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ahhhh sorry this is a personal post BUT i need some serious advice…so i graduate in less than a month and there’s this boy i’ve had a crush on for my ENTIRE high school career. it’s such a huge crush it sort of makes me feel insane at times. anyways, i haven’t had any classes with him & ive tried talking to him once but i was so nervous that i forgot my own name (im such a wreck LMAOOOO). i’m painfully shy & even more afraid of rejection really, but i swear to god i’ve seen him staring at me so many times (it really could just be my mind playing tricks on me though i dont know…). so, i don’t really know what to do. should i just give it up or should i try to talk to him & if i do, how should i go about doing so? ahhhh please help !!!

Small spazz fangirl moment when I see that small [1] next to my message, then the huge LOL when I see what he replied….

Oh Sunggyu, I freaked you out didn’t I? I was suppose to write this in Korean, my friend was helping me, but she was busy so in the end I just kept it in English LOL.


He wrote: 헐 헬…헬로?? which pretty much means OMG he…hello??

I apologize for my sappy message.

I read a few of the other members replies (so far Woohyun and Dongwoo has replied some fans and all their answers are lame, meaning short and weird and filled with ㅋㅋㅋ’s and ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ´s it’s funny^^ )

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(I don't even. Andrew being betrayed by a pet was kinda inspirational? Sorry for spamming you.)

"Okay, Jesse's cat number one, one more time."

The cat in question gave Andrew an unimpressed look and returned to cleaning its right paw. Andrew sighed and said, "Don't be like that, I realize I should have learnt your names ages ago, but every time Jesse starts talking about you guys, his whole face lights up and - Anyway, it's distracting, okay?"

The cat didn't pay Andrew any attention, but he didn't let it discourage him.

"So, the plan. When Jesse comes home, you should go over to him and greet him like you always do. And then you should come back to me, hop on my lap and stay there for a couple of minutes, so I can explain to Jesse how I bonded with you and how much you like me. Here, let's practice."

The moment Andrew took a step closer to the cat, several things happened simultaneously: the cat made an angry noise and sprang away and Jesse's voice came from the door, "Hey, Andrew, what's happened?"

"Happy now?" Andrew whispered at the cat, who a moment later was craddled by a worried Jesse. Now Jesse would think he was a horrible human being who couldn't even be liked by a cat. Now Jesse would never know how likable Andrew really was.

The traitorous cat purred innocently in Jesse's arms.


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