let him pay

im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

louis out there…. louieying…….. steve out there steveying……. me out here dying bc i cant handle the amount of love i have for these two

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Luna Lovegood

This was my first commission but unfortunately I was not paid for it, the person who requested it just started delaying his payment when I announced I had finished it  (since it was my 1st one I asked way below what I should and let him/her pay when it was done). 

After a couple of months I got tired of having to reach him/her and deal with excuses so I decided to upload it in low rez so the effort didn’t go to waste.

Jarrett appreciation post! This dude. This guy. Holy heck. What a crazy adventure he got dragged into!  Looking forward to a new year full of critical role and plan to shake the dust off my old work and get back into the swing of creating art for this amazing group of adventurers. 

An Actual Scene From Supernatural:

Dean: Cas! *laughs* Damn, it’s good to see you.
Dean: [brushes a finger across Cas’ cheek] Nice peach fuzz.

Castiel: How did you find me.
Dean: The bloody way. You feeling okay?

Benny: Why’d you bail on Dean?
Dean: [defensively] Dude.
Benny: The way I hear it you two hit monster land and hot wings here took off. I figure he owes you some back story.
Dean: Look, we were surrounded, okay? Some freak jumped Cas, obviously he kicked it’s ass, right?
Cas: [ashamed] No.
Dean: [dumbfounded] What?
Cas: I ran away.
Dean: [disbelieving] You ran away??
Cas: I had to.
Dean: That’s your excuse for leaving me with those gorilla wolves?
Cas: Dean.
Dean: You bailed out and what, went camping? - I prayed to you Cas, every night.
Cas: I know.
Dean: You know and you didn’t… [taken aback] what the hell’s wrong with you?
Cas: I am an angel in a land of abominations. There have been things hunting me from the moment we arrived.
Dean: Join the club!
Cas: These are not just monsters, Dean, they’re leviathan! I have a price on my head, and I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of them, to… to keep them away from you. That’s why I ran.
Dean: [relaxes] [understands]

Dean: Hold on, hold on. Cas, we’re getting out of here. We’re going home. 
Cas: Dean, I can’t.
Dean: You can.

Dean: Hey, we’ll figure it out. Cas, buddy, I need you.
Cas: [brokenly] Dean…


Dean: Let me bottom-line it for you. I’m not leaving here without you. Understand?
Cas: I understand.

Dating Happy Would Include

• Sometimes having to help him to burry a body

• being weirdly okay will how many people Happy has killed and how many he is going to kill

• Happy letting you pick tattoos for him

• You letting Happy pick tattoos for you

• Happy being the only one who is allowed to tattoo you

• watching cartoons all the time

• Being the only one who he shows his soft side to

• being the only one he acts cute in front of

• rough sex after long runs

• gentle and meaningful sex when he knows that you need it

•him not letting you pay for anything because that’s how his Mum raised him

• being accepted into the SAMCRO family straight away

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I’m watching Iron Fist. I know this has been said by everyone, but:

Danny Rand is the textbook definition of the spoiled Whiteboy who appropriates an Asian culture, proclaims to follow the belief system, but only uses it when and where it suits him. 

One minute he’s sagely stating that he doesn’t need material possessions or comforts (i.e. the thing with the shoes), and then the next he’s screaming in someone’s face that he’s not going to let them take away what’s his, what was always meant to be his. 

One minute he’s returning two dollars someone put in his cup on the sidewalk, saying that he wasn’t asking for money. The next he’s pointing out that he’s a billionaire, excuse you, not a millionaire, and cavalierly buying a building so he can waive someone’s rent when she already refused to let him pay her rent. 

One minute he tells his lady love interest that he’s taken a vow of chastity. He says it as though it’s a matter of course, that obviously he took a vow of chastity, seriously who doesn’t? Later that night he’s in her bed. 

I get that from the plot perspective he was indoctrinated by the monks and he’s now rebelling against what he was taught, but still has so many of those ideals drilled deeply into him - I understand. I also understand that a strong theme in the plot is that he is in dereliction of duty. If he wasn’t also A Whiteboy, that would be an interesting aspect to explore. But this reads so much more like Anime-Lover Dude (or Dudette) who decides he wants to be a ninja after watching too much Naruto.

P.S. Claire Temple is amazing. Just saying.

BTS reaction: you’ve saved money to buy their parents something expensive (but useful)

Thank you, and thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He would take this as the ultimate sign that you’re the one. You treat his parents like your own. Of course that means that you’re part of the family for real, and he should keep you. 

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He would mainly be surprised, I think. Like, he hadn’t expected you to buy something like that for his parents. Your own parents, sure, but not his. Once the surprise is over, he’d probably ask you why you didn’t mention it to him so he could help you out with the money. 

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He would, like Jin, see this as a kind of sign that you’re a real keeper. But he’d also wonder why you didn’t let him pay like half of it, so you wouldn’t have had to save up so much money. He sort of understood why, but still.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d be quite happy of course. It’s always great to have a s/o who’’s close to your family. But why didn’t you mention it to him? His parents didn’t care much if you bought it all by yourself or not. So the two of you could just have bought it together, so you wouldn’t have to spend so much of your money on it.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

When did you get that close to his parents? Not that he was complaining. He loved the fact that you liked his parents enough to buy them something like that. If you really thought it was worth it to save up money to buy something expensive for his parents, then he was not going to question that decision.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

Not sure about him actually. On one hand, he probably loves everything that shows that his partner gets along with his family. On the other, he’s said that his ideal type is someone who spends their money wisely (not his exact words, but it was roughly what he meant), so he might not be too fond of the idea of you buying his parents expensive gifts. At least not when he probably makes more money than you. But, since you did save up for it, and it’s something useful, I’ll say that he won’t really care about the money spent, and just see it as something positive.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He’s just like Jin. He’ll just see it as a sign that you get along well with his parents and treat them like your own, and that he should definitely try his best to keep you. He might do the same for your parents, to show you that you’re not the only one making an effort in this relationship.

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everyone’s freaking out over ghost!yoongi in that sugamon photoshoot but all i’m thinking about is poor lonely ghost yoongi trying to get giant dweeb namjoon’s attention bc yoongi happens to really really really like this human even though he wears awful checkered shirts and reads books for prolonged hours on the toilet but alas the giant dweeb remains completely and blissfully unaware so yoongi is stuck between sulking in one corner of namjoon’s bedroom or (lovingly) glaring daggers at him through the mirror


seventeen or seven, the weight of it all is gonna catch up to him eventually 

Those messes the enemy makes? Let’s make him pay!

Let’s make the enemy pay by standing firm and trusting God.
Let’s make the enemy pay by choosing to praise God.
Let’s make the enemy pay by telling others about our wonderful God.
Let’s make the enemy pay by believing God.
Let’s make the enemy pay by never forgetting that God will never leave or forsake us.
Let’s make the enemy pay by keeping our eyes firmly fixed on God’s truth.
Let’s make the enemy pay by keeping our feet firm on the foundation of God’s love.

so I was strolling around the mall today and guESS WHAT I FUCKING GOT FOR JUST $20


***shoutout to the cashier at too cool who’s also a fellow army and told me not to get a bag bc I should stare at these all day u da real mvp

Favorite Student (Professor!Sungyeol Scenario)

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Member: Sungyeol

Genre: Angst/Smut

Word count: 975 

Again, I’ve had this idea for a while and finally it’s written! My blog is steadily growing and I hope it continues to do so! Thank you to my followers. Thank you to those who like and reblog. If you have any request or ideas, please send them in! 

It was heartbreaking to see him like this. There was your professor sitting at his desk with his head down. Class had ended and you waited for the lecture hall to empty before approaching him. He was a new professor at your college and this was his first time teaching. It was the beginning of the year but he could tell it was going to be rough. The students in his class didn’t take him seriously, let alone pay attention to his lessons. It was evident in their grades and he was already getting blamed for it. Rumors circulated around campus about how he was “inept” and “unqualified”. He was about to have a nervous breakdown until he heard your voice.

“Professor Lee?”

He raised his head to see his favorite student and instantly smiled.  

“Yes, Miss Y/N.”

“I’m sorry.”

Sungyeol sat up straight and frowned.

“What for?”

“Our terrible class, the rumors spreading around, you getting blamed for the low scores. Everything.”

He lets out a forced laugh and stood up.

“Thank you for the apology, Miss Y/N even though none of it is your fault. I’m fine, really. It’s the price I have to pay for being a teacher.”, he shrugs off.

“But you don’t deserve any of this! You’re an amazing professor and people are stupid if they can’t see that!”

Sungyeol chuckles at your passionate statement. That’s one of the reasons you were his favorite student. Your hunger to learn and to expand your knowledge encouraged him to keep teaching.

“I hate to see suffer like this. I wish I could do something to make you feel better.”, you said irritated at the situation.

Once you said that last sentence dirty thoughts filled Sungyeol’s mind. The other reasons why you were his favorite was because of your beauty and charms. You wore outfits that perfectly accentuated your assets and he definitely noticed. He could always count on you to laugh at jokes he made during lectures or ask stimulating questions to move the class forward. Now you two were alone and all he could think about was you bent over his desk.

“Sir? Are you okay? Your face is getting red!”

Your voice snapped him out of his sexual fantasy. He felt his burning cheeks and gasped in shock. You laughed at his cute expression. He was older than you but he had a baby face. Unlike most girls you found that to be attractive. He was so different from the other professors you had. He treated you like a colleague and was interested in what you had to say. You dreamt of what it would be like to be his girlfriend but you knew you could never know due to school policy.

“They must have turned on the heat in this building.”, Sungyeol lied. He looked at the clock hanging on the wall.

“Don’t you have a class to get to?”

“Professor Kim is sick and he couldn’t find a substitute so class is canceled for today.”, you answered cheerfully.

“How lucky for you! Meanwhile, I’m stuck here sorting papers.”, Sungyeol pouts.

“I can help if you like!”

You run to him and trip over your own two feet. Fortunately, he catches you in his arms before you could hit the floor. He’s still holding you even though you’ve regained balance. You stare at each other’s eyes and he moves in closer. You close your eyes as his soft lips meet yours. Both of your lips move in harmony. Without breaking the kiss he sat you down on his desk. His hand rubbed up and down your thigh eventually pulling up the hem of your skirt. You wrapped your arms around him, drawing him towards you. You drag your tongue down his neck causing him to groan. His voice sends a chill through your body reaching your sex. You place love bites on his neck earning more noises from him. His finger starts playing with your soaked, clothed core as his other fingers draw patterns on your inner thigh. You jerk your hips to feel more pressure from his finger and he gets the message. In one swift motion, your underwear comes off and Sungyeol pushes two fingers inside you. He builds a steady rhythm pumping in and out of you. You throw your head back and your eyes flutter shut. He increases his pace and his member hardens at the sound of your moans. Just as you’re about to reach your peak, his fingers are replaced with his mouth. He gently kisses your clit then he starts licking your folds. You roll your hips against his face trying to get the satisfaction you needed. His tongue starts darting into your folds and shortly after a wave of ecstasy comes over you. His name rings throughout the hall as you orgasm. Sungyeol sucks up all your juices and licks his lips. You jump off the desk and push him into his chair. Confusion reads on his face until you get on your knees and undo his belt. Pulling down his pants and boxers his length springs free. You wrap your lips around it and swirl your tongue. He hisses and begs you to keep going. You start bobbing your head up and down as he grips onto the chair’s arm. Staggering breaths fill the room signaling you to hollow out your cheeks. Trying to cum, he thrusts into your mouth. His thrust forces you to take him all in and the sight makes his seed pour out. You swallow the warm, salty substance and release him with a pop sound. Sungyeol puts back on his boxers and pants as you search for your panties. Once you find them you slide it into his back pocket. 

“You’re letting me keep this?”

“Yeah, for whenever you feel stressed.”, you wink.