let it all wash away

Ways to Cleanse
  1. Smoke Cleanse: (Commonly using sage) Using smoke from a burning sage bundle, pass it over the item or being that you would like to cleanse. Focus on your intent while sending out the negative energy. Use incantations if you like. Make sure the plant you are burning is in no way poisonous and is safe! This cannot be stressed enough!
  2. Incense smoke: Choose a specific scent corresponding to your goal. Pass it over an item or being like smoke cleansing. Focus on you intent and cast out negative energy. 
  3. Holy water: You can purchase or create your own. Submerge or sprinkle over an item as needed. Focus on your intent to help cleanse it from negative energy. You can use an incantation, say a chant, or call on any entities you work with.
  4. Running Water: Make sure the item is unable to be harmed by water! Submerge into a running creek or river. Let it wash away all the negative energies and become charged with positive one. Rainwater can be used as well.
  5. Sea salt: Bury the item you want cleansed into sea salt, make sure it will not harm the item. Leave it for a few days in the salt. The salt will absorb any unwanted energies.
  6. Sunlight: Make sure the item will not be harmed, certain crystals will fade in the sunlight! Leave the item in full sunlight and let it absorb the suns positive energies and remove the negative ones.
  7. Moonlight: Place an item outside or on the window sill to soak up the moonlight and dispel negative energies.
  8. High vibration sounds: Using a crystal bowl, a Tibetan Singing bowl, a gong, drumming, tuning fork or even your favorite music turned up loud will cleanse an item of unwanted energies.
  9. Pyramid Energy: Placing an item under or inside a pyramid which has been charged for cleansing will take away any negative energy and return the item to neutral. 
  10. Personal Energy: Using your own personal energy to drive the unwanted energy out of the item that needs cleansing. It is the safest way to cleanse because it wont harm any object. Though, it can be intensive depending upon the quantity and quality of the energies needing to be stripped away.
  11. Charged Crystals: Some crystals have a natural ability to strip away energies of items and leave them neutral, amethyst or rock crystal excels at such work.
  12. Sweeping: Sweeps out negative energies.

Sources: sacredhandscoven.wordpress.com. 

==Moonlight Mystics

🌊 Healing Through Astrology: The 12th House 🌊

Sun In The 12th: Using your alone time to reflect and discover yourself instead of just using it to escape from the world will heal you. Self love and self awareness don’t come easy but it’s what will get you through anything that life throws at you and you will never feel more free then you will in the moment that you embrace this and not let the opinions of others affect you.

Moon In The 12th: Taking the time to dive into your subconscious and finding out what you are feeling and what you truly need is what will heal you. Your deep and porous emotions can be used for good once you are aware of your feelings. Being able to let go of past hurts will wash away all of the negative feelings that you carry along with you on your shoulders and will make you feel new. 

Mercury In The 12th: Speaking up and overcoming your fear of speaking your mind is what will heal you. Your shyness and quietness sometimes doesn’t let others notice you easily. You use writing and art to convey your feelings instead of speaking about them and learning to speak about your ideas and dreams will let you become more noticed and appreciated.

Venus In The 12th: Showing your true loving nature and knowing when to leave toxic relationships is what will heal you. You tend to look over the flaws of others and fall victim to many toxic partners and friends and being able to simply walk away and save your love for people who deserve it will make you more willing to open your heart and love unconditionally.

Mars In The 12th: Standing up for yourself and not letting people walk all over you will heal you. You let your anger boil inside of you for so long or it comes out without you even being aware of it. When you don’t let your anger go inward and you assert yourself you will become stronger and more empowered than you think.

Jupiter In The 12th: Branching yourself out to the world, developing new beliefs and having new experiences will heal you. You have a low faith in others and you fear change and isolate yourself from others from fear of change and craving of safety. When you are able to go out and experience everything the world has to offer, you will be less afraid of it and you can live your life to its fullest.

Saturn In The 12th: Letting go of the past and not feeling guilty or scared in every move you make will heal you. You feel guilt and fear very often and you don’t even know where it comes from and you isolate yourself from everyone to not make any mistakes or expose yourself to the reality of the world. When you are able to forgive yourself from the past and become productive instead of restricted in your alone time, you will finally have learned your lesson and be able to let go of your past self and move on.

Uranus In The 12th: Accepting your uniqueness and going off on your own path through life will heal you. You feel different and isolated from the world and you feel like you can’t connect to anyone fully. Embracing your individuality and not following norms in order to please others will make you less passive and increasingly independent and innovative.

Neptune In The 12th: Facing reality and using your deeply emotional abilities for helping yourself and others will heal you. You tend to escape any kind of possible hurt that comes your way and you have a hard time distinguishing your own feelings because you feel everyone else’s without trying. When you are able to face hardships head on and subject yourself to your own feelings as well as the feelings of others, you will not only be able to help and heal others, but become someone who is openly compassionate and empathic instead of an escapist. 

Pluto In The 12th: Channeling your inner power and intensity and transforming yourself will heal you. You feel powerless and helpless frequently and you bury your feelings inward and try to stay cold and detached instead. Being able to find your inner strength and gaining control over your life will help you transform into a more powerful and formidable individual.

Moon Mermaid Rain washing Spell

To wash away negativity, guilt and emotional pains

This spell was inspired by the song Coming Home (Dirty Money)

One day when it’s raining, go outside (be careful not to catch some cold), and imagine yourself surrounded by black energy coming out of you. This is all the bad things you are keeping inside. Put all of your pains, all your angers and all the negative energy you feel around in this “black cloud” surrounding you.

Now, imagine the water drops cleaning you from this back energy, it is fading as the water poor on you. While visualizing that, pronounce these words:

“ Let the rain, wash away,

All the pain of yesterday

The ritual is done once all of the black energy has vanished.

Now, go take a hot shower before catching up some cold!

The Moon Mermaid

PS: Let me know if you want a pic version of this^^

Stress - Mark (Got7)

You stepped into the shower and turned it on making a cascade of water fall over you. You closed your eyes and hummed, the warm water on your skin felt so good, so relaxing. You sighed, letting all the stress from your day at work wash away. It was amazing what a good, warm shower could do. You were in your own world, just relaxing and forgetting all your stresses when you heard the front door open and then slam hard. You frowned because you knew it had to be Mark. But why would he slam the door? Maybe  the wind had slammed it shut or something you guessed. You shrugged it off and continued to shower.

You jumped when you heard your bedroom door slam open and then slam shut. What had gotten into him? you wondered and then decided to say something. You opened the shower door and yelled into the bedroom, “Mark is everything ok?!” You heard him grunt and something crashed to the floor but he didn’t reply to you. You thought maybe he didn’t hear you. “Mark!” you shouted again. Again there was no reply however, after a little while the bathroom door was opened and then closed.

You jumped again and looked out of the shower to see Mark. “Babe…” you began but stopped when you noticed he wasn’t his usual self. He wasn’t smiling, his jaw was tense, his eyes weren’t sparkling, they were dark, his arms weren’t open to hug you, no his fists were clench. You knew something was wrong immediately, Mark was hardly ever like this.

“Love did you have a bad day?” you asked, feeling a bit worried about him. He didn’t respond to you, he always did this when he was upset. “Why don’t you come shower with me hmm? The water will relax you.” you said, expecting him to decline you, but to your surprise he began taking his clothes off very gruffly. 

You smiled when he came into the shower with you naked. You turned your back to the wall and faced him smiling. What you weren’t expecting, however, was for him to push you up against the wall and force his lips onto yours roughly. You were so shocked that you didn’t kiss back immediately but eventually you did. His mouth was moving harshly and dominantly against yours, this was a side of him you had never seen before but you liked it.

One of his hands was holding your waist tightly whilst the other held your chin, holding your face in place and dominating the kiss. You moaned into the kiss getting turned on immediately. Your hands reached up and wrapped around his neck pulling him even closer into the kiss, his lips never faltered, they kept up the pace against yours. He pulled you in closer from your waist allowing you to feel how hard he was and you moaned.

He bit on your bottom lip harshly making you gasp and he forced his tongue into your mouth immediately dominating yours. You pulled away from the kiss and went to say something but at that moment he turned your around quickly and pushed your front up to the wall. You were so surprised that you couldn’t say anything. One of his hands were still on your hip whilst the other now made it’s way to your hair. He tangled one hand in your hair and pulled on it, pulling your head back so that his lips were by your ear. 

“You’re going to be a good fucking girl and listen to me tonight you hear me?” he growled heatedly in your ear and you moaned and pushed your bum back brushing his cock gently with it. This only caused him to pull your hair harder, “Did you fucking here me?” he said louder this time.

“Yes” you whimpered, you were beyond horny now. The heat from Mark right up against your back along with the warm water flowing over the two of you just intensified the want you had for him.

“Good.” he said and then nibbled on your ear before kissing it, making you shiver slightly. You felt his hand move from your hip and go to your front pushing it’s way in between your legs. You opened your legs wider to give him more access. He began to stroke you with two of his long fingers and you moaned just as he bit down on your neck surprising you.

He then began to suck on your neck harshly, not soft as usual. Your hands were on the tiled wall in front of you trying to grip onto something but of course you had nothing to hold onto. He continued to stroke you with a lot of force making you wetter and wetter and wanting more. 

“Mark” you moaned as you clenched around nothing, you needed something in you so bad. His fingers felt so good stroking you but you couldn’t help but want so much more. Suddenly he moved his hand from your core and stopped sucking on your neck, making a strangled whine leave your lips.

He chuckled in your ear darkly. You heard some noise from behind you and went to turn around but he stopped you. “Did I tell you to move?” he asked.

“N..no.” you stuttered and regained your position, facing the wall with your hands on it, keeping your body a little way from it.

“Good girl.” he praised and pressed a small kiss to your neck. You soon felt his hand on your hip tighten and then pull you back a little so there was more space in between you and the wall, then you saw, he held the shower head in his other hand. Your eyes widened with excitement because you knew exactly what he was going to do with that.

“Hold this, and you know where to put it.” he said in your ear and you nodded. Using one hand you took it and placed by your pussy, aiming it too your clit. With his knee he  spread your legs wider and then turned on the power so that a strong steady stream of water sprayed out of the head and hit your sensitive clit. 

“Oh fuck!” you screamed at the sudden pleasure and he chuckled. 

“Now keep it right there, don’t move it unless I tell you.” he said and you moaned and nodded in response.

He reattached his lips to your neck, resuming his harsh sucking and he quickly allowed his hand that was on your hip to go to your pussy and he entered two fingers into you, instantly making you scream with pleasure. He began to finger you, moving his fingers in and out of you. It felt so good, the way his fingers filled you up, how they moving in you combined with the water lashing against your clit.

The pleasure was almost unbearable. “Oh god Mark!” you moaned. He knew exactly how to move his fingers within you to hit all the right places and to finger you deeply, drawing out more and more pleasure from you. 

“You like that baby?” he asked huskily in your ear.

“Y..yes.” you whimpered out as you tightened your grip on the shower head.

“How much do you like it honey tell me?” he asked and as you were opening your mouth to answer he curved his fingers up and struck your g spot making you scream. “Answer me” he ordered and you could hear the teasing in his voice.

“Oh god I fucking love it.” you moaned as he continued to thrust his fingers into you like that, hitting your g spot every single time. It all felt so good. You could feel your orgasm already start to build within you and you clenched around his fingers only making him finger fuck you faster.

With his free hand, he covered your hand on the shower head and pushed it closer to your body allowing the force of water against your clit to heighten. “Oh fuck!” you screamed throwing your head back onto his shoulder and closing your eyes. 

About half a minute passed and then you were cumming. You moaned his name as you clenched around his fingers and came. “Good girl” he whispered and then pulled his fingers out from inside of you. He then put the shower head back in place and turned you to face him planting his lips on yours again, you kissed him back lazily, still recovering from your huge orgasm. He however kissed you just as before, roughly and enthusiastically.

His hands explored your body, groping you here and there, just feeling your body and all of your curves that he loved. Eventually his hands squeezed your bum and then went under it, lifting you up which made you wrap your legs around his waist with your hands on his shoulders. You could feel the water from above cascading over you two and you shivered as goosebumps appeared on your skin.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked at you as he bit his lip. You then felt his tip at your entrance and a second later he slammed into you and you moaned as he grunted. He gave you little to no time to adjust before he started fucking you hard and rough. He hardly ever was rough whilst fucking you but you loved it. 

You loved how right now he was holding you up and pounding deep inside of you, it was very manly and sexy. You gripped onto him tightly as he slammed into you over and over and you moaned over and over. You couldn’t stop those sounds from escaping your lips and he wouldn’t want you to stop it because he loved to hear you. It only spurred him on. 

You pulled him in close and attached your lips to his neck. You began sucking on his flesh there when you found his soft spot. He groaned sexily which only fueled you on to suck on his skin even harder than before. You wanted to mark him, in that spot which would be visible to anyone. You wanted everyone to know he was yours and yours alone. 

You gripped onto him tightly, your nails scraping him as he mercilessly continued to fuck you. He never slowed his pace or changed it, he kept his rhythm and fucked you deeply ensuring you felt every powerful thrust into you. You moaned several times into his neck before you continued sucking and biting him. This hickey would be very very dark against his pale skin.

“God you’re so tight.” he mumbled and then pushed into you deeper than before making you pull away from his neck and scream with ecstasy. The deeper he went the better it felt for you and he knew that.

“Gosh Mark that feels so good.” you moaned, throwing your head back and closing your eyes as you felt the water against your skin making this all so much sexier than usual. You could feel your second orgasm building and you clenched around him signaling him you were close. “Can I cum please?” you whimpered looking at him again.

“Cum.” he said giving his permission and you let go. You came harder than before as you screamed his name and clenched hard around his cock. “Fuck” he cursed as he kept holding you up and began fucking you even faster now if possible as you panted getting over your orgasm, you were so sensitive, you needed him to cum quickly so you clenched around him hard, making yourself tighter and making him feel even better. “Shit” he moaned and you could tell from his voice he was close.

“Cum for me please love. I want to feel it inside of me.” you moaned and he grunted as his thrusts became sloppy and a few seconds later he came cursing and moaning your name as he rode out your high. He then pulled out of you and let you put your feet to the floor. He kept holding you close though his head in the crook of your neck as he panted wildly. 

“What got into you today?” you asked after a while and he chuckled, his usual personality had come back.

“Stress from work that’s all.” he answered pecking your lips.

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AIR // gemini, libra, aquarius

Listen close, and
tell me what you hear.
Can’t you hear the voices of the clouds?
The wind that whisper change?
A once bitter tone so full of bliss.
It whistles through beehives
and carries honey on its breath.
It sings to weary willows
and sighs in the golden sun.
It races through oceans of dry grass
and mimics the laughter of small sparrows.
Can’t you hear wind in you, child?
Winter may have hollowed you out,
but spring has placed wings at your back.
Don’t waste the gift of flight
chasing frigid ghosts.

WATER // cancer, scorpio, pisces

Saturated skies weep in warmer shades of blue,
you no longer need to fear the rain.
Let it wash away all the dust and cob webs you’ve
collected between your shoulder blades,
and stored behind your ribs,
and draped across your bones like a second skin.
Cough out the moths that hang in your chest,
and let them find new lungs to call home.
It’s time to breathe in dandelions now.
Tuck their seeds away,
press them close to the inside
of your cheeks.
Let them grow, and soon –
so many beautiful things
will bloom from your open mouth.

EARTH // taurus, virgo, capricorn

I think there were echoes in the trees today.
They were telling secrets and sweet nothings
to the quiet, southern breeze again –
and I think I heard it reply to the branches,
“Wake up, love
it’s time to stretch out stiff limbs,
unfurl young leaves,
and turn fresh faces toward the sun.
Wake up, love.”
Take advice from the forest.
Sink your toes into the rich, damp soil
and they will become the roots
to new bones.
Each year tulips will rise from sleep
through the cool, soft earth,
and so will you.

FIRE // aries, leo, sagittarius

You are the catalyst –
the sudden spark that dances across frost
and leaves only puddles in your wake.
The combustion of color from the barren dirt,
the explosion of life in the eager air,
the sanguine shift
from lips, raw and chapped
to sweet and strawberry stained.
Inhale the remaining chill and
swallow up the sun.
Revel in the soon-summer heat
that boils beneath your skin.
Sunlight bleeds out as the days drag longer,
but days are always numbered.
Make them last.

thejackalofalltrades  asked:

Hello! How are you? For the most recent ask meme: 14, 19, 24, & 31 please!

Hey there! I’m good, eating late dinner and shitting around on tumblr lol :P

14) If you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you?

Honestly, no. If I did, I don’t know that I would be where I am now, and I love where I am right now :)

19) Do you think you’ll be in a relationship 3 years from now?

Absolutely! Same one I’ve been in for 8 years now, still completely in love with my wife <3

24) Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? 

Considering that I have over 35, I’d say so :D  (plus getting more soon :D )

31) What type of day are you having?

It’s raining today, so a calm healing day. Letting the rain wash away all of the bullshit <3 (fam is giving me emotional shit, so fun!)

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the aesthetics series — don’t forget to hug your trees!

“i felt freed to please myself, to find my way as i would, in a world that was much vaster than i had realized before, in which i was but one star-gleam, one wavelet, among multitudes. my happiness mattered not a whit more than the next person’s–or the next fish’s, or the next glass blade’s!–and not a whit less. how piddling i was, in the general immensity! and how lovely it was to be tiny and alone, to have quickened to living for a moment here, to be destined to blink out and let time wash away all mark and remembrance of me.”
                    — margo lanagan, the brides of rollock island