let loose

“What will be will be,” Lexa murmurs, her voice resolute.

Clarke grins as she turns her face in her hands, resting her cheek against her palms so she can look at the Commander. “That isn’t helpful at all, you know.”

A hint of a smile ghosts over Lexa’s lips. “I know my wisdom comforts you, Clarke,” she says, and Clarke lets loose a quiet, raspy laugh.

–Sneak Peek; this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent)

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Meh. It looks silly actually. Like not broken, obviously things still work. It’s just uglier then sin. Like, Tumblr does hire professionals yes?

I’m still sticking to my Future Vault Tec Employee theory here.]]

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Is there protocol for a cat giving birth on the hogwarts express because that's what's happening in my cart at the moment and no one has any idea what to do.

Anonymous said: Also if anyone has an interest in a kitten, come to the back carriage and ask for Lucy. I’m the slytherin with purple hair.

Yeah uh…………I guess we’re giving away free kittens on the train now. Filch is going to have his hands full when these suckers are let loose in the castle.

The Sea Change

             We stared into the black mouth of god—that’s what we called it. As tourists we felt entitled to dress it with a name. The rain dripped invisibly like it does inside a cavern, the origin out of sight as if thrown from the top of a studio set. You could hear the waves banging on the rocks but you couldn’t see them. There was enough of a camper’s spotlight to see half of Cee’s face and the proportions of a wine bottle. I stood up after we had talked a little about the future and let loose a weak arc of piss. We were always talking about the future as if we could reach out and touch it. She held onto my shirt as I stumbled with my back to the sea.

            “You’re gonna get yourself hurt,” she said.

            “I’m invincible,” I said. “I’m invincible.”

            Then I pretended to fall and she cursed me out and I went to kiss her but she took me by the throat instead. This went on into the night, the two of us advancing in the art of delayed gratification. I sat there looking into nothingness, trying to figure out if these feelings were all a hoax while she laughed beside me no doubt thinking the same.

            “How many would you want to have?” she asked.

            “Two. Just two. Maybe three. As long as I have one girl—we could stop after that.”

            “And where would we live?”

            “Far away from everybody.”

            She smiled. It was nearing September, yet the smell and the spectacle of autumn had not come to Maine nor shown any hints of arriving. The days were wet with ocean fog perched onto the branches of cedars and dripping, dripping, dripping over our tent. We resolved to stay at Megunticook for a few more days, waiting around, hoping.

Complicate Me

And we said prayers to restrict this .
We hid in caves whilst winds blew
pheromones , tempting sea-winds
that knew my beauty,
Once I was nude as the fervent moon
The blood rising and filling to swell,
I lingered there ,
Like a lucid dream pleasuring
continuously .
Both collide and exhale ,
Aftermath fumes from our fire.
Bit by bit you call to me,
Like a gracious face
And I long to be burned by it.
Your eyes catapult me.
Your mouth mocks me.
How I would long to untie myself
And let loose like strange beast lurking
after your seed.
Set me free,
I strip bare and beaten
And grow weary in sorrow
To taste your marrow.
Come into me, take your lips and press
them hard against the milk of my woe.
Until your wilderness stops beckoning .
Why must you torture what I have
labored to make chaste .


Ephemeral lips tease like water .

I am exceeding heat.

Wash me away and drown me with your cruelest intentions,
For why am I left stagnant like a pond gathering fleas ,
When with you I flow and rage and we
crash together creating a mightier river.

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4, mike

“What the fuck?! I can’t keep having the same fight over and over again with you Michael. I can’t keep running in circle. When are you going to learn to drop it?!”

You are going off, a mad women let loose and no force of man or hell is going to stop you now. God, you hated fighting with Mikey. In all other ways, he’s been the sweetest thing you’ve ever had the pleasure of calling yours. He braids your hair when you’re asleep, texts you lame puns when you’re having a bad day, and comes ready to cuddle when you want a night in. He knows how you like your breakfast in the morning, knows when to kiss you, and knows how to bring you to bliss. But he just doesn’t know when to drop an ancient argument.

“He’s just a friend! Okay, he means nothing!”

“Babe, I-” He tries but fails to get a word in.

“And if you can’t get that, then I swear, I don’t know what we’re doing here. If you can’t trust me, then-”

“Can you shut up?!” He yells. Suddenly, you’re silent. “Okay, I’m sorry I’m scared shitless that one day you’re realize I’m no good. Okay?! And I’m sorry that I’m so in love with you but I’m new at this but god, I’m trying to just love you right.”

You stare back, watching him tremble at his own words. The tears in his eyes, puffy red tainting the natural green color. Grabbing the hoodie draped over his head, you pull him into you in one quick tug, letting your lips expel the breath and doubts plaguing him. He melts into it, sliding his hands down your back and feeling you so close to him. And when he reluctantly pulls away, you whisper.

“We’ll be new at this together.”

Send Me A Number And A Boy From 5SOS And I’ll Write A Blurb To Go With It

no more please

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Lol different kind of confession but I literally hate thirteen year old me like if I saw her now I would trap her in a box and not let her loose on the streets


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Thank you for mentioning Mituna as being written terribly. As someone who's disabled, I was pretty aghast when he showed up in the comic. Like Hussie lost all pretense of trying to be progressive and just let loose with the "HAHAHA RETARDS, RIGHT?'. I was pretty confused when it didn't seem like many people were talking about it, but I didn't want to make a fuss because I don't like conflict.

Now, technically he’s “brain-damaged“, not neurodivergent, but I’m fairly certain that opens up a different can of worms anyways. I’m not sure, not a brain scientist. But even then it’s like… come on Hussie, you know what this looks like.

oh my god now vivienne is going at wes for the ‘letting mages loose’ thing too and messing with him to see if she can rile him up to ‘test his limits’ omfg

i guess i should take this as a sign that im playing his character right bc i have the people he doesn’t like hating him too.