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Joker Imagine - Toy Box *smut*

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!!WARNING!! Extremely smutty, sub/dom

Your P.O.V.

It was late at night and J and I were finally home. We had been at his club discussing a heist and the night ended with a small heist. We robbed a jewelry shop and I had teased J a lot. I ‘accidentally’ brushed against his cock and I said dirty things innocently. I had no idea why but I got a thrill from it.

Now we were in our bedroom and he was getting undressed. I was going to go and wash my make-up off but he didn’t let me off the hook so easily. ‘’What was your behaviour today?’’ He asked me and gave me a dark glare. A shiver ran down my spine as I faced him, seeing his green hair that was a bit messy now.

‘‘What do you mean?’‘ I batted my lashes at him and pouted my lips. That made him growl and he threw his gloves away. I flinched because I didn’t expect him to get this angry with me.

“Oh do you think it’s fucking fair to do that” J asked me with a raspy voice. His pupils dilated and made his pretty blue eyes appear dark and cold. “Do what?” I asked him rather innocently. I played with a strand of my hair as I watched my nearly naked boyfriend stand up.

He didn’t answer me which was either because he was angry or because he thought the answer was obvious. My nerves tangled up as J walked into our walk-in closet. His muscles were tense and he seemed a bit mad at me.

I didn’t need to be alone too long. He came back with a purple box in his strong arms. I watched as he put it on his nightstand before he joined me back in bed. “J what’s in there?” I asked him quietly. He chuckled at me and then he opened the box. I still didn’t see inside it so obviously I grew curious. It also made me a bit nervous.

“Kitten I know you like playing games since you’re always playing with me..” J started and grabbed something from the box. I gulped as he continued. “Now it’s my turn to play with you. I’ll punish you for being so damn naughty,turning me on in the middle of business and all” he let me know and that’s when I knew what that box was. In his hands I saw a pink, fluffy collar.

‘‘Put it on’‘ He told me and handed it to me. Since I had been naughty all day, I decided to push my luck. ‘‘No’‘ I snarled and covered it with a smirk. J seemed surprised by my answer. He crawled close to me and then pushed my head against the soft pillows. Before I knew what was going on, he wrapped his strong arm around my throat. I just smiled at my angry J.

‘‘You dare say no to me?’‘ He growled angrily. ‘‘Sorry Daddy’‘ I giggled a bit. He choked me a little bit and gave me a warning gaze. ‘‘You’re not sorry yet’‘ He said deeply and then laughed. As he let go of my throat, he wrapped the collar around me. I couldn’t help but to think of everything else he had in that box.

J grabbed a chain leach and attached it to me and the bed. I couldn’t leave our bed. I watched as he got up and he started searching for something else. ‘’What’s that box for?’’ I asked him innocently. ‘’Toys’’ I got a short reply. I couldn’t help but to get turned on. I wanted to touch him but I couldn’t get close to him.

‘‘Play with me daddy’‘ I encouraged him. He had a boner that I couldn’t wait to get to. ‘‘Maybe later but I need to punish you first’‘ J let me know. That’s when he grabbed a whip with a leather handle. I gulped as I looked at it in his strong arm. I’ve been very bad to deserve this.

‘‘You’re not smiling anymore. What’s the matter?’‘ J teased me while getting back to me. I just stared at the whip and tried to think how bad I’ve been. ‘‘I just..um’‘ I mumbled and then shut up. J laughed and grabbed my by my collar, dragging me above his legs with my ass in the air. It was the perfect position to punish me. For now, he was rubbing my bum with his hand.

‘‘I’ll make sure you’re sorry kitten’‘ He said seriously. Then he hooked his finger into my panties and started dragging them off.I helped him a bit by moving my legs. ‘‘You’re wet. Do you enjoy being under control hm? ‘‘ He asked me a question. His voice got raspier as he got hornier.

I opened my mouth to reply but I couldn’t. He whipped my bum and I screamed out in surprise. Then I squeezed the sheets hard because it stung. J laughed at me and then whipped me again. I cried out in pain but damn I loved it. ‘’You’ve been so bad..’’ J told me angrily. ‘’I’m so- Ah!’’ I whimpered as he whipped my sore bum once again. ‘’You’re not sorry you little slut’’ He growled and whipped me harder. I gritted my teeth and felt a tear rolling down my face. I couldn’t help but to get wetter tho.

‘‘Your pussy is glistening. Are you enjoying your punishment, huh?’‘ Joker asked me dangerously. I nodded a small nod for him. It made him whip me again. I flinched and cried out in both pain and pleasure.

‘‘Punishments aren’t supposed to be enjoyed’‘ He let me know darkly.Then he used his hand, spanking my ass hard and I heard it echo in our room. I groaned and hid my face in the covers. J wanted to see my face so he grabbed my collar and dragged me up so I was supporting myself with my arms.’‘Keep your eyes at me’‘ He demanded and I wouldn’t dare not to listen.

I looked directly into his dark blue eyes as he smacked me with his hand again. A couple tears rolled down my face but I smiled. ‘’I’m so sorry..daddy’’ I whimpered after his spanking. My ass was sore and it stung but damn it was worth it. He hummed and then rubbed my bum with his hand, calming the skin down.

‘‘Naughty naughty naughty..what will I do to you?’‘ He thought out loud. I didn’t answer because he was obviously going to punish me and whatever I said was too mild. Suddenly he got up and grabbed the box. ‘‘Say a number’‘ He told me while looking into the box. It made me curious again. ‘‘six’‘ I said a random number and tried to get closer, but the collar would choke me if I did.

J laughed and picked something out of the box. It was a black vibrator. ‘’I know just what to do with you’’ He let me know and then met my eyes. I was both excited and nervous now. J wasn’t mild with punishments. ‘’Get on your back’’ He told me while grabbing some other things as well. I did as he told me and rested against my pillows. I needed to feel him so all this waiting made me impatient.

I heard chains as I waited here. Then I felt the cold metal against my ankles. ‘’What are you doing?’’ I asked him  and looked down. ‘’Watch me’’ He replied darkly and chained my ankles to the bed post. He even put a pole between my legs so I couldn’t close them. I almost moaned because this turned me on so much. I was naked and tied down to the bed. Joker could do anything to me. Just the thought made me wet for him.

‘‘You’re so beautiful’‘ He purred as he started to tie my arms to the bed. I bit my bottom lip and smiled. ‘‘Too bad I need to punish you. If you were a good girl..’‘ He started and tugged the chains to make sure I couldn’t escape.  Then he got really close to my face, holding my jaw with his arm. ‘‘..I wouldn’t need to punish you like this’‘ He finished his sentence and sent tingles in a low place.

‘‘What could be so bad?’‘ I asked him. J smirked and grabbed the vibrator. Then he turned it on and the buzzing sound made me even more excited. I tried to arch my back, but he tied me down so well that I couldn’t move. J placed the vibrator on my clit and I gasped because it felt so good.

‘‘Ah J’‘ I moaned and tried to get more friction. He looked at me darkly and then let go of the vibrator. It still touched my clit and I couldn’t move so it would fall. I was holding back moans but it was hard. The friction on my needy clit felt fucking amazing. 

‘‘I hope you’ll enjoy yourself’‘ J said mysteriously. I gained my strength to ask him something. ‘‘What?’‘ I breathed out heavily. It sucked that I couldn’t move but the pleasure was so great. I felt helpless in a good way. ‘‘I know how girls need their space. I thought I could go and grab a drink and maybe see what’s on tv’‘ J let me know evilly. My eyes widened as I stared at my boyfriend.

‘‘Wait- J’‘ I tried to speak without moaning. He turned around and started walking out of our room. ‘‘J!’‘ I screamed and then moaned loudly. ‘‘I’ll be back in less than an hour’‘ He yelled and then left me all alone. I was already close to an orgasm and I couldn’t take the vibrator off. I held onto the chains and then I tried to hold back my orgasm.

Damn J!

///Joker’s P.O.V.///

Y/N had been alone, tortured by pleasure for already 40 minutes.She was screaming my name and then crying out in pure pleasure. I was listening to her while watching TV. Honestly, her sexual sounds were more interesting. Yes I was horny and I couldn’t wait to fuck her, but I was having too much fun.

Finally, I thought she had enough of it. I walked back into our bedroom and saw her. Y/N’s cheeks were red, tears had ruined her makeup and her lips were plump. It even looked like she had squirted. ‘’J.. p-p-please’’ She whimpered tiredly. I noticed that she was trembling a bit. ‘’Are you sorry?’’ I asked her just to be a tease. She cried out and nodded.

‘‘I need to hear it’‘ I growled and ran my hand up and down my stomach, tingling her a little bit. ‘‘Yes! I’m so s-sorry daddy! Please take it..off’‘ She legit screamed to me. That’s when I grabbed the vibrator and turned it off. Although I took it away, she was still trembling a little bit. Her breath was shaky and she kept moaning lightly.

‘‘Oh kitten’‘ I cooed and then started freeing her from the bed, starting with her ankles. I couldn’t help but to notice how fucking wet she was. As her legs were free, I got between her legs. I knew her pussy was sensitive but I knew she liked it. ‘‘J what are you doing?’‘ Y/N breathed out a bit weakly. I grabbed her legs tightly and got closer to her throbbing cunt. ‘‘Tasting what I got’‘ I replied and then licked her juices and attached my mouth to her clit. It made her moan really loudly and I liked it.

‘‘J..oh shit’‘ Y/N gasped while I started eating her. She was squirming beneath my touch and it boosted my ego. ‘‘You’re such a dirty slut you know that, right? First you come multiple times and now you’re letting me eat your pussy’‘ I started talking dirtily. While I used my mouth to speak, I pushed two fingers inside her warm walls.

‘‘Mmh daddy I’m such a bad girl’‘ She breathed out. I fingerfucked her tight little hole harder and loved her facial expressions while I pleasured her. ‘‘You’re a slut, my little whore’‘ I growled darkly. It made her moan. ‘‘Say it baby’‘ I told her and took out my fingers. I had to feel her the real way. I couldn’t wait no more.

‘‘I’m a dirty whore daddy. But I’m all yours’‘ She whimpered to me. ‘‘Good. Only I can touch you like this’‘ I reminded her while getting in position. I placed the tip of my cock on her entrance and then pushed my length inside of her. Y/N gasped and she looked like she saw stars. Damn all this teasing and punishing her got her really wet. Her warm walls hugged my cock tightly, making it feel magical.

‘‘Fuck me J’‘ She encouraged me. We were both hungry for friction. I didn’t need to be told that twice. I started pounding myself into her. It felt fucking amazing. ‘‘You’re still so tight’‘ I grunted deeply. I could hear our skin slapping together as I fucked her. 

‘‘You feel so fucking good daddy’‘ Y/N gasped as I hit her G-spot. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she kept tugging the chains that held her arms. She desperately wanted to touch me but it was a part of her punishment. I leaned down and started kissing her neck while I rammed myself into her hard.

She was a moaning mess underneath me. I bit her skin so there would be marks on her later. ‘’You take me so fucking good’’ I purred to her. As I kept pounding in and out of her tightness, I noticed that she was getting close. So was I. 

I took advantage of the signs and I used all my strength to push her closer to an edge. Y/N gritted her teeth together but it didn’t stop her from moaning. I started breathing heavily as pleasure grew more intense. ‘’I’m gonna..J I’m gonna cum’’ Y/N screamed. ‘’Cum for me kitten’’ I told her and squeezed her tits. All the pleasure mixed together and pushed Y/N over the edge. Her walls tightened around me as she came. Y/N gasped and started cursing as her orgasm took over her.

That’s when I pulled out.I grabbed my cock and jerked off to finish myself. Finally, I felt pleasure taking over my senses. I growled as my cum shot landed on Y/N. Now I felt like I saw stars. It was overwhelming.

I just watched as my cum covered Y/N’s chest and man, it was a sexy sight. She was panting yet she kept a smile on her pretty face. I freed her arms and took off her collar. Then I finally lied down and caught my breath after such a good night. ‘’I’m dirty J’’ Y/N whispered into my ear. Her hand was on my stomach and she traced the outlines of my muscles. I looked into her eyes. There was a sparkle in hers.

‘‘What will you do about that?’‘ I breathed out. Suddenly she wiped some of the cum off of her with her finger. I watched closely as she brought it to her lips and then licked it off like a good girl. ‘‘Dirty girl’‘ I chuckled. ‘‘You taste so good daddy’‘ Y/N purred happily and finished cleaning herself.

‘‘If you keep calling me that, I might have to take you up for round two’‘ I warned her. I doubt neither of us would actually mind that..

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Now it was surreal. This was to be your child’s room. A child. His child.

You saw it in his eyes, how much he loved this baby already. The excitement in your heart seemed to explode every moment you met his eyes.

“I can’t.” You but your lips nervously, hand shaking and looking at him for help.

He smiled and it was perfect, that moment. He put his hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it, pushing the door open and watching for your reaction.

You gasped and felt speechless.

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Restricted. (Seungcheol Ficlet) [M]

So, it’s been a while hoes. 😁 this is gonna be hella short because i just felt like writing this for no reason, i just felt like it and i was wondering if you’d like for us to post short stuff like this?

Also, we are STILL on hiatus, i simply just wanted to post this to see whether or not it will receive good feedback so we know what to serve everyone once the blog is up and running again. 😁😊


word count: 544 words

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Prompt: Lena calling Kara, Daddy, and it triggers Kara taking her right there in the hallway of her apartment and not even bothering to take her inside.

Rated M for sMut!!

This is the prompt that started it all.

Making this fic for some of my more dirty tumblr prompts! so it may turn into a multi-chap if I feel inspired!

Love Me Harder

Read it on AO3-  http://archiveofourown.org/works/9935561

Lena has always had a rather … eclectic social media following.

There were those fans who follow her because she’s a Luthor and they expect her to follow in her brother’s footsteps. They’re her least favorite type of fan- all anti-alien and anti-Supergirl; and she makes a point to block them as soon as they show themselves. She doesn’t need that sort of negativity, and neither does Kara. Plus, any sort of contact that reminds her of Lex makes her a little sick to her stomach.

Then there are the fans that have a sort of morbid curiosity about her. Those that are just waiting for her to fall from grace. It’s like her life is a real life reality show that people can’t help but watch.

She opens her Instagram page, eyes widening when she sees the ridiculous amount of notifications.

Ahh, yes - she had added a picture of her and Kara the other day, and there was nothing her fans loved more than a good couple pic.

It isn’t even that ground breading of a picture, they’re eating ice cream for Pete’s sake. But something about the way Kara’s hand is settled possessively around her waist must set people off, because her inbox is full dirty comments, one in particular catching her eye.

“Tell me Lena Luthor doesn’t call Kara Danvers daddy in bed.“

She’s in so much shock that she doesn’t even hear Kara creep up behind her.

“Daddy? Why are they calling me daddy?”

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Wrath | Seven Deadly Sins Series

Lust - Part One | Envy - Part Two

Dean x Reader

This is a 7 part series with each part related to a one of the seven deadly sins.

A/N: Thanks for showing this new miniseries some love! You are all amazing and I love all your faces. Tag list is at the bottom <3

Summary: Dean’s hurting and wants you to hurt just as much, he isn’t considering what it might do to Sam. You talk him out of saying anything to him but Dean’s still angry and things take an interesting turn.

Warning: Smut ← dom!dean // dirty talk // rough sex

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“You’re not mad at me Dean, you’re jealous.” now your eyes are narrowed “you’re jealous that Sam has been apart of my life this whole time.”

Dean lets out a dark chuckle “Maybe I am a little jealous. Maybe I envy what you and Sam share.” he admits “but I wonder how envious Sam will be of me when he finds out I got it first” Dean’s grin is almost as dark as his laugh as he scans your body “I think I should just go tell him right now” he begins to turn away but you grab his arm.

“You wouldn’t do that to him” your eyes pleading Dean to calm down.

“Watch me” Dean yanks his arm free from your grasp and heads towards the door to the bunker.

You quickly run after him. You have to walk twice as fast as him to catch up, his strides are so long and the anger boiling beneath his surface adding fuel to the fire. You can’t believe he’d do this to his brother, just to hurt you. He didn’t even want to listen to reason. He just saw what he saw and that’s it in his eyes. He knows what he needs to and now he’s going to ruin his relationship with Sam, your relationship with Sam and your relationship with him.

“Dean, Dean.” you’re just on his tail, almost caught up to him when you reached out and almost missed his arm but your fingertips curled in and latched onto his sleeve “DEAN!” you shout at him as you yank on the flannel fabric of his sleeve “Dean please” you’re voice much more quiet now, not wanting to tip off Sam that anything might be wrong.

“Stop Y/N” He finally turned around and froze in place. You’re so close to him that his sudden paused made you run directly into his broad chest, his stubble scratching against your forehead as you run into him.

You stumble backwards a few steps and look at him. His nostrils flaring with every deep breath he takes in through his nose. His face red, knuckles white as his fingernails dig into the palms of his hands he’s balling his fist so tight.

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A/N: Finally posted this! Please take note that fics will be posted late due to laptop difficulties. -Admin Uni

Warnings: Smut, 18+ content

“Naaaammjoooonieeeeee” You called out, seeking attention from your busy boyfriend. “Naaaaaamjoooonieeeeeeeee” You repeated, allowing yourself to stress the vowels in his name and let the slight irritation voice itself.

Yet again, his attention was focused on his laptop and listening to whatever he was listening to. You were beginning to become more irked, you haven’t seen him face to face for five million years and he was always sending his horny ass texts like “Baabyyy I misss youuu” or “You don’t know the dirty things I’m going to do to you once I get back” or your favorite: a dick pic followed by “Can’t you come over and suck me off?”. Goddammit Namjoon, if you really meant it you’d be fucking me into next month by now. You were starting to feel slightly neglected, a little offended that he’s putting all this work in front of you. You were sure that if you collapsed and died, he

wouldn’t notice the thud your body would make and continue working.You were needy, after eternity without any physical affection he’s here and ignoring you for work? You were having none of that bullshit.

Suddenly, an idea popped in your head. You raced upstairs and shut the door to your shared room when he was even there. You peeled off your cozy sweats and replaced them with something much more appealing. You had recently decided that you were going to spoil yourself, and that led to buying piles upon piles of lingerie. You were pretty sure that you’d be broke if you didn’t have Namjoon. But he wasn’t there to control you, and that was more reasons that he should pay more attention to you. You slid the panties and garter on with ease, and clipped the intricate matching bra as well. You pulled the stockings on and clipped them to the garter and glimpsed at your reflection. Namjoon better like what he sees or you were going to scream, those screams not being of pleasure. You took off the ponytail and watched your hair cascade and fall down to its length. You finally did your makeup in a sultry way, not holding back.

You sauntered down the stairs, proud of your work. There was Namjoon, still furiously working. So devoted to his work, if only he could devote that much attention to you. You smirked lightly and came close to his face.

“Namjoonie..” You stated his name seductively, making sure you came off more appealing than normal.

Namjoon finally looked up from his damned work and took a glance at you. He finally set his laptop aside and took out his earbuds to take in the sight in front of him.

You slithered onto his lap and began rocking your hips in a steady rhythm. Namjoon rested his hands on your ass, looking up expectantly at you. You simply bit your lip and began to trail your hands along his torso, chest and his delicious collarbone.

“Baby..what are you doing? You know that daddy’s busy” Namjoon replied darkly.

You let out no response and just hummed and lifted the hem of his shirt and slid the useless piece of clothing off. You proceeded to kiss along his jawline and suck on the flesh of his neck, marking him as yours. Your actions came to an abrupt end when you sensed yourself being picked up off his lap and carried into the bedroom. You yelped in a high pitched voice as you were effortlessly tossed onto the soft sheets of the bed.

“Baby, what did I tell you about bothering daddy when he’s working” He questioned with authority.

“To not to..but daddy. I need you. Please?” You responded innocently.

“But you broke a rule, babygirl. You need to be punished. You know better than that. Now. On my lap” He commanded, taking a seat and gesturing to his lap.

You huffed and bent over his lap, wiggling your ass to a small extent to tease him a bit. Namjoon simply rubbed your ass gingerly before placing a harsh slap on your cheek. He kept repeating the motion of rubbing the area lightly before spanking you, alternating between the paddle and his hands. You squirmed, and kicked out your legs as a reaction to the stinging sensation. Namjoon chuckled quietly at your action before sitting you up on his lap again.

“Now, are you going to behave like a good little girl or is daddy going to have to discipline you more?”

“Hmmm…no. I like being punished by you, daddy.”

Namjoon growled and flung you onto your back. In one swift motion, your bra was being ripped off of you. The next thing you knew, you were being fastened to the headboard with the ribbons. You pouted as the silk tie went from his hands, and made its way to cover your eyes. Namjoon peeled off the laced garter and panties, leaving you bare and vulnerable to his lustful wishes.

You heard footsteps venture into the closet, with several objects being placed onto the nightstand beside you.

“Such a dirty girl..you like being punished, don’t you, you little slut?”

He was only met with silence as he began to ruthlessly attack your neck with harsh bites and suckles that were going to leave a noticeable purple color the next day. You tilted your head back, enjoying the sensation of his mouth, and the overall dominance beginning to present itself. His glorious mouth started to leave a line, lingering on the attacked place before trailing down to your breasts. You started to breathe heavily as he took one into his mouth and kneaded one roughly with his large hand. You bit back your moans while he toyed around with the rosy buds, biting and sucking on one, while the other was being pinched and rolled between his fingers.

“N-Namjoon” You breathlessly said between pants.

Again, your reactions were met with a deep yet quiet laugh and simply proceeded to trail his hands and mouth down your navel to your soaking core. You were positive that your wetness was slowly dripping down your thigh and onto the bed beneath you, ruining the sheets.

“Oh? What’s this? The only thing I did was tongue your tits for a few minutes and you’re already this wet?”

“Sh-shut up and just pleasure me already, daddy!”

“I don’t think so..you’re still being punished, remember princess?”

You let out an exasperated groan and lifted your hips, hoping he’d finally just let you release by now. Instead, Namjoon just rubbed your clit, while teasing your slit. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he began to suck on your swollen clit while pushing a digit inside of you. He picked up the pace and begun to suck harder before going at an agonizing rate again. You knew exactly what this fucker was doing with you, and he sure as hell knew that you didn’t like one little bit. You cried out as small vibrations began to pulsate through your body, Namjoon knew you were close. And he decided to toy with it, switching on your vibrator to the lowest setting and thrusting it into you. You began to moan uncontrollably, out of the pleasure coursing through your veins and the vibrator oh so teasingly bringing you to your release but not quite.

“Babygirl..I can tell that your close. But don’t cum yet, or you’ll only get punished more.” Namjoon dangerously warned.

You had enough of this merciless teasing, you ignored his caution and climaxed, releasing onto the vibrator.

“Baby, what did I tell you about cumming? You’re really going to get it now.”

You smirked, not knowing what was going to come next but still smirked out of anticipation. You cried out in surprise though, as the riding crop was being brought down onto the sensitive bundle of nerves on your thigh. You then felt the tail of the whip crackle onto the valley between your breasts. Namjoon knew you were sensitive there and only decided to toy with you even more. Unawaringly, the vibrator was turned onto a higher setting, being thrusted at a quicker pace.

“You wanted to cum this badly? Go ahead, sweetheart. See what it’ll get you into” Namjoon teased, amusing himself from your visible frustration.

You felt a sucking pressure being applied to your clit once again as the vibrator was taken out and replaced by two long and slender fingers. You didn’t even know how many times you came by now, the only thing you knew was that you needed him inside you. You released one more time, before the fingers and tongue were taken away from your aching core.

“Hmm..are you ready for daddy now? Are you ready for your pretty little core to take all of daddy’s cock and finally let me fuck you? Answer me, babygirl.” Namjoon commanded, pulling your head close to his.

“Fuck, daddy. I don’t give a shit anymore, just please fuck me already! You’ve teased me for too fucking long, I need your cock so fucking badly!” You irritatedly exclaimed.

“Fine. But first..” The silken tie and the ribbons fell away and you were being forced onto your knees. Your head was being pushed down to Namjoon’s pulsating member. You reluctantly took all of him into your mouth, and eventually throat. You didn’t get why he didn’t have you ride him, but you obliged, willing to do as he wished for you to do. You bobbed your head in a slow pace, hollowing your cheeks. Namjoon began groaning and thrusting into your throat, fucking your mouth. He then quickly pulled out from your throat and tossed you back onto the bed. The mattress shifted underneath his weight, as he climbed on top of you.

“I think you’re ready for daddy’s cock. Are you now, babygirl? Are you ready to melt under daddy’s voice as he pleasures you, finally letting you cum all over his cock? Is that what my dirty little babygirl wants?”

“Daddy please..stop teasing and fuck me.”

You got into his favorite position, onto your stomach with your ass up. You yelped and cried out as without warning, Namjoon slammed into you. He began to pound into you with so much force, that you had to grip the sheets until your knuckles turned white to keep from flying forward. Your moaning was uncontrollable now, the sensory overload and the pleasure was too much for you to take. You could have sworn you were seeing stars, you were on cloud nine now. Namjoon’s filthy words were only helping you to achieve your heavenly climax, you were going to release sooner than you thought. Your words were turned to unintelligible vowels, moans turned to screams. The only word that could be made out was “Namjoon”. You then tightened around Namjoon, screamed out that dirty name of his, and released all over his aching member. Namjoon soon climaxed after you, with several grunts and an elongated groan.

The both of you collapsed onto the bed after your mind blowing orgasm and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“Hey babe? I’m sorry for ignoring you. But..I was writing a song for you. I wanted it to be the best, but I didn’t realise that I was neglecting you.” Nams sheepishly scratched his neck, smiling dorkishly, those damn cute dimples appearing.

“Just don’t do it again. Unless you want me to do what I just did again.” You replied, masking your flattery and excitement.

“Babe, if I’m going to get you into that lingerie and you grinding all over my lap, I’m sure as hell going to do it again”

You rolled your eyes and smacked his arm, proceeding to fall asleep cradled snugly into his arms.

Jack Maynard - Naked

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy :) And don’t forget to send in your requests!

Word count: 863

You currently in London visiting a couple of friends and just having a little holiday for yourself. The Maynards and Josh had very kindly offered to let you stay over at their place. You really appreciated their kindness, but the lack of space was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. You were rooming with Jack, since the both of you had been friends for the longest time.

You had cooked them a nice dinner, and was in the midst of clearing up. The boys really don’t get a lot of proper home cooked meals so you wanted to treat them. And they also clearly didn’t know very much about cleaning up. You took it in turns to teach the boys how to look after themselves and keep the pests away. Today was Jack’s turn. He barely knew how to clean a plate well. “Jack. Don’t just put the dishes in the dishwasher will you? At least give it a little rinse.”

“What’s the point of the bloody dishwasher then?”

“There’s broccoli and chicken skin stuck on it Jack”, you pointed out. Huffing, he pulled the plate back out to rinse it. You gave him directions to rinse the other dishes as well. When he tried to get soap onto the sponge, it ended up flying right into your eye.

“Shit. You okay (Y/N)?” he asked laughing.

“You idiot! I’m gonna go blind now!” you exaggerated. He laughed, helping you to wash the soup out of your eyes. You felt goose bumps form on your arm as his body was pressed against yours, bending around you. He had one hand holding your hair back, out of your face, while the other was helping you wash the soap out. You blinked the water out of eyes, finally able to open your eyes and see clearly again. Stepping back, you noticed Jack’s eyes widen considerably, and he tried to awkwardly clear his throat.

“Uh (Y/N)? Erm you’re uh-you’re not wearing a bra”, he trailed off awkwardly. You stood there, stunned, as your cheeks burned.

“Well yeah I mean I never wear bras at home.”

“It’s just uh I can, I can see everything” he tried to get his point across.

“FUCK!” you looked down to realise that the water had made your t-shirt pretty much see-through and it was sticking to your bare chest. The cold water was also making your nipples poke through the thin t-shirt.

Conor walked into the kitchen then and his gaze immediately fell on your chest. “Woah (Y/N)!”

Jack quickly jumped in front of you to protect your nakedness from his brother. “Don’t look you twat!”

“What’s all that racket about?” Josh called, joining in.

“Oh my god! Get out all of you”, Jack wasn’t sure why either, but his face held a deep blush.

“Erm I think I’ll just go change then”, you mumbled, trying to manuver around the three boys, while awkwardly covering your wet chest.

“Woah okay what did I miss?” Josh’s eyes widen as he took in the view of your soaking figure, that was quite well on display for them all.

“Stop perving will you?” Jack was flustered by time, but also wanted to make sure the boys did not see anymore than they had too.

“I think Jack got lucky mate”, Conor sniggered. Josh and Conor high-fived on Jack’s behalf, while the main man in question turned a bright shade of red.

“Damn! Jack!” That earned the boys a couple of whacks from Jack.

Jack walked into his room where you were getting changed, just as you had put on his guns ‘n’ roses t-shirt. “Don’t mind do you? I can’t exactly walk around like, that” you asked him, referring to your exposed chest.

“Nah. Looks better on you anyway”, his eyes lit up as he smiled at you. His gaze lingered on you a little longer than usual, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from him either.

You narrowed your eyes in confusion as you heard shuffling coming from the door of his bedroom. Walking over, you swung the door open, only to have Josh and Conor stumble through. In their wake, they had pushed you down with them lying on top of you. Their combined weight was definitely more than you could handle. From your position on the floor you could see Jack huffing as he made his way over to pull the guys off you. Well, he more like kicked them off you. “What the hell are you doing?”

The duo looked at each other, then you, and back at Jack. “We just thought y’all’d be getting down and dirty. Ya know,” Conor spoke first as he started to make inappropriate gestures with his hips and hands.

“Oh Jack don’t tell me you’ve been able to resist?” Josh teased.

Jack’s face heated up for what might have been the millionth time that day. “Just get out will you? And stay away from my room”, he added. “Sorry ‘bout that”, he mumbled.

“Jack, since when have we ever let something like this make things awkward between us?” you walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him. You felt his body relax against yours, as you both moved over to his bed, where you spent the rest of the night watching random videos and reliving your most embarrassing moments.

                                             ADELE 25 LYRICS MEME


“I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet”
“They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing”
“I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet”
“I must have called a thousand times to tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done”
“At least I can say that I’ve tried”
“I’m sorry for breaking your heart”
“It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry”
“Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened?”
“It clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore”

Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

“This was all you, none of it me”
“You told me you were ready”
“I’m giving you up”
“You set me free”
“Send my love to your new lover”
“We both know we ain’t kids no more”
“You couldn’t keep up, you were falling down”
“If you’re ready, I am ready”

I Miss You

“I want every single piece of you”
“I want to teach you things you never knew baby”
“Then kiss me back to life to see your body standing over me”
“I miss you when the lights go out” 
“Pull me in hold me tight don’t let go”
“I love the way your body moves”
“No one has me like you do baby”
“Be delicate with my ego”
“We play so dirty in the dark”

When We Were Young

“Everybody loves the things you do”
“Everybody here is watching you”
“You’re like a dream come true”
“Can I have a moment before I go?”
“My God, this reminds me of when we were young”
“Let me photograph you in this light”
“We were sad of getting old”
“It was just like a movie”
“I was so scared to face my fears”
“Nobody told me that you’d be here”
“That’s what you said, when you left me”
“A part of me keeps holding on"
“I guess I still care”
“Do you still care?”


“This ain’t easy it’s not meant to be”
“No river is too wide or too deep for me to swim to you”
“When the world seems so cruel and your heart makes you feel like a fool, I promise you will see I will be your remedy”
“Your love, it is my truth“
“And I will always love you”

Water Under the Bridge

“If you’re not the one for me then how come I can bring you to your knees”
“If you’re not the one for me why do I hate the idea of being free?”
“If I’m not the one for you, you’ve gotta stop holding me the way you do”
“I want you to be my keeper but not if you are so reckless”
“If you’re gonna let me down, let me down gently”
“Don’t pretend that you don’t want me”
“What are you waiting for?”
“And who are you hiding from?”
“Have I ever asked for much?”
“The only thing that I want is your love”

River Lea

“I need to learn to lighten up and learn how to be young”
“I’m scared to death if I let you in that you’ll see I’m just a fake”
“I stain every heart that I use to heal the pain”
“I should probably tell you now before it’s way too late”
“I never meant to hurt you or lie straight to your face”
“I’d rather say it now in case I never get the chance”

Love in the Dark

“Take your eyes off of me so I can leave”
“I’m far too ashamed to do it with you watching me”
“I can’t stay this time cause I don’t love you anymore”
“Don’t come any closer”
“I’m being cruel to be kind”
“I can’t love you in the dark”
“It feels like we’re oceans apart”
“You have given me something that I can’t live without”
“I don’t want to carry on like everything is fine”
“The longer we ignore it all the more that we will fight”
“ I’m trying to be brave”
“Stop asking me to stay”
“I don’t regret a thing”
“It is the world to me that you are in my life”
“I want to live and not just survive”
“I don’t think you can save me”

Million Years Ago

“I only wanted to have fun”
“Deep down I must have always known that this would be inevitable”
“I know I’m not the only one who regrets the things they’ve done”
“Sometimes I just feel it’s only me who can’t stand the reflection that they see”
“I feel like my life is flashing by”
“They can’t look me in the eye it’s like they’re scared of me”

All I Ask

“Why don’t we just play pretend”
“Look, don’t get me wrong, I know there is no tomorrow”
“If this is my last night with you hold me like I’m more than just a friend”
“Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do”
“What if I never love again?”
“I don’t need your honesty”
“I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me”
“No one knows me like you do”
“Let this be the way we remember us”
“I ain’t asking for forgiveness”

Sweetest Devotion

“We can break every law”
“There is something in your loving that tears down my walls”
“I weren’t ready then, I’m ready now”
“You will only be eternally the one that I belong to”
“Come whatever I’ll be yours all along”
“I’ve been looking for you, baby, in every face that I’ve ever known”
“There is something about the way you love me that finally feels like home”
“You’re the right kind of madness”


Can’t Let Go

“I have loved you all my life”
“I gave you everything you never gave me”
“I never lied and I never faked it”
“This love, it ain’t over yet”
“Did you find the note that I wrote?”
“It was hard to write with a lump in my throat”
“What was I thinking, I gave you everything”
“Sometimes I feel like I’m in the dark”
“Hope you know, I won’t let go”

Lay Me Down

“I would never lie to you unless you tell me to”
“The words don’t come out right when you’re right in front of me”
“You can read my mind, be it truth or lies”
“Lie down beside me”

Why Do You Love Me

“How do you keep me coming back for more?”
“I can’t decide if I should run and hide”
“Your love drives me crazy”
“I want you to love me”
“Who knows why I love you”
“I spend every single moment daydreaming of you”
“I can’t describe how I feel, it feels right”
“You have a place in my heart that will always be yours”

Mad Princess

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Spoilers if you’ve not seen the film!!

So I don’t know how many of you had read many comics with Captain Boomerang in but he is a real fuck up and everyone hates him but that’s why I love him. Like, they made him a lot more likeable for the film, even though he tricks Slipknot in the comics too. 

I watched this yesterday and wrote this on the train home.

Captain Boomerang/ George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptive Family!The Joker  x reader
Words: 2916

 Initially you’d simply been a good investment to The Joker.

Having a Meta-human completely devoted to working for him and all he’d have to do is give you a place to live and food and clothing? It was a no brainer.

You didn’t question it that night, you were a preteen living on the streets of Gotham, you counted yourself as lucky as followed the young man. At the time The Joker didn’t have an empire but he was on his way and ambitious, he knew an opportunity and how to manipulate.

It didn’t work with you and he knew it but you continued to work for him because he gave you a comfortable life and valued you as an asset. Not only were you skilled in hand to hand combat, Joker paid for all your lessons, but with your powers people couldn’t really put a hand on you. You could control electricity; it flowed through you as though you were made solely to be its vessel.
The manifestation of your powers crackling through the air towards someone was truly mesmerising, a stream of blue sparks careening towards its victim with a crackling roar.

It wouldn’t be until years later, when you met El Diablo that you’d meet another capable of melding and moving such a violent source of power.

The dynamic between you and The Joker shifted when you hit Nineteen.

After all the years you had shared and the times you’d saved each other from gangs or Batman you’d grown fond of each other and a few days after your birthday The Joker introduced you to a potential ally as his daughter.
You were floored but you couldn’t stop the wide grin that came over your face, almost as wide as the one tattooed on the back of The Jokers hand. It was obvious that you couldn’t be his child, there less than a decade in age between you both and unfortunately the guy you were meeting decided to point it out.

The Joker killed him.
He got you to use your powers on him first, and from then on it went unquestioned. If Mr J said you were his kid then people better fucking believe that you were his kid.

It was you who’d dragged Harley into both of your lives as a means of getting your pseudo-father back from Arkham Asylum, you couldn’t use your powers to break in and get him as they’d made his room completely out of an insulating material to stop electricity, a pet project of Batman’s since you’d hit him with enough electricity once to shoot the Bat out of the window.
So you took one of The Jokers henchmen and made him pretend to be insane, with some electroshock convincing, with the task of getting in touch with The Joker and then making a miraculous recovery so that he could give you Mr J’s instructions.
He came back with a simple message: Dr. Quinzel.

You tracked down her home and posing as The Jokers incredibly sane sister you knocked on her door and sobbed until she let you in. It was hard to keep the tears up, acting wasn’t really your thing, but she seemed to buy it and promised to take over his case as you sobbed and told her that you really wanted someone to save him. So that one day he could settle down and be loved by a good woman. That seemed to be the clincher.

While he was locked inside working Harleen Quizel into his own mad image, The Joker got a message out to you, he needed you to go and steal something from a vault that belonged to an enemy to show how powerful he was even under lock and key.
So you left the business in the hands of Johnny Frost, The Jokers chauffer and most useful henchmen, as you travelled to the bank across state and that’s where you first met Captain Boomerang.

He was a massive asshole and he didn’t think any higher of you, even though he continued to flirt outrageously with you and try to slap your backside on more than one occasion even after you’d
electro-shocked him the first time.

But you needed each other for this job.

You could shut down and destroy all the technological measures and disarm the guards with your electric to get you both in. But the item that you wanted was in an old school safe within the back of the bank, your powers would do nothing to help you break into it which is exactly the reason why it was in there and that’s where Boomerang was going to be helpful to you, he had experience with those safes.

“Tit for tat doll.” He’d slurred as he finished his can and threw it over his shoulder.
You rolled your eyes at him, “Can we hurry this up, I’m worried that if I stand near you any longer the smell will stick.”
He gave you a smarmy smirk, “What’s a nice girl like you doing robbing a bank anyway?”
“I’m only breaking in, you’re robbing it. My dad wants it so I’m getting to for him.” You corrected as you started to let the currents of electric buzz through you, strands of blue buzzing energy sparked dangerously in the palm of your hand.

“Ugh you’re one of them.” He sneered and you scowled at his dirty face hoping you could get him to shut up while you concentrated on the pulsing energy in your hand.

“Meta-humans, fucking waste of time, ooh I can run really fast. Oo I’m all electric, get me a car battery and I can do the same thing sweetheart!” he mocked his hands coming up to do mocking little actions.
Ignoring him you fired your electric at the bank, the result was instant, the front of the bank exploded debris flying everywhere. You ducked smoothly out of the way of half a desk that was shot your way while Captain Boomerang dramatically threw himself to the side swearing.
“Can you do that with your car battery?” You mocked and you both entered the building, you silenced the blare of the alarm with another blast.

After the heist you were both hid out in an abandoned house, both laughing and drinking cans as you listened to the sirens driving by as the police searched for you. It was unusual for both of you to have finished a job with the partner surviving it so you drank and you drank and once completely alcohol fuelled you fell into bed together.
The next morning you took your prize from your robbery as you went to leave Boomerang stopped you with a lustful look and handed you some paper with his number scrawled on it.
“Digger?” You asked with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk.
“Only to friends, in case you’re ever in need of my services.” He had stepped up close to you and gave you a playful wink.
“I think I can handle bank robbing on my own thanks.” You assured him but tucked the number away anyway knowing that you’d definitely save it.
“Not the services I was talking about.” He gave you a suggestive look and half waggled his eyebrows at you. You laughed at him and when you turned to leave he slapped your backside hard, you gave him a mild shock with your powers for amusement and shot him a wink of your own as you left.

When The Joker asked Dr. Quinzel for Machine Guns you were the one that she came too, you were ready though as you’d been stockpiling weapons knowing that he’d want something big for his escape.
When he was out he was happy that you’d done as he’d asked and kept his territories for him, it was good having a second in command that could inspire such terror. He was unhappy that you’d been with a man in his absence, not so much the act of having sex but rather that he didn’t know who. He didn’t want anyone to turn your head from your ‘family’ and if anyone were to ask he was just a concerned father.

But it was then that he found the benefit of his other investment; Harley.

You’d been genuinely surprised to see her alive and as a mad mirror image of The Jokers insanity but you had to admit you liked her this way, she just seemed so free and you could tell she was head over heels for your father and that love extended to you.
The Joker was her Puddin’ and you were her little Pumpkin’.

If she had a bad day you’d call her Mumma and she’d be back to her ecstatic self, it was for all of these reasons that you told her about your tumble with Digger and she gave you motherly advise in return: which mostly consisted of her trying to find your phone so that she could call him and arrange for him to meet her and Mr J.
The Joker was happy to find that it was a criminal who had turned your head and stopped pestering you about it, instead focusing on making new contacts and arranging date nights with Harley, even though she continued to try to get hold of your phone.
You hid your phone from her after that but you did keep contact with Digger, even met up a few times for drinking, sex or heists until the Bat came for you.

The night Harley was taken The Joker ran to you, his would-be daughter, to help him get her back only to find that Batman had already taken you and that in one night he had lost both his Queen and his Princess.

Belle Reve Penitentiary was your idea of Hell and in your little padded cell, made of the same insulating material that they’d used in The Jokers at Arkham, you reined supreme.
You’d been put down stairs next to Killer Croc, out of sight out of mind, they hoped.

You’d often hear him humming to himself and breaking the bones off of the pigs carcasses and you habitually talked through the wall until the guards would come to punish you for being social. They had to be careful, they tended to stick to drugging you because if they got close enough to touch you would electrocute them.
Last week when they were trying to take you out to speak to some Solider, who had come to bother both you and Killer Croc, you’d killed three men and got all the way to Harley’s cell before they’d managed to stop you.

That’s why you were surprised when they drugged you with a dart gun, how classy, and dragged you out to have your neck stabbed. And that’s how you found yourself at the first Suicide Squad meeting. You were happy to see Harley who threw her arms around your neck and squealed happy to see her lil Pumpkin’ again.
You watched the soldiers around you all tense as she embraced you but their attention was quickly taken as more soldiers arrived carrying an angry shouting bag between them. They dropped it heavily to the floor and you groaned in annoyance as you recognised the voice.
“Oh for fucksake.” You hissed, which caught Harley’s attention, as the bag was unzipped and out sprang Digger, swinging his fists and swearing like the mad man that he was.
A few soldiers jumped his way only to get socked in the face with a heavy fist until one of them caught a hold of him and slammed him against a pole.

“Digger just stop, you idiot.” You snapped at him and he stopped, his gaze falling on you and looking more confused than the first time you’d zapped him.
The solider dropped him and he made his way over to you, “So this why you weren’t answering my calls.”
“My prison cell has awful reception.” You said dryly and next to you Killer Croc grinned.
Harley stuck out her hand and straightened her back and greeted, “Harley Quinn, Y/N’s almost mother, nice to meet ya. I’ve heard all about you.”

Your face fell and you flushed bright red and refused to look at Digger who was shaking Harley’s hand and giving you a smug smirk.
You were cut off by Rick Flag interrupting you to threaten all of your lives, no wonder your neck hurt if it was a bomb they’d stuck in you.

It had been an eventful evening.

You’d got your personal effects back, had Digger tell everyone about your skills when he’d been teasing El Diablo back at base, been shot down in a helicopter and had Harley let you know that The Joker was coming to get the both of you.

Now you were walking into, what was essentially, the jaws of death and you wondered the streets heading towards what was clearly the place to avoid in the city.
With Killer Croc and Harley on either side of you, you watched as Digger walked ahead with Slipknot and you could tell that he was up to something dangerous.
“I like him!” Harley offered as you both watched your friend with benefits swing around and try to attack Katana. You narrowed your eyes at him, that wasn’t his fighting style; his swing was so weak as he moved.
It wasn’t until Slipknot’s head exploded straight off of his shoulders that you realised what Digger had been up too.  As you all continued your on foot journey, you moved so that you were next to Digger, “You’re a dick, I liked Slipknot.”
“That’s a lie you don’t like anyone.” He countered and gave you a wink, “So if that’s your mum what’s your dad like?”
“Mad.” You responded curtly as Harley smashed a window to take a purse.
“Runs in the family then.” Digger snickered to himself and pulled a can out of his massive pockets and took a drink before offering you some which you took.

You sat on top of the abandoned cars next to Deadshot as Harley repeatedly smashed her bat down on the face of one of the creatures.
“Hey enough!” Deadshot called.
“What it flinched, I saw it move! See!” She protested and nudged the body with her foot.
You laughed at her antics but stayed on top over the car and away from them, during the fight you’d tried to keep your powers as central to yourself as possible but it had left you somewhat charged and you were trying to let the energy escape you slowly while you calmed.

“Hey you were some help princess.” Digger antagonised El Diablo as he returned to the group.
“Trust me its better this way.” El Diablo advised waving his hand to make a face of fire appear in front of Digger.
“Ah you’re the fire guy eh?” He mocked and took out a lighter, “Look fire! If Y/N can control herself and she’s insane, then you should be able too.”
“It’s hereditary.” You joked and rolled your eyes at him, “We can’t all have as little self-control as you Dig.”
Harley waved her bat at Digger, “That’s my pumpkin’ you’re talking about.”

Deadshot and Flag argued briefly, the creatures you’d fought were human, or used to be, and they didn’t look like Terrorists at all. You all filed out and continued on your way towards the massive cloud of trash and danger in the sky.
As you walked under a crashed propeller Harley pulled you to one side and gave you a massive grin, “Puddin’ is on his way.”
You gave her a small smile and made your way over to Digger.
He was drinking from a can and gave it to you before pulling another out of his pocket and starting to drink from it.
“Thanks.” You mumbled to him and he gave you a sideways look at your tone.
“What’s up with you?” He asked.
“I have a mini bomb in my neck and we’re all certainly going to die.” You replied dryly and he looked to consider your answer before drinking more, you’d fallen behind the rest of the group and you could see Flag looking back to check for you.

“Could be worse.” He shrugged after a while.
“How so?” You asked confused.
Digger leaned down so that his beard scratched the side of your neck, “We could be dying and have no beer.” He shook his can slightly in front of you and kissed the side of your neck before pulling away.

“And I’m supposed to be the mad one.” You laughed and reached out your hand to his to give him a playful shock. He swore at you loudly and pulled his hand away to slap your ass.
“Ass hole.” You cursed.
“You love it.” He gave you a sleazy wink as you headed to what was almost certain to be your deaths.

Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Dig and Sparky
Part Three - Ugly on the inside
Part Four – Crazy ones
Part Five – Shoot to Kill
Part Six 
- Final Part - Heathens

Things my mom has said to my cat

“C'mere you little shit, let me rub Neosporin on your cuts.”

“Oh you’re home shit face.”

“He hunts rats and sleeps in my bed why the fuck do we have a cat.”

“Get off the sink, you’re dirty, and smell like sweat.”

“Rat breath.”

“Fuck off I don’t want to cuddle, no. Go away.”


“How long do you live?”

anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity,if you think S is such a disgusting person and you so obviously dislike him,why have you added him on Facebook and are still friends with him there? (No, I did not stalk you,you showed up in my suggestions with one common friend) Also,as he's not the only former ghoul who has made a public statement concerning the lawsuit,why do you put all the blame on him? It just seems pretty obvious you have a personal vendetta against him,for whatever reason.

That was a pretty slick attempt at pretending not to be facebook creeping 😂 not that it matters since you feel the need to be anonymous when challenging me 🙄
Whatever though. Probably similar reason you keep my blog around, to see what they say. At least I can admit that…when he’s using social media to further persuade fans in his corner rather than letting the court do the work…and then continuing to butter people up by thanking them…its like “stroke my ego and I’ll stroke yours” kind of deal.
He’s using Facebook, and lets face it probably the Priest twitter, to release personal dirty laundry in an attempt to lure people away from Ghost and slander the shit out of T based solely on accusations.
Which other ghoul has done this online? Link me? Screenshot? I do believe it’s been only him and his close and personal loved ones glaring a spotlight on things.
And personal vendetta? Really though? I will admit, only personally met the guy once, out of what is it 12-13 shows? He only came out one time and I couldn’t tell you about it because it was pretty quick and forgettable and I only really wanted to meet him because he and Air were the only 2 who didn’t sign my Elizabeth vinyl. It didn’t matter to me about meeting him too much because any time I would see him out and about before and after shows it seemed like he wasn’t interested in fans. Which I don’t hold it against him, and I’m sure there are other people who will argue that he does like to meet fans…but from my personal experience, that’s how he came off and i respected that.
Also, because it happened to a friend, and it’s personal, it’s not my place to tell…although I’d share it if I were her at this point…he was once incredibly out of line at an after party and motivated her to never want to see the band again because of him. So yeah, there was a little pre-lawsuit/media hostility but that doesn’t influence my opinion on that situation.

I still think IF the ghouls are owed money, they should get it. Along with whatever royalties they’re entitled to which is still by no means and equal share…but what is owed is owed. I do think any increase of income they were expecting from the growth of the band since the Grammys was invested on further touring though and isn’t hidden somewhere though.

I swear I’m a broken record with things now…it’s like it’s unjustifiable to think that Tobias shouldn’t be slandered based on accusations. He can’t speak out because the lawsuit is filed against him, he’s not allowed, even if he wanted to he can’t.

Sorry I’m not so easily convinced someone is a guilty piece of shit based on a single sided story. Doesn’t matter that there are 4 names on the opposing side…its still one side.


Baby Boy | Theo Raeken Imagine


request ; Here is my request: cuddly Theo. He’s sick, or you’re sick, (I don’t care I’m not picky) and the two of you just cuddle and talk and stuff, and it’s very fluffy and cute :) please and thank you.

word count ;  1046

warnings ; none.

a/n ; i made theo the sick one, bc i had many ideas. also, this isn’t exactly that fluffy, but tbh i loved it. the imagine title & the cody gif makes me go all asfngsnfljgk if u get what i’m sayin’ 

Theo Raeken was, without a doubt, the biggest baby when it came to being sick. You pardoned him only because werewolves weren’t supposed to get sick, so when they did, it was a hell of a lot worse than a human getting a minor cold. He was your boyfriend, so you took care of him as he always took care of you, but he was really goddamn annoying when he was sick. 

You were busy in the bathroom, searching his cabinets for an Ibuprofen or an Advil to ease your pounding headache, all credit to your wonderful boyfriend’s incessant moaning and groaning. You heard him let out another loud cough, then a sneeze, then he groaned really loudly. You rubbed your temples, sensing what was coming next. 

“Babygirl,” he called, voice raspy. He only used that nickname when he wanted something, or during sex. Obviously you weren’t having sex. “Can you get me some water?” 

“Sure thing, babe,” you called back, your tone betraying your slightly pissed off mood. “You want a blanket, or a damn foot massage, while we’re at it?” You grumbled the last part under your breath, though Theo heard it anyway. Damn that boy and his werewolf hearing. 

“That’d be nice, baby, but I can tell you were being sarcastic so I won’t suggest it,” he said teasingly as you entered the room, throwing him a bottle of water and rolling your eyes. You plopped down into one of his armchairs, arms folded with a scowl on your face. “Aw, lighten up sweetie, I was joking. Don’t be mad, I appreciate everything you do for me. I swear.” 

“Mhm,” you mumbled, examining the top of his desk for some sort of book or magazine. 

“Y/N, baaaabyyy,” Theo whined, realizing you weren’t paying enough attention to him. Kicking his sheets back to make room for you, he whined, “Baby, baby, babygirl, baby, babe, love of my life, sunshine, princess, beautiful, angel, lovely, darling, sweetheart, Y/N!!!”  

“What now?!” You exclaimed angrily, dropping one of his snapbacks that you had been examining on the floor and turning your head toward him. He could almost see the fire blazing in your eyes, the way your jaw was clenched and your eyes narrowed. He couldn’t help but tease you a little bit, poking fun at his girlfriend was one of his favorite pastimes, even when he was sick.  You were cute when you were angry. 

“Cuddle me?” He smiled broadly, holding his arms out for you. Despite your previous annoyance, you laughed, walking over to his bed and settling in beside him. His arms went around your waist as he snuggled further down, his head resting on your stomach. Your fingers ran through his hair, something only you were allowed to do. He became beyond irritated when someone other than you messed his hair up playfully, or even tried to touch it. You were the obvious exception, a content smile gracing his face as his shut, your touch soothing him. 

“You’re so pretty,” he murmured, hands running up and down your waist. You had smooth skin, he noticed. 

“You can’t even see me,” you giggled, tracing his jaw with your finger. He was letting his beard grow out, stubble decorating the lower part of his face. You loved the stubble and the beard sort of thing, which was the reason he was growing it out. 

“But I just know, I’m picturing you right now,” he smirked, eyes still closed. You laughed again, shaking your head. You knew what he was picturing, and it certainly wasn’t your face. 

“Do not try to dirty talk me while you’re sneezing and coughing all over me, Raeken,” you said, hitting his shoulder lightly as he grinned slyly up at you. 

“I’m…I’m…I’m…” He didn’t get a chance to finish because he sneezed, directly onto your shirt. You gasped, staring down at your top. “Well that wasn’t very sexy of me,” he snickered, watching as your expression went from calm and relaxed to seriously furious. He bit back the loud laughter that threatened to spill from his lips. 

“You sneezed on my freaking boobs, you weirdo!” You shrieked with disgust, pushing him away from you as he laughed and laughed and literally would not stop. When he finally recovered, he went right back to his usual flirty self.

“Want my help cleaning up?” He quirked his lips, eyes darting quickly to your admittedly tight shirt and then back up to your face. 

“No, you’re sick and sweaty and sneezy and gross. But, I do need another shirt,” you said while Theo gave you a fake-offended look. You stood up, walking over to Theo’s dresser and stripping your soiled shirt, replacing it with Theo’s old, but still his favorite, basketball jersey. “How do I look?” You asked, giving him a spin and smiling. You were definitely keeping the shirt, you thought. Payback for sneezing on your own favorite shirt. 

“Beautiful as always, even more so with my name on your back,” he declared, pulling you back into bed and not even caring that you were going to steal his shirt after you left. You cuddled into his side, Theo planting a kiss on your lips, the stubble that you adored purposely tickling your cheek. His hands ran up and down your bare arms, tracing patterns in your skin as your eyes drifted shut. 

“Sorry I got mad because you were sick and being annoying,” you sighed dreamily, half asleep and loving the feeling of Theo’s strong arms wrapped you protectively. 

“Sorry I’m such a baby,” he replied softly, knowing that you were going to be asleep soon and not wanting to wake you when you looked so relaxed and peaceful. “I’m your baby, though, so it doesn’t matter all that much.” 

“Mm hm, my annoying baby who won’t shut up when his girlfriend wants to take a nap,” you murmured, opening your eyes briefly to give him a small kiss on the lips. “I love you, though.” 

“I love you too, now go to sleep. I’ll watch you like you always watch me, alright? Sweet dreams, babygirl,” he gave you another gentle kiss on the forehead. That nickname had always been your absolute weakness, and evidently, so was Theo Raeken. 

Dating Jeonghan would include

- “can I do you some braids?” “No, y/n.” “Can I put it in pigtails?” “No, y/n.” “Can I-” “y/n, please.”

- boys coming up behind you both, mistaking you for two women “excuse me ladies, can I-holy shit never mind.”

- him wanting to improve his singing, to be of help to the vocal team, so you sit there for hours listening to him sing his parts repeatedly for you, assuring every time that he sounded amazing.

- star gazing, he’ll come up to while your sleeping at night and shake you awake, you don’t even ask why anymore, you just smile and follow him outside, he already has a blanket set up and some candy, it’s 3 am but you don’t care

- jisoo following along with you two, sometimes you talk in English and Jeonghan kinda gives you these looks like >:((( what are u talking about, talk to me, not Joshua

- sitting around in the practice room with seventeen, making gross kissy faces from across the room, s coups pushing Jeonghan, like what are you doing, make kissy faces at me, not her

- whispering. Jeonghan uses this to get you riled up, like you’ll be all happy spending the night out with him, then all of a sudden he starts whispering dirty things into your ear, his hair tickling your chin and you’re like o h

- Jeonghan making you berry salads, not letting you eat any because he wants to feed you

- “Jeonghan, you’ve been doing the airplane noise for 2 minutes, please just put the food in my mouth.” “You’re n o f u n”

- when you’re bored you both just start pushing each other around, then a little while later you’re both on the floor, you on top of Jeonghan, teasing him about his hair getting in his face so much and then Jeonghan just kinda grinds into you and then you’re not laughing anymore

- testing his ‘resident angel’ title, while you annoy him to no end

- he still never snaps at you, instead just shutting ya ass up with a kiss and a forehead flick n ur like okay Jeonghan

- his little square smile showing up on his face whenever he saw you come out the room in the mornings, your hair a mess and eyes still shut, the first thing coming out your mouth is “Jeonghan?”

- matching bang clips, so you can both tie them up and take them out your face, so you both bounce around looking like little Palm trees

- Jeonghan = your favorite local love bird, like, he’s so affectionate and adorable and sexy at the same time and you love him so much you wouldn’t even care if he got a haircut and he loves you so much he is basically blinded by you 24/7 and it’s just the sweetest most intensely affectionate relationship you’ve ever been in, one you want to always stay in

Let there be light// Justin Bieber imagines

Can you do a imagine where your at Justin’s and the power goes out?!

I loved writing this so thanks for the request!x *****

“On a scale from, ’I can sometimes make important phone calls without crying’ to ’I have a stable job with a steady income, a spouse who loves me, a dog, and two kids who are screwed up minimally at worst’, how much of an adult are you?” You questioned, looking at the blonde man next to you.

Justin squints his eyes at you. “I have a fair amount of adult in me, for your information.”

“If you were even a little mature, we wouldn’t be stuck in your goddamn house.” You scowl and get up from the floor. “You triggered your own fucking security system. From all of the stupid things you’ve done, this one takes the cake.”

You can hear Justin get up and follow you into the living room. “Like you’re perfect.”

“I’m not, far from it even.” You mock a laugh and sit on his couch. “Faith plays this fucking game on me every time.” You whisper to yourself and look up at Justin to find him staring at you. “I don’t know why but it seems th-” Suddenly it was pitch black. You could no longer see Justin anymore and the faint sound of the tv was cut off. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

>“The power is out.” Justin states.

“No shit, Sherlock. Don’t we-” You cough over your little mistake. “Don’t you have candles somewhere?”

Justin looks around with frowned eyebrows, thinking hard about something. “Yeah, let me look upstairs.”

Justin’s footsteps could be heard when you plopped yourself on his couch. Everytime you would try to leave Justin, something wouls force you in a room with him. It’s being locked up right now and last year it was a forced vacation. What will it be next time? A fucking pregnancy?!

“I found them.” Justin spoke when he walked in the room with a bunch of candles in his grasp. He started to light them everywhere. On the table, by the tv and in the kitchen. It’s almost… Romantic.

You felt a chill down your spine. It’s cold as fuck. The power is out and you couldn’t get out of this house because a certain boy has triggered his own security system.

“Are you cold?” Justin questions as he sits down next you. You nod.

“Can I use your blanket?” Pointing at the blanket hung over the couch, you can see irritation forming in Justins face. “Can I or not?” You scowl.

“You can. It’s really annoying how you act like this wasn’t your house 2 days ago.”

“Okay.” You frown and grab the blanket, pulling it over your body. Obviously you noticed that he’s cold as well and you have the only blanket, but he could just go upstairs and get another one, right?

“I’m cold too.” Justin states. You glance at him and then look at your blanket covered lap in silence. “I can’t go upstairs to get another blanket. It’s pitch black and my phone is dead so I can’t use my flashlight anymore.” He pleas.

Sighing, you tuck your hair behind your air, your hand now engulfed in the cold. “Justin, we just broke up…”

“I know. Can’t we just cuddle, no strings attached.” You groan and move more to the lengthy part of the couch, laying down with tour back to Justin. Justin moves behind you and the butterflies erupt. Your head gets a little hotter and your heart beats a little faster. It gets worse when he wounds his arms around your waist.

“Pushing it.”

Ignoring your statement, he places his head flat against the back of your neck. There’s quite literally no space between you. “I love our cuddles.”

Closing your eyes, you smiled a little at his words, even though you would never admit it out loud. “I can’t believe this is going to be the last time.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” Justin’s thumb starts stroking your hip. You should not be feeling at ease this much, but you did… “We can try. The Universe doesn’t want us broken up, obviously. With every word, his lips moved on the back of your neck.

“I know, but I just- we fight so much.”

“I know we do, but we love each other. Isn’t that the most important?”

You turn around in his arms, now facing his face. You didn’t expect his eyes to be watery at all, but they were. Glistening in the light of the candles, the light basking in the glory of hazel. “Don’t cry, please.”

“When I have a rough day, the only thing I look forward to is seeing your face.”

You blush. “I guess we could try one more time.” Justin’s face lights up and he pecks you a thousand times everywhere on your face, making you laugh. “You’re so annoying”

“But you love me.” He smirks.

“I do…”


You x Jin
Smut. (Romantic Smutty)
1600 words

So ive had a growing appreciation for Jin lately idk why probably bc ALL THESE THEORIES FOR THE MV. I feel like he is probably Super romantic but also can be soo intense and probably focus’s on you before he worries about himself. Sorry that this is short

mmmm Jin

Tonight had been a long night. One of Bangtan’s staff members was engaged and had invited all the boys to the wedding, of course. Jin had asked you to go with him and you were excited, you had never been to a big proper wedding before, just small family ones. it was fun and tiring, and you had the most fun dancing with Jin. He wasn’t exactly a great dancer, but he seemed to have practiced some of the slow dances and had swept you off of your feet a couple times. none of the other boys had their own date, so you had become the whole groups dance partner, and you were glad when the night came to an end. Jin took your hand and pulled you behind him as he climbed into the van and claimed the very back as yours. the van dipped and shook as each person climbed in after. You sat on the right side of him and his hand automatically folded into yours, rubbing soft patterns on your palm. This motion always had a sweet calming effect on you and soon you settled into his side, making it difficult to tell where he ended and you began. Soon, you were passing cars and buildings, and you watched how the patterns of light filtered through the window and onto Jin’s face. The van settled into a final calmness as the radio played a song with a slow drum beat and a beautiful background symphony that perfectly complimented the singer’s seductive voices and the haunting violins. Each of the boys were in their own world. Some had their own headphones in while others were sleeping on the way to the dorm. Jin’s closeness combined with the song and the memories of the wedding had you in a romantic mood. You lifted your head from his shoulder and he looked at you with curiosity. His deep dark eyes were so hypnotic, and they drew your lips to his in a soft, passionate kiss. Your body automatically responded and your arms squeezed around him slightly in a needy hug.

“I love you…” you whispered. You needed him to know in that moment for some reason.

“I love you too (Y/N)” he said with slight confusion. He returned your kiss with his own and you melted into the feel of him, not caring as your lungs began to burn. Your hands tangled in his hair and cupped his face, keeping him as close to you as possible. His love felt like cool water in the dessert, and you drank from him blissfully. As the kiss became deeper, Jin added his tongue, stroking the flickering flames that had sprung up inside of both of you. You accidently groaned aloud as his plush lips crawled down your jaw and to the weak spot in your neck.

“Shhh..” he whispered in your ear.

Suddenly his hand was on your inner thigh, kneading it and squeezing close to your burning core. Quickly, he pulled your left leg over his right knee and rested it there comfortably, exposing you slightly. He easily slipped his fingers under your skirt and slowly rubbed you through your tights and panties. Your stomach flipped and you dropped your head back slightly, your breath hitched and ragged. You floated in a pool of pleasure as his mouth covered your exposed throat, nipping at your skin and pressing burning kisses onto you. A soft high pitched sigh escaped from you, only loud enough for Jin to hear.


You snapped you head up at the sound of him tearing a hole in your tights, thankfully no one had noticed.

“JIN?!” you exclaimed quietly. “Why did you just rip my tights? Now I have to buy new ones!”

“Don’t worry, love, I’ll buy you some more.” He silenced your protests and continued to kiss you, his upper body now twisted to face you as his right arm snaked behind you and held you close to him while his free hand entered the newly made hole. His finger plucked at the side of your panties and moved them aside, enabling his fingers to press against your folds and stroke them up and down. Once his fingers had become slick enough, he dipped his finger inside of you and gently pumped it, making you squirm with anticipation. Jin bit your bottom lip as he kissed you, running his tongue over it immediately to soothe any pain. Jin’s hand left your entrance for a moment, shuffling around in his pocket, and returned with a soft click sound followed by a buzzing that was thankfully overpowered by the music still playing from the radio. You squealed in surprise as vibrations hit your sensitive clit and a shock ran up your spine. Your breath quickened its pace and you could hear Jin chuckle softly at your reaction to the unexpected appearance of the tiny vibrator.

“Someone might hear!” you exclaimed softly.

“No one is paying attention. Were fine…” 

He slowly slipped the bullet around the hood of your clit, building up the pleasure so that your orgasm would be stronger and last longer at the end. You palmed his thighs, trying to find his member inside of the black pants he wore, desperate to feel him and pleasure him as well. Just as your fingers wrapped around his hard cock, he brushed it away and intertwined his hand with yours, rubbing it with his thumb and placing a sweet kiss on the back.

“Don’t worry about me right now, Jagi. Just relax.”

Heat rose up to your cheeks where he laid even more kisses. You nodded in acceptance and gripped his hand tighter when Jin moved the vibrator directly over your clit. Your back arched and fell back down with a shudder and he moved his mouth over yours so that your whines and moans wouldn’t be overheard. You could feel your orgasm approaching quick and you grabbed Jin and pressed him closer to you.

“Are you close?” he asked, his voice low and sensual. You nodded your head fast and breathed out a quiet,

“U-huh..” unable to speak actual words.

 Jin took the vibrator and moved it up and down from your clit to your entrance, dipping it inside every time he reached your opening. With each lap he pushed it in further, eventually brushing the vibrating bullet against your g-spot. Both of your zones were being stimulated now and  your whole body swam in ecstasy. He bit and sucked on your neck like he knew you loved, deepening the intensity of your growing orgasm. At that moment, he pushed the vibrator inside and didn’t remove it. The suction at your neck stopped and you caught his eyes with yours. Jin moved his fingers up, quickly flicking and rubbing the tip of your clit where it was most sensitive.

“Jin!” you exclaimed.

“Can you cum without screaming?” he asked.

“I – I don’t know…” you answered, tears pricking at your eyes from the pleasure.

“You can do it. Let me see you cum..” His eyes never left your face as his fingers tortured you. More than anything, he wanted to watch you unwind beneath him, because of him. That’s what gave him the most pleasure. It was one of the most erotic things you’d ever experienced, the way his eyes undressed you until even your soul was naked.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

He managed to make those words sound as sweet as honey and dirty at the same time. You were never one to unravel when a boy told you he loved you, in fact, most of the time it made you raise your defenses. But with Jin, you never questioned it. His love was practically palpable. You could feel it in the way he held your hand, hear it in how he sang your name, you could even taste it on his tongue. It released you from your orgasm, finally, and your nipples and toes tingled with an intense pleasure. You managed to hold your breath through your orgasm, your walls pulsing around the bullet inside of you. Eventually, you released your breath and panted through the high and Jin removed the bullet, turning it off and placing the end of it in his mouth so he could suck off your orgasm before put it back in his pocket. He adjusted your panties and smoothed your skirt back down over your thighs, leaving no evidence of what he’d just done, except for the hole that was hidden beneath your layers of fabric. His palm came up and held your pink face closer so he could kiss you deeply once more. It was as if he were drinking your pleasure from you, receiving energy from it like an Incubus. He left your body light and weak, practically floating in your afterglow. Jin scooped you up and settled you down in the middle of his legs. You turned so your side was resting on him and your head laid on his broad shoulder. He wrapped the opened flaps of his coat around you and hugged you in close to him. Your right hand rested on his chest, and you imagined you could feel the beat of his heart through the fabric. You raised your head and placed a few kisses on the warm skin of his neck

“Since when do you carry around a vibrator?” you asked with a playful tone.

“Not long. A couple of week’s maybe. I thought it might be fun.” His eyes were closed and his lips slightly parted, and you continued to kiss and suck on the smooth expanse of his neck and shoulder.

“When do I get to make you feel good?” you whispered.

“When we get home would be nice, seeing as how I’m rock hard right now…” he shifted his hips and you could feel him poke at the side of your butt. You looked out the window at the passing buildings, just blurs of bright colors and lights against a black canvas. The car passed a particularly familiar sign that you knew well.

“It’s a good thing were so close then..”   

Look at him! Love him! GAHHHHHHHH

Hello, Sailor

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Pairing: tattooartist!Dean, teacher!reader
Word count: 1,761
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Heart’s Ink masterlist

When Dean opened his front door, there was no way you could keep your eyes from looking over his bare chest. Smirking, you pointed to his side. “Well, hello, Sailor.”

He looked down and laughed. “Maybe your princess and my sailor would get along.” He wiggled his eyebrows, making you laugh.

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jim and sherlock breaking into each other’s flats is one of my fave things of all time, especially if pre-relationship

  • jim comes home (to his real home, the flat where no one is allowed and that is close to baker street) and finds sherlock laying on his couch like a big cat, reading one of his astronomy books. sherlock has a smug smile on his face and says “hi james, how was your day?” without taking his eyes off the book
  • one day jim finds his kitchen dirty with a consulting detective covered in blood messing around with a corpse because “john doesn’t let me do this at home”
  • not to mention that one time that he found sherlock laying in bed with only his robe on and smoking a cigarette because “john and mrs hudson can’t shut up i need silence”
  • or that time he found sherlock naked and wet because “our shower is broken, i had to use yours, hope you don’t mind”.
  • sometimes sherlock can’t find his own stuff and believes that john moved it but then he stops for a second and oh, he understands that jim was there and doesn’t know if smile or be annoyed
  • sherlock didn’t know that jim could play violin until the day he heard johann sebastian bach while he was on the stairs
  • but the day he will never forget is the one where he found jim sleeping in his bed. he looked so innocent and pure and quiet that he couldn’t help but lay by his side and look at him until he woke up
You ever wonder what we could have been? (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader) - Chapter 2

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Summary: You and Oswald meet for the first time.

Tags: @gotham-after-dark @femalepenguini @penguinsweetest @red-panda-on-the-loose @misfitgirl3390 @amandajuly81 @ascoolasathestral @aya-fay @taintedmarker @millicentcordelia

Part 1    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6

Warnings: None.

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drama-ostrich  asked:

Match up? 5"5,Female,blue gray eyes,Dirty blonde pixie cut,i have the habit to scratch my shirt whenever im calm,sleeping is my hobby,im quite stubborn,can be active if motivated,i draw lots of mlp with blood and gore,i collect random things from EOS lipbalm to pop cans,i love horror movies,im very calm in public and has resting b!tch face but once i get to know you im hyper, crazy, loud and active,natural flirt (everything i do is flirting apparently)

(You didn’t specify your sexuality, so let me know if I need to pick someone else.) Your match is Classic Undyne! You have to be pretty obvious with your flirting for her to notice, which hopefully means it’ll actually be intentional. Your energy and hers are a great combination! She’ll watch horror movies with you and hug you when she gets startled. You may have resting b!tch face, but she has resting RAD face- or at least that’s how she puts it. She always looks like she wants to fight even when she’s just enjoying herself. Undyne also loves your expressive art and random collections. The two of you are unstoppable!