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Being Yoongi’s best friend means
  • always talking shit about you but if he hears so much as a peep from anyone else he goes off
  • “this is the ugliest picture i’ve ever seen”
  • “dude those are professionally shot pictures”
  • “your photographer sucks. you look way better than this”
  • you trying to help him write raps and him being like “it’s better when you don’t talk”
  • but secretly writing some of it down because he actually like really values your input
  • you guys hanging out on a friday night
  • and he’s already let you know he is not leaving the couch
  • so you guys decide to watch a movie and halfway through you look over to ask if he wants something from the kitchen and he’s passed out
  • but you let him sleep cos waking him up is not how you wanna die
  • and him waking up with a blanket over him and a pillow under his head and being like “don’t be so fucking lame”
  • but he actually really loves that you take care of him
  • *satisfied and full yoongi* “that was great, thanks for cooking”
  • “yoongi”
  • “what”
  • “don’t think i don’t see you getting up you are not leaving without helping me clean up”
  • getting him kumamon merch for his birthday
  • and him smiling nonstop and hugging you super hard
  • him being low key the most loyal friend you’ve ever had, never leaves your side, never lets you down, even if he sounds like he hates you or he’s making fun of you he loves you and will do anything for you no questions asked
Set Up (Steve Rogers x reader) Part 1

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A/N: I was going to make this a oneshot… but then it got really long really fast and I decided to break it into two parts (or longer, we’ll see). By the way for anyone who has already seen civil war (fuck the movie was so good) send me civil war requests! Spoilers welcome, I will just tag them with civil war spoilers for the people who haven’t seen the movie yet (aka what are you doing with your life!?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2,956

Request: Hi, could you please write a fic where the reader is close with the Avengers (can be either a recruit or just know them) and really likes Steve but thinks he’s out of her league? Thank you!

You would think being friends with the Avengers would be the highlight of your life but, in fact, it’s quite the opposite of that.

You were constantly in a worried state whenever the team would go on missions as it wasn’t unheard of someone returning with a broken bone, stab wound or a bullet wound. It wasn’t rare for you to crash on the couch in the lounge waiting for them to get back if they were gone longer than they were supposed to. You could get into the tower whenever you wanted, whether it be you were bored, got off work early, wanted some company or when you just weren’t feeling like yourself. You didn’t need a key or a card to get in; FRIDAY let you in, courtesy of Tony.

Sounds great right? Hanging out with the Avengers, having movie nights, game nights, being invited to Tony’s parties. You couldn’t deny that it wasn’t great but, there was one little, tiny problem that had arose over the past six months.

You had hopelessly fallen for Steve Rogers.

It was stupid. It was a dumb little crush but you couldn’t shake it as much as you wanted to. You knew for a fact that he was way out of your league and there was no way you would ever get a chance with him. He was an Avenger; and you were just you. You had no special powers, no abilities, you didn’t even know how to fight even though Natasha had offered multiple times to teach you.

A few times you had gained the confidence to flirt with Steve, but you were convinced that he was clueless. Everything you said went over his head, no matter what you did he never picked up on your flirting. However, a few of the other Avengers did and they wouldn’t let it go. Tony was the first to notice, then Wanda and then Natasha, who had to tell Clint. You were hoping that was as far as it would go. You knew that if Bucky found out, he would be the one to blow it.

But, of course, Tony was always throwing discreet jokes at you about your feelings for Steve, Wanda was always trying to help you build up the courage to tell Steve and Natasha was always wanting to set you two up on a date.

It was currently early in the afternoon and you had work off so you decided to pop in at the Avengers tower to see how everyone was doing. Sometimes they weren’t there, but you always helped yourself to whatever was in the fridge or in the pantry.

As you stepped out of the elevator into the entrance to the top three floors you heard FRIDAY’s voice over the intercom, “Hello Miss Y/L/N. It’s nice to see you again.”

You continued walking down the hallway towards the lounge and responded, “Hey FRIDAY, is anybody home today?”

“Captain Rogers, Stark, Banner, Maximoff and Barton are currently on a mission and Thor has returned to Asgard. Only Romanoff is in today.”

Once you entered the lounge, you looked around for Natasha, but found that no one was there. Deciding on whether you wanted to go find Natasha or find some food, you decided that food had its precedence. But, upon opening the fridge, you found it to be empty to your disappointment.

Turning around, you saw a coffee pot sitting on the counter so you decided that coffee was the next best thing next to food. You reached up into the cupboard to grab a mug and without looking you just happened to grab the Captain America mug. Last year, Tony thought it would be funny to get everyone their own Avengers mug.

Without wanting to grab another you poured the rest of the coffee into your mug, which was still warm so that had to mean someone was there just a little bit ago. You proceeded to put a teaspoon of sugar into the mug and stirred it, picking it up to go sit at the table.

You took a small sip of the hot drink and instinctively looked around. When your eyes reached the left you almost spit and choked on your coffee and quickly put the mug down on the table so you didn’t spill any.

“Jesus Christ, Nat! You scared me half to death.”

The only response you got was a raised eyebrow and her pointing at the mug you were drinking out of. Her facial expression bluntly said, “Really?”

“Shut up, it was the first mug I grabbed, I swear.”

“I’m not judging you. It’s just funny.” She said in defense, walking over to the kitchen to fill up the empty mug she was carrying with coffee.

“So, weren’t invited to the mission? Too much power on the team?” You joked, taking another sip of your coffee.  

“Ha ha, very funny. But, no. I’m technically on break, or vacation. I have a few days off from missions but I don’t really have any other place to go, so I’m just hanging here until I’m needed.” Natasha turned back around to face you.

“Well now you got someone to keep you company.”

Natasha took a few steps closer to you, testing the waters, and said, “Speaking of company… When are you going to tell Steve?”

You shook your head at her, “Nat…”

Natasha moved to sit in the chair across from you, “C’mon, hear me out. It could be something great for you. And Steve.”

“It’s nice to know that you want me to be happy but, it’s not logical. He’s Steve Rogers; and I’m just Y/N Y/L/N.” You looked down at the your coffee, almost trying to hide what you were feeling.

Natasha tapped you on the shoulder and responded, “You’re more than just Y/N Y/LN. You’re Steve’s best girl. Or at least, that what he calls you when you aren’t around.”

You didn’t believe what she said. There’s no way Steve would call you that, or would he? “Can we just leave it be Nat? If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I don’t want to force it and then lose the friendship I already have with Steve.”

“But you want it to happen, Y/N. You never know, he might feel the same way.” She raised an eyebrow suggestively.

You immediately went into panic mode when she said that, “You didn’t talk to him did you!?”

“No, no, no. That’s not what I meant. I just mean that you never know what will happen. It could be the best thing to ever happen in your life.”

You cut her off and said, “But what if it ends up not being the best thing. What if I tell him and he doesn’t feel the same. He wouldn’t look at me the same anymore, he probably wouldn’t even want to be friends.”

“I’ve known Steve for a long time. There’s no way he would just ignore you if he didn’t feel the same.”

“I don’t know Nat. I’ll think about it.”

It had been a week since your conversation with Natasha, and you were doing everything in your power to forget that you had mentioned to her that you would think about it. You saying that had given Natasha hope that she was slowly convincing you to tell Steve about your crush. But, she hadn’t mentioned anything to you about it in a few days, which you thought was odd. Or maybe she finally figured she should drop it and did.

Anyways, it was 8 A.M. and you had just gotten out of bed after a night a movie night with the Avengers. You had stayed the night in one of the extra rooms at the tower so you didn’t have to bother driving home late at night. And Steve insisted that you stay.

You sluggishly headed to the lounge to get your much needed cup of coffee still in your pj pants and a t-shirt with your bedhead not touched. You rubbed your eyes, trying to get used to the light shining into the tower. Tony really needed to invest in some curtains.

“Mornin’ Y/N!” You heard a cheery voice from the couch

You groaned, headed for the coffee pot, “Out of all the people here, you seem like you would be the one to not be a morning person.”

You grabbed a mug out of the cupboard, which was not the Captain America one this time, but it was just a plain white mug which you were grateful for. You poured some of the half empty coffee pot into your cup and added a teaspoon of sugar, per usual. But when you took a sip you almost gagged on the coffee.

“Oh my god. Who made the coffee this morning? It tastes like I just swallowed burnt coffee beans.” You looked at Clint for an answer.

“It was Bucky. Did you know that out of the 99 years he’s been alive, he’s never made coffee?”

You ignored his question, figuring it was rhetorical and set your cup of burnt coffee back on the counter and asked, “I think I’m going to run up to Starbucks. Want anything?”

Clint looked at you seriously and said, “Caramel Macchiato, Venti, Quad, Skim, Sugar-Free, Extra Shot, Extra-Hot, Extra-Whip.”

You raised an eyebrow at him asking if he was serious and he just stared at you back, “More like extra-high maintenance; and on that note, nevermind.”

You picked your cup of coffee back up again and decided to add more sugar to try and mask the burnt taste and walked over to exit the lounge, despite Clint’s protests about his Starbucks order. You decided you would try to go find the rest of the team, which you figured the gym and training room would be your best bet.

As you tried to swallow down some of the coffee you walked down multiple hallways until you found the room you were looking for. You strolled in with not a care in the world until you froze when you heard a loud, “Watch out!”

You’re eyes immediately widened as you saw Steve’s shield flying at an insanely fast speed towards you. Luckily, you were able to duck in time and you fell to the floor from the impact you flung yourself away from the shield. You managed to also drop your cup of coffee onto the floor, the mug shattering on impact. The shield flew above you and imbedded itself into the wall behind you.

“Shit, Y/N are you okay?” You heard Steve’s voice heading towards you and before you knew it, he was standing above you holding his hand out for you to grab, which you took graciously.

“Yeah… That’s one way to jolt yourself awake in the morning.” You muttered to yourself.

Once you were up, you noticed that Bucky was also standing behind Steve, looking concerned, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, Steve and I were training with the shield and it ricocheted off my arm and-”

“Bucky, I’m fine, it’s alright. I didn’t get hurt so we’re all good. You’re lucky I have fast reflexes.” You tried to lighten the mood considering the outcome that could’ve happened if you hadn’t gotten out of the way in time.

“What’s all the commotion in here?” You heard a voice from entrance, Tony.

Oh Shit. Tony was going to be pissed when he saw the damage the shield had done to the wall and the coffee that was currently staining the ground.

Once Tony walked all the way into the gym, he took one look at the smashed coffee mug on the floor, one look at the wall where Steve’s shield poked out of and then one look back at the three of you, “Seriously guys? You do realize that I just installed new flooring in here and now there’s a giant hole in the wall!”

You raised your hands defensively, “Wasn’t my fault.”

Both Steve and you looked back at Bucky, “Seriously guys? You’re just going to throw me under the bus? If you want someone to blame, Steve technically threw the shield in the first place.”

You chuckled at his response, knowing that all three of you were going to get in trouble.

Back in your room, well, the guest room, you were typing away on your laptop making a spreadsheet for you work. Your stomach growled, interrupting you and you glanced over at the clock. It was almost 6pm and you realized you didn’t have anything for lunch other than an apple you ate after the incident in the training room this morning.

You were interrupted again, but this time you heard a knock on the door and you yelled, “Come in!”, still typing away.

The door opened and you looked up to see Natasha walking in with a hanger but the clothes it was holding were covered by a sheet. In her other hand, she was carrying a pair of short black heels. You furrowed your brows and pointing to the shoes and hanger asking, “What’s that?”

She just smiled smugly at you and threw them onto your bed and said, “For you.”

You stood up from your workspace and walked over to your bed and lifted up the sheet covering whatever was hanging on the hanger. It was a simple knee-length red dress, “Nat, why do I need this?”

“You’re going on a date.”

“Uh, what?”

“Go get dressed. Go brush your hair. Make yourself look… presentable.” She told you, referring to the fact that you were wearing sweatpants and a tank top.

“You aren’t giving me any context here. Who am I going out with? Where are we going? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” You bombarded her with questions.

“It’s a blind date. You aren’t supposed to know who it is, now go get dressed.” Natasha shoved the dress into your hands and practically pushed you into the bathroom and shut the door behind you.

You were completely in the dark. You had no idea what was going on. You were just minding your own business, working and then Natasha had to come in and tell you, you were going on a date; completely out of the blue. Your heart rate went up just thinking about it. You swore that if she was trying to set you up with Steve or another agent she knew, you’d kill her.

After a moment of trying to get your bearings together you looked down at the dress in your hands and then to your reflection in the mirror. Your hair was a complete mess, wrapped up in a messy bun and you still had a tired look in your eyes. Sighing, you walked over to the sink and turned on the cold water, splashing it on your face, hoping it would wake you up more.

It worked slightly, as now you were taking off your clothes and sliding into the dress Nat gave you. You looked back in the mirror and was actually surprised on how good you looked. The dress was a solid red, velvety texture with a square neckline with short sleeves and cut-outs on your shoulders. The dress was snug but not tight, it hugged your body perfectly and ended right before your knees. You wondered where Natasha had gotten the dress.

You quickly took your hair out of the bun and brushed it, not knowing exactly what to do with your hair. Considering the dress, your date had to be somewhat fancy.

You exited the bathroom and was about to ask Natasha about what you should do with your hair but was stopped short when you saw Wanda sitting on your bed next to her, “You’re in on this too?”

“Yes, I may have had a part in this but, might I add that you look amazing in that dress!” Wanda replied.

“Yeah, thanks,” You replied to Wanda and then turned to Nat, “Where’d you even get this dress and how did you know it would fit me?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I have friends.” Was all she responded with.

Your conversation was cut short when Wanda said, “It’s almost 6:30, c’mon put your shoes one. You don’t want to be late!”

“Wait, you guys haven’t exactly told me where I am going?” You asked again, sliding on the two inch heeled shoes.

“Go downstairs, to the lobby, he’ll be waiting for you by the entrance to the tower.”

You were hesitant to ask, “Who exactly am I looking for?”

“You’ll see.” Wanda replied as her and Nat pushed you out of the room.

You started walking to the elevators to go down to the lobby. You were still trying to wrap your head around what was happening, you could just go hide somewhere and not show up for the blind date. But Natasha and Wanda would probably get mad at you for not going. You knew for sure that you were going to kick their asses when you found out who you were going out with. You prayed that it wasn’t Steve, they would’ve told you right?

You were lost in your thoughts and before you knew it you were down in the lobby, not really looking where you were going. You were quickly jolted out of your thoughts when you ran into something hard, or somebody.

Immediately starting to apologize, you rambled, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I wasn’t-”

When you looked up to see who you ran into, you immediately stopped talking when you saw who was standing in front of you, flowers in his hands.