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deep, rooted fear

Aries: powerlessness, losing a sense of their own self, never achieving their goal, losing their  flame, being seen/described as incapable and being underestimated, life being dull, plain and grey - and they are a part of it

Taurus: losing what is most important to them (materialistic/security/loved ones), never being able to expand themselves and being stuck on something they don’t want/think they don’t deserve, not reaching a higher level and worries A LOT about the future and how it might look like 

Gemini: being ‘caged’ in their own mind, being seen as stupid or of unsound mind, having no real connection to anything and anyone, being scattered and all over the place (internal), being judged for their words/intellect

Cancer: the future, never forgetting past trauma/overcoming sadness, not being able to let go, being used, showing their soft side, showing their real selves and coming out of their shell, having no home

Leo: being exposed to every flaw and insecurety they have, never being able to shine and show their true self, being lost, having no energy/optimism to go on, trusting the wrong ones too easily, not having the life they always wanted/admired

Virgo: being a failure to themselves and anyone else, losing control over their life, not being able to go on anymore, paranoia of everything that could go wrong, exposing themselves too early/easily

Libra: never finding the one, feeling no fulfillment deep within, feeling like a ghost/having no real face, not being satisfied themselves,giving too much, being hurt/forgotten, being completely alone

Scorpio: being hurt/exposed, letting the wrong ones in, (past) trauma, never healing scars, love (loving oneself and being loved), opening up, becoming the demon and the demons of the world/life, losing

Sagittarius: being trapped and caged, never being able to feel life, being exposed to their feelings and showing their caring/loving side, never being able to win (due to running away from their problems), never being truly content

Capricorn: being stuck on lower grounds, always losing, never winning, their hard built up reputation being shattered, losing what’s most important for them, inner conflicts and hidden emotions - not being able to express them and compensate for it, 

Aquarius: being the madman and not the genius they wish to be, being lost in the world, an inner standstill, having no one by their side, being alone, being judged for what they are inside, not knowing the answer/being completely hopeless

Pisces: never being able to truly love/be loved, being lost in their own mind/trauma, afraid of being hurt and used, an inner trance that they can not escape, a martyrer that is shamelessly sacrificed and will never be recognized, no understanding for their view/opinions

assorted lp fam reunion quotes

“Jack has the biggest dick in AH” - AH Gavin

(In response to someone saying they love Meg on Twitter) “No, I love her!”- AH Gavin

(Talking about Meg) “She was getting real close to Cib earlier” - AH Geoff

“You’re gonna have to make yourself convenient for me” - AH Ryan

(Putting himself in the line of fire once more like an fool) “*sigh* I’ll do it” - AH Michael

“We’re like a turtle with four heads” - Criken

“I just don’t trust Ryan in general” - AH Jack

“Right in the butt” - Criken

(To Jack) “I’m the Morty to your Rick” - Criken

Keep Your Distance {T.H}

Summary : You’re Nick Jonas’s sister so you visited him at the set, you and Tom shared an awkward hand wave when you caught him staring, later that day he appeared at your brother’s trailer.

Words : 1500+

Pairing : Tom Holland x Reader


“Don’t look at her,” your brother Nick said as you walked around the set of Chaos Walking. You rolled your eyes annoyed of his actions. For the past twenty that was all he said. He was very protective over you since you were the youngest and the only sister he had.

“Nick, calm down. People around here are going to think that I’m into myself. Plus nobody even want to look at my vile face.” You said, stopping your track and turning back to face him.

“I have to protect you, okay?- be careful Y/n! They’re digging holes for the movie.” He said as he grabbed your arm, pulling you back from the gigantic holes.

“Okay, you really need to stop, these holes are only one meter deep.” You yanked your arm away from Nicks grip.

You stomped away from him as he called for you. After a few more minutes of looking around the set, your brothers crew drove you guys into the forest. When you guys arrived, the crew and Nick left you because he had to prepare for his scenes. You stood still for a few seconds, taking in your environment.

You followed one of the other actor’s crew because you didn’t know where to go. As you followed the people, someone stopped you by grabbing your arm with their strong grip causing you to winced.

“What are you doing here? You’re not the actors or part of the crew.” A tall built man said to you with anger in his voice.

“I’m here with my brother.” You said, trying to pull away from his grip.

“I heard that lame excuse before, never worked on me.” He shook his head and began to drag you.

“Hey what are you doing!? Stop! It wasn’t an excuse, Nick Jonas is my brother. Let me go!” You started trashing in the mans grip. You hit him a few times but it didn’t help much.

“Ha, you’re probably one of his fans.” The man laughed bitterly.

“No I’m not! Let go of me. If my brother finds out about this, you’re going to get fired.” You warned the man knowing that your older brother was very protective.

The man continued to shake his head, dragging you. The people around you guys shook their heads at you, thinking that you were a fan too.

“Nick!” You yelled your brothers name a few times. He couldn’t hear you though since you guys were far away from each other. The man dragged you to the place people parked their cars.

You didn’t stop pulling away from the mans grip until a group of people came toward you guys. There were the crew and two boys behind them. One with blonde hair and the other one has brown hair.

“What are you doing to Y/n?” The blonde hair boy asked the man.

“I’m just doing my job, I’m suppose to keep eyes on the people who don’t belong here.” He glared at you as you narrowed your eyes at him.

“For the  millionth time, I’m Nick Jonas’ sister!”  You got angry and yelled at the man. He told you to stop lying but let you go when the blonde boy told the man that you were telling the truth.

The man apologized and walked away embarrassed. You watched him walk away and poked your tongue out. You scrapped the mud  off your shoes on the road and thanked the boy.

“I’m Harrison by the way,” he reached his hand out and you shook it. Your were about to say your name but he told you that he already know your name.

“And who are you?” The crew started walking away from you guys as you asked the brown hair boy for his name.

He looked surprised but answered anyway, “I’m Tom Holland. I play Todd Hewitt.”

“Oh hi Todd.” You reached your hand out for him to shake. He shook your hand and looked at you weirdly when you called him Todd.

You guys walked back into the set in the forest. Tom got ready for the scenes with your brother, and you watched them acted.

Tom was laying on the dirt road as Nick pointed the fake rifle at him.The water was pouring on them as they acted. Suddenly Daisy appeared behind one of the bushes and threw a piece of metal at Nick. They continued to act as you sat on one of the chair under one of the set’s tent.

The crew clapped at the Nick, Tom and Daisy when they were done. Nick walked toward you, drying his face with the small towel in his hand.

“How was that, sis?” He smirked, patting your head.

“That was fine, I just think that Daisy and Tom were better than you,” you joked. You turned your head when you felt someone staring at you. Tom was looking at you, he rarely blinked. You waved your hand at him as he shook his head, realizing what he was doing. He waved back awkwardly.

Nick noticed but didn’t say anything. When the sun set, you went back to the other set. You walked into Nicks trailer even though he wasn’t in there. For an hour you sat there, reading the first book of Chaos Walking. You looked up when there was a knock at the door.

You put the book down and went to unlock the door. You opened it and saw Tom. His eyes widened at the sight of you but not in a bad way.

“Hi Todd,” you said.

“Hey, uh is your brother in there?” He pointed into the trailer. You shook your head and stood there awkwardly.

“Can I still you know go in?” He asked nervously.

“Of course.” You opened the door wider for him to go into the trailer. You went back to reading the book as he sat on one of the couches. You giggled as you read the funny bits in the book. When you were reading, Tom was staring at you, admiring your face as he tried to memorize the details of your face.

“So you’re uh.. reading the book.” Tom said, trying to make a conversation with you.

“Yeah, it’s really good. By the way, you’re very talented, when I was watching you I was impressed.” You complimented him as he blushed.

“Thank you, you too,” his eyes widened a second later, “No uh I didn’t mean it like tha- fuck I messed up.” He muttered the last part.

You heard him and giggled, finding him cute.

“I meant like you’re talented too. I saw the videos you posted on your Instagram.” He said and shifted in his seat. You stood up and walked over to him, sitting down on the same couch.

“Thanks, finally someone who thinks that I’m talented.” You said.

“There’s no way nobody’s ever told you that.” He said surprisingly.

“Only my three older brothers.” You said. You guys started to talk more and more, getting to know each other. You guys got along very well. You guys joked around with each other, having the same humor. By the next hour you guys were sitting less then 5 inches away from each other.

“So what part are you on in the book.” He asked, peeking at the book in your hand.

“When Todd is trying finding Viola.” You answer, leaning into the him to show him the part. He leaned toward you too as he read. Your body  tensed up when his hand found its way on your waist, you didn’t mind but you weren’t used to it.

“Just be careful this part of the book is pretty..tense,” he warned you. He leaned into you more as he flipped a few pages back.

As if he was tricking you by asking the question, Tom began to tickle you. You started laughing loudly and pushing his arms away from you but it didn’t help.

“Tom stop.” You laughed pushing his chest, he leaned back a bit but began to tickled you again.

Suddenly, an idea came into your brain. You didn’t know if it was going to make the situation worse or not. It might ruined your new friendship with him but you gave it a try.

Him tickling you gave you the perfect excuse to kiss him.

You leaned into his face, placing your lips on his. It worked. He stopped tickling you. He surprised you when he began to kiss back, moving his lips with yours. Both of you closed your eyes, deepening the kiss.

You find it kind of weird that you were kissing someone you became friends with an hour ago, it was like when you found a new celebrity and you fell in love with them by the first hour of watching sir interviews you didn’t love him yet though.

You guys leaned away from each other and smiled.  You started blushing as he did too. The door of the trailer jiggled suddenly, ruining the moment.

“Back off  Tom.” You heard your brother’s voice. You rolled your eyes at him once again. You guys shifted away from each other as your brother sat in between you guys.

“Nick, you have to stop. We weren’t doing anything.” You lied.

“Not yet,” he glanced at you not knowing that you guys shared a kiss. You guys blushed at your brother’s words. Tom was about to say something but your brother cut him off.

“Keep your distance, Holland,” he said before he stood up, “I heard that you came here to rehearse some scenes. ”

Tom nodded before your brother took him away from you. You watched them walk into the other part of the trailer, Tom looked back at you for a second and laughed as you made faces at your brother.


endless list of favorites relationships: Corvo Attano and Jessamine Kaldwin from Dishonored

Corvo, if only there was someone else I trusted to send so that you could remain near. When you are near my heart is at peace… Hurry home, and bring good news.

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Kylo Ren sits in his brooding chamber and eats ramen noodles out of a Darth Vader bowl


AND ITS SIMPLE RAMEN. Plain. No seasoning. No meat. Nothing. Hux is disgusted.

“Eating like a common run-”

“Hux please just fuck off the brooding corner is for neither fancy food that takes too long to make nor your bullshit.”