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It’s been kind of a crappy month/week/whatever but to bring you all some levity after my moaning I have *FINALLY* completed my latest review/recap. Here there be gifs. SO MANY gifs. I’d say I’m sorry but I’m really not. This ep is so riddled with boyband!Mulder and ridiculous effects it would be a crime not to gif the shit out of it. 

This one’s for Max Fenig’s hat. ONWARDS

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Messi 500: The Legend Continues

With only 28 years, Leo Messi held tomorrow Wednesday at the Camp Nou his 500th game as a player of FC Barcelona , a spectacular figure that will let you enter the exclusive club of 500, made ​​to date by Xavi , Puyol , Iniesta , Migueli and Valdes . The peculiarity is that Leo joins this ranking, having broken all the possible records and being considered by many as the best footballer of all time, thanks, among other things, his 424 goals in this five hundred games on their four Golden Balls (which in a few days will be five) or its 24 goals in finals.

Together with 5 trophies

The celebration of the 500 official matches of the Argentinian player will have the number five as a common axis. He ends 2015 with five cups won by the team, five trophies in which the participation of Leo Messi has been the capital and essential for achieving a new record year.