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I am working on bettering myself and part of that is forgiving those who have wronged me.  I will wear my necklace until the wax breaks.  Then all is forgiven.  Until then, I celebrate shared joys, I mourn the loss of friendship, and I meditate on how I can grow.

The paper reads:
My heart is weary
and my thoughts are heavy.
Anger continues to block me.
With this sigil, 
I promise to work daily
and act consciously
with forgiveness in my heart.

You cross my mind every minute it seems, whether it’s when I see something that makes me think of you or even just when it’s silent because you seem to be a part of me and I’m a part of you too. I hope that never changes. Because even in a room full of a thousand people or in between a million thoughts my mind will always make its way to you. You fill me with feelings I never knew I had. The kind of feelings that wake you up early in the morning and don’t let you fall back asleep. It took me a while to realize what you truly mean to me, under our friendship what seems like has been forever. All along you’ve been more important to me than I knew. It’s like the stars in the sky- you don’t realize their presence until you do. You make me feel so safe around you, despite everything. Your smile makes me incredibly happy. And darling, you make me basorexic. My desire for you is insane. But most of all, you make me feel at home, my love. I can’t stop myself from falling in love with you anymore.
There are pieces of me under everyone I’ve loved’s bed. I used to think this made me empty, that I was missing parts of me. But letting go of those pieces gave room for better parts to grow. Confidence, love, joy.

the reason people like reaction videos is because it’s some of the same thrill of showing a friend a funny video and wanting to see if they think it’s funny too.

the reason we do this is because when we see other people laughing, the empathetic part of your brain makes us want to laugh too, sort of like how you yawn when you see other people yawn. the release of dopamine that the laughter causes gets us closer to the same amount of excitement we had when we first saw the video, like watching for the first time again.

reactors usually try to act really personable and friendly so we can establish that friendship-connection, if only artificially, for the duration of the video.

so shut up and let me watch my reaction videos in peace, i dont have any friends and it’s a guilty pleasure.

She Loves You {Part 14} Epilogue

Part 1 | Part 2a | Part 2b | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13

Summary: After a growing friendship with Bucky Barnes, someone who could really understand your nightmares, you began to fall in love. If only you would let him know. Preferably before it was too late.

This is it. The very last part. The epilogue. I just wanted to thank all my readers, those tagged and those not, because you all mean a lot to me. This was my first story that I put up online and now I am definitely writing more. This one may be at an end but there’s more where that came from. Thank you all so much!!!

Word count: 2887

Warnings: none. maybe some tears, sad and joyful.

You walked through the empty park in the middle of spring. The air was cool, making the bright and sunny day a pleasant one, a perfect balance between hot and cold.

Balance. Something your life had been lacking for the past few years. It was a constant battle between receding in your solitude and fighting with yourself to socialise, be it friends or dates. That did not end well. You had gone on a few dates here and there, but they almost always ended in you apologising profusely and leaving. After a year of continuous repeat, you had officially announced that you were going to be single for the rest of your life. Tony’s blind dates be damned! Hell, you had even bought your first cat.

You took in the scene around you, needing to be by yourself after the stressful morning you were suffering from. It was a nice relief. You strolled around aimlessly before choosing to visit the 24-hour café. The one where you went for comfort from your nightmares. It had been a while since your last visit.

Since the wedding, you had chosen to stop associating everything with Bucky. The Avengers’ kitchen was not where you sought comfort with Bucky, it was where you sought comfort from the nightmares, The café was not where you had first taken Bucky, it was where you went when you felt down. That was your bedroom, not where you sat up all night with him, rehearsing his vows.

You wiped a stray tear off your cheek. Most of the time, you failed in doing so; but you were adamant to limit your mind from trailing to the topic of Bucky.

Walking into the café, you greeted the lady behind the counter and sat down in a corner. She walked up to you with a pen and a notebook.

“Hey darling, nice to see you again, what can I get you?”

A jingle from the door at that moment made you pause as somebody else entered into the almost empty store. You casually looked up, about to order when the words became caught in your throat, unable to surface.

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 595

Summary: You and Jensen get the same room at the hotel the night before the convention.

Warnings: Masturbation, language

A/N: Single!Jensen, Danneel does not exist in this slightly AU fic. Please keep that in mind. Also, I’ve had this written for months but kept forgetting to send it to myself off my phone so… let me know if ya’ll want another part!

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You were fucking exhausted.

Work was still estranged, and your friendships, whilst some have helped you heal, were beginning to overwhelm you with their drama. You were losing sense of yourself. A dull ache was nagging at the nape of your neck, itching up your jaw and to your temples, and finally finishing behind your eyes. It was one of your most epic migraines to date, something you were entirely used to yet still tired of.

This trip was more than needed; for your heart, for your head, and for your soul. You had saved most of your income for the last year just to get here. You weren’t going to let the rough edges pull you down.

Not this time.

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I am not angry at you.
I do not hate you.
I’m not holding a grudge.
I’ve just let go of you,
and that’s what you’ll never understand.
I’ve removed you from my life because you’re
not a light on my path anymore.
You’re dark, and I want light.
I want love. I want joy.
And the best part is,
I have those things.
While you were sending me that hurtful email,
I was sitting around a table
with people who care about me.
People who are lights.
And I didn’t let it hurt me just then,
because your words on my phone screen
were dim compared to the smiles and
the laughter of those around me.
My life isn’t perfect.
I’ve been in darkness,
I’ve walked through storms,
but I haven’t let that ruin me.
I haven’t let that dim the light in my eyes.
And that’s where we’re different.
—  light // c.r.h.

So - we all love Lafayette’s love letters to Washington, right?

Let’s take a look at Washington’s letters to Lafayette today.

Washington to Lafayette (31 December 1777)

My Dear Marquis,

Your favour of Yesterday conveyed to me fresh proof of that friendship and attachment which I have happily experienced since the first of our acquaintance, and for which I entertain sentiments of the purest affection. It will ever constitute part of my happiness to know that I stand well in your opinion

Washington to Lafayette (4 July 1779)

When my dear Marquis shall I embrace you again? Shall I ever do it? or has the charms of the amiable & lovely Marchioness—or the smiles and favors of your Prince with-drawn you from us entirely? 

Washington to Lafayette (18 March 1780)

Your polite and obliging letter of the 10th of Octr from Havre came to my hands since the beging of this month—It filled me with pleasure intermixed with pain—To hear that you were well—to find you breathing the same affectione sentiments that ever have most conspicuously, markd your conduct towards me & that you continued to deliver them with unabated attachmt contributes greatly to my happiness—On the other hand, to hear that not one of the many letters which I have written to you since you left this Continent had arrived safe was not only surprizing but mortifying


I have been thus particular My dear friend that in case there should be the least suspicion of my want of friendship or want of attention, it may be totally removed; as it is my earnest wish to convince you by every testimony that an affectionate regard can dictate, of my sincere attachment to your person—and fortunes.

Washington to Lafayette (1 February 1784)

I thank you most sincerely My Dear Marqs for your kind invitation to your house, if I should come to Paris. At present I see but little prospect of such a voyage, the deranged situation of my private concerns, occasioned by an absence of almost nine years, and an entire disregard of all private business during that period, will not only suspend, but may put it forever out of my power to gratify this wish. This not being the case with you, come with Madame la Fayette & view me in my domestic walks—I have often told you, & I repeat it again, that no man could receive you in them with more friendship & affection than I should do

Washington to Lafayette (8 December 1784)

In the moment of our separation upon the road as I travelled, & every hour since—I felt all that love, respect & attachment for you, with which length of years, close connexion & your merits, have inspired me. I often asked myself, as our Carriages distended, whether that was the last sight, I ever should have of you? And tho’ I wished to say no—my fears answered yes.

Washington to Lafayette (15 February 1785)

My Dr Marqs

I have had the pleasure to receive your affectionate letter of the 21st of December—dated on board the Nymph Frigate in the harbour of New York; & felt all that man could feel from the flattering expression of it.

Washington to Lafayette (15 August 1786)

You will see by the length to which I have extended this letter, that I can never find myself weary of conversing with you. Adieu, my Dr Marqs—Mrs Washington & the family desire to be most respectfully presented to Mad[am]e de la Fayette—to whom, I pray you also to offer my very best homage; & to believe that I am, My Dr Marqs &c. &c. &c. - G: Washington

Washington to Lafayette (11 August 1790)

Adieu, my dear Marquis! Believe me to be assuredly and affectionately Your friend and humble Servant - G. Washington

P.S. Not for the value of the thing, my dear Marquis, but as a memorial and because they are the manufacture of this City, I send you herewith a pair of shoe buckles

Washington to Lafayette (19 March 1791)

The tender concern, which you express on my late illness, awakens emotions which words will not explain, and to which your own sensibility can best do justice—My health is now quite restored, and I flatter myself with the hope of a long exemption from sickness.

Washington to Lafayette (28 July 1791)

Knox, Jay, Hamilton, Jefferson remember you with affection—but none with more sincerity and true attachment than, My dear Sir, Your affectionate - G. Washington

and finally the last words of the last letter Washington wrote to Lafayette (25 December 1798)

I shall now only add what you knew well before, that with the most sincere friendship, & affectionate regard—I am always Yours - Go: Washington

Bad Reputation

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Trigger warning: sexual assault

Word count: 1,371

A/N: IT’S HERE… I hope this lives up to people’s expectations and I know that there was two different views of how the girl described in Bad Reputation could be portrayed but this one is what I ended up writing. I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think :)

P.S. Thank you to @shawns-love@shit-to-kinda-okay , @mrsnickclark and all the anons who had a part in this (ily)


Sitting around a table at my friend’s house, drinking, talking and listening to music is nothing out of the ordinary. What is, however, out of the ordinary is the topic of conversation. It’s been coming up a lot lately and not only in my friendship groups but others as well - everyone’s talking about this girl. And not in a good way. The most popular thing people seem to label her as is a “pessimistic psycho bitch”. I don’t understand how people can just throw labels like this around, knowing fair well that the person they’re describing can and will hear about it. I used to be friends with the girl they so crudely describe. We were always in the same classes, even in college. She disappeared from college for a while and that was when we grew apart. I knew that deep down I always had feelings for her, I’ve always just been intrigued by her but we were just friends and then nothing. Now, when I look at her, I see the dark hurt in her eyes and I see the bags under them. I see the way her hair falls perfectly on her back and the way she always wears long sleeves. I see the way she politely smiles at strangers and how she avoids eye contact at all costs when it’s someone she knows of. I see that she’s hiding something, that she’s built a wall so high that people mistake it for a negative and strange personality.  I’m sure she hears that endless rumours about her. People were first saying that she was an orphan, then they said that she moved countries, then people decided that she moved schools because she’d slept with everyone in her year. The rumours still haven’t stopped, they’re regularly updated and changed yet constantly untrue. People don’t get too close to her yet think they know her whole story. When I look at her eyes, I see the pain they hold and it makes my stomach hurt and my lungs struggle to breath. I hate not being able to do anything about it but her wall is built up too high and she won’t trust me anymore.

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You see the thing is, I never let people see my overwhelming insecurities that suffocate me. I don’t let people see how much missed opportunities and forgotten friendships really faze me. It is a lot easier to pretend that I don’t feel conveniently replaceable. It is simpler to act unfazed about it instead of admitting that I feel like the forgotten shadow of a ghost that was once an important part of someone’s life. To be honest, I would rather let people think that I am a cold-hearted bitch than let them bear witness to just how irrelevant I feel on the best of days. I think I will always choose to hide behind a veil than show my true feelings.
—  vulnerability isn’t fun; and it sure isn’t easy // a.b
I Can’t Save Her: Part 2

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1133

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: Catch Part One of the series here.

Tags are at the bottom. Let me know if you would like to be tagged!

“What the hell Buck?” Steve chastised him as they sat at the bar.

“I don’t know why Y/N was so upset. I swear Steve; I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even hear her walking down the hallway…. This is all your fault!” He huffed and looked at Steve accusingly. “If you hadn’t invited that woman back to the compound…. Oh my god I never thought I was going to get her to leave,” he said sourly as he downed the rest of his whiskey and motioned for the bartender to bring another.

“I know Buck… I just thought maybe… I mean how long has it been?” Steve raised an eyebrow.

 Bucky snorted and replied, “Rogers, should you really be asking that question?” Steve turned slightly pink as he laughed into his glass.

“Alright, Buck. I’m just worried about you. But what about Y/N? Is something going on that you haven’t told me about?” Steve asked with a little bite in the last few words.

“No, I swear. I mean don’t get me wrong… I’ve thought about it, but I’m afraid of losing her. She’s one of the few people I’ve connected with since everything happened. I enjoy being around her, but she’s never even indicated interest in me other than just being her friend,” Bucky replied bitterly. He was running his hands through his hair – one of his nervous habits that Steve always noticed.

 Steve snorted, “Whatever you say, Buck.” He paused and clapped his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. “I care about both of you and you are both really good for each other. Just be careful…” he trailed off.

Bucky didn’t respond. He was too lost in thought thinking about how angry Y/N had been. How had he not picked up on her feelings? It had been three years since he had met her, and had been attached to her since. He had just never allowed himself to go down this path… not with her… she was too important, and the thought of losing her paralyzed him with fear.

Trying to keep up with Steve during the morning jog was brutal. My head was pounding from the tequila that I had consumed the night before. I made a mental note to remind myself that my alcohol tolerance was nowhere close to Nat’s. I slowed for a second to catch my breath and Sam followed suit.

“So that thing with you and Barnes the other day?” he asked rather timidly. I huffed to myself and side-eyed him. He gulped and continued, “I was just wondering…”

“Hey are you two going to pick up the pace or are we going to finish the jog when we’re ninety?” Steve interjected sarcastically as he jogged back to Sam and myself.

“Steve, I hate to break it to you, but you are already considered a senior citizen,” I replied sardonically as he grinned back at me. “Some of us aren’t super soldiers… Sam and I needed a small break,” I complained.

“Yeah.. I was just asking Y/N about her chick flick moment with Barnes the other day,” Sam retorted as I jabbed him in the arm with my fist. Steve looked embarrassed as he stared at his feet awkwardly.

 I eyed him cautiously. “Spill it Rogers. What do you know?”

“Oh me? Nothing.. I know nothing. Really it’s nothing,” Steve shuffled his feet awkwardly.

“You’re a terrible liar, Steve. Just tell me.” I bit my lower lip – it was always what I did when I was nervous.

Steve looked reproachfully at Sam. “Good job at bringing this up man.”

Sam shrugged, “I was just curious.”

I cleared my throat and crossed my arms… waiting not so patiently for Steve to spill the beans. He huffed in frustration and threw his hands into the air. “Well Buck and I went for a drink last night, and I asked him about the whole…erm…incident between you two. It’s honestly my fault. The woman you saw… it really wasn’t what you thought. I pushed Bucky to bring her home…Really I invited her back to the compound… I thought it would be good for him. He told me that he didn’t even talk to her until he finally asked her to leave. I’m guessing that was shortly after you spied on them… what the?! Ow!!!” Steve was cut short because I had jabbed him in the ribs with my elbow.

“I had a night terror… I was going to talk to Buck… I didn’t know. That isn’t spying… I didn’t mean to…  Also it wasn’t talking that I was worried about obviously!” I sputtered in anger.

“Real smooth, Steve,” Sam said irritably as he rolled his eyes. “It’s okay Y/N. That’s not what Steve meant, was it Steve?” Sam finished with a very visible side-eye in Steve’s direction.

“Right…that’s right,” Steve muttered—the red rising in his cheeks.

“We just wanted to know what the deal was. Did something happen between you two or..? Sam trailed off.

“No,” I looked at my hands feeling really uncomfortable. I wanted to be anywhere but here. I was still trying to figure out why I lashed out at Bucky. Having this conversation was making the whole situation seem much more real. “I just…Buck is such a huge part of my life. When I saw him with…with her… all I could think about was losing him and I panicked. Before Bucky I was just kind of drifting through the world… he’s been my anchor,” I stuttered on. “I mean I obviously love you guys and you’re my close friends but Bucky…” I trailed off.

“I know,” assured Steve as he rested his hand on your shoulder. “You should talk to him.”

“I…yeah…. I know,” I trailed off.

“Okay let’s get back to it then,” Steve shouted back at Sam and I as he began jogging the two miles back to the compound.

“Man…I really hate him sometimes,” Sam snorted as we began following him at a distance. “But Y/N, Steve is right. As much as I don’t care for Barnes most days… You really should talk to him,” he quipped as he looked at me but I was too busy thinking about Bucky to even notice anything else.

As I was jogging back to the compound I felt foolish for the way I had acted towards Bucky; especially once Steve had confirmed that nothing had happened with the blonde. I was never the jealous type, and I had never indicated to Bucky that I had romantic feelings for him… because… well… I hadn’t known that I had romantic feelings for him until that night. Did I? I huffed to myself as we rounded the final block to the compound.

Well, I thought to myself, I better damn well figure something out before I see him again.

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Michi’s 2016 Jdrama List
  • All the 2016 dramas & movies I watched (in random order)
  • Favourites / best  bolded

◇ Juhan Shuttai! → comedy, business

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◇ Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara  [movie]

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Jimi ni sugoi! → rom-com, business

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◇ Koe Koi → rom-com, school

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◇ Cain and Abel → drama, romance, business  * still watching *

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◇ Busujima Yuriko no Sekinara Nikki  

◇ Carrer → comedy, crime

◇ Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko → comedy, action, crime

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Daisho → suspense, psycological

◇ Rinsho Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri → crime, mystery

◇ Hippocratic Oath → medical

IQ246 → crime, comedy  * still watching *

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◇ Fragile → medical

Hapimari →  romance, business

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◇ Haburashi Onna Tomodachi  

Seisei Suruhodo aishiteru →  romance, drama

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◇ Chihayufuru part I, part II [movies]

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◇ Never let me go → drama, sci-fi

Good Morning Call → romance, school, friendship

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◇ Love song → romance, music

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu →  rom-com  * still watching *

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Love that makes you cry → romance

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◇ Terra Formars [movie]

◇ MARS  

◇ The Bride of Rip van Winkle [movie]

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite kudasai →  rom-com

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◇ Ie uru onna → comedy, business

99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi → comedy, law

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Suki na Hito ga iru Koto → rom-com

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◇ Higanbana → detective, crime

◇ Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta 

◇ Ookami Shoujo to to Kuro Ouji [movie] 

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◇ Nobunaga Concerto Movie 

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TOP 5my most favourite dramas (of this year)

  1. Good Morning Call
  2. NigeHagi
  3. 99.9
  4. Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto
  5. Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
No Promises

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,436

A/N: This one is just an idea I thought of and I actually had motivation and desire to write it so I hope everyone likes it and let me know if you want a part twooo! xx I appreciate every single one of you.


My phone buzzes as I pick it up to glance at the text message I’ve just received. Right on time. I pick myself up off the couch and head to the front door of my apartment. Shawn and I have had the strongest friendship for almost 8 years now and it has always been the thing I value most in my life. Our relationship has transitioned from being Friday nights with movies and pizza to almost every night with the addition of platonic sex. Although you may scoff at ‘platonic’, there’s no denying that both me and Shawn don’t have any feelings for each other. It’s been so long now that I don’t think it would even be possible. It’s just a nice way for Shawn to get out all of his sexual frustrations from being on tour for so long, and I wouldn’t deny my best friend’s happiness. It’s easier that way. It means that Shawn doesn’t have to worry about the media attacking him and his significant other and I know that’s important to him.

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davidjohnson_28: Wanted to truly thank this women for everything she does for this world, her friends, and the girls she meets and impacts along the way… We met years ago before our first trip to Kenya for her 21st birthday. She was on the mend, someone looking for more out of life and to find deeper meaning in this world. We all shared the trip of a lifetime and made life long memories, connections, and friendships… Many of you might or might not know this but since then she’s quietly made an impact on the communities she visited.
Without big press releases and announcements she slowly and gently gave back… With real purpose. When we came back to the communities she met years ago the women, girls, and mamma’s of the communities celebrated her in a really special way…A way that can’t be replicated.
Thank you for letting me be a small part of this Journey with you Demi. I’m so proud to call you a close friend and will always be in awe of the way you spend your time and energy giving back. I can’t wait to do this again with you… Perhaps at 21,000 ft above sea level ;) Keep on inspiring girls ( like my daughter) and keep your head held high. You’re making a real difference. ❤🙏🏼

Learning how to trust again after someone let you down is a hard process but it’s worth it when you meet the right people.
—  Things I realized when I couldn’t let people in, part VII