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archer with a sword


Lotta design work went into this episode. I had fun making P.O.I.N.T. headquarters and the Powitzer, and made some changes to the point crew: Foxtail got a foxtail for hair as well as wrestling boots, Doctor Greyman lost his unitard, and @ryannshannon and I collaborated on Laser Blast’s redesign. Hopefully she’ll post her sketches too so you can see just how much love we put into him.

So... Mr Gar used to be a masked wrestler named El-Bow, eh?

That might be more important than you think.

I do not claim to be an expert on masked wrestlers(I did watch Mucha Lucha to the point of addiction, not sure if that counts) but a wrestler’s mask is a sign of his honor, and he is not allowed to show his true face to anyone. Loosing it means a great dishonor for him and he is forbidden from ever using it again.

So… Gar has somehow lost his honor?

It would make sense, since he clearly feels guilty about something that involved the sandwich incident. And when KO asked Gar about what happened when he was a member of POINT, he instead tells KO that “no matter how hard you try, you’re gonna screw it up in the end.”

… Gee, Gar! Why don’t you just tell KO that Santa doesn’t exist while you are at it?!

But still, you get my point. Gar did something so dishonorable that it cost him his mask.

me: get over helion you whack noodle

me @ me: think about the way he crosses his ankle over his thigh 

let’s all take a moment to appreciate how well “that’s what she said” and “phrasing” have aged compared to “giggity.” many of us would probably still laugh at a well-placed “that’s what she said” even after all these years, but if you met someone who responded to a sexual innuendo by saying “giggity” you would almost certainly feel such deep shame and embarrassment on their behalf that both of you would lose the ability to speak for the rest of your lives

WJSN's Career at 1 year, 1 month
  • 3 albums released (each one doing better than the last)
  • 4 MVs released
  • 4 awards won
  • 130 music show performances (including Yeonjung’s IOI stuff)
  • 133 various broadcast appearances (not including music shows)
  • 9 of the 13 girls have had solo broadcast appearances
  • 55 events attended
  • 66 fansigns
  • 36 radio appearances
  • 22 photoshoots
  • 4 OSTs
  • 3 exclusive CF deals (and counting)
  • 21 Naver trends
  • 57 V Lives
  • Best debut of girl groups in 2016 NOT from the Big 3
  • Had their own reality show and have another one on the way
  • Have their first solo concert planned for May 2017
  • Created their own fandom name: Ujung
  • Placed #1 on Mnet’s chart not even a year after debut
  • Xuan Yi has starred in 1 movie as a lead
  • Bona has starred as a lead in a Naver Cartoon Exhibition and soon a KBS2 drama
  • Exy has featured in another group’s song
  • Dawon participated in the singing competition “Girl Spirit”
  • Eunseo slapped Lee Kwang Soo on broadcast
  • Cheng Xiao became an “It Girl”
  • Cheng Xiao became a part of the special “Sunny Girls” Unit
  • Cheng Xiao won a gold medal (2016) and bronze medal (2017) at the ISACs
  • Mei Qi has starred in 4 different movies as mostly leads

Never Let Me Go (2010)

Director - Mark Romanek, Cinematography - Adam Kimmel

“It had never occurred to me that our lives, which had been so closely interwoven, could unravel with such speed. If I’d known, maybe I’d have kept tighter hold of them and not let unseen tides pull us apart.”

Tom laid on his back in his black and white suit on the hotel bed while Harrison banged on the bathroom door. His hands were folded across his chest as chuckled at [Y/N] and Harrison’s bickering through the closed door.

“Ease up, mate.” Tom yawned. The only downfall of being invited to events was switching time zones. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up. “We did only give her a three hour heads up.”

Harrison huffed, rolling his eyes while leaning against the opposing wall. “But aren’t girls usually good with last minute things?”

Tom raised a brow, “Um, I think it’s the exact opposite really. Girls always take forever to get ready.” Chucking one of the pillows at him, he laughed. “Even if we left right now, we’d be early.”

“I don’t even care about leaving, I just have to take a piss is all.” Harrison replied with a slight twinge of irritation kissing his words. “I could do so if someone would hurry their arse up!”

“Bloody fucking Hell, Haz.” [Y/N] yanked open the bathroom door, her face in a scowl. “Need to take a fucking whiz, do you? Go for it you little shit.” Her hand gesturing to the toilet.

Harrison stood up straight, his jaw dropping at the sight of his friend. Sure, he had seen her dolled up before but that was the thing. He had seen her in thousand dollar gowns for movie premieres but never like this. Never so simple and breathtaking.

Her hair was loose and wavy instead of pinned back in an intricate way. Her lips were dusted lightly with a soft pink and all he could focus on were her lashes. Not a lick of makeup were touching her lids except mascara and maybe a little dash of nude shimmer. Her cheeks were rosy but that came with her frustration. It was strange to see [Y/N] so dolled down but up at the same time. It was messing with his brain.

“Cat got your tongue, mate?” Tom teased as he stood up to see why Harrison suddenly froze up. As he rounded the wall, he stopped dead in his tracks. “[Y/N], you-you look stunning!” Just like Harrison, Tom was at a loss for words.

Her cheeks flushed, “Thank you,” tucking a chunk of hair behind her ears, “come on guys, it’s not that different from what you’re used to.”

Harrison shook his head, still unable to produce words. Scratching the back of his head, he exchanged looks with Tom. “You look incredible, [Y/N].”

Chewing on her lip, she glanced down at the last minute dress she had snagged from one of the LA shops on her strip. “I don’t know if this will do though.” She smiled at their expressions, Tom and Harrison weren’t the very best at hiding their facial movements. “You two look sharp! This dress is so simple and-”

“-perfect.” Tom responded, shaking his head, still unable to wrap his head around how beautiful she looked. He had gotten the chance to work with [Y/N] on a small film a few years back and built a very on and off again friendship. It wasn’t anything like an on and off again relationship but more or so they’d hang out like crazy and then months would pass by without either of them speaking a word to each other. It was just how it happened to work out.

One would spark up a conversation through text or twitter and the cycle would repeat. Harrison just got to know [Y/N] by default and had a similar style friendship. The only difference was that he’d spam her on a regular basis with funny memes. Tom would just kind of forget until she’d pop up on his instagram feed and the memories of their fun would play in his brain like a movie. 

“I have to agree with Tom on this one, [Y/N].” Harrison grinned as he winked at her. “You’re really hot.” 

Playfully rolling her eyes, she swatted Harrison. “Shut up, you sarcastic asshole.” 

Harrison laughed, “But I’m not being sarcastic this time!”

Rolling them again, she chuckled. “Go take a piss and we will leave, okay?” Shoving Harrison in the bathroom, she closed the door behind her. Looking at Tom, she motioned behind her. “How in the world do you handle all the time?”

“With great difficulty.” 

“I give you props, oh, here let me fix your bow.” She took a step forward, her hands gently readjusting the bow-tie. Her breath hitched in her throat when she finally noticed Tom looking at her. 

“[Y/N],” He started.

“Yes?” She whispered.

“I think we shouldn’t drift apart this time….”

Nodding, “I agree.”