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If you're looking for prompts, might I suggest a pic of Peridot comforting a slightly stressed out Lapis? Something that shows how much Peri tries to help with her fellow gem work through the tough times?

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Tuesday 31/10/17 | Day 11//25 (final exam in 15 days!!!)

I’m kinda proud of myself - I got through quite a bit of work today :) Kind of realised that I have to get through 29 weeks of work in just over a week if I want to leave a few days for questions and revision!


Wednesday 01/11/17 | Day 12/25 (2 weeks till final exam!!!)

Hopefully today can be as productive if not more productive than yesterday!!! 

Ready, set, go vivi! #full steam ahead

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(Don't) Sing For Me! (Halloween Prompt #6)

A/N: Yayy I’m glad I still managed to write this fic, Happy Halloween everyone! I had to cancel one other Halloween fic, sorry that, but after this day has passed I have plenty of my usual prompt list to finish ^^

I had the idea for this fic ready (thanks to @tickly-writing for inspiring meee~) so I thought it was a waste not to write this. I hope you still like it!<3

Prompt: Person A is a part of the small few who don’t like Halloween, but Person B refuses to stop singing “This is Halloween”. How will Person A deal with this?

Word Count: 1213

‘Boys and girls of every age. Wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see. This, our town of Hallowe–’

“Turn it oooff!” Jeje came bursting into the antique shop, both hands pressed against the bag on his head, and Mikuni looked up in surprise and turned off the video he was playing on his phone.

He had been spinning around on one of the rolling chairs out of boredom, carelessly checking his Facebook feed when his Servamp came barging in after paying a visit to the bathroom.

“Why? There’s a lot of videos like this. It’s Halloween after all,” Mikuni said, shrugging with a sheepish smile on his face, and Jeje roared in disgust.

“Halloween! That’s why there are barely customers today, huurghh I hate this. How could I forget…." Jeje’s rant ended up in quiet mumbling to himself, and he slid down the wall and threw his head back, the bag on his head shifting off a little but he fixed this quickly.

"You had no idea it was Halloween? Hehe you’re such a - wait. What did you just say? You hate Halloween? For real?” Mikuni didn’t even hear Jeje’s answer but he was already laughing out loud, banging the desk with his hand.

“That’s hilarious! But you’re a vampire! How can you hate Halloween?" Mikuni laughed, and Jeje looked up in annoyance.

"Maybe because I’m a vampire? Halloween is most likely the stupidest, most useless celebration one could -”

This is Halloween, this is Halloween~” Jeje’s anti-Halloween rant got interrupted by Mikuni who sang the catchy song that just played, and the vampire slapped his hands against his bag again in agony.

“Noooo not that! Stop it!” he cried, but Mikuni burst out in another laughing fit and brought out a laughy:

Halloween! H-halloween! Hehehe Halloween!” The teasy Eve had so much fun annoying Jeje that he could barely sing the song properly.

“Stop!” Jeje got on his legs and banged his fist on Mikuni’s desk, but Mikuni rolled back on his chair and made dance moves with his hands.

In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin -AAhh!" A furious Jeje had stomped his way and grabbed him roughly to throw him off his chair and accross the room.

"Here! Go die, this is what you get for-” Jeje stopped in his tracks and he looked up in wonder at his Eve: he was holding his sides and holding him up in the air, but Mikuni was kicking his legs and giggling like crazy.

“Lehehet goooo! Let go!” Mikuni cried, his hands grabbing Jeje’s hands firmly as he kept kicking his legs and shaking his head.

“Ohh?” Jeje squeezed a little, and Mikuni went berserk. He arched his back and flopped around in the air while Jeje still held him up with ease.

“NOohhoho j-just let gooo! T-throw me already!” Mikuni was barely understandable through his hysterical giggles, and beneath the bag on his head, Jeje smirked at this.

“What’s this? Ticklish? You?” Jeje chuckled, and instead of throwing him across the room he pulled Mikuni back down towards him. He took a few steps back, plopped down where Mikuni had been sitting just now, and he pulled the struggling guy on top of his lap.

“NAh- Jejeeehehe what are you - EEPPp!” Mikuni jerked against the touch and kicked his legs violently, but Jeje remained calm and steady. He had both arms wrapped around Mikuni’s middle, and his fingers dug curiously into his sides, scratching away his clothing as he wiggled his fingers.

Mikuni’s arms went from flailing around to crossing over Jeje’s arms, his hands grabbing the Servamp’s arm and pulling desperately in a panicked attempt to make him let go of him.

“PFahahaha nonono stop! Aaahaha!” From the moment Jeje had the blond sprawled all over him, Mikuni’s giggles had already evolved into loud belly laughs, especially now Jeje had pushed up his shirt so he could dig his fingers into the bare sides of his stomach.

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About swiftgron: LET IT GOOOO! LET IT GOOO! Enough about it, Dianna is married, Taylor is happy with Karlie, who is so much better for her than Dianna. Move oooooon, ppl.