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like i said i dont hate my art i like it alot!! im proud that i came this far. and while i dont like some things about it there are lil things i like to look at when i draw. like how i draw eyes or noses even if the rest isnt so good. idk i try n find the best qualities even if the overall picture isnt great ya kno

dan in his liveshow: mentions that 2017 is going to be more focused on doing “life things”

phil in his liveshow: has his calendar mysteriously opened at May

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I just came across your post about women in Shakespeare's comedies and tragedies, and I want to say thank you for taking your time to write that out. I love learning about the relation between literature and history, so that post was a solid 10/10

Thank you! I have a lot of beef with the way literature is taught as I don’t think nearly enough attention is given to the historical context in which works were written. Because yes, you can read something in isolation and still get a lot out of it, but in my humble opinion the best way to understand a piece of fiction is to understand the world in which the author lived and possible social and literary influences on the story. 

One example I like to bring up is the porter scene from Macbeth. After the killing of Duncan, Macduff shows up and starts knocking at the gate, and we have this comedic porter who goes to answer, and starts making quips and jokes. Now, without historical context (and this is what I was taught in high school) this seems like a funny icebreaker after the tense scenes with the Macbeths. It’s a harmless mood change, a quick comedic relief. The porter makes us laugh, we move on.

But WITH historical context - oh man. Ohhhh man. This scene is absolutely LOADED with religious symbolism. The knocking at the gate is meant to echo Jesus’ Harrowing of Hell. In the three days following his death and before his resurrection, Jesus descended into hell and rescued the souls trapped in Limbo. The Harrowing was an extremely important story to Christians in Shakespeare’s time since it represented the climax in God and Satan’s battle for humanity. The motif of knocking at the gate had been used to represent the Harrowing in literature for years, and the audience would have been very familiar with it. Not to mention the way the porter declares he is “porter of hell-gate” and cries “open in the name of Beelzebub!” and adds “this place is too cold for hell. I’ll devil-porter it no further.” It is not subtle in the least.

The Porter does break the ice after the tension - but his arrival also tells us that Macbeth has become the devil and made himself the king of hell. And who does the porter admit but Macduff, who will vanquish Macbeth as Jesus did Satan? AND don’t forget Lady Macbeth’s last words: “To bed, to bed! there’s knocking at the gate.”

Without historical context: the porter is a frivolous character who provides comic relief after the murder of the king.

With historical context: By murdering his king, Macbeth has made himself the devil and his castle becomes hell itself; Macduff becomes the hero who will exact divine vengeance and cast him down; Lady Macbeth will die haunted by the knocking at the gate, because she knows she is irreversibly damned. 

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Okay but my school's mascot is a Thunderbird and it's also the house that I was sorted into, and I'm laughing because I'm mentally sorting everyone but oh my god I also don't want to think about it because my high school is one of the most cliche teen fic worthy high schools you'll ever see

as a brit it excites me to no end that your high school is cliched because all we ever see of high school is the movies so every brit has built up this ridiculously unrealistic expectation of what high school is like, and there’s something really great about that being irl

also don’t worry about mentally sorting people I do that all the time

Robbie Rotten is a magical familiar who has lost his magic user. He attempted to find them but eventually had to give up the search and return to their home in Lazytown. He’s been surviving off remnants of magic left in his magic user’s old home, which is the lair. 

He eventually was forced to scavenge around the town for traces of the magic to keep himself going. It’s his duty to wait no matter how lonely he is. He doesn’t remember how long it’s been, only that he’s been alone for a very very very long time. 

He tries to chase Sportacus out of town because he can feel magic from him and this is his magic user’s territory! He has to defend it before Sportacus can claim the town for himself. There’s less of a chance of his magic user to come back if the town has been claimed by another!

Sportacus finds out what Robbie is when he collapses from lack of magic. Sportacus shares some of his own magic with Robbie and now that he knows the problem, is ready to try to help. Robbie used to be very active but he’s just very weak now. He used to help build machines for his magic user, it was one of his best skills.

Sportacus gifts Robbie with an old magic elf relic that he could feed off of for millennia. They get together and it’s very cute. 

(Dealer’s choice if his magic user left him behind on purpose, was forced to hide him or was just separated from him in general.

Also Dealer’s choice if Robbie was created from magic or was summoned from a magic plain that he can’t return to, or was given a proper human appearance when the contract was signed with his magic user

Really any and all of this can be played with or changed if you want.)

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Allura's story arc this entire season was basically a woman finding out her son was gay and being a bitch about it the whole time. And just it hurt me to watch that to see Keith treated like that to watch Allura who I LOVED take a 180 saltiest hoe on the boat trip. And her apology just I felt like it was more for her to feel better than her giving a damn about Keith, like "Oh no he's going on a suicide mission! I better say something to avoid regrets" just Allura the blood's 10,000 years old

i mean, her treatment of ketih was sort of,, out of character, at least for what we’ve seen of her up to this point. but it’s important to remember that her family, her home, her entire civilization (save for coran, the castle, and the four mice) was destroyed by the galra. 

allura went to sleep and woke up 10 millennia later to a war at her doorstep, and no home to ever return to if they happened to be victorious. all of that was taken away by someone whom her father once trusted to defend the universe alongside him. 

yes, her actions towards keith were ooc, especially when you consider that keith has been nothing but loyal. but the galra also took everything she had ever known away from her. you can’t exactly fault her for being angry.