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One Direction star Zayn Malik’s guitars arrive in Dundee for charity auction:

Two guitars donated by pop superstars One Direction have arrived in Dundee to be auctioned for sick children. The instruments have been given to raise cash for Ninewells Hospital.

Zayn Malik, who with his bandmates recently played a sell-out concert at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium, had pledged an acoustic Fender guitar to the Kean’s Children Fund.

It’s hoped it will raise more than £20,000 for the charity. The guitar has now arrived safely in Dundee, and it came with a surprise bonus — a second guitar

Charity founder Charlie Kean explained: “What they said to me, when I took some kids up to meet them at Murrayfield the other week, was that they wanted to use the guitars to raise as much money as possible for the ward.

“They had been given a Gibson, but none of them play it. It’s worth about £2,000 or £3,000. It looks stunning and it’s in a beautiful leather case.”

Charlie is organising an online auction for the guitars and was quick to praise the boys. He said: “You hear all the negative things about them, but people don’t know what they are really like. People don’t know how much they do for charity.

“The Fender has their fingerprints all over it and Zayn’s signature. Zayn’s also written a message for whoever gets it, wishing them well.

“Zayn told me, ‘I will never use it again. It just sits in the house gathering dust. I asked mum what I should do with the guitar and she said ‘I think you should give it to Charlie Kean’.

“Zayn is such a good person.” The money raised from the auction will be used to buy iPads for the children’s ward at Ninewells.

Charlie added: “The kids can use the iPads to Skype their friends and families. I don’t know what Skype is though. Zayn asked me if I wanted to Skype and I didn’t know what it was. I’m too old for that sort of technology, but I understand the kids want to be able to do it.”