let me do dirty things to your face

Things my mom has said to my cat

“C'mere you little shit, let me rub Neosporin on your cuts.”

“Oh you’re home shit face.”

“He hunts rats and sleeps in my bed why the fuck do we have a cat.”

“Get off the sink, you’re dirty, and smell like sweat.”

“Rat breath.”

“Fuck off I don’t want to cuddle, no. Go away.”


“How long do you live?”


“No, no.” Daryl mumbles, laying you down on the ground. “Why did ya do this?”
“Isn’t it obvious? I have a thing for you.” You try to ignore the pain in your stomach.
“Shit (Y/N).” He takes his bandana and presses it on your wound. “Ya will be ok.”
“You are a terrible liar.”
Both of you start to laugh quietly, but after a few seconds you cough blood.
“Ok, let’s take you back to Alexandria.” Daryl wants to carry you, but as soon as he lifts you up you whimper in pain.
“Daryl, it’s ok. Go without me.” You stroke over his dirty face, wanting to enjoy the last moments with him.
“Forget it.” He mumbles angrily. “Don’t ya dare to give up.”
“Please, it’s ok.” You repeat over and over again, but he ignores your words and runs as fast as possible through the woods.
The last thing you see is his panicked face.

You don’t know how much time has passed as you open your eyes. The pain is still there, but you’re back in Alexandria and Daryl sits next to you with his head buries in his hands.
“Daryl?” You whisper and he jumps up.
“(Y/N), do ya need anything?” He asks worried.
“Maybe some painkillers.”
He just nods and gives you a glass of water and two pills.
“Thank you -.”
Before you can say anything else Daryl presses his lips on yours. Automatically you close your eyes and grab his neck to pull him closer. Both of you let out a moan as he slides his tongue into your mouth, exploring it and playing with your tongue.
“Don’t do that again. Ya scared the shit outta me.” Daryl whispers rough and you shake your head. “Promise me.”
“Alright, I promise.” You respond with a smile and he grumbles before he kisses you again.

jim and sherlock breaking into each other’s flats is one of my fave things of all time, especially if pre-relationship

  • jim comes home (to his real home, the flat where no one is allowed and that is close to baker street) and finds sherlock laying on his couch like a big cat, reading one of his astronomy books. sherlock has a smug smile on his face and says “hi james, how was your day?” without taking his eyes off the book
  • one day jim finds his kitchen dirty with a consulting detective covered in blood messing around with a corpse because “john doesn’t let me do this at home”
  • not to mention that one time that he found sherlock laying in bed with only his robe on and smoking a cigarette because “john and mrs hudson can’t shut up i need silence”
  • or that time he found sherlock naked and wet because “our shower is broken, i had to use yours, hope you don’t mind”.
  • sometimes sherlock can’t find his own stuff and believes that john moved it but then he stops for a second and oh, he understands that jim was there and doesn’t know if smile or be annoyed
  • sherlock didn’t know that jim could play violin until the day he heard johann sebastian bach while he was on the stairs
  • but the day he will never forget is the one where he found jim sleeping in his bed. he looked so innocent and pure and quiet that he couldn’t help but lay by his side and look at him until he woke up