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Please remember.

We do not know what went down between Boy squad and balloon squad.

We do not know what went on between Yousef and Noora before Sana walked in.

This show is purposefully biased from the point of view of the main.

We do know that Noora doesn’t know Sana likes Yousef and just found out her best friend was keeping secrets from her.

Remember this time last season Isak had just seen Even kiss Sonja AND had a fight with Mahdi.

Thing look so so bad but we don’t know enough to start flinging accusations or hating on characters.

All the conflict and feelings you are feeling are valid, this is exactly how you are meant to be feeling, but senseless emotional outrage will help no one. Lets learn from the previous seasons and hope for the better instead of bemoaning the current turmoil.

  • Winter: Take me to art museums and make out with me.
  • Qrow: But they said not to touch the masterpieces
  • Winter: Well, someone's got to pin the artwork to the wall.
  • -
  • James: Ozpin, those idiots are fucking on the east wing again.

Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

for @asweetdeception

If class of 198x doesn’t end with Mike and Hannah becoming town heroes while Sam and Amanda furiously make out or whatever I’m going to be really surprised…. 

((Also Hannah should definitely walk up to Andy and be like “I saved the town from aliens so fuck you” and then punch him square in the face because that’d be cool as shit))


why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing?

happy release day, 358/2 days (05/30/09 in japan) + happy birthday, me!


Enhanced 1x04 The Gathering Stables Scene, requested by @hardblazesong

El Manana but it’s crytyped

summm er don;;;t know me no more
eager man,, that;;s all

summer dont know me he j ust let me love in my sea cause i do know,,,, lord from u that juast died, yeah

i saw that day lost my mind lord,,, i;;ll find maybe in time you;;;ll want to be mine

d ont stop the bbb uckk when it comes its the dawn,,, youll see

mon ey wonnn;;;t get THERE TEN years passed TONIGHT YOU’LL flee

if u do that i;;ll be so me to find youe

i saw tha t day lllost my mind lord,,,, i;ll fffind maybe in time youll want to be minnne i saw that daiy lost my mind lorddd,, ill find maybe in tim e youll want to be mine mauybe in time you;ll WANT toe be mine maybe IN time you;;ll want to be MINine

don’t you ever get emo over the fact that ammy has so much faith & hope in humanity that even if they were to not return that sentiment she would still believe in them & protect them for the greater good. 

hey guys j ust letting you know grant george, english va of shinjiro has actually  voice acted for several hentais under a fucking pseudonym and i just learned this. my life is ruined now

Hello everybody it’s your friendly daily reminder that T’Challa supported the Accords that the leader of his country, his king, and his father had a hand in creating and is not acting as a sugar daddy for Steve Rogers.

Have a good one.