let it all wash away

Ways to Cleanse
  1. Smoke Cleanse: (Commonly using sage) Using smoke from a burning sage bundle, pass it over the item or being that you would like to cleanse. Focus on your intent while sending out the negative energy. Use incantations if you like. Make sure the plant you are burning is in no way poisonous and is safe! This cannot be stressed enough!
  2. Incense smoke: Choose a specific scent corresponding to your goal. Pass it over an item or being like smoke cleansing. Focus on you intent and cast out negative energy. 
  3. Holy water: You can purchase or create your own. Submerge or sprinkle over an item as needed. Focus on your intent to help cleanse it from negative energy. You can use an incantation, say a chant, or call on any entities you work with.
  4. Running Water: Make sure the item is unable to be harmed by water! Submerge into a running creek or river. Let it wash away all the negative energies and become charged with positive one. Rainwater can be used as well.
  5. Sea salt: Bury the item you want cleansed into sea salt, make sure it will not harm the item. Leave it for a few days in the salt. The salt will absorb any unwanted energies.
  6. Sunlight: Make sure the item will not be harmed, certain crystals will fade in the sunlight! Leave the item in full sunlight and let it absorb the suns positive energies and remove the negative ones.
  7. Moonlight: Place an item outside or on the window sill to soak up the moonlight and dispel negative energies.
  8. High vibration sounds: Using a crystal bowl, a Tibetan Singing bowl, a gong, drumming, tuning fork or even your favorite music turned up loud will cleanse an item of unwanted energies.
  9. Pyramid Energy: Placing an item under or inside a pyramid which has been charged for cleansing will take away any negative energy and return the item to neutral. 
  10. Personal Energy: Using your own personal energy to drive the unwanted energy out of the item that needs cleansing. It is the safest way to cleanse because it wont harm any object. Though, it can be intensive depending upon the quantity and quality of the energies needing to be stripped away.
  11. Charged Crystals: Some crystals have a natural ability to strip away energies of items and leave them neutral, amethyst or rock crystal excels at such work.
  12. Sweeping: Sweeps out negative energies.

Sources: sacredhandscoven.wordpress.com. 

==Moonlight Mystics

🌊 Healing Through Astrology: The 12th House 🌊

Sun In The 12th: Using your alone time to reflect and discover yourself instead of just using it to escape from the world will heal you. Self love and self awareness don’t come easy but it’s what will get you through anything that life throws at you and you will never feel more free then you will in the moment that you embrace this and not let the opinions of others affect you.

Moon In The 12th: Taking the time to dive into your subconscious and finding out what you are feeling and what you truly need is what will heal you. Your deep and porous emotions can be used for good once you are aware of your feelings. Being able to let go of past hurts will wash away all of the negative feelings that you carry along with you on your shoulders and will make you feel new. 

Mercury In The 12th: Speaking up and overcoming your fear of speaking your mind is what will heal you. Your shyness and quietness sometimes doesn’t let others notice you easily. You use writing and art to convey your feelings instead of speaking about them and learning to speak about your ideas and dreams will let you become more noticed and appreciated.

Venus In The 12th: Showing your true loving nature and knowing when to leave toxic relationships is what will heal you. You tend to look over the flaws of others and fall victim to many toxic partners and friends and being able to simply walk away and save your love for people who deserve it will make you more willing to open your heart and love unconditionally.

Mars In The 12th: Standing up for yourself and not letting people walk all over you will heal you. You let your anger boil inside of you for so long or it comes out without you even being aware of it. When you don’t let your anger go inward and you assert yourself you will become stronger and more empowered than you think.

Jupiter In The 12th: Branching yourself out to the world, developing new beliefs and having new experiences will heal you. You have a low faith in others and you fear change and isolate yourself from others from fear of change and craving of safety. When you are able to go out and experience everything the world has to offer, you will be less afraid of it and you can live your life to its fullest.

Saturn In The 12th: Letting go of the past and not feeling guilty or scared in every move you make will heal you. You feel guilt and fear very often and you don’t even know where it comes from and you isolate yourself from everyone to not make any mistakes or expose yourself to the reality of the world. When you are able to forgive yourself from the past and become productive instead of restricted in your alone time, you will finally have learned your lesson and be able to let go of your past self and move on.

Uranus In The 12th: Accepting your uniqueness and going off on your own path through life will heal you. You feel different and isolated from the world and you feel like you can’t connect to anyone fully. Embracing your individuality and not following norms in order to please others will make you less passive and increasingly independent and innovative.

Neptune In The 12th: Facing reality and using your deeply emotional abilities for helping yourself and others will heal you. You tend to escape any kind of possible hurt that comes your way and you have a hard time distinguishing your own feelings because you feel everyone else’s without trying. When you are able to face hardships head on and subject yourself to your own feelings as well as the feelings of others, you will not only be able to help and heal others, but become someone who is openly compassionate and empathic instead of an escapist. 

Pluto In The 12th: Channeling your inner power and intensity and transforming yourself will heal you. You feel powerless and helpless frequently and you bury your feelings inward and try to stay cold and detached instead. Being able to find your inner strength and gaining control over your life will help you transform into a more powerful and formidable individual.

Protégé [Part 1]

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A series of three raps to your door in quick succession had you dropping your hands to your desk, the application you were going over losing your attention. 

“Come in.” You said, not raising your voice because you knew you didn’t need to. You would be heard. 

You wiped a hand over your face, hoping to rub away the dull ache of tired eyes. You’d been reading over files for a good portion of the evening, and it was starting to wear on you. The door of your office swung open, revealing the familiar face of Jaebum, who offered you a courteous smile with an undertone of apology for disturbing you.

You returned the smile, but said nothing. Jaebum had been working for you long enough to know that if he came into your office, it was for a reason or with a purpose. 

“Got a walk in for you.” He said, hovering just inside the doorway. 

Your brows that had been raised in intrigue fell as you pursed your lips. “It’s Saturday at four in the afternoon, the doors aren’t even opened yet.”

He nodded his head along with your words, as if he’d already anticipated them. “I know, I’m sorry. We tried to chase him off a couple of times, but he won’t leave. Says he wants to talk to you in person.”

“Well for Christ’s sake, Jaebum.” You sighed, leaning back in your chair as you lightly slapped your palm flat against the top of your desk. “Tons of people want to talk to me, it doesn’t mean they can.”

“I know.” Jaebum nodded again, clearing his throat after a long beat of silence. “I really don’t think he’s leaving though.”

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Under the Stars Part 2

I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home. Let the rain, wash away, all the pain of yesterday.  I know my kingdom awaits, and they have forgiven my mistakes.  I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming…..home.

Lance gripped the steering column of the Altean pod he was flying as the crystal blue waters below him sped by. He couldn’t believe that he was back on Earth, on his way back to Cuba, back to his home.  

After Allura had announced that they would be spending a few days on Earth for some rest and relaxation the mood in the castle changed drastically.  There was laughter and smiles everywhere, Hunk spun around and hugged Keith, much to the boy’s surprise, Shiro held Pidge while she laughed and cried at the same time.  Lance surprisingly didn’t react like the others, he didn’t cry, laugh or hug any of his teammates, he just stood there, watching the planet become larger and larger. He smiled as he thought of his family, how much had missed them and wondered how much his younger siblings had grown in the time he had been gone.  

“Allura?  Are we going to be able to visit our families?” he asked tentatively.  At his words the others stopped their celebrating and looked at Allura expectantly.

“Of course you will Lance. That is the entire point of coming here, so that you can be with your families and relax.  I know you have all been so strong over the past six years, fighting in a war that wasn’t your own, but I want you to know that we know how much you have sacrificed,” she said as Coran nodded behind her.

“You both have sacrificed a lot more than what we have,” Shiro said as he still held Pidge, who was now starting to vibrate from the excited energy of seeing her mother.

“So how are we going to do this?  It’s not like we can just take the Lions and say surprise,” Keith asked as he wriggled in Hunk’s embrace, trying to escape.

“That is true Number 4. I suggest you take the pods from the castle and use them to go see your families,” Coran suggested.

Pidge raised her head, “Maybe we can bring them back here at some point?  I don’t know if some of our families will believe us if we say we have been fighting in giant metal cats, that just happen to be sentient, in an intergalactic war that has been raging on for over 10,000 years with a couple of aliens that we found.  Even saying it out loud sounds ridiculous and we are the ones that lived it.”

“That sounds wonderful Pidge, I would love to meet your families and show them around the castle,” Allura smiled as she clapped her hands with excitement.  “Now go on!  What are you waiting for?”

Lance found himself smiling as he thought of his space family, Shiro heading back to Japan to see his mother and father, Hunk going to Samoa to see his mum and sisters, Pidge speeding like a demon back to America to see her mum and Keith who said he didn’t know where his dad was, was going back his shack in the middle of the desert to collect all his stuff and bring it back to the castle.  

Lance was nervous about seeing his family again, he wondered what the Garrison had told them all those years ago, had they told them he was dead?  He thought back to that night that they ran from the Garrison after rescuing Shiro, had they had an opportunity to message their families?  Could they have at least left a message saying they were heading off to look for a mystical weapon that aliens were trying to get first? He snorted, god that was even worse that Pidge’s description of what they had been doing for the past six years.

The shore line came into view and his heart leapt, he was almost there, he could already smell the pizza and garlic knots that he would get with his family.  He guided the pod to a secluded section of beach that was far away from the masses of tourists and locals, he knew that no one ever came out this far, this used to be his secret spot, not even his own brothers and sisters knew about this.

Taking a deep breath, he turned on the cloaking device Pidge had installed a few years ago and exited the pod.  Turning towards the end of the beach he slowly made his way through the coarse sand, his feet sinking with every step.  Oh how he had missed the smell of salt in the air, the sound of the water crashing into the beach and the sound of crying….wait.

He crept around the bluff that hid the secret area of the beach and froze as he saw a woman kneeling on the sand, holding a wreath of vibrant flowers to her chest as she wept. Her curly brown hair and dull blue eyes were unmistakable.

“Mama?  What’s wrong?”

At the sound of his voice her head whipped around and her mouth opened as she dropped the flowers into the sand.


“Hi mama, I’m back.”

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Sam’s face in this scene kills me, then fills me with life. He’s been wanting this hug for 34 years! Just to be loved and appreciated by his mom and his brother. Both are so proud of him right now and thankful that he’s safe. Dean needs this too, as well as Mom, but Im so glad the writers gave this moment to Sam. For a moment, he lets all the pain and sadness wash away and be replaced with love and comfort. All he’s wanted his whole life.

Ive watched this episode 7 times now and this scene still brings me to tears. What Jared does for Sam with just facial expressions is amazing.. Normally when Sam hugs someone,, because hes so tall, he leans down to accomodate the other. Not this time though, hes standing straight and tall,” let mom bury her face in my chest, let Dean rest his head on my shoulder, Im not a baby, Im not a little kid, Im a big strong man, and I did it all for you” And all these thoughts, feelings, and forgiveness  come out in just body language and facial expressions! Jared hit this out of the park!

In the scene just before this, Mom states that shes scared, what if Sam can’t forgive her? But Sam says “Mom, you dont have to be scared of me”  and with just the tone of his voice, and the words Jared chooses to accent, is heart breaking and you know he’s already forgiven her and he isnt going to hold the past against her. Sam is a beautiful human being and we might not get to see that so clearly if Jared didn’t put so much life into this character. As bad as this show can be, this is the very reason Im hooked on it, and will support it till the end and beyond. It can confuse me, hurt me, piss me off but then give me episodes like this and all is forgiven. I feel kind of the way Sam feels right now.

Apollo pt. 8

Apollo Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Sad sex(? I wouldn’t consider this smut though. None of my smut could be considered smutty.

Words: 3986

A/N: There’s a sudden change of pronouns concerning the reader, and there’s a reason behind it. Please send me an ask with your theories, I’d love to know what do you guys think!

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“I know you know where she is, please!” Bucky tried to take a step forward into Wanda’s apartment, her tiny body impeding it. She looked exhausted, tired of talking about the issue. “I have gone all over NYC trying to find somebody willing to share her location, I’m drained.”

“We haven’t talked for months, Buck. I’m as worried as you.” Her head hit the frame of the door, eyes closed as her soft voice tried to persuade him. He tilted his head, confused, as if she hadn’t been telling him the same thing over and over since he knocked on her door.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been awhile since we last hanged out. You can ask Nat, though. I think she’s still in touch with (y/n).” Bucky swallowed, immediately discarding that option. By how she knocked the shit out of him that night, it wasn’t hard to predict that she wasn’t going to say a word about it.

“Is she being picky about choosing friends?” He asked, trying to joke a little bit, to lighten the situation. “Money has changed her, huh?” Her expression hardened, tensing up her whole body as she finally grabbed the doorknob.

“Just go look for her somewhere else, Buck.” Bucky noticed her tired and evading demeanour, and he somehow figured out that this issue was hurting her. At the same time in his mind multiple alarms started to sound, warning him that something was off with you, even though he haven’t had the opportunity of seeing you yet. 

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All We Know

Anon: Can I request a song based scenario? The Chainsmokers’s All We Know for Johnny, please :)

Genre: Angst

Johnny x Reader

Fighting flames of fire
Hang onto burning wires
We don’t care anymore
Are we fading lovers?
We keep wasting colors
Maybe we should let this go

“Why are you still with him?” The question burned at the back of your head. A question asked by many people around you. It hurt your head sometimes. When he slept next to you, close enough to touch but still so far away. You sat across from him on the dinner table, his hands and eyes busy, eating. You stared at your food, silence caving you in. He continued eating, undisturbed. 

“I think you should break up with him,” your friend said on a rainy afternoon. 

“I can’t.” Like a weak flame, it was slowly turning into smoke. The spectrum of love you two once shared was nothing but grey now. You realised it a while ago. Your last fight when he left. Before, you would scream and make him stay. But you didn’t do anything. You didn’t feel anything.

We’re falling apart, still we hold together
We’ve passed the end, so we chase forever
‘Cause this is all we know
This feeling’s all we know

“How’s work?” He asked. His face lacked emotion, his voice monotonous. Johnny was still beautiful to you. Whenever you looked at him, you realised why you didn’t want it to end. His goofy smile and lame jokes made you fall in love with him. You still were. But why did it bring a sense of sadness along?

“It’s good,” you replied. Silence again. If there was anything you wanted was to reach over and touch him. You wanted to break through the thin wall time had constructed between the two of you. Time makes things grow, it was supposed to make your love grow. But instead it was fading; only containing small gestures of kindness and few respectful words. He finally looked up and saw you staring. Your eyes sad and tired. 

“What’s wrong?” You were at loss of words. How were you supposed to answer his question? There was just so much wrong and it all made no sense. You didn’t know where to begin, what to say, how to say it. Frustration took over your nerves. You sucked in a deep breath. 

“Why don’t you know?” You finally uttered. His eyes were a mix of confusion and understanding. “Why don’t you know what’s wrong?” Tears blurred your vision. The tears you tried to conceal, the muffled cries at three a.m in the bed you two shared, him oblivious to your puffed eyes and fatigue. Why didn’t you sleep? What’s wrong? Did you cry? You waited him to ask you that. But he never noticed.

“Y/N,” he said gently, reaching for your hand. You pulled it back.

“I just need some air.” You stood up and left the kitchen. Grabbing your jacket, you went into the cold air of the night. Hopping on your bike, you disappeared into the city lights mingled with darkness.

I’ll ride my bike up to the road
Down the streets right through the city
I’ll go everywhere you go
From Chicago to the coast
You tell me, “Hit this and let’s go
Blow the smoke right through the window”
‘Cause this is all we know

The street lights were dazzling, occasional cars would pass by. You rode your bike through the night. Small streets, big roads, narrow bridges. You didn’t want to stop. “Why are you still with him?” The question still roared in your brain. You wanted to scream into the void. But although the night was quiet, your voice would still be heard by strangers who didn’t need to know. Your chest hurt as the past replayed in your head. His beam when you agreed to move in with him and his sweet kisses after ice cream dates. The snug feel of him at night when he’d comfort you after a nightmare. His bad jokes and that constant effort to make you smile. The way you felt seeing him after a day of tiring work. How his single hug would release the tension in your muscles, his kisses soothing your scars in ways indescribable. The air was getting chilly and the thin material of your hoodie did not keep the heat in.

'Cause this is all we know
'Cause this is all we know

“Why are you still with him?” Maybe it was because of the small hope in the back of your head. He will come back. We will go back to how we were. He will, one day, reach over to your side of the bed and pull you into his arms. He will let you sit on his lap and hug you until it didn’t hurt anymore. The small light of hope. It always gets us going. 

Never face each other
One bed, different covers
We don’t care anymore
Two hearts still beating
On with different rhythms
Maybe we should let this go

What if you let him go? Let it all wash away. Would you feel better sleeping alone at night? How would it feel to not see him ever? How would it feel to imagine him loving someone else the way he loved you? The arms that held you so tightly belonging to someone else? You’ve worked hard. If you went home and broke up with him, all your hard work and patience would vanish. You would lose a part of yourself, the part that kept you sane, if you let him go.

I’ll ride my bike up to the road
Down the streets right through the city
I’ll go everywhere you go
From Chicago to the coast
You tell me, “Hit this and let’s go
Blow the smoke right through the window”
'Cause this is all we know

You couldn’t. You wouldn’t be able to let him go. Even if it drove you crazy, burnt you out, tore through you like paper. You will never be able to let him go. 

The door to your apartment wasn’t locked. It had been hours since you left. You slowly opened the door, not wanting to wake him up. Much to your surprise, he wasn’t sleeping.

“Y/N?” A frantic voice hit your ears. Johnny rushed to the door, hair dishevelled and eyes wet. He held the phone, the screen showing your number. “Where were you? I was calling you and you wouldn’t pick up!” You walked over to him and embraced him. His heart beat was audible. His arms found your back and pulled you into the hug harder. “I was so worried…that you’d leave.” His voice was tired. You shook your head, still against his chest. 

“I’m not gonna leave.” 

'Cause this is all we know
'Cause this is all we know

A/N: Please listen to All We Know by The Chainsmokers while reading this, it’s so much more worth it.

Moon Mermaid Rain washing Spell

To wash away negativity, guilt and emotional pains

This spell was inspired by the song Coming Home (Dirty Money)

One day when it’s raining, go outside (be careful not to catch some cold), and imagine yourself surrounded by black energy coming out of you. This is all the bad things you are keeping inside. Put all of your pains, all your angers and all the negative energy you feel around in this “black cloud” surrounding you.

Now, imagine the water drops cleaning you from this back energy, it is fading as the water poor on you. While visualizing that, pronounce these words:

“ Let the rain, wash away,

All the pain of yesterday

The ritual is done once all of the black energy has vanished.

Now, go take a hot shower before catching up some cold!

The Moon Mermaid

PS: Let me know if you want a pic version of this^^

A Warm Hug

Fic Request: 
“I want Light to cradle me and hide me from everything with his wings”

Originally posted by boopymooplier

It was like a warm blanket had been wrapped around you. 
You had been staring at the backyard, not really paying attention. Just lost in your own spiraling thoughts as the afternoon sun slowly dipped towards the horizon. 
Today wasn’t the best, but neither was it the worst. However you’d explain it, today’s events just left a sour emptiness in your head and it wasn’t helping with your motivation to do some things around the house. 
When a cool wind picked up and passed over your bare arms, you rubbed them to get some warmth. 
Only to be enveloped by large white wings and a pair of arms encircling your waist from behind. 
Even though the light of the sun was cut off, there was a gentle luminescence radiating from the crisp white feathers. 
It was comforting. Warm. 
The arms tightened around you when you turned to face the hugger. His smile was gentle and his gaze was almost knowing when small tears misted your eyes. 
“It’ll be alright.” He told you, pulling you closer against his chest. “Today is just one day. There are many more to come. You’ll see greater things come of your future and your past mistakes won’t matter.” 
You leaned against his chest, sniffling softly as Light lifted a hand to stroke your hair. 
He rocked you slightly, resting his cheek against your head and humming.
You allowed your eyes to close. Letting Light’s warmth and comfort wash away all of the troubles of today. 
The wings around you fluttered, the feathers that brushed against you were soft against your skin. Tickling you as Light moved to sit on the seat behind him. 
Light cradled you against his side. His wings opening to reveal a pink and blue sky as the sunset spilled it’s colors. 
The two of you sat there, watching the colors change and the stars wink into existence. 
All the while, Light never allowed his arm to move from your shoulders. Or let his wing fall from sheltering you beneath it. 
When it started to get too cold for you to sit outside; Light took your hand with a gentle smile and guided you inside. 

My ‘’Auf  Wiedersehen , Sweetheart’’ playlist.

Vera Lynn - Auf Wiedersehen, sweetheart.  We’ll kiss again, like this again, don’t let the teardrops start. With love that’s true, I’ll wait for you.
Auf wiedersehen, sweetheart.

Five for Fighting - Heaven knows.  Tell me where the good men go before I wash away. Walk me down the old brick road so I can die where I met you. Hold me like we’re going home, turn your tears to rain .Bury me beautiful. Heaven knows how I loved you.

Jo Stafford - You Belong To Me.   I’ll be so alone without you, maybe you’ll be lonesome too, and blue. Fly the ocean in a silver plane just remember till you’re home again, you belong to me.

Radical Face - Welcome Home.  I’ve come home, all my nightmares escaped my head bar the door, please don’t let them in.You were never supposed to leave, welcome home.

Ed Sheeran - Photograph.   We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves. Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken. You can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet. You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: Dream A Little Dream Of Mesay “nighty-night” and kiss me, just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me. While i’m alone and blue as can be dream a little dream of me.  

Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me.    My heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed in my neck. I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet. And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now.

Bella Ciao.  Una mattina mi sono svegliato, o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! Una mattina mi sono svegliato, e ho trovato l'invasor.              O partigiano, portami via,o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! O partigiano, portami via, ché mi sento di morir.   

Luciano Pavarotti - La Dona È Mobile (Verdi).  La donna è mobile, qual piuma al vento, muta d'accento e di pensiero. 

Skylar Grey - Coming Home.   I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the world I’m coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars.  If I lay here, if I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world? 

Christina Perri - Arms I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart, but you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start. You put your arms around me and I’m home.  

The Ink Spots - Maybe.   Maybe you’ll think of me when you are all alone. Maybe you’ll sit and sigh wishing that I were near, then. Maybe you’ll ask me to come back again and maybe I’ll say maybe.

The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm. I’m thinking about you here in the calm after the storm. Tears on the highway, water in my eyes.
This rain ain’t gonna change us, so what’s the use to cry?

Sam Smith - Stay With Me. Why am I so emotional? No it’s not a good look, gain some self control. And deep down I know this never works, but you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt.Oh, won’t you stay with me? 'Cause you’re all I need.

Seafret - Wildfire.   We are bound to each other’s hearts, cold, torn, and pulled apart. This love, is like wildfire, and to my word now I’ll be true,
I can’t stop this breaking loose. This love, is like wildfire, like wildfire. 

Meghan Trainor - Like I’m Gonna Lose You ft. John Legend.  No, we’re not promised tomorrow, so I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you.
I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye. Wherever we’re standing
I won’t take you for granted 'cause we’ll never know when we’ll run out of time.

Snow Patrol -  The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?)What if this storm ends? And I don’t see you as you are now ever again. The perfect halo of gold hair and lightning. What if this storm ends? And leaves us nothing except a memory, a distant echo.I want to see you as you are now every single day that I am living.

Sleeping At Last - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you. And when I come home, yeah I know I’m gonna be the man who’s coming home to you.
And when I’m dreamin’, well I know I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna dream about the time when I’m with you. And if I grow old, well I know I’m gonna be the man who’s growing old with you.

Kaye Ballard - In Other words.   Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you.

Muse - Resistance. Use our secret safe tonight and are we out of sight.
Will our world come tumbling down , will they find our hiding place.
Is this our last embrace? Oh will the world stop caving in. Love is our resistance.

Five For Fighting - Road To You.  I hear a song on the radio and it sounds like something I miss. But, I don’t need those old melodies with you on my lips. There’s not one thing I would change or undo, cause all my life’s been a road to you.

Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow.  Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, there’s a land that i heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. Someday i’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me.

Vera Lynn - I’ll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time.  I’m writing you, my dear, just to tell you,in September, you remember 'neath the old apple tree you whispered to me, when it blossomed again, you’d be mine. I’ll be with you in apple blossom time.              


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Summary: Jeremy loves thunderstorms. He loves Michael, too.

Notes: sooo i was inspired by @rantaboutbees‘s post about jeremy loving thunderstorms!! so enjoy some boyf riends drinking hot cocoa and making out!! <3

The telltale sound of rain pitter-pattering on his bedroom window was enough incentive to get Jeremy Heere out of bed. It was 6 PM on a Sunday and he should have been doing his homework instead of laying in bed playing Pokemon Sun. He was being irresponsible. He was being lazy. Overall, and perhaps more accurately, he was being super depressed. A thunderstorm was just what he needed to shake him from such a state, and the Earth had been kind enough to give him just that.

Jeremy loved thunderstorms. They were dark and cold and forced you to retreat indoors, where you could curl up under your blankets and drink apple cider. They were comforting in a way that probably seemed weird to most people, but Jeremy didn’t care. When he rolled out of bed and drew back his window curtain, the sight of dark clouds layered thickly against the sky sent a spark of excitement up his spine.

There was a specific routine Jeremy liked to follow when a thunderstorm decided to creep into the sky of his little New Jersey town. 

Step one: put on Michael’s sweatshirt.

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Ninette Week Day 1: Serenity

Marinette leaned back into the warmth of the body behind her. Nino pressed an earbud against her ear and she reached up and fit it into her ear. She smiled as his hand touched her and he held it there, gently cupping her face.

Nino hated using earbuds. He thought they ruined the sound quality. But they couldn’t both listen to the music with his normal headphones, so he made this sacrifice to share his passion with the girl he loved.

He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled his face into her neck. She sighed, the beat of the music mixing with the rhythm of his breath. She settled down onto Nino’s lap, content. 

She carried the weight of Paris on her shoulders and it dragged her down sometimes. The only thing that kept her from falling was holding onto Nino’s solid strength. When she was him, she could let all her worries wash away and truly be at peace.

A Safe Space

“Just a little bit further - it’s right over this hill.” 

Jughead followed Betty as she led him through the forest. They had been driving home from school, discussing the stress of their days when Betty suddenly insisted he pull the car over. A light had sparked in her eye as she proclaimed she knew the perfect spot to unwind.

When they reached the top of the hill Jughead stopped short, taken aback by what he saw. Spread out before him was the most incredible view. The top of the hill gave way to a sharp drop off, creating a lookout, with a clear view of Sweetwater River below. Sunlight streamed through the treetops, highlighting the reds, oranges, and golds of the fall leaves. He didn’t know anything this beautiful existed in Riverdale.

“Over here,” Betty grabbed Jughead’s hand, leading him onto a large rock and sitting down about halfway up. Jughead took his place next to her, swinging his arm over her shoulder. She pulled her knees up to her chest and leaned into his body. They sat like that for a few moments, listening to the babble of the river.

“How did you ever find this place Bets? It’s incredible.” Jughead’s voice came out low and calm, the soothing effect of nature already setting in.

“I used to come here a lot as a kid,” Betty explained, “Whenever my mom was on my case, or Polly and I got in a fight, I would go on long walks to just… I don’t know, breathe? I guess? Eventually I found this spot, and it sort of became my safe space. I would come here and let the river wash all the harsh thoughts away. I haven’t been back here since high school began though, I guess I sort of forgot it existed.”

“Well, it’s definitely melting my worries away.” Jughead replied before placing a gentle kiss of Betty’s temple, smiling as he pulled her closer.

“You’re actually the first person I’ve ever shown this place to.” Betty confessed. “Up until now it’s always been just me and the river.” She smiled shyly, and suddenly Jughead understood the importance this place had held in Betty’s life.

He pulled away to face her, making a point to look her in the eye, “Thank you for showing me this. For trusting me with your safe space.”

“Jughead, don’t you get it yet?” She let out a breathy laugh, “This place isn’t my safe space anymore. You are.” 

With those words, Jughead reached for her, tracing his fingers along her jawline, his thumb and forefinger stopping at her chin. Betty allowed herself to be pulled forward, her lips meeting his in a moment of gentleness. The kiss was long and sweet, filled with the affection they both knew words would never adequately express.

Their lips separated, but both refused to pull away. Instead, Betty burrowed herself into Jughead’s side, resting her head on his shoulder, his arms wrapping around her waist and keeping her close. They spent the rest of the afternoon like that, sitting on that rock, nestled in each other’s arms, just talking and laughing and letting the river wash the rest of the world away.