbled back into the pool, his friends nearly on the ground laughing. You giggled as he crawled onto the tile floor, a puddle of water beneath him.

He scampered off, his friends close behind, and you moved to where Zen was.

“Good job, partner,” you said, staring up at him, “You scare people quite effortlessly.”

He bowed his head and offered his thanks, his head lifting to examine the doors. He was waiting for more guests to come in, and you couldn’t help but laugh. He had been apprehensive at first, not knowing why you wanted him to help you with the haunted house.

Now, he knew, and he was feeling the excitement of the scare.

You rose out of the water to grab his hand, tugging him closer to you. With a wide smile, you planted a wet kiss on his metal cheek before dropping back down, the water splashing around you.


You let Zarya gently lower you into the tub, your tail hanging over the edge. A wide smile warmed her face as she moved to push the tub out of the bathroom, the wheels Winston had installed doing their job right.

“Are you excited?” You asked, shivering when the cool air touched your skin. You wore a typical seashell top, your hair tangled with pearls and seaweed.

“Yes. I am excited. I have never celebrated Halloween. What all do we do?” She asked, staring down at you.

“Well, we can go to houses and get candy, or we can go to the haunted house party that Mercy has planned. Which do you wa–”

“Are you a mermaid?”

You both turned to see a small child standing near you, their face glowing with joy and curiousity.

“Yes, I am. And what are you?” You asked, leaning over to stare at them.

“I’m an astronaut! My daddy made this costume for me!” They said, stepping closer to look at your tail. Hesitant, they didn’t move to touch the glistening scales, looking at you for confirmation.

The moment you nodded, they grinned and brushed their smooth fingers over your tail. You could see the light in their eyes, the budding excitement that illuminated their red cheeks.

“That’s so cool!” They said, turning to look up at Zarya. Their eyes widened even more, shocked by the sight of someone so tall and strong.

Your face came to me
in a dream where I
knew what it was to hold you
before I ever actually did.

Your voice was drowned
by the ringing of a church’s bells
where they tell me I
should have listened better.

But how could they tell me
  that I was wrong
when this is the only thing I
have ever done right?

You’ll come into this world
screaming in my defense
though already stained red 
with the sins of another.
—  reverse baptism
last i saw you had lightning hidden beneath your tongue. you were a sculpture carved out of sugar and if i tried to touch you, you would have broken apart between my fingers. at the sound of your voice i turn into a snake shedding it’s skin. that smile could have been a wildfire. could have burned it all down. i would have watched from the window, just happy to see the colors. a butterfly landed in the palm of your hand and i swear to god it’s fluttering wings matched my hammering heart. don’t let those voices in your head drown out my lullabies. just tell me to sing louder. i’ll settle like a baby bird against your chest. they won’t get you tonight. that darkness outside isn’t a match for the flames between your teeth. i know your voice is softer than velvet but you’ve got bees buzzing under your skin. don’t let the blood boil over. keep it in your veins. you’ve got a home in your own body and i’m just grateful to know which rock you hide the spare key under. you ought to be careful walking these streets at night because you’ve got the moon where your irises should be and people around here will try to snuff out your light. i’ll take this knife to my tongue because i couldn’t even bleed out words half as beautiful as you.
—  shadow games, a.l.
To the Boy Who Wouldn't Let Me Forget Him:

Your name has become
my second language.
it seems more familiar to me
than my mother tongue.
Your voice
has made a home
in my eardrums.
It drowns out the world.

Sometimes I think
that there must be
more to it than this,
I get lost in a kiss,
I remember
what I used to think
love is.

Love is not this.
Love is sweet.
Love is not supposed
to taste like death when
it is stuck
between your teeth.
Love is pink,
I think.
But now all I see
are varying shades of grey.

I remember the day that
you left me -
I slept in storm clouds and
never changed the sheets.
Now I
am a forecast
that always warns of rain.

This is the dull sort of pain,
the sort that
aches and throbs
right behind your
the sort you can’t forget
despite how hard you
try -

- I try,
and try,
and try,
but you’re stuck
in my head like
a really crap,
overplayed pop song.
I don’t want to sing along
but I do
and you do too,
it’s just that
you’ve already forgotten
the lyrics.
And it makes me feel
like an idiot
trying to harmonise with you.

Perhaps I was a fool for
promising forever,
you see,
I live a life
hard-wired to
lose things.
You slip through my fingers like
sand that
used to be a castle
- baby, I was a queen once.
But you broke my crown
like every reflective surface
you’ve ever hurled your
fist into,
all our love seems to
amount to
is the scars on your knuckles
and the bruises on my throat.
You choked me
until I had to learn to breathe drowning.

But learn I did.

My feet learnt how to kick
and slowly but surely I kicked
the beat back into
my broken heart,
and when I learnt how to
see in the dark
I learnt how to
see through you.
I saw a boy who
kept old lovers in a
box on his bedroom shelf,
I saw a boy who
needed something
smaller than himself
to make him feel
like a man.

And that is where
I cannot help you.

You have no idea
what you once held,
I was so heavy you
had to put me
right back down.
And maybe there
was a moment there where I wrapped myself around
your little finger because
it felt like the safest place to be
but now I see that
all your fingers
know how to do is
strangle the necks you
used to kiss.

Your apologies taste like
I keep your
broken promises in my pocket and leave them there to rot -
I am not in love with you.
But it’s taken me a
damn long time to
get to a point where
I can say that and
it actually be true.

And that last time
you kissed me -
six months after
letting my lips run dry
- all I got from it
was motherfucking

Now your hair has
faded back to blonde,
there is no longer
purple dye
on your bathroom floor,
and it doesn’t hurt
to swallow

But they always say that
you never forget your
first love
- and I meant what I said
when I said that it was love -
and I guess that it’s true because god fucking damn
I let myself
come undone for you
without ever giving you
to be the stitches
holding me together.

And I’ve moved on,
it’s true,
I’ve learnt how to
sew myself back up
without pricking too many fingers, but I don’t think I’ll
ever forget you.
And I don’t think I was ever supposed to.

Stormy Nights - Bruce Wayne

AN- For anon…hope you enjoy it:)

Part 1/5

(If you don’t like it, or it wasn’t what you wanted, just let me know and I’ll gladly rewrite it)

((sorry its really short, Im really distracted today:( ))

You forced out a laugh as you curled deeper into your bed. There was a deep sound that seemed to shake the earth before a bright flash illuminated your bedroom. You resisted the urge to look out your covered window as your eyes stayed focused on the tv.

“Oh, no, but see-” Rachel’s voice was drowned out by another rumble of the earth and a bright light flashed before everything went dark. You groaned but you were cut of as rain began pelting at your window so hard, you feared it would shatter.

You let out a shaky sigh, as your phobia of storms began to grow inside you quickly. Everywhere you looked, you were met with darkness. Everywhere angle you faced, silence greeted you…well save for the sounds of a storm.

You pulled the blanket over your head in attempt to escape from the night, but it only offered a small amount of protection. You whimpered quietly as yet another roll of booming lightening sounded from outside.

“Oh God,” you pleaded, “please let this be over already.”

You heard the sliding of a window and the sound of window rushing in. You peeked your head out, searching into the dark dark room for anything. There was another sudden flash that illuminated your room for split second…allowing you to spot the figure standing in your bedroom doorway.

“Y/N,” the figure said in a gravely voice. You threw your blankets down. “Bruce? What the fffflip,” you exclaimed, biting your tongue as you stopped yourself from cursing.

“Y/N, there’s a storm.”

“Don’t remind me,” you said, flinching at the deep sound of lightening. You curled back into your bed, folding yourself into a small ball, and raised the blanket back over your head.

Silence filled the air once more, and you wondered where Bruce had went. You pulled the blanket down below your eyes, “Bruce?”

You felt your bed dip behind you before arms pulled you close. You sighed at the presence and relaxed. You hadn’t noticed how tense your body had gotten, and the feeling of your muscles relaxing made you calm.

“What about Batman?” you softly asked. Another round of lightning had you cringing, making Bruce kiss the top of your head and softly trace his fingers over your arms.

“He’s here too,” he said, and to prove his words, his arm tightened around your waist and pulled you closer in a protective way.

“You’ll stay?”

“Till the end.”


Jealous Wonwoo

Genre: Fluff

Nothing feels better than being able to relax on a beautiful day. Especially, when this beautiful day included, feeling the warm sun against your skin, a cool breeze passes through the air and ocean waves slowly crashing to the shore.

Not to forget your boyfriend, Wonwoo, to spend the day laughing to your heart’s content with. “Put me down, put me down!” Your voice was slowly being drowned out by your giggling. You had just arrived at the beach house that you’d be staying over the summer. It was a cozy little place, located right beside the beautiful beach.

Wonwoo was so excited to finally spend so quality alone time with you. So excited, that he thought that it would be a great idea to spin you around until you were dizzy. “Fine, I’ll let you,” he placed you back down, with his hands situated on your hips gently holding you. Smiling at him you lifted your hand up to gently rub your thumb across his cheek. A smile immediately finding its way across his face. 

“Thank you,” you gave him a small peck on the cheek and you watched as his cheeks heated up. Then, you brought your lips right in front of his, Wonwoo slowly leaning in. Only to quickly pull out of his embrace and make your way across the room to your bag.

“Awe, don’t tease me like that,” groaned a clearly flustered Wonwoo who had just been short of a kiss.

Lightly laughing to yourself, you pulled out your swimsuit. “How about we go to the beach?” You suggested, changing the subject.

“It is really nice outside and I wouldn’t mind being able to get you back for tricking me,” he teased, making his way over to you to hug you from behind.

“Yeah; not a chance. Just wait a second let me get changed.” Pulling out of his hold, leaving behind a shocked Wonwoo you slipped into the washroom to change.

When you can out you saw Wonwoo in swim trunks and a t-shirt, with towels and everything ready to go.

You were wearing a swim cover and you quickly slipped out of the washroom, heading in his direction.

“Ready to go?” you asked him. He lifted his head from his phone and gave you a nod. 

Once you reached the beach you placed your things down underneath an umbrella that you set up and in folded your beach chair.

You quickly took off your swim cover, ready to hop in the water. But, before you could get far enough you felt two arms lifting you from the ground.

“Did I mention that you look absolutely beautiful today,” Wonwoo added sincerely. 

“Thank you. You don’t look to bad yours-.” You were cut off and shrieked in surprise as you felt yourself being thrown in the water. “Didn’t think I wasn’t going to get you back, did you?” The grin on Wonwoo’s face was undeniably bright. Obviously pleased with himself.

“Jeon…Wonwoo!” You shouted from your place in the cool ocean water. You look up at him with fire in your eyes and a new goal. A goal to get back at Wonwoo for this. 

Seeing how your eyes changed had seemed to be Wonwoo’s cue to start splashing you with as much water as possible. “You can try all you want but I’m going to get you. Just watch me,” you chased after your boyfriend eagerly and as fast as you could, which was not very quick in water.

Before you knew it you were both breaking out into a fit of laughter and enjoying yourselves.

“I’m so tired from all the running I did,” you complained to Wonwoo once you were back at your beach chair, gripping your side and let your chest rise and fall as you let out a deep sigh. You allowed your body to relax against the chair, letting your back press firmly against it in comfort.

“Well you have to admit, it was pretty funny watching you try to catch me.” Wonwoo began to burst into a fit of laughter all over again, while remembering your unfortunate moment that happened not too long ago.

Oppa~ stop laughing at me!” Though, you couldn’t help the smile that was trying to find its way onto your face.

You swatted at his leg playfully only to have him grip on to his leg, feigning hurt. “Awe, are you okay?” You pouted up at him from in your chair smiling to yourself. He frowned, pouting, still with rubbing his leg trying to soothe the pain. “Do you know what would make it better? Ice cream!” You proposed and his expression quickly brightened.

“Are you going to get me ice cream?” A knowing smile plastered on his face. You smiled. “No, even better. I’m going to sit here under the cool shade of my umbrella, while you go and get the ice cream.” Wonwoo was about to object, but before he could you added, “this is for throwing me in the water.” He immediately closed his mouth feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry I’ll be right back,” he said running towards the ice cream stand down the beach.

You look at the calm wave pass along the shore slowly; you laughed again remembering what had happened only moment ago. Wanting to go back to the shore while Wonwoo was getting your ice cream, you got and decided to walk along the shoreline.

You were walking by yourself with your head down not even noticing where you were going until you bumped into someone, falling over onto the sand. “I am so sorry,” you apologized looking up and expecting to see an angry person, but was met with a smiling guy.

“It’s no problem, if anything I should be the one saying sorry. But, a pretty girl like you should be watching where she’s going,” he said smiling at you offering a hand to pick you up. You took it gratefully, standing up and quickly pulling your hand away. You did even notice his friend beside him until he began talking.

“What’s a cute girl like you doing all by yourself? We’re having a party a little later. If you’re interested I’ll give you my number and we could meet up a little la-,” Before you could reject his offer you heard someone from behind you answer for you.

“No, I think that she’s okay,” you turned around slightly after recognizing the familiar deep voice of your boyfriend, Wonwoo. He slipped his arms around you waist pulling you close to his side. He was staring the guys down so hard that it seemed that daggers could shoot from his eyes. “Come on, (Y/N). Let’s go.” Wonwoo said quickly bringing you along and leaving the guys in awe and shock. Once you reached a good distance away Wonwoo removed his arm from around your waist and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” he asked bringing his hand up to softly run his finger across your cheek. “Did they say anything to you? Because you know if they did I’m not afraid to go back and-

“Wonwoo I’m fine,” you said giggling slightly and your concerned boyfriend. He looked at you with such caring eyes and it made your heart melt instantly. You knew that he always got jealous when you talked around other guys. But, the way that he reacted this time made you love him even more. You slowly moved your arms around him and hugged him contently.

“Are you sure?” he asked again with an even softer tone, then kissing your forehead. You smiled nodding and bringing a finger up to point to your lips. He chuckled lightly leaning down to tilt his head and place a soft chaste kiss on your lips. You smiled suddenly remembering something.

“Actually, no I’m not okay.” You look straight pulling away from his embrace. His feature’s quickly changed to show concern again.

“You aren’t? Why, tell me?” he asked concerned and confused.

“You forgot to bring me my ice cream,” you said laughing, leaving Wonwoo no choice but to laugh along too. “But it’s okay because I got a cute, jealous Wonwoo instead.” You said wrapping your arms around him again.

“I was not jealous,” he says laughing nervously bring a hand up to scratch the back of his neck. Eyes darting away from you, and a slight flush appearing on his cheeks.                                             

“Okay Wonwoo. Whatever you say,” you said laughing again.

He opened his mouth to deny but, closed it smiling and wrapping his arms around you in a hug.


Even though it’s getting colder. I hoped that this warmed your heart a little bit. 

Hot Shower Anyone?

Hey y’all! There are many shower fics out there so I want to add mine to the bunch! I hope you like it. There may be a part 2 coming your way soon. Please let me know if y’all would like that! Thanks for reading. Happy Friday!

Summary: You learn you’re not the only one who enjoys hot showers after working out. 

Warnings: language, dirty-ish talk and almost nakedness

Originally posted by doesrogersknow

The sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway outside your room woke you up four minutes before your alarm would. You loudly groaned, rolled over in the bed and pulled the pillow out from under your head and plopped it on top of your face. 

Your efforts to drown out the sounds on the other side of your door were fruitless. Sam’s voice was muffled but you still heard him yell “Damn girl, are you just waking up or having a morning quickie in there?”

You shut your eyes even tighter, determined to stay in bed until your alarm woke you up as you planned. But you chuckled when you heard Steve scolding his friend. “Leave her alone. You know she’s not a morning person, Sam. Let’s go.”

You let out a sigh of relief when they walked away from your door. The peace didn’t last long though, because only a few seconds later your stupid alarm went off. Those four precious minutes of sleep were gone and you were pissed. You really had to talk to Tony about making the walls in the tower sound proof. 

Come on, you thought. If the guys were up and going already, you could at least get out of bed. 

You quite literally rolled your body out of bed, slamming your hand down on the clock as you passed it, and walked over to your dresser to grab your bathing suit. 

Every member of the team had their own way of keeping in shape. The guys ran, you swam, Natasha just was, and the others practiced their talents to keep their powers up to snuff. You were the newest and youngest member on the team and you had to work a little harder to keep up.

You grabbed a plum, your water bottle and the backpack that had all your workout stuff already packed, entered the elevator and pressed the “P” button. 

When Tony found out you used the pool at the local YMCA he scolded you and teased for a week before he had an Olympic sized pool put into the tower. “How dare you pay for a membership, and walk all that way, to jump in a dirty pool with a bunch of people” He would say. You had explained at least a hundred times that you like the Y, it was always clean, and you had gotten to know the morning crowd, but he wouldn’t have it. You gave in because having your own pool that you didn’t have to pay to use rocked.

You let your heavy eyelids close as you sat at the edge of the pool and put your hair in a braid to fit it into the cap. After stretching and putting on your goggles and ear plugs, you jumped in. 

The second your face emerged from the water you groaned. “So cooooooold.” You complained. 

You got to it and did your laps for an hour, as you normally did. You were awake now and jumped out of the pool with vigor, only to shrivel at the cold air touching your body. You needed a hot shower ASAP.

You didn’t waste any time getting to the elevator that would take you back to your room and its attached bathroom. The doors opened to the floor with the team’s bedrooms and you didn’t see Steve, Bucky, or Sam. You guessed they took a longer run than usual and you were excited to beat them to the shower.

You practically ran to into your bathroom, ripping off your wet bathing suit and turning the shower onto its hottest setting. As soon as the water was warm enough, you jumped in and let it roll down your back. Once your back was warm you turned in slow circles so your whole body could be under the stream of water that would slowly increase the temperature of your cold skin.  

The water was so hot you almost couldn’t stand it, so you distracted yourself by washing the chlorine out of your hair because it hurt so good. You watched the steam float off your body when you heard a voice.

“Sorry to interrupt your shower, Miss, but Mr. Barnes insists that I ask you to give his hot water back.”

It took you a second to realize what she was talking about. It registered in your mind that you didn’t beat the guys home and you didn’t see Bucky when you came out of the elevator because he was already in his shower. 

When you didn’t answer her, F.R.I.D.A.Y. said “Mr. Barnes enjoys his hot showers too, Miss.”  

You laughed at this and said “F.R.I.D.A.Y., please tell him he can wait his turn.”

You continued washing the pool water off your body when you told your ceiling, “I didn’t know you were in the bathrooms, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You couldn’t hide that you were a little weirded out. 

“Only audio, Miss.”

“Oh. Okay.” That was comforting.

After you were satisfied with how hot your skin was, you turned off the water and opened the shower door to step out. 


You jumped out of your skin and almost slipped and fell on the floor. You were going to have to get used to her being in the bathroom.

“Yeah?” You were a little irritated now.

“I suggest you grab your towel, you are about to have a visitor. 

Confused as all hell you quickly wrapped your dripping body in the towel sitting on the sink and prepared yourself for someone to walk in that door uninvited. 

You watched the doorknob turn and before the door even opened you heard, “I was in there first-”

Bucky’s voice cut out and he looked at you with wide eyes. You watched his eyes move down your dripping frame until they hit the towel. What did he expect to see when he walked in your bathroom-

You thoughts stopped as your eyes focused on him. Your brain didn’t allow you to think about anything else but him and his dark, wet hair in his face, and the water droplets running down his toned chest and torso until they reached the towel hanging too low on his hips for you to not stare at, and his long fingers holding the white fabric together and his strong, veiny arm that brought you back up to the darkened blue eyes trying to see through the towel that was wrapped around your body. 

You saw his tongue quickly skid across his lips and a smile form under red, blush-filled cheeks. 

He finally broke the silence between the two of you. “I was in there first” he said again.  

“Well, I was cold.” It was impossible for you to be witty when he was staring at you with that look in his eyes.  

He slowly walked toward you, closing the door behind him, until his face was so close to yours you could feel his breath on your lips.

“Next time you want a hot shower in the morning, just join me.”

And before you could find the breath in your lungs to answer him, he disappeared out the door, leaving only the scent of his soap in your bathroom.

Part 2 Hot Bath Anyone? 


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Beauty or Torture

Kiss me 

Don’t tell me if it’ll lift me up or drown me

– Just let me feel your lips against mine again

Hold me 

Arms around my waist or hands around my neck

– Just let my skin warm beneath your touch

Call me

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear and  let them caress my heart or batter me with your words 

– Just let me hear your voice 

Fall in love with me 

Whether it is beautiful and pure or sweet, sweet torture

– Just let me feel whole again

Don’t drown in your own mind, you have been doing that for far too long. It is about time that you reminded yourself of your ability to float, your ability to pass through life with no fear. Your thoughts can only drag you down if you allow it, stop letting the negative voices rule your life and start listening to the positive.

Things I’m Still Learning by Amy Kennedy


pulling his coat over broad shoulders, ash stepped out of the dark club. the music that blared through his earbuds completely drowned out the busy new york world around him. as he sauntered along the sidewalk, the singer’s body swayed to the beat of the music. “your body’s poetry, speak to me, won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?” the male rounded the bricked corner of the club, letting his hands slip into the deep pockets of his coat. “i wanna be your muse, use my music and let me be your rhythm tonight. move your bo-” ash’s voice was cut off, his body practically slamming into someone. this was twice in less than twenty-four hours. he instantly recognized the ‘stranger’, eliciting a small laugh. “fuck. i’m sorry. i spaced out. are you okay?”

I gaze into the abyss
 and the abyss stares back;
 and the blood on my hands
 is slowly unraveling me apart.

The shadows grow too thick -
 there’s no time for me to scream
 as they slowly take me under
 and pierce my paper skin.

I don’t have to bear it
 (or so you say),
 but how can I let you have it
 when you want me spared?

I can’t watch you take this,
 so I’ll endure it for us all,
 I’ll chain it to my soul,
 I’ll take it outside these walls.

The distance between us grows,
 and your voice fades away.
 But your touch still burns
 and lights my tragic way.

You’ll wait and you’ll believe,
 I’ll walk and I’ll despair,
 I’ll struggle and beg and grieve,
 I’ll drown and cry for help.

But it’s something I have to do
 (that’s why you let me leave),
 so I’ll face my demons
 and let them come at me.

Because I’m not a princess,
 waiting for her knight,
 but a warrior getting ready
 to win another fight.

—  watch me get back up, m.p.

belladonna-of-thraneal  asked:

"Darling, your mother has been staying with us for three months." She said pinching the bridge of her nose in an attempt to quell the raging migraine that tormented her. "Don't you think," she said in the sweetest voice she could possibly possess, "That maybe, just maybe... she could let me try being a mother to my own child and stop being a backseat breastfeeder?"

“Darling, she’s been a tremendous help. You know we would have been drowning in diapers and breast pumps if she weren’t here. Please try and be grateful.”

For when we started dancing

Our lips got lost in pleasure
And when my eyes where glancing
I felt this inner pressure
A voice screaming loud
As it wanted to drown the thunder
Told me from the bottom of my heart
Never let us drift asunder
Because I love the way you move
And how you get things done
And how you always do approve
T'my thoughts are going wrong
Timid yet powerful
All lovely things you do combine
And I’m proud of being at your side
Because your glimpse fleeting mine
That’s how galaxies collide

     ‘ SO THAT WAS YOUR GIG, THEN. the death of kings ? ’ this is still surreal for sam, but not in the way he’d hoped when he first shook the angel’s hand. now, sitting in the same room puts a heavy pit in his gut. he tries to quell it with another stale sip from his BEER BOTTLE –––––– it doesn’t soothe the dry patch at the back of his throat. a voice in his head whispers you know what will. drown the noise with a dry laugh, missing humor, and a dull shake of bangs in his eyes. ‘ how’d you get DEMOTED to watching us ? ’ // @fealtydriven

Staring at your eyes makes me want to fall through the skies with my heart racing and my voice screaming. I want to cut through the grey clouds and feel the rain. My body will go flying, crashing, and burning with strikes of lightning. I will fall straight down with my broken wings and save you from colliding with the icy seas that make you feel alive. I won’t let the seas pierce your skin and freeze your veins. I will save you from the deadly and give you life. I fell from the skies only for you. Your eyes made me want to drown so I came down and clashed with the sun like a fallen angel to help you win the battle.
—  Fallen Angels