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Could I please request one like the one you did about how each of the hosts would propose, but about how each of them would react to the reader telling them they have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)? I think that BPD should be talked about more because most of the imagines about mental illness I see are of depression/anxiety, but there's a lot of stigma behind BPD, but people with BPD can be the kindest/most empathetic toward others if given a chance 🙂

I’m sorry I’m just getting this out now! Thank you for your request <3 I’m also sorry if you do find a stigma against those with BPD and please know I support everyone <3

If you find anything in this text offensive please let me know!

If you guys ever need to talk don’t hesitate to message me <3

How he reacts when you tell him you have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)


-Sweet smile
-“Thank you for letting me know baby.”
-Kisses all over your face as he reminds you it doesn’t bother him at all
-He’s always there to remind you he loves you and will never leave you
-If you do decide to get medical assistance he’ll help you find the best doctor (which means calling Kyoya’s family)
-But he won’t judge you if you decide not to
-He wants you to do what you feel best doing


-You think he didn’t know?
-He’s always checking up on you whether you’re aware of it or not
-“Y/N please don’t assume this will lessen my opinion of you, this in no way changes our relationship”
-Probably best with dealing when your moods change quickly
-If you take any type of medication he’ll always be there to remind you
-After you tell him he pull you close and give you a quick kiss on the forehead before thanking you for letting him know
-He’d definitely offer to take you to his family doctor but if you decide against it, he won’t push it.


-It hits him the hardest
-Disappointed in himself for a while
-He feels super bad for not being able to help you through it
-Prepare for a bone-crushing hug
-“Y/N, I-I know I’m not great with expressing myself but please know I love you”
-Totally sheds a tear
-It takes him a while to deal with your changing emotions but he is trying
-If you do take medication he’ll try to remind you as much as possible to take it
-He’ll ultimately forget to remind you so it’s best if you can do it yourself 

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Calm Before the Storm

anonymous asked: Can I get something like where you’re pregnant with Yoongi’s baby and he’s just all about your bump and super into it? Maybe it’s been a bit upsetting because you’re not married and the baby was an accident, but he finally has come to terms with it and is so ready for you to have the baby and you wake up and he’s just hugging your stomach or something? I don’t know… Work your magic, the last Yoongi thing was great!

It was a slight tickle against your growing belly that first drew you from your fitful sleep, the warmth of humid breath caressing the now exposed skin. Confused, your eyebrows furrow in annoyance, your body attempting to adjust itself as you twist your aching back.

Just as you’re drifting off again you feel the sensation once more, followed by a puckering of wetness, the unmistakable sound of lips connecting with your stomach meeting your ears. Your eyes open, still hazy with sleep, as they take in the sight of Yoongi’s face nestled closely against your swollen abdomen, whispering words that couldn’t quiet reach your ears over the taught flesh. You feel your baby move inside you, stirring at her father’s words, and your heart skips a beat at the intimacy of the sight you were taking in.

You don’t disturb him, instead watching as his lips press against the stretch marks dotting your flesh, heavy bangs falling over his eyes as his hand shifts close to his face, expanding his palm to rub soft, soothing circles over your inflated stomach. Your baby’s strong movements settle instantly, comfort apparently seeping through her unborn body at her father’s touch. Another kiss dots your skin, before more murmured words, his head tilting to the side to press his ear into your stomach as if to listen for a reply. A particularly strong kick sends his face shooting upward, surprise etched in his risen brows as his now wide eyes stare down at your stomach.

It isn’t until a giggle escapes your lips at his reaction that he turns to you, eyes meeting yours and a blush creeping into his cheeks at being caught. His face darkens, his body sitting itself up and shifting away from yours.

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