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Let That Liquor Ride

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Let That Liquor Ride
[DPRLive at a bar]

yeah wait hold up
let that liquor ride
baby love the way you chillin

Christian sighed rolling his eyes as Dabin stared at you from across the floor. You were waiting by the bar with your friends after Live’s set finished. You’d been nursing the same drink all night, occasionally you’d catch Dabin staring at you and you couldn’t help but to smile and look away shyly.

Christian had fallen victim to your little game of cat and mouse and had grown tired of it. “Please ask her out already. Mate you’re drivin’ me insane over this”

“I will…” Dabin mumbled downing back the rest of his liquor. “I will…I’ll ask her out…” he stood up, squaring his shoulders before immediately losing his nerves and sitting back down. “After one more drink” he reached out as the waitress walked by and grabbed another glass of alcohol.

“You’re pathetic. Come on. What are you waiting for? She’s been to every single one of your shows this month. You know she’s into you.”

“It’s not that simple Hyung… She's…”

“Pretty hot and out of your league?”

“Yeah…” he frowned losing what little nerve he had.

“Invite her and her friend up here. Maybe she’ll ask you out.”

“I can’t just ask her up here. What does that look like? Hey, do you wanna come to the VIP area with me? That just makes it look like I’m trying to make a move on her.”

“You are trying to make a move!” Christian groaned raking his hand through his hair. “You are literally trying to ask her out. And if I have to sit here and watch you ogle her for another night I’m gonna ask her out myself. And trust me Mate, it won’t be for your benefit”

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So, look.   I'm not at all surprised Melissa moved me to tears in this episode because she slays me every damn time.  But can I just give a shoutout to Mr. Reedus?

Because that little “Why’d you go?” just about finished me off.  The hurt in his voice, and his body language the whole episode…I think the man is pretty underrated.  He’s really brought Daryl to life, and when he and MMB share scenes?  It’s fucking magic, man.  She’s already a master class (IMO), but when they’re in scenes together, they elevate each other’s game. 

Take note, TPTB.  Forget this whole absence makes the heart grow fonder shit, and reunite these two for good.  They’re each compelling in their right, but together?  Let me just put it this way.  Was Mulder not better when he had Scully by his side?  What about William Adama and Laura Roslin?  I could go on, but I won’t.  And really.  Carol and Daryl, in my mind at least, are just as much a part of each other as these characters are a part of each other. 

So.  Let this latest separation be blessedly short.  Because these two?  Deserve to be together.  They deserve to know love and be able to actually bask in it, openly, for more than 5 damn seconds. 

And hey. If it’s the whole thrill of the chase, longing pining thing you’re afraid of losing, don’t be.  Because I think we all know, MMB and NR are more than up to the task of continuing their beautiful story and taking it forward naturally.  The characters, the portrayers, and the fans have all earned that much. 

12 x 11 Wincest Coda

They’re on each other the second Rowena is gone and they’re alone in the motel.

Dean’s clinging to Sam, still reminding himself with every breath that’s it’s over, he’s fine, his heart can stop pounding in his chest. Sam’s holding Dean, reveling in the fact that Dean remembers this, knows that he belongs here.

“I got you,” Sam mutters, as much for himself as for Dean.

Dean closes his eyes and lets Sam push him down to the bed, neither of them sure of themselves right now, only sure of their need for the other. Sam kisses him hard, silently saying “Remember this?” and Dean squeezes him tighter to answer “Of course, you were still there inside me even when I forgot”.

They spend the rest of the night not finding their way back to each other, because that was done the second Dean walked down the stairs and called him a hippie, but basking in the comforting knowledge that they always will find their way back. The knowledge that they aren’t lost from each other, even when they are.

There are some things that just can’t be taken away.

Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 8

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: SFW, swearing, eventual smut


Note: I AM BACK LOL. Sorry for disappointing y’all, this ain’t a Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know update. BUT. Next part’s coming up. Probably tonight. ;)

Chapter 8 - The Bitter Aftermath

You ignored the way Dwight stared at you as you ran out of the warehouse. Once you’ve reached the truck you, quickly walked around it and leaned against the rear bumper. Your heart was pounding against your ribcage so hard that you could almost hear it in your ear. Negan’s rejection had been making you act bolder around him and it’s something that’s been causing you a lot of internal conflict. You’ve always been a logical type of person, one who thinks hard about something before acting on it. Lately though, you’ve noticed how often you’ve acted on impulse, especially when dealing with Negan.

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Hallelujah. Trump & Gorillaz...

As you all know, the new Gorillaz single is not receiving much of a positive reaction from the audience. Hallelujah Money covers a topic that everyone has been tired of hearing about. Politics.

The representation in the video is so…immense. Let me show you the few things that I have found.

Animal Farm is a book and animated movie that covers inequality in such a simple form that even children can catch on to. This pig that is seen in the video is Napoleon. He puts all of the farm animals to hard labor, as his fellow pigs bask in the worldly goods. He is a terrible dictator.

“Fantastic Planet” can be seen for a split second in the video. It is a French animated film about these…blue fish people that take humans in as pets, and treats them like animals.

Let’s get this out of the way. Yeah, that spongebob clip scared the shit out of me and it felt out of place didn’t it? 

It was suppose to.

When we think of spongebob, we think of a child. Innocent and sweet. (And annoying) The three second clip practically summed up the whole video. Spongebob is the representation of the Americans that do not support Trump. 

Regardless, I do have to say this. I. Am. Tried. Of. Politics. 

Other things to note is: 

A trump puppet shadow that quickly takes the head of 2D.

Benjamin can be seen in one scene, hiding behind the book he is holding after the song mentions ‘power’ in a spine chilling way towards the end. He quickly stops cowering when the rainbow and birds backdrop is used.

One last thing..

This is the Trump tower elevator.

Opening scene to video:

“Pièce de Résistance”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Holiday Modern AU)

Summary: You get creative after you forget to get a Christmas gift for your best friend.

Happy Christmas and holidays, lovelies! This one’s for everyone who’s made the time to read and respond my personal posts, stories, and overall made this platform a wonderful place. Special dedication listed after the story!

You open your compact mirror to quickly check out your appearance - your cheeks are slightly rosy from the cold and your hair’s a little messy. Satisfied, you shut the mirror and stuff it in your purse and ring the doorbell.

A few silent beats shuffle by before the door opens. Clad in sweats and a navy shirt that hints his the muscular frame underneath, a slightly disheveled Bucky steps out. His disgruntled look is replaced with one of crinkled surprise and his lips part open. “What the -”

“HELLO AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!” you yell, flailing your arms out.

Bucky sleepily rubs his face. “Christmas is tomorrow, and you’re disrupting -”

“I’m here to give you your gift, my darling!” you interrupt, shaking your shoulders towards him.

Your best friend tilts his head and stares at you in a way that ceases your shoulder shaking. “This couldn’t wait until tomorrow?” he grumbles.

“Well, we leave for our trip tomorrow and -”

“Hold on,” Bucky butts in, holding up an index finger. He squints his eyes and lets his blue orbs slowly skim from your feet to the top of your head. He takes in your black tights, red skirt, and green crewneck sweater with Bucky’s alma mater’s insignia printed on the front. He pinches the sleeve of the sweater. “How and why do you have this?”

“Stole it from you when we went to your family’s beach house three years ago. It was the only green thing in my closet!” you happily chirp. “But how are you not talking about the pièce de résistance?!” you demand, pointing to your head.

Bucky’s blue eyes travel to the “pièce de résistance” you so proudly point to. Taped to your hair is a large and floppy gift ribbon you’ve fashioned from a two spools-worth of red ribbon. You spin side to side, showing off all the angles.

“Is this some fashion trend? Or is it -” Bucky stops, his eyes growing wide as he realizes the meaning behind the ribbon. “No. You wouldn’t.”

You sassily place your hand on your hip. “Tada! I’m your Christmas gift!” you cheer.

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Simple Pleasures - Thranduil

Imagine: Thranduil doing your hair

A/N: I was in a writers block so, this was me trying to get out of my hole of failure. I will try to write requests soon. pLEASE DON’T HATE ME!

Type: Reader Insert / one-shot / fluff

Translations: Hiril vuin: my lady, my beloved lady. Hir vuin: my lord, my beloved lord.

Abbreviations: H/C: Hair color

Warnings: Mentioned/Implied NSFW, fluffy Thranduil (I hope)

Words: 1,465

I sauntered through the halls of the Elvenking, my course leading to the bedding chambers of King Thranduil, as I did every morn. I was the King Thranduil’s most trusted adviser and head of his royal court, therefore, I met him every morning to briefly address the day’s events. On this morning, the morning of the Feast of Starlight, King Thranduil was running late and failed to meet me in his throne room, leading me to check his bedding chambers first.

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Kilowatt Smile

Pairing: Cisco x Reader

Words: 1658

Warnings: none

You’d felt it the first time you saw him, standing beside the new releases rack at the comic shop. Something deep within your stomach began to churn, warmth welling up within you. He was something special. His smile—god his smile. When it was cast your direction, you’d nearly fallen over, like someone had swung at the back of your knees with a bat. And you didn’t even know his name.

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Can we have some rough loving with Jumin? Please and thank you~!

Okay, so I had WAY too much fun with this one. Is it getting hot in here? Thank you for being so patient! 😘


You walked into the penthouse after a long day of work, your legs aching and heels in your hands. You just wanted a nice bath and maybe you could convince Jumin to rub your back some? God, you hoped so. It had been issue after issue today, and your brain was fried - if it hadn’t been Friday you would have cried yourself to sleep tonight. You dropped your heels in the doorway, unbuttoning your blouse as you turned around.

Rose petals. There were rose petals leading to the bedroom. Oh, shit. You padded to the doorway, and by the time you swung it open there was a trail of clothing on the floor behind you. Your thighs trembled, the slickness coating them showing how ready you were for whatever your husband had planned. And oh boy, did Jumin Han not disappoint.

He was wearing an all black suit with mask, holding a riding crop in one hand and…something in the other. “Hello, darling,” he drawled, prowling towards you, “do you want to be my whore tonight?”

You felt yourself dripping at his words, heat and anticipation wrapping around your gut. You nodded and he jerked you to him, his tongue pushing into your mouth as he gripped your chest. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a mask for you, sliding it gently into place. Jumin shoved you forward, placing you on your hands and knees in the middle of the giant bed.

“Have you been a good girl today?” You could hear him pacing around the bed, feel his gaze on you. “No, Daddy. I’ve been a bad girl, I need to be punished.” You could hear the stutter in his steps as he asked, “are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes, Daddy. I want you to punish me.” You barely finished the sentence before Jumin brought the crop down across your ass, the pain hot and quick. He slid the leather up and down your backside, teasing you with it. Your thighs clenched with need as he brought it down again and again, harder with each smack. Just you thought it might be too much, he dropped it to the ground and grabbed something else. Jumin shoved your head down, pulling your ass into the air. “Don’t move,” he said, as he dripped lube onto your hole and slid in a finger, making you gasp.

When you were loosened up enough he added a second finger, your moans the only sound in the room. That’s when you heard him take something out of ice water, and seconds later felt the cold metal touch your ass. Oh god, he was going to do it. He coated the plug in lube, sliding the metal into you gently as you gasped and nearly orgasmed from the sensation. Jumin laughed, a hand gripping your hair as he pulled you up, saying, “oh no…not yet, you slut. You’re going to pleasure ME first.”

He made you kneel, and slid a couple ice cubes in your mouth before pulling you down to his cock. You took him to the back of your throat, swirling your tongue and the cubes about his shaft as he gasped under you. One of your hands came up to stroke his balls and he jerked his hips forward, making you gag. He threw you back before he could come, easily tying your hands above your head with the straps that were there. Jumin slid your legs up, licking your sticky thighs before his hands went to the plug.

He pulled it out slowly, and immediately replaced it with a different one - one that vibrated. You clamped down when he flipped it on, his mouth biting into your neck as your face flushed with pleasure. One hand was between your thighs, two of his fingers pounding into you. Before you could come, he sat back and began stroking himself with the fluid from you, the sounds of flesh being pounded driving you wild. He angled himself over your face, and groaned as he spurted into your waiting mouth.

“Lick it clean, whore.” You answered, “yes, daddy,” as he slid into your mouth, your tongue swirling around to clean his shaft. Jumin was already getting hard again at the sight of you, tied up for his pleasure. His little whore. His wife. He jerked your head back, mouth slanting over yours as he rolled a nipple between his fingers. You gasped into his mouth, hands straining against the ties.

He moved down, his teeth grazing your sensitive skin. Jumin bit into the flesh at your ribs and sucked hard, making your back arch off of the bed. His nails left divots as he gripped your ass, only adding to the sensation of pain vs pleasure. You were riding the edge, nearly overloaded from all of the things you were feeling. It was almost too much.

He bit you again as he shoved himself forward, his cock sheathing in you in one quick stroke. You began panting his name as he pounded inside of you, his teeth never leaving your skin. “Jumin…please…touch me…” your pleas fell on deaf ears as he drove you higher and higher without release.

“Are you ready to come for me?” He asked as he teased your stomach with his fingers, slowly heading towards what you so desperately needed. “Yes! Yes! Please let me come!” He laughed at your begging, his hand finally rubbing harsh circles around your cult. The force of your orgasm hit and the world burst into stars, fluid gushing from you and wrapping around his cock. He kept rubbing as he pounded into you, his thrusts becoming erratic as he neared his end - but no less powerful. Your second orgasm hit you as he spurted inside of you, his hot seed pooling where you wanted it most.

Jumin untied you in one swift motion, his breathing harsh as he slid the plug from your ass. You felt empty but complete, basking in the afterglow of what he’d done to you. He slid the mask from your face and nuzzled into your neck. “My wife…my lovely wife. I love you.” He brought his face to yours, gently kissing your lips as he picked you up. He strode towards the bathroom, and steam hit your face as he helped you clean up before settling you both in the bath. You weren’t sure how long you laid back against his chest, his fingers stroking your hair and his lips leaving gentle kisses there.

If there was a heaven, this was it.

Strike One (Part 8 of Curve Ball)

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Author’s Note: It’s finally here! This is more filler than anything, but this series is a slow burn ;) I hope you enjoy this next installment! The next will hopefully be out soon. Enjoy! :)

As always, thank you to my darling friend @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for betaing, generating ideas, and listening to me rant and rave over this series. It wouldn’t be possible without you c:

Warnings: Language


“I seriously needed that,” I sighed contentedly, setting down the colorful array of shopping bags. “But my bank account did not.” Lydia chuckled happily behind me as she began setting her things down as well.

“Just bask in the feeling of your new clothes and you won’t even give a second thought to your wounded bank account,” she joked, shrugging playfully. I smiled widely, flopping down on my bed. I was exhausted. Shopping with Lydia was a tiring experience, especially when it was a celebratory occasion. Today’s spree was a pat on the back to ourselves for doing well on our midterms and a way to let out all the left-over tension.

A girls day with my best friend was exactly what I had needed. Now I was ready for a nap.

Several hours later, I finally roused from sleep, feeling much better and very hungry. Pleased to find that it wasn’t too late, I quickly brushed my teeth and changed out of my now wrinkled clothes, asking Lydia if she wanted to get something to eat.

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Imagine Request - Dessert with The Family (MATURE)

I’m begging you (not joking) to do an mature imagine where Justin and y/n are at y/n parents house for dinner and they sit next to each other and then one of them starts to tease the other one underneath the table while they are all eating lmao and they get really horny but obvs they can’t show it to the family😈 thanks in advance!!

“It’s honestly so great to see you again, Justin. We’ve missed you!” My parents embraced Justin with love and kindness to which he responded the same.

“I love being here, thank you for having me.” Justin smiled warmly, his hand resting on my back.

“We’re just about to sit and eat, everything’s set out, so take a seat.” We followed them into the dining room where plates and cutlery sat patiently on the table. I took a seat while Justin sat next to me, my mom and dad sat across from us.

We engaged in light conversation as we ate. My parents were interested to know what Justin was up to next and he was happy to speak about it. I sat and admired them happily.

“Yeah, I’m touring soon so that’ll take up most of my time, but I love doing it; it’s so much fun.” He took the fork in his mouth, the food piling in between his teeth.

I felt Justin’s hand land on my knee as he listened to my dad, nodding his head. I felt the brush of his fingertip as it drew circles on my skin, sending shivers down my spine. I decided to think nothing of it until I felt him drag the end of his long finger up my thigh, making me shuffle uncomfortably. He didn’t make anything obvious as he chatted happily away.

The palm of his hand then connected with my skin, his hand taking my thigh and squeezing it with force, it was only a matter of time before his fingers met my inner thigh. I attempted to swat his hand away but it seemed to only cause him to become more determined; he dug his nails into me.

I looked up at him to see him looking at my mom intently, acting as though he was doing nothing. He rubbed my thigh, making me squirm under his touch. He seemed to notice because he held off what could only be seen as a smirk.

My father excused himself to the bathroom. “Would you like some dessert, Justin?” My mom shuffled from her, gleaming down at him.

“You know, I would love dessert.” He took this opportunity to slyly break out into the smirk he’d been holding back, looking down at me.

“Great! I’ll be right.” The second she exited the room, Justin grinned as I glared at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I slapped his arm lightly before crossing them.

“What?” He chuckled, his hand slowly reaching out towards my thigh.

“Stop feeling me up in front of my parents.” I shamed him, but he didn’t falter. The subtle grin on his face stayed exact.

“Why? I think it’s hot. I could make you cum right here, right now, and your parents would never know.” He rasped as he leant over to me and put his mouth to my ear. “You’re looking so good right now, I just want to take you on this table but I don’t think that’d give your parents a good impression of me.” He chuckled deeply, flicking his tongue across my ear.

By now, I was beyond flushed. I squeezed my thighs together as I bit down on my lip. Justin noticed both of these actions, his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head. “God, I bet you’re so wet for me, babygirl.” He whispered, his hand travelling underneath the short, flowing dress I happened to wear.

“Desserts ready!” My mom exclaimed before placing a large bowl on the table in front of us.

“Yes..it..is.” He dragged his words out as his finger made its way into my underwear and down my clit. He glanced over at me, a pained but playful look took over his face.

“I apolgise for that, guys.” My dad’s voice was heard before he came back into the room, Justin took this time to retrieve his hand. He dipped the same finger that had just seconds ago basked in my juices, in his dessert and took it in his mouth, letting out a soft moan as he did so. “This is good.” He nodded, my cheeks heated up.

While his spoon delved into his food, the other hand quickly trailed back under my dress and into my underwear once more. I gasped quietly as I felt him tap my clit with his finger, my hand gripped the edge of the table as I felt him begin to make motions against me. I involuntarily grinded against his hand, making him let out a grunt, which was, by the shocked look on his face afterwards, also involuntary as my parents looked confused.

My parents chatted away quietly, giving Justin time to whisper unnecessary things in my ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so good when we get home.” He didn’t move as his pressure on my clit increased. “I want you bent over the couch the second we get there.” He ordered softly, making me almost whimper.

“But what if I want ride you?” I pouted as I looked up at him innocently, his eyes burned with fire as he stared at me. I felt the pleasure run through my body, igniting in my body like fire.

“Who said we can’t both get what we want?” He smirked. “But right now, what I want from you, is for you to cum. I want it so bad; it’d be so hot to make you fall apart in front of your parents. You’re not such a good girl anymore, are you, babe?” He rasped and chuckled into my ear, I hummed under my breath as I felt my body tighten. Justin breathed out heavily as I gripped onto his arm, my nails raking into his skin. I gripped the table with my other hand and my body shook as I felt Justin’s fingers moving inside of me.

“[Y/N], are you okay?” My mom frowned over at me as she witnessed me biting down on my lip and breathing rapidly, Justin snorted under his breath, making me glare at him. I nodded and reassured her.

Once I’d calmed down, he pulled his fingers out of me and I readjusted my dress, coughing slightly as I tried to breathed steadily. Once again, Justin ran his fingers across the bowl, not really gathering much, and inserted his fingers into his mouth. They were now coated in my juices after he made me collapse around him. His trouser evidently showed a bulge that had formed, making me smirk. He licked his fingers repeatedly, knowing my parents were none the wiser about what had just gone down right in front of them.


I went to Vegas a few weeks ago to visit my friend Mina as a belated 30th birthday/Christmas present and got tickets to the Backstreet Boys residency show as well. (I was going to go in December with my mom, but then they announced the shows and actually turned out to be easier for me to deal with because of job stuff so yeah.)

And I won a meet and greet with group and there were some…issues to say the least (see the cut for the full story because it’s a doozy), but long story short we found out that we were going to the preshow meet and greet three hours before we had to be there and CUE THE INTERNAL FANGIRL SCREAMING OH MY GOD THIS IS ACTUALLY GONNA HAPPEN OMG OMG OMG.

(Those of you who might not have been here too long-I am massive Backstreet fangirl. Like this is up there with The Greatest Two Days of My Life When I Met Meg Cabot. It hasn’t surpassed the HOLY SHIT MEG CABOT IS IN MY BOOKSTORE AND WANTS TO TALK WITH ME bc well let’s be fair. But still. Top five at least.

Look I’ve been a fan of them since I was twelve. The only other thing that I’ve had that level of fangirling towards is Sailor Moon.)

ANYWAY. SO we got to meet them before the show and Brian Littrell hugged me three times and my inner thirteen year old died on the spot and all I could do was internally scream until my brain bluescreened. (Didn’t cry though; my emotions caught up with me 20 minutes into the show and I started crying during ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and prompting the girl next to me to ask if I was okay. “YUP JUST HAVING A MOMENT OKAY.”)


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7 Days of Christmas ❄ Day 3: Mistletoe & Eggnog | Taehyung

Originally posted by btsfunboyz

Jungkook | Jimin | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Seokjin | Yoongi  

Summary: You ask your next door neighbour, Taehyung, to pretend to be your boyfriend for those awkward family Christmas parties and find yourself in an even more awkward situation after all the spiced eggnog gets to you.

Word Count: 4,184

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Here is day 3 for the Christmas collab series with @bts-scenaarios! I hope you all enjoy it :) If you wanna see day 4, it’ll be up on her blog tomorrow so stay tuned <3 

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Warnings: NSFW; Swaddling

Gif source:  Jack

Imagine trying swaddling with Jack Harkness.

——— Request for anon ———

You held him close as you bask in the afterglow of your lovemaking, not wanting to let this moment end. He doesn’t make to pull out, thanks to your legs wrapped around his as the two of you just lay there, cuddling.

“Do you want to sleep like this?” Jack chuckles, holding you a bit tighter which makes you shudder at the pressure of his length still inside you.

“We’ve never done it before,” you breathe, giving a slight nod after a second of debate. “I want to try it.”

Perhaps, in another chapter

It started with a lie,
so it could never be perfect,
too many times have I had to
stop myself from holding
your hand in public.

Something has changed in me.

Considering the way we’ve been;
the way we’re heading,
I don’t think
I could
ever learn to love you unabashedly.

I’ve come to realize that if we keep
heading in this direction
there will always be
a part of
that feels like your dirty little secret.

I don’t want that.

Even though it breaks my heart,
I no longer can see
a future without
the remnants
of all this
put me through, right from the start.

Our hearts are tainted,
reflecting chained love.

There’s too much that has to be forgotten;
too much that should leave our system,
before we can bask in a love

Maybe we’ll cross paths
in the future
have a
second chance at something perfect.

I want true love (I want you),
but I must conclude
this road
only lead us to its watered down version.

I’m letting you go, because I have to,
because I believe in you,
because I love

- M.A. Tempels © 2016

Dying To Love You / Isaac Lahey

I watched the internal struggle Isaac was faced with everyday. For the longest time, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, why he would be so ambivalent to open up to me, his girlfriend, about what he was thinking. 

“He’s thinking about you, you know.” Scott told me. I was sitting on the McCall couch, twiddling my thumbs as I waited for Isaac to come home. We were supposed to go out on a date to the local cinema, but he was late, as usual.

“And what do you mean by that, Scott?” I asked, watching with amusement as Scott rounded the corner from the kitchen to the living room, his hands grasping two bowls of ice cream. Scott’s face lit up with a goofy smile, joy pouring out of his pores. 

“Whenever Isaac is distant and doesn’t want to hold your hand, it’s because he’s thinking about you. Well, not just then, but all the time, really.” setting down one bowl, which I assumed was for Kira, Scott dumped a heaping spoonful of the sweet substance into his mouth. “Isaac thinks about you all the time. And talks about you, too.”

“Is it ever annoying?” I found my answer hidden behind Scott’s guilty expression and the blush spreading on the apples of his cheeks. His mouth opened again to say something at the same time the front door swung open and Isaac’s long body found its way inside. 

“Hey, are you ready?” Isaac asked me, his face flushed form the cold. Nodding, I smiled at Scott and yelled a goodbye to Kira upstairs before following Isaac out and into my car.

The movie we ended up seeing was a movie no one else wanted to see, proved to us by the near empty movie theater. Isaac escorted me to the back, letting me sink into the plush red velvet seats that steeled into the ground, perfect for gazing up at the colossal screen in. I think Isaac felt the sadness radiating off of me the second he pulled his hand away from mine hen I went to grasp it in the car, but I wasn’t sure if he regretted it. 

We settled into the darkened that faded into the room, the people who joined us here fell silent and let their eyes glaze over as the screen projected the movie. I couldn’t help but let my face turn to look at Isaac who looked so beautiful basking and giggling in the blue light of the movie screen. His high angelic cheekbones and the smooth valley of his lips made me forget I was sad at all, only grateful to be sitting here with him, if this couldn’t last at least I’d have the memory of his laugh. 

“Why do you hate me some days then shower me in your love the others? Am I just not what you wanted?” I whispered out into the darkness. Isaac’s head turned and ur eyes locked, a sadness I was too familiar with flooded them.  

“I don’t hate you, it’s just…” he trailed off and sighed, his eyes floating up to the ceiling like he was dreaming. “My whole life I’ve felt like I didn’t matter. I still struggle with that feeling, but every time I see you smile, I remember that as long as I matter to you that’s all I need. I don’t know how to express how much I love you sometimes and those bad memories find their way back into my mind and I find myself doubting me and if I even have the ability to love in the way you deserved to be loved, but also in the way I’m dying to love you; but then I see you smile and it’s all real again. I need you, I just don’t want to love you too much you’ll leave.”

I hadn’t payed any attention to the tears that welled up in my eyes until they poured over my cheeks and began to stain the fabric of my dress while Isaac’s long, slender fingers tried to wipe them away. 

“You have no idea how long I have been dying to hear that from you.” I whispered, pulling him to me by the collar of his shirt. 

As we kissed, I kept my eyes open, trying to memorize the smile on his lips and the way his features softened when our lips connected. I hoped my ears recorded the way he let out a sigh of satisfaction and the way it melted with the music pouring out from the speakers over head creating a soundtrack for this moment fro us. 

i think a lot of the times i know
that you’re not good for me because
you mean more to me
than i will ever mean to you

yet i let myself get carried away in the moment
and bask in your company because
even the slightest second with you makes me smile
and they’re not worth giving up for the time without you
because when i’m not with you
i end up thinking of you anyway

—  in the moment by @emotionsarecrazy
WestAllen Fic:

Title: The Spectrum of Visible Light
Rating: R
Wordcount: 4741
Pairing/Characters: WestAllen, Barry Allen and Iris West

Summary: Barry Allen is awed by her. No pressure. Canon divergent take on Iris and Barry dating.

Notes: So if Zoom hadn’t turned up to murder Barry’s father during dinner in 2x22, and Barry and Iris had been able to carry on after their ‘what do you say we give this a shot?’ conversation, I like to think it would have gone like this.


Under the table at dinner, Barry’s hand brushes her knee, and for one breathless moment Iris isn’t sure whether it’s an accident or not – then he does it again, with the back of his hand, knuckles just grazing her thigh, where no one else can see.

Iris keeps her gaze on her plate, feeling her face grow hot as his hand just… rests there, deliberate and sure. It’s a cotton-soft kind of a touch, light enough that if she didn’t want it there she could dislodge it with a twitch.

But Iris doesn’t twitch.

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