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Delena Meta Love Month : A Delena July

JULY 13 - Favorite Badass Moment

These two badass people save the whole town. They give up their lives to keep other people safe. She loves him too much to let him do it alone. He is her ride or die. They are a team. If he’s going to put himself in danger she decides he’s not going to do it alone. As long as she is around he will never have to do anything alone. She gets in his car and they grab each other’s hands and they face death together. They have such faith that they will survive and everything will be okay once it’s all over. We’ll survive this. We always survive.

Imagine a wolf 359 crew dnd campaign tho:
Minkovski is the DM and made made a super intricate fantasy space pirate campaign with a convoluted plot and gets REALLY INTO NARRATING IT. She has to work hard to keep them on plot but she does it.
Hilbert is forced to play to even out the party and because Eiffel isn’t trusted to be the healer. He maxes out his intelligence modifier and tries to convince Minkovski to let him roll to do ‘beneficial medical modifications’ on the other characters.
Eiffel loses exp for every pun/unnecessary pop culture reference he makes. He’s never gotten past level 2 because of this.
Eiffel rolls to seduce every npc they come across. He’s only ever rolled high enough to do so once, but upon failing a second roll he came out of the encounter with a case of space syphilis.
Eiffel’s character is a 'badass lady pirate captain’ bard and he does a terrible accent of unknown origin for her. He also sings. In the same accent.
Hera makes some sort of mage because she likes exploiting loopholes in the spells. She named the mage Isabelle.
Since dice don’t work in space, Hera uses random generators for rolls and just calls out whatever number is rolled. Her integrity with this is called into question, however, when Minkovski starts to notice that Hera’s never rolled below a 15 and Hilbert’s never rolled above an 8.
Minkovski at one point made them hunt down and fight a tentacle mutant space monster, but when Eiffel started sneezing she decided to go in a different direction.

voidaccelerator asked:

ATPT for the ship meme? :3

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

PT. Because Rule no. 1 states that you should always punch or kick a door open.

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

AT. He thought it was cute. PT thinks he’s too badass for such shit.

Who starts the tickle fights

AT. He wanted to play with PT. And they’ll both end up fighting like kittens.

Who starts the pillow fights

PT. No one gets past him without being hit with a flurry of pillows at night.

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

They both sleep at around the same time. AT sleeps a bit later than PT though.

Who mistakes salt for sugar

PT. He misread the labels once, and ended up being AT’s joke of the day.

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

PT. Because he got hungry at night and didn’t know how to use the microwave.

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

PT. They failed terribly though.

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

AT. This boy needs everything to be neat and tidy, unlike PT, who just crashes through.

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

Does anyone want these cute tracers licking a spoon? They’re too pure for that please.

Who buys candies for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

AT. Sometimes his obsession with candies goes a bit too far. Plus that jacket is too good to steal candies.

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

PT ordered AT to draw on him so that he can have more swag with a tattoo. Little did he know AT actually drew cute little hearts and cat faces on his face, much to his embarrassment.

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

AT. Especially the cat magnets. He loves them a lot.

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

No need to convince. PT fills them in every time a magazine is delivered to their house and sends them back to the magazine company to piss them off with his colourful language.

anonymous asked:

☁ ✌ ❦ ❤

ask the mun

☁ What made you want to rp this muse?

well I was one of those people who loved Legolas before I even read the books because all I knew about him was that he is both badass and beautiful, and of course that love only grew as I read the books and watched the movies. honestly deciding to play him was kind of a snap decision? I decided all at once that I wanted to make an rp blog on tumblr and from there it seemed a natural progression that the fandom should be lotr and the character should be Legolas since that was what I was (and continue to be) most obsessed with 

but in hindsight, I think it helped a lot that Legolas was both a well-established character and yet also a character with a lot of gaps in his narrative? His name is mentioned the fewest times out of all the characters in the Fellowship, we know almost nothing canonically about his past before he came to the Council of Elrond - as my first canon character, he provided both a strong base for me and a lot of leeway for headcanoning and making him my own, which I think was important because I’ve always been afraid of getting canon characters wrong.

✌ What’s one thing that you love about your muse?

his dedication and passion?? he cares a LOT about his people and his friends and about making a difference in the world. and also he cares a lot about nERDY THINGS like plants and shit (can we talk about how he looks at Minas Tirith and thinks “THIS PLACE NEEDS MORE TREES. I’M GONNA GET THEM SOME TREES.) and and and he loves the hobbits so much and he worries about them and it’s so cute and the thing is he’s all elfy right so people are like “haha yeah he either makes jokes about shit and doesn’t care or has no emotions and doesn’t care” buT NO. MY BABY CARES SO MUCH ABOUT EVERYTHING. 

❦ Do you think about what your muse would like as their theme or what you like?

not really? Legolas advocates for green everywhere tbh but I like my theme the way it is <3

❤ Who are your Tumblr loves?

oh man I love so many people on this damn website?? driftinglightofthewoods and mischiefsonlydaughter are the ultimate baes and assxmilate is my forever bae and the reason I’m here in the first place

but there are so many?? awesome people?? estelofthedunedain and enxredis are such sweeties who like to talk to me for some reason idk why i’m not as interesting as they are

and then there are people I kind of secretly desperately want to be friends with like vigilemusmortuis and hiiraethus and pippinxtook 

and I’m not gonna list them all but pretty much every other legolas mun ever is amazing and I love them

aaAND she’s not my “tumblr love” so much as my “love who is on tumblr” because i’m lucky enough to know her in reAL LIFE AND STUFF but spillingwaves is forever my amazing and lovely best friend