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Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Some warm-up doodles for Raffles Week… I have no idea what to draw for any of the prompts, haha. 8D;;

Deception is Key

To @clouds-crying-rain. Sorry it took too long, (shit happened) :D

based on this lovely prompt. 


“Don’t you get it, Shiro?” Lance gripped the small screw in his hand, the pain giving him the focus he badly needed. “We don’t have a chance against the Galra. They outnumber us by millions. D’you think we can fight every fight, win every battle without any permanent casualties?”

“Don’t say that, Lance. I know you don’t believe that. Voltron is strong, we are strong as long as we work together as a team, we can defeat them.” Shiro took a step forward but the Galran soldier held him back. “Please Lance, don’t go.” Shiro pleaded, his voice so vulnerable that Lance almost turned and wrap Shiro in his arms…


Lance saw the glint in Lotor’s eyes. Lotor was Zarkon’s only heir, tasked to rule over his father’s empire and to bring an end to Voltron. His attempts were always a failure that it was almost funny. But after a few skirmishes here and there, Prince Lotor has learned Voltron’s strengths and weaknesses, so much so that he was able to execute a flawless plan that led them here. 

“And what if I stay?” Lance turned to show Shiro a mockingly sweet smile. “What will I come back to?” In order to make this convincing, Lance needed to cut deep and true. He needed to open the floodgates and drown.  

“A team who treats me like shit? That no matter what I do, I will never ever be enough? Because if that’s it, then I’d rather sell my soul to the devil that is the Galra than to be reminded every single fucking day that I am a worthless, good for nothing Paladin who’s just a waste of space.” Lance was doing damage, he was still wearing his helmet and the comms were live. He knew that, but once the floodgates that was his emotional control crumble, be ready to drown; survivors be damned. “You think I don’t hear the whispers and mutters of each of these people who have the balls to call me their friend? ‘Lance messed up again.’ ‘Guess who couldn’t keep it in their pants?’ ‘Why me? He’ll just mess up one way or another.’ Guess what fuckers, I heard all of that.” Lance felt his eyes burn, but not with tears this time.

“So tell me, Shiro, what good will come out with me coming back to those bastards, huh? And don’t say that the team will change or any of your leader bullshit because I know, based from experience, that people don’t change that easily. Hell, they’ll probably play nice because I’m a fucking time bomb. They’ll say sweet things because they know that if they mess up, I’ll do this again. I can practically hear Pidge saying it right now.” This is good. Lance didn’t want to let Shiro talk because he knew that his facade will crumble if he did. 

“Please. If not the team, then me. Come back to me, Lance. I-I’ll be good to you, I promise. Lance, please. I-I love you, Lance. Don’t go please. I can’t lose you.” Shiro’s voice was watery and thin, that even in this distance, Lance can see the tears that glisten on his eyes.

*Caution: Shangst approaching*

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Pokemon Go Teams Be Like
  • Team Mystic: [pushes up glasses] you have miscalculated and that is your grave mistake for I am the superior trainer you peasant here to educate you on the unpleasant truths of this world Mystic is clearly above you and only the naive couldn't see that-
  • Team Instinct: hey pal lets just have a jolly good time please dont hurt me i work at walgreens
  • Team Valor: [muffled sound of 'Gasolina' playing in the distance] I HAVENT SLEPT IN FORTY HOURS I CANT FEEL MY LEGS AND I DROVE DIRECTLY INTO AN OLD NAVY FOR A SQUIRTLE
use me // h.s.

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a/n: I didn’t really edit, I kind of just rewrote the whole thing I already had because someone suggested this off of my list and I figured why not get to it while I have the time and the drive! So here’s some smut about being impatient and wanting to bone your boyfriend even though he’s super busy! Enjoy!

You really didn’t want to disturb Harry.

It was rare that he got the chance to work from his home studio. It was even rarer that you happened to have your weekend off around the same time that he decided to stay home and work instead of spending his days in a studio. But just because you had the weekend off didn’t mean he could drop everything to spend all of his time with you. You still had a lot to get done before you were back at work on Monday though, so you tried to busy yourself the best that you could with your little checklist. The bedroom and bathroom needed to be deep cleaned, the kitchen needed to be reorganized, and you had your home office that needed to be set up. The only problem was you had most of those things started on Friday evening and finished on Saturday afternoon. That left you with a day and a half of doing nothing, a day and half of wanting Harry desperately from afar.

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oh my, my, my

dan and phil growing up together from kids to teenagers to their wedding day. based on mary’s song (oh my my my) by taylor swift. i cried while writing this.

words: 3.2k

tags: best friends, friends to lovers, kid phan, teenage phan, wedding, growing up together, fluff, very slight angst

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“Truth or dare?” Dan asked.

He and Phil were sitting under the tree in Phil’s backyard, taking refuge from the summer sun under its cool shade.

“Dare,” Phil said with confidence, despite playing this game with Dan enough to know better.

Dan grinned, a devilish glint in his eyes.

 "I dare you to kiss me.“

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some cosy, chill isak and even situations since i’m having a lot of feelings regarding them 2 being completely wrapped up in chill vibes where them 2 are just doing chill things:

  • sharing earphones and listening to music sat together on the bus or tram, or in their bedroom when they’re watching a movie, or laying in bed awake on a friday night at 2am or on a sunday afternoon at 2pm, just chilling and listening to music together.
  • sharing a big mug of hot chocolate in winter, or an ice cream in summer, or a can of beer, back and forth between them. one sip even, one sip isak.
  • isak nestled in between even’s legs, isak’s back against even’s chest, isak resting the back of his head on even’s shoulder, whilst even runs his fingers through isak’s hair, and isak will sometimes slightly turn his head and kiss even’s neck, whilst they’re both wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa.
  • they’ll sometimes smoke, once in a while, and they’ll continue on their thing of sharing a joint between them. they’ll continue on their thing where isak exhales out smoke all over even’s face, mist and fog and haze, and even’ll laugh in the midst of it.
  • bike rides! loads more bike rides! and loads of isak laughing freely, uncontrollably, clinging on tightly to even’s waist, as even takes them both roaming around the city, unplanned.
  • back rubs. and feet rubs. and shoulder massages. and “my knee joint is hurting from sitting and drawing for so long, isak massage it please?” “come here then grandad.” and “even my head hurts from studying please rub it?” “baby you work too hard come along here”.
  • trips! loads of trips! to science museums because isak insists, and art galleries because even wants to. and cabin trips in winter and seaside trips in summer and cinema and theatre trips.
  • spontaneous strolls! in the parks during spring time when the pink and white blossoms are in full growth and autumn when everything is golden and red and the air is crisp in both seasons, fresh. light. airy. breezy.
  • shopping. grocery or books or clothes and shoes and hoodies and scarves and snapbacks or sketchpads and stationary. and goofing around in stores that have photobooths and “even really please we’re not doing one where we kiss” “oh come on isak, would you really reject another chance to kiss me?”
  • silence. a nice, quiet, peaceful kind of silence. if they’re both doing their homework or they’re sat by the windowsill catching the sunset or just walking, with their hands clasped into one another’s. or whilst they’re cuddling and there’s nothing to say and that’s okay, so they’ll listen to the breeze outside, mixed with the muffled sound of cars going by and birds chirping, signalling that the city’s still alive in the far distance, whilst they both are drowned in the sound of each other’s breathing and heartbeats.
  • more “dancing in the kitchen with the radio playing” situations as they’re both making food. or rather, it’s even making the food and isak simply admiring the view. sometimes, he’ll hug even from the back and rock them both to the tune of the song playing. and just like that, slowly, slowly, isak becomes more languid. he lets his body move to the beat, sometimes sings along too. lets even take his hand and spin him around as they’re both barefoot, dressed in loose tshirts and joggers and messy bedhair. a vision. echoing laughter around the kitchen and soft, silent “i love yous.”
  • speaking of i love yous, even will sometimes tap isak’s shoulder, and isak will turn to face even, raising his eyebrows in question. and even’ll just say, “did i tell you that i love you today? because i love you.” and as always, isak smiles so widely that it hurts, and a beat later, he’ll reply “i love you too, evy.”
  • quick little soft pecks with smiles and laughter in between them that turn into long slow lazy kisses with whispers of promises against ears and skin in between them that turn into warm safe serene 2 hour naps under a shared duvet, legs and limbs all tangled.
You Can’t Leave

||| Requested by anon, based on this drabble I wrote a while ago |||

Jeon Jungook x Reader

Summary: You had to leave but he couldn’t find out why.

Genre: Mafia/Gang AU, angst

Word Count: 1,240

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“I’m late… again,” Jungkook thought tapping the steering wheel. He said that he will back early today but look at him stuck in traffic. He picked up his phone and called you for the third time. You didn’t answer. “Is she mad?” he wondered. He got back home after about two hours, he unlocked the door and went inside. It was quiet.

“Y/N, I’m home,” nothing. He took his shoes off and searched around the house before going to the kitchen. He noticed a note on the counter. “I’m sorry. Please don’t search for me.” What the heck? He quickly took his phone out and dialled your number again. The mechanical voice on the other end of the line still repeated the same “this number is not available.” He was about to smash his phone on the ground but somehow controlled himself and instead took his keys and went to the door.

“What the hell is she thinking? She can’t do this to me. I have to find her,” he thought. He had at least a few places in mind where you could have gone. He was on his way to one of them when he saw something on the opposite side of the river. He took a sharp turn, almost crashing with a nearby car. Angry shouts were directed at him as he jumped out and run to the railing.

“Y/N!!” he shouted across the river but you didn’t hear him. He watched you talk with another man. He couldn’t see it clearly but he looked familiar. Are you seriously cheating on him? You giggled and handed the man a suitcase. He then leaned down and kissed you on the cheek. That’s it. How dare he touch you? You turned around and went along the river bank. If he continues the same way, you two will eventually meet up at the bridge. He increased his pace to catch up with you. You were already crossing the bridge when you saw him standing on the other end of it.

“Y/N! What do you think you’re doing?!” he shouted, his breathing heavy.

“Oh shit, he found me,” you thought turning around and running in the direction you just came from. He chased after you.

“You can’t run away from me in those heels, you know!” he just gave you a brilliant idea, you stopped for a few seconds and quickly took them off.

“You have got to be kidding me!” he shouted, his voice now angry. You gained quite some distance from him and couldn’t see him anymore, so you went to one of the alleys between the buildings before bumping into him head on. He pushed you into a wall.

“I had enough of your running,” he breathed out, tightening his grip on your arms.

“Jungkook, let go of me. It’s over.”

“What do you mean it’s over? You expect that leaving a note without as much as an explanation would really stop me? Who was that man?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play dumb with me,” he hissed. “Are you cheating on me?”

“As if! I would never do that!”

“Then tell me!” he shouted. You looked each other in the eyes when you managed to get one of your hand free and pushed him away.

“Jungkook, it’s none of your business. Leave me alone.”

“You can’t just suddenly do things like this, not after what we have been through!”

“Did you really think I was in love with you in the first place?” you asked, giving him a bitter smile. “I just needed you.”

He wasn’t fazed by your statement. Instead he took your hand again and pulled you to him.

“And you think I will really believe this silly lie of yours?” he smirked. He was right. Even though you didn’t want to admit it, he was driving you crazy. All this time. But you can’t drag him into this. They know who he is already.

“Jungkook I-“ you started.

“I need you to step away from her,” a voice spoke as a click of the gun’s safety could be heard from behind him. He didn’t waste any time and turned around.

“Are you seriously threatening-“ he was about to say when he stopped mid sentence. “Taehyung?”

“Jungkook? What the fuck are you doing here?” Taehyung asked.

“You two know each other?” you were just as shocked as both of them.

“I could ask the same for you, was he the one you spoke to before?” Jungkook turned to you.

You took a few steps back. This can’t be happening. You kicked a nearby trash bin.

“Those fuckers set me up!” you shouted. Jungkook whipped out a gun of his own and pointed it at you. Of course he has one.

“Y/N, are you in any way associated with him?”

“Of course she is. She’s my girlfriend, so I suggest you point that gun somewhere else,” Taehyung spoke again.

“What?” he looked at him then back at you. “Y/N what the hell is going on?”

But you had no intentions of listening to them anymore. You somehow have to explain to your boss that you fucked up but if he really knew where he was sending you, you will kill him yourself. A loud shot snapped you out of it. Another man was now in the alley with them and both of them had their guns pointed at him.

“You again!” Taehyung growled.

Great. One more idiot showed up. He ignored the other two and came up to you.

“Boss said to take you with me, you failed your mission.”

“You think!?”

“I swear to God Y/N if you don’t explain yourself I’m going to shoot Taehyung and then Jimin in that smug face of his,” Jungkook stepped out again.  What a turn of events, they also know about Jimin. You were surprised at this point that they don’t know who you really are and you still had no idea where they know each other from.

“Calm down Kookie, I thought we are on good terms.”

“We were never on good terms,” he hissed.

“You should relax, she’s with me,” Jimin said, wrapping his arm around your waist.

“Get your hands off her!” Jungkook shouted.

“What do you mean she’s with you? She’s with me!” Taehyung interrupted.

“You guys are so naïve, she’s playing you both,” Jimin laughed, pulling you closer.

“I’m not with you either,” you finally pushed him away. “Take me to him, we have a lot to discuss.”

“Don’t be so mean,” he pouted and went to his car. “This way,” he said.

You turned back to the two men who were confused as little puppies but you couldn’t help them in any way because you had no idea what just happened as well.

“I’m sorry,” you looked at Jungkook. “I told you not to search for me. Now look what happened.”

Taehyung came to you in quick steps and grabbed you roughly.

“What the fuck Y/N! You can’t leave now, we had a deal.”

“The deal is off, can’t you see? The fact that you all know each other means I’m in deep shit,” you freed yourself from his grip and went to Jimin’s car.

“We will see each other again if I at least get the chance to clean up my mess up,” you said, shutting the door and driving away, leaving both of them in the alley.

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 124

-Mutsuki have you heard of hand cuffs


- KANEKI: I’m not high enough to let this go

- Helmets for when you can’t die unless you are killed

- Oggai just a tricycle riding biker gang

- *muffled born to be wild playing in the distance*

- Nice to know Mumen Rider has some dedicated cosplayers


- oh look Seidou is meeting a trash bin

- Oggai more like death death, the new moon moon


- if you fight for trash you will just release his garbage upon the world

-What is Hide Voldemort just say his name gosh damn it

- Kissing leads to babies, better watch out for some storks

-Next Time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Yoriko is fine and is in need of a hand to get a wedding dress on

Keep it Secret

“mommy?” The two year old spoke as he run to you, with the biggest smile on his face.

“Yes Johnny?”

“Mommy.” He called again once he came in your embrace. You took your kid in your arms amd kissed it’s forehead before setting your purse down on the kitchen table. “I missed you” John spoke in your ear, mumbling some other words you couldn’t make out in addition.

“I missed you too Johny” you said and kissed his cheek again. Your sister must have been sleeping for him to be running around in your small apartment like this. Of course you couldn’t blame her. She has been helping so much ever since John was born, since you practically all alone with a child at the age of 21. She hadn’t whined at all, and had let you mourn for Dick’s death as much as you wanted. She was furious though when she found out he was back, a year later, and even more furious that he didn’t reach out to you to even tell you he had faked his own death.

And now, it was only her you and your son. who Dick didn’t even know about. Although you didn’t worry about that. He wouldn’t want anything to do with you and him anyway. You might have been in love with Dick, but deep down you knew he wasn’t feeling the same. Maybe it was because he was too absorbed with his ex, or whatever she was to him, or because he was married to his night time activities.


You’d never post pictures of John on social media. You couldn’t risk any of Dick’s family members knowing about your son. You even avoided being at the same neighborhoods they would go, so they wouldn’t know about your son. You didn’t want them to take him away from you. And so you couldn’t understand why Jason Todd was knocking at your door, bursting in the room as you opened.

“We need to talk.” He said, and you noticed John shake at the tone if his voice. They little boy clenched his tiny distance on your clothes and buried his head in the crook of your neck.

“Is he Dick’s?” He spoke harshly. With your nodding, he let out a sight, to let go if all the tightness in his chest.

“How do you know about him?” Your voice came out as a whisper towards Jason.

“I saw you the other day on the street. Why would a two year old call you mommy if he wasn’t yours. And the last man you’d been with was Dick so..”

“Johny, please go wake auntie and ask her to play with you, baby.” You managed to say while Jason spoke to you and the little kid nodded in response as you set him down on the floor.

“Keep going Jason..”

Your heart was beating so fast at the thought of your secret being known to one of the only people who you didn’t want to know. Jason assured you he just wanted to know how the kid was, and that he would support you as much as you needed to, if you wanted him of course.

“However if you still love Dick, I’m in the uncomfortable place to tell you that he’s in Bludhaven, madly in love with his new girlfriend.”

Jason wasn’t surprised that you sighed with pain.

“I don’t want then to take my son away from me Jason.” A tear run down your face as you spoke. The thought of your life without your little son was unbearable despite being so hard sometimes. “I’d rather you didn’t tell Dick.

“I promise you I won’t.”


So, should this be our new series? Are you keen on the idea? Please let me know

“Night” (ft. BTS’ Jungkook)

Pairing: ReaderxJungkook

Summary: You and your ex-boyfriend Jungkook meet in a party one night. He’s the endorser of the brand and you were the representative. (Inspired by Park Sangmin’s After This Night)

Genre: Angst, Fluff; Head!Canon

Warning(s): eh. PG-13 stuff. Did not proofread tho. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED indefinitely. :)

Words: 1,667

If it were up to Jeon Jungkook, he would have preferred never to see you again.

But destiny has its way of playing tricks on him because after 3 years, he’s being forced to see his ex-girlfriend again… as the representative of the brand he’s endorsing. On one side, he’s proud of how far you’ve come. You were just an assistant manager when you met him during a photoshoot and there you were, surrounded by countless people who were congratulating you for the successful event that he was attending and for being the representative of the headquarters. On the other side, he was somewhat sad because you’ve gone so far and didn’t come back.

“Y/N!” he heard Taehyung’s voice come from behind him which broke Jungkook’s reverie.

“Aish… This Kim Taehyung…” Jimin immediately followed Taehyung after a quick glance at Jungkook’s face.

But you had already heard your name and turned, catching Jungkook’s familiar glossy eyes. You tried to smile at him, but Taehyung was already grinning in front of you, looking at you from head to toes. He had this look on his face, one that told you that your flawless make-up and perfectly tailored suit and heels came as a surprise to him.

“Oh, Tae… and Jimin too! Hi, long time no see.” You flashed them your mega-watt smile and while Taehyung was still awed, Jimin returned your greeting.

“It’s good to see you, Y/N! You look great. Now, if you may excuse us…” he gritted through his teeth and elbowed Taehyung who was still gaping at you. “…I believe you need to talk to other guests who are more important than us.”

“Wh-What? This party is for us! We’re the most important people here and I still want to talk to Y/N!” Taehyung called when Jimin began dragging him away.

You giggled and rolled your eyes as you watched them saunter off. You faced in front of you again and smiled at Jungkook. His expression was frozen, but he thought your smile was as endearing as ever. You raised a hand and waved at him, a somewhat childish gesture, but it’s the way you and Jungkook have always greeted each other. He raised his larger hand and reciprocated while slowly stepping closer towards you.

“오랜민이야.” You had to take a deep breath discreetly when he stood so close to you.

“어, 오랜만 이네.” Some part of Jungkook refused to believe that you were standing in front of him, but you were and it took a lot more effort than it should to return your words.

“Walk with me?” you gestured with a nod to the door connecting to the outdoor garden.

Jungkook nodded stiffly and you rolled your eyes for the second time that night before looping your arm with his. You could tell from the way he almost halted in his steps that he was stunned, but he curled his own arm instinctively and led the way.

You guys stood in the open air and you had to admit that you missed the spring nights of Seoul. You grabbed a flute of champagne from a passing waiter’s tray and as usual, Jungkook refused a drink.

You were silent for a few moments, letting a certain feeling of security settle in, the way it used to when you two were still together. It had been difficult for the both of you to break the walls that both of you built when you were still starting out, but after all those time together (and maybe all those time apart too), you both felt like you trusted each other enough to let go of any inhibitions.

“So… how’s Germany?” he was the first to speak up.

“Cold.” You snickered. “…but hey, lots of alcohol.”

He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t ask further. “You? Busy as ever?”

A look of pain crossed his wide eyes, and you knew he remembered how his busy schedule had been the very cause of your break-up, but years has allowed him to mask it almost perfectly. “Some things don’t change.”

“Oh yeah? What else?” You leaned your elbow on the railing of the veranda, so that you were directly facing Jungkook.

His eyes wandered around for another answer because his first instinct was to say, ‘Well, everything else except you.’

Finally, he found the unusually clear night sky and said, “The night sky… It feels like it’s been the same night sky that I’ve been looking at for the past three years.”

You glanced at him, but his eyes only reflected the twinkling stars. “Why? Did you look at the stars a lot during that three years?”

To your surprise, he easily nodded and answered without his usual hesitation when it comes to such prying questions, “Yeah, I looked at them and wondered what you were doing. Were you looking at the same sky?”

And just when you started doubting Jeon Jungkook’s ability to make your heart skip a beat, you felt your it skip a whole measure of a song instead.

“Then, I’d realize that I began missing you again, so I’d go and do something to occupy my mind.” He continued, his pounding heart providing the distraction he needed to keep himself from looking at you.

“Is that why you’ve been writing quite a few of Bangtan’s songs recently?” you teased and you knew, it would make him look at you. “I missed you a lot too, Jungkook.”

His eyes immediately fell to the ground because he knew that his cheeks blushing red would be the only natural reaction to your statement. Realizing that your statement might’ve been too forward and that your thoughts were laced with drunken ideas, you asked what seemed like the most logical question, “Do you want to dance?”


“Come on, no one’s watching and Butterfly is playing.” You put balanced your champagne on the ground and stood up just in time for Jungkook to take you hesitantly in his arms. While he positioned himself from a considerable distance, you wrapped one of your arms around his neck, so that you could hide your face on his shoulder. “I missed you so much that it drove me crazy. I worked so hard, so that I could have this excuse to see you and even if you didn’t talk to me at all, I would’ve been happy to just see you.”

While Jungkook didn’t let go, he didn’t pull you close either. “You broke up with me.”

You nodded, beginning to let go, but his grip on you suddenly became tighter. His strong arms encircled you and held you in place. Your hands froze, but immediately melted over his shoulders. “Don’t say goodbye, I still have a lot to say. It’s been years, but I still feel the same way about you, Y/N. I haven’t changed.”

You held the tears in, knowing that you had to keep your composure when you go back in. “…and the circumstances haven’t changed either. We’re still going to be so busy and my life… my life is not in Korea now.” You said the words and they were comprehensible, but they weren’t your words. If it were up to you, you would have just kissed Jungkook and asked him to take you back.

So instead, Jungkook kissed you. “I know. After this night, we have to break up again.”

When you pulled away, you looked in his eyes and knew, “The night isn’t over yet.”

You kissed him again, let him tear your defenses, your clothes and your heart. You were prepared to get hurt again the moment he walked in the door.

The next evening, you flew back to Germany.

6 Months later…

You opened the door of your apartment at 1 am to find a visitor that you least expected.

“Jungkook? What are you doing here?” you looked around before pulling him inside, but before he could step into your living room, he had already caught your wrist and you could see in the way his tired eyes searched yours that he agonized about his action as much as it hurt to see him in the middle of your apartment.

“Did you regret it?” His fingers and the way they secured around your wrist will surely leave a mark. “Did you regret leaving 3 years ago?”

“I…” The whole situation was making it really difficult for you to breathe. “No, Jungkook. I’m sorry.”

He felt hopeless because he knew you weren’t lying.

His arms fell limp, but he managed to turn and go for the door.

“But I regretted leaving six months ago.” You called and he hesitated by the door. “I should have let you hold onto me then. I was and am more secure of myself, Jungkook. It doesn’t matter if I see you every other minute or twice a year, I just know that I need to be with you.”

He turned the knob slowly and your heart sank to your feet only to be revived when he crossed the short distance between you and met you for a kiss. His hands were cold on your neck, but his tongue was warm when it pushed passed your lips. His other arm wove around your waist as he continued kissing you and you almost cried into his mouth.

“Stay.” You whisper finally when he peels back from you.

“I… I can’t.” he completely lets go of you, but takes both of your hands in his. “…but I’ll return and I hope… Y/N, I hope you can come back home with me then.”

He raises your knuckles to his lips and you smile affirmatively. You see him to the door and he kisses your forehead. You watched as he retreated until he turned back to you and gestured to the sky. “The sky here is amazing too, but the stars are only prettier when I’m with you.”

You rolled your eyes and shot back, “How many times have I told you not to take Jin-oppa’s advice?”

a/n: here’s a short fic. Haha. Idk what to say. I have some leftover kimchi rice, want some? I have a thing… Followers say it’s okay for me to take my time, but unfollow me if I don’t update for like 5 days. So I’m kind of… ah, how do I say this? I’m kind of sad? Lol jk nvm ignore ignore 


Everything, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Prom night with your best friend is the perfect night for Lin to get something off his chest.

Words: 2,725

Author’s Note: Prom season is upon us (at least, for any high schoolers out there!) and this is inspired by that (and by my own prom a bit, although none of this happened to me and my group saw Civil War after)! Hope you enjoy this 2.7k fluff fest.

Warnings: Nothing? If there’s anything please tell me.

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“Good God, Lin.” You mutter as he strutted into the living room, coat tails flapping behind him.

Your parents laughed and clapped at his entrance, snapping as many pictures as they could at the event. It wasn’t the exact image you had had of your prom as a kid, but you certainly weren’t putting up a fight.

Watching your best friend strike a few poses in his rented tux, hair gelled halfway to hell, holding a delicate flower in a plastic container in his hand was so much more than what you had pictured.

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Dear Evan Hansen - Favourite Lyrics

anybody have a map: another stumble as i’m reaching for the right thing to say

waving through a window: will i ever be more than i’ve always been?

for forever: quoting songs by our favourite bands, telling jokes that no one else understands

sincerely, me: ‘cause all that it takes is a little reinvention, it’s easy to change if you give it your attention

requiem: why should i have to break in pieces? why should i go and fall apart for you? // with these words i finally found you // ‘cause when the villain falls, the kingdoms never weep

if i could tell her: but what do we do when there’s this great divide? and what do we do when the distance is too wide?

disappear: no one deserves to fade away

you will be found: and every time that you call out, you’re a little less alone

to break in a glove: even when everyone around you thinks you’re crazy, even when everyone around you lets things go

only us: if you like me for me and nothing else, well, that’s all that i’ve wanted for longer than you could possibly know

good for you: and you say what you need to say, and you play who you need to play, and if somebody’s in your way, crush them and leave them behind

words fail: no, i’d rather pretend i’m something more than these broken parts

so big/so small: and i knew there would be moments that i would miss, and i knew there would be space i couldn’t fill

finale: today is gonna be a good day, and here’s why, because today, today at least, you’re you, and that’s enough

Puppy Love - Bucky x Reader

This is my first ever bit of writing , so enjoy? I would like to thank @letusunalivethem for being an inspiration and very supportive. Enjoy?

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

When Bucky first moved into the tower, he was very reserved. Keeping himself to his room, avoiding movie night and eating dinner in his room, instead of with the rest of the team.

Steve, with his endearing mother hen attitude, thought Bucky may want some company that isn’t human, so that Bucky could get used to affection. So, without Tony’s permission, to mark Bucky’s month anniversary, Steve brought him two golden lab puppies. That included strict instructions to keep them hidden and not mention them to a soul. Much to Steve’s delight, Bucky immediately fell in love with them. Naming them ‘Punk’ and ‘Jerk’.

Two weeks later:

It was y/n’s turn to make dinner for the team, and to attempt to make Bucky feel more welcome, she decided to make Beef Bourguignon, as that is a dish her grandmother always made for her when she was young.

However, when the time for dinner arose, and the rest of the team where at the table, Bucky was no where to be seen. Y/n brushed this off as he  never usally came for dinner, however y/n was determined. Therefore, she saved Bucky a plate with the intention of giving it to Steve, so he can deliver it to Bucky. However, one aspect of the plan didn’t work, Steve wouldn’t take dinner to Bucky as he ran off straight away to play Sam at pool. So, y/n decided to take Bucky his dinner herself instead.

As y/n approached Bucky’s door, the sound of small wines accompanied by laughter could be heard. To be polite and not to barge in, y/n knocked and waited a couple of minutes before entering.  Only to be met with a surprising sight. The Winter Solider rolling around on the bed with two golden retrievers.  It takes a few moments for Bucky to realize that someone has entered his room, so he then freezes and faces the door only to see y/n, with a plate of food.

When a couple of minutes of Bucky and y/n staring at each other passes, y/n puts the plate of food onto Bucky’s nightstand, closes the door and jumps onto Bucky’s bed to play with the two puppies. Meanwhile Bucky is sat there frozen as he knows the puppies are forbidden. However, once he sees y/n’s reaction he sits back, reaching for the plate of food.  Half an hour of y/n playing with the puppies and Bucky eating happens, before y/n starts to yawn and realizes she needs to go to bed. So, giving Bucky a soft smile, she bids him goodnight and goes off to bed.

Over the next couple of weeks this routine continues, only Bucky becoming more and more talkative. And when Bucky joins the team for a movie night or dinner, Steve notices he gravitates towards y/n.  So he observes there relationship from a distance, as it blossoms, and when Tony discovered the dogs, his distance increased, as he let Bucky and y/n take the blame.

The Stories We Tell

Originally posted by soluscheese

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2176

Summary:  The reader tries to move on after but there are obstacles.

Warnings:  Some fluff, some angst, some humor, lots of swearing

Not all love stories have a happy ending.  

And there’s nothing wrong with that.  

Sometimes two people can love each other completely, and still break up.  It’s not that it ended, it’s that it ran its course.  

You loved him completely, and always would.  But the story of you two together, sweaty and tangled in bed sheets, desperately reaching for each other after a hunt, curled up in front of the TV, that story was over.

Now there was only friendship.  And it was okay, you promised yourself.  

It was okay.  

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In Need of Fixing - Dean Winchester


Summary ;; part II of trapped. y/n and dean are struggling to get back to the way they were before as reminders of what happened previously keep haunting them.

(y/n) = your name

(y/n/n) = your nickname

(y/e/c) = your eye colour

Warnings ;; angst, hallucinations, panic attacks

Words ;; 2.9k

Published ;; 12th april, ‘17


Stay safe + ily☁️

Two weeks later.

The past two weeks had been full of sleepless nights and lonely hearts for the both of you and Dean. And tonight was no different for you in particular as you lay wide awake, staring up at the plain, white ceiling for hours on end as Dean, assumingly, slept soundly next to your restless body.

You didn’t even need to glance away from the plaster above you to notice the fair amount of distance that you had subconsciously put between the two of you in your shared bed. That acknowledgment alone caused a sad sigh to escape past your parted lips.

A quiet yawn emitted soon after and you wanted nothing more than to close tired and weary eyes and drift off to sleep but deep down, you knew it wasn’t that easy. You couldn’t even remember the last time you had a proper, full nights sleep, said sleep usually being plagued by various nightmares that often woke you up accompanied by a scream or broken sobs.

At that thought, you couldn’t help but lightly trace your fingers on the still sensitive skin of your neck; the bruises and swelling had healed but the memories behind the incident proved to be harder to get rid of.

With another quiet sigh, you sat up and slide the covers away from your frame. Being careful not to wake Dean, you threw your legs over the side of the bed and stood up slowly, tiptoeing toward the door. You glanced over your shoulder, your (y/e/c) eyes landing and lingering on his peaceful persona before you rid yourself of longing thoughts and exited the room.

You quickly made your way to the spare room in which you had spent most of your nights in the past thirteen or fourteen days. No one blamed you for being scared; they both understood why you felt the way you did. You were absolutely terrified of waking up one day with Dean next to you, his eyes black and void of emotion and his hand around your throat once more.

“I wanted to see the fear trapped in your eyes whenever you saw me.”

You let out an involuntary shiver as his words from before played in your head like a loop before wrapping the blanket tighter around yourself as you settled on the cold, unfamiliar bed that you had barely grown accustomed to even after all that time.

You just wanted everything to go back to normal. You wanted to be around Dean without the memories flooding in and distancing yourself further away from him. You wanted to be with him, like how it used to be. But something was stopping you and you couldn’t seem to get around that.

“Because you’ll end up dead.”

That was the final, dreaded thought that lingered in your head as you slipped into an uncomfortable and unwelcome slumber.

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anonymous asked:

hey liz!! if you're taking prompts, can you write something with the prompt, "we order different drinks at the same bar"? im obsessed with green light rn! thank you sm liz lov ya!!!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

All Draco had wanted to was a have a nice, gay night out.

He just wanted to order a nice and tooth-rotting sweet drink, the soft buzz of alcohol singing through his veins, the nice thrill of dancing with complete and devastatingly hot strangers. 

It seemed, however, that his evening was going to be ruined beyond repair.

Because the guy standing next to him, ordering a pint with an impossibly loud voice while waving his muggle money around, was Harry bloody Potter.

Why, God, Draco asked mentally, casting his eyes skyward, his fingers clutching around his pink cocktail, why must you torture me so?

It took a while for Potter to notice him.

(Draco wasn’t going to make himself known, after all, he wasn’t stupid enough to believe Potter would be happy with his company.) 

(He couldn’t get himself to leave, either. Apparently his infatuation with the golden boy hadn’t lessened over the years. Wasn’t a big surprise - just a big disappointment. Get it together, Draco.)

But when Potter did notice him, it wasn’t what Draco had expected.

He’d expected Potter to become angry, shout above the obnoxiously loud music - maybe Potter would even punch him right in his ex-Death Eaters face. (He had the right to do that, anyway. If someone had the right to hurt Draco for everything he’d done, it was Potter.)

What he hadn’t expected, however, was the happy squeal that left Potter’s lips before the golden boy - who was still shorter than he was, thank the gods - jumped up and wrapped his arms around Draco. “Malfoy!” Potter shouted, only understandable because he’d basically buried his head into Draco’s neck, “Hi!”

“Uh,” Draco felt as though something had punched him in the gut, “hi?”

“Hi,” Potter repeated, not letting go, his grip so tight it started to hurt.

Draco didn’t mind.

“What…” Draco looked around, trying to spot any of Potter’s friends - this had to be a joke, it had to be - but whipped his head back down soon enough to look at Potter again. 

(He never had been good at not looking at Potter.)

“What are you doing?” He finally asked.

“Hugging you,” Potter said to his neck, his fingers starting to play uneven rhythms on Draco’s back, “obviously.”

“Obviously.” Draco repeated, feeling as though he’d died and gone to heaven. He could smell Potter from this distance - he smelled like cinnamon and something smoky, something irresistible. “Are you going to let go any time soon?”

“Why?” Potter lifted his head to look up (and up and up) at him, and he even pouted, his eyes shining ridiculously bright under the disco lights.

“Because, you idiot,” Draco drawled, for the first time wrapping his arms around Potter to hold him close - his drink fell to the floor, but neither him nor Potter seemed to care much about that - “I can’t kiss you like that.”

Potter blushed so beautifully Draco wished he could look at it forever.

For now, however, he was perfectly happy to bend down and connect Potter’s soft lips against his own, cradling Potter’s head, taking as much as he could before the golden boy would realize who was kissing him, before he would sober up and kick Draco’s shins to fight him off.

(Potter didn’t fight him off. He kissed him with such an eagerness it left Draco breathless. He kissed him, again and again and again and -)

Old Souls and New Colors (Lafayette x Reader x Peggy)

Words: 2500+

Warnings: Cursing, Sex Mentions

Request: Laf x Peggy x Reader Soulmate Au??

A/N: enjoy! (i tried my best?)

“Ah, the typical scenario: Boy meets girl, or guy, man falls in love with girl, girl finds out he’s not her soulmate. Disappointed, she spends the rest of her life thinking about him, even though they aren’t really meant to be together. And fluff and angst, weeks later, she calls him up again, and she forgives him. Not really a happy ending, until the credits roll, and we see her with him, or she finally sees her soulmate, and breaks it off with him. Am I right?”

Elizabeth stared at you, exasperated, “Honestly, how do you guess all of this? Are you a psychic? Is that black and white vision getting to you?” She asked, looking at you, “You know, I’m really sorry for your soulmate. You’re mean, and a jerk. Maybe they’re the same way.”

You laughed, buying the popcorn. Elizabeth insisted on going to the movies with you, although you would have rather went alone. You were best friends. she was the one to find her soulmate first. Alexander Hamilton. The man who would never shut up, no matter how much you tried to convince him.

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Friday night i went to watch my son play baseball. It was an exciting game, and my son made some great plays. I was feeling like a teenage girl watching her boyfriend play. I was practically soaking through my panties. After the game i gave him a big hug outside the dugout and had to control myself as not to let anyone know how much i wanted him. We walked a short distance away and he kissed me in the shadows. My son leaned in and told me he was going to the after game celebration. He saw the disappointment on my face. Told me ’ I’ll be home at midnight, you be ready.’.

I groaned and he smacked my ass as he returned to the locker room. I went home and called my daughter. She decided to have a sleep over at her friends house. I was nervous as i waited for my son to return home. I did as i was told however. I spent the next 3 hours on my bed teasing myself and imagining my son’s thick cock. I was edging myself toward the peak of a mind numbing orgasm when i heard the door open. I immediately leaned back and spread myself for him.. He groaned upon entering my bedroom and i hear him ask if i had cum yet. I told him no i hadn’t but soon he was telling me he thought i was lying and that he should go to his bed. I begged him not to go. And dropped to my knees.

I looked up at him and saw the smile streching across his face. At the same moment his pants hit the floor and a new scent filled my brain. I looked at him and he nodded. Then told me that his girlfriend was at the party. I needed no further instructions. I and kissed and licked every inch of him cleaning the juices off of him. I groaned and felt my juices running down my thighs as i cleaned my own sons postcotial juices off his cock. I gazed into his eyes as i felt him swell and he groaned as i swirled my tongue around the head until he came in my mouth.

Soon after that we were on the bed. He fucked me until dawn. We wore up today and showered spending most of the day in my room talking and fucking. I love how dominate and take charge he has become. He is currently asleep in my bed and yes i am headed back there but i wante yo let everyone know about my weekend so far.