let me cry for my dedication

I think I’m strong and I think I’m compassionate and I think I can make a difference in the world if I decide to but I hate you because you made me doubt that. Because out of all the things in this world to cry over, I cried over you. And after all the things that I’ve gotten through, I let you take me down. And out of all the better, more important things that I could have dedicated my time to, I spent hours thinking about you, talking myself out of calling you, wondering why you did what you did and what I did wrong. And you didn’t deserve that. Out of all the things that deserved my time, tears, effort, and passion, you were never one.

When We Rise…I cried during the whole damn show and I’m still crying. It’s rare that the LGBTQ+ community gets to see representation on TV let alone a whole mini series dedicated to the fight for our rights. I had a bonding moment with my mom expressing to her how much something like this means to me as a young lesbian woman who’s still trying to feel comfortable as such in the society we live in. Incredible.

I’m sorry ( Zen x Mc xYoosung)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Zen x MC (reader) x Yoosung
Rating : Mild angst

Summary:Mc used to be in a relationship with Zen, but after being bullied by his fans, things changed - Zen changed and so MC is left alone with the wounds of her past. The one who tries to mend her wounds is Yoosung, but will their relationship turn into a romantic one or is the past going to ruin it all? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Authors notes: This is Mc’s perspective throughout her relationship with Zen and how she felt with Jaehee not trusting her and being against their relationship. How did MC’s life change while she was in a relationship with Zen? Did it turn for the better or did his fame only hurt her? Read on and find out~~ Hope you like it, cuties~  ( ˘ ³˘)♡


Life without him, is something can hardly imagine. Just picturing all the times, we used to chat and the conversations we had and the first time he saw me in flesh. Maybe that time when he saw me, was actually the moment where I knew that I was in love with him. How he got all excited and just how big his eyes got. He reminded me of how excited children would get when you gave them something they really wanted. Did his expression mean the same – did he really truly want me?

Someone so … normal like me? If I had to be honest I was constantly afraid of how he would react to me once he would get to meet me. But at some point I was waiting in anticipation for the day where we could be together in our own small world. Because maybe, just maybe, after all the times Jaehee was, how can I say…mean and very, hum, possessive of Zen, I didn’t know what to do. At one point I tried to understand her, but the more I tried the harder it was. Being doubted and not trusted left a scar in my heart which I knew wouldn’t heal so quickly. It was painful, trying to help the organisation when at the same time, the very people you wanted to help, did background checks on you and didn’t trust you. 

Zen trusted me with ease, he always said he just had a feeling that I was trustworthy and a good person. The more I interacted with all of the members of the rfa, the more everyone warmed up to me, I was starting to feel welcome and maybe even … loved?

But there was always Jaehee, always with her “if I may be so bold…” yada yada, I get it you don’t like me. It’s hard being nice to someone like her, when I actually really wanted to be her friend. But how can any relationship work, where there is no trust. And honestly I was starting to get fed up with how she would meddle constantly, just because she was a fan of Zen’s. I do understand that she was only protecting him, but there is a line between wanting what is best for someone and being possessive. In all that protecting she forgot about the one person she cared for – Zen. She forgot that he too has feelings, that he too is human and that if his fans did love him for who he was, they would accept the fact that he would maybe someday be with someone who loves and cherishes him. Also – his fans are supposed to love him for his work and not just for his looks. Maybe that is one reason, for why Zen liked me?
Because frankly, I wasn’t his fan, didn’t know about him. 

But I cared for him and his passion for his work. He is dedicated, strong and works hard in everything he does. That is why he so amazing and that is why, I fell in love with him.

It was nice how everyone in the rfa gave us their blessing, after a while even Jaehee warmed up to me. To this day, she is still at times is weird and goes on and on about how we should wait with every small thing in our relationship but I don’t mind, I see in her eyes that she is my friend and that now – she even means all what she says not to turn me away, but in a way to protect me.

This – me thinking about the past and reminiscing about how lucky I was is something that as of lately would often do. I would sit on the couch with a warm cup of tea in my lap and just think about everything. Before that happened all of us were happy.

The sudden ringing of the doorbell woke me from my thoughts and I walked towards it, I already knew who it was.  As I opened the door and welcome my visitor with a big smile.

“Hello MC, how have you been lately? Is everything alright, can you manage living all by yourself? Hopefully you don’t feel to bored without any company.” 

Spoke the cute blonde. At his question I only shook my head and showed him to step inside, he sighed slightly and nodded. I was about to go and prepare him a cup of tea, when he stopped me in mid of my tracks and took my hand.

“MC, I know that after all of that you don’t want to … see him or her and I am glad that you are even staying in touch with the rest of us. I feel like we all … weren’t good friends to you, we could have protected you better.”

I saw how his eyes watered and squeezed his hand at that and gave him a small smile. 

“I miss your voice, I miss your laugh MC. What those fans did to you is unforgivable.”

Ah, that is right …  I was bullied by Zen’s fans and … they almost killed me and the result from all that trauma was that I became a selective mute and I could only speak with some people. When I did speak though – I only spoke out a few words, but after some time I couldn’t talk anymore, I just stopped. At times the only one I could speak to was Zen, but after some time, when he started to change I couldn’t even talk to him anymore. He did feel responsible for everything that happened and as I was hospitalised. Zen would often visit me and bring me gifts and talk all about his work and how he missed me, missed … us. 

 Then after a while the visits would stop and I would often just be all alone in that white room. At those times all I had were the thoughts in my head that would slowly make me go insane. One thing that did keep me going was my window. Though it was painful to see the time fly, to see how the world was still moving even after all those horrible things happened to me. But I loved it, I loved how the sky would change in colour, how it would look different at different times in the day.  

As naïve as I was, I would always turn to the door and wait for someone, anyone that I knew to visit me and help me forget all about that time. That horrible time when I tried my hardest not to let Zen know just how much his fans hurt me, how mean they would get and just how mean Jaehee could get. If the rfa member knew just how much nasty things were behind the scenes, would they still claim to love each other? To love me?  

I believed them nonetheless. I was aware of the secrets and the things V hid from everyone, I just didn’t know how big these secrets actually were – so big that it endangered lives. But I loved them, I truly did, each and every one of them. Even if Jahee did those unspeakable things, even if Zen left me, I loved them and this love that I felt for them has only given me more pain. I believed in them, in my lovely members.

The rfa members, just didn’t have the time to visit and I understood. I knew that they would visit if they could, deep inside I knew. At least the ones who knew what happened could have visited. The only one who didn’t know was Yoosung – all of them thought that he would not be able to handle what happened to me. I understood and tried to be strong. But after all that happened and after all that they did to me it still it hurt and I wasn’t as strong as they thought I was. I was slowly crumbling and I was starting to loose myself.

As I gazed at my wrists that held light marks from that time, when I was weak and didn’t find any other way, Yoosung gently took hold of my wrist and kissed it. Ha…Yoosung, after they finally told him what happened he changed. All that anger that he felt for V and the organisation turned to hate, he hated them all. He was so mad at them, for betraying his trust, for letting all of this happen. He only stayed for my sake. He would run to me so many times, it turned to daily visits and he would stay for a long time or I would visit him and watch him play LOLOL. His presence calmed me and I wasn’t as scared. He grew to be taller, stronger and muscular. His shoulders were broader and I felt safer. I looked at him and no matter how much he might have grown I still saw the cutie Yoosung that would always blush at my compliments.

 Even now there was a slight dust of pink on his cheeks. And he spoke up while holding both of my hands; “I would have protected you if I knew, I would try to save you, would try to make the pan go away. I am so sorry that I couldn’t, I am sorry that you are hurting. I wish I was you knight.”

He led me to the couch and wrapped his arms around me and held me, maybe he thought that I was going to cry.

“You can…you can let it out if you want.”

I shook my head, I couldn’t’ cry anymore. All that happened has passed and I even if my life has changed I tried to live on. Zen might have left me, but I still had the comfort of my friends Yoosung and Jumin. Both of them have dedicated their time to visit me and make sure that I was alright.
Just as I thought of Jumin, Yoosung asked me; “Did Jumin visit you lately? How long has it been since he was here?”. I pulled back from the hug and showed him with my finger the number three – signalising that it has been three days. A slow hum escaped Yoosung.

“What about him? Does he ever contact you? Or…?”

I put my finger on his lips and only shook my head and after a long while feeling comfortable to speak up, I opened my mouth and in a hushed voice I said; 

“You are here.” 

He wore a shocked expression on his face, which instantly softened into a warm smile and tears in his eyes he embraced me again, but now stronger and … it felt warmer.

“And here I will stay! I promise to protect you, from now on I will be there!”

I wanted to cherish this sweet moment, feeling warm and safe in the arms of someone who cherished me so much. But this moment would surely pass – for a message was sent from an unknown number on my phone and the only thing it said was; 

“I’m sorry.”

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I work at a daycare and while they're not traditional "customers" some of the parents drive me absolutely crazy! Like, the parents who hold their crying kids at drop off for like 10 minutes? Listen, your kid will still be crying when you put them down to leave and that's 10 minutes I had to dedicate to you and your kid and not the 17 other children in the room. Let them cry. I will take care of them. That's my JOB.

Rip off the band aid! My little guy started school this year and he clung to me like I was trying to throw him into boiling water. I put him down on the school bus and he started crying. Thankfully the bus driver was awesomely prepared. He gave my son a toy school bus. The next day my son ran up the steps and yelled “BYE MOMMY!” without even giving me a kiss. lol The first day is hard, but it’ll only be harder if you just stand there prolonging the kid’s fear. Those trained to deal with kids, like you, know what they’re doing. -Abby

Perfect // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 859

Summary- based off ‘perfect’ by ed sheeran

A/N- 1) this song is one of my faves atm 2) I couldn’t not write about it 3) dedicated to liv, thanks for crying with me last night about this song and jack. also sorry it’s short, but i didnt want to overdue it


Jack never planned on falling in love so young. He never planned on bringing a girlfriend let alone, the same girlfriend for two Christmases in a row. He never planned on finding his soul mate so young. He never planned on moving in with her after 2 long years. He never planned on buying a ring. He never planned on being the first buttercream to get married. He never planned on getting married at 21. He assumed he’d grow up and go on crazy adventures and sleep with countless girls throughout his twenties. He assumed it’s what he was supposed to do.

But then he met you.

You had just turned 17 and when he first saw you, he knew right then and there. He was going to fall for you, hard.

It was rough in the beginning. You guys were still kids, you still made mistakes or forgot that relationships took more than just saying ‘I love you’. You had to show it.

But after the first year or so, you both knew; you knew that what you two had was forever.

And Jack couldn’t be happier. He had found his soul mate, his person. He never thought he’d actually find the person who was waiting to spend the rest of their life with him. He wasn’t fully sure that person existed.

But you showed him that you did. And now, five years later, you were still the only one who had a spot in his heart.

So, in this exact moment, as you swayed around your living room, you two were both thinking the same thing.

I love you.

Jack let go of one of your hands, flinging you out and then twirling you around and around.

You giggled as you spun in circles, causing Jack’s smile to grow.

When he pulled you back in, you buried your face into his chest.

“Perfect,” Jack whispered as he stared at you.

“What?” you chuckled, looking up at him.

“You look perfect tonight.”

“I’m a mess right now, and this belly’s not helping.” You said, staring at your protruding belly that currently housed your unborn baby girl.

“Hey,” he stopped dancing, putting his hand underneath your chin.

“You look absolutely perfect right now. You are growing a child, our child. And I couldn’t be happier right now, because I’m with you.”

“I love you Jack,” you leant up to kiss him.

“I love you too, Y/n. So bloody much,” he kissed you back. “Now, where were we?”

“I believe you were about to spin me,” you giggled, extending your hand.

“Why of course!” he took your hand and spun you around, smiling as you laughed.

He was truly so happy when he was with you. You were always there to help it. If he was sad, you knew just what to say, or do. If he was happy, you were there to celebrate. If he was angry, you were there to help him cool off. If he was confused, you were the light to guide him. You were the answer to all of his questions. No matter what, you would always be there.

“Wait,” you stopped. “This is our song.”

You smiled as I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley emitted through the speakers. This had been your song since forever. It was song that was playing when walked through the doors of the doors of your secondary school gym. You had just moved to town and your parents insisted you go and make friends. Jack was sitting at one of the tables joking with his friends. But when he saw the doors open and you walk in, he knew he had to meet you.

“I know,” he smiled. “Want me to dip you?”

“No, you wouldn’t be able to,” you said, mtion towards your belly.

“If my wife wants me to dip her, then I will. Plus Baby Maynard won’t mind,” he squatted. “What do you think sweetheart? Do you care if daddy dips mommy?” He stood back up, smiling.

“See? No protests.”

You smiled, “Just don’t drop me.”

As the lyrics poured into the room, Jack grabbed you by the waist. You put your arms around his arms, and he slowly dipped you. Faces inches apart, he sang to you. He only ever sang to you, no one else. Because no one else deserved to see that part of him.

“I love you Y/n,” he said has he brought his lips to yours. “And I couldn’t see a future with anyone else but you, you are absolutely perfect. I don’t deserve you because you are perfect. And I make it my duty to show you just how perfect you are to me. I have a lifetime to prove why I’m the one for you.”

“Jack, you don’t need to prove anything. I know you’re the only one for me. And I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.”

He pulled you back up, “You don’t need to tell me, because you show me every day love.”

“You are amazing, Jack.”

“And you, are perfect Y/n.” he said, spinning you once again.

Zelda's Log #2.5: A Memory of a Memory (Detour)

A/N: Sorry for the delay. I made a mashup with an idea of @warriorprincesszelda and a lovely anon’s one. Enjoy.

‘I’ve spent every day of my life dedicated to praying! I’ve pleaded to the spirits tied to the ancient gods… And still the holy powers have proven deaf to my devotion’.

‘Please, just tell me… What is it? What’s wrong with me?!’

‘Nothing. You are perfect just as you are’.

Those were the words he should have let out of his mouth that day.

But he didn’t. Link thought it was improper due to his position as appointed knight.

Instead, he let her cry on his shoulder, silently containing her.

The vague image of the past flashed through his head as they made a break at the Spring of Power. Zelda thought it would be a good idea to detour a little and make a pause for a picnic, check on the creatures registered on the compendium and materials gathered on the way, and - why not? - a splash on the spring to placate the heat.

‘There are many items I don’t have yet’, Zelda frowned, lying face down on the stone floor, dripping wet in her underwear, swiping the screen. ‘It’s a never ending task’.

‘No one told you it would be easy’, Link handed her a couple of rice balls. ‘Research on an empty stomach is useless’.

Zelda sat down, and devoured the meal. Her eyes fixed on the Goddess’ statue.

‘I felt so miserable back then’. She tucked a strand of damp hair behind her ear. ‘You were so kind to me’.

‘I wish I could have done more’, Link scooted next to her, putting a blanket on her shoulders. ‘I just held you’.

‘It was more than enough to make me understand you cared’. She blushed, pulling the blanket closer to her body. ‘You hadn’t escorted me to a spring before’.

He nodded.

She had almost crumbled in his arms, sobbing out of sheer impotence. Link held her by the shoulders.

She felt so tiny and frail; the weight of her fate slowly crushing her, but still not giving up - she went back into the water and kept praying for an hour or so.

He tried to forget with all his might the softness of her skin, the curve of her neck and shoulders highlighted by her ceremonial dress, and the shivers she had when his fingers accidentally grazed her bare back.

No. Those weren’t proper thoughts for the Princess’ appointed knight. He had to keep an adequate distance - no feelings allowed, since the physical barrier had been breached already - and protect her at all costs.

That goal was easier from that day on, for Link had not realized yet she had already gotten under his skin.

‘Zelda, look!’, Link jumped from his place, catching something in his hands, ‘get your slate!’

'A Summerwing butterfly!’ - she snapped fast as lightning pictures of it - 'I didn’t have this one! It’s beautiful!’

Link let go of the insect, and Zelda smiled as it flew away from them.

'I’ll get dressed’, she started gathering her clothes, 'We should be moving on’.

'Nope’, Link started taking off his boots and shirt, 'first one in the water eats all the fruitcake!’

He ran, and jumped to make a cannonball dive.

'Scoundrel!’ - Zelda ran to reach him, full of laughter- 'You’ll pay!’

They returned to the road hours later, soaked through and through, with a picture of them at the spring, full of smiles.

Nora - Jaebum

“I can’t believe you lost her! I trusted you!” Jaebum’s voice boomed at you and you never felt so little as a young adult.

“I didn’t think she’d run out,” You mumbled. “I thought that it’d be a good idea to leave the front door open and let the breeze in, but—”

“But it wasn’t a good idea after all, right?! Too late now!” He fumed and you swore you could see steam. “You’re irresponsible! How was I stupid enough to leave her with you?! I HATE YOU!”

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a sucker for a tragic tale 
a playlist dedicated to “All That’s Best of Dark and Bright” 

all that’s best of dark and bright by @ursulaismymiddlename
cover moodboard made by @ladythor

| imagine dragons - monster | onerepublic - let’s hurt tonight | andrews sisters - boogie woogie bugle boy | x ambassadors - unsteady | frankie valli & the four seasons - can’t take my eyes off of you | fred astaire - the way you look tonight | hozier - work song | jason isbell - cover me up | imagine dragons - battle cry | dotan - home | hozier - like real people do | james arthur - say you won’t let go | ólafur arnalds - i felt guilty | washington - lover/soldier |

listen here


Summary: Phil has a cheating boyfriend. Dan is a poet with a crush, facing an ultimatum.

Genre: University AU (poet!Dan)

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, swearing, many elements of angst, implied smut, vague implication of abuse (only two lines)

Word Count: 33.6k

Fic Playlist (ordered chronologically to follow the storyline as it progresses)

Read on ao3

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Okay, so!  I’m going to finish up Gone and Falling to Pieces by the end of this month (it’s about time!!!) and then I’m going to start a brand new series that YOU get to help decide on!!!!  SO EXCITE!

I’m going to be writing a Spencer Reid series based on an album of your choice!

Below are the albums (and artists) that you guys are going to vote on to help me decide what to base the story on!  Please vote by commenting or sending in your vote like a request as these are the easiest ways to track your votes.

Here are your options:

  • Badlands - Halsey
  • Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
  • Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
  • This is Acting - Sia
  • Blue Neighborhood - Troye Sivan

I will accept votes up until the last day in May at 11:59pm CST (if you need a different time zone, please let me know) and once we have a winner, June will be dedicated to writing my song story!  I can’t wait to get started on this!

Also, if the album you voted for ends up not being the winner - DO NOT FRET!  I will reopen the votes and I will start a new story on a different album!!  So no matter what, I will eventually write a story based on the one you voted for!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this, because this is something that I’ve actually been planning for a while!  Don’t forget to vote!!


“Let him rest”

I’ve kinda been broken since chapter 84……. Erwin was my favourite and now Levi’s all alone. These two literally have destroyed me. Levi has lost his one special person now, which just kills me even more…………..

I just want Levi to join him now so that they can be happy and at peace together :(

This piece is dedicated to the best Commander possible. <3

Sorry, I’ve had to edit this like 5 times as I am struggling with quality



“Darling, you’ve got to take care of yourself.” You heard Loki walk into your room, leaving the door open. He sat down on the bed, pulling the covers down so he could see you but you squinted at the light and dug your face into the pillow. “How long has it been since you’ve opened the curtains and gotten a little sunlight? What if I open the window?” 

“No!” you groaned, just the thought of sunlight making your migraine worse.

“No sunlight, I understand. But if you won’t get some air, will you at least take a shower? Just a quick one?” he asked. You were silent as you listened to him go into the bathroom and start the water running. “Come on…” he spoke softly, pulling you gently up out of your lying position. He wrapped his arms around you and you started to cry. You weren’t sure why you were crying. You felt pathetic and worthless for lying in bed all day, not eating or drinking or showering but you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything else. You wondered why he stayed. Loki was a prince. He had amazing talents and power and wealth but there he was with you in your dusty, tiny apartment.You hadn’t showered in days. You hadn’t eaten in at least a day. You just cried. “Come on now, love. You’re alright. You have a shower and I’ll make something to eat. Would you like some tea or something?” 

You nodded slowly. You didn’t really want it but you knew he’d find some way to coax you into it if you refused. 

“That’s right.” he lead you to the bathroom and slowly peeled your dirty, sweaty clothes off your body before he helped you into the tub. He knelled by the tub and washed you slowly and gently, making sure to clean you well before he left you to soak in the water so he could make your breakfast.

You sat and stared at the milky water. You felt somewhat better but the smell of eggs cooking made you sick, thinking about eating them made it worse. It wasn’t long before Loki was back with a big shirt and his boxer shorts. He helped you out of the tub, moving slowly with you, not rushing a thing. He dried you off partially before helping you into to the clothes.

“I’m washing your sheets but I’ve put the spare ones on your bed.” he told you in the kitchen. You pushed the scrambled eggs around on your plate, having eaten half of them and a bite of toast, you felt sick so you sipped your tea. It was all so unappetizing. “You don’t have to eat it all. You did really well.” 

You couldn’t look at him. 

“It’s going to be okay, Y/N.” he assured you. You started crying again, not able to help it. Loki just put the dishes in the sink and carried you like a child back to the bedroom, laying you down in the soft fresh sheets. He slipped into bed beside you, letting you get as close as you wanted before he wrapped his arms around you and held you in his warmth. 

“Thank you, Loki.” 

“You don’t have to thank me, my love. It’s alright.” 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too, Y/N…” Loki nuzzled into you, holding you close to him and pulling you closer.  

Also, this imagine is dedicated to my buddy @illfightya because she is such a kind, beautiful human being who is so full of vibrancy and love and she makes my life a great deal more enjoyable than it was a little while ago. I love you, Lil. 

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I feel like you would be the harry in a harry met sally type romance

I used to think I was Harry, but I’m definitely Sally. The phrase “I just want it how I want it” is my whole life, including my food preferences. I think I’ve said all of her lines in real life, not realizing I am quoting her. I am neurotic, ambitious, and basically chaste between relationships, and I’m not as cynical as Harry is:

I am also unfortunately optimistic and hopeful, so I couldn’t be Harry. I tend to bottle things up and then let them all out in a horrible stream of terribleness. Literally my friends when I do that to myself:

Originally posted by lvhackett

Also this is literally me when I cry:

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

I’m also a total loser when it comes to relationships, where I fall in love quickly but can’t seem to keep anyone interested or dedicated. I have discovered I am the second woman several times and several boyfriends have chosen to prioritize their jobs or education 100% and cannot make room for me (and I’m not needy - I literally asked a long-distance boyfriend once to text me anything at least once a day, like “good morning,” just to maintain some sort of daily communication, and he apparently couldn’t do that. You can literally program your phone to send this short of text automatically). When I’m mad, I freeze people out. 

And I would wear basically everything she wears in the movie. I need more chunky cable knits, high-waisted jeans, and loafers with socks to be honest. Also these glasses are incredible:

To end my thesis, I love and adore Sally because I am her (for better or worse).

Originally posted by wsoldiers

Okay, okay, okay, so I think I saw a post like this before but hear me out, I am new to Voltron and Klance, I haven’t seen many of the AUs and fan theories and stuff except for the popular ones, but what about Deaf Keith? Keith who went through years of speech therapy before going into the garrison only to have to prove that his deafness isn’t a disability.

Having no friends because no one wanted to make the effort to learn sign language, and getting kicked out for “disciplinary reasons” (even though the garrison just didn’t want to deal with him and using his deafness as a cover to kick him out for wanting to know about what happened to Shiro).

Keith not remembering Lance for the sole reason that he could never hear Lance talking. Keith being silent most of the time because he’s insecure about his Deaf accent.

But also Keith bonding with Red because he doesn’t have to really do anything about talking since it’s a mental and emotional bond, and Red can understand him perfectly fine. Team Voltron learning ASL to communicate with Keith. Lance accidentally saying “Fuck” instead of “good”, and Keith laughs so much he can’t breathe. Lance not putting his eyebrows down when saying a wh- question, and Keith trying to help him understand “It’s a question, no, put your eyebrows- stop raising them! Down, it’s a question.”

Allura, Pidge, and Coran learning so fast that Keith can hold conversations over a long period of time. Lance, and Hunk trying their best to learn how to sign. Shiro being an expert because he taught Keith and he was the one who gave him speech therapy.

Keith who’s happy being deaf. Allura and Coran finding Altean technology that lets Keith understand when they can’t sign to him on missions, but that’s the only exception he’ll make to hear.

Keith teaching the crew about Deaf culture, and everyone paying close attention (even Lance). And I’m barely learning ASL but I already love it and Im making my faves love it too.


–Neymar Imagine: Mixed Emotions (Requested)–

Neymar was sitting on the couch,scrolling through his phone while I was washing dishes in the kitchen. When Iwas done picking everything up, I walked behind the sofa he was sitting on andglanced down at his phone. He was on Bruna’s Instagram, liking her pictures.

“What are you doing?” I asked, catching him off guard.

“Nothing,” he said, shutting off his phone and placing it face down on the sofa.

“It didn’t look like nothing to me,” I snapped.

He turned around to look at me. “It’s nothing y/n.”

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Parks and Recreation {Sentence Starters}
  • "Those are all insane hypotheticals and I promise you they won't happen."
  • "If you don't want to talk to me, you can just say so."
  • "Look at how hot she is! Isn't that crazy?"
  • "Have I ever given into that temptation? No. Never."
  • "They have happened. All of these have happened to me."
  • "What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me."
  • "In a way, that's a compliment. It shows dedication."
  • "Yo. I had to wait 'til my dad fell asleep so I could steal his keys. You ready?"
  • "To this day, I am haunted by those remaining penises."
  • "So, what happened? I mean, did you forget to check the entire field?"
  • "That looks like something you would find on the wall of a serial killer."
  • "Um, I let my emotions get the best of me."
  • "One time, I accidentally drank an entire bottle of vinegar. I thought it was terrible wine."
  • "I guess when my life is incomplete I wanna shoot someone."
  • "Stop playing dumb. You know damn well what happened!"
  • "Well, in that case, everything I just told you was just a funny prank."
  • "Don't worry, it's not gay. Do we have questions?"
  • "Well, I think you're hysterical because of all the excitement, obviously."
  • "I cannot emphasize enough how little I was thinking."
  • "I want to punch you in the face so bad right now."
  • "Shut up. I don't have anything else to do. Do you want help or not?"
  • "So basically we're completely swamped. All hands on deck."
  • "I just want you to know I'm so grateful for everything you did for me."
  • "I haven't thought of that. That is a really great idea."
  • "No, we're good, thanks. In fact, you can head home early."
  • "I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have- network connectivity problems."
  • "But did they ask you to bring a vegetable loaf or a cake?"
  • "Fishing relaxes me. It's like yoga except I still get to kill something."
"Lucidity Roses"


Dedicated to:

This poem, project, and visual representation of mental growth & beauty is dedicated to someone I miss dearly and think about everyday. My best friend Jaedin A.
She helped me get through everything. From my first heartbreak, to my first day of suicide watch in the hospital. She was there. From crying over being abused in a relationship to crying over being locked in a hospital room. She was there.
As I write this dedication with tears falling down my face like that day let it be known that I would not be here today. Mentally, and physically if it weren’t for this person. It’s nothing simple like I got an injury and she stopped the bleeding therefore she “saved my life” shit. It’s more like I couldn’t find my own injury but she stopped it from hurting by just being there with me. No matter the situation. Whether it was when I was 1,500+ miles away or just inches away she helped me push through everything that would’ve broken me. Thank you so much for existing in my era. Xox

This piece is heavily inspired by Jenny Holzers ‘Truisms’ poem. Her diverse yet obvious stanzas created beauty by the things we see and hear everyday. Basic knowledge formed together to create a intricate puzzle like piece that allows the mind to gain an insightful view. Thank you Jenny.
Alongside being dedicated to my best friend Jaedin it is dedicated to those who did me wrong.
Sorry to kill your vibes but no one can bring me down no matter how long they try. With all love and no hate <3


This is art. This is real. This is raw. I speak my mind and express everything I see and understand. This ain’t some politics-free Facebook post. Not wanting to argument with family members shit. I’ve been blocked by family members for the things I’ve said. My aunt blocked me after posting pro-black lives matter messages on my Facebook. Apparently not wanting to see my half blood brother on the news is too offensive. Wanting justice for innocent people was “too much”. Putting bad cops in the system they avoid was “too excessive”. If you can’t respect my existence or my families and friends then fuck you. This country has been hypocritical since the day it was founded, but overtime new laws and such have been put into the system yet they still treat us like the cameras ain’t recording, like the wounds ain’t showing, like the pain ain’t growing.
So realize that this piece isn’t some school assembly script. This is raw and uncut like Trumps Twitter minus the fact that I’m not a damn idiot.
Also while reading this piece you have to be in touch with the other side. By that I mean you have to be relaxed and at peace. Plug in headphones, white noise machine, open the window, do what you gotta do to be ready to see instead of just read. It’s like a deep song with curse words in it. You can’t listen for the words, you have to listen for the meaning. If Van Gogh painted Starry Night in an art class no one would fully appreciate it for the way it was meant to be. Art is three dimensional and up. It can be seen from many sides. Although all of them can be justified, when the artist explains what his two dimensional view of the piece is you gotta just sit back in amazement. The whole time I was writing this I had that mindset. This my canvas mindset. Knowing that each stroke on the white surface has to be better than the last.
So here is my piece. My canvas. I hope you enjoy and understand.

Here is “Lucidity Roses”

america is the biggest terrorist threat not isis
all lives matter movement is a fictional movement
anatomy is important for love
astrology isn’t a science
arian advantages are my disadvantages
america escaped tyrannical governments only to become one
abortion isn’t murder
amendments have been broken
atheists are people not afraid of death
aberrant people are the future
able bodied people are the most lazy
abolish our current government
abrasive people are common
absolutism is always a bad idea
abstemious people are annoying
absorption of countries kills cultures
acquaintance is a rude way of saying relationship
adeptness is underrated
altruism is key for humanity
apathy controls our motivations
astronomy is observable and beautiful
amassing is dangerous
anonymity people keep the truth alive
aflame is the best way to describe America right now
aptitude lovers are real
aridity is rising

beautiful mornings happen everyday
borders don’t stop shit
branding runs capitalism
blue lives matter is equal to all lives matters
blue people don’t exist
bernie should’ve won
bravery comes in many forms
bruce becoming caitlin was important for this generation
baby boomers blame everything on anyone younger
bombs are never precise
boys don’t cry, men do tho
bitches aren’t women
bad bitch isn’t a compliment
babies show us life in it’s pure form
baptism doesn’t save every child of god
baptism didn’t keep me holy
bottles ease the pain
boredom is a first world problem
bacteria is everywhere germaphobes
being called something besides your name is great
blonde was album of the year
black lives matter
buying expensive things have repercussions
baffling is trumps best and only skill
burning the flag doesn’t help anything
basketball is the best sport

crying in the rain feels good
creativity is the key to a new world
conspiracy theories aren’t reality
cherry blossoms are natures physical form of love
condolences are appreciated
cancer can be stopped
censorship stops art
ceasefires never truly cease fire
cultures are not to be mocked
colors all have meaning
codes control our superficial social media
currently waiting for closure
classical mythologies were once religions
civilizations never disappear fully
cobain was murdered
ceasar once ruled the world
callisto needs to be explored
carbon dioxide emissions are real
cherokee are the toughest natives
christmas is definitely the most wonderful time
chickenpox in america wasn’t an accident
cold war was the scariest war
columbus didn’t find shit
captain avery was a genius
camo clothes are never out of fashion
crucifixion is over the top

dark nights only make brighter days
death penalty is overpriced
depression is real
denying science and facts gave us trump
don’t argue with science
devil dances to inner city anthems
death lurking in my thoughts lately
da vinci was the closest thing to perfection
drake runs our generation
dogs are impossible to hate
divinity is possible in our form
diamonds are perfection
doomsayers don’t enjoy their life
dormant volcanoes are relatable
dancing is art
dinosaurs exist
despite being held back we succeeded
desperate people are the most sick
different place this planet is nowadays
dying is overrated
dust shows authenticity
dyed my hair for this rebirth
defense is a form of offense
dreams mean something
doing thangs for myself
deities exist in us

“every night fucks everyday up”
emptiness is a curse
everyone is beautiful in their own way
exercise is a reliable stress reliever
eagles are sacred
earth deserves better
easter island disappeared
electromagnetism control our sense of direction
extinct species show how precious life is
endorphins are off in my mind
epicenter disasters happen in our minds too
egyptians had the smarts of unearthly creatures
einstein got sad over things he didn’t understand too
errors in our ways are to be fixed not ignored
effective ways to love vary on the person
elsewhere exist on our minds
equality is bullshitted in our world
eventually everything falls
endings are emotionally exhausting
efforts mean everything
egos are killed by assholes
education isn’t always important for a better world
eternal life happens when you love life
ethnic cleansing still happens today
ethics are not negotiable
eyes perceive more than the physical

fuck trump by the way
fires burn inside
flowers are unreal
football is a life damaging sport
“faults break into pieces”
freezing points are breaking points
futura is a great font
fonts are key pieces for expression
focusing isn’t something gained through pills
fallacies run our political system
futuristic ideas were once sci-fi ideas
finding love is very important
fire was once considered magic
freedom isn’t real in america
fresh fruits are being created as if they were artificial
for the last time the earth isn’t flat
fascism exist in our america
fuel exist in many forms
feminism is needed for this generation
fake love is true evil
false prophets are average humans
fables are more than just cute
fake news doesn’t exist only inaccurate news
faithfulness isn’t difficult when you aren’t an asshole
fanatics are just passionate, not crazy
feedback is appreciated

guys can be pretty too
generalization is the key to all problems
global warming is real
great barrier reef is almost gone
gothic art is the realist art
gambling is the currency form of lust
geniuses exist in many fields
generosity can go a long way
geometry is the simplest form of math
ghost exist
giggles are always nice
glaciers are separating
glaring is rude
girls glisten
glitter beauty is magical
goddesses are women
goals should always be pursued
go all out with anything you
get some time for yourself
gain respect towards those who hurt from things you can’t see
great wall didn’t stop the mongols
good people exist
gasoline isn’t worth killing people over
goodnight messages mean a lot
good morning messages mean more
gestures mean more than words

hells exist beyond our minds
health care should always be free
heavens exist in our minds
hesitation kills motivation
highly favorable people were once underrated
homophobia isn’t real, being an asshole is
homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality
hogs represent rich people
houses aren’t homes unless they’re made into one
home is where the love is
highlights of life are everything without a price
high beams on a dark road
how do some people live with themselves?
hidden in plain sight things are extraordinary
hello starts every conversation
height is superficial
hierarchy only worked for the pharaohs
hire the unfavored
heels shouldn’t be a beauty standard
heavens gate is no different from christianity
heavens gate is a religion
hashtag save our girls
happiness has me believing i made heaven
harassment is cruel to humanity
hardly anything is real anymore
help is never too far away

i feel like pablo making my own art
i’m just human
isis doesn’t represent islam
imperialism is the reason rome fell
imperialism is the reason we shall fall
immigrants made america
i’m sad as shit when i’m alone
i can also be happy as shit when i’m alone
i see race i just don’t care about it
internet is overrated and superficial
inferior things are not always the problem
invasion of foreign countries is never reasonable
ice cream is good for the soul
ignorance isn’t a bliss
illogical facts are “alternative facts”
illumination of the mind is inspiring
imagination is the only drug we need
islam has no relation to terrorism
impossible is only a word
infuriating people lead to a dumber generation
infallible beliefs are close minded
inhabiting foreign lands ruined cultures
informing is not insulting
innovation is suppressed in our world
instincts are always right
intelligence is uncommon

jim jones was the furthest thing from the messiah
jesus was brown
jean-michel basquait was our van gogh
just kidding isn’t an excuse for your assholeness
jealousy ruins more relationships than actual issues
jewels aren’t worth the killing
judges have sympathy
journalists can be bias
joy is a great feeling
justice is failing in america
judging others is natural
jungles need protection
jades are the perfect shade of green
jewelry is a classism statement
journey around the world if you can
jump into new things don’t be scared
jokes keep the sadness at bay
jumble things are sometimes more beautiful than neat things
jaunts are good for you
jigsaws relate to our lives
justifying racism is impossible
judaism is the most neglected religion
join the cause
jackson was killed by a doctor
jerichos’ horn is heard all around world
just wondering if i’ll make it in life

keep thinking positive things and they will happen
killing for peace is a hypocritical phenomenon
kings never end happily ever after
kind people are the most beautiful
keep your family close
knowing isn’t always understanding
kkk is a terrorist organization
kids bring the family together
kanye is a smart man
keep yourself your number one priority
kissing is just as addictive as drugs
kahlo is the best artist ever
karma will get you
k and i met at the wrong time
keep the bullshit away
kaleidoscopes sparked my creativity
kd betrayed his team
keep it real
keep the faith
kepler telescope watches the heavens
kepler-452b is our last resort
kgb tactics are still in use
kick back and get dreamin
killing the innocent happens too often
killing by accident happens too
kidnapping is the worst crime against humanity

loving and sex are two different things
legends never live
life is a clusterfuck
love doesn’t have a gender
loneliness craves company
lying is an insult to ones morality
les brown motivates me
lucidity roses is my canvas
lucidity roses is life
lust for life
losing is better than not trying
living shouldn’t be bordered by rules
lying is an insult to yourself
leaving incompetent people isn’t wrong or bad
loving those who others don’t is perfect
let go every once and awhile
laws shouldn’t be bribed
lawyers shouldn’t defend sick people
lurking gets us hurt
lies formed history
last night stories are the best
lately i’ve been feeling sad
lyrics always have deeper meanings
last doesn’t always mean something bad
lines divide us like paper
layoffs are necessary for a new world

majorities blame their problems on minorities
mind over matter
meditation is a mental workout
mental injuries are worse than physical ones
make america united again
make your dreams a reality
men don’t understand motherhood
motherhood is a connection like no other
“my eyes had a gleam once”
my intentions are always good, my actions aren’t always tho
meddling in others relationships is disrespectful
mexico is a beautiful country manipulated by our politicians
managing friendships is tiring
morgues show us life after death
minerals are running low
mindsets vary on time sets
marrying just to cheat is unacceptable and wrong
mothers are responsible for our nurture vs nature thinking
missing people who hurt you is ass-backwards
“might've” has no meaning in the present
masculinization insults the free spirits
makaveli escaped to cuba
magna carta is the way of the people
mask show more than the person behind it
medications should be free
mcdonalds runs america

nothing happens for a reason
nights with the person you love is better than anything
nothing is as intimate as love
never have i or will i say “president trump”
narcissism got me through my depression
nihilism is the truest religion
‘no more parties in la’
nobody pray for me!
no means no
never think about the past
names always deserve a deeper meaning
narrow minded people are ruining our country
nikes is perfect
natural beauty is the perfect form of art
news stations are almost always biased
nirvana is close by..
nagging gets you nowhere
nowadays people aren’t living in the now
newcomers deserve respect
newcomers deserve recognition
nazism is still active in america
north is the main direction
never love someone you wouldn’t wanna wake up with
narcotics control the banks
nasa deserves better
never judge something you don’t understand

our system is corroded
ousting exposes jealousy
outfits describe our personalities
overnight love is the best
ocean needs protection
oceans display vibes
omitting happiness is brighter than any rays
omega is more dominant than alpha
order is tyrannical
orgasms vary
oracles saw illusions
odd problems can become the most dangerous
ones mental state is a number one priority
oak is the most refreshing wood
obligate yourself to everything you love
oblivion exist only if you open the portal to it
oblivious people are the loudest
only illegal humans are those who manipulate the public
our greatest internal struggle is wanting what we give
old white people should have no say on racial issues
obliterating countries doesn’t solve problems
obnoxious people are common
occasional personal days are necessary
off days are the worst days
offer yourself to the ones you love
old times are gone, forget them

past civilizations were more advanced than current ones
peoples temple was a suicide group
political corruption runs our system
police gotta stop killing us
pro-black isn’t anti-white
philosophies vary on mindsets
philosophers were once seen as irrelevant
picassos’ rose period is my life season
political parties are for small minded people
politics separated my family
permafrost love is gonna be a visual
perfect people only exist when you become in love with someone
pesticides are just as bad for humans than bugs
push through the tough shit
pulling someone closer is a form of intimacy
purple is a sexual color
purest forms of intimacy are decided by lovers
please love someone before you leave this planet
peaceful protest are always manipulated by fox news
party whenever you can for however long you can
pretty isn’t a girl only word
panama was split for financial reasons
peaks are the top of our lives
pastor keeps the followers with hope
paparazzi got no respect
please don’t stop living

quit slut shaming sexually active people
quit calling every female a bitch
quality over quantity all the time
questions without answers are possible
quiet people are a blessing
quotes were unappreciated at their time
qualm thoughts are stressful
quantum mechanics are the future
qualified people can still be stupid
queens don’t need kings
quickly doing things is sloppy
quicksand is the physical metaphor of depression
quilts are comfortable canvases
quixotic love is the best love
quizzing us on things we don’t know is irrational
quotation marks aren’t needed for the words you say
quran isn’t evil
quran is equal to the beautiful
quarantining sad people is cruel
quarantined orcas need to be freed #fuckseaworld
quite a few good things in life we don’t appreciate
quitting is never the answer
quit fucking with people who don’t care for you
queer isn’t an insult
question everything you don’t understand
quasars represent underdogs

reverse racism isn’t real
respect your elders those who respect you
roses show more beauty than we can comprehend
“respect existence or expect resistance”
rest in peace selena
respect for women shouldn’t be gained through knowing one
remember the good days every chance you get
real friends make time for you
release week was dope
reality is distorted
raw art is the truth we need
ranting proves you can think
random compliments are the best compliments
reading puts you in another world
reducing stress is impossible in our world
refusing facts isn’t always because ignorance
remember that you matter
runaway with the person you love
runaway is also a perfect song, thanx kanye
roses are red
roses aren’t dead
riding with your friends is peaceful
reintroducing people is lovely
radiation levels are unnatural
radical ideas are barbaric
rapist don’t deserve a casket

“special shoutout to the icon dynasty slip and slide records”
science is the forerunner of every subject
self control is a uncommon blessing
support planned parenthood
support stem cell research
sexism is at an all time high
sadness has me believing i belong in a sanitarium
sexual fantasies are normal
scientist don’t lie, politicians do
stop being scared
secrets are esoteric
seducing has to be wanted
school makes me feel stupid
sadness dissipates when we begin to live
smoking kills
shea made me sad
shan made me happy
strong people exist
satanist aren’t bad people
say no to *bad* drugs
seeing old friends is refreshing
sad and mad emotions ruin lives
safe sex is rare
saints were once sinners
sinners were once saints
see what i’m saying?

tranquility is achieved through our minds
the meaning of life is happiness
thank you for the inspiration frank o.
tupac is still alive for me
the world is ours
taste of lips is a drug
the only thing we need is love
tattoos tell stories that words can’t
“to die without leaving a corpse..”
thank the universe or your deity everyday
“torture is barbaric”
the day is as only as bright as you make it
tired is a real excuse for not doing things
trading your soul for something always ends bad
trendsetters aren’t original
treat everyone you meet with respect
trying to educate the ignorant is pointless
tattoos at a young age show defiance
tattoos don’t look gross when you get older
tips are small but meaningful
today is the beginning of a new life.
timid people are usually the brightest
tacky clothes are fun
tell people how special they are
tell your deepest secrets to no one
take it easy

uncles’ are usually pieces of shit..lookin at you lencho
using someone for sex is inhumane
ultimately what defines us is our actions, not words
u is the saddest song ever
umbrellas are cliché
understanding someone helps them get better
unfortunately we can’t stop time
under pressure we can sprout
unite the world together again
unlikely doesn’t mean impossible
unless you’re dead nothing can stop you
unusual organisms see us as unusual too
urges can be handled
uplift everyones spirits
unnamed sources are the realist sources
untruth the lies
using the system to beat it is smart
unnecessary comments don’t have to be necessary
upload your experiences
update your friends as much as possible
urgent care is a sad place
universe is in us
us is nice to say
uttering words isn’t always the best idea
urban legends are fun to read about
until we stop fighting we’ll never start loving

violins are the most beautiful instrument
vibrant things give me happiness
videotapes are ancient
versatile mindsets are necessary
very important people are not strangers with money
vikings found america
vivid dreams are future scenes
vaccines don’t cause autism
voice your opinion no matter where you live
volume never seems loud enough
version one is draft like
vintage art is overrated
verbal abuse is the worst
versions show both sides
view life differently
vote based off personality not political party
valleys are scary
versace is godlike
voices are deceiving
vaults are examples of paranoia
vice versa situations are just normal situations
very good people are always unheard of
veterans shouldn’t be veterans
venture into the wild
visit family as much as you can
versus the world

would trump let jesus in our country?
women deserve better
“wishing things away is not effective” quote jenny
we face the inner struggle of the penitent and impenitent thief
war on drugs is a waste of time and money
wes lang is the descendant of basquait
women can hurt men too
whiners can’t be choosers
winning is just as scary as losing
wearing all black is beautiful
wanting what you can’t have is cruel
would you like you?
wishing for the best holds back the best
watching people be themselves is interesting
why do they keep killing us?
when’s tranquility gonna reach us
welcome new people like family
weddings are a form of art
why questions will never be answered
why are we here?
why do we battle things we can’t see?
why do good things happen to bad people?
why do bad things happen to good people?
why is there a why if it can’t be answered?
willpower is yours
winning is the only option

xenophobia is wrong not matter how trump puts it
xenophile is a lover for high class things
xerophytic people are the strong yet depressed humans
xanax are for those sad people
xeriscape was created for another dustbowl
xerothermic weather isn’t normal
xenobiotic compounds are even antihuman
xerophile organisms are relatable
xenogeny is the creation and start of life
xat have spiritual energies
xenocide is happening to our own species
xenoepist think you’re a xenoepist
xenomorphs exist
xeronisus happens when you don’t love that person
xickovit of this country
xox means a lot to me
x’ing out the bad people like tic-tac-toe
xanthippe was the opposite of socrates
xenial countries are declining
xenocracy founded america
xenophobia is runs our country right now
xenophobic is like homophobic, so it’s not real
xanax are bad for you
xenophiles need to know their boundaries
x marks the spot

you don’t have to be in love to make love
yelling should only be for sports events
years pass like the seasons
year-round happiness is important
yikes at our country
yearbooks shouldn’t be the only time we appreciate each other
yearning is a sin but an understandable one
yearlong relationships are rare
yellow is the most vibrant color
y chromosome organisms have no right over double x organisms
y chromosome doesn’t excuse being disrespectful
yellowstone is gonna explode soon
yes is all you need to hear for consent
ying yang symbol is life in simple terms
yogism is the purest philosophy
you can’t expect the unexpected
your only priority is you
you’ll never know what someone else is going through
you are loved
you are noticed
you are always on someones mind
you deserve better
you can succeed
you can inspire
you will be happy
you are you

zenith empires eventually fell
zero was created by the mayans
zodiac signs are bullshit
zygotes show us how related we are
zeal mindsets are important for our generation
zelo was nikes brother
zeal mindsets can be dangerous
zero first world problems are important
zuckerberg made billions off our generation
zirconia isn’t diamond
zero hour is the best time of the day
zeta is an unearthly letter
zev (zero emission vehicles) were the future
zigzagging down a dark road
zika needs to be defeated.
zionism fucked over jerusalem
zodiac killer was found
zoos’ need to be more natural
zebra stripes are mesmerizing
zealous juries can free the criminals
zaddy turns no one on
zoning people out is risky
zombies is who our voting system was built for
zoetropes still amaze me
zero stars show in the daytime
zero people can talk shit about me now

Everything in this project has meaning. Everything. I would stay up til the early hours of the morning just thinking and trying to tell my story while correlating it with symbols and clues. Notice how there is every letter in the alphabet on here twenty six times? That was a tribute to Holzers style she had on “Truisms”. Notice how every letter is lowercased? Also a tribute to Holzer. The cover art, hand drawn by the way, the cover is a skull with three roses coming out of it. Those three roses represent the three loves of my life. From best to worst going left to right. The words above them show what they gave and introduced me to. Love, lust, and lorn. All of these things are apart of life. The three emotions we all are controlled by in life. The three things that can break us from ourselves. That’s why the skull is there. After all those things I had to endure I felt nothing but dead inside. On the outside it was visible too. From the days my mother would ask me what’s wrong to the days I would break down at school. It was visible. I seemed dead on the inside. They say nothing is as dry as the bone, but I found a way to push through. My rebirth allowed me to show the world I am still here. After my battles with love a rose grew, after my battles with lust a rose grew, and even after being beat down and almost held away from the light that helped me grow, a rose grew from lorn. I am still recovering from these three things. The roses vary in stages because of this. Lorn was the most impactful on me hence why the rose is the smallest of the three. It is taking time to heal from these things, but I am reborn. Three things that have claimed my last three years. From the day after middle school ended where I was in my room all day crying because I never took a chance at shit to the first day of suicide watch. These are my past lessons. This is my life. Thank you all for allowing me to fully expose this. I hope that this can inspire you to become the best you. I hope this can inspire you that no matter how crazy, lonely, and heartbroken you feel you’re never alone on this crazy ride we call life. Thank you very much. Xoxo

P.S – Three is my lucky number

When my mind was all clouded with distress.
What to do and what not hovered above my head
I saw an angel in the sky her smile so bright that cleared my clouded mind.

“What should I do angel is this what I deserve.”

With a smile she said

“It will take time be strong my friend”

We talked night and day
My eyes filled with tears collecting courage I would say

“What if I let you down angel what if I lose you”
Maintaining her angelic smile on her astral face she’d say

“I believe in you I know you won’t.”

My heart embraced warmth
Tears escaping my eyes.
Her answers so overwhelming even my soul started crying.

Only one question in my mind
“Do we still have angels like her, these days.


Dedicated to @denmysterywoman
The angel I met on tumblr.
This is an excerpt of our story.
You inspire me maam.