let him be the badass for once

*John holding Mary’s hand for support at Sherlock’s grave*
*John proposing to Mary*
*John saying on the bench how Mary and Sherlock are the two people he loves and needs the most*
*John marrying Mary*
*John living with Mary*
*John knowing he’s attractive and badass because of how much Mary loves him for it* 
*John saying he loves Mary for who she is now, not for who she used to be*
*John forgiving Mary on Christmas day*
*John going along with Sherlock to save Mary’s life from Magnussen*
*John letting his dignity go to Magnussen in order to keep Mary safe*
*John and Mary supporting each other by holding hands while watching Sherlock go once again*

Sherlock fandom: Wow John really hates this Mary b***h, doesn’t he?? He can only truly love Sherlock and no one else, otherwise he is dead to me!

Seriously I just can imagine the whole team Voltron being super into big robots anime and cartoons and having marathon movie night with gundams , macross and the likes.


Hunk would probably be an ace at building gundam models and pidge would design and wire some to make little robots fight.

keith would get super into the plot and be really rooting for his favourite guys and totally would get poster of the most badass characters and pilot.

Same with shiro but he would really get into the politcs and mesages of serie like gundam. (probably get really emotional during character sacrifice and death scene bits. team probably all scoot closer to him during those moments.)

Lance knows ALL the characters names and can sing all the best of macross 7 and frontier songs.(lets be honest)

Even Allura and Corran get into it and they both comment on inacuracies.XD (Allura and corran once got so into it they actually rewrote the scenario for an entire season so it would include more solar system and politics.)