let me cry a river


Sessue Hayakawa (早川 雪洲, June 10, 1889 – November 23, 1973) was a Japanese Issei actor who starred in American, Japanese, French, German, and British films. Hayakawa was active at the outset of the American film industry. He was the first Asian actor to find stardom in the United States and Europe. He is the first Asian American as well as the first Japanese American movie star and the first Asian American leading man. His “broodingly handsome” good looks and typecasting as a sinister villain with sexual dominance made him a heartthrob among American women, and the first male sex symbol of Hollywood, several years in advance of Rudolph Valentino. During those early years, Hayakawa was as well known and as popular as Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, although today his name is largely unknown to the public.

His popularity, sex appeal, and extravagant lifestyle (e.g., his wild parties and his gold-plated Pierce-Arrow) may have fed tension within segments of American society and led to discriminatory stereotypes and the desexualization of Asian men in American productions, something that continues to today in Modern Hollywood, as exemplified by the controversial character of I.Y. Yunioshi in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Hayakawa refused to adopt the negative stereotypes. He abandoned Hollywood for European cinema and there he was treated equally. Hayakawa’s friendships with American actors led him to return to Hollywood. He was one of the highest paid stars of his time, earning $5,000 per week in 1915, and $2 million per year through his own production company during the 1920s. He starred in over eighty movies, and two of his films stand in the United States National Film Registry. Of his English-language films, Hayakawa is probably best known for his role as Colonel Saito in the film The Bridge on the River Kwai, for which he received a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1957. He also appeared in the 1950 film Three Came Home and as the pirate leader in Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson in 1960. In addition to his film acting career, Hayakawa was a theatre actor, film and theatre producer, film director, screenwriter, novelist, martial artist, member of the French Resistance, and a Zen master.

Twelve said that Thirteen can’t tell anyone her name… except children. Because children would understand it, if their heart was in the right place. Does that mean Eleven told River his name when she was a child and that’s why she’s the only one besides the Doctor who knows his name?

The Zodiac Signs Stereotypes

Aries: “Fight me”
Taurus: “I need food” *hungry*
Gemini: talks shit
Cancer: cry me a river
Virgo: *organized* *prepared* “NO GERMS”
Libra: gossip girl. *FAKE ASF*
Scorpio: death.
Sagittarius: flake & can’t do relationships
Capricorn: basic bitch
Aquarius: aliens
Pisces: fish, just keep swimming.


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21 with mchanzo?

Vampire!McHanzo x reader

I hope head canons are okay, I’ve been working on other fics so this was something different to do. I took this as poly so if you’d like something different just request it with the changes, or if you want a fic based off this let me know!

Song: Justin Timberlake-Cry Me A River

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  • Constantly fighting over you, they just both cant get enough of you.
    • LOTS and lots of attention from them.
  • Although they fight over you, they are never rude with you. They are always very gentlemen a-like to you.
  • They are very very gentle with you, as if you might break at any moment when it comes to physical affection.
    • Although, there’s always that night when they both just need to fuck the life out of you.
  • While they both prefer to spend time with you at separate times, they’ll both come to your will and you all will spend time together at your so desire. 
    • You are their Queen and they will bow at your will.
  • INSANELY STRONG, you cant escape their grasp when it comes to anything.
  • Although they dont need to sleep, they’ll still spend time with you in bed. You being in the middle of them.
    • Preferably Hanzo spooning you from the back while you hug McCree, falling asleep soundly.
  • They constantly have you drink fluids from all the bites you take from them.
    • They dont want to kill you by drinking all of your blood, so they have to very occasionally go out and kill someone very much to your disliking but you bear it.
  • major: nutritional science 
  • minor: kinesiology 
  • sports: football, assistant swim coach 
  • clubs: brazilian jiu jitsu club, he plays in a rock band on campus 
  • seungcheol is like the most fit person on all of campus. like he follows a strict diet of specific grains and vegetables and lean meat and is the one person up at 5 am doing a jog three times around campus
  • he always has his duffel bag over his shoulder and a towel around his neck. wears sweatpants in the winter and basketball shorts in the summer to class almost exclusively 
  • all the student athletes adore him, especially the freshman’s who see him as a sports god and he’s like. their dad. like he’s not a mean jock who ignores them he’s like actually really helpful and plays casually with them when they’re not at practice and probably goes around ruffling their hair like they’re his sons and it’s adorable
  • is one of the star football players on the team, and would have been a star swimmer too if he had the time but instead he just comes every now and then to help out the coach. 
  • when people first meet him they’re like “oh they stereotypical ‘got-into-college-on-a-sports-scholarship-douche” but the moment seungcheol smiles and makes the corniest father joke they’ve ever heard everyones automatically like what no . we take it back. this person is buff and intimidating on the outside but a soft tart meme on the inside
  • seungcheol: “hell yeah i cried when we won nationals last year, what you think im not going to admit i cried? let me tell you i didn’t cry- i sobbed - the entire han river came flowing out of my eyes-”
  • and you hate to admit it but you kind of pre-judged him too. see you meet seungcheol in your core biology class and you’re paired up with him in a group lab. almost immediately seungcheol introduces himself to everyone first and is all smiles and sweet and the two girls who are in your group also start fawning over his biceps while the other guy is just like asking seungcheol a bunch of questions about trying out for the football team and you’re sitting there with your notebook like: “guys. the lab?”
  • and seungcheol grins your way and you kinda like awkwardly look down because already you’re annoyed that they’re not doing their work and you’re like this guy probably only knows things about football im gonna have to do all the work
  • and it irks you and basically seungcheol rubs you the wrong way until class is over and you’re walking out into the hall, taking your phone out to complain to your friend through text
  • when you feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn around to see seungcheol and he’s like “hey, i know we aren’t friends or anything like that, but you seemed a little angry. im sorry we got off track, but i have some ideas for the lab - do you think i can send them to you?”
  • and you’re taken back because honestly you didn’t think he’d put any effort into this but you’re still cautious and you’re like “ok, by the way what’s your major?” and seungcheol’s like “nutritional science! minor in kinesiology because i want to specialize in physical therapy and athletic dieting after college.” and you’re looking at him like………..
  • ok i might have misjudged him when i thought he was only good for his body
  • (which by the way, you decide is worth fawning over like those girls in your group. like honestly you let yourself look at him and he’s handsome, but he’s also lean and strong and the veins in his hands are distracting and ok what no we’re getting OFF topic)
  • but you also like hand him your phone and you’re like “here, put in your contact.” and seungcheol’s happy smile turns into a kind of little smirk and you’re like ………… and seungcheol looks up and he’s like “were you about to tell your friend about me?” and you’re like “wha-”
  • but then you see your screen and it’s still on the message to your friend and all you managed to write was “there’s this guy in my group from the football team and like he’s hot but-” and you’re like 
  • and seungcheol is looking at you with his bottom lip between his teeth and you grab your phone back and you’re like
  • “we can talk about the lab next class. bye.”
  • and you RUN out of there and seungcheol is left standing in the dust but honestly he’s like
  • grinning to himself like; “this……is going to be interesting.”
  • and it is interesting. very interesting. as in you cannot make eye contact the next lab because the tEXT you got from mr. choi seungcheol was “oh here’s my list of ideas for the lab also thanks for calling me hot, i like a person that’s straightforward (;”
  • and you had stared at that winky face like what the hell does this mean
  • and seungcheol the second you sat down across from him in class leaned his head onto his hand and gave you a little smile 
  • and you just. like you are just OFFENDED
  • because he needs to stop. you need to get work done and like literally you hadn’t liked him when you first saw him but now you couldnt help but kind of maybe who knows….be interested in him a little more just a tinsy bit…..
  • but yeah you try to focus on the lab and engage your other partners, but again the girls are giggling over seungcheol’s fitted shirt and the boy’s ranting about how he’s see seungcheol score touchdowns at the last game
  • all the while seungcheol keeps looking only at you and you’re just like “…..i need to drop this bio lab and do chem instead or something…..”
  • but aside from seungcheol being flirty???? and basically never letting you live down the fact that you called him hot,,,,he’s incredibly intelligent and his ideas for the labs are good
  • and you and him are the only two actually doing the work and like you catch onto this and so does he
  • so like as the week passes you get a text from him and it’s like; “i think it’s up to us to save this lab. the other three don’t even know they’re in a bio class i think.”
  • and you wanna be like “yeah, because they think it’s seungcheol 101″ but you don’t wanna be Petty and you’re like “well, it’s the not the first time ive done all the work, but at least we have each other.”
  • and after sending it you’re like
  • ………….did i just write “at least we have eaCH OTHER” aM I OUT OF MY MIND
  • but seungcheol has already read the text and replies like “that, we do (;” and you’re like FriCK HIM AND HIs DUMB WINK EMOJI GOD
  • but also as the second week passes and you and seungcheol manage to start actually writing up everything for the lab seungcheol’s like 
  • “hey, we probably won’t have enough time if we only work while we’re in lab. come see me after practice tomorrow so we can go to the library?”
  • and honestly you wanna think of an excuse because goddammit he makes your heart race and you just don’t know if he’s playing around and it scares you but also this lab is like 50% of your grade and you want to finish and not pull like three all nighters so you agree
  • and you’re like “shouldn’t we invite the rest-”
  • and seungcheol’s like “do you really think that’ll help?” and you’re like rip you’re right
  • so the next day you don’t want to admit it but you actually plan a cuter outfit to wear to the library and you get there early with all your materials and as you’re sitting there you’re like
  • oh my god do i like seungcheol i put this cute outfit on for a boy who literally only wears sweats outside of football practice
  • but again, you’re too quick to judge, because all of a sudden there’s a guitar case set down on the table beside you and you look over to see seungcheol standing there
  • but this time the sweats are gone and instead there’s ripped up grey jeans, a flannel tied around his waist, and a acid-washed muscle t-shirt 
  • his ears, you notice, are pierced and the shirt’s dip is big enough for you to see a tattoo peek out from under 
  • and first of all you’re frozen
  • and second of all you’re speechless
  • and seungcheol’s like “sorry if we don’t get much done, i gotta be out by 8 to make it to the show at 9 otherwise the guys will kill me.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,, “they guys?” and seungcheol’s like “yeah, my band. they’re always on my ass about being late because of practice or class.”
  • and you’re like ….. “holy shit you’re in a band.” and he laughs into his hand like “yeah!! isn’t it obvious you know i thought the guitar and the jeans would give it away.”
  • and you’re like askhldfjgoefmrg WHAT i thought he was only into sports and like nutrition or something but here he is in front of you with a tattoo and a guitar and you’re like
  • “…..is it a rock band?” and seungcheol sits down next to you like “yeah, of course!”
  • and ok remember how you were like ‘wow do i really like him or is this just a fleeting thing’ WELL NOW You REALLY Are SURE YOU LIKE HIM because guitarist in a band whose physically fit as hell and smart….he’s the whole package aND THEN SOME
  • but you’re like @ yourself like ok ok ok chill we need to focus on the lab. the lab. don’t look at his tattoo, ok you’re looking at his tattoo, chill calm dow-
  • and seungcheol is scribbling something down and he’s talking but you’re like so distracted until finally seungcheol’s like
  • “hey, you’ve been working really hard on this with me and so you should come to the show tonight and relax.” and you’re like ,,,,the show? as in ,,,,,your bands show?????
  • and seungcheol grins like “yeah! it’s sold out but ill just take you through the back with me!” and you’re like “um i have class in the mor-” but seungcheol ruffles your hair and is like “c’mon live a little!”
  • and you’re like arent you the one whose like eat right and have a good sleep schedule??? and seungcheol laughs like yeah, but also sometimes you need to let go and do something fun
  • and that’s how you end up being pulled by the wrist by seungcheol into the loud backstage of a packed venue in central seoul and seungcheol introduces you to all these guys and girls full of tattoos and piercing who are all like “seungcheol, this one’s cute - look like a keeper!!!” and you’re like ????? are they talking about me??? and seungcheol just winks at you and you’re like STOP wiTH THE winks gOD
  • but yeah you can’t help but just see seungcheol in this whole new light and he’s just like,,,,he’s just so amazing and full of surprises and gosh he look so handsome tuning his guitar and right before he sets out onto the stage he leans in close to you and murmurs “is it ok if you give me something for goodluck?”
  • and your heartbeat quickens and you try to swallow the lump in your throat and you’re like “w-what-?” and seungcheol kisses the side of your lips so gently that you barely feel it but you do see the smirk he gives you before running out to start the show
  • and you’re left there, touching your skin and watching as seungcheol jumps around, swinging his guitar and screaming along with the fans to the lyrics
  • and ……..oh god this is all really happening
  • the show ends and seungcheol, sweaty but so so so so so happy joins you again
  • and before he can even ask; “how was it?” you reach up and throw your hands around his neck and pull im into a long, deep kiss
  • his bandmates break out into a hollering cheer and when you pull back you’re like 
  • and seungcheol searches your eyes until his smile lights up like a million sun rays and he wraps his arms around your waist and hoists you up so he can kiss you again and spin you
  • and ok it’s just the most spontaneous, best decision you’ve ever made
  • seungcheol gets someone to give you two a lift back to campus and he walks with you to your dorm and kisses you again until you’re breathless and he presses his forehead to yours and is like “see you in lab.”
  • and wow from that moment on you’re in bliss. you’re in LOVe
  • you come into your first class just giggling like an idiot all your friends are like ??????? until you’re like “guys. i made out with seungcheol from the football team.” and theY ALL LOSE IT
  • lab comes around and like you’re the first person from your group there so you take a seat where you usually are and one of the girls sits beside you until you hear a voice and it’s obviously seungcheol and he like taps the girls shoulder and is like
  • “hi, is it ok if i sit next to my baby?” and you’re like DID HE JUST and the girl looks between you two like “wh-wai-what-wait-what????” and seungcheol thanks her when she moves, still with her mouth hanging open and he just leans in to kiss you softly and ask how the lab is going
  • and you’re like “baby?” and he’s like “yes?” and you’re like “no i mean-” BUT TOO LATE CLASS STARTED HEHE
  • you learn super quickly that seungcheol loves to let people know about the two of you
  • like you leave lab and promise to see him the next morning for coffee and as you’re walking to another building like 6 people stop you to ask if you’re really dating seungcheol
  • and you’re like jesus news travels fast but honestly it’s just seungcheol got super giddy and told the whole damn football team. and swim team. and tennis team. and lacrosse team. and YOU see where im going w/this
  • you see him in the morning as promised to get coffee and seungcheol literally keeps you in a hug the whole time and he pulls you into his lap and you’re like oh my god we’re in front of people and he’s like ???so
  • one of your guy friends comes over to ask if you did the homework for another class and you feel seungcheol’s grip on your waist tighten and you’re like oh my god reaLLY
  • but it’s cute
  • anyway you guys have on lab left and finally you finish and like just after sending the e-mail to the teacher with the finished lab seungcheol is like
  • “you know, ive liked you since before we had bio together.” and you’re like “???? wait seriously???” and he’s like “yeah. i remember you from orientation when you got put into my group. you didn’t even look at me once, you kept nervously playing with your hands and reading over the college handbook. it was cute.”
  • and you’re like asdfhoadfsgef and you hit seungcheol playfully but he just catches your hand and gives it a kiss
  • and you’re like “seungcheol, i never thought id say this but im sorry. i want to apologize for misjudging you the first time we met.” and he just shrugs and is like “it’s fine. but you should make it up to me.” and you’re like ??how and he’s like “come to my show again this weekend. i love it when you’re by my side to support me.” and you hide your face in his neck like DONT say that but also ofc ill come
  • and it becomes a regular thing, you showing up to his shows and to his football games to cheer him on
  • the football team all starts referring to you as parent number two since seungcheol is parent number one and it’s adorable you bought snacks for the whole team once and they attacked you in hugs and seungcheol was pulling them off like “NO!!! you can only look you CANNOT TOUCH!!! NEW RULE!!!!”
  • they’re like “dAD come ONN” and seungcheol pulls you against him like “be grateful but be grateful from far away.”
  • he gets jealous way too easily, but you always just kiss him and reassure him it’s fine - you’re his
  • and it’s cute like he tries teaching you to play guitar when you guys are just hanging out on the quad
  • he like puts his hand over yours, guides your fingers with his own 
  • you wear one of seungcheol’s big shirts with his band logo to sleep because it’s comfy and reminds you of him
  • seungcheol tries to get you hype about exercising and once takes you jogging with him around the school at like 6 am and you’re dead 5 min in and seungcheol is like ok ok and just piggybacks you for the rest of his time and you’re like how are you human and he’s like a good diet and exercise 
  • seungcheol getting super passionate about his classes and what he’s learned when he’s talking to you and you love watching him be so engaged, like you can see the love in his eyes for sports and for helping people
  • he’s just a cute angel person who is SWOLE and is in a BAND 
  • the tattoo you find out is actually a tribute to his mom and you’re like THATS THE ……MOST CONSIDERATE cUTESt THING EVER
  • and seungcheol is like SHuSH i have to hide the tattoo from the football coach he doesn’t know and you’re like hehe still a tattoo for your mom seungcheol that’s adorable…..
  • jeonghan whose seungcheol’s best friend is just like “how do you put up with him?” and you’re like “what do you mean?” and jeonghan’s like “how do you put up with someone that flirts with you EVEN though you’re dating him?” and you’re like “what he does no-”
  • but then you look up and seungcheol sends a cheesy wink your way and you’re like “jeonghan, i really don’t know how i put up with it.”
  • you’re seungcheol’s sweet, soft s/o but when he’s playing football you get fired up and you’re like “CRUSH THEM BABY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!”  LOL seungcheol teases you for it but he loves it
  • seungcheol: “remember when you called me hot-” you: “stop living in the past seungcheol or i will purposely untune your guitar. seungcheol: “im sorry and i love you.” 

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“Hope concert in Gwangju 2009, Jaejoong met Yunho’s parents and got scolded by them. Even though Yunho’s mother still said that Jaejoong was so beautiful, clever, intelligent and respectful, well-behaved, they still didn’t allow YunJae. It is just because Jaejoong is a man. Then, Jaejoong was so sad, cried hard and wanted to say goodbye (again and again). When singing “Don’t say goodbye”, Jaejoong cried. At the backstage of the Hope concert, Jaejoong always tried to avoid Yunho.”
Friends Part 4 PREVIEW

When you and Bucky arrive at the party, Wanda pulls you to hug and you can see that she is already a little tipsy, which is odd in two years you never saw her drunk “You are late, Vision is shirtless and he has abs. Can you believe abs!” You laugh giving her, her present “Thank youuuu, you didn’t have too. Be here I will find a drink for you.”

You take off your shirt looking for someone to make you company, you doubt that you would see Wanda soon “Hey boys.” You say seeing Steve and Sam talking close to the pool “Hey, you look good, this explain why Bucky ran away for his bedroom.” You hit Sam arms “Don’t be gross, Sam.”

Steve laughs giving you a beer, you thank him “You know your boyfriend is here.” Your attention comes back to Sam as he says this, you don’t know what he is talking about it. You never invited Dan like Wanda wanted “What? I don’t have a boyfriend.” Sam rolls his eyes at you “Fine, your date Dan. Last time I saw him he was talking with Tony by the grill.”

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Friends part 9 PREVIEW

On Tuesday night, you were in your pajamas that consist Bucky’s gray shirt and a pair of shorts. You were eating dinner when you hear the doorbell ring, you don’t even think about, you run to answer but your heart stops when you see Steve there.

“What happened? He is hurt?” You ask pulling him to a hug, you feel the tears in your face. You have to put yourself together “He is alive, he has a few broken ribs, one broken arm and he hit his head pretty hard. But the reason I am here, it’s because the mission took a lot of him mentally, he needs to talk to someone and he is not talking to me. Do you mind, giving a try?”

You take a deep breath, he is alive and for now, that is all the matter “Of course not, let me put some shoes and grab my purse.” You wipe the tears off your face putting some jeans and the first pair of shoes that you can find “Come on, let’s go.”

The 45-minute ride until the compound is long and silent. You are too nervous, hoping that he is okay while Steve was focusing on the road. You notice that Steve has a bruised cheek and he looks really tired “Why didn’t you called me? You could be sleeping right now.”

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tears; jimin |a|

“I swear I didn’t mean for it to go as far as it did.”  
“Is that supposed to console me?” Her tone was sarcastic and sharp and I deserved it for what I did to her. “It shouldn’t have even started!”  
“I know, but baby yo-”
“No,” she chuckled darkly.“Absolutely not. There is no way in hell I am going to let you call me that ever again.”  
“Don’t be like this!” I could hear how exasperated I sounded, the frustration piling up because if only she would just listen to me.  
“What, did you expect me to roll over and forgive you? Are you that deluded?”  
“No, but I expected you to listen to me.” Lines creased her forehead, the effort of keeping her explosive temper under control showing plainly in her body language. Hands on her hips defiantly, she allowed me to speak to try and win her forgiveness, but nothing about her seemed forgiving any more.  

Taking a deep breath, I collected my thoughts under her unwavering gaze. Our entire relationship depended on me in this moment and my hands shook at the thought.  
“I was lonely, I thought we were over and she listened, like, really listened to how I felt. She was so understanding and we were sat so close that it didn’t even seem like a stretch for us to kiss. We started making out and it made me forget. I was hurting and I just wanted it to stop… the sex made it stop.” My eyes had drifted down, too ashamed to see the hurt that must have flashed across her face, but when I looked up, her gaze was steadfast and on me.  
“Did I hurt you that bad?” Her question caught me off guard.
“Did I hurt you so bad that you had to keep going back? You had to keep forgetting?” She spoke as though she was simply stating a fact. There was no emotion behind it. I couldn’t pinpoint her tone anymore, an unnerving mixture between indifference and anger.

Everything was falling apart. It lay in ruins at my feet, the structure both of us had so carefully built up was tumbling around us and there was nothing I could do. Nothing was going to save us.  
“You can’t even answer, that’s how pathetic you are. You just stand there, feeling sorry for yourself when you have no right. The situation we’re in right now is completely your fault, because you can’t cope like a normal person. You have to find the nearest thing with a pulse and some boobs and fuck it because poor little Jiminie had his feelings hurt and his mean old girlfriend won’t let him bend her over the kitchen table. Cry me a fucking river, you vile piece of shit.”  

I stood there, tears just seconds away from falling, taking everything she threw at me because I deserved it and she was right. Silence descended, a pall that blinded and choked us mercilessly, refusing to relent its terrible grip.  
“I’ll leave.” My voice was a pathetic squeak and it embarrassed me how I was the one crying.  
“No one wants you here so it’s probably the smartest choice.” Overflowing with hate, her voice cut through me, the tears finally falling. She walked ahead of me to the door, watching my every step with furious eyes.

When I reached the front step, I turned back only to notice the light of the moon lit up the tears in her eyes. I gave one last try to build something from the debris.
“It didn’t mean anything to me, at all,” I told her sincerely. When she gave a sad smile I knew there was no point in trying any longer. She was gone.  
“You love her. I know you, Jimin, and I know that there is no way sex can be just sex for you - it will always mean something. She comforted you when you were vulnerable and needed it and you love her for that. That’s why I want you to leave and never come back, not because I want you to be happy, but because if you come back begging for my forgiveness I won’t be able to stop myself from breaking your nose.” Without an ounce of hesitation she slammed the door in my face with such a force that I knew she meant what she said.