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highlights of the season three finale of killjoys

A Random TFC Headcannon

So I’ve been thinking about Virgil’s (the TFC Sniper’s) mechanical eyes. 

I’m fairly convinced that they operate using sonar. And that’s the balls themselves just hold machinery– they don’t actually process any input. 

We know Virgil can see through a Spy’s disguise. We also know (from hitboxes) that these disguises are only illusions. A Spy’s body doesn’t change. This means that somehow, Spy’s shmancy cigarette case affects reflected light. Reflected sound, on the other hand, might continue to bounce off the Spy’s body, allowing Virgil to “see” what’s actually there. 

This could also explain how Virgil can see through his eyelids. If his prostheses use sonar, input is probably hooked up to his ears. He doesn’t close his ears to sleep, so he continues to “see.” 

So congratulations, Fred. You basically made your team’s sniper into a bat. 


You want to quit all this and run?

Upon the Hearth the Fire Is Red

by J.R.R. Tolkien

Upon the hearth the fire is red,
Beneath the roof there is a bed;
But not yet weary are our feet,
Still round the corner we may meet
A sudden tree or standing stone
That none have seen but we alone.

Tree and flower and leaf and grass,
Let them pass! Let them pass!
Hill and water under sky,
Pass them by! Pass them by!

Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate,
And though we pass them by today,
Tomorrow we may come this way
And take the hidden paths that run
Towards the Moon or to the Sun.

Apple, thorn, and nut and sloe,
Let them go! Let them go!
Sand and stone and pool and dell,
Fare you well! Fare you well!

Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight.
The world behind and home ahead,
We’ll wander back to home and bed.

Mist and twilight, cloud and shade,
Away shall fade! Away shall fade!
Fire and lamp, and meat and bread,
And then to bed! And then to bed!


Pairing: Jimmy Darling X Reader

Request:  Please do a Jimmy darling one where the reader and all the girls at the freak show have drinks and she comes back to him drunk and just tells him how much she loves him and it’s all cute and he gets all embarrassed and she’s being really goofy and they just fall asleep together lmao (pls fluffy)

A/N: Okay so, I really enjoyed this request because I’m sort of a romcom junkie, and I do realize that I what I wrote is a little different from what was requested as the reader and Jimmy were not previously a couple but… this was what was flowing. Please don’t hate me, I tried my best.

Word Count: 1,058

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« Stavo pensando al tuo problema, essere importante. Ho l'impressione, voglio dire, che la tua importanza venga definita dalle cose che hanno importanza per te. Tu sei tanto importante quanto lo sono per te le cose che fai. E io facevo tutto il contrario, cercando di essere importante per lui. »
—  Teorema Catherine, John Green
Fic 494: Father & Son

The prompt for today is Under the age of 18/in their youth. It was going to be a fic about a young Dell Conagher, but then my hand slipped and it wound up being more about his dad.

Fred Conagher looked at the suitcase laying on the bed. It had been packed to nearly bursting with the several pairs of overalls and shirts that would be the whole of his identity for the next six months. Tomorrow Greg would roll up in that junker he called a car, and they’d be off to the Gravel Fields again.

It would be a nice change of pace. While Bee Cave was a great place to be a boy, he’d outgrown it by the time he’d finished high school.

“Itchy feet. But you’ll be back.” his pa had muttered under his breath as he’d left. And damn if the old man hadn’t been right. It had taken a couple of years and a couple of trips around the globe, but somehow his feet had found their way back when it was time. Bee Cave might not be a great place for a young man with an advanced engineering degree, but it was a great place to start a family.

The only downside?

“Do you have to go, Pa?”

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[ARTICOLO] Jungkook dei BTS condivide una delle sue preoccupazioni a ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’

“Jin e Jungkook dei BTS sono stati ospiti nell’episodio del 27 settembre del programma della JTBC ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’. Durante l’episodio i due membri dei BTS si sono uniti ai presentatori Kang Ho Dong e Lee Kyung Kyu per girare tra il vicinato di Gangnam in cerca di qualcuno che desse loro la cena.

Kang Ho Dong e Jungkook erano seduti fuori da un convenience store quando Kang Ho Dong improvvisamente ha chiesto al ragazzo “Hai qualche preoccupazione?”

Jungkook sembrava sorpreso e ha ripetuto “Preoccupazioni?”. Kang Ho Dong ha ricordato al ragazzo di essere stato il ‘knee drop guru’ al quale le celebrità presentavano i loro problemi e da lui stesso ricevevano soluzioni. Jungkook ci ha pensato per un attimo e poi ha confessato una delle sue preoccupazioni.

Jungkook ha così spiegato “Durante la mia adolescenza sono venuto a Seoul e stavo da solo. Quindi ora quando incontro qualcuno o ho a che fare con le persone non sento di essere sincero ed è come se ci fosse un muro (tra noi).”

Jungkook ha detto che per avvicinarsi l’un l’altro in modo naturale le persone tendono a pensare alla stessa maniera e ad essere sincere tra loro. Invece lui continua a pensare “Come posso avvicinarmi a quella persona? Cosa posso fare in modo da piacere a quella persona?” Poi ha aggiunto “Mi sento come se stessi indossando una maschera.”

Alla preoccupazione di Jungkook, Kang Ho Dong ha risposto “è perché sei entrato nella vita sociale molto presto.” Poi ha cominciato a fare confronto con la sua precedente carriera da wrestler e ha detto che la strategia cambia a seconda dell’avversario. Su questa linea ha così consigliato a Jungkook “Devi cambiare il modo di approcciarti alle persone a seconda del loro carattere.”

Il consiglio finale di Kang Ho Dong a Jungkook è stato quello di pensare sempre positivamente. Jungkook sembrava soddisfatto del discorso di Kang Ho Dong. Per celebrare i due si sono alzati e hanno iniziato a ballare in modo buffo.”

Traduzione a cura di Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©CiHope) | ©soompi

Mi portavo addosso un mix contrastante di emozioni, e non sapevo cosa fare. Era la prima volta che mi sentivo così impotente verso delle sensazioni.
—  Never let me go, wattpad.
Day 198: Social Lubrication

There’s just something about a shy Spy that I like.

All Dell Conagher had wanted was to have a quiet night off base. Just getting away from all the craziness that was the oddball band of brothers of Reliable Excavation and Demolitions for just a few short hours before diving back into the madhouse. There shouldn’t have been a better place than the sleepy little bar in the small town of Teufort.

There shouldn’t have been, but right now he was sure thinking that there probably was.

Dell did his best not to kick himself. It was a spy’s job to be undetected, after all, and heaven knew that he had a hard enough time catching the snake when he was actively looking for him. How long had the BLU had been there, though? He was almost positive that the Frenchman wasn’t there when he first saddled up to the bar. But now there he was, plain as day.

Not even trying to hide.

Spy sat at the booth behind him. There was a bottle on the table and a glass in his hand that he was slowly rolling around in his fingers. Their eyes had already met once, reflection meeting reflection, as the Engineer kept his gaze fixed on the mirror behind the bar. Damn son of a bitch had smiled right at him.

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