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What do you think of the theory that 'scary clowns' are an entirely separate species from what we recognize as 'clowns'? I don't remember all the intricacies of the theory, but it was something like they actively disguised themselves as something harmless, like a circus clown?

I think it’s bunk, personally. We have pedigrees that date back to the formation of those breeds. Some of the founders were of unknown heritage, sure, but from descriptions they sound a lot like nothing more than especially aggressive mixes of jester and ruffed breeds. All clowns will eat children if pressed to. Just because the scary breeds are genetically predisposed to viewing people as prey and it’s been repressed in most others does not mean they’re another species. The ancestral clowns predated humanity, based on bite marks found on human remains. That’s probably why they came to be domesticated - brave idiots decided to turn the tables and catch and keep some because people are stupid and generally try to grab animals in their vicinity. Over time the aggression and dependency on human flesh was bred out, only to be bred back in later on.