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Yay! I finished Dell’s Character Sheet

Dell is one of the squirrel mount trainers for the Royal Family, Guard, and other Nobles. Including one very charming blonde……..

She is in her early 20′s with dark brown hair that she wears long (but is forced to keep tied up) and brownish-green eyes. Her wings are that of a Gold-Drop Helicopis Butterfly.

She has a large scar on her right hand and arm from when she was first learning to train squirrels. Her thumb is a little stiff sometimes but other than that she is not to bothered by it. She now works with gloves when handling younger animals.

Her ears are very odd in the fairy world. Where most fairs ears stick out, hers curve around her head. She was picked on because of them and is still a little self-conscious about them.

She is a fairy with a whole lot of ambition and a love of exploration. She is very excited that the border has been opened with the Dark Forest.

It would be a great place to take her squirrel mount, Henry.

Henry is an older Fox Squirrel with a developing cataract in his left eye. It is for these reasons that he was retired from The Guard. Far from being out of commission in life, Dell instantly bonded with him and became his new rider. His easy going nature makes him ideal to condition new/younger squirrels.


You want to quit all this and run?

Stavo pensando al tuo problema, essere importante. Ho l'impressione, voglio dire, che la tua importanza venga definita dalle cose che hanno importanza per te. Tu sei tanto importante quanto lo sono per te le cose che fai. E io facevo tutto il contrario, cercando di essere importante per lui
—  John Green


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Dell: Why does it feel so impossible to let you go?
Dell: It’s an addiction, you know. That’s all it is.
Dell: It’s a biochemical addiction. It’s so stupid.
Dell: If you think about it relationships are all totally narcissistic.
Dell: Basically, you’re just looking for someone who’ll love you as much as you love yourself. That’s all it is.
—  Movie “Comet”, 2014