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Shades and Fades

This one’s for @pale-silver-comb in exchange for venting and letting me vent back. It just happened. IDEK but I had to share it so here ya go dear <3

Stiles sighs loudly enough that Derek looks up from the book he’s reading on the couch across the room to where Stiles is sitting perched at their bar height table on a stool. When Stiles doesn’t say anything Derek waits it out, trying to figure out from his view of Stiles’ profile what the sigh was for. He gets distracted for just a second by a tiny new mole that appeared on Stiles’ ear lobe before he can see the edges of Stiles’ mouth turn down more pronounced than his resting concentration face.

Then Derek sees how his eyes are pinched, not quite angry but clearly not happy either. When Stiles starts drumming his fingers aggressively instead of using his hand to hold the mouse Derek quietly puts the book down and silently pads across the carpet to sidle up behind his husband.

Stiles doesn’t even jump when Derek wraps his arms around Stiles’ middle from behind. He just leans back and sighs even more deeply than the first time.

Derek ducks his head down and starts kissing a trail from behind Stiles’ ear, the one with the new mole, down his neck to his shoulder.

“What’s wrong, love?” he asks between kisses and tightens his hold on Stiles when he simply sighs again in return.

Derek rests his head on Stiles shoulder, waiting there unmoving until Stiles looks over and down at him.

He smiles when Stiles does but instead of smiling back Stiles pouts.

“I don’t like this anymore,” he declares softly and Derek is proud that his heart doesnt start to race. That his first thought isn’t that Stiles doesn’t like him anymore. They may only be two years into this whole marriage thing but he’s come a long way from that particular insecurity. Some days he still wonders why Stiles sticks around but he no longer questions that he will be there for Derek always.

Instead, Derek peers down at Stiles’ laptop and sees a word document open. It’s full of writing, the word count over 70,000 words and the page number makes Derek a little queasy at the thought of producing such a volume. It’s surprising though, if indeed Stiles is commenting on his writing that he doesn’t like anymore.

Derek scrunches his eyebrows in confusion as he clarifies, “You don’t like writing anymore?”

Stiles shakes his head immediately.

“No. I mean yes. I mean,” he brings his hands up to tug at his hair a little and takes a deep breath. “I still like writing. I still have all these thoughts and ideas and characters running through my head. I just. This,“ he waves a hand at the screen. “This is just not fun anymore.”

Derek pulls back and sits down on the stool next to Stiles, keeping an arm around his waist.

“But this is- this is Zoe and Oskar. You love writing Zoe and Oskar and their road trip adventures!”

Stiles sighs and slumps forward against the table top.

“I used to! But now I just, I can’t get fired up about it anymore, you know?” Stiles says pleadingly, like he’s begging Derek to understand.

Derek rubs a hand up and down Stiles’ back in what he hopes is a comforting manner.

“I get it,” he assures Stiles, trying to keep him calm, “It used to be new and exciting and you had things to prove with the story. You proved that a guy and a girl can be friends with no romantic undertones. And then you dealt with Zoe learning that asexuality is valid and varies through time. And Oskar had to learn to stand up for himself and not let his kind nature be taken for granted. Zoe had to learn not to be such a hard ass all the time.”

“Right! And now I just, every sentence I write feels like I’m wrapping up their characters and I’m not ready! I don’t want to be done with them but it’s just happening! It’s like it’s out of my control!”

Stiles pouts again and Derek stands to raise his hands and hold Stiles’ face gently before kissing those pouting lips.

“What if you think of something new, babe? What if there’s some other story that you find you need to tell, some other set of characters that need you to do them justice?” Derek asks gently.

“I know; I keep telling myself that. It’s just, writing Zoe and Oskar stories got me through a lot, you know? And like, it feels like I’m giving up,” Stiles says morosely.

“You’re not giving them up, hon,” Derek reassures him, “You’re moving on. There’s a difference. Besides, there’s nothing saying you can’t come back to them one day if you change your mind and think of some new challenge for them to face.”

Stiles brightens slightly at that and Derek lowers his hands, choosing to wrap him in a hug again instead, this time from the front. Stiles tucks his head into Derek’s neck and sighs again as he relaxes into the embrace.

“We’re still mourning the end of the saga,” he says firmly, only slightly muffled by Derek’s t-shirt.

Derek smirks to himself and presses a kiss to Stiles hair.

“I’ll go get some caramel cone ice cream and tacos. There should still be chips and salsa here and there’s cupcakes from yesterday’s stress baking session.”

Stiles nods before pulling back just far enough to press a kiss to Derek’s lips.

“Thank you,” he says quietly and Derek nods a little before leaning back in for another kiss.

“Anytime babe. I knew what I was getting into when I married a broody writer.”

Stiles leans back and smacks Derek’s arm as Derek laughs.

“Just for that I am not going to make an oatmeal chocolate chip cake to share with you during the mourning period.”

Derek’s face falls in mock sadness.

“Oh, darn. I’ll just have to make it myself. How tragic.”

The last traces of sadness melt from Stiles’ expression as he laughs and waves Derek away.

“Go. Get the ice cream I’ll take out the cream cheese for the frosting and by the time you get back, The Grand Adventures of Zoe and Oskar will have ended.”


Derek goes to the store and picks up three tubs of the Haagen Dazs brand caramel cone ice cream, an extra bag of chips and then stops off at the liquor store for a couple bottles of wine.

Stiles writes non-stop for the next 24 hours. Finishing not only his 7th book in the series but also writing a farewell short extra and sending them off to his editor before he stops to sleep.

There’s cake waiting for him when he wakes up 15 hours later and a blank word document pulled up on his laptop. A blinking cursor urging him to write the next story already flowing through his thoughts.  

Didn’t happen to me, but happened to my assistant manager. Bride to be comes in with her mother and fiance. 

“Do you have hair combs?”

Manager: “Sure! Let me show you!”

She takes them to the wedding section and shows them the limited variety of hair combs that we have, as well as the stuff to make them. 

Bride: “Don’t you have any… other hair combs?”

Mother: -pulls out a few example photos- “We’re looking for something more like this.” Photos are from a bridal shop. A bridal shop… like the one across the street. 

Assistant Manager is about to say something, but Fiance decides to speak instead: “Oh-my-god. What a surprise! A craft store has all the things to make something but not the thing itself! How disappointing! How infuriating! How exactly what they advertise themselves as.”

Assistant Manager just kind of sits back and lets him take the wheel.

  • *today Mum swung by my office*
  • me: oh hi Mum!
  • Mum: *glares at my half-shaved half-dyed-turquoise hair* why do you keep doing that to your head? it's ugly.
  • me: i love it! it makes me feel like a futuristic warrior who's fighting for the next generation.
  • Mum: well, you're representing our family, and in that outfit you're an embarrassment to us all.
  • me: at least i've still got our sparkling personality!
  • Mum: whatever *leaves*
  • me: thanks for stopping by!

I’ve been thinking a bit about representation for trans people in rpgs, and what we’ve ended up with in Exalted. Like, I really do appreciate the length the writers have gone to and continue to go to to supply places for trans characters. I also think that we can’t really settle for just the setpieces, and I guess I have a bit of a weird problem with the way we’ve had it so far. The term I’ve come to use for it is situational transness, something that I think both Coral’s Tya and Chiaroscuro’s Dereth fall into.

This is a little long so I’ve put the rest under the cut.

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Some illustrations I’ve made the last two weeks; let me introduce you all to our project. We beach-combed a part of the Dutch coast on the first of April, and found a lot (and I mean 106) Sepia officinalis Cuttle-bones. I made some illustrations of the blemishes we found on them; from top to bottom:

  1. Six boring-holes made by Entobia isp.
  2. An adult and juvenile barnacle, found encrusted on the cuttle-bone.
  3. Presumably a shark-attack, you can see the three bite-marks the shark has left.
  4. V-shaped scratch-marks, probably caused by birds.

(All images belong to my group and my supervisor; I’ll link you all when the article is “done”.)