let it come and let it be

I’ve seen a lot of discussion by people claiming there is no way that OT3 didn’t know that Harry was going solo. 

The question isn’t whether they knew, the question is if they knew to what extent he was going to roll out his career. Do you think they knew he was embracing his golden boy image? Do you think they knew he would get his album and output hyped for over a year, denigrating his output in 1D? Do you think they knew he and his team would continue to push H v OT3? Do you think they knew he would gladly accept accolades and opportunities that he did not earn?  Do you think they expected him to launch himself with an advert, a finished album, two tours, a new band that he gets to front?

I don’t believe they were as blindsided as most of us. But I absolutely do not think they knew the extent of his plans. You don’t disclose your launch strategy to your former employer or place of business, which in Harry’s case is/was 1D. 

things some of my favourite musicals have taught me

-how to make an omelette
-a basic understanding of the history of america
-a basic understanding of the history of america from a mormon’s perspective
-in order to be successful, you don’t need to have brains or knowledge, just popular
-how to kill someone and make it look like a suicide
-how many minutes there are in a year
-how to tell if someone is gay or European
-it’s really easy to fake emails
-don’t sell drugs kids, even if you have the hots for the person you’re selling them to
-always be aware of autocorrect
-how to break in a glove
-nice is different than good
-everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes
-it’s too late to screw at 4am
-revolutions likely end in death
-almost all bankers, bums and barbers know how to read
-‘pop’ is a suitable synonym for the verb ‘chew’
-how many people resided in newfoundland before 9/11
-how many people were redirected to newfoundland after 9/11

(might add more as time goes on)

You ever think about the fact that the only way to save everyone from the squip was with red mountain dew and michael’s main color is red 

Like im not saying Michael is the main hero of BMC but im saying Michael is totally the main hero of BMC and I love him 


Pregnant Lindsay: Evolution - Part 2 of 2

Congratulations to the whole Jones crew and their loved ones during this special time. Special shout out to @lindsayjones for being a badass build-a-baby machine for the past 35 weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pregnancy with all of us; we know that you’ll be the best kind of mom. 


Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m