let me be your lullaby


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Lay in my arms allow me to cradle you to sleep.

Be at home with my body as we lay under the sheets.

Let our breathing be a lullaby sweeter than any treat.

Trust me with your self let this bond be unique.

Ill wrap my arms around you tightly to help you drift.

Ill send you off to you dreams with a good night kiss.

Ill watch over and protect you from any nightmares.

Your safe with me baby, as long as you’re right here.

Keep me in your proximity, stitch me into your skin and let me cradle your lullabies. I’ll pick up every star you threw on my sky so even when you say good night, my wishes would remind me of you. I’ll always want to be where I can see your eyes urge mysteries into sinking. I’d dive in just to figure out what’s underneath your iceberg, and whatever lies there, I’ll hold my breath long enough to reach it. I know what I’ll find isn’t perfect, and I’ll understand because none of us are. So hold me, melt me into your question marks so I wouldn’t have to say goodbyes as my period. They say time is just an illusion, but distance isn’t. I want to be where you are, but I guess that too, isn’t real.

So allow me to disappear with a reminder that I, too, was once in your constellations. My lights may not be as bright as yours, but know that I was there, during your darkest and most deafening nights, I was there. Remember me, not as someone who drowns myself beneath the cold ice sheets just to win your attention, but as someone who embraced hell just to tap you on the shoulder, to let you know that I was just right here. Illusions may be lies at some people’s eyes, but know that in mine, they were and will always be, true.

—  socheesy x hishiddenletters
Preference #7 - Concert With The Boys - Requested




“Come on Y/N! We have to get to the seats!” Ashton cried dragging your hand. He’d gotten you tickets to the All Time Low concert for your birthday but he was almost more excited than I was. He’d insisted on getting a ton of merch at the stand before sitting down

“You’re the one who made us almost miss the show!” You laughed following him. He squeezed your hand tight smiling at you over his shoulder. He flashed the VIP passes and we were then led to the VIP section.

“We needed shirts to remember the night.” He said over his shoulder.

“I feel like I’ll remember the night fine without shirts.” You said sliding to your seats.

“Oh, what’s gonna make you remember it?” Ashton said smiling as he tugged you closer to him as you stood waiting for the music.

“My amazing boyfriend.” You smiled managing to say it before the crowd erupted into cheers as the lights dimmed. Ashton’s arms squeezed you against him for a moment before you both started dancing. The bass began to pound as the music began. Ashton cheered as the band played belting out his support for his friends. You laughed enjoying the music.

Quickly, you and Ashton were dancing together to the amazing entertainment. He held his hands on your hips holding them against his as you moved to the music. It became like a party of thousands of people all together. He danced like a maniac with you to the fast music.

It was probably the best way to celebrate your birthday.

Ashton was singing loudly in your ear as you danced to the music laughing and enjoying it. You loved the songs as they played and you sang to each other. You really loved him and this was just perfect. Plus he was being a big goof ball and making funny faces throughout the concert.

As the concert wound down, you stopped dancing so much as swaying. He held you against his chest softly singing the lyrics next to your ear. You knew you loved Ashton, and his love for music because his love for music was a lot like yours. It made it so much better that you could share it all together.


Calum had gotten you tickets to a Katy Perry concert and again, he might have been more excited than you were. He was mimicking her dance moves and facial expressions as you stood waiting for it to begin. You knew he just wanted you to laugh.

“So, I’m thinking I’m gonna fall in love tonight…” He said with a big smile leaning closer to you as his arm draped over your back.

“Oh, are you? I’m sure Katy Perry is begging on her knees for you to be backstage.” You quipped.

“Not with her, although if she was, sorry babe.” Calum said chuckling leaning into you. You could hear the crowd all around you but you were in your own world and that was just how you liked it.

“Oh dear, are you about to say something cheesy and romantic?” You say giggling.

“Hahaha, yeah, I guess I am, happy birthday.” He says leaning in for just one kiss.

Just then the lights dimmed and the music started. You stood up to cheer clapping your hands screaming loudly until you felt his hand tapping your shoulder. You turned to face him silently asking what since it would do no good to try to ask out loud in the noise.

He leaned in to your ear.

“You don’t scream that loudly at our concerts!” He yells in your ear.

“You can always make me scream later!” You reply. He rolls his eyes draping an arm around your waist turning to watch. You both sang along to the music you both knew so well letting yourselves go to the songs that played. He kept making his weird faces but he does that a lot to begin with.

He made sure no one was gonna hit on you too. During the more emotional songs, he’d hold you against him while you sang along. There were moments he felt you weren’t giving him enough attention of course, and he’d respond by pulling you close and pressing his lips to your neck. That was not distracting from the task at hand.

“Calum…” You whined as his lips pressed against the nape of your neck.

“Don’t forget about me now…” He whispers pulling you close. You roll your eyes as you turn back to the concert.


So Michael had given you tickets to see Mayday Parade for your birthday. You were really excited to hear their music live. While you loved the intense stuff of theirs, you loved their softer songs too. Some of your faves were ‘Hold On To Me’ and ‘Stay.’ You mostly listened to them alone on bad days and you prayed you’d hear them live.

“So, you think you’re gonna cry?” Michael says as the band begin to shift to playing those slower songs. You shrugged as he pulled you against him resting his chin on the top of your head.

“Well I’m here.” He says as soft chords begin to play.

“Hmm…” You sigh wrapping your arms over his on your waist.

And then ‘Hold On To Me’ started to play. Michael’s head dropped to your shoulder nuzzling against your neck and ear.

“I Know I’ve got my problems and it starts with me/ you something inside that I can’t see/ and late at night yeah you’ll comfort me/ hold onto me hold onto me/ I’ve got a nervous habit and I drink too much/ you said you hate your life and wants to change your ways/ you wake in the night and whisper oh so quiet/ hold onto me hold onto me/ don’t you ever leave don’t you ever leave/ I know I’ve got my problems and it’s probably me/ so hold onto me hold onto me/ I stay up too late and it hurts to breathe/ I said it’s 4 AM girl go back to sleep/ sometimes at night I can hear your dreams/ come rescue me come rescue me/ don’t you ever leave don’t you ever leave/ I know we got our problems and it’s probably me/ so hold onto me hold onto me/ I’m drifter’s body and an open sea/ and I see my reflection staring right back at me/ with no place to go and you’re left all alone/ there’s no place like home/ hold onto me hold onto me/ just stay with me just stay with me/ I know we got our problems and you’ll probably leave/ so hold onto me hold onto me/ I could never leave I will never leave/ so hold onto me hold onto me.” Michael sings in your ear.

“I love you, thanks for the tickets.” You say leaning back to look at him.

“I love you, too. Happy birthday.” He says softly kissing you tenderly.


Alright, it was sad to admit but you had made Luke come to a Paradise Fears concert for your birthday because you really liked their music and it was a band Luke wouldn’t hate so much as something else you could take him to.

“Damn, this a small venue…” Luke mumbled as you led him through the people. You rolled your eyes.

“Just because you hit it big doesn’t mean other people are not playing at dinky venues, you idiot.” You say getting to your seats.

“But I barely know any of their stuff.”

“I thought we were going to this concert for me.” You say raising an eyebrow.

“We are…” He says falling into the seat squeezing his legs into the space between them.

“Can’t you be pleasant? Just because it’s not Blink – 182.” You sigh bringing your fingers to his hair.

“Come here.” He says opening his arms for you. You sit next to her.

“So, will you be more pleasant about this?” You asked poking his cheek.

“When I make my confession.”

“What confession?”

“I learned one of their songs, actually a lot of them…” He says brushing his fingers against your cheek.

“Which one?”

“I’ll just sing it with them when they perform it.”

“How do you know they will?”

“Because they always have.”

“You’re annoying.”


Then as a song began in the concert Luke held you closer than he had been resting his lips against your ear. The song was ‘Lullaby.’

“Late night phone calls/ bags packed so long/ night drives long flight/ nothing good about goodbye bye/ by the time I’m leaving I’ll be wishing I could stay/ I’ll be thinking ‘bout you every day in a different state/ mile after mile you know I’m always on the road/ but I won’t let you go/ I’ll stay up all night, staring at the sky/ you’re somewhere on the other side/ if you’re sleeping alone tonight, let me be your lullaby/ girl I’ve got stars in my eyes/ ‘cause you look better by my side/ if you’re sleeping alone tonight, let me be your lullaby/ hush now, speak slow/ stay close, don’t go/ two hearts, one night/ wish we didn’t have to stay goodnight/ by the time I’m leaving I’ll be wishing I could stay/ I’ll be think ‘bout you every day a different state/ mile after mile you know I’m always on the road/ but I won’t let you go/I’ll stay up all night staring at the sky/ you’re somewhere on the other side/ if you’re sleeping alone tonight, let me your lullaby/ girl, I’ve got stars in my eyes/ ‘cause you look better by my side/ if you’re sleeping alone tonight, let me be your lullaby/ let me be your lullaby let me be your lullaby/ a different night, a different day/ pretty soon it’s all the same/ being without you/ I’ll stay up all night, staring at the sky/ you’re somewhere on the other side/ if you’re sleeping alone tonight, let me be your lullaby/ girl I’ve got stars in my eyes/ ‘cause you look better by my side/ if you’re sleeping alone tonight, let me be your lullaby/ girl I’ve got stars in my eyes/ ‘cause you look better by my side/ if you’re sleeping alone tonight, let me be your lullaby/ let me be your lullaby, let me be your lullaby.”

“Ok, maybe you’re being less of a prick now.” You say when the songs over making Luke smirk.

“Sorry, you just seemed so into the band and not me.”

“Oh yeah, ‘cause I’m not into my own boyfriend.” You say rolling your eyes.



       di·vin·i·ty     dəˈvinədē/


  1. let me tell you a prayer of remembrance: they called you queen of heaven long before you’d ever seen your kingdom. they called you queen of a land you never ruled, heir spelled to life without your word but with your crown 
  2. let me sing you a lullaby about purpose: how your heart beats at two different places now, together but apart. let me sing of the way you wailed when your heart beat in stereo stuttered to one, don’t you cry. it’s not sad, it’s a lullaby of redemption. he died for their sins.
  3. let me tell you what you are: you’re a girl, in over her head and in love with the life you can’t believe you gave away. 


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Human Truth Serum

Summary: Stan’s always been like a human truth serum- able to get anyone to tell him what he wants them to tell him. He doesn’t tell anyone what he doesn’t want to tell them, but today’s a day that’s different.

For @jimsdeadbones’ birthday (T-T I’m so sorry for being so late- er, I mean… pffft! What do you mean late? I’m- uh- I’m just early for next year). I hope it was worth the wait.

“Is it me or has Grunkle Stan been acting weird all day?” Dipper asks his sister while looking at Stan while he counts out.

It’d be normal if it weren’t for the fact this was his fifth time counting the same stack. He usually counts only twice to make sure of his count (though his first count is always right), but to count so many times was unsettling. He has a scowl on his face as if he’s frustrated with himself for being distracted.

“Yeah, he has been acting weird,” Mabel says. “Should we ask?”

“No, Grunkle Stan won’t tell us if anything’s wrong,” Dipper grumbles.

“Should I get the truth teeth?”

Dipper shakes his head. “No, that didn’t work out so well last time.”

“Then what’s the plan?”

“Maybe Grunkle Ford can talk to him?” Dipper shrugs.

Ford had noticed that his brother was acting off all day, though he wasn’t aware of the source. He was curious and he tapped his fingers against the table with a small frown on his lips.

“Grunkle Ford?”

His gaze snaps up to his niblings and he smiles. “Yes, kids?”

“You know Grunkle Stan pretty well, right?” Mabel asks while climbing into his lap.

“Erm… why do you ask?” Ford asks instead of answering.

“Grunkle Stan’s been acting funny… I think he’s sad,” Dipper insists.

“Sad about what would be the question,” Ford muttered.

He missed over forty years of his brother’s life and he couldn’t remember exact dates of anything so he didn’t know if anything about the specific date would trigger anything.

And he intended to find out.

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Let me be your Lullaby || Nym and Tristan

Nym sat on the end of the tub that she had been hiding in, there house had a few of them, it was something that drew them to this house when they brought it what seemed like so long ago now but it was only a few months now that they had owned it. she looked down at a sick that was in her hands as her phone was counting down the seconds that she had to find out if what she thought would be true or not. she never told Tris her fiancee anything, actually she never told anyone anything. a part of her hoped that it was just a fluke…a small bug that was running threw her, she knew that eile was close to giving birth herself so she did not want to give tris more stress that he already had with the possibility of her being pregnant as well. 

there wedding was to be in the spring, the season that they both enjoyed it was rebirth and starting a new life together something that was perfect to them. she took a small breath in slowly as she looked around the small bathroom that she was hiding in as she thought of how perfect her life was sense he walked in, a part of her wanted to have his child growing in her but then another part was scared, what if he left her…what if he did not want the child…there was so many questions…the thing that brought her out of the day dream that she was in was the sound of her phone going off. 

The two minutes were up….that meant that she would need to look at the stick that was between her fingers, she allowed her dark hues to look down at the stick seeing that it was possessive causing her to gasp lightly as her heart fluttered in her chest a little, she tossed the stick in the trash as she stood up slowly and made her way over to the study where tris was sitting as she knocked on the door lightly “ Tris…its me, can i come in..” she said softly  as she thought to herself for a moment

“ I need to tell you i am pregnant"  

I wish I could let you know
how your laughter sounds like a lullaby
To me

I want to tell you
In between kisses
And earl grey tea
That your hands are my religion
Your fingertips are my church
And every time you touch me
I am born again.