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BTS Reacts: You Not Being Able to Sleep

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would stir around in his sleep, not getting a good night sleep at all he would wake up to see y/n sitting up on her phone going through social media. “Baby? What’re you still doing up?” His raspy voice would cause her to jump and sigh. “I can’t sleep.” She would mumble, locking her phone and setting it down on the bedside table. Namjoon would reach over and turn on the lamp before rubbing his eyes and sitting up next to her and asking if she was alright. “Is something on your mind? Whatever it is I’m sure everything will be fine, c'mon let’s get some sleep.”

Kim Seokjin

If y/n couldn’t sleep, Seokjin couldn’t sleep. But when y/n was in his embrace and heard his small snores she couldn’t help but feel so lonely. For some reason she felt so sad, things and questions going through her head like ‘What if one day she wakes up and he’ll be gone?’ or ‘Does Seokjin ever wish he was with someone else?’ and such thoughts brought tears to her eyes. She tried to contain her small cries but they ended up waking Seokjin up. “Hmm?” He would be confused at first before noticing that y/n was crying. He would pull her into him more and press small kisses to her neck. “Ah~Jagi, don’t worry. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

Min Yoongi

Everyone knew how grumpy Yoongi was when he didn’t get his sleep. It would be close to 3 am when he suddenly awoke, something telling him to wake up and when he did he looked over to see y/n’s empty place in the bed. He would be confused before looking out to see her standing on the balcony with just her robe draped over her and the cool breeze blowing. She didn’t know why she couldn’t sleep, so Yoongi got up and walked over and outside. Wrapping his arms around her waist taking her by surprise and pressing small kisses to her now bare shoulder. “Why are you up at this hour? Is everything okay? I’m always here if you need someone to talk to babe.”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok was always coming home in the early hours and then leaving after a few hours sleep. So y/n knew how tired and how much rest he needed. But something to him didn’t feel right, he would stir a lot more and soon woke up to see y/n propped up against the head board with a book in her hands, her frames popped on her face and her lamp on as she read. He would wonder why she was still up and why she was reading. Y/n would explain she couldn’t sleep and he would sigh and make her put the book away and turn off her lamp before pulling her into him and cuddling. “I’m sorry I’m not home more often, but I promise I will be soon. Until then let’s just enjoy the time we do get together.”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung was a heavy sleeper so when y/n got up and went downstairs to get herself a glass of milk she didn’t mind the loud noises she made. But once she dropped the hot glass causing it to fall to the tiled floor and smash she could hear the thumping of Taehyung’s feet and see him standing at the bottom of the staircase with a baseball bat. He doesn’t even play baseball? “Y/n~ah? What are you doing up at this time? Are you okay? Don’t move. Let me clean this up quickly. Here baby, let me carry you to bed.”

Park Jimin

This smoshi mochi would wake up at the slightest movement, y/n would be curled up into his embrace and comfortable but she just couldn’t sleep for some reason. She would try to slowly move out of his arms but as soon as she did she would feel his arms tighten and pull her into him more before the feeling of his warm plump lips on her neck kissing lightly. “I know you’re not asleep right now, but please try. I don’t want my princess to be tired tomorrow.”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook needed his sleep since he was always working late, but he would constantly wake up some nights feeling cold and alone and when he would look at the space where y/n would lay he would wonder why she wasn’t asleep. Instead he would find her in her study typing away on her computer, he would walk over and wrap his arms around her while kissing her temple and watching as she tapped away at the keys. “You got to get some rest y/n, I don’t want you to lose sleep. I hate it when you’re tired in the mornings. C'mon let me take you back to bed.”


sobanoodledragon  asked:

I just found out a while ago one of my ex’s cheated on me while we were in a relationship. How about Gabriel Reyes, McCree, and Roadhog find their crush( they aren’t together but really good friends) crying with phone in hand of her current boyfriend making out with some random girl at a party and she couldn’t do anything because she was at home and she didn’t want to go crying

Yes, I can do that. I hope you don’t mind but this is gonna be one of those requests where each one is a bit different but on the same topic.

Gabriel Reyes:

That night Gabriel found himself feeling rather restless. As much as he bragged about having good instincts, right now they were telling him there was something wrong, and what bothered him was that he couldn’t figure out what it was. 

Pulling up his car outside of your house, Gabriel frowned as he peered out the window. All the windows were dark, except for one upstairs. It didn’t look like you were prepared for company, despite the fact that the two of you had agreed to a movie night yesterday.

Getting out and deciding to be polite he walked up to the door and knocked, waiting patiently. When you didn’t answer, Gabe did what he always did…he let himself in.

The house was a cute two story, and for a moment Gabriel felt that usual stab of jealousy whenever he was here. Photo’s of you and a different man hung on the wall, wrapped in each others arms.  Gabriel couldn’t help his feelings- he had been madly in love with you for almost two years, and yet he never voiced his feelings because you were already in a relationship with another.

Noticing you weren’t downstairs, Gabriel made his way up to the second floor. He thought about calling out for you but something had made him decide not to, as he walked quietly to the only door open with a light on. Perhaps it was a good thing, or you would have tried to stop him from seeing this.

Your bedroom was a disaster. There were garbage bags full or falling over, and clothes laying about. Pictures were all over the unmade bed. A small cat cowered under the bed, as if afraid it too would be swept into a bag. You sat there on the floor, leaning up against the bed with yours knees to your chest. 

Gabriel’s heart broke when he saw how puffy and pink your face was, when he realized your shoulders were shaking and your face was wet with tears. Your eyes were glued to your phone, before you slowly put your head down.

“Y/n…” Gabriel said softly.

Head whipping up, for a moment you looked ready to yell at him. But when you seemed to realize who it was, the anger dissolved as quickly as it came, and immediately you turned away. “Go away, Gabe. I..I can’t do movie night tonight,” you said softly.

Walking over, Gabriel sat on the ground and ignored your protests as he pulled you into his lap. Even when you elbowed him in the chest, he only grunted and pulled you closer. “Then it doesn’t have to be movie night,” Gabe says gruffly. “Will you tell me why your crying?”

Silence fell as you stopped struggling. Immediately you held your phone to your chest, as if protecting a dark secret. The pain in your eyes is what gnawed at him the most. 

“Hey,” Gabriel lifted your chin. “Its okay, y/n. I have you. You don’t have to tell me anything, baby.” He had a habit of calling you baby every time you were sad or hurt, and this time was like no other. The only difference was that when he said it, you closed your eyes tight.

Gabriel wanted to know what had happened, who had done what to you. But if it meant he could stay and comfort you, he wouldn’t ask again. Instead, he cradled you sideways in his lap and rocked the both of you, humming quietly.

You didn’t know what it was about how Gabriel always handled you that made you feel ten times safer then you felt when he wasn’t there. At last you closed your eyes and handed him the phone.

Surprised, Gabriel took it and one glance was all it took for anger to build inside him. “That bastard!” he hissed, as he glared at a picture of your boyfriend holding another woman, making out with her sloppily and having his hands in places they shouldn’t be. From the background, he could make out it was when he had gone to a party.

“He was drunk,” you mumbled, eyes squeezed shut tightly.

“Thats no excuse, damn it,” Gabriel said angrily, but tried to channel his anger into more comforting things like rubbing your back. It took all his might not to stand and punch something. Oh, did he want to punch your boyfriend…ex boyfriend, he thought. As much as Gabriel wanted you, he loved you enough to wish you never get hurt by someone you care about, especially your boyfriend.

“He kept seeing her after,” you whispered, voice barely audible. “The party was a month and a half ago.”

Silence fell and Gabriel stopped moving. The rage was blinding and all he wanted to do was smash that guys face in. I can’t believe I shook this guys hands and left y/n in his care, Gabriel thought in disgust.

“I’m sorry,” Gabriel said softly, unsure of how to comfort you. The deed had been done and there was no way to reverse it now.

The two of you sat in silence. Focusing on you was the only way not to see red for him. Gabriel’s hand rubbed your back gently as he rocked the two of you, his other hand holding yours. God only knows he wishes he could take away your pain…

Turning your face into his chest suddenly, you sniffled and reached up, brushing tears from the corner of your eyes. “Will you stay the night with me?” you asked in a small voice.

Despite the fact that you hadn’t wanted him here before, you couldn’t imagine sleeping here in this bed alone. Heart raw with pain, you wanted to be held by the only person who was ever there for you.

Pressing a kiss to your forehead, Gabriel murmured, “Of course, baby. Let me help you clean up the last of his stuff in here, okay? And then we’ll go to bed,” Gabriel said gently.

Sniffling, you nodded and let him wipe away the last tear. “O-okay,” you whispered, and Gabriel ended up staying the week with you.

By the time your boyfriend got home the next week, Gabriel had successfully burned everything of his in the house that he owned.

Jesse McCree:

Stalking toward a bar at the end of the road, Jesse found himself tasting tobacco as he bit down too hard on the end of his unlit cigar. It was habit to have it in his mouth, but he was afraid if he lit it that he’d end up using it to burn someone while in his foul mood.

Mind whirling, all Jesse could think of was the text you’d sent him two hours ago, one he hadn’t seen for a hour. ‘Lets have sex, Jesse,’ was all it said.

The text had blown his mind: you were in a very serious relationship with another man. A man who was not only a close friend but a man Jesse was very jealous of, for the simple fact that he was in love with you and yet couldn’t have you. Had you figured out about his feelings, which he had kept hidden for the sake of your friendship?

If so, then this was a cruel prank, he had thought.

Until shortly after, your boyfriend had texted Jesse and had asked for him to talk some sense into you. Jesse was hadn’t understood until your boyfriend said that someone had texted you a picture of him half naked with a stripper at a club. 

Never has Jesse felt such cold fury as he did in that moment. Your boyfriend said you were almost drunk down at this little bar and refused to speak with him or let him back into the house. Now with all this information, Jesse understood your text and had realized the pain behind it. 

After cursing your boyfriend to hell, Jesse had slammed the phone down and headed straight for the bar. All he wanted to do was pummel your boyfriend. Whatever friendship he had with the guy hadn’t stopped him from wanting to beat him bloody, but he knew it was more important to find you.

Stalking in, Jesse found you over at the bar, sitting between two large men and giggling as you swirled around a glass of tequila. From the rosy shade of your cheeks, Jessy figured you’d been drinking for awhile now.

Eyes catching on him, you lit up and waved. “Ohhh! Jesse, over here! Guy’s, this is my friend, Jesse!” you said excitedly, the barest slur to your words as you waved at him drunkenly. The men glanced at him briefly, noticing the expression in his eyes before they turned away, not wanting to get involved.

Walking over, Jesse said nothing as he took your hand and put a fifty on the counter with the other one, before leading you toward the door. “Hey! Where are we going?” you demanded, peering at the door and squinting slightly. “I’m not ready to go!”

You tugged and Jesse came to a stop, not because he wasn’t strong enough but because he didn’t want to have to drag you out.

Eyeing him, a slow smile spread across your face. “Ohh I see. You want to go through with my offer, don’t you, you sexy cowboy?” you cooed, straightening but he noticed the barest of nervous glints in your eyes. “Why don’t we do it in my jeep?” you offered bravely, reaching up to pull free one button of his shirt.

Snatching your hand, he held it gently but firmly in his. “Stop it,” Jesse said softly, causing you to freeze and stare up at him.

“I know what he did.”

For a moment, the background seemed to fade and there was no noise. The smile faded from your face at his words, your body stiff now. The two of you stared at each other for what a few long moments, before your lips parted and you took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you whispered, and turned away, but Jesse wouldn’t let go. The tremor in your voice gave away just how aware of yourself you still were.

Jesse’s other hand came up, gently pulling you closer by the waist. When you still didn’t look at him, he let go of your wrist to take your chin gently and make you look at him. There was a sheen of tears in your eyes that caused his hart to squeeze.

“Drinking isn’t going to make the pain go away,” Jesse said softly. “And neither will having sex with me. You’ll only feel lousy after.”

Gently Jesse swiped his metal finger across your bottom lip, which quivered as you stared up at him. The tears grew, and one escaped down your cheek. The way his arm supported you kept your knees from giving way under the intense pressure you suddenly felt in you.

“I…I don’t know what else to do,” you admitted finally, voice cracking. “I…I just hurt, so much. Our relationship has been going downhill for a little while but…I just…I thought we had more love and respect for each other then that.”

Lowering your head, you rested your forehead against his chest and let out a little laugh. “Do…do you know how that makes me feel? Seeing him touching another so itimately? It makes me feel like I wasn’t good enough,” your voice hushes, your throat closing. “It makes me feel like I’m not good enough at all.”

Immediately Jesse pulled you right to him, almost crushing you to his chest and his hand comes up to pet your hair. “That’s not it, darlin’. You are enough. Your perfect. He’s blind as a bat not to see that, and a worm for not treatin’ you how he should have,” Jesse said passionately. 

With his words, the dam broke and the flood of tears fell down your cheeks. Hands clutching at his sarape, you couldn’t stop yourself as you sobbed into his shoulder. The heart ache was too much for you, and it appeared true. Even the alcohol hadn’t numbed the hurt.

“I j-j-just w-want it t-to stop,” you whimpered. “I d-don’t w-want to h-hurt anymore..”

Holding you, Jesse closed his eyes and could imagine firing a bullet between that son-of-a-bitch’s eyes for the pain he’s caused you.

“I know darlin’, I know,” Jesse said softly.

You ended up staying with Jesse during the time it took to get over your ex’s deceit. 


Honestly, no one really knew how close the two of you were. You two were the most unlikely of friends, him being a silent criminal constantly on the run and you being a cautious, safe but social butterfly. The two of you ran very different lives, but despite the fact that you didn’t get to see him often, the two of you always found your way back to each other.

Of course, the two of you had known each other for many years. And honestly, as much as he loved being around you…The ever silent Roadhog was glad that he was on the run. It wasn’t just the police he was on the run from, but also his feelings for you.

For the last four years you have been in a very steady relationship with a different man. Roadhog could easily admit he didn’t like him: then again, Roadhog didn’t like many people. But you were happy, right? That was all that mattered to him, so he never questioned it or confessed his feelings for you…

The road moved fast beneath his Harley. There was nothing like riding wild and free on the highway, police lights far in the distance behind him as he sped and passed every possible vehicle. 

This was the time of year when Roadhog would come back and visit you. Of course he couldn’t stay away forever, and it wasn’t like the two of you didn’t talk constantly. You never questioned his activities or his life choices, not even when he explained in small words each time about his experience over the payphone. But despite the fact that it hurt to be near you, more often then not it hurt not to be by your side.

This is the one confession Roadhog has never told Junkrat, who was currently in custody at the moment. Roadhog was planning to break him out, but thought better of it. The junker could handle a week in prison, surely…he’d likely make all the other inmates cry.

Reaching town, it took him ten minutes to find the cute little white house tucked away on a street. Parking in the driveway, he noticed only your car and found himself glad. Roadhog hated facing your boyfriend, knowing he could crush his puny head in one hand but being unable to do it. 

Once at the door, Roadhog was going to knock but noticed a note on the ground that read ‘Go to the backyard’. Curious, Roadhog went around the house to the backyard, before turning the corner.

Sitting there was a tree swing was you, your forehead to the rope and your eyes closed. For a moment Roadhog was unsure if you were sleeping, but as he neared, he noticed the tears fresh on your face. 

Eyes opening at the heavy footfalls, you looked up through pink eyes. Upon seeing him, you managed to muster up a small, pitiful smile. “Hi Mako,” you said, trying to keep your voice calm. “Sorry, I forgot what time it was. I missed you.”

Except despite your words, there was no jumping for joy or hooting or hollering or hugs, as you usually greeted him with. After a moment Roadhog stepped closer and brushed his thumb across your cheek, wiping away the tears.

“Oh,” you murmured, lifting your hand to your face. “Am I crying again? I’m sorry, Mako. I must be a terrible sight.

You tried to laugh it off, pushing your hair back from your face and suddenly Roadhog caught your hand gently, and you looked up at him. With his other hand, he took off his mask and hesitated, before sitting in front of you.

“I think you’re a pretty sight,” Roadhog rumbled, voice deep and he looked away, almost shyly. He didn’t know how to comfort or to make a person feel beautiful… He was only good at scaring people.

Which he thought he did at first, as your eyes welled with tears and you covered your mouth to stop a sob from escaping. Immediately he squeezed your hand ever so gently and looked at you with worry.

At that moment, Roadhog noticed your phone on the ground, open. Blinking, he picked it up, planning to hand it to you till he saw a photo open on the phone. It was a picture of your boyfriend, making out with another girl at a party. And suddenly, Roadhog realized what the problem was.

Looking up at you, Roadhog shut the phone and put it down again. Never had he run on instincts like this but after a moment he pulled you onto his chest and cradled you in both arms like a princess.

You couldn’t help sobbing into his chest, hugging his neck tightly. Never have you looked as fragile and small to him as you did now, and he was afraid you might shatter in his arms.

“Y/n…” Roadhog said, trying to find the words. He didn’t talk for a reason usually, and it was because he could not verbally communicate the way he wanted to. “Those do not cherish what they have, lose all they’ve got. And by losing you, he has lost everything-and he knows that.”

Gently his large hand rubbed your back and petted your hair, unsure if his words made any sense. It was so unusual not to just grunt and be understood, but this time verbal communication was necessary.

Pulling back a little, the sobs slowly died down, until you were left with little hiccups as you struggled to stop the tears. “I t-thought we w-w-were h-happy, you know? I thought e-everything w-was okay. And I just…If I was important, w-why w-would he do this?” you asked softly, looking up at him with big, vulnerable eyes

“Some men don’t see the treasures right under their noses,” Roadhog says quietly. “And those who do can never have that treasure.”

You didn’t know what he meant by that last statement, but Roadhog suddenly stood up, still holding you. Holding on, you sniffled and looked confused as he brought you around to the front of the house.

“We’re going for a ride,” Roadhog says quietly, putting you in his side car and he buckles you up.

“A-are you sure?” you sniffled, knowing how protective he was of his Harley. He didn’t even like his odd junker friend near it.

Patting you head, Roadhog gave you the sweetest, most gentle of smiles he’s every produced before putting on his mask and climbing onto the bike and revving the engine.


When You Have A Cum Kink (Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

He’d be so into it. His eyes would glaze over Just seeing you with your cheeks and mouth splattered in his cum would have him turned on again in a split second. It would fill him with a sense of dominance and daddy mode would be activated. He’d stroke himself while you waited patiently on your knees.

“Fuck baby girl! Stick your tongue out for me. Just like that.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Like Namjoon, it would fill him with pride. Right before he climaxed, he’d grab the base of his cock and release on your belly with a loud groan. Two strokes after he’d be quivering and admiring his work. The white mess contrasted great with your skin color.

“You look so pretty Y/n. All covered in my cum.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi would clearly let his rougher side show when you told him about your kink. He’d make a game out of how many places he could cover you in cum. It’d be a long sticky night. Full of many orgasms and even more stickiness.

“Don’t wipe it off Y/n. Leave it on a little longer.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi wouldn’t be too into the idea at first. But he would give his princess the entire world if you asked for it. So near the end of a rather intense hand job, Hoseok would have you cup your hands together. A few seconds later he pumped himself to completion in your palms. You’d lap at the liquid with a greedy smirk on your lips.

“Damn Y/n-ah are you trying to kill me.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin would be totally against the idea of degrading you in that way. But you being you, devised a plan. He was balls deep in you one night, grunting in your ear at how close he was to coming. You reached out and gripped the base of his cock, pulling him out of you before pushing him on his back. Before he could protest you were milking him for all he was worth. His cum splattered across your throat and dribbled down your breasts.

“That was…..damn.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung would be ready in a heartbeat. He’d put you on all fours and drill you from behind. You could hear his end nearing when his groans turned to breathy gasps. With a quick jerk backwards, his cum shot out onto the curve of your spine and shoulders. He’d fall back onto the mattress at the intensity of it all.

“I need a break. That was awesome Y/n.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

Poor baby wouldn’t know what to think when you told him you loved being covered in cum. He wouldn’t give you a straight answer until one night you were kneeling down in front of him, cock shoved deep down your throat. At the last minute, Kookie gripped your hair and pulled out of your mouth to soak your hair and face with cum.

“What a pretty baby! Come here and let me clean you off.”


(pic cr; respectful owner)

Bloo hurt himself and you clean up his wounds

(Requested) | word count; 1,046

Bloo x Reader - F

“What did you do?”

Bloo sat up and smiled at you, “I fell down the stairs,”

If he didn’t have such a cute smile you would have beat his ass for being so careless, but, instead, you rolled your eyes and pulled out your mini first aid kit. The clumsy one in the relationship was usually you, but there were times when Bloo just wasn’t paying attention.

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Stole My Match - Baron Corbin x Reader

Rated M: Mature 18

A/N: A little impromptu Baron Corbin smut since he got screwed out of yet another shot.

Warnings: language, smut, vaginal fingering, blow job male receiving, oral sex female receiving, vaginal sex, rough sex, semi public sex and biting. Literally no plot just smut.

Baron Corbin stormed through through the hallways backstage, he was absolutely fuming in anger. Baron had just did an interview with Renee Young saying he was taking the Untited States Title open challenge. While Baron was walking to the ring, Dillenger stole Baron’s match.

Y/n knew Baron would be seething with rage by the time he got back to his locker room, so she’d helped how she could. Baron threw the door open so hard the door knob made a hole in the wall. Baron ripped the door out of the hole the knob was stuck in, he was growling and snarling like an animal.

Baron picked up and threw anything that wasn’t nailed down, he threw his suitcase and her suitcase. He picked up a chair and threw it, he turned the couch over on its side, he stopped standing in the middle of the room. He was grunting like a maniac who had nothing else to throw.

Y/n dropped her robe letting it fall to the floor exposing her naked body to him, Baron looked her up and down. He lunged at her gripping her hips with his hands lifting her up she wrapped her legs around him. Baron slammed her up against the wall immediately slides a finger in her dripping wet core. Baron pumped his finger in and out of her while his lips sucker neck.

Y/n wrapped her hands in his hair pulling slightly as she moaned loudly, he added a second finger. Baron pumped his fingers while he made a scissor motion opening her pussy. Y/n bucked her hips up fucking his fingers, “fuck that’s so hot Y/n” he growled, he locked his eyes on hers as she rode his fingers.

Just as she was about to cum, he pulled out his fingers, she whined at the loss of contact. But it didn’t last long as he unfastened his pants pulling his cock out stroking it rubbing her juices all over it. Baron slammed his cock into her wet pussy pushing her back against the wall, oh Baron" Y/n screamed.

Baron pounded into her pussy, he kissed down her neck, to her chest not stopping until he got to her breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue over her nub while sucking it. Y/n dug her fingers into his shoulders, he switched breasts giving them both the same attention.

Nothing but their grunts, moans and skin slapping against skin filled the room, he put his hand between them finding her clit. He rubbed rough circles on it, “oh fuck” she moaned. Her orgasm ripped through her, she dug her nails into his back scratching his skin forcing a growl from Baron. Y/n screamed incoherently her pussy squirt all over his cock, running down her legs.

Baron pulled his cock out of her, he put her down on her feet and she knew what he wanted. Y/n sunk to her knees in front of him opening her mouth and he slid his cock between her lips. Y/n took the head of his cock into her mouth sealing her lips around him and sucking. Baron came hard shooting his cum into her mouth, she waited until he was empty before swallowing down his cum.

Y/n wiped her mouth, she stood up her cum dripping down her legs, Baron put his cock in his pants. He turned the couch right side up, “lay down baby, let me clean you up” Baron said. Y/n laid on the couch her legs wide open, Baron put her legs on his shoulders, burying his face in her cunt.

Baron licked the inside of her thigh, licking up to the apex of her thighs, he switched to the other leg. He licked up to her pussy, licking over her mound he licked a stripe up her slit and back down. He slid his tongue in her entrance attaching his lips around her entrance licking and sucking.

Y/n entwined her fingers in his hair pulling it hard as she cane for the second time, “Yes Baron, fuck” she screamed. Baron lapped up the rest of her cum, when she was clean he got up sitting on the couch. Baron looked down at Y/n, she had a blissed out look on her face. “Thank you for having angry sex with me, Y/n” Baron said, “anytime, but hopefully next week we’ll be have celebration sex after you win the US Title” Y/n said. “Round two in the shower” Baron said.

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Request- Can I get a Jin/reader/Namjoon smut please. 

This is my first time writing a threesome, sorry if it sucks ass. 

Enjoy! And thank you for requesting. 

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Namjoon and Seokjin looked like average college students out on a Friday night drinking away their stress, but that was not the case. They were lucky for their pry. You heard the rumours about them. They found pleasure in having the same girl. Their never had a relationship with them and a girl before, because girls would fall for only one of them. 

You found them curious,  but never payed any attention to them. They did their own thing and you did yours. You found both of them very attractive though, but who wouldn’t? They were gorgeous, classy and just prefect. But you never noticed how they started at you, your friends would point it out. But you always dismissed them. That was until you saw them. 

They were leaning against the wall, red solo cups in their hands, eyes trained on your swaying hips. How your body moved to the beat of the music. You saw them staring and decided to give them a little show. Running your hands up and down your sides, dropping low, running yours hands through your hair. It was all very arousing. You had confidence in that moment, but what would you do when they would come over to you? 

All the sexy dancing took it out of you and you needed a drink. You told your drunk as fuck friends where you were going and went to the kitchen. Pushing through drunk sweaty bodies in need of a cool drink. You finally get through the crowd to the kitchen. The counter tops are full of drinks and a couple eating the face of one another. You go for your ideal drink, letting the cool liquid run through your body. 

“That was quite the performance.” A deep voice calls behind you. Your turn to see a smirking Namjoon and Seokjin. The look flawless, both of them in all black, a weakness for you. Seokjin gets closer to you, closing the distance. He moves a strand of your hair off your forehead. 

“I really liked it, we were wondering if you would do a private show?” Your eyes widen at his question. He was asking you to be his and Namjoon’s toy for the night. Seokjin’s smile was blinding, his hands rest on your hips. 

“Baby girl, we could make you feel so good. We promise if your uncomfortable, we’ll stop the whole thing.” Namjoon speaks up from behind Seokjin. 

“Okay.” You simply answer. Its just one night, right?

The boys brought you back to their shared apartment. It was tidy and welcoming, something you didn’t expect from two boys in college. As soon as they got you in the door Namjoon was dragging you to his room. He sat down on the edge of the bed, grabbing your hips to bring you in between his legs. He brings your face down to his, his plump lips kissing yours in a passionate kiss. His hands rested on your ass, squeezing it firmly. He broke away from your lips. 

“Fuck you’re so beautiful.” When you look to the side Seokjin is sitting beside Namjoon watching the both of you. 

“You look uncomfortable in that tight dress. Why don’t we get more comfortable?” Seokjin suggests with a smirk upon his face. You turn around, pulling your hair to the side to signal for Namjoon to unzip your dress. He stands up and unzips your dress, letting it fall to the floor. He kisses along your shoulder. You close your eyes in pure bliss. You feel another pair of hands on you, running up from your lips to rest on your waist. You open your eyes to see Seokjin. 

“You really are something else, sweetheart.” He pulls you into a passionate kiss, his tongue slipping past your lips and into your mouth. Namjoon is still leaving marks on your shoulder blades. Your hands find Seokjin’s hair, pulling on the stands. 

“How about we start the fun now.” Namjoon states, pulling off his shirt and striping down to his bowers. 

“Get on the bed sweetheart. But before you do.. lose the lingerie. I love it but its no longer needed.” Seokjin winks at you pulling you in for one last kiss before he pulls away to undress himself. You do as your told and strip completely and get on the bed. You look at both men, you can feel your wetness on your thighs. Both men were lean, tan and had broad shoulders. 

“Hands and knees baby girl.” You were nervous, but excited at the same time. You do as Namjoon told you to. He is the first to join your fully naked as well. He lays down putting his head in between your legs. 

“What are you doing?” You attempt to get up, but Namjoon’s much stronger then your are. His hands hold you in place by holding your thighs. 

“Baby, don’t worry. This is all for your pleasure.. and Jin’s.” Namjoon chuckles. He kisses your thighs. Seokjin joins you both. Laying in front of you. 

“Sweetheart, why don’t you use that pretty mouth on me.” In that moment Namjoon decides to start kitten licking up and down your slit. You kiss the top of Seokjins head, swirling your tongue around his head. You lick a strip down his shaft, he groans in pleasure. You kiss the top of his head before putting his dick in  your mouth, sinking down as far as you can. Bobbing your head up and down. 

“Fuck that feels amazing baby.” Seokjin moans out. Namjoon pumps two fingers into your centre, sucking on your clit. You moan out, the vibrations making Seokjin chant your name. Namjoons skillful tongue has you cumming faster then you would care to admit. But its not your fault hes so talented. 

“FUCK!” Seokjin moans out, as the vibrations on your moans from you climax has him climaxing too. His seed spilling into your mouth, you suck on his head to milk him off his seed. You lift yourself off both of them, as you were a little sensitive at the moment. You try to catch your breath, Namjoon climbs up your body. 

“I need to be inside your right now, babygirl.” He kisses your forehead, he reaches over to the desk grabbing a condom. He opens the packet with his teeth, he rolls it onto his cock. He lines himself up with you and pushes in. He lets you adjust before he starts to move. Slow and soft at first, but when you wrap your legs around him and cling onto his arms he speeds and thrusts harder. 

“Fuck Namjoon.” You arch you back, the pleasure over taking your body. Seokjin kisses all over your face and down your neck leaving his marks on you, as well as Namjoon. They were going to be fun to cover up. 

“Fuck, baby your so tight.” Namjoon groans. Your walls begin to tighten around his dick. You hit your climax chanting Namjoons name. Namjoon empties his load into the condom, pulling out of you. He gets off the bed, disposing of the condom, he goes into the bathroom. He comes back with a wet towel and a t-shirt. You go to grab the towel, put he pulls it away. 

“Let me, baby.” He smiles, showcasing his beautiful dimples. He cleans you up and puts the t-shirt over your head. Seokjin, keeps running his hand through your hair, it was so soothing. You begin to feel sleep over taking. Darkness takes over. 

You wake up in a haze, you feel so comfortable. You open your eyes to see Namjoons head on your chest, his arms around your waist, Whereas your head lay on Seokjins chest his hand was stroking your hair, he was obviously awake. You look up and he smiles. 

“Good morning. How did you sleep?” He asks in a husky morning voice. 

“I think that was the best I have ever slept.” You confess. 

“Well we are glad to hear that.” Namjoon looks up at you, resting his chin on your stomach. 

“Sweetheart, we would love if we could have more nights like this. But we understand if that is not what you would want.” Where they asking you to be in a relationship with the both of them? 

“I would too.” 

Okay so that’s my first threesome and my first blowjob. I hope it didn’t suck.. sorry if it did. 

I love you all, thank you so much for 500 followers y’all made me cry. Have a good day/evening/night! #

Feedback is really appreciated. 

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Request: 2. So, I guess you don’t do after hours? 6. Come here, baby. Let me see you. 10. I dare you.

A/N: First Kozik request. Hope you like it.

Working at a bar wasn’t so bad, if you worked for right people. You worked at Larry’s during the night shift and usually you could keep all the creeps off your back. Not many people bothered you, especially because you were a force to be reckoned with. Tonight started off like any other night, slow. It didn’t pick up until around 9 p.m. when some of your regulars started to pour in. Although, it seemed like tonight was going to be a little different.

Some of the Sons of Anarchy walked in. Most of the group when over and started to talk with one of your regulars who you knew was either in deep shit or was helping the Sons with something. Two of the men had walked up to the bar and sat down. You, who was working the bar that night, walked over.

“How can I help you fine men tonight?” You asked as you threw the cleaning rag over your shoulder.

One man, a blond one that looked like a Ken doll, smiled his pearly whites and asked for beer. The other one, bald with many tattoos, asked for the same. You smiled at the men. “Coming right up.” You said as you went to go grab some bottles and came back to hand them their beers.

“Let me know if you need anything more, alright?” You told them and they nodded. They just glanced around at the place as you went to help some customers at the other end of the bar.

It was about the same interaction with them as it went with the Sons but they were watching you closely. One, a middle-aged man with a wedding band on, was flirting heavily. Asking when you got off work and your number. You didn’t answer him and just smiled at them politely.

The man that was flirting, seemed to already be drunk and slurring his words about 30 minutes later. You kept serving them and the flirting just kept getting worse.

“You know, you should be happy that someone took an interest in you. You’re very average looking.” The man spoke to you as he sloshed his drink around, creating a mess for you to clean up later.

“Is that so?” You asked as you narrowed your eyes at the man.

“Yeah,” Suddenly, he grabbed your wrist tightly from the bar and almost pulled you clean over the bar top. “Come here, baby. Let me see you.”

The place got quiet as everyone focused on the man. The two Sons that sat at the end were halfway off their seats and reaching for something underneath their kutte along with the others on the other side of the place.

Your face became blank as you spoke to the idiot who decided to grab you. “If you don’t let go within the next 5 seconds, you’re gonna wish you left well enough alone.” You spoke slowly.

“Oh, yeah?” He asked sarcastically.

“Yeah, I dare you.” You spoke to him mockingly.


“I don’t think you’re gonna do anything.”


“In fact, you’re gonna give in to me.”


The man kept going, as if he had grown deaf. “You might even like it.”


“I don’t know why you keep denying me.”

“5” You didn’t even pause as you twisted your wrist out of his hold and gripped his hand and pulled it closer to you and grabbed a knife that you were using to cut limes nearby and held it up to his neck, near his artery.

Everyone that was in the bar was smiling as the man nearly pissed himself.

“Now, you’re never gonna mistreat another woman again. And if I find out you did, well you won’t like what’s playing out in my head right now.” You let him go and stumbled back and held his wrist close to his body. “Now, get the fuck out.” You demanded him.

His friend pushed him and out the door they ran. They people went back to what they were doing.

You turned and saw the two Sons were smiling big at you and you walked over to give them more beer.

“That was really impressive.” The bald one said in a gravely voice while the blond nodded.

“Yeah, didn’t expect that one.” The blond said.

“Well, I got to protect myself somehow. Plus it was either that or the gun I have on me at all times, which I think probably would have made him piss himself.”

The 2 laughed while you smiled. “I’m Happy.” The bald one introduced himself.

“I’m Herman but you can just call me Kozik.” The blond did the same. “So, I guess you don’t do after hours?” He joked and you laughed at him.

Bad baby girl

You did something very bad today baby girl. You know I don’t like it when you flirt with other people in front of me, sometimes I think you just do it to get me worked up. Now you must be punished for making mommy mad … I’m going to fuck you my way today. You are going to be my little slut tonight now strip while I get the strap on. Now get on your knees, open your mouth for me… wider that’s a good girl. Now suck on my fake cock “did I say you could use your hands?”, swallow it nice and slow. You are going to swallow all of it no matter if you gag. Mmm you sound amazing around my fake cock… now get on the bed face down, ass up and hands over your head. I’m going to spank you 10 times baby and you are going to count them down, if you stop or forget we are starting over but if you do it right I will fuck hard until you cum. Here we go “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…7…8 …9…10!” that’s a good girl, I love how your ass looks all nice and red. Now for your prize lift your pussy more, here we go are you ready… can you feel my fake cock inside of your cute pussy, don’t move your hands or I won’t move. Let me give you a hand, you love it when I grab your hips hard and thrust into you don’t you baby. Fuck your tight pussy is eating all of my cock and your moans are driving me crazy… my hands around your hips are definitely going to leave a bruise from how hard I’m fucking you. You want to cum baby, but you can’t cum until I say you can cum… you so sound frustrated but I love when you cry like that. I want to see your face baby turn over, this is how I want you a moaning mess… now tell me how much of a slut you are for my cock and I will fuck you into the bed. Yes baby harder, deeper… if you could only see the face your making. Get up baby I want to suck on your amazing tits … now baby you’re going to count to 5 while I play with your clit. When you hit five you can cum got it baby… “1” *starts playing with clit* “2” *suck on tits hard* “3” *thrusts into pussy harder* ”4!” *rubs clit harder* ”5!” *bite neck hard*. You did good baby girl, here let me eat you clean… but remember if you do that again next time I won’t go easy on you baby girl.

Love without shame. Jared Series. Ch 2.

Authors note:  Don’t judge me for this lol. This is my first ‘kink’ kind of writing I hope it’s sufficient. 

Warnings: Smut, kink, swears. 

Word Count: 1,958

Love without shame. Chapter 2.

If you haven’t read it here’s : CHAPTER 1 

It had been a whole working week since Jared and I had spent a whole day together. I spent one night as his house in the middle of the week and we just had a lovely quiet evening watching Netflix. I was once again back at my apartment after work. Exhausted as usual. I cooked some pasta with sauce and sat down. My phone buzzed, it was Jared. We need to talk soon! x x xI read the text and began to worry. ‘Oh my god he’s breaking up with me this is the end. Right before he goes on tour too. Wow, how selfish’ I thought. I could feel the hot tears fall down my face. ‘I was starting to fall for him too’ . I texted him back after my little freak out. “Okay. I hope everything’s okay?! x x x”  I started pacing around my little apartment. ‘I’ll be over tomorrow at 5 pm, we can talk then  x x’. Great so tomorrow I get to find out I’ve been dumped, at least its my day off and I’ve got the day after to get over it before work again. ‘Maybe it’s not that’ I thought, ‘maybe he’s seeing other people’ I couldn’t keep these bad thoughts out of my head. I mean just recently he’s stopped seeing other people, he said he wanted to see how this relationship would work out and I only agreed to that if the others were dropped. I decided to have an early night, if I was unconscious then I wont have to think about it.  

*The Next Day*

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You need to be punished

You’ve been a bad girl baby and you need to be punished. Come with me to the bedroom, now take off all your clothes and get on the bed… that’s a good girl. Face me, I want to see all of you baby girl … and that stunning body you have. Lick your fingers… that’s it get them nice and wet. Now with your other hand open your amazing pussy come on baby you need to do it or I won’t let you cum… that’s my baby. Put your wet fingers inside, who said you can move them … open your legs more I need to see all of you. That’s a good girl now you can move them, look at me when your fingering yourself. Just look at the face your making it makes me want to be inside you so bad. Think about it baby my fingers inside you, just like yours are right now hitting the spot you like. My tongue on your clit and all over body… do you want me to bite and lick every part of your body. That’s it move your fingers faster, harder just like when I fuck you into the mattress. Let me help you… you like it when I suck on your nipples like this right baby, damn you taste so good. Now I need more of you, move your fingers and let my tongue in… pull my hair baby hard you know how I like it. You want to cum baby… cum for me baby give my what I want, yes cum in my mouth… mmm you taste amazing. Let me eat you clean, I hope you learned you lesson baby because I did, your pussy is the best.

First Time

Rated (M)

Genre: Smut, Fluff

This was for an Anon not to long ago whom wanted a scenario of Jimin taking the readers virginity and hes loving and cute and in the end cleans her up. 

So, Anon, if you are reading this, I hope you enjoy it<3

-Admin K

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Public Affection(HARRY STYLES SMUT)

Harry watched Kenzy walk down the stairs wearing a short black dress with strappy heels,“Kenzy you look stunning.” She walked over to him and kissed him,“Thank you hun.” He had made reservations to “La Ciao Bella”,a fine restaurant.

They had a private booth in a secluded area of the restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean sea.It was candle lit and had rose petals on the table.Kenzy looked out at the sea,“Wow baby it’s so picturesque.The color matches your eyes.” She caressed his cheek and kissed it. Harry put his arm around her waist,“Thank you love.Am I going to have a taste of you later?” Kenzy blushed,“yes daddy”.Her little soft voice made him very hard.He squeezed her waist tighter,“Love,who knows I might have to fix you here who knows?Do I have to fix you here Kenzy?”

She moaned low enough that only she and Harry could hear it.The waiter appeared and Harry called him over to whisper in his ear,“Bring the best,most expensive thing on the menu for me and my lovely please.” The waiter left.

“Back to you babygirl,what was that you just did huh?”,Harry stared at her with dark desires in his eyes and his voice dangerously low laced with seriousness.She moaned again.Harry got close to her ear and lightly licks it,“What did Daddy tell you about not using your words love?” Kenzy looked him in his eyes,“Daddyy I’m moaning because you’re turning me on.” Harry sat back down,and stared at her as if he was thinking of how he was going to torture her in public.

She was sitting waiting on her food while on her phone when suddenly she felt her dress being lifted up and a finger being pressed on her heated core slowly tracing it in circles.She moaned,“Daddy why do we have to do this in public?” Harry’s finger slowly moved her panty to the side as Kenzy struggled to keep her composure stable,“Because I am always in control babygirl.Daddy gets what he wants when he wants it.” Kenzy dug her nails into his thighs as he started to stroke her bare pussy with his fingers,“Don’t worry Kenzy darling it would soon be over.”

She moved her hand to his cock and squeezed it.Harry growled,“You’re a naughty little girl aren’t you?” He thrusted his finger into her heated core.She started rubbing his cock through his pants,“Daddy I’ll always be a naughty girl.You can’t make me do anything.I do what I want.” Harry leaned into her ear and began thrusting his fingers,“ohh really? let’s see about that love.If we weren’t in public right now I would be choking you out and fucking you senseless.” Kenzy whimpered low.Harry liked watching Kenzy desperate to cum,“give me a handy love.”

Kenzy zipped down his zipper and took out his cock.Harry’s eyes burned into her,“I can’t make you do anything?Is that so love?I just proved you wrong.” She grasped his cock and worked her hand up and down tracing her fingers on every vein he had. Harry kept massaging her clit harder and a light gasp left Kenzy’s mouth,“Daddddyyy”.Harry pinched her clit,“Massage my cock faster.”

She pumped his length harder and saw his tip get really red.Harry let out a moan,“Babyy”.Kenzy kissed his ear,“cum baby.” Harry slapped her clit lightly,“Behave.”
She squirted on his fingers,“ohhh fuckkk.”
Harry pulled out his fingers and said in a stern voice,“Keep pumping my cock.” Kenzy pumped as hard as she could.Harry moaned,“Fuck.If we weren’t in public I would make you choke on it.” Kenzy felt hot liquid on her hand and seen some on his pants,“Baby let me clean you up.” She cleaned him up with the handkerchief on the table and put his cock away.She fixed her clothes.

The waiter arrived with the food.He knew Kenzy loved pasta and seafood.He had ordered the most expensive lobster pasta dish.They thanked the waiter and he left.Harry looked at Kenzy again and sucked his fingers he had just had in her,“I’ll deal with you tonight when we get home for being rude to Daddy because both you and I know that I can make you do whatever I want you to do.”

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She nods. "Alright baby. Let me clean you up.." She leaned down, licking up the mess on his chest and stomach, moaning. "You taste so good, baby boy...."

“Guh… Mmm!” Dami squirmed a bit. “T-Tickles-” He finally said, still squirming. He giggled softly.

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Can you do a fic where Dan gets taken care of by Arin? Maybe he's tired & sick, but he won't stop until Arin basicaly forces him to stop. Preferably with helping bathing, shit like that.

My dear, sweet grey friend <3 Fluff concerning Leigh Daniel is my favorite <3 

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Saving Water (Namjoon Smut)

You woke up, your body warm from sleeping next to your boyfriend, Namjoon. Your hand was on his bare chest, tracing circles along his torso. He was still asleep, his snoring continuous while you traced on him.

You stopped eventually, needing to get ready. His shirt was hanging off you, the thin material just barely covering your ass.

You walked into the bathroom, starting the shower and began removing your small articles of clothing. The cold air hit your body, making you shiver a bit. The loss of contact with Namjoon made your body feel vulnerable.

You could feel him, his arms firm around your hips. His lips kissing along your jawline, as his other hand cups your breast. His lips would move down your neck, sure to leave hickeys as he kissed along there. You would form goosebumps when he’s lick your collarbone.

He loved seeing you marked by him, leaving hickeys everywhere he could. He would kiss along your stomach, until he reached your thigh. He would place you on the counter by then, your clit wet and exposed to him.

He would remind you of how wet you were, ask you what you were thinking about. His fingers would slid against you until you moaned it out. A smirk would appear on his face as he insert two fingers in you, making you cry out him name.

You drifted away from these thoughts, remembering how tired you both were. You tied up your hair, trying to avoid getting it wet. Grabbing your soap, you step into the shower. The warm water kisses your skin, warming you like his body had. You heard a groan from the bedroom, signalling Namjoon’s awakening. He stumbled into the bathroom, unaware of your presence.

“Namjoon! I’m showering, get out!”

“Let’s save water, baby.” He opened the shower door, your eyes darting to his naked body. You coughed and he looked at you.

“Why did you wake me? You forgot my kiss, baby.”

“You looked so peaceful, despite your loud snoring.”

“But you’re going to let me miss this.” He placed his hands on your butt, bringing you closer to him and your breasts were pressed against his chest.

“Make it up to me.” He kissed you, your lips moving in sync. Your blood ran through your veins, as your heart beats faster. You were starting to lose all sense of control and he pulled away.

Your hand reached for his cock, it was growing harder while you pumped him. You got on your knees, not caring about your hair but making it up to him.

He groaned a little as you ran your tongue along the shaft. You sucked the tip, not going any further just to tease him a little. Your tongued licked the precum from his tip, as your hand continues to pump his shaft.

“Shit, baby don’t tease.”

You kissed along his cock, from the tip to the shaft to his balls. You took him in your mouth, feeling the shaft slide against your tongue.

“Fuck, baby.”

You sucked him off, sometimes stopping to drop hot saliva on his shaft, pumping with your hands more before taking him back in.

“You’re so fucking good, baby.”

You touched yourself, feeling how soaked you were in accordance with his dirty words. It bled out of his mouth how much he loved your pretty little tongue.

“I should reward that pink and wet clit of yours, shouldn’t I?”

You hummed in response and he slid out your mouth.

“Bend over, baby.” You bend over, your back arched and he teased your clit.

“So wet, baby. It’s not from the water, is it baby?”


“That’s very lewd, baby. What were you thinking about?”

“Ngh..” He rubbed his shaft against you harder, the wetness from your clit rubbing off on him. You bit your lip at the action and he pulled you up, your back against his chest and your arms on either side of him. His lips were close to your ears as he asked you again.

“Answer now, baby while I’m still nice.”


“What was I doing to you?”

“Touching my body, kissing me, and e-eating me out on the counter.”

“Such naughty thoughts, baby. Did you touch yourself?”


“I like your honesty, baby.”

He slid into you, making you cry out a little. His thrust were rapid, profound and wild. Every inch was filling you up while he continuously thrusts into you. His lips kiss your jawline like you imagined. He bit on your ear, whispering sweet nothings as he moved down.

“You like that, baby?”

He releases your arms, making your hands go against the wall. You couldn’t contain your moans, finding yourself breathless the whole time. You almost forgot the water hitting your back, intensifying the pleasure Namjoon was giving.

“Fuck, N-Namjoon.”

He changed his pattern, filling you up with his cock before pulling out and repeating the process. He was stretching you out, his cock just getting buried inside you.

“Do you want to cum, baby.”

He thrusted into you more, willing to pound an answer out of you. You bit your lip again, just wishing for sweet release.

“Tell me.”

“P-Please make me cum.”

His hips moved hastily, making the skin slapping louder than before. He knew his thrusts alone could get you off but he wanted to hear your scream out.

His hand reached for your little nub, giving him the reaction he wanted. You screamed out, as your high hits you. Pleasure ran through your body and he came inside you. Your heavy breathing was masked by the water that continued to fall.

“Let me clean you right up, baby.”

The Silent Twins


Words: 805

Characters: Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines, Filbrick Pines & Shirley Pines

Rating: PG-13 

NOTE: Rating will go up in the future. A much darker NSFW version of this story will be written and posted in a different blog by Nia. Our fics will occur on similar timeline but their’s will have additional scenes (NSFW) which I will not write here. So in case you found a fic relating to this AU, keep in mind I do not restrict anyone from writing whatever version they prefer. Same goes to all my other AUs. Everyone is allowed to write/draw however they want. I will not give anyone any restrictions or limits to express their creativity. Just be sure to tag appropriately and put up warnings.

Prologue: Birth

     The cry of a newborn baby pierced the air in the delivery room. His shrill cry brought fresh tears, tears of joy, to Shirley Pines and she gripped her husband’s hand tightly. The midwife passed him to a nurse who paused and gasped then quickly wrapped the baby in a warm towel and passed him to a waiting attendant who then walked to stand next to Shirley. Shirley smiled and cooed at the baby. She wiped at her tears then she looked at her husband with determination, “O-one more…”

    Filbrick patted her hand and placed a chaste kiss on her knuckles, “You’re strong honey. You can do this.”

    When the second child was out of her womb the next fifteen minutes, he was silent. Shirley shook her head and gripped her husband’s hand weakly, her body drained and weakened. The nurse aide gave her her elder twin and then went to quickly get the bathing tub ready to clean the babies. The nurse wrapped the younger twin in a warm towel and gently placed him in her other free waiting arm. She looked at her silent child who was not only silent but still and slightly blue. Shirley began to tremble, her mind racing, questioning, trying to seek answers. She looked at the nurse and midwife who were staring at her silent child, “W-what’s wrong with him?”

    The nurse took her baby, “It’s alright Mrs. Pines.”

    The nurse aide took her other baby, “Here, let me clean him up for you.”

    Filbrick stood nervously next to his wife. He watched the nurse cleaning the younger twin, “W-what’s wrong with the second one?”

    The nurse looked at him then her eyes met the midwife beside her who was observing the baby. She said something to her and she nodded then quickly left the room with the midwife. Shirley raised her hand, “N-no! My baby! Please!”

    “Calm down Mrs. Pines. She knows what she’s doing. Your son will be back in your arms soon,” said the aide as she returned with the elder twin, now clean of blood and wrapped in a clean warm towel.

    Filbrick wrapped his arms around his wife, “Shhh, he’ll be alright!”

    “B-but he’s so… he’s so quiet!” Shirley sobbed.

    The first baby began crying loudly, as if knowing something was wrong with his younger twin. The couple waited fearfully, eyes on the door leading to a separate room. They didn’t know how long they waited. Shirley was cleaned and given a new gown and sitting on the bed nervously. Her husband vigilant at her side. Her elder twin whimpering in her arms. Shirley tried to be strong, her heart thudding in her chest and she whispered silent prayers for her other child.

    Both husband and wife sighed when they heard a shrill cry. The nurse aide who was with them gave them a smile. Filbrick’s hand gripped his wife’s shoulder and gave her a gentle shake as he let out a laugh, “He’s alright! Our boy’s a fighter!”

    The elder twin stirred in her arms and began crying. The midwife and nurse who left earlier returned with a small wailing bundle. The nurse placed the baby in Shirley’s waiting arm and she brought the baby close to her chest. She smiled at him, “You’re a strong one.”

    The nurses and the midwife clapped their hands and smiled at the couple, “Congratulations! You have twin sons!”

    Shirley looked down at her babies and smiled, “Thank you. They’re beautiful.”

    “Will he be alright?” Filbrick asked as he eyed the younger twin.

    The midwife nodded, “Yes. He accidentally swallowed some fluid and had trouble breathing but we were able to coax him to cough it out. He should be fine.”

    The younger twin whimpered and the elder reached out one small hand and held his younger brother’s hand in a tight grip, calming him instantly. Shirley gasped and Filbrick moved to see what she saw, his brows knitted together when he noticed his eldest twin had six fingers. He looked at his wife, worried about her but then he relaxed when he saw her grin, “Six fingers! That’s like.. an extra finger friendlier than normal!”

    The nurses and midwife chuckled at her words.

    “You silly woman,” Filbrick laughed and pecked her cheek as one large hand gently cupped the elder twin’s head. The baby stirred and cooed, imitated by his twin. Filbrick’s eyes softened at the sight and he smiled, “They’re beautiful.”

    “What’re you going to call them?” asked the nurse aide who was younger than the nurse. Her eyes were wide and cheeks flushed as she eyed the babies. Shirley glanced at her husband who shrugged, “How about… Stanford and Stanley?”

    Shirley looked down at her sons, “Stanford and Stanley. Ford and Lee. They sound nice honey. Welcome to the world little ones.”

(I can’t draw baby Stans in GF art style… OTL. But this will do!)

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Alpha Nigel smells Omega Adams first heat

'Nigel, stop. I’m in here.' 
'Baby, let me in.’  
'Mr Daniels came and got me.' 
'He told me that you locked yourself in the chem lab and that it’s ok for this period, because it’s his lunch, but he’s got class next period and he needs you out of there. He said either you come with me or he’s getting the principal-’
'Nigel, I don’t feel well.' 
'What’s wrong?' 
'Did you throw up in there and you don’t want anyone to see?’  
'I shouldn’t have come in today but I’m taking all AP’s and I don’t like it when things change and I always come to sch-' 
'Baby, let me in. I’ll clean it up for you and I promise I won’t tell any–' 
'I love that you always take care of me.’
'I feel like I’ve been dating you all my life what the fuck else am I supposed to do?' 
'You always know what to do, Nigel.’  
'Adam what’s wrong? You don’t sound like you.’
Uhhhn maybe you can help me.’
'Yeah, I can. I’ll clean up the vomit for you or whatever. Just unlock the door.’  
'Holy fucking shit.’  
'Nigel, I-' 
'Are you going into heat?' 
'I don’t know! I’ve never!’
'Fuck, baby, I know I know. Oh god you smell so good. How do you feel?’  
'Just weird?' 
'So wet, Nigel. I want you to-' 
'No! Not here. We’re getting you the fuck out of here. I’m driving you straight fucking home.’  
'You smell good too, Nigel. So good. I bet your knot’s twitching like it does when I–' 
'Shit! Ok, ok, stop fucking talking we need to go. Can you walk? Do you need me to carry you out of here?' 
'Oooh. Yes. Carry me.’  
'God fucking dammit.' 
'Mmmm you’re so stubbly.’
'For one shut up and stop rubbing on my face and for another thing hold on because I’m fucking running out of here nobody else even gets a fucking whiff of you like this, do you understand?’
'And stop licking me!’