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A Random TFC Headcannon

So I’ve been thinking about Virgil’s (the TFC Sniper’s) mechanical eyes. 

I’m fairly convinced that they operate using sonar. And that’s the balls themselves just hold machinery– they don’t actually process any input. 

We know Virgil can see through a Spy’s disguise. We also know (from hitboxes) that these disguises are only illusions. A Spy’s body doesn’t change. This means that somehow, Spy’s shmancy cigarette case affects reflected light. Reflected sound, on the other hand, might continue to bounce off the Spy’s body, allowing Virgil to “see” what’s actually there. 

This could also explain how Virgil can see through his eyelids. If his prostheses use sonar, input is probably hooked up to his ears. He doesn’t close his ears to sleep, so he continues to “see.” 

So congratulations, Fred. You basically made your team’s sniper into a bat. 


You want to quit all this and run?

Stavo pensando al tuo problema, essere importante. Ho l'impressione, voglio dire, che la tua importanza venga definita dalle cose che hanno importanza per te. Tu sei tanto importante quanto lo sono per te le cose che fai. E io facevo tutto il contrario, cercando di essere importante per lui
—  John Green
Delle persone accoppiate che si scoprono agenti matrimoniali.

Da quando Sorella si è fatta il tipo (fidanzata, diciamo, anche se fa tanto dramma ottocentesco - perché ammettiamo che fidanzarsi è effettivamente un po’ un dramma - nell'Ottocento poi, con tutta quella crinolina) si aggira per casa lanciandomi occhiate compassionevoli come fossi Pippo lamentoso con le catene cigolanti della versione Mickey Mouse de A Christmas Carol.
Ha persino iniziato a farmi del pressing psicologico.
“Voglio che anche tu ti innamori!”, mi ha detto l'altro giorno mentre si truccava canticchiando (diffido della gente che non ha mai canticchiato in vita sua e di punto in bianco inizia a farlo senza motivo apparente).
Io ero seduta nella vasca a leggere Focus Storia con tanto di occhiali scivolati in fondo al naso. Quando mi sono resa conto che lei mi stava fissando un po’ offesa ho intuito che non le avevo risposto con verso disgustato soltanto nella mia testa.
“Io non mi innamoro” le ho ricordato.
“Scopi solo forte? Come Christian Grey?”
“Mi pare che nel caso te ne saresti accorta: dormiamo nella stessa stanza dal ‘96” le ho fatto notare imperturbabile.
Lei ha sbuffato, poi mi ha puntato contro l'eyeliner.
“Voglio che anche tu ti trovi qualcuno!”
“Te l'ho giá detto. Ho deciso che dedicherò la mia vita a coltivare mirtilli e a Odino.”
“Piantala! Voglio che trovi qualcuno di speciale, ti innamori … e fate tanti bambini!”
Ho sbuffato. “Grazie ma no, grazie.”
“L'amore è bello! Ti rende felice!”
Con sommo disappunto, ho abbassato il Focus e tirato su gli occhiali per guardarla. “Ma io sono felice!”, ho ribattuto testardamente. Non è che soltanto perché lei e Tizio da un mese a quella parte si erano scoperti protagonisti di una telenovelas arHentina c'era la prescrizione medica che piazzessero su un'agenzia matrimoniale e che, di grazia, venissero a scartavetrare le natiche alla sottoscritta.
Per nulla impressionata, Sorella ha interrotto trucco e parrucco e mi ha squadrata di rimando da capo a piedi.
“Claudia", ha esordito (è la sola persona al mondo che mi chiama da vent'anni col mio nome completo).
“Stai leggendo un articolo sulle fognature dell'Antica Roma in una vasca” mi ha fatto notare.
L'ho fissata senza capire.
“… quindi?”
Mi ha guardata in cagnesco come a dire “ma ci sei o ci fai?” ma dal momento che non mostravo segni di cedimento mi ha dato le spalle e ha ripreso a truccarsi borbottando. “Fai come vuoi. Muori zitella soffocandoti con gli articoli sui pitali dell'avanti cristo.”
“Si dá il caso che ci troviamo del Dopo Cristo, ma sì grazie lo farò”.


Pairing: Jimmy Darling X Reader

Request:  Please do a Jimmy darling one where the reader and all the girls at the freak show have drinks and she comes back to him drunk and just tells him how much she loves him and it’s all cute and he gets all embarrassed and she’s being really goofy and they just fall asleep together lmao (pls fluffy)

A/N: Okay so, I really enjoyed this request because I’m sort of a romcom junkie, and I do realize that I what I wrote is a little different from what was requested as the reader and Jimmy were not previously a couple but… this was what was flowing. Please don’t hate me, I tried my best.

Word Count: 1,058

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Day 198: Social Lubrication

There’s just something about a shy Spy that I like.

All Dell Conagher had wanted was to have a quiet night off base. Just getting away from all the craziness that was the oddball band of brothers of Reliable Excavation and Demolitions for just a few short hours before diving back into the madhouse. There shouldn’t have been a better place than the sleepy little bar in the small town of Teufort.

There shouldn’t have been, but right now he was sure thinking that there probably was.

Dell did his best not to kick himself. It was a spy’s job to be undetected, after all, and heaven knew that he had a hard enough time catching the snake when he was actively looking for him. How long had the BLU had been there, though? He was almost positive that the Frenchman wasn’t there when he first saddled up to the bar. But now there he was, plain as day.

Not even trying to hide.

Spy sat at the booth behind him. There was a bottle on the table and a glass in his hand that he was slowly rolling around in his fingers. Their eyes had already met once, reflection meeting reflection, as the Engineer kept his gaze fixed on the mirror behind the bar. Damn son of a bitch had smiled right at him.

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Yay! I finished Dell’s Character Sheet

Dell is one of the squirrel mount trainers for the Royal Family, Guard, and other Nobles. Including one very charming blonde……..

She is in her early 20′s with dark brown hair that she wears long (but is forced to keep tied up) and brownish-green eyes. Her wings are that of a Gold-Drop Helicopis Butterfly.

She has a large scar on her right hand and arm from when she was first learning to train squirrels. Her thumb is a little stiff sometimes but other than that she is not to bothered by it. She now works with gloves when handling younger animals.

Her ears are very odd in the fairy world. Where most fairs ears stick out, hers curve around her head. She was picked on because of them and is still a little self-conscious about them.

She is a fairy with a whole lot of ambition and a love of exploration. She is very excited that the border has been opened with the Dark Forest.

It would be a great place to take her squirrel mount, Henry.

Henry is an older Fox Squirrel with a developing cataract in his left eye. It is for these reasons that he was retired from The Guard. Far from being out of commission in life, Dell instantly bonded with him and became his new rider. His easy going nature makes him ideal to condition new/younger squirrels.


Request: Do you think you could do one with fem!reader where she loses someone important in her life (doesn’t have to be family, could be a older friend) and she is hysterical (collapses on stairwells crying etc) and just feels numb and doesn’t know what to do but Poe (you can decide what relationship) takes care of her and everything. Sorry for such a sad request.

No need to apologise! I just hope you enjoy it!

Y/N/N = Your Nickname

You kept staring at the pad in front of you, your whole body shaking as you read the contents another time. It couldn’t be true. It couldn’t be. Your breathing had started to hitch, earning you a few looks around the control room. You had to get out before you crumbled altogether.
You stood up from your seat and began to exit the room, nearly sprinting out. You didn’t stop even if people you knew tried to get your attention. You would break down at any second if you so much as uttered a word to them and you didn’t want to fall just yet.

As you turned a corner, you bumped into someone which halted your progress. You saw that you had run into Finn who started to apologise.

“Oh sorry I didn’t…Y/N what’s wrong?” he asked, his face showing his concern. You began to stammer, feeling the prickle of tears beginning to push forward. No, you weren’t going to break here.

“I’m sorry,” you managed to say, manoeuvring around him and breaking into a run ignoring Finn shouting after you. You kept running until you thought you were safe from prying eyes. You found yourself in an empty corridor with stairs leading down to one of the supply rooms. No lights were on so you assumed you would be alone if you located to there.

You began to go down the steps, breath continuing to hitch as the tears had freed themselves from your eyes.

Aw, don’t cry Y/N/N. You get all blotchy when you cry.

You stopped at the middle of the stairs, unable to contain your pain anymore. A cry left your throat as you fell back to sit on the stairs, tears streaming down your face. You wrapped your arms around yourself, trying to stop shaking from your wails.

Is my little Y/N upset? Come here, let Dells take care of you.

More tears came as you kept thinking back to her. Why hadn’t she told you? Why didn’t she say anything? You had just talked to her last week! She was fine! You wiped your face only for more tears to spring forth. The pain in your chest wasn’t subsiding nor could you make any words come out of your mouth, just cries and whimpering. If she could see you now, she would comment how unlike it was of you to get in such a mess but probably enjoy the fact it was over her.


You didn’t register the call of your name, still lost in your own pain. You heard the person come down the stairs, stopping beside you and knelt to your level. You still hadn’t looked at them, your vision was blurred from all the tears and hiccups had begun.

“Y/N, look at me,” they asked. You didn’t oblige them, just looked forward as your mind was still focused on her. The hysterics had seemed to have subsided for the time being but you had begun to feel numb. You wouldn’t see her again, you wouldn’t see her brilliant smile or hear her laugh again.

“Come on, talk to me.”

What was there to talk about? She was gone, dead, no longer amongst the living, one with The Force or whatever.

“Y/N…” You felt a hand pressed against your cheek, making you look to your side. You locked eyes with Poe Dameron, the man who you swore your love to and he to you. You could see he was worried, his eyes shimmering slightly at the state you were in and his mouth set in a thin line.

“Y/N what’s wrong? What’s happened?” he questioned but you said nothing. His thumb stroked your face, wiping away any tears in its path. You felt a slight warmth in his hand, wishing it could spread throughout the rest of your body.

“Y/N/N say something, please. You’re scaring me,” Poe pleaded, pulling you closer to him so he could hold you. You took a deep breath, hoping you could offer something.

“It’s Dells…”

“What about her? She get caught up with another Hutt again? Look it’s not that-”

“SHE’S DEAD, YOU MORON!” you cried, pushing him off you which resulted in him falling down a step.

Poe was taken aback by your outcry. You had never lashed out at him like that. Sure, you had your fights and raised your voices but neither of you would raise your hand or push the other away when comfort was the objective.

You knew Poe never meant to hurt you with those words. He and Dells were at odds sometimes but he knew what she meant to you. How could he know what happened to her? He was only talking as if she were still alive…but she wasn’t.

“Y/N…oh Y/N/N I’m so sorry,” he said, reaching out for you again. You didn’t fight him but instead fell back into sobs. Poe held you as your cried, kissing your forehead and rocking you back and forth. It helped you calm yourself once again, knowing he was there waiting for you.

“Come on, let’s go to your quarters. We can talk there.”

You didn’t reply, you just let him lift you from your sitting position and let him guide you back to you room. His arms never left you, holding you close as you made your way. Poe ignored anyone who tried to talk to him, instead shaking his head and continued on his way. You appreciated that you didn’t have to talk to anyone else. It would be hard enough to explain it all to Poe, let alone people you had no connection to.

You reached your room at last, Poe let an arm fall from you to punch in the code to open the door. The door hissed open. Instead of waiting, you walked in without Poe, aiming for the bed. You collapsed on it, curling up into yourself, the numbness still there. The door hissed again, submerging the room in darkness. The bed soon dipped as additional weight was applied. You felt an arm wrap around you, pulling you towards a warm body. Poe laid beside you, keeping you close as he pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“Want to tell me what happened?” You breath deep, ready to relive the news again.

“Dells is dead, she died early this morning,” you explain.

“How? She was fine when she left.”

“She was on Balmorra for a while, ended up catching Balmorra Flu. You should have heard her complaining about it, not being able to breathe through her nose.”

You recalled the holocall you two shared last week, Dells sniffing constantly and sneezing. You made a comment how the green coming from her nose would go nicely with her pink skin, she received a glare and a snide comment of not knowing what colours go together.

“Balmorra Flu isn’t lethal though,” Poe said, sounding confused. You nod.

“You’re right, it isn’t but it can be easily mistaken.” You turn so you could be face to face with Poe, barely making him out in the darkness.

“…what did she really have?”

“…Dantari Flu. They didn’t realise it until it was too late. There was nothing they could do.” You had begun to shake again but Poe pulled you in for a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I know what she meant to you.”

“She was my best friend and one of the best mechanics out there.”

“I remember when she came here, she didn’t let anyone else work on your fighter. Only she was to touch it.”

“She didn’t think anyone here could do it like her.”

“She said ‘I know what my Y/N/N wants’. I was surprised when I saw her. Didn’t think she would join us considering what she said.”

Poe was referring to the fact Dells did not want you to join The Resistance, saying it was suicide and there was too much chance of you getting hurt but you didn’t care, you couldn’t sit back and watch others die while you could do something. Dells refused to talk to you after you made your decision, she didn’t even say goodbye when you left. You sent her messages saying you were okay and you missed her but never got a reply then one day you saw her, in all her Zeltron beauty with hydrospanner in hand  working on your fighter. When you saw each other, you embraced and you asked what changed her mind.

If you are gonna be flying around the galaxy being a big hero, your ship needs to be handled by a professional.

“She knew how I liked my things,” you explained. Poe scoffed.

“Yeah but she didn’t have to imply I didn’t know.”
Dells and Poe had…an interesting relationship. The two had often clashed with each other. You would often find the two of them shouting at each other. Dells was always opinionated when it came to your relationships with others and Poe was no different. She knew you loved him but she believed Poe was too invested in The Resistance and that would get in the way. Poe had no quarrel with Dells until she dragged you into a cantina fight that ended with you having a cracked rib. That gave him the impression that Dells didn’t care for your well being and only wanted to party like the stereotype of her people.

Despite this, when it came to you, they would put aside their differences for the time being and be civil to each other. Over time it seemed to get better between them. Dells even asked how he was doing during her last holocall.

“She asked for you,” you said, recalling the conversation.


“Yeah. She asked how you were since Starkiller. When you were thought….she was there, assuring me that you would come back.” Upon hearing this, Poe moved forward and kissed you on the lips.

“Guess I owe her one, huh?” he said, reaching out to stroke your cheek.

“…What do I do now?” you ask.

“What do you mean?”

“Dells has been part of my life for years. I can’t think not seeing her again! She’s left me alone! I mean she was my best friend; the one I turned to when I needed advice, the one who would try and cheer me up and…”

“Y/N calm down,” Poe said, noticing you getting worked up again. You began to take slow breathes, allowing Poe to get a word in.

“I know how much Dells meant to you. It was never one sided either. She loved you. Maker, when she found out about us, she stormed into my room saying how she would feed me to a rathtar if I did anything to hurt you. Apparently she knew a guy.” You laugh slightly. It was something Dells would probably say.

“She would want you to keep living on. She wouldn’t want you to dwell on the fact she’s gone. Tell me; how did she act when I was gone?”

“She would…she said that you wouldn’t want me to cry or let myself fall so far into despair.”

“And I’m sure she would say the same with her. She would probably say have a few drinks and celebrate her life. Dells wouldn’t want people moping over her.”

There was some sense in what Poe said. Dells was never one to dwell on the negative, always the positive. If someone they knew died, they would spend the night telling their stories about them and celebrate their life rather than mourn their death.

“She would rather people talk about her when she didn’t have a nose full of mucus,” you said, smiling a little more.

“Dells would prefer people talk about the time she seduced a senator of Naboo,” Poe added, sounding a little apprehensive.

“Hey, she did seduce them! It’s thanks to her, we went on vacation in the Lake Country at that Prime Villa!” Poe never believed this story, despite being shown the holos of the girls’ trip.

“Okay, if you say so…” He laughed slightly as you batted his chest.

The night continued like this, both of you exchanging your experiences with the Zeltron; Dells. A lot of it was you doing the story telling though since you knew her better and spent more time with her. Poe just laid there and listened to you, not once moving away or seeming disinterested. It helped that he just listened, letting you get everything out. He always knew what to do when the time required it. It was a trait Dells actually praised him for and it was one of the many reasons you loved him.

After telling the story of the time you and Dells had spent a week in Nar Shaddaa despite the fact it was only meant to be a day, you yawned loudly. The day’s events had finally caught up with you. Poe shifted slightly, tangling your legs together as his arm went under you to hold you better.

“Why don’t we get some sleep? You seem like you need it.” You nod, feeling your eyelids drop slightly.

“Okay. Poe?”


“Thank you for everything. If you didn’t turn up, I would still probably be on those stairs.” Poe kissed your lips, his face staying close to yours letting your noses brush.

“You don’t need to thank me for anything. You can thank Finn for telling me something was up. Now rest Y/N/N.” You nod, letting your eyes close and sleep take over.

Poe would hold you all night, making sure you knew you weren’t alone in this and he would be with you. He wouldn’t let you feel like everything was crashing around you or feel it was all hopeless. He promised to be there no matter what even if you broke into a thousand pieces, he would be there to pick you up and try to fix you. Poe knew it would be a while before you were completely okay. Like you said, Dells was a big part of your life and you felt alone without her but that wasn’t true. Yes, Dells was gone but you had him; a man that would not leave you for anything. You had Finn and Rey; two people who cared for you deeply as Dells did. Dells knew she would be leaving you in good hands and you would recover and move on.

He placed one last kiss to your forehead before saying;

“No matter what, you are never truly alone.”

Vivete la vostra vita, divertitevi, sbagliate ma non fatene una tragedia, anzi imparate dagli sbagli e rideteci sopra.
In fondo vivere è questo, sbagliare, imparare e apprezzare quello che si ha.
Godetevi la gioventù perché quando se ne va non torna più.


(parte di testo estrapolata da una delle mie digressioni insopportabili)

anonymous asked:

How's life been treating you, Froggie? What have you been looking forward to or dreading?

I was pretty sick this past week. Unable to get out of bed most days. I call them “slumps.” Times when all my illnesses band together at full strength for a while. I think I am starting to emerge out of this slump, but it is too soon to tell. 

In the past, when I had these slumps, all of my blogs would go dormant and it would be a huge setback. But thanks to Jess, Delling, and Chris working for me, I am able to keep the ship going even when I get extra super sick. I can’t tell you what a relief that is. And it puts a little less pressure on me to try and force myself to do things before I am ready. 

I guess I have come to realize that life is rarely just good or bad. The challenge is not letting the bad make you take the good for granted.

Delling is coming to visit for a while. They are on the road heading this way as we speak! I plan to give them a big squeezy hug. This was not an easy week, but I get to hug my best friend very soon. I am really looking forward to that.