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Do you know any break up fics with a happy ending?

Thank you for these requests! ALL ABOARD THE ANGST TRAIN! (I couldn’t include a lot of fics because the breakup aspect is a spoiler, but let me know if I missed any that you think should be on here!)

Yuuri and Victor Break Up (With a Happy Ending!)

rekindling by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.1k
Victor stands on Yuuri’s doorstep in the pouring rain with a bouquet of flowers. It’s the middle of the night. The tall man is out of breath, soaking wet, and his eyes are red. Yuuri sighs, letting his ex-boyfriend in like the sympathetic fool that Victor knows he is.
“What are you doing here?”
He hurries to catch his breath and reply, but his mouth is dry. Victor doesn’t exactly have an answer to that question. WHAT THE HECK THIS IS AMAZING

Break the Cycle by SigmundFreud, Explicit, 26k
Yuuri’s neck was bright red, matching the colors of his cheeks. His eyes were half-lidded with pupils blown wide. He could try to avoid Victor all he wanted, but standing this close to the man made Yuuri lose all rational thought. Victor was like a drug, the strongest drug Yuuri knew, and he could never reject those lips. I love this fic omg

Equal Footing by runningwafers, Gen, 4.3k
When Yuuri says he wants to end things the night before the free skate, Victor breaks down. Maybe it’s the catalyst they need to finally get on the same page about their relationship. 

See You Next by rougeandtonic, Explicit, 12k (WIP)
Yuuri realizes that he’ll sabotage Victor’s career if he asks him to coach and compete at the same time. This leads to a standoff of ultimatums over who will skate and who won’t. A standoff that ends with Victor in St Petersburg and Yuuri half a world away. SO MUCH ANGST 

Let’s End This by DawnMalfoy, Not Rated, 1.9k
Yuuri is not good at difficult conversations, so when it comes to having a difficult conversation with Victor things don’t go as he planned them to. HAPPY ENDING!

The Love We Deserve by cactusoctupus, Mature, 20k
The thing is Victor is so beautiful, so brilliant. And he always imagined that Victor was just around Yuuri to have fun. To have something to do. The proposal however, made it too real. Yuuri could not accept Victor loving him that way. Because Victor deserved better than that. He deserved better. I haven’t read this yet but it was rec’d to me by a follower!

They Say by momichi, Teen, 3.6k
They say Victor and Yuuri aren’t really a thing, but Yuri Plisetsky knows better. Very cute and a bit angsty!

Holding on for Dear Life by icterine, Teen, 2.4k
It turns out that sometimes heartbreak happens in seconds, unexpectedly – and once it does, there’s no dulling of the senses. Victor’s heart shatters. Great one-shot!

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by deeleeon, Teen, 9.3k (WIP)
Victor and Yuuri have known each other for a long time…
“We’ve been friends for 6 years, dated for another 3, was married for 2 and…. got divorced 2 years ago.” Victor says as he drinks his beer.
“Maybe that’s the reason why you still can’t let go… You guys have known each other for such a long time.” Chris replies as he looks as his friend.
“I should be fine. I’m the one who asked for a divorce…” Victor smiles bitterly as he stares at his drink. 

Compromises by Ellie_Rosie, Teen, 51k **Graphic Depictions of Violence 
Their relationship was one of compromises, Yuuri thought, usually in Victor’s favour. Not that Yuuri minded - in all likelihood, he would probably set himself on fire if Victor complained about being cold. But there was one thing Yuuri point blank refused to compromise on; he would not step foot within a 100 metre radius of an ice rink. WOW!

Our Love by flippednique, Not Rated, 16k
“I want a divorce.” There was a barrage of emotions on Yuuri’s face that ranged from shock, to hurt, to disbelief, to pained, to angry, to livid before he pulled away from Viktor completely, grabbed his scarf and left the house with the door banging on his way out. The word, “Fine.” rang like a death sentence. Strangely enough, Viktor felt like he could breathe. Sooo angsty omg

We Don’t Have to Stay Buried by nagoyadelay, Teen, 6k (WIP)
Yuuri moved to Russia to be with Viktor. But everything went wrong. Two and a half years after a brutal break-up, Yuuri and Viktor have an unexpected encounter that leaves them both confused, vulnerable, and possibly… ready to try again? Have they both grown enough as people to form a lasting relationship? Or will they repeat the mistakes that doomed them the first time around? This is so so good so far! 

stay by my side by paranoid_fridge, Not Rated, 3.1k
“Finally!” somebody shouts and Yuuri jumps. Russian Yuri stomps toward him, expression dark. “He’s on his third round of that.” Yuri jerks a thumb to the rink behind his back. “Make him stop before he hurts himself.” Another great happy ending fic!

“Why are you letting go of him? I thought that you really wanted it to work? That you felt as though it wasn’t completely over yet?” my best friend asked me while we were sipping away at our cocktails, trying to numb our pain for a little while.

“I do. I would be so incredibly happy if he would come back but he won’t. He doesn’t know what changed but I do. Something spooked him and because he was vulnerable and actually had something to lose, could actually get hurt, he just shut down and pushed me away. I can’t force him to let me in. I’d wait outside his door in the pouring rain for hours if that’s what it would take but you can’t force someone to want you or trust you or love you.”

—  And I don’t deserve to be left in the pouring rain - Jess Amelia

 It was just them, alone in the streets…All civilians abandoned and monsters destroyed….In the wreckage there, Beastboy lifted her up with his strong, green hands. He held her hand softly in his for a moment too long, before he pushed his forehead to hers. Raven let out a blush.  It was just them…The look in BB’s eyes sent a shiver down Raven’s spine. She wanted to tell him they needed to meet back with the group…But not a word could she utter. Standing in the barren street as the rain poured was a surreal experience. Raven couldn’t move. His green eyes pierced her soul. It was quiet for the longest time. Even the rain pouring phased out. Beastboy finally let go of her hand and uttered, “I wish we could be….so much more Raven…” It left her breathless. 


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Fragile (Stark!Reader x Steve Rogers) 1

Summary: You come home after being assaulted, only to see Steve awake and takes care of you.

Warning(s): Mentions of rape / sexual assault, swearing, flashbacks of rape (in italics), heavy HEAVY angst

Requests are OPEN

Part 1 | 2

A/N: Hi guys! this is my first ever fic on this account! And who doesn’t love crying to some good ol’ angst at 2am? However im really sorry for how dark this is and I know it can be really triggering for some, but sometimes I feel as if I can really bring out my writing skill by writing dark themes? Idk, sorry! I’m willing to write literally anything from smut, fluff or anything dark.. so I’d really appreciate it if you sent requests because I am AWFUL at coming up with imagine ideas! Italics = flashback or whatnot!

The rain down poured onto your heavy shoulders, soaking your messed clothing. Your arms were traced in trembling goosebumps from the previous fear you had experienced as you tugged on your jacket to cover the bruises that traced your neck and arms, possibly other parts of your skin too.

Even though you were in fact a Stark and being in your mid 20′s, you had what seemed to be a normal life. You grew up in a regular school, attended college and you even had your own friends. That’s what your plans were for the night, going to attend a high school reunion after oh so many years and reunite with old friends and classmates but it turns out them plans had shattered due to a cruel man with a passion for forcing lust upon others.

“Keep quiet, girly..” The middle aged drunk grunted, pinning your fragile wrists into the puddles of rain that rippled below.

Quivering sobs slipped from your lips, feeling your dignity being ripped away by each thrust which was forced by the unknown male. Everything felt numb. Tears pooled down your bruised cheek from the violent punch that was given to you after your attempt of defending yourself from the disgusting creature that was now panting above you in lust and need. One of the hands slipped from your wrists and covered your mouth and nose in a violent manner, gripping your vulnerable skin and stopping your breathing as a warning to keep quiet.

You flinched at the nightmare of a memory that haunted you quickly, the events already taking a toll upon your mindset from a few minutes ago. You pulled up your damp jeans and shakily pulled yourself up from the alleyway concrete ground.

Reality was hitting you like little needles piercing past your pride.

You, (Y/N) Stark had just been raped in a dark alleyway, something you’d have to carry with you for the rest of your time on earth.

You picked up your scattered insides from your leather handbag, picking up soaked dollars and your now broken phone from water damage. Your fingertips flinching and twitching towards your objects as you slowly began to collect your stuff together and your mindset.

“Oh shit, you feel so fucking tight.. Yeah, you fucking love it, don’t you? Pretty little slut..” 

He nibbled at the lobe of your ear, now having both hands on your hips- digging his filthy nails into your skin and creating red scratches due to the harsh pressure.

You were too weak and terrified to move an inch, let alone fight back. It seemed as if the only way out of this was to not struggle and let it be over with as quick as it could. You bit down on your lip- making it swell as blood welled up against your teeth in order to not let this sick bastard hear one of your sweet sounds out of this sickening act.

“No matter how much you deny that you don’t like it, you seem to be receiving pleasure- aren’t you? My dick is fucking coated in your steaming juice..”

His vile words only stung and created mental scars for you to let linger in your brain- causing more tears to mix in with the rain which poured on your face. Yet you didn’t retort back a witty comment like you usually would, you just wanted this over and done with as quick as possible. 

There was no way out of this for you any other way.

Your hand fell limp against the pavement and you closed your eyes to keep your tears trapped as well as any other sign of pleasure for this monster.

These thoughts danced through your mind as you limped your way back to your home, the Stark tower. How could someone just emotionally and physically destroy another person and leave them to rot in their own puddle of trauma?

Luckily for you, no one would most likely be home at the Stark Tower and anyone that was- would be asleep at the late time of night. Your father being out of town for meetings and the rest of the avengers having their own missions and lives to attend to.

So you thought.

After reaching your much so desired destination, you take a ride in the elevator that lead you up the tower. The ride seemed like hours of sorrow even though it only took roughly 30 seconds. 

Eventually, the doors open and you see the empty floor of your home before you. Your bare feet trot against the marble ground, your black heels in your shaky grip. All of your eye makeup was smudged down your face and your lipstick was swiped to one side from the forced kisses you had been given. Your leather jacket was stuck to your damp and damaged skin, your well put together outfit was now torn in places and was disorganised.

The lights flickered on automatically at the sense of movement, the Kitchen lights already being on- which was unknown to your mind. You walk through- about to take the stairs up to the floor of bedrooms until your movement is cut off by a soft voice.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing home so early?” 

You stop, not wanting to look back but without even seeing who had spoken, it was obvious by the gentle tone of the voice that it was Steve who had seen you.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at a high school reunion?”

You slowly look over your shoulder, seeing Steve emerge from the kitchen in a white tank top and comfy sweats and mis matched american socks and his hair messed up from perhaps sleeping. Your voice trembled, failing to find an answer for the first avenger.

Steve’s eyes widened for a second, shocked to see you in such a state from just seeing the back of your clothing and your face which had a black and blue bruise with yellow undertones coating your left cheek, foundation rubbed off in certain places and hickeys pulsing at your neck.

“Woah, woah.. (Y/N) what happened?!” Steve spoke in a worried tone and quickly paced over to you.

Once he was close enough, you collapsed into his broad chest. Your fist weakly gripping the white fabric on his chest as he held you in a protective embrace.

“I..I didn’t want it, Steve..”

20 minutes had passed, you were sat on the living room sofa with blankets wrapped around your damaged body as Steve had dressed and bathed you himself. You wore a pair of his own sweats and one of his shirts which were both very much so oversized for you form.

Steve walked over, holding a large mug of hot chocolate carefully- handing it over to you carefully and sitting down next to you. 

From what Steve had gathered from your fragile state and disfigured mental state, you had been raped. From seeing your body once he had bathed you, he saw scratches in places that shouldn’t have marks on such perfect skin, bruises and more sinful  wounds. After seeing your limp, he devoted himself to carry you around for the night and after giving him permission, he had dressed and cared for you. Steve didn’t want to pressure you into telling him about how everything happened.

He didn’t want to reopen fresh wounds.

“Thankyou, Steve..” You croaked, your voice hoarse and broken from within.

Steve offered a sad smile, watching you take sips of the sweet, steamed liquid which eased your sore throat slightly and made your damaged insides slowly heat up the cold actions that had swarmed inside your body.

“No need to thank me, doll.”

It was your turn to offer the sad smile to your fathers teammate, even your own friend. Your eyes were dry due to crying out all of the moisture left in your eyes. The smile fell from your chapped and swollen lips.

“Sorry, i-i..I didn’t call because my phones broke and all.. I-I should’ve been more careful, fuck- my dad’s gonna kill me.. I’m always breaking phones and you know how annoyed he gets, you know, you’d think maybe a 24 year old would be more careful..”

Steve gently cut off your rambling, “(Y/N), it’s not your fault for what happened.. Tony won’t even care once he find out what has happened, you know he has to know- (Y/N)…”

You look up from your mug, both hands enclosed on the pottery. 

“Don’t tell him, Steve..”


“Not now, not tonight..” Your voice cracked, holding back a sniffle. “I just want to be here with you, I-i don’t want to deal with telling him just yet..”

Steve looked into your (E/C) eyes, he could only imagine what monstrous things you had seen and felt in the span of a few hours. He couldn’t make you more upset, not after what had happened.

“Alright, yeah.. okay.”

You slightly scooted over, ignoring the pain that burned between your legs from the harsh actions that scraped between them earlier. Placing the empty mug down on the coffee table and resting your head against Steve’s chest, his heartbeat soothing your broken state. Nothing was more healing for you than having Steve here to take care of you in such a depressing time for you. 

You both stayed like this for a while, Steve rubbing small circles against your aching ribs and your eyes slowly fell shut, exhaustion taking over you.





 🌂water (for boiling) 

🌂A sanitized jar 

🌂Soil from the area (for a geo taglock) 

🌂Jade (for manifesting practicality, luck, moderation) 

🌂Quartz /white or crystal/ for magnifying energy 


 💧Take the water and bring it to a steaming boil. 

 💧 Hold your hand over the pot, just enough so your hand is in the steam but not enough that it’s uncomfortable. 

 💧 Concentrate on the steam. Visualize it condensing around your hand into a mini storm, growing heavy as it grows. Release it into the air and let the water reduce by half. Once it does, let it cool. 

 💧 Once cooled, put the soil in the jar and pour the water over it. Place the quartz in the jar and close it. Place the Jade on top. 

 💧 Put the jar in a place out of the way, but not forgettable. Now go out, and wash your car. Wash your windows. WASH YOUR CLOTHES AND AIR DRY THEM! The rain likes to mess with freshly washed things. 

 💧 After it rains, dismantle the jar and pour out the water and soil. Cleanse your crystals and jar.

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He plays with you, but you’re in love. He will let you down and let you go home alone in the pouring rain in the middle of the night feeling miserable, and when you find yourself sitting on your bedroom floor at 3am you’ll wipe the mascara from your cheeks and drunkenly swear to yourself that you don’t want anything to do with him anymore; but then he will call you 2 days later saying he wants you around and it will be such a relief for you to finally hear from him. So you’ll drop your pride once again, you’ll wash your hair, shave your armpits and legs, wax your eyebrows, apply eyeshadow and red lipstick, do your nails, wear pretty clothes and perfume, then you’ll run to him with your eyes closed. Because you’ll get to spend some time with him, and for a few hours, it will nearly feel as though it meant something to him as well.
—  At least you can pretend

HSM3 Song Lyrics Meme Pt. 1

Now or Never

  • “Are you ready?”
  • “Are you with me?”
  • “The way we play tonight is what we leave behind.”
  • “It all comes down to right now.”
  • “It’s up to us.”
  • “This is the last time to get it right.”
  • “History will know who we are.”
  • “It’s now or never.”

Right Here Right Now

  • “Can you imagine what would happen if we could have any dream?”
  • “I wish this moment was our to own and that it would never leave.”
  • “Where you are is where I should be too.”
  • “I’ll promise you somehow.”
  • “But right now there’s you and me.”
  • “We’ve already proved it works.”
  • “But in 2123 hours, a bend in the universe is gonna make everything in our whole world change.”
  • “I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view.”
  • “You mean everything.”
  • “So let’s make every second last.”

I Want It All

  • “Imagine having everything we ever dreamed.”
  • “Do you want it?”
  • “With you we can win!”
  • “Bigger is better and better is bigger.”
  • “A little bit is never enough.”
  • “You gotta have your star on the door.”
  • “Here in the spotlight we shine.”

Can I Have This Dance 

  • “Take my hand, take a breath.”
  • “Pull me close and take one step.”
  • “Keep your eyes locked on mine.”
  • “It’s like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you.”
  • “It’s one in a million the chances of feeling the way we do.”
  • “And with every step together we just keep on getting better.”
  • “Don’t be afraid, afraid to fall.”
  • “Can I have this dance?”
  • “Every turn will be safe with me.”
  • “You know I’ll catch you through it all.”
  • “Even a thousand miles can’t keep us apart.”
  • “My heart is wherever you are.”
  • “No mountain's too high and no ocean’s too wide.”
  • “Let it rain, let it pour.”
  • “What we have is worth fighting for.”
  • “You know I believe that we were meant to be.”

A Night To Remember

  • “Guess now it’s official.”
  • “Don’t panic.”
  • “Panic!”
  • “Do we have to dress up for the prom?”
  • “I don’t think we have a choice.”
  • “We’re dressing to impress the boys.”
  • “Do i want classic or vintage or plaid?”
  • “Where’s the mirror?”
  • “It makes me look weird.”
  • “Been waiting all our lives for this.”
  • “It’s gonna be a night to remember!”
  • “Big fun!”
  • “We’ll never ever ever forget.”
  • “It’s getting later we should already be there.”
  • “I’m shaking inside.”
  • “Then something changes my world.”
  • “The most beautiful girl right in front of my eyes.”
  • “Who’s that girl/guy?”

Just Wanna Be With You

  • “I got a lot of things I’ve got to do.”
  • “Our future’s coming soon.”
  • “I’m being pulled a hundred different directions.”
  • “But whatever happens, I know I’ve got you.”
  • “You’re on my mind, you’re in my heart.”
  • “It doesn’t matter where we are.”
  • “We’ll be alright, even if we’re miles apart.”
  • “All I wanna do is be with you.”
  • “There’s nothing we can’t do.”
  • “No matter where life takes us nothing can break us apart.”
  • “You know how life can be, it changes overnight.”
  • “A friend like you always makes it easy.”
  • “Through every up and every down, you know I’ll always be around.”
  • “Through anything you can count on me.”

Scott x Reader


Requested by @alphawinchester67

Prompt list

You’ve never be the one keeping an eye on Scott when he was in heat, it’s always been Stiles and when he wasn’t present, so now the only solution the pack had was that you were the one who was going to take care of him, which didn’t make any sense since you were a werewolf as well and could easily get affected.

He was with no doubt stronger than you since he was an alpha and he manage to push you down the bed, pinning your against the mattress and did anything to cover you with his scent.

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BTS Reaction: You get into an argument and scare your child (Part 2 or 2)


After Jin had calmed both you and himself down, he walked to his daughters room. He sighed a heavy sigh of regret before knocking softly. He heard no response, so he knocked again. He frowned and pushed the door open. “Baby? Are you okay?” He opened it up all the way and frowned instantly as he noticed that the window was wide open. “Baby, it’s freezing in here..” He walked over quickly and shut it lightly before turning to her bed. He froze once he noticed she nor her favorite stuffed animal were placed on the bed. 

He looked around the room quickly and his heart drumming against his chest roughly. “Y/N! I don’t know where Y/D/N is! Y/N!” Your footsteps pounded down the hall as you ran in, shoving a shoe onto your foot. “I know! I just saw her running down the street. Fucking hurry up!” You ran back out, disappearing out the front door. 

Jin’s heart pounded as he ran after you, shoving on the closest pair of sandals. He ran full speed after you, the air beating against his eyes making the brimming tears in his eyes even worse. You took a sharp turn, your only clue as to where your daughter was going being her shoes imprints on the slowly wetting sidewalk. You came to a stop when you saw her sitting on a bench, her book bag hovering over her head in her attempt to cover herself from the slowly growing rain pour. 

You frowned as you walked over and sat next to her, tugging off your jacket and placing it over her head. “Oh, babygirl..” You pulled her close, hearing her let out soft sobs. Jin frowned as he crouched in front of you two. “Why, baby? Why… Don’t scare us like that..” Your daughter only responded with louder sobs. “God.. I’m sorry, sweetie.. I didn’t mean it… Appa was just scared… Don’t ever do that.. Ever again..” He let out a weak sigh. “Come on.. Let’s get you home and warm you up and have a talk..”

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With Yoongi’s apology, you both made your way to your child’s room. You knocked on the door lightly and frowned as it creaked open just a slight bit. “Y/S/N?” You pushed the door open all the way and frowned as you noticed a neatly made bed and a note. You walked over briskly as Yoongi looked around the room. Snatching up the note you only read the first few words before throwing it down and running out the room. With no hesitation, Yoongi followed after you, shoes being the last thing on his mind as his feet touched the cold pavement. You were already halfway down the road, no shoes placed on your feet either. 

You knew where to head, the short note telling you everything you needed to know. You curved down a path that lead to a fenced in park. You shoved open the gate and ran to a small figure placed on the top of the slide stairs. 

Yoongi had yet to catch up with you, panting and gasping for air as he slowed down. He walked into the park and saw your small figure, hugging an even tinier figure. He shook his head with a relieved sigh as he walked over, his chest rising and falling quickly. 

Your son squirmed from your arms and ran to him, latching his arms around his legs. “Appa! I’m sorry!” Yoongi shook his head as he hoisted your son up to his waist. “No, baby boy… There’s no need to be sorry.. Appa’s sorry..” 

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After a few minutes of reconciliation, Hoseok walked out of your shared and down the stairs to his daughters room. He noticed the door was already wide open so he walked right in. “Y/D/N? Honey? Are you okay?” When he received no response, he walked in further, turning to look at her closet, clothes scattered along the floor. Worry flushed through his veins as he called out to you. “Y/N! Get in the car and call 911!” 

You burst out of the bedroom, your eyes wide as you scrambled to her room. You looked in and covered your mouth as you ran to the car, snatching up your phone on the way. You cursed as you noticed you forgot the keys but Hoseok was one step ahead of you as he unlocked the car and ran out. You hopped in quickly, finally using shaky hands to call 911. 

Hoseok drove around as you pleaded and explained to police. You hung up as Hoseok spotted cop cars surrounding the local park. You jumped out the car, stumbling as you ran over, pleading to know the situation.

A female cop walked your way, your daughter hidden behind her legs. You squatted down instantly and opened your arms wide. Y/D/N ran to you, latching onto you as she whimpered in regret. You just whispered soft words into her ear as a hand was placed on your shoulder. 

Hoseok took her from you once she calmed down.  He held her close to his chest. “Appa didn’t mean to scare you baby… I’m so sorry..”

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Namjoon walked to your daughters room with a heavy heart. He replayed the scene from earlier over and over again in his mind. The fear when she cut her foot and the same fear when she stared at him, begging him not to scream anymore. 

He knocked softly before opening the door, her nightlight being the only source of light in the room. He pressed the switch on the wall, the light coming on at a dim brightness. He frowned when he didn’t see her frame in the bed or anywhere in the room for that matter. 

You scrambled to her room when you heard the front door close. Namjoon made eye contact with you and in seconds, you two bolted out the door. Your daughter hadn’t even gotten out of the driveway when Namjoon ran to her and scooped her up. He walked back inside without a word. You shut the door behind you and locked it, fear and sadness written on your face. “Don’t ever do that, Y/D/N.. Ever..” You kept your voice level as your heart still raced in your chest. 

Namjoon remembered the fear from his screaming earlier, so he just walked up to her room and placed her down on her bed. “Don’t ever do that… Like mama said… Appa doesn’t want anything to happen to you.. Ever..”

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Jimin sat in the room, his words replaying in his head over and over again. He sighed as he saw your frame standing in front of your sons room, knocking lightly. He watched as the knock pushed the door open and you walked in. He waited for a few seconds until you walked back out, terror written on your face. “Jimin! He’s not here!” As soon as those words left your lips, the ding of the elevator rang out through the penthouse and then the sounds of them closing. 

Jimin bolted to the doors quickly, trying to pry them open before they closed, your son disappearing behind the metal. Jimin looked around quickly before running out the front door. He raced down the hall, the sounds of your trailing feet like soft taps in his ears as his blood pumping flushed them out. He pushed open the emergency stairs, an alarm beginning to blare throughout the apartment building loudly. You both paid no mind as you stumbled down the stairs. 

You some how passed Jimin and shoved open the door, appearing in the lobby. The security guard tried to stop you but you shoved past and ran to your son who tried to push open the door. You yanked him up as Jimin explained to the guard, panting and gasping. You held your son close, tears falling down your cheeks as you nearly screamed at him in fear to never do that again. You fell to your knees as you held him tight. The alarm had stopped as Jimin walked over and kneeled next to the both of you and engulfed you both in his arms. “Appa loves you.. Appa loves you so much.”

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Taehyung discarded the shirt as he walked to your daughters room. He walked in and frowned as he noticed her piggy bank sitting on the floor. “Y/D/N?” He looked around before also noticing his wallet laying on the floor next to the bank. He walked over and opened it up, noticing his debit card and cash was gone. His face paled as he ran to your room. “Y/D/N isn’t in her room.” 

You stood at the window, phone pressed against your ear. “I know.. She’s at Gucci..” You rolled your eyes and sighed as you talked to the store owner who was keeping her occupied. You walked past him and down the stairs before thanking the owner and hanging up. 

The car ride to the store was silent as you still worried about your daughter. Had she gotten hurt on the way there? Was she really okay? 

When Tae parked the car, you lunged out and ran in. You let out a heavy sigh of relief as she stood there, a large shopping bag in hand. You walked over, set the bag down and tugged her into your arms. “Oh baby.. Are you okay?” You pulled back and gazed at her face as she nodded. “Yeah! I got Appa another shirt!” Taehyung stood behind you two, watching quietly. 

Y/D/N pulled away and grabbed the bag before walking over and holding it up to him. “I’m sorry, Appa.” Taehyung shook his head with a faint smile and picked her up. “Nothing to be sorry about, baby.. Nothing to be sorry about..”

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After what felt like hours of apologizing, Jungkook finally made his way to his daughter’s room across the hall. He knocked before walking in, shivering at how cold the room was. He looked around before his eyes locked on the open window. “Y/N get in the car and call 911! Y/D/N isn’t in here.” He looked around for any clue before racing out after you and hopping into the car, the seatbelt being the last thing on his mind as he cranked the car on and sped out of the driveway.

Your tears flowed freely as you explained to the police on the phone shakily. They explained that someone had just dropped a girl off at the station and you calmed down as they described your little girl perfectly. You redirected Jungkook quietly as you tried to calm down your pounding heart. 

When he parked you stepped out of the car on shaky legs, wobbling as you walked in the station. The adrenaline rush from earlier worn off and leaving your body weak as you both walked in. You collapsed to your knees as your daughter ran to you, apologizing as tears streamed down her chubby cheeks. 

Jungkook watched as you held her tightly and sighed in relief as he kneeled next to you and petted her hair softly. “Don’t do that, sweetie.. Ever.. Mama and Appa can’t take that.. God I’m sorry I scared you that bad..”

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Bad Date

Okay I’m so sorry I haven’t written anything in a while, well at least it feels like it but because I need a break in between revising I though I could use the English revision in some fan fiction. Back with everyone’s favourite Bucky Barnes. 

“A gets stood up so B sits down and acts like her date and he is a much better date.”


Your POV

You had just finished curling the last of your hair when your alarm went off signalling that you needed to leave. “Shit.” You whisper as you run to grab your shoes and slipped them on half way to the door. You were hoping the traffic wouldn’t be bad since you were already running late but it seemed the city was in your favour and the streets were almost empty. You had a date tonight that you had been looking forward to for a long time, your boyfriend Tom was always busy with what he called work, which was just him chilling with his mates at a pub and you knew it. You had your suspicions on whether he was cheating or not but when he left you a note in the kitchen last week all of your doubts washed away. The note just said a date, time and location along with a brand new dress and some flowers. It was the small things that really got to you like that, it made you forget about all of the times he was late home completely pissed or ‘busy’ with work.

You thanked the driver and took a quick look at yourself in the restaurant window before walking in. You couldn’t help but feel good in your outfit, about to have an amazing date with your maybe not so amazing boyfriend. You got in and found a table roughly in the middle of the room only because it had the best lighting so you could actually see and you waited for Tom. The place began to get a bit more packed since it was around dinner time which didn’t help your anxiety of being sat alone. You felt like all eyes were on you but you brushed it off until the waiter came over. “Hello mam, Are you still waiting for your other party member or would you like to order?” he asked and you knew it was just protocol but you felt so attacked under his gaze. You cleared your throat and shook your head, “Still waiting but I will have just a glass of water for now thank you.” You said and the waiter left.

This happened four more times over the next hour and at this point you were certain Tom wasn’t going to show up. You felt the pity looks of everyone that hadn’t left yet were giving you and you felt tears forming but you didn’t want to look like an idiot so you texted him. Hey, where are you? You sent and not even five seconds later you get a reply, Sorry hun, your man isn’t going to make it tonight, but he is defiantly coming ;) the reply made you feel sick to your stomach and all you wanted to do was go home and cry at this point. You knew tears were forming at this point so you just got up to leave.

Bucky’s POV

He liked going out alone, it gave him a lot of time to think. That being said he had never come to anywhere this fancy. Bucky splashed out in suit and tie along with a three course meal menu just because he didn’t want another day of Tony’s cooking, so he lied and said he had a date. He had finished his desert and was waiting for his bill when a woman caught his eye. She was stunning in a bodying hugging, off the shoulder, black dress that fit in all the right places and flawless curled hair. He mentally hit himself for thinking this, she probably has a boyfriend and he hasn’t even seen her face. That was until she turned to look around the room after looking at her phone. Her eyes were red from tears that were threatening to fall and he could tell she had been stood up. Poor girl he thought. He noticed she was about to get up and his body moved before his brain could tell him to stop. “Hey Babe, so sorry I’m late, there was a security breach at work, nothing major but you know how Tony gets.” He said pulling you into a small kiss on the cheek before guiding you back to your chair.

Your POV

After you were swept back into your chair you finally had a chance to register who it was. “Um excuse me what are you doing. Aren’t you…. Wait a minute your Bucky Barnes.” You were in complete shock at this point not only had a man just basically saved you from embarrassment but that man was only one of the god dam avengers. “I’m so sorry if this is inappropriate of me, if you want we can walk out of here and go our separate ways but I couldn’t just sit over there and watch such a beautiful woman cry over a man who probably doesn’t deserve the time of day.” He said looking down at his lap. “I’m up for getting out of here but you’re coming with me wherever I’m going.” You said with a laugh. You got up from your chair and grabbed Bucky’s hand not realising it was his metal one and he just looked into your eyes. The stare was intense and didn’t last as long as you would have hoped but he took your hand and walked you out of the restaurant.

“Which way… um.” He stopped for a moment, “Oh Y/N.” You said after you realise what he meant. “Alright the beautiful girl has an equally beautiful name.” He said and you felt the blush forming across your cheeks and you would probably later blame it on the cold air. “So as I was saying, which was my lady?” He asked linking your arm in his own like a gentleman in old movies. “I hear central park is rather nice at this time of year.” You say in posh voice, “Then to central park we go.” He said in a crappy British accent. You laughed a real laughed for the first time in what felt like forever. “So Bucky tell me, what is a saver of the earth doing at a four start restaurant all alone. Don’t tell me super soldiers get stood up as well?” You said as you strolled down the sidewalk, “No, I told Tony I had a date so I wouldn’t have to eat his cooking. It’s that bad.” He said and you almost choked on air. “That’s amazing, so you are telling me, Iron man can’t cook?” You said through laughter, “If cooking would save his life he would be dead and so would who ever had to taste it.” He said and you had to stop walking just to catch your breath.

Once you reached central park you found a bench just out of sight from everyone else and it felt amazing. “This is probably ten times better than any date I will ever get. Thank you Bucky.” You said looking into his ocean blue eyes once again and felt like you swimming. “What for, all I did was practically push myself into you and then took you to a park.” He said laughing while he brushed his spare hand through his hair. “Are you kidding me? You save me from embarrassment and what would have been a shitty date any way. Come to think about, I don’t think I paid for my drink.” You said turning your head back in the direction of the restaurant, “Don’t worry, I don’t think I paid for my entire meal. I’ll go back tomorrow and pay for both of them.” He said and you shook your head. “I can’t let you do that, I ruined your fake date the least I can do is pay for my own drink.” You said pushing the hand that was reaching for his wallet. “Well you defiantly didn’t ruin my fake date.” He said and with that the rain began to fall.

It was quiet heavy and you let out a squeal as the cold water hit your head. “Oh no my hair is going to crazy if it dries like this.” You said laughing but Bucky just stood up like heaven wasn’t pouring its entire water supply down to earth. “Dance with me.” He said holding out a hand to you. “Are you crazy, there isn’t even any music?” You said but he just shrugged and grabbed your hand anyway. “Then you will have to sing for me.” He said spinning you around before dipping you gracefully backwards, your hair just above the ground. “I don’t sing, and I don’t know how to dance.” You lie but you didn’t need to put on a performance, “Is that why you are perfectly in time with my steps.” He said with a smirk. You never knew a man could render you so speechless in your life. “Alright, I did a few plays back in my childhood.” You joke and he lifts an eyebrow, “Oh really, quiet the performer then?” He asked before spinning you out again only to pull you back into his chest and drop his arms to your waist. At the same time you brought your hands to wrap around the back of his neck.  Your brain was yelling at you to kiss him but you blocked it out just to enjoy this moment a little longer before you ruined it.

“I bet you would make a great Glinda.” He joked, “Are you calling me a witch Mr Barnes?” He just laughed and your head was spinning at how perfect it all was. “I’m just saying you’ve probably got the vocals for it.” He said and you could have sworn his eyes shifted towards your lips and back. “Ah but you’ve never heard me sing.” You whispered because of how close his face was to yours now. “I don’t need to; you’re already perfect to me.” He whispered back before connecting his lips to yours. It was slow and passionate and it made you forget everything that had happened before Bucky literally walked in on your night. You didn’t want that moment to end but you had to breathe at some point. You let in a shaky breath before breathing out again. “Wow.” Was all you could say and it felt so cliché that you laughed again, “Jesus was it that bad?” Bucky joked and you just shook your head and pulled him into another kiss. It felt like something out of a cheesy high school movie, but you loved every second of it.

Your mind suddenly did a double take as you remembered about Tom, “Oh my god what am I going to tell my boyfriend?” You thought aloud and Bucky lifted an eyebrow, “Do you always think of your shitty boyfriend when you kiss other men?” You both just laughed. “No but I was just think about the whole of tonight, just had to make sure this is real.” You say still completely star struck by everything. “This is a real as you want it to be. I can’t expect you to love me, but let me take you out on another date and I promise I’ll show up.” He said and you nodded, “Give me day, time and your number and I’ll be there.” You say with a wink as you hand him your phone. Once his number was in your phone you went to walk away, “What you think I’m not going to walk you home doll?” He said grabbing your hand once again.

Once you made it back to your apartment you didn’t want to go in because it would mean the night would be over. “I had an amazing time tonight Bucky. I can’t even thank you enough.” You said as you stood in front your door, “Really it was my pleasure. I can’t wait to do this again, maybe with less shitty now probably ex boyfriends.” He said and you laughed, “Yeah hopefully.” You kissed him one last time before opening the door and saying good night. As you closed the door your face lit up like a little kid with their first crush. You slid your back down the door until you were just a blushing pile on the floor. You grabbed your phone and dialled your best friend, “Hello?” her voice came through, “What do you want it’s nearly midnight.” She asked and you just squealed, “You will never guess what just happened.”


A Breach of Trust: Chapter 17

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14 || Chapter 15 || Chapter 15.5 || Chapter 16 || Chapter 17 || Chapter 18)

(Act 3 Chapter 19+)

The end of the battle had left an emptiness, a silence beating down on Ritsu that seemed to fill his mouth and lungs with a white-noise nothing. The bleachers pressed cold, firm indents into his back. Mud lapped against his heels. Heavy raindrops spattered his face, rhythmic and dense. And Teruki’s hand gripped firmly around his own.

Ritsu did not return the pressure. His dislocated shoulder would not allow it.

Instead he sunk his left hand into the icy puddle by his side and leaned his weight against it. Shakily, he stood. He braced his back against the bleachers so that they might support him. He did not trust his own shaking, numb legs to support him, the water sloshing at his ankles, flooding his socks, sending shivers down his spine.

Gently, Ritsu tugged his limp hand free from Teruki’s grip, with only as much force as the pain would allow.

Teruki stared at his own extended hand, empty now, palm out and dripping from the rain water still pouring.

“You didn’t shake my hand,” Teruki said.

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Cover me up, Cuddle me in


Bellamy is tired. Tired to the bone.

He tries to let himself in quietly but the click of the lock is loud enough that Clarke stirs, smiling sleepily at him from a cocoon of blankets and furs. She always sleeps through the better part of the day after a night shift in medical, and she’d fallen into bed right as he was leaving it in the early pre-dawn hours for a hunting trip.

“Hey,” he whispers, sitting down on his side of the bed and leaning in to kiss her forehead. “Sorry for waking you. Go back to sleep.”

She shakes her head. “I’m up now. How’d it go?”

“Smooth as ever.” He rolls his eyes. “Wilkerson accidentally sprung a Grounder trap and it took us the better part of the morning to get him loose. Your mom is patching him up now.”

“He’s okay?”

“He’s fine. We managed to get some birds, some rabbits, a handful of squirrels.”

“That won’t be enough for the whole camp,” Clarke frowns, sitting up. Her hair is matted down on one side and her face has red marks pressed into it from the pillow, evidence of a good sleep. It makes him smile despite her seriousness. He forgets how young they are sometimes, but moments like this tend to remind him.

“We also took down a boar on the edge of the territory,” he grins, reaching out to unstick a golden strand from her cheek. “I’m a provider.”

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the only time you open up (is when we get undressed)

Warren Worthington iii x Reader

A/N: This is like? A rewrite/discarded version of scene from the Artist AU that @kurtwxgners and I are working on because we’rE ALMoST FiNISHED WITH IT GET HYPED

@put-in-writing @raypclmer @emmcfrxst

You should never have let it get this far. Everything is spiralling way out of your control and you’re in too deep to be able to pretend you’re not emotionally invested in an impossible situation. You’re lying in Warren’s bed, skin still warm from the sex, and you’re desperately trying not to cry. Letting yourself get swept up in the lie the two of you had crafted would have consequences, and you knew that at the time, but it’s not making it any less painful now that the illusion is falling apart. It’s pouring with rain outside and the whole thing feels like some kind of huge cliché. It’s almost funny.

Warren shifts in the bed beside you, and you don’t think you’ve ever felt so alone while so close to another person. There’s a distance between the two of you that you’re scared to try and broach, because while the rules for whatever you’re doing together were never really discussed, there’s an unspoken agreement that it’s only about sex. There was never any promise of an emotional connection or even emotional support of any kind. You roll over to face away from him, reaching up to scrub a hand over your eyes, trying to surreptitiously dispel the tears forming there. Sleeping with Warren was never supposed to be this complicated, though if you’re being honest with yourself, expecting to maintain this agreement without becoming somehow, unintentionally, irrevocably invested in whatever kind of connection exists between the two of you was a product of wilful ignorance. You didn’t want to believe you could fall in love with him, so you just didn’t think about it. To you, months ago when this entire trainwreck of an arrangement began, there was no possibility of a deeper emotional investment emerging.

If you weren’t so close to tears, you’d laugh at how wrong you were.

Taking a deep breath to try and steady yourself, you feel tears gather in the corner of your eye, slipping down your cheek and even though you can feel the warmth of Warren’s body behind you in the bed, you feel so completely alone that he might as well be on a different planet. Your breath catches in your throat and though you try to stifle the sob, you know Warren hears it anyway. You can feel the mattress shift under his weight as he props himself up on an elbow, looking at you in concern.

“Are you-” he starts, hesitantly, “are you okay?” his voice is soft and tentative, because this is new territory for both of you. You try to answer but the words are swallowed by another sob, and you just curl up, away from him, trying to pull yourself together before you answer. “Alright, so you’re clearly not okay,” he says quietly. “Do you wanna talk-can I-” he breaks off in a sigh, rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck. This isn’t what you do. The talking-the emotional vulnerability. That’s not what you are to each other and you both know it. The silence that follows stretches on for what feels like hours, and then you feel him shift slightly behind you, carefully draping an arm over your waist and settling close behind you. “You don’t need to talk about it,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to your shoulder as his fingers brush gently over your ribcage.

Your eyes flutter shut as you reflexively lean back against his chest, letting yourself get a little lost in the way his arms feel around you. Neither of you says anything, and you don’t want to talk about why he makes you cry, because refusing to tell him how you feel is your way of retaining the last shreds of control over the situation. The emotional detachment required for you to keep sleeping with him isn’t sustainable for you, and you know it, but for now, you just want him to hold you and to forget that he’s not your boyfriend. Just a hook up.

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Could you do the RFA + the minor trio reacting to an MC who gets hit by a car infront of them but gets up right after claiming they're fine then it turns out they have a broken leg and fractured rib thank you! P.s. I love your blog

OMg!1 Thank you so much anon! Of course!! I giggled a bit when writing this, here you go. It’s kind of long~

You guys had planned a date in the evening, and were going to meet up at a restaurant. On your way there you both saw each other at opposite sides of the street and they were already at the venue, so obviously you’d be the one going to them! You pressed the button and waited for the light to change. Your excitement probably got the best of you and you literally went a second too early…then a drunk driver comes speeding down the street like a mad man, hitting YOU AND YOUR BODY LITERALLY GOES OVER THE CAR IN THE AIR DOING A 360 TURN AND YOU LAND FACE FIRST IN THE CEMENT

Here’s how they react.. (the italics is them and the bold is mc)


  •  Yoosung sprints towards you and shouts “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE CALL 911 SGJK”
  • *smacks your face*
  •  “NO DON’T LEAVE-“
  •  Your eyes shot open and then you smiled up at him
  •  “oh hey yoosung that was some wild shit lmao”
  •  “shall we go get dinner now” you said as you stood, dusting yourself off
  •  Yoosung.exe has stopped working
  •  He was speechless for the rest of the night, besides asking you if you were okay and you swore that you were, until you got up after you were finished eating and..
  • Oh
  • You collapsed on the floor then were rushed to the hospital
  •  You had a broken leg and a fractured rib cage lmao
  • Now whenever you fell or hit yourself or anything yoosung just rushed you to the hospital lmao


  • It’s like a scene from a movie whatelsedidyouexpectfromhisdramaticass
  • He jets over towards you and drops to his knees, scooping your limp body into his arms
  • *rain starts to pour*
  • *looks up at the sky*
  • “hey why are you screaming”
  • *rain stops*
  • “how..how are you alive?”
  • “uh…idk. That kind of stung.”
  • Mc what
  • “lets go get dinner now! Being hit by a car sure makes you hungry.”
  • Oh I see now
  • “LETS GO”
  • He yanks you up to your feet but you immediately collapse down
  • Oh shit
  • Later you guys found out about your arm and ribcage
  • “hahaha well you may not have the healing powers of a beast, but you sure can take hits like one!”


  • Literally judo kicks and punches everyone out of her way as flips and cartwheels over to you like a fucking superhero
  • Godthiswoman
  • Has her phone out ready to call the fucking government
  •  *eyes flutter open* “im fine”
  •  “um no youre not”
  • “yes”
  •  “no”
  •  “yes”
  • “im taking you to the hospital”
  • *throws your body over her shoulder*
  • Turns out she was right
  • When is she ever wrong tho like
  • Scolds you while she takes care of you but she promises its out of love


  • Doesn’t really know why you wanted to walk there so much when he could’ve just sent driver kim for you
  •  He tried to convince you but you said it was good to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery sometimes
  • Whatever mc
  •  And when he sees you get hit by the car, the first thing he says
  • Is about to come over to you then sees you stand up
  • Doesn’t even question it, neither of you say anything about it and just continue with your date as planned
  • Over dinner you talk about traveling and stock prices lmfao until then you feel a slight sharp pain on your torso
  • you put your hand over it
  • then suddenly your leg goes limp
  • oh dear
  • “what is it honey”
  • “I think I broke a few bones”
  • “oh my okay well let me call up the helicopter so they can take you to the best doctor in the world who is in Singapore”
  • “that’s a good idea or..OR… we can just go to the one a few minutes away”
  • Lmao you’d get treated and that’d be the end of it


  • He’s actually on snapchat because he wanted to record you crossing the street
  • He filmed you crossing then at the last 3 seconds you get hit and all you hear is him screaming “OHG MYGGOD” before it cuts off
  • *accidentally puts it on his story*
  • Zips over to you immediately
  • It’s a dramatic scene, just like Zen
  • “uh..UH!!!”
  • *starts giving you mouth-to-mouth CPR*
  • “Saeyoung stop im fine” you suddenly speak as you push him off of you
  •  “well actually I did enjoy the kiss tho”
  • “OH..but that is kind of cool tho”
  • doyouwantmorecpr
  • You guys end up making out in the middle of the street
  • Until he puts his hand on your ribcage and you start screaming
  • “IM SO SORRY I-“
  • “NOW!!!”
  • This is such a mess
  • “hey if you didn’t feel a car hitting you I wonder what else you won’t feel… wanna try lolol”
  • “lolololol”
  • thisfuckingsadist

Minor trio below!

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can u do a question where jughead and betty are broken up and they havent seen each other in months and then she sees him at Pop's for the first time in forever?


Betty wrapped her heavy raincoat tighter around her body as she blinked through the rain, her tall Hunter rain boots slapping against the deep puddles. No one had told her that a tsunami was in the forecast, wincing as cold rain whipped against her bare legs, the cheerleading uniform she was wearing really didn’t do much to protect her from the harsh weather, she could have changed but in her rush to get out of the house she had forgotten to throw on jeans.

Betty had come home earlier that evening after cheerleading practice, the rain had just started at that point so when she read the note attached to the fridge she didn’t think anything of it.

“Betty, your father and I have gone away for the week, money is on the counter, we will be in Vermont so please try not to call unless necessary. With love, your mother.”

Crinkling the perfectly handwritten note into a satisfying ball of paper Betty tossed it into the trash can and threw herself on the living room couch. Hal and Alice had been going away on these week long trips ever since Jason Blossoms murderer was discovered and with Polly staying at their aunts place in Utah, Betty was thoroughly lonely. It wasn’t like she didn’t mind the quiet, of course she did, but being all by yourself for long periods of time really did something to a teenage girls mental span.

A sharp clap of lightening and the booming sound of thunder had Betty scrambling towards the front door, her back pack on her back and her rain boots on her feet. There was no way she was braving this storm alone, At least at Pops she had the company of others, even if she sat on her own, tucked away in a back booth listening to their mindless chatter.

That’s what brought her here, braving the storm on the streets of Riverdale, smiling in relief when she saw the glowing red sign. The gorgeous and damp blonde practically sprinted to the front doors, pushing through and giggling as she rang her damp ponytail out by the doormat. Shaking her jacket from her shoulders, she hung it on the hook by the door, looking around at the nearly empty diner, she grinned, not too bad. Well not until her eyes caught on a familiar shade of blue no less stormy than the rain pouring down outside. Damnit.

Jughead Jones, resident Southside Serpent and her very own ex boyfriend, was sitting up in his booth at the very front of Pops, his eyes trained on her, the same intensity she had seen directed at her countless times.

No, no way was she going to let him affect her, she had traveled in the mother of all Hurricanes to get to this very spot and she was not about to let some boy who never even cared about her ruin her night.

Brushing past him with her head held high and her boots squeaking against the tile, Betty plopped down in the booth farthest from the dark haired boy in the intimidating jacket. This was fine, it was totally normal. pulling out her latest Eric Lane novel Betty allowed herself to be drawn into the world of Romance and love, still very aware of the beanie wearing boys presence.

About three minutes in, she heard the familiar stealthy shuffle and smelt the musky scent of his cologne, her eyes snapped up from her book. He was sitting in front of her now, his laptop closed in the center of the table.

“Still not a fan of storms huh?” He whispered nervously, a hand coming up to rub his neck.

Betty sighed deeply, gently folding the page and placing her book on the table

“We aren’t going to do this okay? I see you and you see me, that’s all it is. We don’t have to do the small talk ex boyfriends and girlfriends feel obligated to do. I’m fine, the weathers crappy, yes I’m still running the blue and gold, yes I got a haircut and that’s the end of that. You go sit back in your booth and I’ll sit in mine. You don’t have to come over here and pretend to care, it’s exhausting and by the looks of it neither of us needs to go through that.” Betty raised her eyebrows, indicating the bags under his eyes that fully matched the ones under her eyes, with a sad nod Betty pulled her book back up and continued reading.

There was a moment of silence and the subtle shifting of body parts, Betty assumed he caught her drift and was just getting ready to get up, what she wasn’t expecting was the book in her hands to be swatted quickly causing it to land in the aisle.

“Excuse me?” She huffed, bending down to get the book, Jughead gripped her wrist and turned his body so she was looking at him straight on.

“I don’t care about the weather or your haircut. I don’t care what people feel obligated to do, but I do care about you. I care about how skinny you’ve gotten, and.. and I care about the fact that you look like you haven’t slept in days, I care about the fact that I can see the crescents on your palms, and damnit Betty I care about the fact that you’re sitting at Pops at 9:00 at night on a school night..”

Dark green eyes widened as Betty stared openly at Jugheads scrunched up face. She felt the familiar spark between them but only for a second before she was ripping her hand free from his grasp

“No! No, you don’t get to do this. You don’t get to pretend you care about me. You don’t give a damn about me, you left me remember? I was too much for you.. too much baggage.” She laughed bitterly, stuffing her things into her book bag as she stood in the booth.

Jughead stood too now
“I didn’t mean any of those things, I only said them to protect you! The Serpents…” he plead desperately, trying to make her understand as she swiftly cut him off

“Protect me? Come on Jughead, who are you fooling, I was too much. I get it okay? Perfect Betty Cooper is the perfect girlfriend until she’s not so perfect anymore. Save it for someone else Juggie.” She pushed past the desperate boy as she made her way outside and into the windy rain.

Betty was about halfway down the street when she heard the familiar voice calling out to her over the rain.

“Betty Wait! Please!”

She straightened her shoulders and kept walking

“Leave me alone Jughead!” She mumbled, knowing full well he couldn’t hear her over the rain.

“Betty!” He called again, much louder.

She turned quickly, preparing to tell him to go away, once again he took her by surprise by being right behind her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply in the downpour. It had been six months since their last kiss and it was clear they were trying to make up for lost time, the minute their lips met it was over, hands were pulling at each other their hips pressed close by some magnetic pull. When Jughead finally pulled away he wasted no time.

“Everything I did was to protect you, the Serpents, we’re in it deep right now and the people we’re fighting, they’ll do anything to get back at us, that include ls coming after the people we love. And I know I should stay away, let you have a normal life but I’m selfish and I love you too much to let you walk away again, so please Betty.. be with me, love me again.” He whispered pleadingly, his forehead pressed against hers.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let her heart take over

“Okay Juggie. Okay.” She whispered against the rain.