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Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius

I hardly see any posts out there about this so I guess I’ll be the one to do it. 

To all my beautiful followers with eczema, vitiligo, birthmarks, psoriasis, or any other skin condition-you are beautiful. 

For all my lovely guys, girls, and non binary friends going to prom this year and feeling self conscious as hell-I love you & you are beautiful. You slay in that dress or tux. I know it’s not easy but your skin condition does not define you. 

An Analysis of Gay Shit in Star Trek TOS Across Different Mediums

Note: “gay shit” is in reference to Spirk. I don’t know why I didn’t just type Spirk in its place, but roll with it.

Star Trek TOS: “Plausible Deniability” when it comes to gay shit; If you went looking for it, you’d find it very easily, but it was hidden enough for to be accepted by the general 60s population. Several examples, but some that come to mind being Amok Time (obviously), the episode where Kirk basically says “‘Let me help’ is another way of saying 'I love you’” and then what do ya know, Spock says “let me help” right after that, Spock’s reactions whenever Kirk flirts, that time Spock erased Kirk’s memory of losing someone he loved because it was causing him pain, oh and don’t forget the episode that’s pretty much hamlet and puts Spock in the role of Ophelia. And there’s more shit (like the way Kirk looks at Spock, hot damn), but again; there’s room to deny it.

Star Trek TOS Movies: When the show got too gay for TV, they just made movies instead. Jim comandeering the Enterprise and destroying it for Spock, like idk how you’re gonna get around that one. In fact, there’s theories on how the Enterprise is used as a parallel for Spock in that movie, it’s state reflecting his, v interesting, you can probably find it online somewhere.

Star Trek TOS written material (original scripts, books, interviews with actors & creators, ect): Apparently everyone went “fuck it”. Hella romantic og scripts for some episodes (lookin @ you, city on the edge of forever), original drafts of books being sent back and not published because of how gay they were, Spock being bonded to Kirk multiple times, t'hy'la origins, the interview where Kirk addresses the rumour about him and Spock being together, and where he could’ve just said “no” he fucking dances around the question (literally a fucking law student broke down his response line by line, showing how his answer was meant to be taken one way when read on a surface level, but meant something different when analysed), Gene saying shit along the lines of “yeah, they’d be together if it fit with the social values of the 23rd century”-

TV Show: Plausible Deniability.
Movies: Denial now is more like deliberate inability to interpret data.
Written medium: At this point they weren’t even trying anymore, and the amount of evidence fucking skyrockets.


anonymous asked:

Can you give me some dialogue prompts of a succubus talking to a gay guy immune to her abilities? I'm writing a story where the main character is dating a succubi's brother.

•So,“ she said as trailed her perfect nails along his arm. "Have any plans later?”

“Yeah, with your brother.”

• “How ya doing, handsome?”

“Let me stop you right there. I’m gay, so it’s not going to work.”

• “Your kind annoys me.”

“That’s. . . homophobic.”

“I don’t like it when people are unaffected by me.”

“Sorry honey, you’re going to have to learn how to take rejection.”

• She groaned. “Why are all the hot ones gay?”

“Why do all the hot ones have irritating sisters?”

• “Sorry lady, but you’re going to have to find someone else to seduce. I’m taken.”

“I think I could change that.”

“Nope, even if you could, I’d just be gay and single.”

• “I know my brother is a succubus, but how could you find that creature somehow related to me appealing?”

“I like him for more than his looks, but those are fine too if I do say so myself.”

• “I’m immune to you.”

“You act as if my kind is a disease.”

“If I’m referring to your brother, then love is a disease.”

♡ Sorry for the wait, hope I could help


HBO Warmas → Day 5/25: Band Of Brothers cards

Want to wish someone a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, but in a Band Of Brothers way? Then how about some festive cards?

August 10th, 2014. 

Euphoria (Ashton)

Imagine is by ME ~ Snow~ it is inspired by the song 2012 by Chris Brown and this is an Ashton imagine so enjoy and this is smut, and daddy kink~ Also, some of my own personal kinks are in this so yeah.

U no like smut or daddy kink ? Then u no read, got it ?


~Your POV~

It was one of our favourite songs, it just got finished playing on Pandora. Ash couldn’t take it anymore so he removed all our clothes and was ready to have me how he wanted me.

I’m gon’ kiss ya other set of lips, hold ya body by ya legs and hips. The world can’t end until we finished. ‘Cause we gon- we gon do it like it’s about to be the end of the world.

He had me up against the wall but my legs were on his shoulders and he was face-to-face with my dripping heat.

He kissed my entrance and began licking slowly, his tongue building speed and flicking it over my clit. He began using his lips to suck, The slurping was a sign that I was that wet. He hummed and shook his head as he did so, like he was trying bury his face between my legs.

“Oh Ash !” I moan, thrusting more of myself onto his tongue and mouth. I threw my hands in his messy hair, tugging on it, trying to get him to do more. His skills with his lips and tongue were a gift.

“Oh my god, put me down, I need you baby” I gasped and pulled him away from my dripping heat. He set me down on the ground and kissed me hard, I tasted myself and I moaned as I slid my tongue in his mouth to taste more.

He pulled away and set a pillow on the floor.

I got that pillow for ya knees right here, baby can you make it disappear ?

I quickly got on my knees and began sucking him off good. His long fingers laced into my hair and held it tight as he thrusted lightly to the sweet, tight sensation my throat gave as I gagged.

“I need you, get up” he pulled me up by my hair and I didn’t mind.

He pushed me over the end of the bed to thrust deep in me and I let out a high pitched moan as with each deep, hard thrust, I felt every. single. inch of him.

“Fuck, oh fuck, harder, deeper Ash !” I buried my face into the sheets as he held my hips, doing what I wanted him to.

You’re telling me to go harder, go harder, you’re telling me to go deeper, go deeper.

He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. One time Michael said “During sex you always gotta get a nice handful of those cheeks" and now Ashton was addicted to doing that. He could never keep his hands off of it.

"Squeeze harder baby, it’s all yours” I whimper

He dug his fingertips into my skin and squeezed much harder with a thrust.

“Ashton !” I scream, I felt like my legs were about to give out, getting weaker the longer I stood.

I feel ya knees getting weaker and weaker. We can go longer if we just lay down, lay down.

“Lay down, baby” he whispered in my ear.

“Yes daddy” I blurted. I was never the type to say that during sex, but with Ashton I felt like it fit well. I was kinky but not too much when it came to name calling. For Ash, that changed.

He groaned after I said it and smacked my ass.

We gon’ do it like it’s about to to be the end of the world. And they’re depending on us, to make earth shaking love as we lay down, lay down down.

I crawled on the bed and waited for him to lay on top of me and give it to me good. He kissed his way up from my wet lips, up to my breasts, to my neck and my other set of lips. He lightly wrapped his hand around my neck as he entered me again.

“Harder: I whined. I wanted him to not only give it to me much harder but wrap his around my neck just a tad tighter.

He only fucked me harder not knowing the double-ended meaning of my plea. I placed my hand over his and squeezed until he got the hint and did as I wanted him to.

His mouth was right by my ear so he took that as a chance to say things that would make me even more sexually frustrated.

"You like feeling me deep in your tight little pussy, baby ?” he kissed my jawline and slowed his thrusts down, to just give harder ones making my head hit the headboard.

“You like it when I get rough with you ? You like it when I take control and fuck that small, tight mouth of yours, making you gasp for air ?” He bent down to my chest and slowly bit my nipple, making me call out his name with a few swear words.

“What’s my name, baby ?” he smiled and stared me deep in my eyes.

“Daddy !” I cry out with a deep groan.

I tapped his hand to wrap his hand only a bit tighter and I enjoyed the feeling of being dominated like this. He wasn’t choking me, no. He just had a nice grasp, lose enough so I could still breathe perfectly.

“Did you like it how I flicked my tongue over your clit ? making you shiver and gasp in my arms" 

"Oh yeah. You making me feel s-so good, daddy. So good” My eyes flutter close in pleasure. My hips bucked up as my body began to get hot. My body shivered and I let out shaky moan.

I got ya body shivering, 'cause we’re cover in sweat.

“I c-cant take it. It feels too good !” My legs shook and I inhaled and exhaled much faster.

I open my eyes to see Ashton smiling at my near-orgasm face and shaking body.

“I love how your body reacts when I please you so good. Mmm you feel amazing” he took his free hand and rubbed my clit and thrusted much harder and faster against my g-spot.

Do it like we only got one, baby let’s pretend we only got one night. One last time, let me take my time and do it to ya right.

“DADDY ! OH FUCK !” I scream loudly as the shaking of my body got out of control. It was too much, I tried to push Ash off of me as I was overwhelmed with pleasure. But he rubbed harder and faster. Thrusting deeper and harder as he held me down.

My figure was convulsing as this was a new type of pleasure to hit me.

“I can’t take it ! I can’t” I shout. I loved being on cloud nine. But this wasn’t cloud nine anymore. It was something higher, something better and I didn’t know how to handle it.

“Oh Y/N, I’m gonna cum” He growled in my ear.

“Wanna feel my cum deep in you ? Oh, I bet you’d love that”

“I’d love it so much”

Just as those words slipped past my lips, he thrusted harder and his grip on my throat tightened much harder and I loved it. He rode out his high and my body convulsed so hard that I’d not only be sore from the sex but from the constant tensing and relaxation of my muscles.

“Holy shit !” I sighed as he removed his hand from my neck and pulled out from deep in me.

“You were shaking so hard, your face was so flushed, it was hot to see your body writhe under me” Ashton moaned to himself.

“I want all that to happen again” I smile up at him as he stood from the bed.

“Going to the kitchen for a sandwich. Round two in there ?" 

~Snow xx