let it end with hopefulness

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Is it weird that I feel such peace and calm now that Zouis are publicly friends again? We know what the endgame is now (and what it's been since March 25th!) but now it's like clearly in the distance what we're building towards and EVERYONE can see it (even if they don't want to accept it yet). They've made it super obvious this was the plan all along (which Stunt Squad said from day one, ofc) but now it's like... publicly official narrative, you know? IT'S HERE! Now just reunite Zarry and boom!

Hey there, Marisa! Quite an eventful week we’ve had, yeah?

I know exactly how you feel. It’s gratifying to see what many of us predicted FINALLY happening (albeit not without truckloads of BS). I despise that it’s taken dragging the boys (and us) through so much crap just to get here but at least there’s definite forward movement now.

This is precisely why I and others like us are big proponents of questioning everything we see. We may not get things exactly right (I mean, who could under these circumstances) but using common sense is always the way to go.

It’s hard for me to feel sorry for those people upset at the public reconciliation by Zouis and the very clear OT5 reunion end game. They were so quick to abandon ship and take sides, completely erasing what the boys had shown us for years in favor of believing the slander and obvious publicity stunts constructed by shitty, amoral people.

After the disgusting way Zayn was treated by Larries/OT4 stans and by the same token, Louis/OT4 at the hands of Zayn stans, I’m not exactly brimming with goodwill towards those sections of the fandom. Showbiz is a disgusting, greedy business and we can NEVER lose sight of that first and foremost, hard as it is sometimes (god knows I’ve been on the edge a few times myself).

Hopefully going forward it’ll give those people pause before being so quick to write any of the boys off. Harry is the missing piece of the puzzle now. It’s only a matter of time before he’s brought back into the fold and I look forward to that day.


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//death tw// gary im so sad;; the lead singer of one of my fav bands since childhood (linkin park) is dead. i found out earlier and im still in shock of it. i dont know how to react properly to this :'(

You are so considerate for putting the tw aa, what a doll~ I’m so sorry his death is hitting you this strongly. I remember waking up and reading the headlines that he had killed himself and I didn’t know how to react either.. We sorta just played their old songs for memories sake. Don’t get too discouraged though sweetpea. He battled through his life for a long time, longer than a lot of people, and just because he ended up letting go doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for the rest of us. He would want us stay strong and help each other out when we notice someone’s struggling. He would want us to work as hard as we can to prevent any more suicides and let people know their lives matter. 


Back then, if we could have heard each other’s voices, everything would have been so much better. And now, I understand. What your voice was saying back then. You and me, can we be… friends?


archer with a sword


Kamuirequested by @allenswalkers​ 

“I pay my respects with a smile when killing. Regardless of how their life was, it’s appropriate to send them off with a smile, so they can die soundly. You could even say that, I intend to kill when I’m smiling.“ 


My Top 3 pick: #2 Choon Entertainment’s Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo (the hidden jewel)

“No one knows who i am. No one knows what kind of person I am. I would feel confident if there is someone that will care about me. I want to hear ‘Kim Yongguk did well’”

P/S: You did very well! You have changed a lot. You have improved. I am so happy you gained confidence. You made so many friends and no more being alone. I will always support you and let’s debut in the near future. I’ll wait.


“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)

Mark Your Calendars

So I decided to see if I could work out how long we’ll be waiting for comic #7 and therefore the conclusion of the Team Fortress Comics. 

I made a table of the wait times for each issue.

and then graphed it 

Then I added a line of best fit

Using the equation of the line I can estimate the number of days we’ll have to wait until Issue #7

The Answer is:  612.679

So we will have to wait approximately 613 days (from 10th January) until Issue #7. Meaning Issue #7 will be released on September 15, 2018. 

Let the countdown begin.    

fairy tail is ending.....

and i really wish to part way with it with fond memories and i wish everyone do the same no matter how much it screw up

what i want to say is . don’t let anyone ,not the haters  nor king of lightning , bestguyever or whatever ruin such a journey for you

let’s all smile while reading the last lines of the last pages and say

“wow it’s been an adventure”

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Finally, a girl is no one. A girl is Jemma Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home.

FitzSimmons + Game of Thrones AU for @accio-the-force

The bastard son of the fallen king, Fitz finds hope in a girl on the run. When her family is killed and the two are separated, he promises to do whatever it takes to find her again. But winter is coming, and time is running out before Jemma can fulfill her promise to restore her house and finally take her rightful place as Queen of the North.


Second part of this

My best friend told me that my handwriting is really ugly ,so i apologize for that !

Note : My best friend is a super cool and supportive person,she just thinks my handwriting is bad ~