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If ya’ll are complaining about not getting good seats for SHINee and therefore wont go…can i kindly remind you USA venues SM is using for SHINee average only 3-7 THOUSAND seats…and in places like Korea Or Japan they have arenas like this where SHINee will be a dot to them..and yet EVERY SEAT is taken…its about supporting our boys no matter where we sit. Lets please go to events if possible.. and show our love to SHINee. 

It's 11:40pm on 6.20.17

I’m in the passenger seat of Emily’s Mazda.
She’s driving.
We’re listening to some Blink 182ish music. And I wish she’d skip it but it’s her music.
Whew, song change.

We’re in the middle of driving to the Gorge in Eastern Washington. About 130 miles from our homes.

Paradiso is about to happen.
And I get to be a volunteer for the set up of the festival.
And I’m getting pretty anxious about it.
But the car is completely packed and it’s happening as we speak.
Getting ready. Where’s the alcohol.
We have to set up our tents n everything in the dark at 1am when we get there.
Wish me luck man.

Lost { After Story } | Jumin x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: This is an After Story of Lost as requested by these two wonderful people!!! uvu I give my shoutouts to Cyzuutan and this anon. why did you go on anon tho let me love you

The story takes place after the series of events from the Finale.

Genre: Angst and Fluff, you’ve been warned!

a/n: thank you so much for loving the mini-fic series of Jumin and MC (you). i hope i can write so much more like these things in the future!!! please continue to support me. and i love your ideas btw lolol thank you for requesting such! please have fun with this fic, you two wonderful people~ hope to see you in my new fic series! i felt all the support for jumin on this fic that’s why i hold it dear to my heart~ thank you once again! have a great day! ovo

“…she will have a sensitive pregnancy. I suggest you make the choice now, Mr. Han. Would you like to go through it or not?” I felt my world shattered when our family physician informed about her situation. This is what we both wanted—to have a family of our own. And this is how it’s going to be?

“Are you telling me to choose between my wife and child, Doctor?” I couldn’t help the hurt that’s going evident on my tone. This is what we’ve dreamed of. This is what we wanted. A family.

Why is it that I can’t have both? Why do I have to choose?

“We traced the reason between her conditions. She seemed to have undergone excessive drug intake and an accident, yes? From her records, she was in a car accident and was forced to take memory repressing drugs as well. And it all happened a year ago? This is all so fresh, Mr. Han. A year will not be enough to recover from such trauma. And your wife… she’s fragile. I’m afraid that… you really need to choose.”

I couldn’t swallow the lump on my throat. How can I face her now? The doctor asked that I’m the only one he needs to talk to and that I should relay it carefully to my wife.

I couldn’t bear to see her suffer. I… I can’t let her go through such pain. If this is what needs to be done to save her, I will.

Anything for her.

I have decided.

The day I told her about what will happen if we will go through her pregnancy, she cried. It was ultimately painful for me to see her suffer with the information and that I couldn’t do anything about it. Why was I not born with the capabilities to save lives? I would have traded anything just to do so.

I told her that her health is more important. If the fetus itself is going to kill her slowly inside, then we’ll have to get rid of it.

The child she carries that I never even met is mine. It is my own flesh and blood. But I can’t lose her. I love her too much. This time, not again.

That night, I cried.

Why can’t I have both? Is it a greedy wish? I wanted to ask that someone who is told to be guiding all life on earth. Why are you making us experience this? Why, of all people, my wife?

If I have sinned against you, why are you not delivering your punishment to me? Why are you making the people around me suffer? I don’t understand. I didn’t want to understand.

If only I can take her pain and bear it with me, I will.

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Films with AWESOME costumes

Yesterday I was asked which films I think have amazing costume design, and came to me a long LONG list of films that I believe have costumes so beautiful and perfect that you could mute the film and still watch it just for those clothes. This list is not made of ONLY period films, but guys, these are beautiful clothes (in no particular order):

“Kingsman, The Secret Service”, 2014, Matthew Vaughn, costume design by Arianne Phillips

Originally posted by murrddocks

Double breasted suits, perfect fitting blazers, glasses to die for… This film is like an ode to menswear with the levels of perfection that you can see in it. I love the way the characters change and so their clothes do to fit them, and the way each character has a characteristic look and proper clothing (yeah, even Samuel L. Jackson’s caps).

“Dangerous Liaisons”, 1988, Stephen Frears, costume design by James Acheson

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Where would we all be without this film and its perfect opening scene? It’s very likely that our 18th century obsession would not have happened. Acheson’s costumes are historically accurate in a degree that it’s crazy but still perfect for the big screen.

“Jane Eyre”, 2011, Cary Joji Fukunaga, costumes design by Michael O'Connor

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Fukunaga tells Jane Eyre’s story with the mysterious and dark look that later we all would love in “True Detective”: perfect dresses taken straight from the 1840s. And Michael Fassbender and Jamie Bell in period clothing. We are thankful Mr Fukunaga.

“Io sono l'amore”, 2009, Luca Guadagnino, costume design by Antonella Cannarozzi

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The elegance is taken to another level with Italian style and minimalism that takes this story out of time: the pieces from Raf Simons, Fendi and Daminani are timeless in a way that makes you feel that this film was made in 2009 or 2020 or 1960.

“Bram Stocker’s Dracula”, 1992, Francis Ford Coppola, costume design by Eiko Ishioka

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Historical accuracy is not always that important. With the right silhouettes for the right dresses and the right characters, a great costume designer can create an atmosphere within a time period bending the aesthetic historically accurate to match with the original idea of the director. That’s what the legendary Eiko Ishioka used to do in each of the films she worked.

“The Great Gatsby”, 2013, Baz Luhrmann, costume design by Catherine Martin

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This is probably the worst adaptation of the iconic novel by Fitzgerald, turning a perfect work of narrative into an absolutely boring sequence of frowns and ridiculous voices. BUT, what a view. What costumes. What a soundtrack. And of course, what parties. This is definitely a film to see and enjoy, even with no audio, just the sight of it is gorgeous; with womenswear by Miuccia Prada and menswear by Brooks Brothers. Gorgeous, I tell you.

“2046″, 2004, Wong Kar Wai, costume design by William Chang

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Chang and Wong are a wonderful team that bring us beautiful films with beautiful clothes: from urban love stories to kung fu fights. Perhaps 2046 is Chang’s finest work (even though The Grandmaster’s costumes are awesome too), since the many timelines of this movie have a perfect balance between futuristic and vintage, between dark and neon light. And those qipao, suits and wild wigs are pure perfection.

“A Single Man”, 2009, Tom Ford, costume design by Arianne Phillips

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The Colin Firth+Arianne Phillips combo appears twice in this list, sorry not sorry! A Single Man is the way a film is seen through a fashion designer’s eyes: beautiful people with beautiful clothes in beautiful places. Every frame is a fashion editorial photo. Every detail is carefully taken care of. And (if all this was not enough) the story is a beautiful sad and heartbreaking glimpse to a lover’s loss.

“A Series of Unfortunate Events”, 2004, Brad Silberling, costume design by Colleen Atwood

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Colleen Atwood’s goth/dark/steampunk design vision is always handy for Tim Burton, but in this film is beyond gorgeous: kids clothes, victorian dresses, crazy suits… Everything goes perfect with the dark-humour-for-kids of Lemony Snicket’s books.

“Marie Antoinette”, .2006, Sofia Coppola, costume design by Milena Canonero

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Of course Marie Antoinette had to be in this list. We all can watch it in an infinite loop of pastel colours, historically accurate silhouettes and one of the most carefully designed aesthetics of cinema ever.

“Coco et Igor”, 2009, Jan Kounen, costume design by Chattoune and Fab

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This film didn’t have the budget of “Coco Avec Chanel”, but the overall film looks beautiful and (fuck yeah) is an historically accurate representation of the 1920s through the fashion of legendary stylish Gabrielle Chanel and the more discreet and classic Igor Stravinsky. Also the opening scene is almost a reenactment of the infamous debut of “The Rite of the Spring” by Stravinsky, danced by Les Ballets Russes with choreography by Nijisnky. And it looks PERFECT. (Also includes Mads Mikkelsen before being Hannibal famous).

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, 2014, Wes Anderson, costume design by Milena Canonero

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Second appearance of Milena Canonero in this list! And she totally deserves it. All Wes Anderson films have a very particular visual style and all the characters as well have a particular fashion sense that remain in our minds long time after we see the films (hello red beret, fur coat, tennis headband, boy scout uniform, corduroy suit and a LONG etcetera). And this film is just the peak point: with three storylines in three different times, each have their own aesthetic and colour scheme as well as historically accurate garments that are transformed through colour and details into the clothes worn in this perfect fantastic and pink world.

Now, what are YOUR favourite costume designs in film?

So I have time to write again, gonna do some Caminoka headcanons to warm up. Enjoy!

- Hinoka isn’t super in to PDA but always has to be holding Camilla’s hand. Always.
- If Hinoka so much as has the sniffles, Camilla will practically refuse to let her get out of bed and waits on her hand and foot.
- Camilla gets jealous, and will lavish affection on Hinoka if she notices anyone looking at her in certain ways.
- Hinoka often gets Camilla to spar with her. It very rarely stays at just sparring
- Hinoka “reluctantly” lets Camilla dress her up for formal events. She loves the attention and the intimacy.
- When they adopt their first child, they end up the most affectionate and protective moms ever, to the point of being embarassing.
- Hinoka likes to watch Camilla sleep. She looks so serene and it calms Hinoka down.
- Camilla handles all the cooking, and makes Hinoka with three course dinners and homemade lunches all the time.
- Camilla will instantly lose her train of thought once she catches a glance of Hinoka’s abs.
- Camilla loves leaving visible reminders on Hinoka. On more than a few occasions Hinoka’s showed up with Camilla’s lipstick all over her face, much to her embarassment.

Hey just a quick reminder @sammiielli and I are working on coming up with a summer challenge fic event. Wow I am channeling Colt Cabana in that line.

If you’d like to be in on it (seriously y’all are wicked talented and we’d love to work with you on this event!) let us know! Seriously- if you’ve ever wanted to be in on a challenge like this, but haven’t been sure if you would be welcome or didn’t know the minds behind it- c’mon, y’all know Sam and I. We’d both love to see what your brilliant mind comes up with.

Returning to the writing world? Just starting in? Hey, might be a perfect point to dive in at.

More details to follow very soon but ah… Seriously, you know my door is always open.


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