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Change Your Mind // Part 1

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend — you.

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin // childhood friends!au, fwb!au + love triangle!

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 5.8k

Includes: fingering

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2

A/N: it’s back and re-written :’) for those who read it on my old blog, this’ll probably take a different route than the original ^^

It is around four in the afternoon, saffron rays of sunlight spilling past the windows of Jimin’s car. There are not any other noises aside the blasting tune of his car radio that pairs along with the booming bass. Jimin’s gaze is locked on the narrow road, clammy palms gripping onto the wheel as he frequently licks his lips out of anticipation. His friend, Jungkook, who is kicking himself back into the soft of the passenger seat, is singing along to every catchy song that comes up on the radio. They often exchange glances, waggling eyebrows that follow with a fit of chortles from their excitement.

They are finally heading back home.

After what feels like ages of Jungkook straining his voice to the flow of the melody, Jimin interrupts his pase and twists the volume down a couple of notches. “Are you nervous?” he asks, eyes peering left and right when he reaches the stop sign, “My house is just around this corner.”

Jungkook lets out a chuckle. “Why should I be? You said your parents are nothing to worry about and that your brother spends most of his time outside.”

“Yeah,” Jimin confirms, “but first impressions are everything.”

“I’m sure that they’ll love me,” Jungkook says with a reassuring hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I cannot believe you lived in the same city as me all my life and we only met in college.”

Jimin grins and turns the corner. “Well, we did live on opposite sides of the city. What can you say? Ah, we’re here.”

Jimin brings his car to a slow stop in front of a rusting mailbox, still managing to messily park it with care. Jungkook’s entire self lights up like a child that had its interest captured by a simple scene, eyebrows raising and heart skipping. They both swing the doors open and close it with a loud bang before they skirt to the trunk of Jimin’s vehicle. Popping it open, they grab their bags from his ash grey car and the older boy gladly leads his enthusiastic friend to the front of his house. Every fiber of Jungkook’s being radiates with excitement along every step he takes towards Jimin’s front door. Jimin slides his keys in, unlocking the entrance then realizes something: he forgot his phone in the cupholder of his car.

“Here—” he says and hands Jungkook his bags—“place them inside and wait on the couch, I forgot something.”

Jungkook opens his mouth, dumbfounded and ready to protest; nonetheless, he does as he says and drops their belongings by the closest sofa. Jimin rushes to his automobile reaches inside to grab onto his device quickly, ready to dash back towards his house to save Jungkook from the pressing questions that could come out of his family’s mouth if they encountered him first; however, the second he twists on his heel he sees a face he knows all too well. “Y/N?”

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My Dearest

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on „Imagine Loki’s reaction when you go to visit him in his cell for the first time. He’s expecting you to be happy to see your husband again but instead you start yelling and swearing at him. That’s when Loki remembers why he married you – you always speak your mind.” by @imaginemarveluniverse


If the storm could take the form of any imaginable thing, you would be its first choice.

You only needed one icy glance at the guards to be let inside the prison that was located in the cold depths of the palace. They must have been warned though, that you might want to make a visit to one of their newest inmates, that just happened to be your husband. Who had promised, even swore on his life that he would not try anything until you came back from your trip. And the same one who should have been sitting on his ass, politely killing some time. Time, not people.

The frigid claws of fury closed around you. You felt your magic flowing through your veins and it probably showed a little, but at the time, you couldn’t find it in you to care.

“Where is he?” you growled to the closest guard, who was standing at the corner of a long corridor full of cells. You didn’t even have to say who you were looking for, as everyone in the kingdom knew about the most recent events.

The man visibly paled, forcing himself to stay still and not take a step back from your fierce figure as if you could scald him with a single breath.

“This way, on the left side,” he said, not looking you straight in the eyes.

“Thank you, darling.”

Loki frowned, a crease forming between his eyebrows, when he heard an unexpected noise from the other prisoners. The guards kept an eye on them most of the time, not letting anyone start any riots.

He stood up from his small cot, not capable of holding back his curiosity, and moved to the edge of his cell, buzzing from the energy keeping him inside. Loki’s mouth formed a wide smile the moment he recognized your silhouette. It’s been months since the last time you met due to your trip, and he almost forgot how stunning you could become with loose locks of hair flowing behind you and a confident look adorning your features, just as if you owned every marble stone you were stepping at. You were a princess even before he married you.

Loki opened his mouth.

“Shut it before you even start or I may lose the tiny bit of self-control I still have left!” you snapped, taking him off guard.

If one could set people on fire with a mere  glare, you would definitely master this ability. Two guards stopped a few feet from you, not sure if they should interfere or not.

You didn’t care.

“I come back home after a very long, very lonely trip, expecting at least a warm welcome, maybe  a feast or a fancy dinner, and what do I get instead? The whole palace is talking only about my dear love, who came up with a brilliant idea of treason, mass murder, and starting a regular war on the Earth. Did I forget about anything? Oh, right. You didn’t even bother to tell me anything!” you shouted out the last sentence, shutting up the whole corridor. Every prisoner was looking at your fragile little figurine in a wonderful dress that didn’t hide your true self anymore.

Loki smirked. He missed you.

“Darling, I don’t think it would be a good idea to write out plans like that in a simple letter…”

“But you think it’s okay to not even inform me of your plans, so I have to hear everything from your own mother, your brother, and all of my servants?!” your voice echoed through the stone walls.

“This is not a good place for a conversation like this…”

“Really? What a surprise – I actually thought that being a prisoner meant no leaving your cell. I’m so stupid, aren’t I? I made the same mistake as last time, when I thought being together meant no secrets!”

Loki took a deep breath, raising his hands in a calming gesture, even though he would calm down a real storm easier than you. Feeling all eyes on the two of you didn’t help either.

“I made some mistakes, I’ll admit,  and I am truly sorry for what happened…”

“You are only sorry because you didn’t succeed,” you shook your head.

“I am not…”

“Don’t you even start with those sad eyes, I’m over it!”

Loki wanted to say something, but stopped. You were mad at him and you had every right to be. But  at the same time, you still loved him – Loki could see it in the way you looked at him, in the way you clenched your fists and in the way your lips trembled. And you were his, with your anger, your fierceness and your honesty. You would never lie to him and that’s why you felt so betrayed by his behavior.

“I’m sorry,” he said in a different tone.

You threw him a furious look.

“We are not done yet.”

“I know. Thank you for that.”

Leaving You

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Chanyeol

→ College AU; in which the thought of you leaving him, deeply scares Chanyeol.

Word count: 1K

With a sudden and deep inhale, his eyes pop open - only to be met with the dark room of his dorm. His breath is shallow, as if he had just ran a mile, and his whole body is covered in a layer of sweat. A cold layer of sweat. 

Chanyeol swings his upper body over his bed, his long arms reaching for the small, sleek device resting upon his nightstand. He fumbles with the phone, finally unlocking it after several failed attempts. Calming his still racing heart, he types up a short message to you; a short question if you were awake as well. 

Your reply comes quickly, and only when Chanyeol again unlocks again his smartphone to see your message, does he realize just how late it was; three in the morning. And you were awake. 

“Yeah, I’m awake babe. What’s up?” 

Chanyeol chuckles, still quite breathless. “Ah, this girl really works too hard.” 

“It’s nothing. Go to bed baby, it’s super super late.” Read 03.21 

“Yes, I know.. But you go to bed first!” Sent 03.23 

“Okayy.. good night.” Read 03.24 

“Good night!” Sent 03.24 

“I’m breaking up with you, Chanyeol.”

His stomach dropped at your words. He could feel the cold breeze against his wide eyes, his wet wide eyes, as you tugged your hand out of his own hand with a glare. You turned quickly, walking hastily along the sidewalk and down the road, away from him.

“Y/N!” He so desperately called out for you, causing you turn for only a single second to serve him another cold glare. His feet moved suddenly, carrying his tall form over the grass, over the light stone of the sidewalk and after you. But suddenly you were gone and everything was black around him. The only thing to illuminate it all was a lonely streetlamp above him, casting a gloomy light over his hunched shoulders. He desperately needed to cry, to sob, but he couldn’t. For some reason he couldn’t.

“I’m leaving you, Chanyeol.”



Your giggles sounds throughout the crowded hallway as Chanyeol is dragged back into reality, the fading memories of his nightmare still stained in his mind. He turns quickly at the sound of your voice. Of your real voice.

And there you stand, smiling up at your boyfriend with your hands hanging comfortably on the straps of your backpack while you moved slowly, playfully away from him. “I’m leaving you Chanyeol, if you don’t wake up now.”

The words sting a little bit but he grins widely, hurrying over to you and tugging you into his chest, silencing any questionable huffs and keeping you snugly against his body. He sighs out contently, trying his hardest to just let the nightmare flow out of his brain. Although it wasn’t as easy as he had hoped. 


He only hums in response.

“We need to get to class.”

“But do we?” He pouts then, tightening his hold around your shoulders for a single second before letting his left hand slip down from your body. You absentmindedly snuggle closer his side as the two of you slowly make your way through the hallway. 

“You know we do, babe.” You glance up at him with furrowed eyebrows, only to notice your raven headed boyfriend’s sullen look and wavering eyes. His hold around your waist was tighter than usual, and he really did signal that he was up for your company - no lies; it was romantic and it really made your heart flutter, but- 

“Ah, sorry!” You called out to the third person the two of you bumped into during the last five minutes of hopelessly navigating through the crowd of students with two pairs of unsynchronized feet. 

-this was becoming slightly unbearable. 

“Chanyeol, babe, let me go.” He turns his head so quickly, his face scrunched up in pain as he groaned loudly. You giggled and he hissed, placing a hand on the back of his neck before reluctantly letting the last arm around you fall down from your shoulders, freeing you from his embrace. “Chanyeol, I’ll see you at the cafe, 1 o'clock as usual?” 

You smile up at him, skipping along and only pausing to receive a nod from your boyfriend before continuing down the hallway, trying to rush to class before it actually started.

“Chanyeol.” You huff, fiddling lightly with his calloused fingers that rested over your shoulder. Still, it was all nice; the way he protectively held you into his chest, his warm embrace and almost desperate smiles. But it was becoming too much; you wanted to shrug his arm off and confront him, but you let the heavy limb stay. 

Something was up, he wasn’t usually this clingy - and although he was a clingy, he wasn’t this clingy. Even Baekhyun, Sehun and the others had noticed the change in him, it all being so sudden and unexplained. 

Now, the two of you had reunited after the small incident earlier and had eaten your lunch at the cafe. Your stomach was comfortably full and the sweet taste of the new coffee you had tried still lingered on your tongue. Lingered. You know what else lingered? Chanyeol’s arm around you- ah, you sighed internally, I should say something

Your boyfriend looks down at you with the call of his name, grinning brightly down at you and tightening his arm around your shoulders when your eyes meet his dark ones. “Jagiya.” 

“What’s up?” You pout, giving his knuckles a peck. “You’re not this clingy usually.. It’s a bit..” You trail off, eyes traveling over the few heads of the nearby students passing by. “It’s a bit weird.” 

He sighs, nodding and casting his eyes down at his shoes. He then chuckles; “I had a nightmare, baby, last night.”  

You gasp. “Was that why you texted me?” 

He nods, smiling embarrassed of his antics and his silly nightmares, his silly fears. “I dreamt that you left me, and it honesty scared me. I though you actually had dumped me when I woke up. And I had to text you to make sure you were still with me.” 

You felt relief fill your chest at his explanation, exhaling with a light smile stretching your lips. “You make it sound so much worse than it is.” 

“But it was bad! I’m not ready to lose you-” 

You giggle. “When will you be?” 

“-ever.” He smirks, quickly pecking your cheek with his plump lips, bringing your form even further into his chest as he placed both arms around you. You face him completely, placing your own arms around his waist and snuggling your flushing cheeks into his broad chest. 

“I love you, Chanyeol. I won’t be leaving you any time soon.”

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this and thank you to the anon for requesting! although this was kind of angsty?? I still liked the outcome myself! please tell me what you think! ♥


This is my incredibly late entry for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess challenge. I am so sorry for it being late. My prompt was ”The one where they stayed up all night.” Tags are below the cut. I used the tag list from the SPN Fanfic Pond and @mrswhozeewhatsis lists. If you have been tagged incorrectly, I apologize, please let me know and I will remove you asap. This was beta-d by the amazing @angelsandhuntersgalore and the talented @inmysparetime0, I also had help on a part I got stuck on by the brilliant @maraisabellegrey and the fantastic @teamfreewill-vs-theworld .

Summary: Whilst waiting for a Werewolf to show up, you and Dean get bored and you get curious.

Pairings: Dean X Reader.

Warnings: Crack, Smut-ish, swearing, talk of private parts.

Word count: 1353.

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It had been a long day, the three of you had found yourselves on what appeared to be a Werewolf hunt. You had been working all day to track this thing down but you had only been able to narrow it down to two separate places. Sam had taken the smaller place on the other side of town whilst you and Dean had taken the creepy abandoned warehouse.  It was large enough to need two of you to scope it out and you would be able to cover the two points of entry from one spot in the car. Dean had insisted that you be in the pair with him, you knew he trusted Sam to be safe. You had been hunting for years but Dean still felt the need to protect you, it would be really cute if it wasn’t so darn annoying.

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The Labyrinth Chapter 5

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 2836

Plot: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into. 

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

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Until We Meet Again - Taehyung Scenario

another one! 


Summary: If you kiss him, he’ll disappear forever.

Word Count: 1,743

Bare fists clenched by your sides as the familiar stinging in your eyes started to well up in tears, you took a deep breath in, storming out the front door.

You were the type to hold things in, hold things in and hold things in and hold things in until your chest would feel so tight, so full that it ached. But you still held everything in. Crying was a weakness. You crying would label you as weak and you didn’t want another label to be stuck with your other ones. Since the moment your dad was laid off, the carefree lifestyle you had changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

You moved to a smaller city, to a smaller house… and you were completely fine with that.

You liked the small neighbourhood with the park nearby your house and the dog you passed by on the way to school everyday.


Moving meant having to make new friends, having to make good first impressions. Trust your luck for you to meet the popular girl’s boyfriend on day one, him outwardly flirting with you along the way to class and causing the girl to flare up in jealousy.

Words hurt.

You bit back your tears as you entered the secluded area of the park, feeling the tiny scars from proper nouns and additional bits of broken eggshells along with mucus-y liquid, slowly, slowly starting to close up. That area was your safe haven. A place where rarely anyone but the park sweepers visit, a place where there was your trusty bench under the huge tree that gave you shade and warmth and every other thing you lacked in life.


Leaning your head back against the bench, you swallowed, letting the salty drops flow down your cheeks in streams.

Life would be nice if it was like the good dreams you occasionally had the pleasure of having.

Your eyelids drooped as you breathed in the scent of fallen leaves and shaky hopes.

Life would be nice if you dreamed a good dream and never woke up.

“Oh no.”

More shuffling could be heard as the voice got closer to your ear. Damp eyes still shut tight, you furrowed your eyebrows, hoping that whoever decided to sit beside a crying girl would get the message and leave.

“Why are you crying?”

You felt no more tears building up as your frown deepened at the low voice.

The voice sighed before continuing, “Well I can’t do anything so I’ll just stay here until you feel better.”

Eyebrows still furrowed - this time in confusion rather than annoyance, you opened your eyes, turning your head to the right to see a boy around your age, shock plastered onto his face as your eyes looked straight into his.

Despite your shitty thoughts of suicide and death and never waking up, you couldn’t help but notice the art that was inches away from you. Long lashes, lovely eyes, perfectly sculpted lips…

Tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip, the boy let out a shaky breath.

Can you see me?

Finally letting words flow out of you, you eyed the handsome boy weirdly, “Of course I can see you?”

The shock on the boy’s face startled you, goosebumps unknowingly forming on your arms. After what seemed like minutes, the boy swallowed, lips parting. “You can hear me too?”

“Of course I can.” Although dumbfounded, you couldn’t help your curious mind. “Am I not supposed to-”

“Oh my God.”

You watched as the boy stood up, backing himself a step away from you. He bit his lip, “Don’t be afraid okay?”


“I’m… not human.”

When your expression looked like you’d seen a mad man, the boy gave an exasperated sigh. “I’m a ghost. That’s why I’m shocked that you can see me… and hear me.” You saw his cheeks turn a bit pink.

Ghosts could blush?


“But you look so real?” You stood up, stepping closer towards him, making the boy’s eyes go wide.

“You’re not… scared?”

Why weren’t you scared?

You simply looked down, “I’m too numb to be scared.”

The boy stooped down, face tilting up from below to look at you. He gave you the sweetest smile you’d seen in a long, long time. “I would buy you ice-cream but I can’t so… care to tell me what’s wrong?”

The first thing the boy asked you when your butts met the bench was why patches of your school uniform had damp parts and bits of shells stuck on them - causing you to let your guard down in front of the stranger, the streaks on your cheeks repainted with new streams. That in turn caused the boy to apologise profusely, constantly blabbering nonsense while whining that he shouldn’t have asked you that and that he felt so, so bad.

Kim Taehyung made you laugh for the first time in months.

The next day you found yourself walking towards your haven with rare light steps, smile unconsciously spouting when you saw the boy there, eyes closed and cheek squished against the wood. That day he followed you home, earning you curious glances from people and murmurs along the lines of ‘why is she talking to herself?’, filling the journey with laughter and boxy smiles.

“That’s it.” Taehyung huffed for the million time that day, resisting the urge to kick the blanket draped over him. “I’m going to school with you tomorrow.”

“You are not.”

Taehyung pouted at the girl placing her tattered bag on the ground. “I am.”

“Can we please change the subject.” You sighed, tossing yourself onto your bed, letting your head rest on the boy’s shoulder.

Fingers went in between yours, soft breaths entering your ears. “Okay.”

Looking at your intertwined hands, you wondered for the umpteenth time since you met the boy, how a ghost could feel so human. “How was today?”

There was a moment of silence - which was rare - before Taehyung’s deep voice filled the room. “I met another ghost today.”

“You did?” You sat up, weary of the foreign tone replacing the male’s usually eager one.

“Yeah.” Taehyung’s eyes followed you - desperate almost.

You waited for him to continue, the grip becoming tighter.

“The ghost wasn’t like me, Y/N. He was translucent.” His voice turned anxious. “He didn’t know I was a ghost until I approached him and… and he asked me whether I remembered anything.”

Taehyung and you never got into the topic of his past before. How he… died and became what he was. Seeing him so scared caused your heart to ache in a different way. You stroked the back of his hand with your thumb.

He looked at the joined hands, calming down for a bit. “I told him I didn’t remember anything.”

“…You don’t?”

The male shook his head, cheerless eyes looking into yours. “He told me that…” He let out a harsh sigh. “That I can’t do a certain thing. If I do that, then…” He gazed at you. “I’ll disappear and never come back.”

Your heart stopped at his words. Disappearing would mean Taehyung would be gone from your life. The guy who made sure to greet you with smiles as bright as sunshine, who would insist in going to school with you every time you came home with a frown on your face, who would whine whenever you had to do your homework and not talk to him for hours but stayed by your side throughout the entire time. The guy who had been there for you when you fell off the tight-rope of life to effortlessly lift you up and keep you standing on the unsteady line would be-

“What can’t you do?” Your hunted expression went unnoticed, feeling Taehyung pull you into a tight hug. The tears that you hadn’t felt for a long, long time reappeared as you buried your nose into his neck, arms wrapping around him. “I’ll make sure you won’t do it so you won’t ever have to go.”

You felt the hands on your sides move up to your cheeks, the warmth peeling off of you. Cupping your cheeks, Taehyung leaned his face so, so close towards yours, thumbs gently wiping the stains off your face. Giving you a sad smile, he mumbled, “You can’t stop me from doing it.”

Before you could even answer, he gave a choked sob. “I love you too much I don’t know how I can stop myself from kissing you.”

You let out a whimper at his words, tears never ending as he looked at you with so much affection and longing, fingers moving down to graze your lips.

I love you.” Taehyung whispered, lips quivering, “So, so much.”

Looking pass the blurry film of salty liquid, you wholeheartedly breathed, “I love you too.

Glistening eyes and warm smiles, breath ghosting over your lips, he so tenderly murmured, “Until we meet again.”

It was no doubt that life turned back upside down when the boy that stuck beside you for months vanished into thin air, his only remains being your swollen lips and intangible memories - leaving you longing for more.

It was that night that you found yourself up in the early hours of the morning, typing up the name you so loved in the search box.

You almost cried when you saw the familiar boxy grin, frantically clicking on the facebook profile, finding family members and contact numbers.

Oh you’re his friend?

Legs trembling, you jumped off the bus, dashing towards the building.

No actually, he was in a coma.

Zooming past glass doors, you hurried towards the counter, cold sweat dripping down your forehead. Panting, you asked the alarmed nurse, “Where’s Kim Taehyung?”

But he woke up yesterday!

Hand gripping the handle of room 405, you took a deep breath full of hopes and dreams and unsaid words, slowly opening the door.

Unfamiliar faces, curious eyes, and shocked gasps. Your gaze fell on the boy with the boxy smile, wide beaming eyes filled with surprise, happiness, and eagerness mixed in between.

“Oh no.”

Voice and sobs muffled by your hand, you carefully walked towards the boy, people parting to give way.

The boy grinned, feeling his eyes well up as well. “Why are you crying?”

You couldn’t help the smile forming on your face at his words.

I would buy you ice-cream but I can’t so… care to tell me what’s wrong?

“Don’t touch me!”

Word Count: 674 (Requested)

You had always had issues with self confidence, and you were very self conscious. It had been pretty easy to manage when you were younger, the only people you were worried about were those at your school and around your small town. You always found an escape in listening or writing music.

That changed when you met Conor Maynard. He was charming, funny and just overall a great guy. You liked him instantly. You two met when he was working on his first album. You had an internship in London at his record label, and soon you were his closest confidant in the industry. He trusted your opinion, and even asked you for help when he was stuck with song ideas.

The friendship blossomed from there, and now he was easily one of your best friends. Conor was the nicest guy out there, but his fans were another story. Most of the time they were very kind to you, but there was the small group that could be very rude.

They attacked you on social media, and despite how hard you tried to block it out and ignore them, sometimes it got to you. Today was one of those days.

Conor was supposed to be arriving to your flat at any moment, but you were hid under the duvet of your bed. Tears rolling down your cheeks as you wondered why the girls could be so mean, but so right at the same time. Every mean thing they said about you was true in your eyes.

You heard the front door to your flat open and shut, keys jingling as they were placed on your key holder.

“Y/N! Where ya at?” Conor’s shout echoed through your quiet flat.

His voice made your tears come faster, as you wondered why he even bothered to spend time with someone like you.

The door to your bedroom opened, “Y/N what on earth is going on?”

You couldn’t turn your back to face him, let alone answer him.

You heard footsteps approaching your bed, and it sunk as he took a seat. He hand reached out to touch your back, and when it made the softest contact you shot up out of bed.

“Don’t touch me!” You yelled through your tears, becoming hysterical now. Conor’s expression flashed to one of hurt, before his eyebrows scrunched in concern.

“Y/N, tell me what’s wrong,” Conor said, standing up and inching towards you.

You backed away from him, hands desperately trying to wipe away the never ending flow of tears.

Your back finally hit the wall, “They hate me! They all hate me! They say I’m ugly and it’s true! They say I don’t deserve to be your friend and it’s all true!” You managed to get out though your cries.

You finally let Conor embrace you, one arm pulling you close as the other brought your head to his chest. He held you like this for a few minutes, rubbing your back to help you calm down.

Once your tears had stopped, Conor spoke up, “It’s not true. They don’t know how amazing you are. You have an amazingly large heart, you care for everyone you meet, you brighten my darkest days, and you are most definitely not ugly, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I’ve know that since the day I first met you. That’s when I knew I loved you.”

“You love me?” You questioned, wiping your nose with the back of your hand as you picked your head up from his chest.

He smiled at you adoringly, “Yes, I have for a while now.”

“But I’m a mess, and I got your shirt all wet,” you said, as you looked at your tear stains on his grey t-shirt.

“You’re the most wonderful, beautiful mess there is, and I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

“I love you Con.”

With those words he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, you responded instantly, loving the way his lips felt against yours.


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To Keep You Safe: Peter Pan x Reader OUAT

Originally posted by pan-imagines

A/N: No spoilers in this one really, I also wrote this a while ago so not top quality but its kinda cute so you know, what the heck? 

Warnings: My bad attempt at angst? Slight profanity, not much other stuff to worry about really. 

Word Count: 3,026

Requests open! (Gif not mine)

A sigh escaped your lips as you walked towards one of the benches in the harbor, seating yourself on the cold wood and looking out into the water. You took in a deep breath, the smell of salt wafting into your nose. Eyes closing, you felt the wind blow into your face, blowing your hair back as the tendrils danced in the wind like flying ribbons. You shook your head, clamping your hands shut and feeling the cold, round object inside of them press harder around your warm skin. Suddenly, you looked down where your hands lay folded in your lap and bit your bottom lip. You shakily opened them, staring at what lay in your palms. A small jar, with a small amount of golden dust spread across the bottom was revealed. A sharp pang struck your chest. This was the last reminder you had of your time spent with–

No. You were not going to think about that. Those days were long ago, all the memories locked away and kept in the past. You refused to bring them into the future. But now… now that you heard that he was here…you knew it would be a lot harder to move on. Because he was a part of you that you could never forget.

You shook your head again, standing up abruptly and pulling your coat tighter around your body as the wind grew stronger. It wasn’t like he would come looking for you. He came here because he needed to get something… and there was little chance that it was you. But you refused to let yourself care. You walked towards the edge of the harbor, letting the chain attached to the lip of the jar swing with every step. A determined look making it’s way onto your face, you let all the anger from the past few years slowly melt away. You held your arm over the water, dangling the jar above the waves, each sloshing against the dock in rhythmic patterns. You took in another deep breath. Today, you were going to let go.

You looked over your shoulder where Pan stood, his arms wrapped around your waist and his head just above your shoulder. Uncertainty lingered in your gaze as you looked back at the jar of pixie dust which you wore like a necklace, the tiny jar itself resting in your hand. Pan chuckled, pulling you closer into his torso as you leaned against him. His warm breath sent goosebumps on your skin, but you stayed in the position, rolling the object in your hand between your index finger and thumb.

“Why would anyone want dust?” you asked, turning around and snaking your arms around Pan’s neck. Peter smiled, shaking his head.

“It’s not just any kind of dust, silly. It’s pixie dust.” You raised an eyebrow, retracting one arm and holding the jar in front of your face to study it again.

“And that is…?” Peter took your hand from the jar, and intertwined his fingers with your smaller ones. He leaned in closer, his face inches from yours.

“Magic, of course. But what it does is a surprise.” You arched an eyebrow suspiciously, studying Pan’s expression to detect any mischief. Which you could tell there was, since his whole demeanor spat out the image of a playful teenage boy. His green eyes were bright, and you prodded the boy’s chest with the realization that he had some kind of trick up his sleeve.

“Remember what happened last time you told me something was a surprise?” you reminded, a frown tugging at your lips with the recollection of that memory.

“I said I was sorry!” he said indignantly. You gave him a hard glare, and he averted his gaze, rubbing his neck sheepishly. A few moments past, and his smirk returned. “It was still kinda funny though.” You growled, slapping his arm.

“Jerk. That ink stayed in my hair for a month!” Peter laughed, pecking your nose and you couldn’t help but feel your anger melt away.

“Just let me make it up to you, then,” he offered, taking opening the jar and spilling a bit of dust into his hand, using his other one to give your own hand a reassuring squeeze. “All you have to do is believe. Do you believe in me?”

“Of course, Peter,” you told him immediately. He smiled, tugging you closer and sprinkling the dust over both of your heads.

“That’s all I needed to hear.”

You drew your arm back, prepared to throw the necklace out into the water. When your arm swung forward, something made you hesitate. The sun, which was beginning to set, had turned the water into an orange color that resembled fire. Fire, like the kind you used to dance around whenever Pan took out his flute and started to play. You slowly lowered your hand and looked at the jar again, snorting as you recalled how much Neverland used to mean to you.

Those moments you used to share had been some of the best in your life, and even though you would never admit that now, deep down you knew it was true. But if you were going to start a new life, you had to stop hurting. Somehow instead of throwing that damned necklace into the water, you looked down at it in your hand and felt the pain in your heart that sent tears flowing like a river. In order for anything to be better, you couldn’t just let go of those memories. You had to forget.


“That’s it,” you murmured, an idea popping into your head.

When you reached Mr. Gold’s shop, you jumped off of the bike and sprinted to the door. Letting yourself calm down, you slowed down your breathing and took the handle, turning it slowly and letting the familiar jingle of the bell ring through the small shop. Gold turned around to face you from where he stood behind the desk, raising an eyebrow when he saw you. You walked up to the desk and rested your forearms on the glass, watching as Gold’s eyes glittered with interest.

“Well, if it isn’t Miss (l/n). Out of all the people in Storybrooke, I wouldn’t expect you to walk in through that door.”

“Let’s just cut to the chase, Gold. You know I have a history with Pan.”

“Ah, that I do. Can’t say it’s unusual that someone fell for his… tricks.”

“I want you to make me forget every memory with him in it. Everything about my time in Neverland, and even the day I returned here after his shadow brought me back,” you instructed. Gold straightened up, placing his hands behind his back.

“You’re a smart girl, Miss (l/n). I don’t doubt that. You must know that I only do favors in the form of a deal. What would you possibly have that could be of any interest to me?” A smile tugged at your lips, and you opened the biggest pocket in your jacket. You pulled out a coconut shell, placing it on the countertop between the two of you.

Your heart pounded as a shadow, an actual SHADOW (those aren’t supposed to be animate, right?) dumped you onto the forest floor, and you crossed your arms protectively over your chest, rolling on the ground as you came in contact with the hard surface. You rolled a few feet before springing back up, noticing that you were surrounded by a large group of boys, one in particular standing in front of the rest.

“I always knew my shadow was interesting…but bringing a girl here? That’s new. We’ll just have to see if she’s worth keeping,” you looked around frantically, wondering what the boy’s words meant. “Felix, take her to the cages.” A tall boy stepped forward, grabbing your arm and tugging you to his side. You struggled in his grip, but felt a hand stop both your movements. Another boy, who had black hair leaned into your ear, his shaggy hair tickling your skin.

“Don’t worry. Things will make much more sense in the morning. You’ll just have to be patient until then. I’m Baelfire, and I’ll make sure you’ll be okay here.”

“I know you’ll do whatever you want with Pan,” you started, waving your hand dismissively with the topic. “I couldn’t care less about that. Just don’t forget his shadow when you… dispose of him,” you grinned.

“Well, I think we’ve got ourselves a deal,” Mr. Gold approved, a devilish smile of his own overtaking his features.


You sat in a booth at Granny’s diner, holding a bottle in your hands. It was blue, with golden leaf engravings growing largely from the bottom, and narrowing towards the top. Your hands trembled as you uncapped the bottle. This was for the best. Baelfire had the right idea when he wanted to leave. You were too immature to understand that at the time, but now that you had more experiences, you finally realized that he was right all along. So why was this so hard? Why was doing the right thing always so difficult? You groaned, banging your head on the counter in exasperation.

“Having a little trouble there, love?” a familiar voice asked. Your head snapped upwards, shock radiating from your body. There he was. The start of all of this.

“Bae, what’s wrong?” He didn’t answer, instead leaning forward and resting his forearms on his thighs and looking down in his lap. “Baelfire?”

“It’s just that…I’m going to miss you,” he sighed, looking back at your face. Your eyes filled with hurt, and you scooted away from him.

“So you’re really going to do it? Today? You’re just going to leave me here?”

“(Y/N), I told you that you could–”

“–No, Baelfire. This is my home, and I thought you were my friend. I thought I was important to you.”

“You are! You are important to me,” he insisted. “You have to understand, (y/n).”

“Oh, I understand completely. Go have a nice life,” you spat, making your way over to the tree trunk. You weren’t even in the mood to prank Devin anymore. There would be no joy in seeing him get attacked by your horde of squirrels. Not right now. You were immature to think something like that was funny, but that was your sense of humour. You were young, and wanted to stay that way. But apparently your best friend didn’t.

“Please don’t make things this way. Don’t make me leave like this,” Baelfire begged. You whipped your head around, cold eyes piercing into his desperate ones.

“I’m not making you do anything.”


You sat down on the beach, the warmth in the sand drained away as the moonlight bathed it with silverlight. The ocean was quiet, and the usual music of the crickets seemed faded and distant. You closed your eyes, a sigh passing through your lips as you looked out into the horizon. Baelfire was somewhere out there, probably already forgetting about you. Probably too excited that he had finally escaped, and going on to live a life full of experiences you could never have in Neverland. He was growing older, wrinklier, and less full of life. Which is why you never wanted to leave. You didn’t care about growing up and losing all of that childhood whimsy. You didn’t want to be burdened with responsibilities like adults were. You just wanted to be carefree. But according to Baelfire, that wasn’t living. How was that not living? How was dying, living?

“I told you he would leave,” a familiar voice sounded behind you. You turned around, watching as Pan walked forward and sat beside you. He looked at your face, studying your emotions with an expressionless face.

“Have you come here to gloat?” you asked bitterly. “Because I’m really not in the mood.”

“Of course not. (Y/N), do you honestly think I would do anything to hurt you?” You looked into his green orbs, the affection in his gaze surprising you. Sure, Pan had watched you from a distance more and more. Sure, he had let you win in countless competitions you had with him because he thought it was cute when you celebrated. Sure, he had flirted with you mindlessly just to see your “adorable” blush (because not many people could make your face as red as he did). Sure, he had always been extra protective towards you… but you perceived the cause of it to be your gender. He was protective over Wendy for that reason.

“I…I don’t…” you managed, at a loss for words. You cleared your throat, rubbing your arm sheepishly. “I didn’t know you–”

“–Cared?” Pan finished for you. He shifted closer to you, gently brushing your hair behind your ear. “Of course I do.”

“What the hell do you want?” you growled, standing up. Peter walked forward, a smirk tugging at his lips. You watched him carefully, becoming wary. Gripping the bottle tighter in your hand, you saw how Peter’s gaze flickered over to it.

“I want you to put that down,” he answered, reaching out slowly. You jerked your arm away, bringing the bottle closer to your chest.

“Why? Why would you want me to put this down? So I can just suffer more?” you demanded, your voice rising. “You have no right to come to me now, just as my life is about to actually become normal, and rip that away from me too!” Bringing the bottle dangerously close to your lips, you were about to tilt it into your mouth.

“(Y/N), stop. Just…just let me talk.” You raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t owe you a damn thing, Peter Pan,” you snapped. Emotion suddenly poured out of you, something that you held back for so long. You broke like a dam, tears flowing out of your eyes. “You left me! You made me leave without giving me any explanation!” your voice rose to a wail. “You pretended like you cared about me, just to toss me aside like I was nothing!”

“I-I know. And I’m sorry. I just–”

“–Are you actually going to try to justify that?” you broke in, disbelieving. “Is that why you came here? Because you felt the need to tell me what you did made sense? The day that shadow tore me away and threw me back here, all I imagined was the small chance that you actually felt guilty.”

“The only reason I did it was because I love you!” Peter shouted. “When I came back here, and I realized you were in town… I had to tell you. It killed me to take you away. But you were my weakness. They were going to use you against me.”

“The fact that you didn’t want to have any weaknesses proves that you don’t really love me. All I hear coming out of your mouth is a bunch of lies.” Peter grew angry, snapping his fingers and making the bottle vanish. You gasped, startled by his sudden reaction. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you forward, crashing your body into his. You struggled, but he tightened his grip.

“Let me go, Peter!”

“Not until I convince you. Im not letting you go. Not again, and not until you understand how much I love you. And if that takes me a million years, then so be it. But I will prove it to you.” You grew quiet, looking up at the boy who held your heart. Your breath caught when you saw the sincerity in his eyes. “I just need you to be willing to let me do that. Okay?” You shivered, trapped in the teenage boy’s gaze. You were startled by the mild desperation that was expressed through them, and for the first time you saw the effects of your departure, a hurt that lingered deeply in his entire being. Like a scar, it was a time period that affected him so deeply, it would never fade away. And in that moment you understood that what Peter had to do hurt him a lot more than it had hurt you. You let out a shaky breath, barely managing out a breathy “Okay.”

Your face was twisted with hurt, the heartbreak so evident on your face that it made Pan’s heart twist. He shook his head, reminding himself that this was exactly why you needed to leave. He was putting you in danger, and especially now that he knew Henry’s family would come for him… having a weakness was not an option. But the desperation that was laced into your features tore at his conscience, something he never felt before. His shadow tugged at your arms, ripping them from the ground.

“Peter, please!” you begged. “Please let me stay!” He stayed silent, crossing his arms over his chest and giving you his best stone glare. It tore him up on the inside, but he held strong, watching as you helplessly tried to wrestle his shadow as it lifted you off the ground.

“It’s funny, really, how you actually believe everything I tell you,” he forced out of his mouth. He needed to get you to hate him, so you wouldn’t ever try to come back. “It really was fun playing with you, but this was nothing more than a game. I almost feel sorry that you believed that.” He felt his heart rip out of his chest when you started sobbing, surrendering to the black being that tugged you into the air. He turned around, pain throbbing in his chest. He heard your sobs subside as you were taken farther away, and the pain became unbearable. He turned back around, a single tear shedding from his eye as you disappeared from sight completely.

Peter Pan was famous for his emotionless ways. He abandoned his son without a trace of guilt, took Wendy from her family, and did many other unspeakable things. He wasn’t supposed to feel. He wasn’t supposed to cry. But for you… things were different. To keep you safe, he would rip his heart out a million times over. Because that was the definition of true love.

Picture This

Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2201

Warnings: Smut (Penetrative), Light Bondage

A/N: Thank you to @theycallmebecca for helping beta. Happy Birthday, @emilyevanston , this one is for you!

Originally posted by frosya

You had been finishing with the setup of your equipment when your two models came in for the photoshoot you were shooting. One was actor Chris Evans, who was a face of a new jeans brand, and the other was a model that you were sure couldn’t have been more than 20.

You introduced yourself to Chris and the model and then got started right away.

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anonymous asked:

can i request Yurio reacting to his s/o playing Agape on the piano and singing the lyrics for him? and he just is overwhelmed with nostalgia and happiness that he tears up? thank you your blog is wonderful <3

Thank you for your kind words~ ^-^

When you played the piano it was as if your fingers began to dance on top of the black and white keys. Your hands glided from side to side, your body swayed with the song. It was as if you were gladly drowning yourself in an ocean of music. But you weren’t the only one who felt this way. Every time Yurio heard you play the piano, he would sit down on the couch behind you, close his eyes and just let the music flow into him and control each and every emotion. Today you were playing the piano, as usual, but were also singing, something you didn’t do very often. Yurio entered the living room and sat down in the usual place, indulging himself.

“Y/N, can you play “Agape” for me?” He requested as you finished this piece. You turned around, confusion displayed across your face. Yurio never requested anything. It was actually the first time he did so. But what was more curious was that he requested a song from a routine he did many years ago.

“Well that’s strange. What made you want to hear something specific?” You raise an eyebrow, a small smile taking over your lips. Yurio shrugs in response, throwing you a look that says “hurry up”. So you turn around and position yourself to start playing. You close your eyes as the music starts playing, letting the music flow. But you are interrupted by a voice with a thick Russian accent.

“Sing” He says. You sigh, a little annoyed that he interrupted you, but start again, this time singing. Music feels so natural to you, it’s like a shot of electricity going through your body until it reaches your fingertips, translating into a song. Yurio let his whole body relax,letting his emotions be guided by the music as usual. 

The song was so familiar to him, yet hearing you play and sing it, it sounded like a whole different song. Much more alive, much more beautiful. His body started moving on his own. He didn’t start dancing, but while he was remembering the routine he used to do for this song, every turn made his head fall lightly to the side, every jump made him move a finger or two, every twirl made him cross his legs. Nostalgia was taking over him. Every memory came towards him like a stampede.

Yuuri & Viktor.

His first gold medal.

His grandfather.

He couldn’t contain all of the emotions going through him. Tears started falling, although his expression didn’t change. He was still relaxed and had his eyes closed. The only clue as to what he was thinking were the one or two tears that fell from each eye. 

As the song started to come to an end, nostalgia was replaced with dread. But also, he felt fulfilled and happy. As your finger separated from the key, playing the last note, you opened your eyes and turned around. You saw Yurio’s wet face, and instantly went to his side asking him if he was okay and wiping the remains of his tears with the edge of your shirt. Yurio opened his eyes and looked up at you with such intensity and love, you felt overwhelmed and looked away. He grabbed your hand and pulled you on top of his lap, hugging you tightly.

“That was beautiful…” He whispered in your ear. You smiled, turning slightly to peck his lips quickly.

“I’m glad you liked it so much.”

I hope you enjoyed it~~ ^-^

A Different Kind of Magic

For @castihalo who has a fondness for Witch!Cas same tho so have an Urban Fantasy AU :)



The smell of lavender began permeating the air the moment Castiel lit the incense. It was one of his favorite scents to have going in his shop, seeing as it not only smelled relaxing, but also helped clear the air of any unclean spirits that may have decided to stay. Castiel would never speak badly about about a customer, but he wouldn’t be surprised if something attached to one of them decided to stick around.

A small bundle of black fur padded onto his work desk as sunlight began to peek through the front window.

“Careful, Hannah,” he murmured, scratching under her chin as she purred. “Remember what happened last time you accidentally stepped into my spell.”

The cat made a disgruntled sound and sat promptly on a corner of the table as Castiel continued his work.

Yesterday, a woman had come in looking for a spell to help find lost objects. While Castiel considered his specialty to be healing, he did have a few of those spells kept in bottles and the woman had delightedly bought all he had. It was good for business, but bad for his concentration.

Lost object spells were a difficult bit of stock to replace.

A few crushed pineapple leaves and a bit of his own memory later, he had almost filled three bottles with something that would help a person retrieve their car keys.

Castiel circled his hand over the bottles a few times, whispering under his breath as the sound of the front door opening and beads jingling nearly interrupted his ritual.

“Be with you in a moment,” he said, eyes still fixated on the bottles and continued the chant.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled at the bit of magic within himself and coaxed it to the palm of his hand and curled it into a fist. For a moment, it crackled under his skin, hot and sharp - and then he opened his fingers, releasing the finishing touch of the spell into the bottles with a faint glow.

The magic dissipated and Castiel looked up with a smile on his face, though he felt a little more weary than he’d been a few minutes ago.

“How can I help you?”

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Mutual (Niall Horan)

Niall grabbed the chair from the desk, bringing it over to the end of the bed.

“You can come on the bed you know,” you bit your lip softly, picking up the box of your toys from under the bed.

“I want you to have your space…” he chuckled, pulling his shirt over his head.

You nodded your head slightly and tugged off your athletic shorts. Your shirt followed suit, and having not been wearing a bra, your panties were the only thing left. When you looked up, Niall was bare, completely. There was no shred of clothing on him. You captured your bottom lip between your teeth, watching as he sat on the chair and propped his legs up on the bed.

You smiled at him softly and crawled onto the bed, kneeling with your hands on your thighs.

“Whenever you’re ready babe.”

Nodding your head, you fell back onto your bum. You shimmied your panties down your legs, tossing them down onto the floor and reaching behind you to adjust and stack the pillows up. As you leaned back, you slid your hands up and down your legs before spreading them just slightly.

Niall’s eyes lowered to the slight view that he had, pulling his legs apart slightly as well and wrapping his fingers around the base of himself. You smiled softly at him and scooped your hands under your breasts, pushing them up and together, massaging them slowly. For a moment, you pressed your knees together and just focused on your chest, bringing your fingers up to pinch at your nipples, getting them hard quick. You let out a soft breath and looked down to watch what you were doing with your hands, glancing up at your boyfriend for a moment.

His hand was pumping himself slowly, twisting his hand to the right on the way up and twisting it to the left on the way back down. You smirked and went back to focusing on yourself.

As one hand continued to play with your breast, you trailed the other one down your stomach. You pushed your knees apart as your hand got lower and looked down. You finally dropped your legs apart, giving Niall the full view of yourself. You trailed your fingers over your flower gently, just feeling your shape and curves. The stubbly skin tickled the tips of your fingers as you traced around the most sensitive parts.

Niall slowed himself down, seeing that you were taking your time with it. He didn’t want to come as soon as he was going to be if he didn’t slow down. He ran his thumb over his tip, collecting some of the clear liquid that had dripped from him. He spread it around himself and traced the vein down his erection, smirking at you.

You giggled softly, pushing your fingers in between your folds, feeling around softly.

“What?” he asked, chuckling softly.

“Nothing,” you shook your head, biting your lip softly.

He raised his eyebrow but dropped it, his eyes dropping back down between your legs.

You finally moved both hands down to your core, using one to spread your lips apart and open yourself up. As you held yourself open, you found your clit, the simple movement of brushing your fingers over it making you sigh out softly. You pressed down on it, pushing downwards slightly and moving it around in slow circles. Your eyes shut and your lips pursed together. Everything was still kind of dry, but the more you stimulated yourself, the more that changed.

You could feel the stickiness starting to gather at your entrance, your fingers picking some up and moving it onto your clit.

“You’re getting wet…” Niall chuckled, his words sounding out of breath.

Glancing down, you could just see the glistening skin of your lips, smirking and nodding your head.

“Yeah baby… nice and wet…” you murmured out, continuing the firm movements, quickening the circles. A soft moan fell from your lips and your eyes fluttered shut again.

As soon as you felt that you were wet enough, you dropped two fingers into you, the wet, aroused skin opening up for you with ease. Your nipples were stiff, so as you pushed your fingers in and out of you slowly, your other hand came back up to grab onto one of your nipples. You couldn’t help but whine out softly, wriggling your hips under your own touch.

“Use your toys…” Niall breathed, his hand starting to speed up and tighten around himself.

You pulled your hand out and reached over to your box, grabbing out a pink dildo that had a clit stimulator attached. Biting your lip softly you brought it to your mouth, sucking on it and closing our eyes, trying to imagine that it was your boyfriend and not a silicone wannabe. Your saliva lubricated it nicely, making the otherwise dull looking silicone all shiny and glistening. You turned the nob at the bottom, feeling the vibrations suddenly against the palm of your hand. You cranked it to the next level of intensity, feeling that it was good enough for now.

You sat yourself up a little more, bringing the dildo down to your sex. You ran the tip up and down our slit, prodding it against your hold gently. The vibrations started against you and you moaned out quietly. Taking a deep breath, you pressed it in. Your lips fell open slightly at the contact. When the clit stimulator came to sit on your clit, you didn’t even really need to thrust the toy in deep. You moved it slowly and groaned out quietly, moving the toy in circles slightly.

Repeated whimpers came from the back of your throat as the vibrations shot through you. Your stomach tightened and your breathing was so unsteady and heavy. You pushed in deeply, the stimulator pinching your clit. You cried out and dipped the dildo in and out quickly.

“Fuck…” you breathed out, tossing your head from side to side.

You lifted your hips up off of the bed, getting a new angle and letting out a high pitched moan. You were so vocal the closer you got to your climax, but you didn’t want to let up. You held your breath for a moment and heard Niall, his heavy breathing, grunting and the sound of his hand against his own skin.

Swallowing thickly, you picked your feet up off of the bed and pulled your knees back, bringing your free hand underneath your leg and gripping the back of your one leg. You could hear how wet you were, and you could feel yourself dripping into down to your backside.

“Fuck…” Niall gasped out.

You whined out loudly and grabbed your arse, digging your fingers into the meaty flesh. A thin layer of sweat coated your skin, your hair sticking to your forehead.

“I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum,” you breathed out, plunging the toy as deep as you could, grinding the other part to you clit.

“Me too…” he groaned out, pumping his hand fast. “Open your eyes I wanna see your face…”

You lifted your head up and opened your eyes, locking them with Niall’s. His teeth were grit together and his eyebrows were furrowed in pleasure. A couple seconds passed and then it hit, the climax that you brought on yourself. You nearly screamed out before any sound was cut off, silence coming from your open mouth.

Niall didn’t hold back, he yelled out as he came, the white liquid shooting up, some landing on his thighs, more on his chest.

You pulled the toy out of you and let your release flow from you, dripping down towards the bed. Both of you were panting heavily, a satisfied smirk on your faces. Niall sat himself up slightly, his legs falling off of the bed. You sat yourself up a little more and sat the toy off to the side, swallowing thickly.

He stood up to clean himself off, chewing on his bottom lip slightly.

You cleaned your little ‘friend’ off and started to catch your breath, getting up off of the bed to strip the sheets off. As you were gathering them up and putting them in a pile, Niall wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you back into his chest. You bit your lip softly and slid your hands over his.

“Thank was really sexy you know?” he mumbled, pressing his lips to your ear.

You giggled softly and scrunched your neck up.

“I could say the same thing…” you hummed out, rubbing his arm gently.

“Come have a shower with me… we can do the bed after, just come with me,” he murmured, his lips falling down your shoulder.

“Okay…” you bit your lip softly, turning yourself in his arms. “Let’s go then.”

Tease Me

Based off this anon request: “ Can i please request dean x reader where there is so much sexual tension and “accidental” touches and low key flirting and end it with very dirty hot rough sex. Maybe some hair pulling, pinning, very rough fingering and the rest is up to you <33 thanks love!” combined with a hair pulling request from @ilovedean-spn2.

Word Count: 4400ish (not even sorry)

Warning: so much smut, hair pulling, some dirty talk

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#104: The Power Goes Out


malazakova is afraid of the dark so she requested me to write this so I hope you enjoy Luke and Michael’s! 


“What the fuck..” Luke mumbled, looking around in confuse before looking down at you wide eyed. Not less than a few seconds ago, both you and his lamp in the bedroom had been on and the TV in front of you guys had been going on for a while, but now everything had turned off, leaving a spooky silence cloud between you guys. “Oh no.” You mumbled, feeling the darkness overwhelm you even though you knew was right beside you, and he could feel your body tense, which made him pull you into his side even more, placing a small kiss to your forehead. “It’s just a power failure, no worries Y/N.” He mumbled into your hairline, pressing a few more kisses. “I know. I just hate it.” You mumbled, shrugging your shoulders. “ I think I have a flashlight somewhere.” Luke mumbled, reaching behind to open the drawer under his nightstand and pulling out a small flashlight. Luke turned it on and instantly there was a circle light spot on your wall, lightening up some of the room. “Romantic.” You joked as Luke tried to get a grip of it, even dazzling you in the face with it. “Better than nothing right.” He chuckled, holding it around you guys now so it was pointed towards you guys. “I think it’s not only our house.” You sat up more straight in the bed to take a look outside, the whole city seemed to have power failure. “It’s probably just temporary, it will be back tomorrow.” He said, flicking around with the light behind you. “Of course the light will be back tomorrow when the sun comes up!” You said in a laugh, silence falling over you guys as you looked out at the sky. “Y/N.” Luke said in a more raspy quiet voice after some silence, making you look over at him bored before your eyes went wide and a hand coming up to your mouth to prevent the laughter that was ready to spill out from your lips. Luke had placed the flashlight under his chin so it was illuminating his face, making shadows around his face features and clearly trying to make him look scary. “What in the world are you doing?” You laughed, taking the flashlight away from him and placing it in your lap. “Just trying to scare you, but it’s probably a bad time to do that.” He said a little bit apologizing but you didn’t seem to mind. Luke looked down at the flashlight and an idea popped into his head. “See.” He chuckled, placing his hands in front of the flashlight and folding them together so it was making a butterfly in the reflection that was pointed towards the wall in front of your bed. “The dark isn’t that scary always.” “I guess..” You shrugged, totally entertained by the shadows he made. “You can even do it yourself.” He said which made you move your fingers down to see them reflect as silhouettes, making different figures. “We can even work some out together.” Luke placed his hands around yours so you made different figures, a giggle coming to your lips. If there was one person that could always put a smile on your face even when you were weakest, that would be Luke.  


Calum’s hand were pressing the can he had wrapped around his fist to the point of almost letting the liquid flow out of its canister, his eyebrow furrowing by every second that passed by and his eyes glued to the TV screen in front of him. His body was tensing up more and more as he sat up straight in the couch, a groan coming from him before he almost shouted towards the screen, “You bloody idiot the ball was right in front of ya!” and an amount of beer flying from his can and onto the couch. Calum couldn’t care though, just drying off some of the stain away with the blanket next to him and not taking his eyes off the screen as he took another sip from his beer. The football game on the screen was clearly making him loose his temper on not going the way it should’ve have. “Yes! Run faster you shitty little piece of failure in life!” Calum shouted once again with swears even though it was actually his team who had the ball now, heading towards the goal of the opposite team. “Fire the ball, fire it off!” He shouted getting more excited now as they came closer, but as the football player was ready to shoot the ball towards the goal, not only did the TV go off, but the whole house lost power, everything turning dark and Calum turning quiet in pure shock. “Y/N what the hell happened?” Calum shouted behind him before placing the can in front of him on the coffee table, standing up from the couch. He headed towards the kitchen in the darkness and was met by your small form almost looking like a shadow and almost at the point of giving him a shock. “Well the storm clearly took away our electricity.” You said nodding your head towards the window as if it was obvious, Calum glancing outside where the weather was terrible, rain pouring down with force and thunder. He had been too focused on the game to even notice it. “Oh.” He mumbled, looking down at you confused. “What do we do then?” He asked which you shrugged your shoulders at. Calum cocked a smirk as he looked down at you, biting his lip and pressing you against the counter, “We could always..” He mumbled, letting his lips brush over yours but he couldn’t continue his process as you pushed him away. “Calum you’re such a creep.” You commented which made him laugh and lift his arms in surrender. “I’m only kidding.” He laughed, kissing your forehead. “We could go play hide and seek.” He suggested which made you furrow your eyebrows. “Around the house?” “It will just make the game more challenging.” Calum giggled which made you nod your head. “Fine. You’ll start. Count to 50 out loud.” You requested and placed Calum’s hands in front of his eyes to make sure that all visibility was gone before you sprinted somewhere else in the house and letting Calum finish counting, the two of you playing around in your house to kill time while the thunder outside kept on making noise and making the game a lot more creepier than expected.


The sound of the radio playing music was faint in the background as Michael hummed to himself and stood in front of the stove with a spoon in his hand and stirring the sauce he was making dinner for tonight. “You want ketchup as well?” He asked without looking behind, already heading towards the fridge. A small hum came from you which Michael took as a yes, ready to open the door to the fridge but as he started to pull, all the lights went out and silence hit the room, only small bobbles coming from the still hot sauce. “What the hell happened?” He placed the sauce away from the hot stove to cool it off, without electricity he couldn’t finish the dinner. He took a look back at you to see your vulnerable state, looking around at the place in almost fear, and not a single word coming from you. “Wait, what’s wrong?” Michael asked, cocking his head as he looked at your frozen state. “Nothing.” You lied, trying to shrug it off but Michael didn’t bug, and wanting to know what was bothering you. “Please tell me.” He pleaded, reaching out for your hand before intertwining your fingers. You hesitated for a moment before letting out a sigh, “I’m afraid of the dark. There I said it, you can laugh at me now.” You admitted, the blush coming to your cheeks, not that Michael could see it though. “I’m not going to laugh at you.” He said with a warm smile, caressing your cheek. “Everyone is afraid of something.” He smiled, placing a soft kiss to your cheeks. Michael stayed there for a second before an idea crossed his mind, making him pull back before looking at you wide eyed. “Hold on, I have an idea.” He exclaimed, starting to speed off towards the stairs and running up towards the bedroom, roaming through a few things and coming back after less than two minutes. He came back with a pile of blankets and a few candles to lid up. “What are you doing?” You chuckled as you watched him starting to pull some chairs together in the dark before throwing the blanket over it. “Making a blanket fort.” He chuckled, placing some blankets inside the fort before taking some pillows from the couch. “One more thing, just go inside.” He requested and sprinted back to the kitchen to get the last things while you took a seat on one of the blankets, resting your body on your stomach. “See.” Michael smiled and showed you the bag of marshmallows in his hand, the other hand having two forks and a lighter. “What is your idea?” You questioned with a giggle, moving aside so he could rest next to you on the blanket, watching him as he lit up the candles before opening the marshmallows, taking out two and placing it on each fork. “We’re grilling marshmallows. To get your mind off.” He said with a warm smile before kissing your cheek, looking at you lovingly. “That’s really sweet of you.” You commented, resting your head against his arm. Michael kept on smiling down at you until your eyes went wide, nodding your head towards his marshmallow that was already burning. “Oh shit.” He commented starting to blow on it which made you laugh. “Doesn’t matter, just makes it crunchier.” Michael joked, taking a bite of his marshmallow and smiling over at you again, happy to help you off your fear.  


Ashton’s head was pressed against the soft material of his pillow behind him as his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him on the king sized bed in your bedroom, his hand wrapped around the remote to the TV as he zapped through channels to find something interesting. The faint sound of water running came from beside your bedroom where you were taking a shower right before you guys were ready to sleep and Ashton had to occupy himself meanwhile. Ashton kept on pressing the buttons to the point of him almost fall as sleep but he didn’t have the chance to find any channels before everything turned down and things went quiet, his eyes wide as he looked around at the room in darkness. “What the hell?” He mumbled to himself, sitting up on the mattress and it didn’t take long for you to realize what had happened which made you turn off the shower. “Ashton, are you messing with me again?” You yelled, which made Ashton shout back, “No not this time, I think the power went out!” There was no response, but Ashton could hear that you were getting out of the shower and two minutes after you came out of the bathroom in confused, a towel around your head and around your waist. “What happened?” You asked which Ashton shrugged his shoulders at. “I think it happened to the whole city.” He mumbled, looking out of the window. “Dear god, now I can’t finish my shower.” You sighed irritated, pouting over at Ashton but he seemed to have other plans.  “You don’t have to stop the showering now.” He smiled, which made you furrow your eyebrows. “What do you mean?” You asked, securing the towel around your body. “There’s still warm water, right?” Ashton asked, but not expecting an answer as he went back into the bathroom. “I think so, why?” You asked confused, following him back into the dark bathroom. You eyed him as he placed the plug in your bathtub and started to fill it up with warm water and a smaller bit of soap. “I just wanna make use of this.” He said with a giggle before disappearing into another room, coming back after a few minutes with a whole bunch of candles. He placed them around the bathtub before lightening them all up with a lighter he had brought along. He took a look at his finished project with a smile before looking back at you. “Wanna join me for a bubbly cozy shower?” He asked, leaning his head against his shoulder to look more cute and inviting. “Can I say no to a nude Ashton?” You joked, taking off the towel from your head and letting the towel around your waist fall down to the ground. “Nobody can.” Ash said cocky and wiggled his eyebrows at you before giggling as he stripped off, shaking his head by his own words. “Of course not with those drummer abs.” You mumbled as you walked past him to take a seat in the bathtub, Ashton following along afterwards, the two of you covered in bubbles to the point of almost seeing the small part of your shoulders and then faces. It was both goofy and childish but also quite romantic as you both shared jokes, gave each other massages and basically had random talks until the water was getting too cold for you guys and the clock striking past midnight.

It’s Not That Simple (Bucky x Reader) Part 2

Request: I got so many for a part two, so here you go! (: 

Can I request the one shot where somebody broke reader’s heart, and the reader can’t trust anyone and she’s afraid to fall in love again. And when Bucky tries to kiss her she is like “I-I can’t, I’m s-sorry” and starts crying, and Bucky comforts her

Words: 2,648 

Warnings: Angst, swearing (per usual)

Tags:  @teenwolfarelittleshits  @ofmiceandmel666 

Part 1

The flashback scene is based off the song, “How To Be a Heartbreaker” by Marina and The Diamonds. In case it sounds familiar, there are a couple lines from the song that I had someone say. 

Just know, it’s not mine, I’m not claiming it, whatever whatever!

“We need to talk.” Steve said suddenly, he was sitting across from you at his dining room table. 

You took a sip of your burning hot coffee that was in front of you. It was your second cup and the coffee was finally starting to kick in. You didn’t respond to Steve but he went on with what he was saying anyway. 

“About Bucky…” He trailed off, waiting for a reaction. You snapped your eyes from your coffee cup to his eyes and glared. 

“What about Bucky?” You mumbled, you hadn’t spoken all morning and your voice was groggy and quiet. 

“You should really talk to him.” You rolled your eyes. Tossing your head back  and staring up at the ceiling, you shook your head. You brought your head back down and scowled, opening your mouth to snap at him. 

“Before you say anything!” Steve said quickly, holding up his finger to stop you from grumbling at him. “Just let me tell you, he’s-” 

“I don’t want to hear it.” You snapped, looking back down at your coffee. You could see the steam floating above it before it vanished into the air. 







“You hurt him!” Steve suddenly snapped, his voice was above his normal gentle tone. He had yelled at you. Impatience rang clear through his voice but his face showed he wasn’t mad at you. 

You were taken aback. Steve Rogers had never raised his voice at you. It made you look over at him and give you his full attention, you snapped out of your grumpy haze and stared at him. A wild look in your eyes. 

You opened your mouth to speak but you quickly slammed your jaw shut again. You had nothing to say. 

You knew you hurt Bucky. It killed you to know that. You could vividly remember the look on his face when you walked away and it made your chest feel heavy and guilt overwhelm your senses. 

“I know!” Your eyes narrowed at Steve and you clenched your jaw. You yelled back at Steve and this time, he was the one to look taken aback. You snapped, he could see it. 

“You think I’m stupid?!” Your words were harsh and your whole body was tense as you yelled at him. Steve knew what was causing this reaction. All that built up anger you had against yourself for what you had done; you were taking it all out on Steve. “I made a mistake, okay? I fucked up and I know that!” 

“Have you always been like this?” Steve lowered his voice so he wasn’t yelling at you but he was still getting straight to the point. Which only made you madder. 

“Been like what?” You meant for it to come out harsh like your other words but it was softer and a lot quieter than you intended. He wasn’t about to call you a-

“Pushing the people who care about you away? People like Bucky, who want to make you happy and be with you? He loves you! And you know what, I think you love him too. You’re just too scared to admit it to yourself.” Steve’s words rang true and hit home to your heart. 

“Have you always done this?” His voice was just above a whisper and he was showing worry for you. His eyes were concerned and a crease was created above his eyebrow as he looked at you. 

Your whole expression dropped, your eyes fading from anger to sadness. You dropped your gaze from Steve’s and slumped in your seat, your eyes zoning out on your cup of coffee in front of you. 

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Imagine meeting Sirius for the first time. 

You walked into the Gryffindor common room for the very first time. You were only 15 years old and a muggleborn extremely excited and nervous for your exchange to Hogwarts. You were smiling from ear to ear as you looked at almost the completely empty common room. Just a few people standing around. You hadn’t rushed into the common room after dinner, like everyone else. You didn’t go until a professor told you it was time to head to your dorm. The professor had to escort you since you weren’t aware of the password. You were looking around at all the paintings when your eyes scanned a boy, maybe a little older than you leaning over a desk. He heard you come in and lifted his head with a cigarette in hand. His long hair flowing with him. As soon as he laid eyes on you a small smile appeared on his lips and he lifted an eyebrow. 

“You’re new,” is all the stranger said. 

“Uh yeah. (Y/N). I’m from Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I’m in an exchange program,” You replied awkwardly. 

“American. I’m Sirius Black. I’m from here,” He smiled as he approached you. 

“They let you smoke in here?” You questioned with a raised eyebrow. 

“No of course not, but I don’t listen,” Sirius replied. “I’m what you might call a bad boy,” he smirked. 

“Uh huh, I kind of don’t believe that,” You laughed, Sirius also let out a small laugh. 

“Oi! Sirius why are you bothering the new girl,” a voice from the staircase appeared. It was a boy the same age as Sirius with very messy hair and glasses. “I’m sorry miss, if he’s bothering you I can ask him to leave,” the boy winked at you. “I’m James.” 


“Where am I supposed to go,” Sirius asked. James shrugged. 

“I don’t know, you can go cuddle with Snape, you’ll enjoy that.” James retorted. Sirius made a gagging noise. Sirius turned himself and you around towards the fire, away from James. 

“You should head to bed, you have a big day tomorrow. I look forward to getting to know you (Y/N). Come have breakfast with me tomorrow morning, I’ll show you around,” Sirius said smoothly. You looked at him with a smile. 

“I’d like that,” you said and you headed up to your room. Extremely excited for the rest of the year and getting to know Sirius. 

Learn to Love Again | Part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been six months since The Civil War and you are living in Wakanda. Bucky is released from Cryo Freeze after T’challas scientists have found a way to remove HYDRAS work form his mind. You inhuman powers allow you to see into Bucky’s past and you aim to slowly introduce him to the modern world that HYDRA didn’t adjust him to.

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A:N) Tags are open. Please send in feedback and suggestions. Send literally anything in my ask I am a open book whether its related to my blog or not. All songs mentioned are linked.

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You'll Always Be The One - Danny Worsnop Imagine

I have an idea for a AA imagine. Right, the reader and Danny was in a relationship but broke up a couple of moths later they are booked to go on the same tour (because she is a photographer) Shes a photographer for like another band and they both know they are on the same tour but keep out of each others way because of awkwardness so later on theres a party they both go but y/n says she isnt to the people in the band but the decides so then there a spin the bottle thing and the bottle lands on danny and he says truth and someone asks him “when was you happiest?” ad he says when y/n said yes to being his girlfriend and then she stands up saying really? and yeah they get back together and be happy yay!

“Jaime,” you called, “Smile!” you grinned, placing your large camera before your eye, staring out of the lens and licking the edge of your lip as you caught a waving picture of the band member who had winked at you jokingly, posing for the photograph. 

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I Hate You I Love You (Part 1)

Summary: Based on the song “I Hate You I Love you” by Gnash 

Word Count: 1862

Warnings: Angst 

A/N: enjoyyyy

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You sat at your couch with Steven Universe on the TV, waiting for Bucky. You both planned to hang out tonight, due to your busy schedules it’s been hectic and you’ve hardly seen your best friend. So tonight was all about spending time together. And you were pretty excited, sure it’s only binge-watching movies on Netflix and take-out, but you’ve missed him terribly. So you might  be taking this a bit too seriously, but it has been a while.

Bucky is suppose to be at your apartment by 8, so you waited clad in your sweatpants and batman shirt (ooooh DC). It was 7:45 and you were slowly counting the minutes till he arrived.

By the time it was 7:58, your phone chimed abruptly. Tearing your eyes from the TV, you glanced at your phone to see you got a message from Bucky. A smile settling on  your face, you swiped your phone to see what he said.

Bucky: Raincheck tonight? Got a date tonight, I’ll make it up to you I promise!!

Your heart dropped reading the message and you started to feel this churning feeling in your stomach. An unpleasant cloud suddenly overcame your excitement. You replied a short ‘it’s alright and have fun :).’ But the truth was it wasn’t fine. You knew it wasn’t a good idea to catch feelings for him, but you couldn’t help it. Plus couples have come out friendships, you thought. You always secretly hope that’d be Bucky and you, but you know better to know that he doesn’t feel the same. If he does, he wouldn’t be going around and scoring dates with other women, right?

You swallowed thickly before tossing your phone away. He tended to go for girls who were your polar opposite, so you never stood a chance. He wants her. But you will never be her.

Days later after Bucky spoke of his new girl, he invited you to dinner to meet her. It was also his way of making up from skipping on you last time, what a way to kill two birds with one stone he thought. Meeting the girls who he was dating was important, he trusted your opinion. So when he asked you to dinner at this nice restaurant to meet her, Rosie, you were hesitant. Could you last a few hours with them constantly touching and making googling eyes at each other? Of course, you thought. You’ve done it many times before, and you could do it again. It was never easy though. It’s never been easy, it just slowly got more painful each time you meet someone new. But you simply shrug it off, it was for Bucky. And you’d do anything for him. No matter how much it hurt you to see him be with somebody else. Touch her, kiss her, want her. It’ll never be you, and you just needed to accept the facts.

Bucky: You’re coming to meet her, right?  

You: Of course, where to?

Bucky: Helena’s at 8

Helena’s? That was Bucky and yours place. In fact that was were you two met. You had a blind date who stood you up, and there came those beautiful blue eyes to the rescue. Even though he was a random stranger who you knew nothing about, you let him comfort you and told you he himself also got stood up. You laughed at each other’s misfortune and spent that dinner with him, laughing and enjoying each others company. You were attached to the hip ever since. You’ve always silently thanked your horrible dates ever since.

Helena’s was a place you both visited often afterwards. Especially when neither of you can agree on what to eat, you settle on Helena’s, never getting tired of their food. But the thought of  Bucky bringing a random girl to your special place stung. He barely knew her, but now he’s taking her somewhere where it’s always been the two of you. You remember all the memories that place held and you just hope it wouldn’t be tarnished for you just because of this dinner. ‘No,’ you thought,’it’ll be fine. It doesn’t matter.’ You repeated this to yourself throughout the night, trying to convince yourself as you get ready.

Walking in, you glanced at your watch to see it was 8:03. The receptionist smiled at you, asking you the name the reservations were made under. You were gonna reply, but before you could you heard a loud voice call out your name. Putting on a tight smile, you turned around to see Bucky and Rosie.

“Hey,” you spoke as they walked over to you. You winced as glance at their looped hands before quickly meeting their eyes, uneasiness coming over you. She was absolutely flawless, beautiful dark brown hair set in curls and legs that just go on. She carried herself so confidently, and you couldn’t help but feel intimidated by this model. They look like a match made in heaven. You could already feel the huge knot forming inside your throat, and you just gulped while silently praying you’ll make it through the night.

“Hi, nice to meet you,”You smiled again, but it looked more like a grimace now. None of them noticed and you had a feeling you were gonna be putting up this act throughout the whole night. You held out your hand.

“Likewise,”she uttered, before grasping your hand and giving you a toothed smile.

You heard Bucky clap out loud, capturing your attention. You both let go, turning to him. He held the widest smile, and his eyes were sparkling. He was practically oozing out excitement. He was incredibly happy, one of the happiest you’ve ever seen. And it wasn’t because of you. He promptly turned to the receptionist, “Barnes. Table of three.”

You felt neglected throughout the dinner. Like you predicted, all they’ve done is constantly touch each other and sigh contently. You kept the tears back, and you were extremely proud of yourself for doing that. You had to, you couldn’t spoil Bucky’s happy mood. But you know that it wouldn’t last long. The way he stares at her, like he’s the only girl he’s ever seen. It felt like he didn’t give a damn about you and you  wonder silently how is that he never notice that he was slowly killing you.

You finally broke when you saw them mouth to each other ‘I love you’ like some lovestruck high schoolers. You couldn’t take it anymore, and you stood up. How could he say he loves her? They just met each other less than a week ago. But he was already in love with her. You’ve been in love with him for years, yet it would take you a millennium for Bucky to fall in love with you.

You were gonna leave and you were pretty sure they wouldn’t notice, too busy indulged in each other. You didn’t know why you broke this time, you held this persona up for years. Maybe because Bucky actually wanted to settle down this time, maybe it was this Aphroditic aura she had around her, or maybe it was both. But you couldn’t take it.

“Thank you for dinner,” you muttered, before grabbing your bag to storm out. Surprisingly, the sound of you chair creaking against the floor captured the attention of Bucky. He shortly took his eyes from his new lover, before glancing at you to see you already halfway through the door. He hastily pulled away from Rosie, confused. He told her to stay put while he’ll retrieve you.

Pulling your car keys out of your bag, you quickly make your way through the parking lot to find your car. And just then, you felt a hand harshly grab your arm, turning you around. Not surprisingly, you see the cyan eyes that usually held so much glee but now held irritation. At first, Bucky was upset and a bit mad seeing you leave so quickly, how could you leave when you knew how important this dinner was to him? But when you turned around with tears streaming down your now cherry-colored cheeks, his glare softened and was replaced with confusion. His heart tore seeing you so dejected.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” he asked softly, bringing his hand to wipe the tears that carelessly flowed. But you pulled away, wanting to get out his grasp which resulted him wincing at your response. You never rejected his comfort, and it stung when you refused to let him console you. His eyebrows knotted together, puzzled. You were just fine minutes ago, but now you wouldn’t even let him near you.  

“Stop,”you finally spoke,”Just please, leave me alone.”

“What the hell? What happened?” With his jaw locked his glare returned, why were you acting this way?

“Just go back to her,” you pleaded, you seemed desperate to get away from him.

“(Y/N), talk to me,”he begged before making another effort to make contact with you again. And again, you only refused. “I can’t help you if you don’t let me.” You just shake your head.

“Bucky, don’t you understand?” you spoke with desperation laced in your voice, this only increased his confusion. You sounded exhausted in disrepair. “I love you. I’ve been in love with you for years now. All of this time has passed by, and you still can’t realise how much I need you. And it sucks. It fucking sucks. I hate this, feeling this way. I hate loving you because I know you want someone else. You want her, you need her, but the thing is-,”you breathed,”I will never be her. I will never be the girl you fall for.”

Those were the longest seconds of your life, watching Bucky slowly piece things together. Shock is flowing through his body. You loved him? How? You were best friends, Bucky thought. Best friends don’t fall in love. Those words rang through his head, ‘I’ve been in love with you for years now.’ How come he never noticed? But even as the realisation sets on his head, he couldn’t say the same to you. It’s you. His best friend. Only his friend. And he has Rosie, and god was she wonderful.

Throughout the whole time he was thinking this through, he just looked through you like a ghost. Seconds later, he finally makes eye-contact with you to see more broken down than you were before. And that’s when your world starts crashing down.

“I-I’m sorry,” was all he could say. Bucky looked at you with pitiful eyes, and you knew. He didn’t have to say more to know that he didn’t feel the same. If anything, he felt bad for you, giving you those sympathetic eyes at you. That only set another form of discontent in your stomach. You nodded and gave him another fake smile that you’ve been wearing throughout this whole tonight, trying to accept all of this.

You didn’t say anything else. You just jumped inside your car and speedily drove away, leaving a shocked and sorrowful Bucky. It was over.

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Misconceptions //D.Hale//

She loves this.

She have always loved walking after her shift in the small cafe just 2 blocks away from her apartment,she loved how cold the night gets against her skin and she loves how much  slow life seems to be,especially at this hour.

But some nights are different from others.

It was friday,she remembers,how cold that night seems,she was walking down the last block before her apartment when she heard something out of scraps of metal,carelessly place there infront of a building that’s under construction.

It was black dog.She could see the its fur,the lightpost made her see how some of it are wet,probably blood.

“Hey,what happened to you,huh?”

She carelessly dropped her bag beside her and ran toward the lone dog.

“Hey,hey don’t cry,I’ll help you,just stay still,you’re already bleeding.”

She has always talked to animals as if they could understand what was happening and what she was saying,may be because she has always loved them,or may be because of her chosen career of being a veterinarian.

She managed to lift the scrap metal that made its leg bleed,but unfortunately,during the process she was also cut,the urge to help the dog set free got her first that the fact that she could be also hurt didn’t occur to her in any way.

She expected it to limp away by now,not wanting to be with a stranger any longer,because of it being weak,it feels vulnerable around a human that it doesn’t  want to be with a possible threat.It was still there,as if waiting for her to take it somewhere safe.

She was already home when she noticed how it doesn’t have a collar.

“Does anyone own you?”

Its head just turn to the side,as if it understands what she asked.

“Stay there,okay? I’ll patch you up,then I’ll take you to the vets tomorrow.”

The lone dog whimpered and laid itself on her carpet.

It was only then she realized that its a wolf,not just a lone dog that managed to get itself stuck in the metal scraps,may be it has always been used living in the woods,and it still doesn’t know the dangers of the city.

“C'mon,I’ll let you sleep in my bed,just because you’re injured.”

Since then,it always accompanies her,it would know when she is coming home,and it always come back to her,sometimes she would let it sleep in her apartment,just because she knows that its safe and it’s not getting itself into trouble.

“You know,you still have to go back to the forest,your pack may be worried about you.”

He wanted to answer her,that no,he doesn’t live in the woods,for a fact he lives in his loft a couple of blocks away from her.He wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to patch him up,because under that it got healed,and his pack knows where he is.

He was hiding that night when she found him.He was trying to get away,but his luck wasn’t with him and he managed to get trapped under that scrap metal.

“How about I take you to the woods tomorrow? Hm?”

He leaned his head to the side like a wolf would,but the human trapped in his body is trying to tell her no,it would be too dangerous for her to go there,along,just to set him free.

He wanted to turn into a human there and then,but he’s too afraid to do so.She took care of him while he was vulnerable and weak,he doesn’t want to keep the girl that saved him away,just because she saw a wolf turn into a man.

When it was time to do so,he doesn’t have any choice,he wanted to say no,but not now,he can’t turn now.He’s got too much to lose if she ends up knowing that he’s a werewolf,it would be too dangerous for her.

“How about here would you be fine?”

She smiled at him lovingly and that he swore when Scott hears his heartbeat,he would snort at how fast it was,as if not believing he has one.

He leaned into her hand while she brushed her fingers into his fur,grooming and touching him before she lets him go.

“Hm,I had fun time with you.Be safe always huh? Don’t get yourself in trouble again.”

He can feel the smile on her lips when she kissed his fur,saying goodbye for the last time.

“I’m going to miss you,especially our night walks.”

He swore he saw her eyes build up tears while getting the leash off,he tried to comfort her,burrowing his head to her neck,his fur making contact with her skin.

“I can’t believe I’m crying over a freaking wolf.”

She groaned and he jumped to her,making her stumble back.

“Hey,it’s okay,I’m going to try and find you,just to check if you’re really gone,because wolves doesn’t live here in the woods of Beacon hills,you know,or anywhere here in California.”

The black wolf is still trying to burrow itself to her,trying not to tell her to leave,but she stood up and brushed him off,leaving him there whimpering and wishing that she knew that inside them there’s a man.

A week has passed,it’s not like the both of them counted.

He tried to not let her see him,but the day she left him in the woods,he called Scott to leave him some clothes for him to change into.Ever since then he always go to the block where she found him,where she always walks at night,the place where not so many people pass through,may be even she’s the only one brave enough to make that the way to the apartment.

He would watch how she would stop where she found him,the scrap metal are already disposed of,but she always stops there at night,then she would walk away,not giving another glance.She reeks of sadness,may be she misses her lone wolf,but she knows in herself that she doesn’t have enough time to take care of it.

He once came back to the woods,trying to find her,wondering if she owned up to her promise,and she did,but he missed her,her scent is there,mixed with anxiety and sadness,that he didn’t show up,but there’s still a conflict happening inside of him,if he’s going to let her get to know him.

And he did.

He sat himself there,just holding his phone as if he’s waiting for someone rather than her,but she didn’t come that night.He doesn’t know why but she didn’t,this was the time she usually walks in here,by this time she would have already saw him.

But he waited,but she didn’t come.

She’s just probably late,she just probably stayed in her friends house,or may be her boyfriend,stupid of him that he didn’t think about that,may be she has one and coming here is bullshit.

Then he heard it when he was about the cross the street,he heard her scream bloody murder and he swore to himself,he has never ran that fast in his life.

He saw her,a guy pining her to the wall in the small alley,his hand gripping hers and he can feel how fast her heartbeat is,how scared she is of who ever is holding her.

“Hey! Let her go.”

“Who are you?”

“Are you going to let her go or what?”

He was ignored,but the man holding her gripped her even more tightly if that was even possible.

“Is he the reason huh? Why you wouldn’t say yes?! Answer me!”

She was shaking and tears are already streaming down her face while he screamed at her,rage is taking everything in the man holding Y/N and Derek swear to God that if she ends up bruised,his blood would make the alley smell for a month.

“I said,let her go.”

He didn’t let the poor bastard get her chance of spitting out another remark when he swung his fist,hitting the guy’s jaw and left him on the floor whimpering in pain,glaring at Derek.

“You did not just—”

“Oh I did. What are you going to do about it?”

He was back at his feet,Derek thought he was going to have a go at punching him,but he went for Y/N instead,grabbing her arms and tugging her away.

“You’re coming with me!”

“Let her go or I swear to God—”

“What are going to do?! Huh?”

Y/N can’t do anything but screamed when the man twisted her wrist,trying to get her to follow him,but Derek has other plans,he yanked the man away.


And she did,not turning to look if Derek is okay.

“If you ever touch Y/N ever again,I’m going to rip you throat out.”

“How did you—” He punched him on the nose with all his might,knocking him out cold.

He went to follow Y/N hearing her whimper in pain just close,her scent near,so is the blood being mixed to it.He saw her there,with her tights ripped and her knee bleeding out.

“Hey,you okay?”

“I'm—I’m okay,I just tripped,I thought he was still after—”

“C'mon I’ll help you home.”

They were both right there,where she saw him when he was bathing in blood,and she got him out,while earning her own injury.

“No,it’s okay,I just live a block away,I—”

He doesn’t know how to convince her that it’s okay,that he just wanted to help because he owes his life to her,if that metal was still inside him minutes later she found him,he would already be dead now.

“I can’t let you walk by your own.”

“It’s okay,I can—”

She hates crying infront of any one including this stranger who managed to save her from that boy trying to get into her pants,but right now she can’t hold it back anymore,and just let the tears flow down her face and sobs into her knees.

She thought he already walked away,thank God he saved her.

“Hey,it’s okay,I knocked him out cold and you’d be safer if I help to take you home.”

“Why do you wanna help me?”

Her eyebrows are knitted in confusion whilst she looked at him.Her eyes bulged out a bit when she did,she didn’t know her savior was this attractive and she hated herself for making the first time they met each other this horrendous.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Do I know you?”

His eyes are somehow familiar,and his friendly smile,how she waited for his answer,she kept looking at him trying to put her finger on it.

“No,I don’t think so.”

“What’s your name then?”

He smiled and stepped closer to her,taking her hand and putting it on his shoulder,picking her up bridal style,the smile got bigger when he heard her heart beat jump out,but it dropped when he noticed she reeks of panic.


“What? Can you walk?”

He put her down just to prove a point but he quickly regret it when her left foot touched the ground and she groaned out of pain.He took her back into his arms and took her pain,trying not to grimace when it’s transferred into him.She narrowed her eyes at him.

“You’re a dick.”

“I saved your life,and you call me a dick? Girls these days.”


He smiled at her when she bit her lip.

“My name is Derek not dick.”

“I’m Y/N.”

He knows.

I didn’t know how to end it,so.

I hope you enjoyed.


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