let it follow its dreams

i’m a nice person until you insult sam winchester

This is my brother. He wanted to be a princess fairy.

He really liked the tinsel things, he wanted some in his hair. (It’s a flower he drew on his cheek. Not a dick)

He told me he needed a cape that was black so he could blend in with the night. This was the best I had

The wings came sewn to the dress. He told me they were ‘sucky’ and he would like better ones next time. He was happy with the belt though.

He told me ‘it’s easier too see with my hair out the way. It’s in a pineapple thingy’

I told him he made a very good princess.

‘Fairy princess’ he corrects me, pausing before adding ‘Can I be a blue one next?’

I love him so much <3

Chapitre 71 - What Must Be Done Now

In which I don’t even have anything fancy to say I just love this world so much. 

Mechanic husbands have their work cut out for them, that’s for sure.

conniecorleone  asked:

Your vibe: overeducated personal assistant to a high-profile hockey player who secretly moonlights at a sloth sanctuary.

i mean, i love this, because in my head it’s just a lot of the both of us looking at one another and being like, “do you….have any idea……how to proceed? no? ok” and then me having gentle nervous breakdowns while covered in sloths.